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Official Duties, Visit to Pacific Stars and Stripes

Collection Creator:
Davis, Benjamin O., Jr., 1912-  Search this
Box 10, Folder 1
Archival materials
March 6, 1955
Collection Restrictions:
No restrictions on access
Collection Rights:
Material is subject to Smithsonian Terms of Use. Should you wish to use NASM material in any medium, please submit an Application for Permission to Reproduce NASM Material, available at Permissions Requests.
Collection Citation:
Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. Collection, Acc. 1992.0023, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution.
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Benjamin O. Davis Jr. Collection
Benjamin O. Davis Jr. Collection / Series 2: Military Career / 2.3: Materials Arranged by Posting / 2.3.13: Far East Air Force (FEAF) Headquarters (Tokyo, Japan), Director of Operations and Training
Archival Repository:
National Air and Space Museum Archives
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MS 2956 Ethnographic Data about Samoa

Safford, William Edwin, 1859-1926  Search this
Rieman, George B.  Search this
Steinberger, A. B. (Albert Barnes)  Search this
Field, Isobel, 1858-1953  Search this
250 Pages
Polynesian  Search this
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Scope and Contents:
Ethnographic data, principally on Samoa including: I. Samoa. geographical outline, III. History and Discovery. Arrival of missionaries. U.S. Exploring Expedition. An Episode in Samoan History, IV Regulative organization, the family, the clan, caste, division of labor, rights of property, V. Clothing, ornaments, ceremonial paraphernalia, VI. Food and its preparation, VII. Procurement of food, hunting and fishing, rearing and cultivation, VIII. Houses and villages, household utensils, pets, IX. Method of transportation, roads and bridges, canoes, X. Ornamental arts, tapa painting, wood carving, tattooing, necklace making, combs, XI. Useful arts, raw materials, mats and tapa-making, house building, canoe making, dyes, paints, perfumes and gums, XII. War and peace, XIII. Feasts and fonos, ceremonies attending birth, circumcision, tattooing, marriage, etc, Ceremonies of welcome, mortuary customs, XIV. Religion, ancient superstitions, the Taboo, Totemism, modern religion of the Samoans, Strict observance of Sunday, XV. Myths and traditions, the origin of Samoa and its people, animal myths, XVI. Grammatical structure of Polynesian languages, ceremonial language, comparative vocabularies, XVII. Amusements, games, music, XVIII. Samoa fauna, reptiles and fishes, XIX. Vocabulary of vernacular names of samoan fishes
"Papalangee, or Uncle Sam in Samoa" by G. B. Rieman, U.S. Navy (Printed, n.d. (ca. 1872)), "Report upon Samoa, or the Navigator's Islands, Made to the Secretary of State,"by A.B. Steinberger Washington, 1874, "In Samoa with Stevenson! by Isobel Osbourne Strong, from Century Magazine, March 1902.
Local Numbers:
NAA MS 2956
History -- Samoa  Search this
Music -- Samoa  Search this
Dancing -- Samoa  Search this
Games -- Samoa  Search this
Amusements -- Samoa  Search this
Samoan language  Search this
Folklore -- Samoa  Search this
Mythology -- Samoa  Search this
Superstition -- Samoa  Search this
Religion -- Samoa  Search this
Funeral rites and ceremonies -- Samoa  Search this
Marriage customs and rites -- Samoa  Search this
Circumcision -- Samoa  Search this
Birth customs -- Samoa  Search this
Weapons systems -- Samoa  Search this
War -- Samoa  Search this
Perfumes -- Samoa  Search this
Dyes and dyeing -- Samoa  Search this
Matting -- Samoa  Search this
Tattooing -- Samoa  Search this
Wood-carving -- Samoa  Search this
Tapa -- Samoa  Search this
Handicraft -- Samoa  Search this
Art -- Samoa  Search this
Canoes and canoeing -- Samoa  Search this
Agriculture -- Samoa  Search this
Canoes -- Samoan  Search this
Fishing -- Samoa  Search this
Hunting -- Samoa  Search this
Bridges -- Samoa  Search this
Roads -- Samoa  Search this
Transportation -- Samoa  Search this
Pets -- Samoa  Search this
Tools -- Samoa  Search this
Villages -- Samoa  Search this
Housing -- Samo  Search this
Subsistence -- Samoa  Search this
Food -- Samoa  Search this
Decoration and ornament -- Samoa  Search this
Clothing and dress -- Samoa  Search this
Kinship -- Samoa  Search this
Missionaries -- Samoa  Search this
Language and languages -- Documentation  Search this
Manuscript 2956, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
Archival Repository:
National Anthropological Archives

Cap For Civil Or Military Official (Tanggeon)

Ensign U S N John B. Bernadou  Search this
Donor Name:
Ensign U S N John B. Bernadou  Search this
Width - Object:
19.1 cm
13 cm
18.5 cm
Not Given  Search this
Object Type:
Seoul, South Korea, Asia
Accession Date:
24 Feb 1886
Collection Date:
Feb. 23, 1886
Ethnology  Search this
Accession Number:
USNM Number:
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NMNH - Anthropology Dept.
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