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Every Tone a Testimony

Catalotti, Robert (liner notes)  Search this
Hughes, Langston, 1902-1967  Search this
Dodson, Annie Grace Horn, 1904-1975  Search this
Brown, Enoch  Search this
Skipper, Doretha, 1926-  Search this
McIver, Lawrence  Search this
Amerson, Rich  Search this
Hunter, Janie  Search this
Tucker, Joech  Search this
Dunbar, Scott  Search this
Bontemps, Arna Wendell, 1902-1973  Search this
Terry, Lucy  Search this
Washington, Dorothy  Search this
Wheatley, Phillis, 1753-1784  Search this
Tubman, Harriet, 1820?-1913  Search this
Dee, Ruby  Search this
Truth, Sojourner, d. 1883  Search this
Douglass, Frederick, 1817?-1895  Search this
Davis, Ossie, 1917-2005  Search this
West, Kinsey  Search this
Remond, Sarah Parker, 1826-1887?  Search this
Reed, Dock  Search this
Hall, Vera, 1906-1964  Search this
Walker, Margaret, 1915-1998  Search this
Work, John W. (John Wesley), 1901-1967  Search this
Ferguson, Mary  Search this
Washington, Booker T., 1856-1915  Search this
McGhee, Brownie, 1915-1996  Search this
Terry, Sonny  Search this
Johnson, Fenton  Search this
Cotten, Elizabeth  Search this
Randolph, Percy  Search this
Wells-Barnett, Ida B., 1862-1931  Search this
Asch, Moses  Search this
DuBois, W.E.B. (William Edward Burghardt), 1868-1963  Search this
Johnson, James Weldon, 1871-1938  Search this
Leadbelly, 1885-1949  Search this
Cullen, Countee, 1903-1946  Search this
Johnson, James P. (James Price), 1894-1955  Search this
Robeson, Paul, 1898-1976  Search this
McKay, Claude, 1890-1948  Search this
Brown, Sterling Allen, 1901-1989  Search this
Broonzy, Big Bill, 1893-1958  Search this
Pierce, Billie, 1907-1974  Search this
Pierce, De De, 1904-1973  Search this
Brooks, Gwendolyn, 1917-2000  Search this
Jackson, David  Search this
Nicholas, Big Nick, 1922-1997  Search this
Miller, John  Search this
Johnson, Juanita  Search this
Spann, Otis, 1930-1970  Search this
Muddy Waters, 1915-1983  Search this
Ribot, Marc  Search this
Burke, Solomon  Search this
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968  Search this
Seale, Bobby, 1936-  Search this
Davis, Angela Y. (Angela Yvonne), 1944-  Search this
Fabio, Ronald  Search this
Fabio, Sarah Webster, 1928-  Search this
Wallace, Wayne  Search this
Giovanni, Nikki  Search this
Sanchez, Sonia, 1934-  Search this
Baraka, Amiri, 1934-2014  Search this
Bluiett, Hamiet  Search this
Cortez, Jayne  Search this
Boudreaux, Joseph, 1941-  Search this
Reed, Ishmael, 1938-  Search this
Arrested Development (Musical group)  Search this
Children of East York School  Search this
Jubilee Singers  Search this
Inmates of Ramsey or Retrieve  Search this
Gospel Tones (Vocal group)  Search this
Realtones  Search this
Freedom Singers (SNCC)  Search this
Golden Eagles (Musical group)  Search this
Dunbar, Paul Laurence, 1872-1906  Search this
Davis, Gary, 1896-1972  Search this
Collection Creator:
Asch, Moses  Search this
Distler, Marian, 1919-1964  Search this
Folkways Records  Search this
2 Sound discs (digital, 4 3/4 in.)
Americans  Search this
Archival materials
Sound discs
United States
New York
South Carolina
North Carolina
Chapel Hill (N.C.)
New Orleans (La.)
Washington (D.C.)
Albany (Ga.)
Birmingham (Ala.)
United States--Northeast
Akron (Ohio)
Rochester (N.Y.)
Atlanta (Ga.)
Memphis (Tenn.)
The struggle / L. Hughes (0:22) -- Field call / A.G.H. Dodson (1:15) -- Complaint call / E. Brown (0:40) -- Intro and Kneebone Bend / L. McKiver, D. Skipper (2:51) -- Brother Terrapin, slow train to Arkansas / R. Amerson (1:56) -- Jack and Mary and three dogs / J. Hunter (5:53) -- Buck dance / J. Tucker (1:19) -- I'm goin' up north / Children of East York School (1:22) -- Pharaoh's host got lost / L. McKiver (1:32) -- Bars fight / L. Terry (read by A. Bontemps) (1:23) -- Earl of Dartmouth / P. Wheatley (read by D.F. Washington) (0:49) -- I wonder where my brother gone / A.G.H. Dodson (1:17) -- Narrative / H. Tubman (read by D.F. Washington) (0:59) -- Speech at Akron Convention / S. Truth (read by R. Dee) (2:05) -- Singing slaves / F. Douglass (read by O. Davis) (1:03) -- Steal away to Jesus / K. West (1:50) -- What to the slave is the Fourth of July? / F. Douglass (read by O. Davis) (2:36) -- Why slavery is still rampant / S.P. Parker (read by R. Dee) (1:47) -- Free at last / D. Reed and V.H. Ward (1:33) -- When Malindy sings / P.L. Dunbar (read by M. Walker) (3:48) -- There's a great camp meeting / Fisk Jubilee Singers (2:01) -- Atlanta Exposition address / B.T. Washington (1:16) -- John Henry / B. McGhee and S. Terry (4:03) -- Banjo player / F. Johnson (read by A. Bontemps) (0:44) -- Boatman dance / E. Cotten (1:42) -- Shine / P. Randolph (1:03) -- Chopping in the new ground / Inmates of Ramsay or Retrieve State Farms, TX (1:37) -- Lynching, our national crime / I.B. Wells-Barnett (read by R. Dee) (3:43) -- A recorded autobiography / W.E.B. Du Bois (2:33) -- Listen Lord, a prayer / J.W. Johnson (read by M. Walker) (2:55) -- My heart is fixed / G. Davis (2:04) -- The Titanic / Lead Belly (4:04) -- Heritage / C. Cullen (2:58) -- Jungle drums / J.P. Johnson (2:32). No more auction block / P. Robeson (2:09) -- Negro speaks of rivers / L. Hughes (0:43) -- If we must die / C. McKay (0:57) -- Ma Rainey / S. Brown (2:06) -- Backwater blues / B.B. Broonzy (2:47) -- Married man blues / B. and D.D. Pierce (5:11) -- For my people / M. Walker (5:41) -- Children of the poor, sonnet 2 / G. Brooks (0:47) -- Body and soul / G. Nicholas (3:48) -- How He delivered me / J. Johnson & the Gospel Tones (2:39) -- Long distance call / M. Waters (6:58) -- Cry to me / S. Burke (2:13) -- Ain't gonna let nobody turn me around / SNCC Freedom Singers (2:31) -- Birmingham 1963 - Keep moving / M.L. King, Jr. (3:42) -- Black Panther Party platform / B. Seale (2:59) -- Interview (excerpt) / A. Davis (1:05) -- Together to the tune of Coltrane's "Equinox" / S.W. Fabio (1:40) -- Nikki-Rosa / N. Giovanni (1:12) -- Liberation/poem / S. Sanchez (0:34) -- Dope / A. Baraka (4:48) -- Village of Brooklyn, Illinois / H. Bluiett (3:30) -- For the poets / J. Cortez (3:56) -- Shotgun Joe / Golden Eagles (5:19) -- St. Louis woman / I. Reed (1:26) -- People everyday / Arrested Development (3:27).
Track Information:
101 The Struggle / Langston Hughes.

102 Field Call / Annie Grace Horn Dodson.

103 Complaint Call / Enoch Brown.

104 Intro and Knee Bend / Doretha Skipper, Lawrence McIver.

105 Brother Terrapin, Slow Train to Arkansas / Rich Amerson.

106 Jack and Mary and Three Dogs / Janie Hunter.

107 Buck Dance (excerpt) / Joech Tucker, Scott Dunbar.

108 I'm Goin' Up North / Children of East York School.

109 Pharaoh's Host Got Lost / Lawrence McIver.

110 Bar Fights / Arna Wendell Bontemps, Lucy Terry.

111 Earl of Dartmouth (excerpt) / Dorothy Washington, Phillis Wheatley.

112 I Wonder Where My Brother Gone / Annie Grace Horn Dodson.

113 Narrative (excerpt) / Dorothy Washington, Harriet Tubman.

114 Speech at Akron Convention / Ruby Dee, Sojourner Truth.

115 Singing Slaves / Frederick Douglass, Ossie Davis.

116 Steal Away to Jesus / Kinsey West.

117 What to the Slave is the Fourth of July? (excerpt) / Frederick Douglass, Ossie Davis.

118 Why Slvery is Still Rampant (excerpt) / Ruby Dee, Sarah Parker Remond.

119 Free At Last / Dock Reed, Vera Hall.

120 When Malindy Sings / Margaret Walker, Paul Laurence Dunbar.

121 There's A Great Camp Meeting / Jubilee Singers, John W. (John Wesley) Work, Mary Ferguson.

122 Atlanta Exposition Address / Booker T. Washington.

123 John Henry / Brownie McGhee, Sonny Terry.

124 Banjo Player / Arna Wendell Bontemps, Fenton Johnson.

125 Boatman Dance / Elizabeth Cotten.

126 Shine / Percy Randolph.

127 Chopping in the New Ground / Inmates of Ramsey or Retrieve.

128 Lynching, Our National Crime / Ruby Dee, Ida B. Wells-Barnett.

129 A Recorded Autobiography / Moses Asch, W.E.B. (William Edward Burghardt) DuBois.

130 Listen Lord, A Prayer / Margaret Walker, James Weldon Johnson.

131 My Heart is Fixed / Gary Davis.

132 The Titanic / Lead Belly.

133 Heritage / Countee Cullen.

134 Jungle Drums / James P. (James Price) Johnson.

201 No More Auction Block / Paul Robeson.

202 The Negro Speaks of Rivers / Langston Hughes.

203 If We Must Die / Claude McKay.

204 Ma Rainey / Sterling Brown.

205 Backwater Blues / Bill Broonzy.

206 Married Man Blues / Billie Pierce, De De Pierce.

207 For My People / Margaret Walker.

208 The Children of the Poor, Sonnet 2 / Gwendolyn Brooks.

209 Body and Soul / David Jackson, Big Nick Nicholas, John Miller.

210 How He Delivered Me / Gospel Tones (Vocal group), Juanita Johnson.

211 Long Distance Calls / Otis Spann, Muddy Waters.

212 Cry To Me / Realtones, Marc Ribot, Solomon Burke.

213 Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around / Freedom Singers.

214 Birmingham 1963 - Keep Moving / Martin Luther, Jr. King.

215 Black Panther Party Platform / Bobby Seale.

216 Interview (excerpt) / Angela Yvonne Davis.

217 Together to the Tune of Coltrane's "Equinox" (excerpt) / Ronald Fabio, Sarah Webster Fabio, Wayne Wallace.

218 Nikki-Rosa / Nikki Giovanni.

219 liberation/poem / Sonia Sanchez.

220 Dope / Imamu Amiri Baraka.

221 The Village of Brooklyn, Illinois 62059 (excerpt) / Hamiet Bluiett.

222 For the Poets / Jayne Cortez.

223 Shotgun Joe / Golden Eagles (Musical group), Joseph Boudreaux.

224 St. Louis Woman / Ishmael Reed.

225 People Everyday / Arrested Development (Musical group).
Local Numbers:

Smithsonian Folkways.47003
Publication, Distribution, Etc. (Imprint):
Washington, D.C. Smithsonian Folkways 2001
Date/Time and Place of an Event Note:
Recorded in: Birmingham (Ala.), Albany (Ga.), Washington (D.C.), Texas, New Orleans (La.), Louisiana, Chapel Hill (N.C.), North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, New York, United States.

compiled, annotated and produced by Robert H. Cataliotti
Restrictions on access. No duplication allowed listening and viewing for research purposes only.
Collection Rights:
Permission to publish materials from the collection must be requested from the Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections. Please visit our website to learn more about submitting a request. The Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections make no guarantees concerning copyright or other intellectual property restrictions. Other usage conditions may apply; please see the Smithsonian's Terms of Use for more information.
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Folk songs -- United States  Search this
Folk tales and legends  Search this
Buck dancing  Search this
Circle games  Search this
Shouts  Search this
Poetry  Search this
Narratives  Search this
Speeches, addresses, etc.  Search this
Spirituals (Songs)  Search this
Choral music  Search this
Blues (Music)  Search this
Cries  Search this
Prisoners' songs  Search this
Autobiography  Search this
Gospel music  Search this
Topical songs  Search this
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New Orleans jazz  Search this
Jazz  Search this
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Interviews  Search this
Mardi Gras Indians  Search this
Rap (Music)  Search this
African Americans  Search this
Collection Citation:
Moses and Frances Asch Collection, Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections, Smithsonian Institution.
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Moses and Frances Asch Collection
Moses and Frances Asch Collection / Series 9: Audio Recordings / CD / Commercial / COMM CD
Archival Repository:
Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections

Edwin Ziegfeld papers, 1917-1986, bulk 1930s-1970s

Ziegfeld, Edwin, 1905-  Search this
International Society for Education Through Art  Search this
National Art Education Association  Search this
Owatonna Art Education Project  Search this
Edwin Ziegfeld papers, 1917-1986, bulk 1930s-1970s. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
Research and writing about art  Search this
Record number:
Research and writing about art
Data Source:
Archives of American Art

Edwin Ziegfeld papers

Ziegfeld, Edwin, 1905-1987  Search this
International Society for Education Through Art  Search this
National Art Education Association  Search this
Owatonna Art Education Project  Search this
3 Linear feet
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
bulk 1930s-1970s
The papers of artist and art educator Edwin Ziegfeld measure 3 linear feet and date from 1917 to 1986, with the bulk of the records dating from the 1930s to 1970s. The papers document Ziegfeld's career through biographical materials, files comprised of writings and talks, professional files, and printed materials.
Scope and Contents:
The papers of artist and art educator Edwin Ziegfeld measure 3 linear feet and date from 1917 to 1986, with the bulk of the records dating from the 1930s to 1970s. The papers document Ziegfeld's career through biographical materials, files comprised of writings and talks, professional files, and printed materials. Biographical materials include a list of Ziegfeld's publications and field contacts, resumes, biographical summaries, certificates and awards, miscellaneous receipts, membership cards, one interview transcript, mixed professional and personal correspondence, and more. Writings and talks include drafts, transcripts, notes, and outlines of Ziegfeld's articles, speeches, and essays. Also found in this series is a travel log he carried through Europe, Egypt, and Lebanon. Professional files shed light on Ziegfeld's various projects and professional undertakings including his teaching positions, the Owatonna Art Education Project, National Art Education Association, International Society for Education Through Art, and others. Folders include writings and drafts, editions of Art Today (1935-1944) and Art For Daily Living (1944), photos, transcripts, teaching files, and correspondence. Printed materials consist of published articles by Ziegfeld, clippings about Ziegfeld, artists, art education, the Prisendam fire in 1980—Ziegfeld and his wife were passengers on the cruise ship; ephemera from Ziegfeld exhibitions and speaking engagements; and a print of his drawing of "Sibley house."
The collection is arranged as four series.

Series 1: Biographical Materials, 1917-1986 (Box 1; .2 linear feet)

Series 2: Writings and Talks, 1930s-1983 (Box 1; .8 linear feet)

Series 3: Professional Files, 1930s-1986 (Box 2-3; 1.6 linear feet)

Series 4: Printed Materials, 1930s-1986 (Box 3; .2 linear feet)
Biographical / Historical:
Edwin Ziegfeld (1905-1987) was an artist and art educator in Minnesota, New York, and Washington, D.C. He attended Ohio State University for his bachelor's degree and Harvard University for his master's. After completing his education, Ziegfeld was an instructor of landscape architecture at Ohio State and soon after began working for the Owatonna Art Project. He served as the program's resident director from 1934 to 1939 and published the book Art For Daily Living, co-authored by Mary Elinore Smith, about the project in 1944. Toward the end of this project, Ziegfeld taught art education at the University of Minnesota. In 1943, Ziegfeld began working for the Bureau of Navy Personnel in its education services department. From 1944 to 1946, he served as the officer-in-charge for the educational program of the U.S. Navy; and completed his doctorate in educational psychology with a minor in architecture in 1946. After the war, Ziegfeld took a position as an art professor in the Department of Fine and Industrial Arts at Teachers College, Columbia University. He ultimately became chairman of the department and served as editor of Art Education Today, the department's annual publication. He remained at Columbia until his retirement in 1970.

Ziegfeld was a founding president of the National Art Education Association and International Society for Education Through Art; and a member of the Eastern Arts Association and Museum of Modern Art committee on art education. In addition to numerous published articles, Ziegfeld edited five editions of Art Today from 1941 to 1963, and wrote "Art and Education: A Symposium," published by UNESCO in 1953. Though most well-known for his work in art education, Ziegfeld's watercolors were exhibited a number of times throughout his career, most notable in group shows at the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts and Baltimore Museum of Art.
The collection was donated in 1987 by Ernest Ziegfield, Ziegfield's brother.
This collection is open for research. Access to original papers requires an appointment and is limited to the Archives' Washington, D.C. Research Center.
The Archives of American Art makes its archival collections available for non-commercial, educational and personal use unless restricted by copyright and/or donor restrictions, including but not limited to access and publication restrictions. AAA makes no representations concerning such rights and restrictions and it is the user's responsibility to determine whether rights or restrictions exist and to obtain any necessary permission to access, use, reproduce and publish the collections. Please refer to the Smithsonian's Terms of Use for additional information.
Art teachers  Search this
Printmakers -- New York (State) -- New York  Search this
Draftsmen (artists) -- New York (State)  Search this
Edwin Ziegfeld papers, 1917-1986. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
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Edwin Ziegfeld papers
Archival Repository:
Archives of American Art

Dr. R. C. Bratten Dental Collection

Bratten, R. C., Dr. (dentist)  Search this
Former owner:
National Museum of American History (U.S.). Division of Medical Sciences  Search this
1.66 Cubic feet (5 boxes)
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Ledgers (account books)
Financial records
Appointment books
Galion (Ohio) -- 1930-1970
Ohio -- 1930-1970
Collection documents dentist Dr. R. C. Bratten's 50-year dental practice in Galion, Ohio.
Scope and Contents:
Collection of dental archival material, which includes patient records, photographs, catalogues, correspondence, bills, ledgers, and x-ray records.
The collection is divided into four series.

Series 1: Appointment Books, 1932-1967

Series 2: Correspondence, 1930-1967

Series 3: Professional Material, 1912-1958

Series 4: Financial Materials, 1924-1961
Biographical / Historical:
Collection represents Dr. R. C. Bratten, dentist from Galion, Ohio, and his practice of over fifty years.
The collection was donated for Doris Bratten.
Collection is open for research.
Collection items available for reproduction, but the Archives Center makes no guarantees concerning copyright restrictions. Other intellectual property rights may apply. Archives Center cost-recovery and use fees may apply when requesting reproductions.
Dentists  Search this
Dentistry -- 1930-1970  Search this
Ledgers (account books)
Correspondence -- 20th century
Financial records -- 1930-1970
Appointment books -- 20th century
Dr. R. C. Bratten Dental Collection, 1912-1967, National Museum of American History
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Dr. R. C. Bratten Dental Collection
Archival Repository:
Archives Center, National Museum of American History


probably Great Lakes (attributed)  Search this
Possible collector:
John L. Holden, Non-Indian, 1922-1998  Search this
Previous owner:
John L. Holden, Non-Indian, 1922-1998  Search this
John L. Holden, Non-Indian, 1922-1998  Search this
Object Name:
Birchbark, spruce root, basswood bark
Stitched, embroidered
19 x 16 x 12.5 cm
Object Type:
Made-for-Sale items and Souvenirs
Ohio; USA (inferred)
Date created:
Catalog Number:
See related items:
Great Lakes
Made-for-Sale items and Souvenirs
Data Source:
National Museum of the American Indian
Online Media:


Hitler, Adolph  Search this
overall: 34 in x 20 1/2 in; 86.36 cm x 52.07 cm
Object Name:
Place made:
United States: Ohio, Medina
Date made:
Copyright date:
Vietnam War  Search this
World War II  Search this
Related event:
Vietnam War  Search this
Credit Line:
Marie Tyler-McGraw and Howard M. Wachtel
ID Number:
Catalog number:
Accession number:
See more items in:
Political and Military History: Political History, General History Collection
Princeton Posters
Data Source:
National Museum of American History

The Cambridge Glass Co., Cambridge, Ohio

Cambridge Glass Company  Search this
Physical description:
237 p. in various pagings : all ill. ; 23 x 29 cm
United States
Glassware  Search this
Glassware--Collectors and collecting  Search this
Call number:
NK5198.C17 N27 1976
NK5198.C17N27 1976
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Early homes of Ohio, by I. T. Frary

Frary, I. T (Ihna Thayer) 1873-  Search this
Physical description:
xvii, 334 p. illus., plans. 22 cm
Historic buildings  Search this
Call number:
F492.F73 1970X
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

History of North Central Ohio, embracing Richland, Ashland, Wayne, Medina, Lorain, Huron and Knox Counties. [Microform] by William A. Duff ..

Duff, William Alexander 1872-  Search this
Physical description:
3 v. front., plates, ports. 28 cm
History  Search this
Call number:
mfm 715n
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

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