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Donald Jayne Lehmer Papers 1927-1977

Lehmer, Donald Jayne 1918-1975  Search this
Bannister, Bryant  Search this
Bell, Robert Eugene  Search this
Bittle, William Elmer  Search this
Bluhm, Elaine  Search this
Bradfield, Wesley  Search this
Brew, John Otis  Search this
Campbell, Thomas Nolan  Search this
Champe, John Leland  Search this
Clark, Earle A  Search this
Clark, Joan  Search this
Collier, Donald  Search this
Copper, Paul L  Search this
Corbett, John M  Search this
Cosgrove, Harriet S  Search this
Dick, Herbert William  Search this
Dobyns, Henry Farmer  Search this
Dutton, Bertha P  Search this
Eggan, Fred Russell  Search this
Ekholm, Gordon Frederick  Search this
Ellis, Florence Hawley  Search this
Ewers, John C (John Canfield) 1909-1997  Search this
Ezell, Paul Howard  Search this
Farmer, Malcolm F  Search this
Fay, George E  Search this
Fenenga, Franklin  Search this
Gladwin, Harold Sterling  Search this
Goggin, John M  Search this
Griffin, James Bennett  Search this
Hartle, Donald D  Search this
Haury, Emil Walter  Search this
Hertzog, George B  Search this
Hoffman, John J  Search this
Hooton, Earnest Albert  Search this
Hruska, Roman L  Search this
Hurt, Wesley R  Search this
Jennings, Jesse Dony  Search this
Johnson, Elden  Search this
Johnson, Frederick 1904-1994  Search this
Johnson, Richard B  Search this
Kelley, J. Charles  Search this
Kidder, Alfred II  Search this
Kivett, Marvin F  Search this
Kluckhohn, Clyde  Search this
Kraus, Bert  Search this
Long, Boas  Search this
Madsen, Charles C  Search this
Mallory, Oscar L  Search this
Martin, Paul S  Search this
McCollister, John Y  Search this
Mulloy, William  Search this
Murdock, Nelson  Search this
Osborne, Douglas  Search this
Reed, Erik Kellerman  Search this
Rinaldo, John B  Search this
Roberts, Frank H. H (Frank Harold Hanna) 1897-1966  Search this
Rodeck, Hugo G  Search this
Sayles, Edward B  Search this
Shepard, Anna O  Search this
Smith, Allan H  Search this
Smith, Carlyle S  Search this
Smith, George H  Search this
Spaulding, Albert Clanton 1914-1990  Search this
Sperry, James E  Search this
Spier, Leslie  Search this
Stephenson, Robert Lloyd  Search this
Stewart, Frank H  Search this
Stubbs, Stanley A  Search this
Studer, Floyd V  Search this
Sturtevant, William C  Search this
Tolstoy, Paul  Search this
Watson, James B (James Bennett) 1918-2009  Search this
Wedel, Waldo R (Waldo Rudolph) 1908-1996  Search this
Wendorf, Fred  Search this
Weston, H.D  Search this
Wheeler, Richard Page  Search this
White, Theodore E  Search this
Withers, Arnold M  Search this
Wood, W. Raymond  Search this
Woodbury, Richard Benjamin  Search this
Woolsley, A.M  Search this
Wormington, Hannah Marie  Search this
River Basin Surveys  Search this
Fagergren, Fred C  Search this
River Basin Surveys  Search this
Museum of New Mexico Mesilla Valley Expedition  Search this
Arizona State Museum Mesilla Vallley Expedition  Search this
Physical description:
1.7 feet
2000 leaves
Indians of North America Great Plains  Search this
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Mandan Indians  Search this
Ecology--Hidatsa  Search this
Handbook of North American Indians  Search this
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National Anthropological Archives

Paul Lemen Cooper papers

Cooper, Paul L. (Paul Lemen), 1909-1961  Search this
River Basin Surveys  Search this
Cranbrook Institute of Science  Search this
University of Chicago -- archeological expeditions  Search this
3 Linear feet (5 boxes)
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
South Dakota -- Fort Randall Reservoir -- archeology
Illinois -- Fulton County -- archeology
Illinois -- Massac County -- Kinkaid Site -- archeology
Colorado -- Lawry Ruin -- archeology
North Dakota -- Heart Butte Reservoir -- archeology
Scope and Contents:
This collection is comprised of the professional papers of archaeologist Paul Lemen Cooper, who conducted extensive field work in Nebraska, the Dakotas, and the Missouri River Basin. Included are correspondence, field notes, survey forms, published writings, photographs, maps, research materials, and clippings from periodicals, as well as various personal documents. Though the collection spans Cooper's entire life, the majority of the papers focus on his work as archaeologist and field director of the Missouri Basin Project (a division of the River Basin Survey).

A significant portion of the correspondence and River Basin Survey files are duplicates created through reflex copying, a process that creates a negative copy. These materials are consequently difficult to read.
Collection is arranged into the following series: 1. Correspondence, 1933-1960 (bulk 1950-1953); 2. Research, 1946-1954; 3. Writings, 1950-1958; 4. Personal, 1909-1962 (bulk 1938-1954); 5.Photographs, circa 1950s.
Biographical Note:
Paul Lemen Cooper was born February 11, 1909 in Cuba City, Wisconsin. Shortly after receiving his B. A. in sociology and anthropology from the University of Wisconsin in 1931, Cooper traveled to the Southwest as part of an archaeological expedition from the Field Museum of Natural History. This experience piqued his interest in archaeology, and for the next two decades he would spend at least a portion of each year conducting field work.

During the 1930s Cooper's field research was largely conducted in Illinois, the Tennessee Valley, and Nebraska. He specifically worked as an archaeologist with the Nebraska State Historical Society under the direction of A. T. Hill, with whom he collaborated on several publications. It was also at this time that Cooper developed the site numbering system still used in archaeology today. In addition, Cooper also worked for a time as a graduate assistant in the Anthropology Department at the University of Nebraska.

In 1938, Cooper was designated the Supervisor and State Director of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) Archaeological, Paleontological and Museum Project. It was here that he gained the necessary skills to create an adequate laboratory and administration with a limited budget, skills that would become necessary in later field research. After three years with the WPA, Cooper returned to school. He worked as an assistant at Columbia University, while completing coursework towards a Ph.D. At the same time, Cooper also acted as editorial assistant for the Society for American Archaeology.

From 1946 to 1954 Cooper devoted the majority of his time to the Missouri Basin Project of the River Basin Survey (RBS) in Lincoln, Nebraska. A large portion of his research and publications reflect his work in this particular area. From 1950 to 1952, Cooper was the Field Director of the Missouri Basin Project under the Director of the RBS, Frank H. H. Roberts, Jr. Despite some minor problems Cooper faced with personnel, he was able to appraise entire sites on the basis of a limited collection, as well as work proficiently on a small budget.

Cooper spent the last few years of his life in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, working with the firm of Robert G. Cooper and Associates. He passed away on April 14, 1961, at the age of 52.

Sources Consulted: Kivett, Marvin, F. 1962. Paul Lemen Cooper 1909-1961. American Antiquity 27(4): 571-572.

Selected Bibliography

1936 -- Archaeology of Certain Sites in Cedar County, Nebraska. Chapters in Nebraska Archaeology 1(1): 5-145.

1937 -- with A. T. Hill. The Schrader, Champe, and Fremont I Sites. Nebraska History Magazine 17(4): 221-292.

1938 -- with A. T. Hill. The Archaeological Campaign of 1937. Nebraska History Magazine 18(4): 237-359.

1940 -- Report of Explorations. Nebraska History Magazine 20(2): 94-151.

1946 -- The Institute Explores the Norton Site. Cranbrook Institute of Science News Letter 15(6):71-73.

1949 -- Recent Investigations in Fort Randall and Oahe Reservoirs, South Dakota. American Antiquity 14(4): 300-310 An Archaeological Survey of the Fort Randall Reservoir, South Dakota. Proceedings of the Fifth Plains Conference for Archaeology, University of Nebraska Laboratory of Anthropology, Note Book 1.

1955 -- The Archaeological and Paleontological Salvage Program in the Missouri Basin, 1950-1951. Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections 126(2).

1958 -- Archaeological Investigations in the Heart Butte Reservoir area, North Dakota. River Basin Surveys Papers No. 9, Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 169: 1-40.


1909 -- Born February 11 in Cuba City, Wisconsin

1931 -- Works in the Southwest as a member of the archaeological expedition from the Field Museum of Natural History Receives B.A. from the University of Wisconsin in Sociology and Anthropology

1933-1935 -- Conducts field research in Illinois

1934 -- Graduate assistant in Anthropology at the University of Nebraska

1936-1938 -- Serves as archaeologist for the Nebraska State Historical Society, where he originates the site numbering system

1938-1941 -- Supervisor and State Director of the WPA Archaeological, Paleontological and Museum Project

1941-1944 -- Acts as an assistant in Anthropology at Columbia University while completing his Ph.D.

1943-1946 -- Editorial Assistant for the Society of American Archaeology

1946-1955 -- Archaeologist with the Missouri Basin Project of the River Basin Survey in Lincoln, Nebraska

1950-1952 -- Acts as Field Director to the Missouri Basin Project

1955-1961 -- Associated with the firm of Robert G. Cooper Associates of Rice Lake, Wisconsin

1961 -- Dies on April 14 at the age of 52
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