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Smithsonian's Model Shop (Television production)
Tale of the Kite (Television production)
Ultimate Model (Television production)
Unseen Smithsonian (Television production)
Vanishing Frontier (Television production)
Way of Independence (Television production)
Wooly Mammoth of Washington (Television production)
World of Matthew Brady (Television production)
World's Biggest Camera (Television production)
Time Capsule of the Revolution (Television production)
TR in Africa (Television production)
Treasures Down Under (Television production)
Treasures of African Art (Television production)
Video Astronomy (Television production)
Warming Up to Reptiles (Television production)
Zoo Vets (Television production)
Hooray for the Red, White and Blue (Television production)
Gallery for Today (Television production)
Festival of Animals (Television production)
Building Biosphere (Television production)
Reaching Rural America (Television production)
Past Visions of the Future (Television production)
New Political Conventions (Television production)
Nature Through a Viewfinder (Television production)
Mechanical Musical Marvels (Television production)
Old Country Post Office (Television production)
Smithsonian's Giant Squid (Television production)
Painter at Large (Television production)
Horse Races on the Mall (Television production)
What Lives in Your Lawn? (Television production)
African Splendors (Television production)
Splendid Stradivarius (Television production)
Here at the Smithsonian (Television program)
Collecting the Stuff of Politics (Television production)
Contemporary Expressions (Television production)
Corals in Captivity (Television production)
Crossroads of Two Continents (Television production)
Cultural Crossroads (Television production)
Deep Sea Mysteries (Television production)
Design for the People (Television production)
Different Drummers (Television production)
Diplomats in Buckskins (Television production)
Discover Graphics (Television production)
Dr. Sackler's Gift (Television production)
Duke Ellington, American Musician (Television production)
Engines of Change (Television program)
Eyes on the Universe (Television production)
Faulkner: A Living Portrait (Television production)
Folklife '85 (Television production)
Folklife '86 (Television production)
Folklife Exchange (Television production)
Folklife Festival '87 (Television production)
Continuity of Culture (Television production)
Facelift for Old Planes (Television production)
Garden for All Seasons (Television production)
Grasp of Reality (Television production)
Holiday Celebration (Television production)
Life With Aviation (Television production)
Modern Noah's Ark (Television production)
More Perfect Union (Television production)
Museum for the Community (Television production)
Place For Touching (Television production)
Smithsonian Holiday (Television production)
Touch of Glass (Television production)
Woman Ahead of Her Time (Television production)
Advertising: Yesterday and Today (Television production)
African Sounding Forms (Television production)
Air and Space Anniversary (Television production)
Aloha, Hawaii! (Television production)
American Art Deco (Television production)
American Picture Palaces (Motion picture : 1983)
America's Castle (Television production)
Ancient Game Reborn (Television production)
Invasion of Painters (Television production)
Antietam Revisited (Television production)
Art in New Mexico (Television production)
At Home on the Road (Television production)
At Home With the Apes (Television production)
Balloon Astronomy (Television production)
Ballooning's 200th Birthday (Television production)
Big Ideas in Small Packages (Television production)
Black Artists in the 20th Century (Television production)
Black Wings (Television production)
Brand New at the Zoo (Television production)
Capturing the Spirit (Television production)
Celebrating American Folklife (Television production)
Climbing Jacob's Ladder (Television production)
France Meets New Jersey (Television production)
From Fiddles to Banjos (Television production)
From Field to Factory (Television production)
From Reliable Sources (Television production)
Happy Birthday, Hirshhorn Museum (Television production)
Happy Birthday, National Zoo (Television production)
Hollywood Legend and Reality (Television production)
Hooray for Amelia! (Television production)
How Does Your Sculpture Grow? (Television production)
Inside Meteorites (Television production)
Islam in Africa (Television production)
Japan's Ceramic Heritage (Television production)
Joseph Cornell: The Universe in a Box (Television production)
Kalabari Kinetics (Television production)
Keeping Orchids Alive (Television production)
Keeping Perfect Time (Television production)
King Herod's Dream (Television production)
Living With the Eskimos (Television production)
Magellans of the Air (Television production)
Magnificent Voyagers (Television production)
Meet the Beetles (Television production)
Microscopes Make it Big (Television production)
More than Whistler's Mother (Television production)
New Deal Murals (Television production)
Old and New Traditions (Television production)
On the Air (Television production)
Our Violent Universe (Television production)
Outer Space Artist (Television production)
Panda Playground (Television production)
Portrait of a Life (Television production)
Raphael Soyer: An Art of Real Life (Television production)
Remembering John La Farge (Television production)
Restoring it to 'Wright' (Television production)
Rocks in a Hard Place (Television production)
Russia: The Land, The People (Television production)
Say it Ain't So, Wesley (Television production)
Second Nature (Television production)
Something to Hang the Paint On (Television production)
Spanning the Distance (Television production)
Spineless Wonders (Television production)
Strike Up the Bandstand (Television production)
Surgery is Painless (Television production)
Tending a Sculpture Garden (Television production)
That's Entertainment (Television production)
20,000 Year Old Man (Television production)
Art of Craft (Television production)
Birdman of America (Television production)
Brush of Innocence (Television production)
California Artist (Television production)
Common Wealth of Massachusetts (Television production)
Decorative Designs of Frank Lloyd Wright (Television production)
Elephant's Tale (Television production)
Golden Age of Aviation (Television production)
Harlem Renaissance (Television production)
Jeweler's Eye (Television production)
Making of a Dinosaur (Television production)
Painter at Large (Television production)
Perpetual Man Ray (Television production)
Plastic Historian (Television production)
Precious Legacy (Television production)
Rebirth of Dinosaurs (Television production)
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Descriptive Entry:
Here At The Smithsonian was a series of short features for television created and produced by the staff of the Smithsonian's Office of Telecommunications between the years 1982 and 1989. The series was designed for public dissemination of information about Smithsonian exhibition and research activities. Each year had a volume number [1982 (Volume I) through 1989 (Volume VIII)], within the volume were multiple editions (four to five), and multiple segments within each edition (three to six). Although some segments were repeated, they were often lengthened for a second broadcast. Features totaled 160 (including repeats).

This accession contains some of the original camera footage, all of the cut shows, and preservation masters of all of the cut shows. The initial features were written and shot by in-house staff using rented professional broadcast equipment, recorded on U-matic tape, rough cut on U-matic tape, then edited to 1-inch tape at a commercial post production house (first at FAX Productions in Bethesda, Maryland, then at Techniarts in Silver Spring, Maryland). Features were shot on Betacam beginning in 1987, and mastered to D-2 beginning in 1989. In 1987, post production work moved to Henninger Video in Arlington, Virginia.

Due to the long run of the series, different individuals were associated with the various functions including series producer, segment producer, and narrator. Those playing the largest roles in the development and refinement of Here At The Smithsonian were Ann Carroll (series producer, Volumes I - IV) and John P. Meehan (series producer Volumes V - VIII).
Restrictions pertaining to the use of these materials may apply (based on contracts/copyright). Access restrictions may also apply if viewing copies are not currently available. Viewing copies can be made for a fee. Contact reference staff for details.
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Smithsonian Institution Archives, Accession 00-132, Smithsonian Institution. Office of Telecommunications, Productions
Accession 00-132
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