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Francis M. Mair Papers

Mair, LaVeda  Search this
Mair, Francis M., 1916-1991 (commercial artist)  Search this
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United States. Naval Training School  Search this
Landor, Walter  Search this
56 Cubic feet (104 Boxes, 40 map-folders)
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Beverage labels
Fruit crate labels
San Francisco (Calif.)
Client files, administrative files, artwork, and collected food labels from graphic and industrial designer Francis Mair. Mair specialized in beverage labels and packaging during his many years with Landor Associates in San Francisco. Late in his career, he directed Landor's Museum of Packaging History. His prolific freelance career included designs for furniture, decorative arts, letterhead, and corporate images. His personal artwork included alphabets, typefaces, and sketchbooks. Much of his personal artwork is humorous or erotic.
Scope and Contents:
The collection consists largely of client files and artwork from Mair's years with Landor Associates and his freelance design work. Mair's specialty was the design of beverage containers, labels, and packaging, and there is a significant body of material produced for West Coast and national breweries and wineries. Mair also managed Landor's Museum of Packaging Antiquities, and there are several boxes of the Museum's administrative files. Of particular interest is Mair's large collection of historical and contemporary wine, liquor, and fruit crate labels (both foreign and domestic). The labels seem to have served as an inspiration and a record of his work, as well as documentation of historical packaging for the Museum. Mair's freelance clients were diverse, though most of them were small businesses and organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to food and beverage labels, these commissions included posters, promotional materials, letterhead and personal announcements, invitations, and cards. Lastly, the collection includes personal artwork and records of entrepreneurial projects (such as the Flexigon, a flexible geometric toy).
Collection is arranged into eight series.

Series 1, Professional Materials, 1956-1991, undated

Series 2, Landor Associates Files, 1946-1993, undated

Series 3, Landor Museum of Packaging Antiquities, 1960-1989, undated

Series 4, Freelance Client Files, 1946-1989, undated

Series 5, United States Naval Training School, Radio Chicago, 1943-1945, undated

Sereis 6, Personal Artwork and Designs, 1935-1994, undated

Series 7, Reference Files, 1950-1985, undated

Series 8, Labels, undated
Biographical / Historical:
Francis Marion Mair was born in Streator, Illinois to Alexander Morrison Mair and Jessie C. Williams on May 5, 1916. He began his career as an artist and designer at the University of Illinois School of Design in Chicago receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting in 1938. That year he joined the United States Navy and where he designed visual aids for the Naval Training School in Chicago, Illinois. Even at this early stage in his career, acute design sense and humor are evident in his work. In 1949, he joined Landor Associates in San Francisco, California where he worked for forty years, retiring in 1989. At Landor, he specialized in designing packaging and labeling for beverages. He also was the director of Landor's Museum of Packaging History which shared quarters with Landor Associates on the Ferryboat Klamath. Throughout his career, Mair took on diverse freelance projects. One of his most successful was the Suva line of rattan furniture and decorative objects for Decorative Imports. Mair published articles in Advertising Age, Industrial Design, Advertising Techniques, and Wines and Vines. Mair died on April 29, 1991 in Contra Costa County, California.
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Related Materials:
A glass final production version of a French's mustard jar and three hand-carved, solid-wood prototypes for this jar are in the Museum's Division of Work and Industry. These were found in Mair's home studio.
Collection donated by LaVeda Mair, April 23, 1996.
Collection is open for research.
Copyright for a portion of the collection held by the Smithsonian Institution. Collection items available for reproduction, but the Archives Center makes no guarantees concerning copyright restrictions. Reproduction permission from Archives Center: fees for commercial use.
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Beverage labels
Fruit crate labels
Francis M. Mair Papers, 1938-1990, Archives Center, National Museum of American History. Gift of LaVeda Mair.
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Francis M. Mair Papers
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Archives Center, National Museum of American History

Warshaw Collection of Business Americana Subject Categories: Whiskey, Liquor, and Spirits

Warshaw, Isadore, 1900-1969  Search this
7.38 Cubic feet (consisting of 12 boxes, 2 folders, 11 oversize folders, 1 map case folder, 3 boxes (1 full, 2 partial), plus digital images of some collection material.)
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Advertising fliers
Advertising cards
Advertising mail
Beverage labels
Business cards
Business letters
Business ephemera
Business records
Commercial catalogs
Commercial correspondence
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bulk 1846-1962
A New York bookseller, Warshaw assembled this collection over nearly fifty years. The Warshaw Collection of Business Americana: Accounting and Bookkeeping forms part of the Warshaw Collection of Business Americana, Subseries 1.1: Subject Categories. The Subject Categories subseries is divided into 470 subject categories based on those created by Mr. Warshaw. These subject categories include topical subjects, types or forms of material, people, organizations, historical events, and other categories. An overview to the entire Warshaw collection is available here: Warshaw Collection of Business Americana
Scope and Contents note:
In 1953, Warshaw launched a year-long collecting campaign, soliciting material on whiskey and wine. He expanded this effort to also include items related to the drinking habit of notable persons. This category was originally labeled "whiskey" but has been retitled as the content covers a wide variety of distilled beverages, spirits, liquors, liqueurs, and hard alcohol.

The bulk of the content is print material in the form of advertising, circulars, price lists, marketing and promotional items with also a sampling of business records consisting of transactional documents such as receipts, invoices, correspondence, and import/export paperwork. Some bottle labels and a couple of packaging examples are present, as are drink recipe booklets and entertainment/pairing guides. Only a small portion of this series covers regulatory aspects such as licensing and taxation, including a Prohibitionists' Text-Book from 1880. The rich volume of advertising provides much in the way of visuals regarding the culture of drinking and entertainment through several 19th and 20th Century eras.

The Warshaw Survey Campaign Records series provides insight to his collection building strategy. Samples of his outbound solicitations exist and to a greater extent, the inbound replies help demonstrate his process and some of the relationships he had with institutions, businesses, and individuals. Of particular note are some of the anecdotal responses, plus several essays and memoir pieces related to the effects of alcohol consumption; not always positive, not always negative.

See also Warshaw Collection of Business Americana, Series 2: Other Collection Divisions, Liquor & Wine Labels and Advertisements, 1893-1905, which contains two additional boxes of scrapbooks filled with printed advertisements, dealers' receipts, labels and drink recipe books.
Arrangement note:
Whiskey, Liquor, and Spirits is arranged in five subseries.

Business Records and Marketing Material



Warshaw's Whiskey and Wine Survey and Collecting Campaign Records

Oversize Material
Brand Name Index:
The following is a list of brand names for various alcoholic beverages and related names that appear on this list is a compilation of those found on materials in the vertical document boxes. It is not a complete list of all the brand names for whiskey.

Brand Name Index

Brand Name -- Manufacturer

Adam Schneider's Dutch -- Seagram Distillery

Alleghany -- Phoenix Mills Dist.Co.

Ambassador -- Taylor & Ferguson

Ancestor -- John Dewar & Sons

Anderson Co. Club -- Phoenix Mills Dist. Co.

Angostura Bitters -- Philip Goldberg

Antiquary -- Jas. Hardie

Apry -- Schieffein & Co.

Arkansas Traveler -- Seagram Distillers

B & B -- Wright & Taylor

Bailey' s -- Huey & Christ

Banquet -- Ginter Co.

Barton -- Revere Distilling Co.

Bay State -- Revere Distilling Co.

Beechwood -- Applegate & Sons

Beefeater -- Kobrand Corp.

Big Cat -- General Distillers Corp.

Black & White -- Fleischmann Dist.

Black Warrior, The -- Seagram Distillers

Blue Blood Club -- Kentucky Liquor Co.

Blue Ribbon -- Altschul Distilling Co.

Bombay -- A. M. Penrose

Bond & Lillard -- W.H. McBrayer

Bonnie Brae -- Cobb Hersey Co.

Bos -- Pease Son & Co.

Bottoms Up -- Brown-Forman Distillery Co.

Briar Mint -- Cincinnati Distillers

Briar Mint -- General Distillers Corp.

Brunswick Club -- H.& H.W. Catherwood

Buckingham -- Venable & Heyman

Burks Spring -- Thos. L. Smith & Sons

Cabinet -- Woodrow & George

Canadian Club -- Hiram Walker & Son

Cap'n Jack -- Cincinnati Distillers

Carioca -- Schenley Co.

Carstairs -- Stewart Distilling Co.

Cedar Brook -- Wm.H. McBrayer

Cedar Valley -- Weideman, Holmes & Co.

Cee Bee Sloe Gin -- Cook & Bernheimer Co.

Celery -- Cook & Bernheimer Co.

Charteuse -- Shieffein & Co.

Cherry Heering -- Schenley Import Co.

Chivas Regal -- General Wine & Spirits Co.

Churchill 88 -- Fleischmann Distilling Corp.

Clover Club -- Boyle & McGlinn

Club, The -- G.F. Heublein & Bros.

Club House -- M. Shaughnessy & Co.

Cold Spring Jockey Club -- John Kissel & Son

Commodore -- J. Brown & Co.

Commonwealth Club -- Cobb Hersey Co.

Corby's -- Jas. Barclay & Co.

Cordon Bleu -- Martell

Coates Plymouth -- Schiefflin & Co.

County Chairman -- General Distillers Corp.

Courvoisier -- W.A. Taylor & Co.

Crcaker Jack -- General Distillers Corp.

Creme Yvette -- Sheffield Co.

Cuckoo -- Rex Distilling Co.

Cutty Shark -- Berry Bros . & Rudd Ltd.

Dekuyper -- National Distillers Products

Dewey's Victory -- A.B. Sheaffer

Dews of Erin -- Cobb Hersey Co.

D.J.A. -- David & John Anderson Ltd.

D.O.M. Benedictine -- Julius Wile Sons

Drambuie -- W.A.Taylor & Co.

Drip Rock -- Cold Spring Distilling

Duff Gordon -- Munson G. Shaw Co.

Eagle Liqueur -- Rheinstrom Bros .

Early Times -- Brown-Forman Distillery

Gold Dust -- A.R. Champney Co.

El Bart -- Camberwell Distillery

Embassy Club -- Continental Distilling

Empire Club -- G.F. Coshland & Co.

Everett Spring -- Cobb Hersey Co.

Fairfax County -- Austin, Nichols & Co.

Fairview -- Schmidt & Ziegler, Ltd.

Fellsglen -- John E. Fells

Fenbrook -- Charles S. Gove Co.

Fig Rye -- F. Madlener

Four Roses -- Frankfort Distilleries

Fulton -- Myers & Co.

Fundador -- Canada Dry Import Co.

Gair Loch -- Stromness Dist. Co.

Galliano -- McKesson & Robbins

Gaston Fontaine's -- Cobb Hersey Co.

Geneva -- United Dist. Co.

George Mills -- Woodrow & George

Geyser -- Peoples Distilling Co.

Gilbey' s Gin -- National Distillers Prod.ucts

Gold Fax -- Clune & Torpy

Golden Seal -- W. Scott Gillespie

Golden Truth -- Despres Distilling Co.

Grand Marnier -- Carillon Importers Ltd.

Grant 63 -- Revere Distilling Co.

Grandpa' s Delight -- Pembrook Distilling Co.

Grant's Stand Fast -- Austin, Nichols & Co.

Green River -- McCulloch

Greensboro -- Cobb Hersey Co.

Grouse -- Seggerman Slocum

Harrisville -- Cobb Hersey Co.

Harvest Home -- Seagram Distillers

Hazel Dell -- Rheinstrom Bros.

Heather Blossom -- B.H.R. Distilling Co.

Hennessy -- Schieffein & Co.

Hillside -- Steinhardt Bros. & Co.

Hine Cognac -- 21 Brands Inc.

Hoffman House -- P.H. Hamburger

Holland Process -- Rosenberger Bros.

Home Comfort -- Max Stiner & Co.

House of Lords -- Wm.Whitely & Co.

House of Lords -- W.A. Taylor & Co.

Hunter -- Wm. Lanaham & Sons

Imperial -- Hiram Walker & Sons

Inverness Club -- J.W. Cheesman Co.

Irish Mist -- Munson G. Shaw Co.

Jackson Club -- O'Bryan Bros.

Jefferson -- Seagram Distillers

Jessie Moore -- General Distillers Corp

Joel Hill -- Woodrow & George

Jockey Club -- Excelsior Distilling Co.

J.& F. Martell's Brandy -- G.S.Nicholas & Co.

Kenton Belle -- Simon Kenton Co.

Kentucky Favorite -- United Dist. Co.

Kentucky Gentleman -- Barton Distilling Co.

Kentucky Nectar -- General Distillers Corp

Kentucky Tavern -- Glenmore Distillers

Keuka Club -- O'Dea Home Supply Co.

Keystone -- Wm.H.Graham & Co.

Kilty -- R.Thorne & Sons, Ltd.

King -- Brown-Forman Distillery

King's Ransom -- Edradour Distillery

King's Ransom -- Wm. Whitely & Co.

Kuban -- General Distillers Corp

Laganda Club -- Altschul Distilling Co

Lamplighter -- J.& w . Nicholson Co.

Latonia Club -- Sheldon Co.

La Rojena (Jose Cuervo) -- Young' s Market

Lechmere -- Doyle, F.M. & Co.

Lemon Hart -- Julios Wile Sons

Lick Run -- General Distillers Co.

Lindenwood -- Spiess & Bachenheimer

London Dry -- Sir Robert Burnett & Co

London Gin -- Wm. Reed

Lorraine Club -- Felix Coblentz & Co.

MacNaughton -- Schenley Co.

Maker' s Mark -- Star Hill Distilling Co

Mammoth Cave Springs -- Seagram Distillers

Manhattan Club -- Mac Stiner & Co.

Maryland Club -- John Belt & Co.

Mentor -- Ginter Co.

Monitor -- J.C. Childs & Co.

Mosaic -- People's Distilling Co.

Mount Vernon -- Cook & Bernheimer

Mount Vernon -- Mannis Distilling

Mouquin -- Austin, Nichols & Co.

Myers -- General Wine & Spirits Co. Thos. Smith Co.

M & Z -- Thos. Smith Co.

Nectar -- Woodrow & George

Nelson County -- Wm.S.Turner Dist.Co.

Novena -- Rheinstrom Bros.

Number 30 -- General Distillers Corp.

O.F.C. -- Geo. T. Stagg Co.

O.F.C. -- Schenley Co.

Old Amor Rye -- H.W .Huguley Co.

Old Angus -- Train & Mcintrye, Ltd.

Old Anvil -- General Distilleries Corp.

Old Benton -- Excelsior Distilling C

Old Boone -- Wm.S.Turner Dist.Co.

Old Charter -- Wright & Taylor

Old Chuck -- General Distilleries Corp.

Old Crow -- Hermitage Distillery

Old Crow -- H.B.Kirk & Co.

Old Elk -- Stoll, Vanatta & Co.

Old Fitzgerald -- Stitzel-Wellwe Distillery

Old Forester -- Brown-Forman Distillery Co.

Old Goodenough -- United Distributing Co.

Old Grain Belt -- Pure Food Dist. Co.

Old Grist Mill -- John F.Gillespie

Old Hickory Hollow -- Wm. S.Turner Dist.Co.

Old Homestead -- Seagram Distillers

Old Home Still -- Sheldon co. Cocktail

Old Hundred -- Wm.S.Turner Dist.Co.

Old Judge -- Altschul Distilling Co.

Old Lanark -- York Distilling

Old Maid -- Irene Parker Co.

Old Maysville -- Manufacturer Unknown

Old Minden -- Revere Distilling

Old Pilgrim -- Revere Distilling Co.

Old Prentice -- J.T.S.Brown & Sons

Old Pugh -- R.S.Strader & Son

Old Rampart -- General Distillers Corp.

Old Richmond -- Thos. L. Smith Co

Old Rip -- J.C. Childs & Co

Old Saratoga -- Rosskam, Gerstley & Co.

Old '67 Rye -- Wm.S.Turner Dist. Co

Old Star -- A & G J.Caldwell

Old Talent -- Cobb Hersey Co

Old Time -- John N.Thomas & Co.

Old Tom -- Wm.Reed

Old Tom Gin -- DuVivier & Co.

Old Underoof -- Chas.Dennehy & Co

Old Valley -- Woodrow & George

Owl Club -- Wm.S.Turner

Oxford -- Simon Kenton Co.

Paddy -- Cork Distributer

Paddy -- York Distilleries

Paddy -- Austin, Nichols & Co

Paul Jones -- Frankfort Distilleries

Perfection -- D.& J. Mc Callum's

Pernod -- Julius Wile Sons

Pilgrimage -- W.H.McBrayer

Pioneer, The -- Seagram Distillers

Pimm's Cup -- Julius Wile Sons

Pointer -- Gottschalk Co.

Pot Still Gin -- Milshire

Prince Hurbert Polignac -- Dennis & Hippert

Private Stock -- Cincinnati Distillers

Queen Louise -- Rose City Importing Co

Ramshead -- Hannah & Hogg

Red Top Rye -- Ferdinand Westheimer & Sons

Remy Martin -- Renfield Importers Ltd

Richwood -- W.H. McBrayer

Robin Olg -- Geo. Beer & Son

Rock Hill -- Wm.S.Turner

Rock Spring -- Dudley P.Ely

Rock & Rye -- Sheldon co.

Rogers -- United Distributing Co

Ronrico -- General Wine & Spirits Co

Rose Annoo -- Henry Hollander

Rosebud -- Applegate & Sons

Rose Wood -- General Distillers Corp.

Royal Club -- John N.Thomas & Co.

Secrestat Bitters -- G.S.Nicholas & Co.

Sheridan Club -- Despres Distilling Co

Silver Lake -- Seagram Distillers

Silver Thistle -- Hannah & Hogg

Stag -- A.M. Bininger & Co

Stand Fast -- Grant's

Standard -- Steinhardt Bros. & Co.

Sterling -- Steinhardt Bros, & Co.

Storm King -- J.C. Childs & Co.

Strega -- Canada Dry Imprt Co.

Summerfield -- Cobb Hersey Co.

Sunbeam -- Cobb Hersey Co

Sunny Valley -- Revere Distilling Co.

Susquehanna -- W.H. McBrayer

Swan Gin -- Ferd.Ruttman & Son

Sweet Home -- Altschul Distilling Co

Tea Kettle -- W.H.McBrayer

Tia Maria -- W.A.Taylor & Co.

Trimble -- White, Hentz & Co.

Tullamore Dew -- Munson G.Shaw Co.

Upper Ten -- H.& H.W Catherwood

Usher's Whiskey -- G.S.Nicholas & Co.

Virginia Gentleman -- Austin, Nichols & co.

Waterfill & Frazier -- W.H. McBrayer

Whipple Creek -- General Distillers Corp

White Dove -- Revere Distilliing Co.

White Label -- John Krissel & Son

White Label -- John Dewar & Sons

White Lily -- Cobb Hersey Co.

White Horse -- Mackie & Coy

White Seal -- Carstairs

Wild Cat -- Seagram Distillers

Wolf Creek -- Frankfort Distilleries

Woodland -- Crigler and Crigler

w.w.w -- Angela Myers
Forms Part Of:
Forms part of the Warshaw Collection of Business Americana.

Series 1: Business Ephemera

Series 2: Other Collection Divisions

Series 3: Isadore Warshaw Personal Papers

Series 4: Photographic Reference Material
Whiskey, Liquor, and Spirits is a portion of the Business Ephemera Series of the Warshaw Collection of Business Americana, Accession AC0060 purchased from Isadore Warshaw in 1967. Warshaw continued to accumulate similar material until his death, which was donated in 1971 by his widow, Augusta. For a period after acquisition, related materials from other sources (of mixed provenance) were added to the collection so there may be content produced or published after Warshaw's death in 1969. This practice has since ceased.
Collection is open for research. Some items may be restricted due to fragile condition.
Collection items available for reproduction, but the Archives Center makes no guarantees concerning copyright restrictions. Other intellectual property rights may apply. Archives Center cost-recovery and use fees may apply when requesting reproductions.
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Warshaw Collection of Business Americana Subject Categories: Whiskey, Liquor, and Spirits, Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution
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Warshaw Collection of Business Americana Subject Categories: Whiskey, Liquor, and Spirits
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