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EvoChromo: towards a synthesis of chromatin biology and evolution

Drinnenberg, Ines A.  Search this
Berger, Frederic  Search this
Elsasser, Simon J.  Search this
Andersen, Peter R.  Search this
Ausio, Juan  Search this
Bickmore, Wendy A.  Search this
Blackwell, Alexander R.  Search this
Erwin, Douglas H.  Search this
Gahan, James M.  Search this
Gaut, Brandon S.  Search this
Harvey, Zachary H.  Search this
Henikoff, Steven  Search this
Kao, Joyce Y.  Search this
Kurdistani, Siavash K.  Search this
Lemos, Bernardo  Search this
Levine, Mia T.  Search this
Luger, Karolin  Search this
Malik, Harmit S.  Search this
Martin-Duran, Jose M.  Search this
Peichel, Catherine L.  Search this
Renfree, Marilyn B.  Search this
Rutowicz, Kinga  Search this
Sarkies, Peter  Search this
Schmitz, Robert J.  Search this
Technau, Ulrich  Search this
Thornton, Joseph W.  Search this
Warnecke, Tobias  Search this
Wolfe, Kenneth H.  Search this
Object Type:
Smithsonian staff publication
Drinnenberg, Ines A., Berger, Frederic, Elsasser, Simon J., Andersen, Peter R., Ausio, Juan, Bickmore, Wendy A., Blackwell, Alexander R., Erwin, Douglas H., Gahan, James M., Gaut, Brandon S., Harvey, Zachary H., Henikoff, Steven, Kao, Joyce Y., Kurdistani, Siavash K., Lemos, Bernardo, Levine, Mia T., Luger, Karolin, Malik, Harmit S., Martin-Duran, Jose M., Peichel, Catherine L., Renfree, Marilyn B., Rutowicz, Kinga, Sarkies, Peter, Schmitz, Robert J., Technau, Ulrich et al. 2019. "EvoChromo: towards a synthesis of chromatin biology and evolution." Development, 146, (19) UNSP dev178962–UNSP dev178962.
Data source:
Smithsonian Libraries and Archives

The genome of the crustacean Parhyale hawaiensis, a model for animal development, regeneration, immunity and lignocellulose digestion

Kao, Damian  Search this
Lai, Alvina G.  Search this
Stamataki, Evangelia  Search this
Rosic, Silvana  Search this
Konstantinides, Nikolaos  Search this
Jarvis, Erin  Search this
Di Donfrancesco, Alessia  Search this
Pouchkina-Stancheva, Natalia  Search this
Semon, Marie  Search this
Grillo, Marco  Search this
Bruce, Heather  Search this
Kumar, Suyash  Search this
Siwanowicz, Igor  Search this
Le, Andy  Search this
Lemire, Andrew  Search this
Eisen, Michael B.  Search this
Extavour, Cassandra  Search this
Browne, William E.  Search this
Wolff, Carsten  Search this
Averof, Michalis  Search this
Patel, Nipam H.  Search this
Sarkies, Peter  Search this
Pavlopoulos, Anastasios  Search this
Aboobaker, Aziz  Search this
Object Type:
Smithsonian staff publication
Kao, Damian, Lai, Alvina G., Stamataki, Evangelia, Rosic, Silvana, Konstantinides, Nikolaos, Jarvis, Erin, Di Donfrancesco, Alessia, Pouchkina-Stancheva, Natalia, Semon, Marie, Grillo, Marco, Bruce, Heather, Kumar, Suyash, Siwanowicz, Igor, Le, Andy, Lemire, Andrew, Eisen, Michael B., Extavour, Cassandra, Browne, William E., Wolff, Carsten, Averof, Michalis, Patel, Nipam H., Sarkies, Peter, Pavlopoulos, Anastasios, and Aboobaker, Aziz. 2016. "The genome of the crustacean Parhyale hawaiensis, a model for animal development, regeneration, immunity and lignocellulose digestion." eLife, 5 e20062.
Data source:
Smithsonian Libraries and Archives

Aviation Photography Collection [Tenety and Sarkis]

Tenety, James, Jr.  Search this
Roosevelt Field (N.Y.)  Search this
Sarkis, Peter.  Search this
0.62 Cubic feet ((3 boxes))
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Black-and-white negatives
bulk 1930s -1950s
Scope and Contents:
This collection consists of approximately 2,850 black and white negatives (approximately 0.54 cubic feet) of photographs taken by James Tenety, Jr. and Peter Sarkis. The vast majority of them are by Tenety, with the images taken by Sarkis numbering approximately 50-60. The negatives are 616 size and show various aircraft, people, and aviation related events. They are arranged alphabetically by subject. Aircraft represented in this collection include models by Aeronca; Aeromarine; Alexander; Antonov; Alliance; Allenbaugh; Avro; Arrow; Armstrong Whitworth; American Eagle; Babcock; Barkley-Grow; Beechcraft; Bell; Bellanca; Bennet; Bennett-Breese; Berliner-Joyce; Bird; Blériot; Boeing; Brewster; BAC (British Aircraft Corp); Brown; Brown-Young; Bucker; Buhl; Burnelli; Bushey-McGrew; Cairns; Cant; Caproni; Caudron; Cessna; Chamberlin; Chambers; Chester; Columbia; Commandaire; Consolidated; Crosby; Crouch-Bolas; Cunningham-Hall; Curtiss; Culver; Davis; de Havilland; Delgado, Dornier; Douglas; Earl Aviation; Eastman; Erco; Fairchild; Federal; Avia (Czech); Fleet; Fleetwings; Focke-Wulf; Folkerts; Fokker; Ford; Franklin (Aircraft Corp); Funk (OH); General Aircraft Corp; Globe; Granville Brothers Aircraft Inc; Great Lakes; Grumman; Gwinn Aircar; Hawker; Hawks; Heath; Hughes; Jones (Ben); Kellett; Keystone; Kinner; Koppen; Keith Rider; Laird; Latécoère; Lincoln (Aircraft); Lockheed; Loening; Luscombe; McDonnell; Martin; Melberg-Greenameier-Ward; Mercury (Aircraft Inc); Meyers (Aircraft); Mignet; Miles; Monocoupe; Morane-Saulnier; Thomas-Morse; Naval Aircraft Factory (NAF); Nicholas-Beazley; New Standard; Nieuport; Noorduyn; North American; Northrop; Parks; Pearson-Williams; Percival; Piper; Pitcairn; Pitt; Porterfield; Raab-Katzenstein; Rearwin; Republic; Ryan; RWD; Savoia-Marchetti; Schreck; Seversky; Short; Sikorsky; Security; Sopwith; SPAD; Spartan (OK); Spencer-Larsen; Star Cavalier; States; Stearman; Stearman-Hammond; Stinson; Supermarine; Sundorph; Swallow; Taylor; Taylorcraft; Thaden; Tilbury-Fundy; Travel Air; Turner-Laird; Verville (Aircraft); Bourdon (Viking); Vought; Volmer; Waco; Wallace; Waterman; Wedell-Williams; Welsh; Westbrook; and Wittman (Steve). People depicted in the images include Hanna Reitsch; Max Constant; J. G. "Tex" Rankin; Alford Joseph "Al" Williams; Douglas "Wrong-Way" Corrigan; Howard Robard Hughes; Anthony W. "Tony" LeVier; Frank Hawks; Jacqueline "Jackie" Cochran (Bessie Lee Pittman); Roscoe Turner; Rudy A. Kling; Laura Houghtaling Ingalls; Earl Ortman; Arthur Charles Chester; Lee Gelbach; Steve J. Wittman; Bernarr MacFadden; James Harold "Jimmy" Doolittle; J. Errol Boyd; Alex Papana; Fannie Hurst; Barnard Carl Capehart; and Russell Holderman. The collection also contains five pocket sized notebooks kept by Tenety which detail when and where he took many of the photographs. Finally, the collection includes a thumb drive which contains scans of many of the negatives made by the donor.
Biographical / Historical:
James Tenety, Jr. was an aviation photographer based in Corona, New York, working in the period of the 1930s through the 1950s. Tenety worked in and around New York, particularly at Roosevelt Field, North Beach Airport, and Mitchel Field. Peter Sarkis was another aviation photographer based in New York, New York, who worked in approximately the same time period.
Emile Faciane, Gift, 2013
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Black-and-white negatives
Aviation Photography Collection [Tenety and Sarkis], Accession 2014-0004, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution.
Archival Repository:
National Air and Space Museum Archives

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