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Oral history interview with Roland Reiss

Reiss, Roland, 1929-  Search this
Karlstrom, Paul J.  Search this
Scripps College -- Faculty  Search this
University of California, Los Angeles -- Students  Search this
Macdonald-Wright, Stanton, 1890-1973  Search this
Stussy, Jan, 1921-1990  Search this
76 Pages (Transcript)
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Archival materials
Sound recordings
1997 Aug.-1999 June
Scope and Contents:
An interview of Roland Reiss conducted 1997 Aug. 23-1999 June 11, by Paul Karlstrom, for the Archives of American Art, in Reiss' studio, Los Angeles, Calif.
A fairly lengthy discussion of UCLA included an account of studying with Jan Stussy, a Stanton Macdonald-Wright disciple, and with Macdonald-Wright himself, who took a special interest in Reiss. He also singled out as a major influence Clinton Adams who, with Macdonald-Wright, served as a model of the intellectual artist who embodied rigorous thinking and a search for meaning through critique of language. Additional topics were the difference between the San Francisco and Los Angeles art worlds, the impact of abstract expressionism and of his own paper on the subject delivered to the UCLA faculty, which Reiss remembers as the introduction of abstract expressionism at the university. After a discussion of his teaching experience in Colorado and pioneering work with plastics, Reiss recalled his interaction there with leading artists including Joan Brown, Nancy Graves, David Hockney, Clyfford Still (with whom Reiss had daily conversations), and William T. Wiley. The third session focused on his long teaching career at Claremont and an in-depth discussion of various art programs in the country and the philosophies involved. In effect, this concluding part of the interview was a history of art education and the training of artists in California presented by someone whose entire career has been connected to educational institutions.
Biographical / Historical:
Roland Reiss (1929-) is a painter and sculptor from Los Angeles, Calif.
Originally recorded on 7 sound cassettes. Reformatted in 2010 as 11 digital wav files. Duration is 6 hr., 3 min.
This interview is part of the Archives of American Art Oral History Program, started in 1958 to document the history of the visual arts in the United States, primarily through interviews with artists, historians, dealers, critics and administrators. Funding for the transcription of this interview provided by Bente and Gerald E. Buck Collection.
Abstract expressionism  Search this
Sound recordings
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Archives of American Art

Photographs of Southern California artists / Arnold Chanin, photographer

Chanin, Arnold  Search this
Arnold, Chuck -- Photographs  Search this
Arnold, Florence M. (Florence Millner), 1900-1994 -- Photographs  Search this
Bassler, Robert Covey, 1935- -- Photographs  Search this
Bell, Larry, 1939- -- Photographs  Search this
Bengston, Billy Al -- Photographs  Search this
Benjamin, Karl -- Photographs  Search this
Berlant, Anthony -- Photographs  Search this
Bieser, Natalie, 1948- -- Photographs  Search this
Block, Irving -- Photographs  Search this
Brigante, Nicholas P., 1895-1989  Search this
Burkhardt, Hans Gustav, 1904-1994 -- Photographs  Search this
Casanova, Aldo John, 1929- -- Photographs  Search this
Chann, George, 1915- -- Photographs  Search this
Crutchfield, William, 1932- -- Photographs  Search this
Csengeri, George -- Photographs  Search this
Cytron, Dan -- Photographs  Search this
Danieli, Edie -- Photographs  Search this
Danieli, Fidel -- Photographs  Search this
De Miranda, Yvonne -- Photographs  Search this
Diebenkorn, Richard, 1922-1993 -- Photographs  Search this
Dimitrov, Lucienne Bloch -- Photographs  Search this
Dimitrov, Steve -- Photographs  Search this
Eversley, Frederick -- Photographs  Search this
Faiss, Fritz -- Photographs  Search this
Falkenstein, Claire, 1908-1997 -- Photographs  Search this
Finch, Keith -- Photographs  Search this
Finkelstein, Max, 1915- -- Photographs  Search this
Fricano, Tom S., 1930- -- Photographs  Search this
Gebhardt, Harold, 1907- -- Photographs  Search this
Gebhardt, Peter Martin, 1943- -- Photographs  Search this
Gibson, George, 1904- -- Photographs  Search this
Gino, Robert -- Photographs  Search this
Hanzakos, Claire -- Photographs  Search this
Hanzakos, Mike -- Photographs  Search this
Hartman, Donald -- Photographs  Search this
Jackman, Sandra -- Photographs  Search this
Johnston, Ynez, 1920- -- Photographs  Search this
Kohn, Edmond -- Photographs  Search this
Kohn, Gabriel, 1910-1975 -- Photographs  Search this
Krasnow, Peter, 1886-1979 -- Photographs  Search this
Lagerberg, Don -- Photographs  Search this
Levi, Linda -- Photographs  Search this
Macdonald-Wright, Stanton, 1890-1973 -- Photographs  Search this
Mains, Brian -- Photographs  Search this
Mason, LaNelle -- Photographs  Search this
McLaughlin, John, 1898- -- Photographs  Search this
Mesches, Arnold, 1923- -- Photographs  Search this
Miller, Judith, 1939- -- Photographs  Search this
Mullican, Lee, 1919-1998 -- Photographs  Search this
Murrill, Gwynn, 1942- -- Photographs  Search this
Plagens, Peter -- Photographs  Search this
Richards, Bruce, 1948- -- Photographs  Search this
Saar, Betye -- Photographs  Search this
Schifrin, Arnold, 1926-1994 -- Photographs  Search this
Schwarts, Jilda -- Photographs  Search this
Steinberg, Harry -- Photographs  Search this
Strombotne, James -- Photographs  Search this
Stussy, Jan, 1921-1990 -- Photographs  Search this
Stussy, Maxine Kim, 1923- -- Photographs  Search this
Thompson, J. B. -- Photographs  Search this
Treiman, Joyce -- Photographs  Search this
Tunberg, William -- Photographs  Search this
Valerio, James -- Photographs  Search this
Vasa -- Photographs  Search this
Vilumsons, Alex -- Photographs  Search this
Wagner, Gordon, 1915- -- Photographs  Search this
Woelffer, Emerson, 1914- -- Photographs  Search this
Wullner-Faiss, Janet -- Photographs  Search this
121 Photographic prints (b&w ; color, 8 x 10 in. 11 x 14 in.)
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Photographic prints
Scope and Contents:
Photographs of Southern California artists, taken by Arnold Chanin.
Artists include Chuck Arnold, Florence Arnold, Robert Bassler, Larry Bell, Billy Al Bengston, Karl Benjamin, Anthony Berlant, Natalie Bieser, Irving Block, Nicholas Brigante, Hans Burkhardt, Aldo Casanova, George Chann, William Crutchfield, George Csengeri, Dan Cytron, Yvonne De Miranda, Edie Danieli, Fidel Danieli, Richard Diebenkorn, Lucienne Bloch Dimitrov and Steve Dimitrov, David Elder, Linda Elder, Fred Eversley, Fritz Faiss, Claire Falkenstein, Keith Finch, Max Finkelstein, Tom Fricano, Hal Gebhardt, Peter Gebhardt, George Gibson, Robert Gino, Claire Hanzakos, Mike Hanzakos, Donald Hartman, Sandra Jackman, Ynez Johnston, Kaija Keel, Peter Krasnow, Edmond Kohn, Gabriel Kohn, Don Lagerberg, Linda Levi, Stanton Macdonald-Wright, Brian Mains, La Nelle Mason, John McLaughlin, Vasa Velizar Mihich, Arnold Mesches, Judith Miller, Lee Mullican, Gwynn Murrill, Peter Plagens, Bruce Richards, Betye Saar, Arnold Schifrin, Jilda Schwartz, Harry Steinberg, James Strombotne, Jan Stussy, Maxine Kim Stussy, J. B. Thompson, Joyce Trieman, William Tunberg, James Valerio, Alex Vilumsons, Gordon Wagner, Emerson Woelffer, and Janet Wullner-Faiss. Also included is one photograph of Kaija Keel, Claire Hanzakos and Jilda Schwartz and an exhibition brochure, undated, from the Arts Options Foundation "War & Peace & Clay", regarding sculpture by Keel, Hanzakos and Schwartz.
Photographs of Diebenkorn and Hans Burkhardt, one 11 x 14 in. collage print of Diebenkorn. Three of the photographs and the collage are duplicates of filmed photographs on reel 1818. Also included is one photograph of Chanin by Steve Cohen.
Biographical / Historical:
Arnold Chanin (1934-) is a photographer from Encino, Calif.
Donated 1975-2007 by Arnold Chanin. Additions are expected.
Use of original papers requires an appointment and is limited to the Archives' Washington, D.C., Research Center. Microfilmed materials must be consulted on microfilm. Contact Reference Services for more information.
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Artists -- California -- Photographs  Search this
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Archives of American Art

Marvin Harden papers

Harden, Marvin, 1935-  Search this
California State University, Northridge -- Faculty  Search this
Dobrick Gallery  Search this
Eugenia Butler Gallery  Search this
Gloria Cortella, Inc.  Search this
Hank Baum Gallery  Search this
Jan Turner Gallery  Search this
Los Angeles County Museum of Art  Search this
Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art  Search this
Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.)  Search this
Anderson, Eugene Newton  Search this
Ballatore-Nelson, Sandy  Search this
Brice, William, 1921-2008  Search this
Chicago, Judy, 1939-  Search this
Conwill, Houston, 1947-2016  Search this
Everts, Connor  Search this
Fine, Jud  Search this
Lerner Levine, Marion  Search this
Miller, Lura Harden  Search this
Plagens, Peter  Search this
Riegelman, Nancy  Search this
Stussy, Jan, 1921-1990  Search this
Toon, Caroll  Search this
Wilson, Willam, 1934-2013  Search this
2.2 Linear feet
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Visitors' books
circa 1936-2005
The papers of African American painter, printmaker, and educator Marvin Harden measure 2.2 linear feet and date from circa 1936 to 2005. Found within the papers are biographical materials, correspondence, teaching files, exhibition files, printed material, artwork, and photographs. Correspondents include Joyce Tremain, Judy Chicago, Marion Lerner Levine, Jud Fine, Houston Conwill, Sandy Ballatore-Nelson, Nancy Lee Riegelmen, Eugene Anderson, Connor Everts, Pleter Plagens, Jan Stussy, Caroll Toon, William Wilson, and others. Artwork includes a book of etchings Natural Selections (1991).
Scope and Contents:
The papers of African American painter, printmaker, and educator Marvin Harden measure 2.2 linear feet and date from circa 1936 to 2005. Found within the papers are biographical materials, correspondence, teaching files, exhibition files, printed material, artwork, and photographs. Artwork includes a book of etchings Natural Selections (1991).

Biographical material includes papers pertaining to Harden's education and family history, including an essay written by his sister Lura Harden Miller.

Correspondence is with artists, colleagues, and organizations, including Eugene Anderson, Sandy Ballatore-Nelson, William Brice, Judy Chicago, Houston Conwill, Connor Everts, Jud Fine, Marion Lerner Levine, Pleter Plagens, Nancy Lee Riegelmen, Jan Stussy, Caroll Toon, William Wilson, Dobrick Gallery, Eugenia Butler Gallery, Gloria Cortella, Inc., Hank Baum Gallery, Jan Turner Gallery, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Museum of Modern Art, among others.

Teaching files primarily document Harden's career as an art educator at California State University, Northridge. Materials include teaching awards, assignments, course outlines, notes, and miscellaneous writings by Harden about his teaching philosophy. The files also contain correspondence and photographs with students, a student exhibition guest register, committee notes, memorandums, and evidence pertaining to an employment-related grievance with the university.

Exhibition files include announcements, correspondence, exhibition catalogs, floor plans, insurance documents, loan agreements, photographs, press releases, and price lists.

Printed material consists of announcements and invitations, exhibition catalogs, and a loose clippings scrapbook with articles and reviews about Harden's artwork and exhibitions. Also found is a copy of the first volume of the Journal published by the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, which includes a photograph of Harden and references to his involvement in developing the organization.

Artwork includes two sketches and an artists' book entitled natural selections which contains 12 aquatint etchings by Marvin Harden.

Among the black and white and color photographs are portraits and snapshots of Marvin Harden, family members, and colleagues, as well as Harden's home, studio, and land at Inwardness Ranch located near Cambria, California.
The collection is arranged as 7 series.

Series 1: Biographical Material, 1950-1991 (Box 1; 5 folders)

Series 2: Correspondence, 1964-2005 (Box 1; 0.6 linear feet)

Series 3: Teaching Files, circa 1964-2003 (Box 1; 0.4 linear feet)

Series 4: Exhibition Files, 1966-2004 (Boxes 1-2; 0.6 linear feet)

Series 5: Printed Material, circa 1964-2003 (Box 2; 0.6 linear feet)

Series 6: Artwork, 1989-2000 (Box 2; 2 folders)

Series 7: Photographs, circa 1936-2001 (Box 2; 7 folders)
Biographical / Historical:
Marvin Harden (1935- ) is an African American painter, printmaker, and educator living and working in California. Harden received a Master of Fine Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1963. While there, Harden studied under John Paul Jones, Jan Stussy, and William Brice. He also became friends with UCLA classmate and feminist artist, Judy Chicago.

Harden's first solo exhibition was in 1964 at Ceeje Galleries in Los Angeles, California. His drawings, paintings, and prints have been exhibited widely in museums, galleries, and universities in southern California, and also in New Mexico, New York, and Texas, among other locations. Harden has also been the recipient of artists' fellowships awarded by the National Endowment for the Arts, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, and Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art.

Harden became a Professor of Art at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) in 1968, and in 1984 he received a Distinguished Teaching Award and Exceptional Merit Service Award. During his career at CSUN, Harden established the art department's graduate teaching assistant program.
The Marvin Harden papers were donated to the Archives of American Art by Marvin Harden in 2005.
Use of original papers requires an appointment and is limited to the Archives' Washington, D.C., Research Center. Contact Reference Services for more information.
The Archives of American Art makes its archival collections available for non-commercial, educational and personal use unless restricted by copyright and/or donor restrictions, including but not limited to access and publication restrictions. AAA makes no representations concerning such rights and restrictions and it is the user's responsibility to determine whether rights or restrictions exist and to obtain any necessary permission to access, use, reproduce and publish the collections. Please refer to the Smithsonian's Terms of Use for additional information.
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Visitors' books
Marvin Harden papers, circa 1936-2005. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
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Jan Stussy papers, 1950-1985

Stussy, Jan, 1921-1990  Search this
Macdonald-Wright, Stanton  Search this
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Painting, Modern -- 20th century -- California -- Los Angeles  Search this
Art -- Study and teaching -- California -- Los Angeles  Search this
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Art Movements and Schools
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Jan Stussy: artist file, [photographs]

Stussy, Jan 1921-1990  Search this
Physical description:
1 folder
Artist files
Art, American  Search this
Image number:
VFM VF002856
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