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Wisconsin's industrial towns and cities are a patchwork of urban ethnic villages, neighborhoods comprising blocks of well-kept, modest frame houses with churches and taverns on the street corners. The church basement and the corner bar, much like the churches and crossroads taverns in Wisconsin's rural areas, have served their communities as twin hubs of social life. Those communities often have an ethnic dimension.

Whether expressed through church, tavern, or home, the role of ethnic identity remains prominent in Wisconsin. Fourth- and fifth-generation Americans in Wisconsin are still quite cognizant of their ethnic origins, as pure or as varied as they may be. It is very common in Wisconsin to be asked when first meeting someone the ethnic provenance of one's last name. Not only are there recent immigrants who speak Spanish, Lao, or Hmong, but German, Polish, Norwegian, and the Walloon dialect of French are still spoken in some Wisconsin homes by families whose forbears immigrated generations ago. In folk dance groups and ethnic orchestras, ethnic identity is taught to Wisconsin children, an important reason why ethnicity remains so pervasive in the state.

The varied traditions of the people who have made the state their home have influenced one another. The Belgians of southern Door County have embraced the brass-band dance music of their Czech neighbors in Kewaunee County, while the Czech Catholic parish picnics in the area serve up the Belgians' booyah soup from 60-gallon cauldrons. Some Old World folkways such as the making of Norwegian Hardanger fiddles and the weaving of Latvian sashes have been preserved or revived. Other traditions such as polka music and dancing or quilting are truly American, having developed from a mixture, a creolization of the contributions of various culture groups now living side by side in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin folklife continues to evolve and to be enriched by new immigration. Refugees from wars and political oppression continue to find a haven in the state. Wisconsin in 1998 had America's second largest population of Hmong, Southeast Asian refugees who actively pursued their unique music, craft, and social customs in the new homeland, as well as one of the major settlements of Tibetans. Latino populations in the state had increased markedly in preceding decades, the largest being of Mexican origin.

The Wisconsin program at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, D.C., and its restaging in Madison as the Wisconsin Folklife Festival were auspicious events to honor the many people who preserve Wisconsin's folklife and to observe Wisconsin's sesquicentennial of statehood. It was a challenging task to represent the folklife of the five million residents of Wisconsin in a single event involving only ten or twelve dozen people. The program participants were all considered to be outstanding bearers of traditions significant in Wisconsin, all evidence of the natural, cultural, and historical forces that have molded Wisconsin's unique and vital folklife.

Richard March and Thomas Vennum were Curators, and Ruth Olson, Anne Pryor, and Arlene Reiniger were Program Coordinators.

The Wisconsin program was made possible by and was produced in cooperation with the Wisconsin Arts Board and the Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Commission on the occasion of Wisconsin's 150th anniversary of statehood. Wisconsin corporate contributors included AT&T, SC Johnson Wax, and The Credit Unions of Wisconsin.
Lisa Akey, Terese Allen, Mike Chiarappa, Janet C. Gilmore, Gina Grumke, Michelle Hartley, Anita Hecht, Cindy Kerchmar, Andy Kraushaar, Barbara Lau, Jim Leary, Richard March, Ruth Olson, Anne Pryor, Lynn Ramsey, Bob Rashid, Pete Roller, Craig Stinson, Evelyn Terry, Bob Teske, Thomas Vennum, Mai Zong Vue, Thomas U. Walker
David Bisonette, Mike Chiarappa, Cindy Kerchmar, Barbara Lau, Richard March, Ruth Olson, Anne Pryor, Bob Rashid, Pete Roller, Erin Roth, Gary Sturm, Evelyn Terry, Bob Teske, Mai Zong Vue, Mark Wagler, Joe Bee Xiong, Thomas Vennum
Music and Dance Traditions

CLETE BELLIN ORCHESTRA, CZECH OLD-TIME -- CLETE BELLIN ORCHESTRA, CZECH OLD-TIMECletus Bellin, 1943-2010, piano, vocals, Forestville, WisconsinGene Burmeister, trumpet, Green Bay, WisconsinBill Jerabek, drums, vocal harmony, Denmark, WisconsinJoseph Jerabek, tuba, Casco, WisconsinDiana Schroeder, accordion, Manitowoc, WisconsinJohn Wiedow, trumpet, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Gary Drzewiecki, polka dancer, Pulaski, Wisconsin

Julie Drzewiecki, polka dancer, Pulaski, Wisconsin

HAESE & SCHLEI, SCHRAMMEL MUSIC -- HAESE & SCHLEI, SCHRAMMEL MUSICElfrieda Haese, vocals, Colgate, WisconsinHeidi Schlei, zither, vocals, Sussex, Wisconsin

Linda Hartwich, polka dancer, Trempealeau, Wisconsin

Randy Thull, polka dancer, River Falls, Wisconsin

KARL & THE COUNTRY DUTCHMEN, DUTCHMAN MUSIC -- KARL & THE COUNTRY DUTCHMEN, DUTCHMAN MUSICNic Dunkel, trumpet, Black Earth, WisconsinKarl Hartwich, concertina, Trempealeau, WisconsinTony Kaminski, tuba, Trempealeau, WisconsinJeff Langen, drums, LaCrescent, MinnesotaFrank Melmer, banjo, Owatonna, MinnesotaGary Schroeder, trumpet, Fairfax, Minnesota

Frank Montano, Woodland flute, Bayfield

NORM DOMBROWSKI & THE HAPPY NOTES, POLISH POLKA -- NORM DOMBROWSKI & THE HAPPY NOTES, POLISH POLKAKen Camlek, trumpet, vocals, Stevens Point, WisconsinJoe Dombrowski, trumpet, vocals, Stevens Point, WisconsinMark Dombrowski, saxophone, clarinet, vocals, Stevens Point, WisconsinNorm Dombrowski, drums, vocals, Stevens Point, WisconsinMarie Kubowski, piano, concertina, violin, vocals, Stevens Point, WisconsinJoe Larson, bass, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

NORSKEDALEN TRIO, NORWEGIAN FIDDLE -- NORSKEDALEN TRIO, NORWEGIAN FIDDLEEleanor Bagstad, piano, Westby, WisconsinTilford Bagstad, fiddle, Westby, WisconsinBeatrice Olson, accordion, Westby, Wisconsin

QUEENS OF HARMONY, AFRICAN AMERICAN GOSPEL -- QUEENS OF HARMONY, AFRICAN AMERICAN GOSPELJulia Love Brown, tenor, high tenor, Milwaukee, WisconsinDorothy Johnson, baritone, lead, Milwaukee, WisconsinJoyce Johnson, tenor, high tenor, Milwaukee, WisconsinJessie McCullum, tenor, high tenor, Milwaukee, WisconsinElla Ray, baritone, lead, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

STEVE & VERNE MEISNER ORCHESTRA, SLOVENIAN-STYLE POLKA -- STEVE & VERNE MEISNER ORCHESTRA, SLOVENIAN-STYLE POLKARick Hartman, drums, Whitewater, WisconsinGary Hendrickson, banjo, Monroe, WisconsinSteve Meisner, accordion, bass, piano, Whitewater, WisconsinVerne Meisner, accordion, Waukesha, WisconsinLarry Sokolowski, saxophone, De Forest, Wisconsin

VATRA, TAMBURITZA -- VATRA, TAMBURITZAIvo Gretic, berde, Greenfield, WisconsinBoris Kuzmanovic, brač, vocals, Greendale, WisconsinDavor Pozgaj, bugarija, vocals, Milwaukee, WisconsinChristopher Ulm, brač, vocals, Milwaukee, WisconsinRyan Werner, prim, brač, čelo, West Allis, Wisconsin

Craft Traditions

Annabelle Argand, needle worker, Madison, Wisconsin

Else Bigton, furniture builder, Barronett, Wisconsin

Andrej Borzecki, shrine maker, Armstrong Creek, Wisconsin

Joe Bunij, shrine maker, Armstrong Creek, Wisconsin

Ray Cadotte, dance regalia maker, Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin

Jose Chavez, altar, -- santos -- , retablos maker, Franklin, Wisconsin

Rosa Chavez, altar maker, Franklin, Wisconsin

Venerable Ngawang Chojor, sand mandala maker, Madison, Wisconsin

Betty Piso Christenson, egg decorator, Suring, Wisconsin

Diane DeFoe, birch-bark basket maker, Bayfield, Wisconsin

Pat Ehrenberg, quilter, Ripon, Wisconsin

Jean Giese, rosemaler, DeSoto, Wisconsin

Nancy R. Hall, black ash basket weaver, Wittenberg, Wisconsin

Sidney Hall, black ash basket weaver, Wittenberg, Wisconsin

Margaret Hart, moccasins, regalia maker, Cumberland, Wisconsin

Bernie Jendrzejczak, paper cutter, Hales Corner, Wisconsin

Joe Krevs, accordion repairer, maker, player, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

George Leazer, clay doll maker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Marie Leazer, rag doll maker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wang Xiong Lee, metalworker, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Stephanie Vuljanic Lemke, egg decorator, Mazomanie, Wisconsin

Constance Mahairas, icon painter, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Hazel M. Maki, rag rug weaver, Washburn, Wisconsin

George McCormick, wooden doll carver, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Vera Mednis, sash weaver, Warrens, Wisconsin

Kim Nishimoto, corn husk doll maker, De Pere, Wisconsin

Phil Odden, woodcarver, Barronett, Wisconsin

Christine Okerlund, quill basket maker, Wittenberg, Wisconsin

Linda Ollerman, quilter, Ripon, Wisconsin

Ron Poast, Hardanger fiddle maker, Black Earth, Wisconsin

Elda Schiesser, paper cutter, New Glarus, Wisconsin

Mildred Schuman, beadwork artist, Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin

Velma Seales, quilter, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Blanche Shankle, quilter, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Eileen Skinaway, headwork, regalia artist, Luck, Wisconsin

Irene Vuorenmaa, rag rug weaver, Hurley, Wisconsin

Sidonka Wadina, wheat weaver, Lyons, Wisconsin

Kou Xiong, marriage broker, Madison, Wisconsin

Dang Yang, -- qeej -- maker, player, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Long Yang, basket maker, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Moa Yang, needle worker, Watertown, Wisconsin

Occupational & Recreational Traditions

Jeff Ackley, wild rice harvester, Crandon, Wisconsin

Neena Ackley, wild rice treader, Madison, Wisconsin

Vicki Ackley, wild rice harvester, Madison, Wisconsin

Ed Beaumont, logger, Brantwood, Wisconsin

Joe Belliveau, tree farmer, Tomahawk, Wisconsin

Norma Belliveau, wreath maker, tree farmer, Tomahawk, Wisconsin

Fred Benjamin, moccasin game singer, Lac Court Oreilles, Wisconsin

Brooks Big John, decoy carver, fisherman, fishing guide, Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin

Bradley Boon, dairy farmer, Greenwood, Wisconsin

Duane Boon, dairy farmer, Greenwood, Wisconsin

Dale Buhrow, beer brewer, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Mark Bussian, 4-H activities, pig showing, Columbus, Wisconsin

John Bussman, cheese maker, Monroe, Wisconsin

Bill Casper, sturgeon fisherman, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Chris Dimka, shoemaker, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Harold Hettrick, duck hunter, Ferryville, Wisconsin

Roger King, ginseng grower, Wausau, Wisconsin

Randy Krahenbuhl, cheese maker, Monticello, Wisconsin

Shelley Krahenbuhl, cheese maker, Monticello, Wisconsin

Willi Kruschinski, boat builder, lure maker, Winchester, Wisconsin

Betty Lacapa, wild rice parcher, Lac Court Oreilles, Wisconsin

Tony Mayotte, wild rice harvester, Lac Court Oreilles, Wisconsin

Tim Murphy, beer brewer, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Dennis O'Donnell, "junque" artist, dairy farmer, Frederic, Wisconsin

Arthur Oksuita, beer brewer, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Peggy Rau, dairy farmer, Dorchester, Wisconsin

Zak Rau, dairy farmer, Dorchester, Wisconsin

Bill Schlinsog, cheese maker, grader, Madison, Wisconsin

Mary Lou Schneider, sturgeon decoy carver, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Harold Schumacher, ginseng grower, Marathon, Wisconsin

Tim Smith, deer hunter, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Paul "Sugar Bear" Smith, heritage gardener, Oneida, Wisconsin

Pam Walker, cranberry grower, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Ryan Walker, cranberry grower, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Hollis Ward, tavern owner, Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Cindy Wills, 4-H activities, pig showing, Belmont, Wisconsin

Darron Wills, 4-H activities, pig showing, Belmont, Wisconsin

Gina Wills, 4-H activities, pig showing, Belmont, Wisconsin

James Van Wychen, cranberry grower, Warrens, Wisconsin

Nodji Van Wychen, cranberry grower, Warrens, Wisconsin

John Zappa, beer brewer, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Foodways Traditions

Dorthy Hodgson, pasty maker, Shullsburg, Wisconsin

Eric Olesen, -- kringle -- baker, Racine, Wisconsin

Debra Usinger, sausage maker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin Marching Band

Mike Leckrone, Director of Bands

Galen S. Karriker, Assistant Director of Bands

John Biester, Announcer

Gary Smith, Photographer

Gary Moore, Security Officer


Jennifer Ceman, Christopher Goss, Amy Krier, Missy Mayer


Ben Bares, Brianna Benjamin, Tracy Daluge, Mike Dettman, Christopher Herlache, Andrew Klaetsch, Nicole Kreuziger, Amanda Newby, Laurie Strobel


Anne Abrahamson, Nicole Ammerman, Franz Arvold, Jon Berge, Rachel Berger, Ryan Beverung, Erika Breiby, Scott Brown, Jonathan Claas, Ryan Cook, Jolene Crosby, Derek Daun, Robert Detlefson, Pat Feldhausen, Mark Flanner, Steve Geiger, Merris Gullickson, Melissa Hampton, Paul Henslin, Scott Hurley, Raymond Konyn, Rob Koth, Jennifer Lange, Chad Leblanc, Steve Lindley, Paul Lindorf, Sarah Macleish, Scott Magee, Melissa Martin, Maureen McDonald, Nicholas Myhre, Chris Nelson, Jill Newman, Cara Olbrantz, Heidi Platt, Adam Plotkin, Brad Pope, Brian Pope, T. Gregory Reed, Kristen Riebau, Daniel Ries, Jason Reisterer, Neal Rozga, Jason Rymer, Heidi Salzmann, Chris Sawyer, Kimberly Scheidegger, Steve Schmitt, Cathie Schallue, Anna Sics, Benjamin Socie, Erica St. John, Chris Stillwell, Mathew Sullivan, Bill Utter, Stephanie Volden, Katie Wachowski, Justin Woodley


Bob Bailey, Joel Dreier, Nathan Lukecart


Emily Engel, Ellen Ezerins, Elizabeth Mergener, Laura Pedersen, Chris Remington, Rae Dawn Rippchen, Jamie Ruprecht, Raechal Sager, Steve Schrammel, Sara White


Damon Bach, Geoff Bares, Derek Berget, John Buchholz, Cassie Carbon, Karey Clark, Tony Diehl, Tim Drews, Jeff Gentile, Laura Hageman, Erik Hoven, Gregory Ingersoll, Brad Knoll, Chris Knudson, Natalie Krueger, Kyle Manske, Edward Niles, Tim Nowaczyk, Daniel Olson, Craig Parker, Sue Peck, Greg Piefer, Eric Plate, Erin Pyzik, Amy Quackenbush, Kim Rauwald, Daniel Rooney, Gretchen Scheidler, Zac Schultz, Sarah Simonis, Brian Skinner, Brett Slaney, Joel Sohre, Ray Tainter, Jake Thull, William Tills, Geoffrey Wawrzyniak, Michael Whisler, Marie Zimmer, Brian Zweig


Andy Forster, Ann Kaminski, Rob Konitzer, Kevin Krause, Branden Linley, Michael Tessmer, Dan Uttech, David Wirch


Zachery Dachel, Daniel Evans, Hugh Francis, Shane Haack, Carl Jo Keller, Hans Peterman, Mark Pronovici, Michael Schmidt, Kyle Schneider, Rob Scholl, Andy Schuh, Mindy Tempelis


Aaron Faessler, Brian Frailing, Tricia Horwitz, Joel Jacklin, Tony Larocca, Brent Lavin, David Muencheberg, Kristin Sebranek, Geoff Seufert, Kevin Sprewer

Field Assistants

Sean Chandler, Bill Garvey, Carl Gitchel, Mark Messer, Cindy Schwibinger, Fritz Statz, Michael Stone, Janice Stone, Matthew Whiting
Collection Restrictions:
Access by appointment only. Where a listening copy or viewing copy has been created, this is indicated in the respective inventory; additional materials may be accessible with sufficient advance notice and, in some cases, payment of a processing fee. Older papers are housed at a remote location and may require a minimum of three weeks' advance notice and payment of a retrieval fee. Certain formats such as multi-track audio recordings and EIAJ-1 videoreels (1/2 inch) may not be accessible. Contact the Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections at 202-633-7322 or for additional information.
Collection Rights:
Copyright and other restrictions may apply. Generally, materials created during a Festival are covered by a release signed by each participant permitting their use for personal and educational purposes; materials created as part of the fieldwork leading to a Festival may be more restricted. We permit and encourage such personal and educational use of those materials provided digitally here, without special permissions. Use of any materials for publication, commercial use, or distribution requires a license from the Archives. Licensing fees may apply in addition to any processing fees.
Collection Citation:
Smithsonian Folklife Festival records: 1998 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections, Smithsonian Institution.
CFCH.SFF.1998, Series 6
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Oral history interview with Jane Hammond, 2012 Apr. 3-May 24

Hammond, Jane, 1950-  Search this
Hammond, Jane, 1950-  Search this
Richards, Judith Olch, 1947-  Search this
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Sylvia Fein and John Wilde

Fein, Sylvia  Search this
Wilde, John  Search this
1940 or 1941
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Richard Artschwager papers, 1959-2013

Artschwager, Richard Ernst, 1923-2013  Search this
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Oral history interview with Tom McGlauchlin, 2006 October 13

McGlauchlin, Tom, 1934-2011  Search this
McGlauchlin, Tom, 1934-2011  Search this
Byrd, Joan Falconer, 1939-  Search this
Bailey, Clayton  Search this
Day, Russell  Search this
Dreisbach, Fritz  Search this
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Leafgreen, Harvey  Search this
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Oral history interview with Aaron Bohrod, 1984 Aug. 23

Bohrod, Aaron, 1907-1992  Search this
Bohrod, Aaron, 1907-1992  Search this
Prince, Sue Ann  Search this
Trompe l'oeil painting  Search this
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Chicago's Art-Related Archival Materials: A Terra Foundation Resource
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Aaron Bohrod papers, 1507-1994, bulk circa 1930-1994

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Bohrod, Aaron, 1907-1992  Search this
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Edward Plunkett papers, circa 1900-2006

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Don Reitz Papers, circa 1935-2015

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Reitz, Don, 1929-2014  Search this
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James Abbott McNeill Whistler and Berthe Morisot

Charles Dana Gibson, 14 Sep 1867 - 29 Dec 1944  Search this
James Abbott McNeill Whistler, 11 Jul 1834 - 17 Jul 1903  Search this
Berthe Morisot, 1841 - 1895  Search this
Ink on paper
35.6cm x 53.6cm (14" x 21 1/8"), Accurate
Berthe Morisot: Female  Search this
James Abbott McNeill Whistler: Male  Search this
James Abbott McNeill Whistler: Visual Arts\Artist\Painter  Search this
Portrait  Search this
Credit Line:
Owner: Chazen Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Object number:
Restrictions & Rights:
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Catalog of American Portraits

John Steuart Curry

John Steuart Curry, 14 Nov 1897 - 29 Aug 1946  Search this
John Steuart Curry, 14 Nov 1897 - 29 Aug 1946  Search this
Charcoal on canvas
111.5cm x 108.3cm (43 7/8" x 42 5/8"), Sight
John Steuart Curry: Visual Arts\Artist  Search this
John Steuart Curry: Male  Search this
John Steuart Curry: Visual Arts\Artist\Painter  Search this
John Steuart Curry: Visual Arts\Artist\Illustrator  Search this
John Steuart Curry: Visual Arts\Art Instructor  Search this
John Steuart Curry: Visual Arts\Artist\Painter\Muralist  Search this
Portrait  Search this
Credit Line:
Owner: Chazen Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Object number:
Restrictions & Rights:
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Catalog of American Portraits

Stephen Arnold Douglas Volk

Theodore Robinson, 3 Jun 1852 - 2 Apr 1896  Search this
Stephen Arnold Douglas Volk, 1856 - 1935  Search this
Pencil on paper
20.9cm x 13.1cm (8 1/4" x 5 3/16"), Accurate
Stephen Arnold Douglas Volk: Visual Arts\Artist  Search this
Stephen Arnold Douglas Volk: Male  Search this
Stephen Arnold Douglas Volk: Education\Educator  Search this
Stephen Arnold Douglas Volk: Visual Arts\Artist\Painter  Search this
Stephen Arnold Douglas Volk: Education\Founder  Search this
Portrait  Search this
Credit Line:
Owner: Chazen Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Object number:
Restrictions & Rights:
Usage conditions apply
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Catalog of American Portraits

Oral history interview with Aaron Bohrod, 1973-1974

Bohrod, Aaron, 1907-1992  Search this
Sandler, Ralph E.  Search this
Bohrod, Aaron, 1907-1992  Search this
Record number:
Data Source:
Archives of American Art

[John Steuart Curry and Curry home] [graphic] / Thomas Tenney, 1941 Aug

Tenney, Thomas W.  Search this
Tenney, Thomas W.  Search this
Curry, John Steuart  Search this
Curry, Kathleen  Search this
Lives of American Artists  Search this
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Lives of American Artists
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Horatio Greenough sketchbook and drawings, 1823-1851

Greenough, Horatio, 1805-1852  Search this
Greenough, Horatio, 1805-1852  Search this
Wright, Nathalia  Search this
Sketches & Sketchbooks  Search this
American Art and Artists in a Global Context  Search this
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Sketches & Sketchbooks
American Art and Artists in a Global Context
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Portrait of Michel Tapié

Alexander Calder, 22 Jul 1898 - 11 Nov 1976  Search this
Michel Tapié, 1909 - 1987  Search this
Brass wire
With Base: 32.1 x 29.8 x 22.9cm (12 5/8 x 11 3/4 x 9")
c. 1930
Michel Tapié: Visual Arts\Art critic  Search this
Michel Tapié: Visual Arts\Art Collector  Search this
Portrait  Search this
Credit Line:
Owner: Chazen Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Object number:
Restrictions & Rights:
Usage conditions apply
© 2010 Calder Foundation, New York / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
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Catalog of American Portraits
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Catalog of American Portraits

Old Ways in the New World

Collection Creator:
Smithsonian Institution. Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage  Search this
Archival materials
The United States has always been a country of immigrants and, thus, the proud inheritor of the artistic styles of many different peoples. The section of the Festival that focused on this particular feature of American culture was called "Old Ways in the New World". Here were brought together the sons and daughters of people who immigrated to the United States from various parts of the world and their cultural cousins who stayed at home. These two groups joined together at the Festival in the practice of their traditional artistic and creative behavior; thus they could celebrate a kind of family reunion while they examined together the changes that their different experiences had brought about.

Where possible, participants were invited from the same region or even the same village - both those who migrated and those who stayed at home. Where this was impossible or impractical, attention focused on behavior or style, tracing parallels in all aspects of tradition from cooking to dance. As in past years of the Festival, this program stimulated a healthy kind of self-examination for domestic communities that drew strength from discovering their relationship with older cultures as well as for the foreign guests, who could return to their homelands proud of the vitality of their own art forms that remained clearly identifiable, although removed by oceans of time and space.

June 16-20, Israeli and American Jewish, Romanian

June 23-27, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Swedish, Finnish, Faroese

July 1-5, French, Canadian, Polish

July 7-11, British, Canadian, Portuguese

July 14-18, Yugoslav, Irish

July 21-25, Belgian, Egyptian

July 28-August 1, German, Pakistani

August 4-8, Spanish, Mexican

August 11-15, Japanese, Greek

August 18-22, Austrian, Indian

August 25-29, Swiss, Hungarian

September 2-6, Italian

Program Coordinator for the Old Ways in the New World was Shirley Cherkasky, with Assistant Program Coordinators Suzanne Cox, Jeffrey LaRiche, Genie Kitlaus, and Larisa Lucaci. An advisory group included Conrad Arensberg, Svatava Pirkova Jakobson, Alan Lomax, and David McAIIester.
Fieldworkers and presenters:
Héctor Aguíñiga, Richard González, Antony Hellenberg, Nazir Jairazbhoy, Anna Lomax, John McDowell, Daniel Sheehy, Gordon Thompson, Roger Welsch, Maria Behr, David Bjork, Calogero Cascio, Svatava Pirkova Jakobson

Mord'chai Abrahamov, 1945-, singer, dancer, instrumentalist, Tel Aviv, Israel

David Levi, 1934-, dancer

Mord'chai 'Aziz, 1935-, dancer

Yosef Gum'ah, 1923-, drummer, Tel Lachish, Israel

Elijahu Israel Lassa, 1932-, zurna player, Tel Lachish, Israel

Mord'chai 'Ezra, 1935-, singer, dancer, Tel Lachish, Israel

Yosef Rahamim, 1937-, dancer, Kiryat Malakhi, Israel

Rivka Levi, 1945-, singer, dancer, Kiryat Malakhi, Israel

Bathia Rahamim, 1947-, singer, dancer, Kiryat Malakhi, Israel

Bathia Levi, 1919-, dancer, instrumentalist, Kiryat Ono, Israel

Shoshana Danukh, 1920-, singer, instrumentalist, Kiryat Ono, Israel

Zehava Gedasi, 1957-, dancer, singer, Tel Aviv, Israel

Ahuva Gedasi, 1948-, dancer, singer, Givatayim, Israel

Moshe 'Oved, 1953-, singer, dancer, Amka, Israel

Amnon 'Oved, singer, dancer, Amka, Israel

Avraham Daniel 'Arussi, 1968-, singer, dancer, Kiryat Ono, Israel

Menachem 'Arussi, 1930-, dancer, singer, drummer, Kiryat Ono, Israel

Saadia Gur-Esh, 1928-, singer, drummer, dancer, Midrakh Oz, Israel

Ziona Nagar, 1951-, dancer

Binyamin Hershkowitz, 1946-, accordion, singer, drummer, Netanya, Israel

Arie Polak, 1956-, drummer, Herzlia, Israel

Moshe Choen, 1929-, singer, dancer, Bnei Brak, Israel

Yosef Pinchas Reimer, 1955-, dancer, drummer, Jerusalem, Israel

Yitzhak Meier Tritel, 1951-, dancer, clarinetist, Jerusalem, Israel

Levi 'Ochayom, 1927-, singer, drummer, Jerusalem, Israel

Yosef Ben-Nun, 1927-, singer, Jerusalem, Israel

David Weissman, 1933-, 'ud player, Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Daniel Ronen, leader

Itimar Gurevitch, tour administrator

Uri Sharvit, folklorist

Jewish American

Ira Axelrod, badkhn, Brooklyn, New York

Nechama Biderman, succah maker, Flushing, New York

Avram Dahari, 1923-1999, singer, Brooklyn, New York

Naomi Dahari, 1924-1988, singer, food demonstrator, Brooklyn, New York

Ray Faust, 1900-1993, painter, New York, New York

Miriam Haymie, singer, food demonstrator, Brooklyn, New York

Shlomo Hymie, singer, Brooklyn, New York

Meyer Kirshenblatt, 1916-2009, toy maker, immigrant narrator, Downsview, Ontario

Rivka Kirshenblatt, food demonstrator

Lillian Klempner, 1897-1984, Yiddish folksinger, Brooklyn, New York

Tuvia Mekhabar, scribe, New York, New York

Mazel Nagar, singer, dancer, cook, Brooklyn, New York

Nissim Nagar, singer, dancer, Brooklyn, New York

Arie Ovagia, cantor, singer, Brooklyn, New York

Jerold Roschwalb, shofar demonstrator

William Shuster, 1904-2002, tailor, New York, New York

Tsirl Waletsky, paper cutter, Bronx, New York

Workmen's Circle Mandolin Orchestra -- Workmen's Circle Mandolin OrchestraRosario Carcione, 1909-1984, mandolinist, Bronx, New YorkFrances Darvick, mandolinist, Brooklyn, New YorkSophie Fuchs, mandolinist, Jamaica, New YorkBeverly Frierman, mandolinist, New York, New YorkMuriel Isbitts, mandolinist, New Milford, New JerseyFani Jacobson, mandolinist, leader, New York, New YorkNorman Levine, mandolinist, Brooklyn, New YorkTessie Nerenberg, mandolinist, Yonkers, New YorkMeyer Schein, mandolinist, Bronx, New YorkCharles Slater, mandolinist, Brooklyn, New YorkHenry Wurman, 1900-1981, mandolinist, Bronx, New York


Anna Calauzan

Aurel Ciinary, dance group leader

Elena Cismas

Pavel Dacin

Nicolae Falcuie

Dumitru Farcas, clarinet

Nina Gheorghe

Susana Meghegan

Maria Mesenschi

Ioh Miclos

Gheorghe Milea

Marian Miu, hammered dulcimer

Vlad Nanoveanu

Florea Neagrau

Octavian Pitan

Ion Preda

Viorel Radulescu, interpreter

Cristian Simionescu, pan pipes, nay

Dumitru Stanescu

Cristian Topoloveanu

Stefan Turcitu

Gheorghe Turda, singer, violinist

Mioara Tutan

Sofia Vicoveanca

Dumitru Zamfira, flutist, bagpiper


Didi Alexe, 1928-, craftsperson, Detroit, Michigan

George Alexe, 1925-, singer, Detroit, Michigan

Valentin Balaj, singer, Highland Park, Michigan

Barbara Barsan, dancer, North Canton, Ohio

Alexandru Chonka, drummer, Utica, Michigan

Patru Dumitrie, 1930-2000, accordionist, Detroit, Michigan

Ekaterina Feraru, 1926-1990, singer, Troy, Michigan

Stefan Feraru, 1922-, singer, dancer, Troy, Michigan

Michaela Iancu, 1956-, singer, dancer, Detroit, Michigan

John Lazar, musician, North Canton, Ohio

Larisa M. Lucaci, 1919-, food demonstrator, Cleveland, Ohio

Lillian Majeran, 1948-, singer, dancer, Detroit, Michigan

Cornelia Miclau, 1906-2000, food demonstrator, Cleveland, Ohio

Jack Moga, musician, Parma, Ohio

Victor Moldovan, clarinet, saxophone plater, Royal Oak, Michigan

John Musat, clarinet player, Parma, Ohio

Valerie Musat, 1918-2001, dancer, Canton, Ohio

Carol Negulici, dancer, Canton, Ohio

Jennie Polak, 1923-, singer, St. Clair Shores, Michigan

Livin Stoia, Alliance, Ohio

John Tate, Canton, Ohio

Aurel Trocea, 1926-1996, singer, Detroit, Michigan

Susana Trocea, 1935-2004, singer, dancer, embroiderer, Detroit, Michigan

Dolly Turkus, singer, Warren, Michigan

Aurel Ursaki, 1920-1994, singer, Madison Heights, Michigan

Lucille Velkov, 1912-, singer, dancer, Detroit, Michigan


Steen Jagd Andersen, 1950-, fiddler, Hogager, Denmark

Svend Erik Bendtsen, 1950-, fiddler, fiddle maker, Hjerm, Denmark

Børge Christensen, 1925-, fiddler, dancer, Hogager, Denmark

Elly Christensen, 1936-, traditional dancer, Hogager, Denmark

Lene Halskov Hansen, 1956-, fiddler, singer, Gørding, Denmark

Vagn Dahl Hansen, 1945-, fiddler, singer, Holstebro, Denmark

Hasse Havgaard, 1931-, fiddler, Kornerup, Denmark

Ludvig Larsen, fiddler, dancer, Holstebro, Denmark

Knud Laursen, 1901-, fiddler, Haderup, Denmark

Poul Lendal, 1952-, fiddler, Tommerup, Denmark

Keld Nørgaard Kristenson, 1953-, fiddler, Kolding, Denmark

Niels "Brygger" Petersen, 1910-, flute player, Kvaerndrup, Denmark

Evald Thomsen, 1913-, fiddler, Vester Åby, Denmark

Hardy Thomsen, 1951-, fiddler, guitar player, Vester Åby, Denmark

Hilbert Thomsen, 1915-, fiddler, Aalborg, Denmark

Danish American

Marie K. Portier, 1907-1982, cook, Seattle, Washington

Suzanne Broback, 1952-, singer, Seattle, Washington


Barður Jákupsson, traditional singer, ethnologist, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Anna Bertha Mohr, 1932-, wool processor, singer, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Høgni Mohr, 1927-, wool processor, singer, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Elisabeth i Koltri, wool processor, singer, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Niklas i Koltri, boat builder, singer, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands


Kauhajoki Folk Musicians -- Kauhajoki Folk MusiciansRisto Ala-Ikkelä, 1939-, accordion player, Kauhajoki, FinlandAntti Hosioja, 1949-, accordion player, Karijoki, FinlandEino Ketola, 1940-, clarinet player, Kauhajoki, FinlandRaimo Vitalis Leino, 1932-, clarinet player, Klaukkala, FinlandTopi Luoma, 1936-, accordion player, fiddler, Karijoki, FinlandUrho Johannes Myllymäki, 1917-, accordion player, fiddler, Harja, Finland

Kaustinen Wedding Musicians -- Kaustinen Wedding MusiciansKimmo Anttila, 1948-, fiddler, Kaustinen, FinlandTeuvo Anttila, 1945-, bass fiddle player, Kaustinen, FinlandRisto Hotakainen, 1945-, fiddler, Kokkola, FinlandReino Uusitalo, 1945-, reed organ player, Kaustinen, Finland

Finland-Swedish Fiddlers -- Finland-Swedish FiddlersMaja Granvik, 1913-, fiddler, Korpo, FinlandErik Jansson, 1911-, fiddler, Pargas, FinlandRobert Kevin, 1909-, fiddler, Tenhola, FinlandKarl Nyberg, 1922-, fiddler, Tenhola, FinlandLauri Kahilainen, 1916-, kantele player, Jyskä, FinlandAnn-Mari Häggman, folklorist, Helsinki, Finland

Finnish American

Lois Mattson, 1933-, cook, Esko, Minnesota

Maria Wirkkala, 1943-, weaver, Naselle, Washington


Thórdur Tómasson, horsehair braider, Skógar, Iceland

Margrét Lindal Jakobsdóttir, 1920-, spinner, knitter, Reykjavik, Iceland

Kristinn Gíslason, wool processor, Reykjavik, Iceland

Icelandic American

Ingibjorg Emma Scheving, 1900-1989, cook, Seattle, Washington


Elsa Eikås, traditional dancer, Eikås, Norway

Sigmund Eikås, hardanger fiddler, Eikås, Norway

Kjell Folkestad, traditional dancer, Naustdal i Sunnfjord, Norway

Knut Hamre, hardanger fiddler, Folkedal, Norway

Svein Skjerdal, hardanger fiddler, dancer, Sogndal, Norway

Erna Skjerdal, traditional dancer, Sogndal, Norway

Kari Vethe, traditional dancer, Bulken, Norway

Olav Vethe, traditional dancer, Bulken, Norway

Norwegian American

Ingulv Eldegard, 1912-1996, hardanger fiddler, Seattle, Washington

Edward Erickson, 1917-1983, banjo player, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Leonard Finseth, 1911-1991, fiddler, Mondovi, Wisconsin

John Gundersen, 1933-, rosemaler, chip carver, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sonya Savig, 1927-, singer, Grand View, New York

Carol Ann Sersland, 1956-, traditional dancer, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Harold K. Sersland, 1897-1992, traditional dancer, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Else Sevig, backstrap weaver, singer, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Michael Sevig, backstrap weaver, singer, Minneapolis, Minnesota

William Sherburne, 1903-1991, fiddler, Spring Grove, Minnesota

Hazel Omodt, 1913-1985, pianist, Spring Grove, Minnesota

Kristin Forster, 1946-, fiddler, Glen Cove, New York

C. Alan Johnson, 1926-, fiddler, Rollingbay, Washington

Laurie Johnson, 1952-, fiddler, Rollingbay, Washington


Magnus Bäckström, 1954-, fiddler, Falun, Sweden

Pontus Fredrik Berggren, 1935-, fiddler, Säter, Sweden

Göras Leif Erik, 1946-, fiddler, Orsa, Sweden

Kurt Grälls, 1922-, fiddler, Vikmanshyttan, Sweden

Per Gudmundsson, 1955-, fiddler, Falun, Sweden

Bo Isaksson, 1946-, fiddler, Munkfors, Sweden

Pelle Gustav Jakobsson, 1928-, fiddler, pastoral horns, Orsa, Sweden

Johan Larsson, 1902-, traditional dancer, Hedemora, Sweden

Knut Erik Moraeus, 1920-, fiddler, Orsa, Sweden

Kungs Levi Nilsson, 1944-, fiddler, Leksand, Sweden

Anders Sparf, 1915-, fiddler, Lidingö, Sweden

Björn Erik Ståbi, 1940-, fiddler, Korskrogen, Sweden

Viveka Sundstrom Ståbi, 1949-, traditional dance, Skärholmen, Sweden

Karl Magnus Ceylon Wallin, 1922-, key fiddle player, Uppsala, Sweden

Karl Gunnar Henry Wallin, fiddler, Uppsala, Sweden

Swedish American

Ann Bergstrom, fiddler, Tukwila, Washington

Paul S. Dahlin, 1954-, fiddler, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bruce D. Johnson, 1946-, fiddler, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Edwin W. Johnson, 1905-1984, fiddler, Hayward, Wisconsin

Olga E. Nilsen, 1896-1985, singer, St. Paul, Minnesota

Henry Axel Person, 1903-1993, storyteller, singer, Grapeview, Washington

Ove Gullin, dancer, folk game leader, Seattle, Washington

June Anderson Evanoff, 1930-, Dala kurbits painter, cook, Mercer Island, Washington

Kathleen Grambsch, 1946-, accordionist, St. Louis Park, Minnesota


Boys of the Lough -- Boys of the LoughAly Bain, 1946-, Shetland fiddler, Edinburgh, ScotlandCathal McConnell, 1944-, flute player, singer, Fermanagh, Northern IrelandRobin Morton, 1939-, concertina player, singer, Edinburgh, ScotlandDavid Richardson, 1948-, instrumental musicianThomas Breckons, 1928-2009, piper, Bellingham, England

Peter Elliott, 1925-2000, singer, Killingsworth, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England

Angus Grant, 1931-, Highland fiddler, Fort William, Inverness-Shire, Scotland

Headington Quarry Morris Dancers -- Headington Quarry Morris DancersPeter James Davies, 1941-, dancer, Garsington, Oxford, EnglandJohn Brian Graham, 1941-Robert William Grant, 1937-, dancer, Headington Quarry, Oxford, EnglandAnthony Morris, 1938-, dancer, Northants, EnglandFrancis Charles Parsons, 1939-, dancer, Cowley, Oxford, EnglandRoger James Phillips, 1939-, dancer, Headington, Oxford, EnglandTerence Michael PhippsMalcolm James Price, 1934-, dancer, Headington, Oxford, EnglandPeter Douglas Scudder, 1938-, dancer, Headington, Oxford, EnglandRobert Paul Turrell, 1938-, dancer

Flora MacNeil, 1928-, Gaelic singer, Whitecraigs, Glasgow, Scotland

Sheila MacGregor, 1935-, singer, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland

Walter Pardon, 1914-, singer, North Walsham, Norfolk, England

Anne Rosetta Springfield, 1911-, Pearlie Queen, London, England

The Watersons and Martin Carthy -- The Watersons and Martin CarthyLal Waterson, 1943-1998, singerMike Waterson, 1941-2011, singer, Robin Hoods Bay, Yorkshire, EnglandNorma Waterson, 1939-, singer, Robin Hoods Bay, EnglandMartin Carthy, 1941-, singer, Robin Hoods Bay, England

A. L. (Albert Lancaster) Lloyd, 1908-1982, folklorist

S. A. Matthews, folk dance specialist, London, England


United States

John Ashby, 1915-1979, fiddler

Dillard Chandler, 1907-1992, ballad singer, Rosedale, New York

Lloyd Chandler, 1896-1978, ballad singer, Marshall, North Carolina

Nell Fernandez, singer, Summer Shade, Kentucky

Ray Hicks, 1922-2003, storyteller, Banner Elk, North Carolina

Roscoe Holcomb, 1912-1981, ballad singer, banjo player, Daisy, Kentucky

Eunice Jewell, cook, Dodgeville, Wisconsin

Julia Mainer, 1919-2015, guitarist, Flint, Michigan

Wade Mainer, 1907-2011, banjo player, Flint, Michigan

Almeda Riddle, 1898-1986, ballad singer, Heber Springs, Arkansas

Jean Ritchie, 1922-2015, ballad singer, Port Washington, New York

Grant Rogers, 1907-1979, fiddler and singer, Walton, New York

Dallas Turner, ballad singer, Reno, Nevada

Ricky Walker, fiddler, Summer Shade, Kentucky

Sammie Walker, 1910-1987, banjoist, fiddler, Summer Shade, Kentucky


Alex Kerr, singer

Christine MacDonald MacInness, singer

Malcolm Angus Macleod, singer

Thomas MacDonald, singer

Mike MacDougall, fiddler, piper



Guy Nebout, 1945-, hurdy-gurdy player, Moulins, Allier, France

Henri Reichert, 1905-, harmonica, accordion player, Entraygues-sur-Truyère, Aveyron, France

Louise Reichert, 1896-, singer, dancer, Entraygues-sur-Truyère, Aveyron, France

Dominique Roux, 1960-, hurdy-gurdy player, Avermes, Allier, France

André Vermerie, 1901-, bagpiper, Entraygues-sur-Truyère, Aveyron, France

Christiane Vermerie, 1933-, dancer, Entraygues-sur-Truyère, Aveyron, France


François Laberere, 1948-, singer, Gan, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France

Roger Laberere, 1949-, singer, Gan, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France

Francis Lorry, 1944-, singer, Oloron, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France

Jean-Baptiste Soust, 1916-, France


Yves Castel, 1950-, oboe player, singer, Sceaux, Hauts-de-Seine, France

Lomig Donniou, 1903-, singer, dancer, Rostrenen, Côtes-d'Armor, France

Jean-Baptiste Hamel, 1958-, bagpiper, singer, Sceaux, Hauts-de-Seine, France

Eric Marchand, 1955-, singer, Poullaouen, Finistère

Mr. Jean, accordion player, singer

Emmanuel Kerjean, 1913-, singer, dancer, Plouray, Morbihan, France


Lucette Samazan, 1930-, dancer, Samatan, Gers, France

Lea St. Pé, 1904-, singer, accordion player, Polastron, Gers, France


Madeleine Clochard, 1939-, singer, dancer, Gençay, Vienne, France

Michel Clochard, 1934-, singer, cornet player, Gençay, Vienne, France

Pascal Guerin, 1956-, fiddler, Moncoutant, Deux-Sèvres, France

Michel Lacombe, 1941-, melodeon player, La Chapelle-Gaudin, Deux-Sèvres, France

John Wright, 1939-, folklorist, Paris, France

Catherine Perrier Wright, 1941-, folklorist, Paris, France

French American


The Balfa Brothers -- The Balfa BrothersDewey Balfa, 1927-1992, fiddler, Basile, LouisianaRodney Balfa, 1934-1979, guitarist, Mamou, LouisianaWill Balfa, 1917-1979, fiddler, Mamou, LouisianaAllie Young, 1912-2003, accordionist, Eunice, Louisiana

Alma Barthelemy, 1900-1999, ballad singer, Port Sulphur, Louisiana

Eloi Barthelemy, 1920-1993, ballad singer, Port Sulphur, Louisiana

Inez Catalan, 1913-1994, ballad singer, Kaplan, Lousiana

Lula Landry, 1906-1990, ballad singer, Abbeville, Louisiana

Carina Sue Vasseur, cook, New Orleans, Louisiana

Earl Vasseur, 1922-1983, cook, New Orleans, Louisiana

French Canadian from the United States

Noella Beaudet, 1923-2012, singer, spoon & washboard player, Slatersville, Rhode Island

Omer Beaudet, 1919-2002, singer, harmonica player, Slatersville, Rhode Island

Monique Belisle, 1923-1992, singer, storyteller, Slatersville, Rhode Island

Georgette Berthiaume, 1919-1990, cook, Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Romeo Berthiaume, 1906-1980, singer, Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Omer Marcoux, 1898-1982, fiddler, woodcarver, Concord, New Hampshire

Alain Philibert, 1951-, banjo player, Smyrna Mills, Maine

Joseph Pomerleau, 1932-1995, guitarist, Rochester, New Hampshire

Daniel St. Pierre, 1957-, guitarist, Smyrna Mills, Maine

Simon St. Pierre, 1930-, fiddler, Smyrna Mills, Maine


Stanislaw Borowiecki, 1934-, concertina, drum player, singer, Opoczno, Poland

Stanislaw Kaleta, 1931-, fiddler, Opoczno, Poland

Urszula Tomasik, 1954-, singer, dancer, Kraśnica, Poland

Jozef Wrobel, 1930-, fiddler, singer, Łysa Góra, Poland

Franciszek Klecki, 1914-, singer, trumpeter, Brzesko, Poland

Jan Ochonski, 1925-, singer, bassist, Łysa Góra, Poland

Zbigniew Brozek, singer, dancer, clarinet player, Brzesko, Poland

Grazyna Lyszczarz, singer, dancer, Łysa Góra, Poland

Zbigniew Kural, singer, dancer, Łysa Góra, Poland

Stanislaw Macheta, dancer, singer, Łysa Góra, Poland

Eugeniusz Wilczak, fiddler, singer, Bukowina Tatrzańska, Poland

Antonina Bafia, 1948-, singer, fiddler, Biały Dunajec, Poland

Adam Kuchta, 1935-, instrumentalist, Bukowina Tatrzańska, Poland

Jozef Koszarek, 1939-, instrumentalist, Bukowina Tatrzańska, Poland

Jozef Stasik, 1949-, dancer, singer, Bukowina Tatrzańska, Poland

Stanislaw Stasik, 1944-, dancer, singer, Kaniówka, Poland

Jan Kalata, 1940-, dancer, singer, Bukowina Tatrzańska, Poland

Maria Stasik, 1945-, dancer, singer, Bukowina Tatrzańska, Poland

Anna Guzy, 1959-, dancer, singer, Bukowina Tatrzańska, Poland

Feliks Chudy, 1918-, fiddler, shawm player, Skoraszewice, Poland

Szczepan Sadowski, 1906-, shawm player, Skoraszewice, Poland

Maria Majchrzak, 1919-, dancer, singer, Skoraszewice, Poland

Marcin Grunt, 1902-, dancer, singer, Stara Krobia

Karol Byrtek, 1907-, fiddler, dancer, singer, Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Edward Byrtek, 1944-, singer, shawm player, Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Władyslawa Byrtek, 1936-, dancer, singer, Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Wiktoria Stopka, 1953-, singer, concertina player, Węgierska_Górka, Poland

Wiktor Mikolajski, 1910-, tour administrator, Warsaw, Poland

Ludwik Bielawski, 1929-, folklorist, Warsaw, Poland

Polish American

The Gromada Family -- The Gromada FamilyAniela Gromada, 1908-1984, cellist, singer, Elmwood Park, New JerseyAnn Gromada, 1965-, dancer, Wyckoff, New JerseyJan Gromada, 1905-1996, fiddler, embroiderer, Elmwood Park, New JerseyJohn Gromada, 1964-, dancer, Wyckoff, New JerseyTadeusz Gromada, 1929-, second fiddler, dancer, Wyckoff, New JerseyTeresa Gromada, 1930-, dancer, singer, Wyckoff, New JerseyHenryk Kedron, 1926-, dancer, singer, metal worker, Hasbrouck Heights, New JerseyJanina Kedron, 1931-, fiddler, singer, dancer, Hasbrouck Heights, New JerseyTadeusz Koziek, 1930-1979, fiddle, bass player, singer, Garfield, New JerseyEdward Nowobielski, 1924-2006, singer, dancer, Garfield, New Jersey

Ed Potoniec's Polkateers -- Ed Potoniec's PolkateersPaul Chojnacki, 1952-, clarinet, tenor sax player, vocalist, Independence, OhioDavid Feador, 1957-, trumpet player, Cleveland, OhioEd Potoniec, 1948-, band leader, accordion player, Cleveland, OhioBrian C. Riley, 1958-1998, trumpet player, vocalist, Cleveland, OhioGary J. Smith, 1955-, bass guitar player, Cleveland, OhioJoe Zebrowski, 1955-, drummer, Cleveland, Ohio

Stephanie Batory, 1913-1994, decorative paper cuttings, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Grupo Coral da Aldeia Nova de São Bento -- Grupo Coral da Aldeia Nova de São BentoManuel de Mira Monge, 1925-, singer, São Bento, PortugalSilvestre Charraz Morais, 1945-, singer, São Bento, PortugalJosé Candeias Rosa, 1935-, singer, São Bento, PortugalManuel Carrasco Valadas, 1949-, singer, São Bento, PortugalManuel Toira Varela, 1934-, singer, São Bento, PortugalBento Charraz Calvinho, 1922-, singer, São Bento, PortugalJosé Francisco Esparteiro Serrano, 1951-, singer, São Bento, PortugalJosé Lopes Carrilho, 1919-, singer, São Bento, PortugalBento Brito Coelho, 1937-, singer, São Bento, PortugalJosé Valadas Mata-Setam, 1936-, singer, São Bento, Portugal

Grupo Folclórico Mirandes de Duas Igrejas -- Grupo Folclórico Mirandes de Duas IgrejasAntonio Maria Moorinho, 1917-, director, Duas Igrejas, PortugalJosé Pires Martins, 1912-, musician, Duas Igrejas, PortugalAlexandre Feio, 1914-, musician, Duas Igrejas, PortugalAlfredo Augusto Ventura, 1912-, musician, Duas Igrejas, PortugalDelmiro Braz Antão, 1915-, musician, Duas Igrejas, PortugalDomingos Augusto Ruano, 1955-, musician, Duas Igrejas, PortugalLuciano de São Pedro Martins, 1953-, musician, Duas Igrejas, PortugalAdão Dos Santos Moreira, 1926-, musician, Duas Igrejas, PortugalClemente de Jésus Amaro Dias, 1957-, musician, Duas Igrejas, PortugalMateus Augusto Martins Fidalgo, 1927-, musician, Duas Igrejas, PortugalArtur Raposo Alves Galego, 1956-, musician, Duas Igrejas, PortugalManuel João Alves, 1927-, musician, Duas Igrejas, PortugalManuel Baltazar Fernandes Aires, 1959-, musician, Duas Igrejas, Portugal

Maria Ernestina Costa Rodrigues, interpreter, Murtal São Pedro Do Estoril, Portugal

Portuguese American

Odete Amarelo, 1950-, food demonstrator, Fall River, Massachusetts

Manuel Azuvedo, 1917-2004, singer, dancer, Sacramento, California

Maria Alice Cordeiro, 1961-, singer, Fall River, Massachusetts

Elaine C. Oliveira, 1938-, singer, musician, Somerset, Massachusetts

Armindo I. Paira, 1963-, singer, Fall River, Massachusetts

Gilberta Pimentel, musician, Somerville, Massachusetts

Jose Pimentel, musician, Somerville, Massachusetts

Rancho Folclorico do Clube Portuguese de Hartford -- Rancho Folclorico do Clube Portuguese de HartfordMario Arede, choreographer, Newington, ConnecticutAlvaro Carreira, dancer, Newington, ConnecticutAdelia Castro, dancer, Newington, ConnecticutMaria Fatima Couceiro, 1962-, dancer, Hartford, ConnecticutMaria Noémia Couceiro, 1959-, dancer, Hartford, ConnecticutFernando Covinha, dancer, Newington, ConnecticutDaisy Frazao, dancer, Newington, ConnecticutAntonio Barreiros Frutuoso, 1926-2005, musician, Wethersfield, ConnecticutGavriel B. Frutuoso, 1923-1991, musician, Hartford, ConnecticutJulie Gaio, dancer, Newington, ConnecticutDavid Gregorio Marques, 1960-, dancer, Newington, ConnecticutPaul Mendes, dancer, Newington, ConnecticutAnabella Nunes, dancer, Newington, ConnecticutJohn Quintas Nunes, 1957-, dancer, Hartford, ConnecticutJoão S. Pena, 1922-1997, musician, Hartford, ConnecticutMaria Irene Pinho, 1960-, dancer, Hartford, ConnecticutMaria Quintas, dancer, Newington, ConnecticutChristine Marie Reis, 1960-, dancer, Hartford, ConnecticutCarlos A. Reverendo, 1960-, dancer, East Hartford, ConnecticutArthur Manuel Santos, 1958-, dancer, Hartford, ConnecticutAmandio Seguro, dancer, Newington, ConnecticutElvira Vidal, dancer, Newington, Connecticut

Nemesio Rebolo, 1919-2003, singer, Tracy, California

João Soares, singer, San Leandro, California

Agostinho Valim, 1917-2000, singer, dancer, Sacramento, California

Larry Valim, singer, dancer, Sacramento, California


Dragoslav Antonijevic, coordinator, Belgrade, Serbia

Zorica Rajkovic, assistant, Zagreb, Croatia


P. Atanasovski, bagpipe player

Olgica Apostolovka, Skopje, Macedonia

Akiv Bajramovski, 1957-, Skopje, Macedonia

Redžep Bajramovski, 1932-, Skopje, Macedonia

Ilija Blaževski, 1951-, Skopje, Macedonia

Tomaislav Blaževski, 1939-, Skopje, Macedonia

Radica Čangouska, 1957-, Skopje, Macedonia

Pajazit Dalipi, 1944-, Skopje, Macedonia

Gordana Filipouska, 1960-, Skopje, Macedonia

Mile Kolarov, 1908-, Skopje, Macedonia

Angele Trajkouski, 1944-, Skopje, Macedonia


Boško Vujačić, 1947-, Crna Gora, Montenegro


Ćamil Metiljević, 1952-, Hrasnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dominik Ramljak, 1942-, Posušje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ana Romić, 1953-, Rakitno, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Emina Zečaj, 1941-, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Aleksandar Djordjevic, 1929-, Gornji Milanova, Serbia

Milovan Matić, 1944-, Belgrade, Serbia

Drago Ognjanovic, 1934-, Gornji Milanova, Serbia

Miroslav Ognjanovic, 1945-, Gornji Milanova, Serbia

Milovan Živković, 1934-, Gornji Milanova, Serbia


Blaz Glavaš, 1920-, Pula, Croatia

Martin Glavaš, 1925-, Pula, Croatia

Milan Orlić, 1941-, Pula, Croatia

Petar Skuflić, 1940-, Pula, Croatia


Women folksingers

frula, kava, small pipe players from Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia

Serbian American

Dragica Dobrijevic, 1956-, singer, dancer, Broadview Heights, Ohio

Milan Opacich, tamburica maker, Schererville, Indiana

Rose Opacich, food demonstrator, Schererville, Indiana

Paula Svilar, 1957-, singer, dancer, Euclid, Ohio

Croatian American

Ljubica's Tamburasi -- Ljubica's TamburasiDarlene Balog, 1954-, singer, brac player, Youngstown, OhioLjubica Fillovich, 1927-, singer, bugarija player, leader, Campbell, OhioAnastacia Vesolich, 1951-, singer, prim player, Cornopolis, PennsylvaniaMark Brajak, bass player, Youngstown, Ohio

Slovenian American

Slovan Men's Quartet -- Slovan Men's QuartetMatthew Dolenc, 1926-, first bass, Richmond Heights, OhioFrank Ivancic, 1924-2009, bass, Willowick, OhioJoseph Penko, 1921-2000, tenor, Willoughby Hills, OhioRichard Sterle, 1925-2006, second tenor, Euclid, Ohio

Jack Mejac, 1912-1996, butare maker, Cleveland, Ohio

Maria Paulin, food demonstrator, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Olga M. Petek, 1938-, Slovenian costume and avba maker, Wickliffe, Ohio

Molly Thomas, food demonstrator, Arlington, Virginia

Macedonian American

Taleff Macedonian Orchestra -- Taleff Macedonian OrchestraWalter Mahovlich, 1952-, clarinet, gajda player, Cleveland, OhioChris Taleff, 1930-, accordion player, drummer, North Olmsted, OhioDavid Taleff, 1957-, drummer, North Olmsted, OhioDaniel Zegarac, 1955-, trumpet player, Cleveland, Ohio


Lonan Byrne, 1952-, piper, Dublin, Ireland

Eamonn Clarke, 1945-, harmonica player, Dublin, Ireland

Seán Christopher Corcoran, 1946-, singer, Drogheda, Ireland

Martin Patrick Crehan, 1908-, fiddler, Mullagh, Ireland

Dé Donann -- Dé DonannPatrick Francis Gavin, 1956-, fiddler, Galway, IrelandJohnnie Moynihan, 1946-, singer, instrumentalist, Dublin, IrelandJohn Joseph McDonagh, 1951-, bodhran player, Galway, IrelandAlexander James Phinn, 1966-, bozouki player, Spiddal, IrelandCharles Piggott, 1948-, banjo player, Clarinbridge, Ireland

Mary Ann Donnelly, 1958-, fiddler, Loughrea, Ireland

Denis Francis Doody, 1937-, accordion player, storyteller, Shannon, Ireland

John Christopher Lyons, 1933-, singer, Newmarket-on-Fergus, Ireland

James Patrick McDonagh, 1925-, flute player, Ballymote, Ireland

Patrick Anthony Mitchell, uilleann piper, Dublin, Ireland

Stephen Anthony Murray, 1920-, concertina player, Ennis, Ireland

Mairéad Ní Dhomnaill, 1955-, Gaelic singer, Dublin, Ireland

Mullagh Set Dancers -- Mullagh Set DancersMary Terasa Conway, 1954-, dancer, Dublin, IrelandOliver Thomas Conway, 1922-, dancer, Dublin, IrelandIta Margaret Crehan, 1947-, dancer, Mullagh, IrelandWilliam Henry Keane, 1927-, dancer, Doonbeg, Ireland

Daniel Gerard O'Connor, 1934-, fiddler, Limerick, Ireland

Michael Joseph Russell, 1915-, tin whistle player, Doolin, Ireland

Patrick Tunney, 1921-2003, singer, storyteller, Saltmill, Ireland

Ciarán MacMathúna, 1925-, group escort, Dublin, Ireland

Tom Munnelly, presenter, Dublin, Ireland

Irish American

Elizabeth Carroll, 1956-, fiddler, dancer, Chicago, Illinois

Fay B. Casey, 1902-2005, guitar, lace maker, weaver, Alexandria, Virginia

Charles Coen, 1934-, concertina, tin whistle, player, singer, Staten Island, New York

John Coen, 1925-, flute player, flute maker, Bronx, New York

Mary Cooley, 1945-, singer, Chicago, Illinois

Seamus Cooley, 1929-1997, flute player, Chicago, Illinois

Michael Flatley, 1958-, dancer, flute and tin whistle player, Palos Park, Illinois

Michael Flynn, flute player, Elmhurst, New York

Colleen Griffith, 1957-, dancer, Wethersfield, Connecticut

Joseph Heaney, 1919-1984, singer, Brooklyn, New York

Pat Height, guitar, lace maker, weaver, Alexandria, Virginia

Pat Hennelly, 1896-1978, uilleann pipe maker, Chicago, Illinois

The Irish Tradition -- The Irish TraditionBilly McComiskey, 1951-, button accordionist, Washington, D.C.Brendan Mulvihill, 1954-, fiddler, Washington, D.C.Andy O'Brien, 1947-, singer, Washington, D.C.

James Keane, Sr., 1928-, singer, Chicago, Illinois

James Keane, Jr., 1958-, musician, Chicago, Illinois

Eugene Kelly, 1909-1984, button accordionist, Lake Ronkonkoma, New York

Maureen Meehan Malcolm, 1929-, cook, Fairfax, Virginia

Sean McGlynn, 1937-1983, button accordionist, Mineola, New York

John McGreevy, 1919-1990, fiddler, Burbank, Illinois

Michael Preston, flute player, New York, New York

Michael Rafferty, 1926-2011, flute player, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey

Susan Sylvia, lace maker, weaver, Alexandria, Virginia

Mick Moloney, 1944-, presenter

Joseph Shannon, 1916-2004, uilleann piper, Chicago, Illinois



Christine Bruyneel, 1953-, fool dancer, Mater-Oudenaarde, Belgium

Henry Bruyneel, 1915-, fife player, Mater-Oudenaarde, Belgium

Stefaan Jozeph Leyman, 1906-, drummer, Mater-Oudenaarde, Belgium

Ernest Van Eynde, 1924-, flag handler, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

Greta Hermans, 1958-, plucked dulcimer player, Erps-Kwerks, Belgium

Jean Viktor Smout, 1914-, fiddler, Valtem-Beisem, Belgium

Jozef Andre Heremans, 1926-, accordion player, Winksele-Delle, Belgium

Hubert Boone, 1940-, Flemish presenter, Nederokkerzeel, Belgium


Henri Schmitz, 1904-, fiddler, Longchamps, Belgium

Ernest Schmitz, 1909-, folk singer, harmonica player, Longchamps, Belgium

Maria-Philomène Gehlen, 1908-, folk singer, Robertville, Belgium

Robert Simons, 1929-, fife player, Gerpinnes, Belgium

Alain Simons, 1962-, drummer, Gerpinnes, Belgium

René Berthulot, 1930-, drummer, Gerpinnes, Belgium

Elisabeth Melchior, 1926-, accordion player, Waimes, Belgium

Françoise Lempereur, 1949-, Walloon presenter, Liège, Belgium

Belgian American

Alfred Vandertie, 1910-1983, folk singer, Algoma, Wisconsin

Martha Bultinck, 1903-1994, lace maker, singer, Moline, Illinois

Madeline Sercu, 1908-2002, lace maker, singer, Moline, Illinois

Ann Hunter, 1960-, lace maker, Moline, Illinois

Mary Jane Porath, 1924-2001, food demonstrator, Algoma, Wisconsin

Albert Van Puyvelde, 1922-, archer, Moline, Illinois

Evelyn Van Puyvelde, 1922-, food demonstrator, Moline, Illinois

Florence Acke, 1915-2005, rolle bolle player, Moline, Illinois

John Acke, 1913-2005, rolle bolle player, Moline, Illinois

Elizabeth Verstraete, 1918-1995, rolle bolle player, East Moline, Illinois

Valerie Verstraete, 1913-1988, rolle bolle player, East Moline, Illinois

Charlene Vanlerberghe, 1927-2000, archer, Rock Island, Illinois

Teresa Vanlerberghe, 1960-, archer, Rock Island, Illinois

Charles Vanlerberghe, 1922-1996, archer, Rock Island, Illinois

Abdal'lah Ali Abdâl'lah, rababa, Faqos, Sharkiy'ya, Egypt

Aezat Muhammed Abdâl'lah, drum

Ramada El-Said Abdelgawad, tabla

Abdelhamid El'Aeon, tamboura, darag seif

Muntasar Ali Ahmed, arghoul, Faqos, Sharkiy'ya, Egypt

Al Saiyed Halal Aleih, dance and mime

Abdelsatar Higazy Muhammed Ali, nagara drum, Bunweit, Egypt

Shanady Higazy Muhammed Ali, mizmar

Mohsen Hassan Yusef Ashrey, singer, dancer, sumsumiy'ya, Port Said, Egypt

Adham Muhammed Farag, tahteeb

Sha'aban Ghal'laab, tamboura

Mutawil Mahgoub Yonsuf Hagag, arghoul

Sai-veda Muhammed Hind'dawi, riq, solo singer

Amin Abdel Kâader, singer, Alexandria, Egypt

Mufad'dal Muhammed Ahmed Khalil, mizmar

Gaad Muhammed Mahrous, 'aelba drum

Mubarak Sadiq Mersaal, kythar, singer

Ahmed Ahmed Muhammed, tahteeb

Fay'qa Abdel Azeem Mursi, solo dancer, solo singer

Rizk Ibraheem Rizk, quarter tone accordion

Masria Mubarak Sadiq, dancer

Rushdi El-Said Abdel Samy'a, salamya flute

Abdel Hamid Muhammed Suleiman, singer

Suleiman Ahmed Suleiman, drum, dancer

Athma Yusef Wanees, solo singer, drummer, zaar healer

Yusef Hassan Yusef, singer, dancer

Egyptian American

Mikhail Agaidi, singer, Euclid, Ohio

Muhammed El Akkaad, 1911-1993, qanoon player, Brooklyn, New York

Michel Attia, singer, Jersey City, New Jersey

Gorgi Ayad, dancer, drummer

Hanny Anis Bebawy, singer, Jersey City, New Jersey

Hanna Demetery, singer, Jersey City, New Jersey

Tewfik Faragallah, 1931-1984, ney player, Staten Island, New York

Khamis El Fino, 1920-1990, oud player, Jackson Heights, New York

Debra Green, Cleveland, Ohio

Mahmood Hassan, singer, dancer

Ajad G. Kallini, drummer, dancer, Cleveland, Ohio

Monir Iskandar, singer, Cleveland, Ohio

Father Mikhail, Coptic liturgy, East Cleveland, Ohio

Sameh Mitry, 1945-1999, singer, Stow, Ohio

Awad Othman, singer, dancer

Ali Patria, Jackson Heights, New York

Alice Rizk, dancer, Brooklyn, New York

Fady Rizk, drummer, Brooklyn, New York

Michael Tobia, singer, Jersey City, New Jersey


Ghulam Abbas, Karachi, Pakistan

Ali Akbar, instrumentalist, Karachi, Pakistan

Azhar Anjam, dancer, singer

Bashir Anjam, dancer, singer

Alia Baksh, singer, instrumentalist

Faiz Mohammed Baluch, d. 1980, ballad singer, instrumentalist, Karachi, Pakistan

Nawab Baluch, dancer

Bachal Fakir, ballad singer, instrumentalist

Allan Faqir, dancer, singer, instrumentalist, Dadu, Sind, Pakistan

Salma Ferrena, Karachi, Pakistan

Faqir Abdul Ghafoor, dancer, singer, instrumentalist, Hyderabad, Sind, Pakistan

Samar Gul, dancer, singer, Peshawar, Pakistan

Rehana Hakim, Karachi, Pakistan

Tufail Hussain, instrumentalist (dhol)

Mohammad Ibrahim, dancer, singer, Karachi, Pakistan

Mazhar ul Islam, technician, Islamabad, Pakistan

Ghulam Haidar Kambrani, dancer, singer, instrumentalist, Hyderabad, Sind, Pakistan

Khameesu Khan, instrumentalist (alghoza), Hyderabad, Sind, Pakistan

Mansha Khan, instrumentalist (dholak)

Zahir Khan, ballad singer, instrumentalist (rabab, thambal), Peshawar, Pakistan

Mohammad Mansha, instrumentalist (dhol), Hafizabad, Pakistan

Mumtaz Mirza, Karachi, Pakistan

Faiz Mohammad, Islamabad, Pakistan

Fateh Mohammad, instrumentalist, singer, Karachi, Pakistan

Ghulam Mohammed, instrumentalist (tota), Hafizabad, Pakistan

Sain Mushtag, ballad singer, instrumentalist (king, chimta), Sheikhupura District, Punjab, Pakistan

Mohammad Nazir, purkush player, singer, Karachi, Pakistan

Mohammad Tufail Niazi, singer, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Roshan Ara Parveen, Lahore, Pakistan

Parveen Qasim, Karachi, Pakistan

Amir Sardar, dancer, Peshawar, Pakistan

Muneer Sarhadi, instrumentalist (sarinda), Peshawar, Pakistan

Mitha Khan Zardari, dancer, singer, instrumentalist, Nawab Shah, Sind, Pakistan

Pakistani American

Shahnawaz Alam, 1950-, flautist, singer, Detroit, Michigan

Nasrin R. Alimohamed, 1952-, singer, dancer, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ghaias Beg, 1946-, singer, dancer, Chicago, Illinois

Mansoor Ahmad Butt, 1951-, singer, dancer, Detroit, Michigan

Javed Bashir Choudhary, 1949-, dancer, singer, Highland Park, Michigan

Edith Edwin Mall, 1947-, singer, dancer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ernest Edwin Mall, 1950-, singer, musician, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kanwal Errol Edwin Mall, 1944-, singer, musician, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Chaudhry M. Hans, singer, dancer, Hamtramack, Michigan

Asraf Shah Hashmi, 1950-, singer, Pasadena, California

Umar Hayat, 1950-, singer, dancer, Chicago, Illinois

Nauman Javaid Ismail, 1953-, singer, dancer, Alexandria, Virginia

Hameed S. Khan, 1951-, dancer, Chicago, Illinois

Masood Parvez Malik, 1955-, singer, dancer, Hawthorne, California

Sultan A. Meghani, 1954-, singer, percussionist, Chicago, Illinois

Tajmoon Merchant, Glendale Heights, Illinois

Sajjad Aslam Mirza, 1947-, dancer, Gardena, California

Sara Naqvi, food demonstrator, Alexandria, Virginia

Narjis Irshad Shah, 1943-, dancer, singer, Cerritos, California


Langenschiltach Blaskapelle -- Langenschiltach BlaskapelleKarl Friedrich Zuckschwerdt, 1956-, dancer, St. Georgen-Langenschiltach, GermanyHugo Emil Jäckle, 1933-, dancer, St. Georgen-Langenschiltach, GermanyDorothea Ruth Weisser, 1947-, dancer, St. Georgen-Langenschiltach, GermanyAnneliese Fleig, 1954-, dancer, St. Georgen-Langenschiltach, GermanyGottlieb Fleig, dancer, St. Georgen-Langenschiltach, GermanyHelmut Heinz Heinzmann, 1957-, dancer, St. Georgen-Langenschiltach, GermanyCornelia Kerstin Sodl, 1958-, dancer, St. Georgen-Langenschiltach, GermanyMonika Maria Stockburger, 1958-, dancer, St. Georgen-Langenschiltach, GermanyWillie Fleig, 1949-, musician, St. Georgen-Langenschiltach, GermanyHelmut Christian Hildbrand, 1935-, musician, St. Georgen-Langenschiltach, GermanyWilli Müller, 1926-, musician, St. Georgen-Langenschiltach, GermanyWerner Erwin Schneider, 1935-, musician, Tennenbronn, GermanyGerd Wilhelm Weisser, 1943-, clarinet player, St. Georgen-Langenschiltach, GermanySiegfried Weisser, 1937-, trumpet player, St. Georgen-Langenschiltach, Germany

Oberpfalzer Klarinetten -- Oberpfalzer KlarinettenGeorg Sperber, 1948-, accordion player, Röckenricht, GermanyHans Loos, 1956-, bass player, Neukirchen, GermanyFritz Leugner, 1955-, clarinet player, Sulzbach-Rosenberg, GermanyGeorg Leugner, 1959-, clarinet player, Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany

Scheeseler Beekschepers -- Scheeseler BeekschepersWilhelm Leuenroth, 1906-, clarinet player, Wittkopsbostel, GermanyBernd Meyer, accordion player, Visselhoevede, GermanySiegfried Johann Karl Lott, 1933-, friction drum, flute, jaws harp player, Rohr, GermanyHans Johannes Almering, 1941-, clarinet player, Ahaus-Wüllen, GermanyUrsula Christina Wassing Almering, 1942-, accordion player, Ahaus-Wüllen, GermanyUrsula Blomeier, 1920-, street organ player, Berlin, GermanyKonrad Koestlin, 1940-, folklorist and presenter, Hoffeld über Bordesholm, Germany

German American

Albert Fahlbusch, 1925-2005, hackbrett player and maker, Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Mary Fahlbusch, 1932-2013, food demonstrator, Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Roger Fahlbusch, 1958-, hackbrett player and maker, Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Ray Stahla German-Russian Band -- Ray Stahla German-Russian BandRay Stahla, 1929-, accordion player, Grand Island, NebraskaPhil Stahla, 1949-, trombone player, Gillette, WyomingRandy Stahla, 1952-, drummer, Greeley, ColoradoJohn Klein, 1919-1982, hackbrett player, Lincoln, Nebraska

Dorf Musikanten -- Dorf MusikantenJohn Braun, 1938-, accordion player, Mequon, WisconsinRoland A. Braun, 1923-2004, clarinet and zither player, Milwaukee, WisconsinEarl Hilgendorf, 1934-, trumpet and fluegel horn player, Mequon, WisconsinHarold Pipkorn, 1927-, baritone player, Mequon, WisconsinJacob Skocir, 1913-2008, guitar and mandolin player, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Die Tiefen Keller-Kinder -- Die Tiefen Keller-KinderLarry Bobe, 1955-, trombone player, Amana, IowaJeff Ehrmann, 1956-, cornet player, Amana, IowaPatrick H. Kellenberger, 1951-, tuba player, South Amana, IowaDennis Kraus, 1955-, cornet player, Middle Amana, IowaMark H. Rettig, 1951-, baritone player, Middle Amana, IowaCarol Schuerer, 1958-, clarinet player, Amana, IowaPaul R. Staman, 1958-, cornet player, Amana, IowaAlan J. Trumpold, 1953-, tuba player, South Amana, IowaGuy H. Wendler, baritone and cornet player, Amana, IowaBrad Zuber, 1956-, manager, Amana, IowaRobert Zuber, 1957-, trombone player, Homestead, Iowa

Spanish American


Manuel "Agujetas" De Los Santos, flamenco singer, New York, New York

Tibulina De Los Santos, flamenco dancer, New York, New York


Sixto Alonso, singer, Kearney, New Jersey


Elisa Vidasolo, dancer, Brooklyn, New York

Luis Vidasolo, dancer, Brooklyn, New York

Maria Luisa Vidasolo, cook, Brooklyn, New York

Alys Viña, 1914-1993, tambourine player, Cranford, New Jersey

Angelo Viña, 1914-2003, drummer and fife player, Cranford, New Jersey


Domingo Casais, bombo player, Bayonne, New Jersey

Francisco Castineira, dancer, Kearny, New Jersey

Manuel Galan, bagpiper, Seaford, New York

Manolo Garcia, dancer, North Tarrytown, New York

Fina Meizoso, dancer, Woodside, New York

Kim Munoz, dancer, Queens, New York

Manuel Pena, tambor player, Corona, New York

Carlos Rodriguez, bagpiper, Elizabeth, New Jersey

Old Spanish

Cleofes Vigil, 1917-1992, singer, San Cristobal, New Mexico

Puerto Rican

Cuarteto Isabelino, instrumental ensemble -- Cuarteto Isabelino, instrumental ensembleWilfredo Cordero, Isabela, Puerto RicoJoaquin Rivera, 1910-1995, Isabela, Puerto RicoMatildo Rosado Santiago, Isabela, Puerto RicoDomingo Ruiz, Isabela, Puerto Rico


Los Caporales -- Los CaporalesRicardo Gutierrez Villa, violin, Apatzingán, Michoacán, MexicoRubén Cuevas Maldonado, harp, Apatzingán, Michoacán, MexicoCarlos Cervantes Mora, guitarra de golpe, Michoacán, MexicoOvaldo Ríos Yañez, five string guitar, Tomatlán, Michoacán, MexicoJesús Espinoza Mendoza, violin, Apatzingán, Michoacán, Mexico

Pokar de Ases -- Pokar de AsesMartín Ruíz Luciano, small drum, San Juan, Guerrero, MexicoZacarías Salmerón Daza, violin, Tlapehuala, Guerrero, MexicoJuan Taviera Simón, violin, Ajuchitlán, Guerrero, MexicoSalomón Echeverría de la Paz, bass guitar, Tlapehuala, Guerrero, MexicoNicolas G. Salmerón, guitar and lead singer, Tlapehuala, Guerrero, Mexico

Grupo de Musica Azteca – Puebla -- Grupo de Musica Azteca – PueblaJulio Ocelo Abrajan, huehuetl playerFrancisco García, redoblante, Tlacopac, San Angel, MexicoCrescenciano Chantes Misnáhuatl, chirimia, Tlacopac, San Angel, Mexico

Los Gavilanes -- Los GavilanesAlberto Hernández Carmona, Veracruz, MexicoFortino Hoz Chávez, jarana, Boca del Rio, Veracruz, New MexicoRamon Hoz Chávez, arpa, Boca del Rio, Veracruz, MexicoEvaristo Silva Reyes, pandero, Tlacotlalpan, Veracruz, MexicoJosé Aguirre Vera, requinto, Tlacotlalpan, Veracruz, Mexico

Trio Huasteco -- Trio HuastecoRaúl Vázquez Díaz, dancer, Pánuco, Veracruz, MexicoLeonard Reyes Domínguez, jarana, Pánuco, Veracruz, MexicoAureliano Orta Juárez, violin, Pánuco, Veracruz, MexicoFrancisca Orta Juárez, dancer, Pánuco, Veracruz, MexicoMatio González Ramos, guitarra quinta, singer, Pánuco, Veracruz, Mexico

Salvador Ortega, field researcher and presenter

Mexican American

Banda Sinaloense -- Banda SinaloenseJuventino Cruz, bass drum, Los Angeles, CaliforniaFrancisco Garcia, trombone, Los Angeles, CaliforniaPascual Garxiola, trombone, Los Angeles, CaliforniaAntonio Ibarra, snare drum, Los Angeles, CaliforniaManuel Luna, clarinet, Los Angeles, CaliforniaMiguel Nuñez, clarinet, tuba, Los Angeles, California

Isabella Ortega, 1926-2000, food demonstrator, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Ben Ortega, 1923-1998, wood carver, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Luis Eligio Tapia, 1950-, wood carver, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Conjunto Jarocho -- Conjunto JarochoRoberto Murillo, 1941-2001, Vera Cruz harp player, La Mirada, CaliforniaHarry González, 1932-, guitar and requinto jarocho player, Walnut Creek, CaliforniaSteve Luévano, 1939-, jarana jarocho player, Los Angeles, CaliforniaCarlos Gonzalez, 1936-, jarana jarocho player

José Mariano Ortega, 1921-, corrido singer, guitar player, Los Angeles, California

María Elena Villarreal, corrido singer, guitar player, Los Angeles, California


Tsugaru Min'yo -- Tsugaru Min'yoGoro Abo, 1923-, singer, dancer, musician (flute, shakuhachi, shamisen, taiko), Hirosaki, Aomori, JapanMizuguchi Kachie, 1927-, singer, dancer, taiko player, Hirosaki, Aomori, JapanTakashi Satomi, shakuhachi player, Hirosaki, Aomori, JapanKimio Sugawara, 1951-, shamisen player, singer, Tokyo, JapanSato Suma, 1930-, singer, taiko player, Aomori, Japan

Kuruma Ningyo -- Kuruma NingyoNorio Hioki, 1933-, puppet theater narrator, Tokyo, JapanBunnosuke Kaneko, 1912-, shamisen player, Tokyo, JapanTokiyo Senuma, 1922-, puppeteer, Tokyo, JapanToru Senuma, 1947-, puppeteer, Tokyo, JapanShiro Tanzawa, 1931-, puppeteer, dancer, taiko player, Tokyo, JapanSenuma Yasushi, puppeteer, Tokyo, Japan

Otsugunai Yamabushi Kagura -- Otsugunai Yamabushi KaguraTeiji Fujiwara, 1922-, dancer, Ohasama, Iwate, JapanHitoshi Ito, 1946-, dancer, Ohasama, Iwate, JapanMasayoshi Kobayashi, 1946-, taiko player, Tenri, Nara, JapanHideo Sasaki, 1943-, dancer, cymbals player, Ohasama, Iwate, JapanKaneshige Sasaki, 1914-, dancer, taiko player, Ohasama, Iwate, JapanKazuo Sasaki, 1933-, dancer, Ohasama, Iwate, JapanTakashi Sasaki, 1931-, dancer, Ohasama, Iwate, JapanYutaka Sasaki, 1942-, dancer, flautist, Ohasama, Iwate, JapanShinji Yamada, 1959-, flautist, Minami Izu, Shizuoka, JapanKiyoshi Yamamoto, recitation, cymbals, mask maker, Ohasama, Iwate, JapanShin'ichiro Yoshida, 1954-, dancer, cymbals player, Ohasama, Iwate, Japan

Hideyuki Kojima, travel aide, tour director

Kozo Yamaji, 1939-, folklorist

Japanese American

Rev. Shingetsu Akahoshi, 1906-2007, calligrapher, Elmer, New Jersey

Itsuko Asada, 1928-, traditional food preparation, Seabrook, New Jersey

Kimiko Fukuda, dance workshop, San Diego, California

Fusaye Kazaoka, 1930-2006, kusudama maker (ornamental balls made with aromatic barks), Bridgeton, New Jersey

Chiyoe Kubota, 1915-, traditional food preparation, Ogden, Utah

Katsuko Lee, ikebana, Alexandria, Virginia

Asako Marumoto, 1911-2006, traditional food preparation, Layton, Utah

Sunako Oye, 1923-, dance workshop, Vineland, New Jersey

Kyokuho Otsubo, 1911-2006, lutenist (biwa), singer, Los Angeles, California

Toku Sugiyama, ikebana, Towson, Maryland

Kuwako Takahashi, 1916-2008, bonseki (sand painting), Berkeley, California

Karen Takata, 1955-, origami demonstrator, Bridgeton, New Jersey

Suzie Takata, 1924-2004, kimono dressing, Bridgeton, New Jersey

Harumi Taniguchi, 1902-2001, food demonstrator, Seabrook, New Jersey

Hisano Tazumi, 1898-1999, kimono making, Seabrook, New Jersey

Kiyoko Uyeda, ikebana, Annandale, Virginia

Kazuo Yano, 1900-1999, singer (traditional shigin), Los Angeles, California


Island of Skyros

Anna Ftoulis, 1924-, singer, dancer, Skyros, Greece

Constantin Ftoulis, 1938-, Skyros, Greece

George Ftoulis, 1923-, singer, dancer, Skyros, Greece

John Ftoulis, 1927-, singer, dancer, Skyros, Greece

Mantzouranis Ftoulis, Skyros, Greece

Achilles Katsarelias, 1942-, singer, Skyros, Greece

Aliki Lambrou, 1935-, singer, dancer, Athens, Greece

Alexandros Louloudas, Skyros, Greece

Dimitrios Mavrikos, 1941-, Skyros, Greece

Frangiskos Tziotakis, Skyros, Greece

Island of Amorgas

Dimitra Gavalas, 1933-, singer, dancer, Athens, Greece

Efstathios Gavalas, singer, dancer, Athens, Greece

Theofanis Roussos, 1935-, singer, dancer, Athens, Greece

George Stephanides, 1899-, laouto player, Amorgos, Greece

Marousa Synodinos, 1934-, singer, dancer, Athens, Greece

Nikitas Synodinos, 1931-, violin player, Athens, Greece

Roumeli and Macedonia

Nikolaos Adamopoulos, 1906-, clarinet player, Argos Orestiko, Orestida, Greece

Alexandros Economopoulos, 1913-, violin player, Megara, Attica, Greece

Christos Halkias, 1917-, clarinet, violin player, Athens, Greece

Elias Haralambos, 1922-, laouto player, Athens, Greece

Nicolaos Sterghiou, 1928-, floghera player, singer, Athens, Greece

Stefanos Imellos, 1933-, folklorist, Athens, Greece

Spyros Peristeris, 1913-, musicologist, Athens, Greece

Sophia Kallipolitis, 1943-, interpreter, Athens, Greece

Greek American

Elli Andonyadis, cook, Washington, D.C.

Aris Diakovassilis, dancer, singer, Astoria, New York

George Eliakis, dancer, laouto player, Cleveland, Ohio

Irene Eliakis, dancer, Cleveland, Ohio

Eleftheria Frantzeskakis, dancer, singer, Astoria, New York

Jim Hatzis, laouto player, Chicago, Illinois

Costas Maris, lyra, violin player, Jamaica, New York

Elias Maris, 1912-1993, lyra player, lyra maker, Jamaica, New York

Bill Mavrakis, dancer, Cleveland, Ohio

Bill John Mavrakis, dancer

Dona Mavrakis, dancer, South Euclid, Ohio

Georgia Mavrakis, dancer, South Euclid, Ohio

Stella Mavrakis, dancer, South Euclid, Ohio

Vassilios Mavrakis, dancer, South Euclid, Ohio

Dimitrios Pantopoulos, singer, Astoria, New York

Emmanuel Papadopoulos, 1928-1991, singer, lyra player, Astoria, New York

John Pappas, dancer, singer, instrumentalist, Stockton, California

Nick Ramakis, cook, Washington, D.C.

Ioannis Roussos, singer, instrumentalist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Frank G. Savakis, lyra player, Chicago, Illinois

Nikos Sophos, laouto, violin player, Jamaica, New York

Emmanuel G. Varouhas, dancer, Rocky River, Ohio


Altausseer Seitlpfeifer -- Altausseer SeitlpfeiferJohann Stöck, 1912-, transverse flute playerThomas Simentschitsch, 1956-, transverse flute playerKurt Simentschitsch, 1958-, cylindrical drum & transverse flute playerAlois Blamberger, 1912-1989, violin, jaws harp, & transverse flute player

Lungauer Birkenblattbläser -- Lungauer BirkenblattbläserEngelbert Kocher, 1911-, birchback whistlerGerfield Weilharter, 1958-, birchbark whistler, singer and hollerer

Thaurer Fastnachtler -- Thaurer FastnachtlerKonrad Giner, 1949-, dancerAlois Hofmann, 1944-, dancerMaximilian Nagl, 1944-, dancerFranz Felderer, 1948-, dancerKarl Feichtner, 1947-, dancerRomed Giner, 1954-, dancerOtto Fehr, 1956-, dancerHerbert Schaur, 1955-, dancerFranz Schaur, 1944-, dancerFranz Posch, 1953-, accordion player

Pamhagen Frauen -- Pamhagen FrauenKatharina Lörincz, 1922-, singerRosa Koppi, 1922-, singerKatharina Lüttmannsberger, singer

Schneebergbuam -- SchneebergbuamFriedl PfefferKurt LesarWalter Sacchet

Dr. Christian Feest, fieldworker and presenter

Sebastian Ulrich Pfaundler, 1957-, presenter

Austrian American

The Tyrolers -- The TyrolersEmery Wechselberger, 1933-, zither player, yodeler, Leavenworth, WashingtonEric Wechselberger, 1961-, trumpet player, Leavenworth, WashingtonRoy Wechselberger, 1963-, trumpet and bells player, schuhplatt dancer, Leavenworth, WashingtonFranz Schauer, drummer, Seattle, Washington

The Alpiners -- The AlpinersDick Theml, 1922-2003, violin player, singer, Glenview, IllinoisJohn Weber, 1945-, tuba player, Chicago, IllinoisMiles G. Soumar, 1933-2013, clarinet player, Chicago, IllinoisEdward C. Richter, 1917-1998, accordion player, Chicago, IllinoisRichard A. Jenson, 1942-, trumpet player, Palatine, IllinoisJerome C. Olson, 1934-1991, drummer, Chicago, IllinoisHeidi Siewert, 1938-, singer, yodeler, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Sara Schwarz, 1912-1992, embroiderer, Chicago, Illinois

Rosegger Steirer Group -- Rosegger Steirer GroupBeryl Rossner, 1925-2010, folk dancer, Highland, IndianaCarl Rossner, 1921-1993, folk dancer, Highland, IndianaBarbara Rossner, 1958-, folk dancer, Highland, IndianaMichael Rossner, 1955-, folk dancer, Highland, IndianaBetty Wagner, 1930-, folk dancer, Chicago, IllinoisEdward Wagner, 1958-, folk dancer, Chicago, IllinoisAdolph Wagner, 1924-1982, accordion player, Chicago, IllinoisSharon Schuch, folk dancerMary Schuch, 1928-, folk dancer, Oak Lawn, IllinoisRoberta Schuch, 1961-, folk dancer, Oak Lawn, IllinoisAnthony Schuch, 1928-, folk dancer, Oak Lawn, IllinoisEllen Guenther, 1962-, folk dancer, Oak Lawn, IllinoisHedwig Guenther, folk dancer, Oak Lawn, IllinoisPaul Coglianese, 1957-, folk dancer, Oak Lawn, IllinoisFred Semmler, 1939-, folk dancer, Chicago, Illinois


The Chetana Indian Women's Organization, traditional food preparation

Dancers & singers from Manipur

Dancers & singers from Rajasthan and Gujarat

Dancers & singers from the Punjab and Haryana

Mrs. Battobai, folk doll maker

Surya Dev, madhubani painter

Bindeshwari Devi, sikki grass work

Sita Devi, madhubani painter

Mohan Mehar, ikat weaving from Orissa

Shantantra Prakash, craft program coordinator, New Delhi, India

Raghunath Singha, loin loom weaving of Manipur

Indian American

Arun Agrawal, 1945-, singer, dancer, musician, Fall River, Massachusetts

Paul Anderson, 1935-, singer, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Gulbarg Singh Basi, 1941-, singer, Cleveland, Ohio

Guriqbal Singh Basi, 1956-, dancer, Bedford Heights, Ohio

Rupinder Gulbarg Basi, 1947-, dancer, Cleveland, Ohio

Ashok G. Bhatt, 1941-, singer, dancer, Springfield, Illinois

Bharti Desai, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Hansa Desai, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Ila Desai, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Jahanui Desai, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Nita Desai, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Pankaj Desai, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Purnima Desai, dancer

Smita Desai, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Utpala Desai, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Gurdev Singh Dhanda, 1937-, dancer, Newark, California

Jaidev Singh Dhanda, singer, dancer

Vasant Joshi, 1941-, singer, drummer, El Cerrito, California

Tilu Lakhani, dancer, Queens, New York

Mrudula Mehta, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Narender Pandit, 1948-, dancer, New York, New York

Harsha Pandya, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Nayan Pandya, 1948-, singer, dancer, Gettysburg, Maryland

Paresh Pandya, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Bhanu Patel, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Kanti Patel, 1951-, singer, dancer, Oakland, California

Maya Patel, 1946-, singer, dancer, Berkeley, California

Nina Patel, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Rohit Patel, 1940-, dancer, Deerfield, Maryland

Satal Patel, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Suman Patel, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Viru Patel, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Uma Rana, 1935-, dancer, Flushing, New York

Kalpana Mazumder Row, 1943-, singer, Boston, Massachusetts

Rita Sahai, 1953-, singer, Berkeley, California

Iqbal Singh Sandhu, 1957-, dancer, Columbus, Ohio

Uma Shankar, 1954-, singer, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Anju Shah, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Dilip Shah, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Pinkey Shah, 1945-, dancer, College Park, Maryland

Kamlini Vaidya, dancer, Lanham, Maryland

Yashodhara Vyas, dancer


Mrs. Ferenc Bajzáth, 1927-, singer, Fedémes, Hungary

Ödŏn Fehér, 1935-, musician, Jánoshida, Hungary

László Gyalog, 1955-, singer, musician, Gyoma, Hungary

Ferenc Harnyos, 1940-, musician, Jászberény, Hungary

György Hidas, 1939-, dancer, musician, Pilisvörösvár, Hungary

Borbála Horváth, 1952-, dancer, Budapest, Hungary

Zsigmond Karsai, 1920-, dancer, singer, Pécel, Hungary

Mrs. Zsigmond Karsai, 1920-, dancer, singer, Pécel, Hungary

Mrs. Gabor Koltai, 1953-, dancer, Budapest, Hungary

Gusztáv Kovács, 1937-, dancer, singer, Nagyecsed, Hungary

Mrs. Gusztav Kovacs, 1939-, dancer, Nagyecsed, Hungary

Katalin Lázár, dancer, singer, Budapest, Hungary

István Litkey, 1943-, dancer, musician, Budapest, Hungary

Mrs. Tivadar Kali Molnar, singer, Fedémes, Hungary

Lajos Murgaly, 1949-, dancer, singer, Nagyecsed, Hungary

Mrs. Laszlo Nagy, 1948-, craftsperson, dancer, singer, Kalocsa, Hungary

Mrs. Lajos Szabó, dancer, singer, Nagyecosed, Hungary

Miklós Szalóczy, 1949-, musician, Jászberény, Hungary

Lajos Tóth, 1948-, dancer, Szekszánd, Hungary

Mrs. Imre Vanko, 1919-, painter, singer, Galgamácsa, Hungary

Ferenc Varga, 1919-, dancer, singer, Szany, Hungary

László Vásárhelyi, group leader, Budapest

Ferenc Vén, dancer, singer, Drákszél, Hungary

László Vŏlgyi, 1952-, musician

Hungarian American

Anna Kovach Arceneaux, 1936-2002, dancer, Albany, Louisiana

Ildiko Berger, ceramicist, Silver Spring, Maryland

Mickey Duczer, 1938-, dancer, Albany, Louisiana

Arabella Fendlason, 1911-1985, saxophone player, Hammond, Louisiana

John A. Huszar, 1936-1993, dancer, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

John Kapsco, saxophone player, Hammond, Louisiana

Betty Kovach, 1938-, dancer, Albany, Louisiana

Géza Kovach, 1912-1977, dancer, Albany, Louisiana

Jimmie Kovach, 1933-, dancer, Albany, Louisiana

Judith Magyar, dancer, Bogota, New Jersey

Kalman Magyar, Sr., 1945-, zither player, zither maker, Teaneck, New Jersey

Kalman Magyar, Jr., dancer, Bogota, New Jersey

Suzan Nyeki Martin, 1948-, dancer, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Helen Nyeki, 1926-, dancer, folk singer, Hammond, Louisiana

Andy Olah, 1913-1997, pianist, Hammond, Louisiana

Bobby Olah, drummer, Albany, Louisiana

Frank Olah, 1931-2008, dancer, Albany, Louisiana

Mary Resetar, 1909-2001, food demonstrator, Hammond, Louisiana

Steve Resetar, 1907-1981, violinist, Hammond, Louisiana

Edith Sayko, embroiderer, ceramicist, Greenbelt, Maryland

Prisca Weems, food demonstrator, Washington, D.C.


Rigihundsbuchmusik -- RigihundsbuchmusikJosef Odermatt, 1950-, spoons and broomstick player, Vitznau, Lucerne, SwitzerlandJustus Waldis, 1933-, leaf player, Vitznau, Luzern, SwitzerlandDavid Camenzino, 1941-, mouth organ and rhythm instruments player, Gersau, Schwyz, SwitzerlandJohann Camenzino, 1945-, mouth organ and jaws harp player, Vitznau, Lucerne, SwitzerlandKaspar Küttel, 1913-, mouth organ and jaws harp player, Vitznau, Lucerne, SwitzerlandUrs Müller, 1949-, clappers player, Gersau, Schwyz, SwitzerlandPaul Ulrich, mouth organ and jaws harp player, Bisisthal, Schqyz, Switzerland

Albin Lehmann, 1924-, plucked zither player, Mollis, Glarus, Switzerland

Maria Margrith Ulrich, 1929-, zither player, Bisisthal, Schwyz, Switzerland

Paul Walder, 1956-, alphorn player and maker, Bubikon, Zürich, Switzerland

Käthi Gyger, 1937-, yodeler, Kaufdorf, Bern, Switzerland

Ernst Gyger, 1935-, yodeler, Kaufdorf, Bern, Switzerland

Bandela Tremonese -- Bandela TremoneseGiorgio Ferrari, 1956-, trombone and bass player, Stabio, SwitzerlandGianni Aspesi, tuba player, Meride, Ticino, SwitzerlandMario Robbiani, 1941-, trombone player, San Pietro di Stabio, SwitzerlandBruno Maspoli, 1943-, clarinet player, San Pietro di Stabio, SwitzerlandAldo Onusti, 1932-, trumpet player, Mendrisio, SwitzerlandCinzio Baracchi, 1927-, cornet player, Tremona, Switzerland

Serge Broillet, 1955-, accordion player, Le Locle, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Gilbert Schwab, 1926-, accordion player, Le Locle, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Appenzeller Streichmusik -- Appenzeller StreichmusikErnst Baenziger, 1940-, musician, Herisau, Appenzell, SwitzerlandHansueli Adler, musician, Urnäsch, SwitzerlandJohann Josef Dobler, 1954-, musician, Weissbad, SwitzerlandJakob Düsel, 1942-, musician, Letz Tell, Urnäsch, SwitzerlandAlbert Düsel, 1941-, musician, Herisau, Switzerland

Brigitte Geiser, 1941-, field researcher and presenter, Bern, Switzerland

Swiss American

Kapelle Werner Blaser -- Kapelle Werner BlaserWerner Blaser, 1926-, clarinet and saxophone player, Chehalis, WashingtonJoe Blaser, 1956-, clarinet and saxophone player, Chehalis, WashingtonDon Blaser, 1961-, accordion player, Chehalis, WashingtonMary Ann Ackerman, piano player, Orting, WashingtonJoe Burgi, 1906-1990, bass and accordion player, Tacoma, WashingtonRandy Grab, 1953-, bass player, Tacoma, Washington

Young Swiss Musicians -- Young Swiss MusiciansHelen Rast, 1961-, accordion player, San Jose, CaliforniaFrank Rast, 1959-, trumpet and alphorn player, San Jose, CaliforniaFred Rast, 1958-, clarinet, saxophone and alphorn player, San Jose, CaliforniaChristine Anderson, 1961-, bass player, Newark, CaliforniaKaren Anderson, 1959-, clarinet and alto saxophone player, Newark, CaliforniaSonja Ruckli, 1958-, piano player and singer, Newark, CaliforniaMichael Imhof, 1959-, accordion player, Fremont, California

Aelplergruppe -- AelplergruppeSergio Sartori, 1927-1978, accordion player and singer, San Francisco, CaliforniaDennis Sartori, 1954-, accordion player and singer, San Francisco, CaliforniaConrad Grass, 1954-, wrestler, San Bruno, CaliforniaRobert Wipfli, 1953-, wrestler, Fremont, California

Kaspar Hunkeler, flag thrower, Chevy Chase, Maryland

Robbi Hunkeler, flag thrower and alphorn player, Chevy Chase, Maryland



Francesco Crudo, 1933-, piffero (oboe) player, Rombiolo, Italy

Michele Monteleone, 1918-, zampogna player (bagpiper), Rombiolo, Italy


Squadra Nuova Pontedecima, polyphonic chorus

Alessandro Anzini, 1940-, escort, Rome, Italy

Italian American


Antonio Davida, singer, drum player


Anunziata Chimento, 1917-2006, singer, masker in Carnevale

Anunziato Chimento, singer, dancer, castanets player, "Doctor" in Carnevale

Franco Cofone, singer, dancer, quadrille caller, "Pulcinella" and master of ceremonies in Carnevale

Giuseppe DeFranco, 1933-, musician, singer, dancer

Raffaela DeFranco, 1935-, singer, dancer

Antonio DiGiacomo, tambourine player, singer, dancer

Carmine Ferraro, singer, dancer, masker in Carnevale

Francesco Feraco, singer, dancer, tambourine player

Angelo Gabriele, 1921-2006, singer, tambourine player, dancer, masker in Carnevale

Angelo Gencarelli, 1920-2004, singer, dancer, "La Quaresima" (Lent) in Carnevale

Federico Gencarelli, singer, tambourine player

Giuglio Gencarelli, singer, "Carnevale" in Carnevale

Maria Melito, dancer, masker in Carnevale


Vincenzo Deluca, 1933-1983, bagpiper


Vincent Ancona, 1915-2000, chanty singer

Nino Curatolo, 1928-1980, singer of chanties, carittiere and fish vendors' songs, jaws harp player

Gaetano D'Angelo, 1906-1996, chanty singer

Giovanni Pellitteri, friscalettu (cane flute) player
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