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Collection Creator:
Lazzari, Pietro, 1898-1979  Search this
1.7 Linear feet (Boxes 1-2)
Archival materials
1895-1998, undated
Scope and Contents note:
This series consists of letters exchanged between Lazzari, family members, and colleagues. Over one hundred letters from the Federal Works Agency and the Treasury Department Section of Painting and Sculpture concern post office murals for towns in Florida, New Jersey, and North Carolina. Five letters from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration contain 23 photographs of astronauts Eugene A. Cernan, Ronald E. Evans, and Harrison H. Schmitt preparing for an Apollo 17 mission to the moon. Lazzari also received at least one letter each from Jacqueline Kennedy, Duncan Phillips, Eleanor Roosevelt, industrialist John Rust, and socialist Norman Thomas.

See Appendix for a list of selected correspondents in Series 2.
Arrangement note:
Correspondence is arranged chronologically.
Appendix: Selected Correspondents in Series 2:
Aguilera, Francisco: undated (1 letter)

Albergo Saturnia, Rome: 1928 (1 letter)

Alberts: Russell Alberts-Laura Langdon Antiques: undated (1 letter)

Alexander Gallery: undated (1 letter)

Allied Publications, Inc.: 1965 (1 letter)

Alterman, Selma: undated (1 letter)

Ambasciata d'Italia: 1950-1973 (3 letters)

Ambasciatore d'Italia: undated and 1971 (2 letters)

America-Italy Society: 1956 (1 letter)

American Academy in Rome: 1955 (2 letters)

American Artists Professional League: 1949-1955 (3 letters)

American Battle Monuments Commission: 1959 (1 letter)

American Commission for Cultural Exchange with Italy (Fulbright grant): 1950-1954 (2 letters)

American Federation of Arts: 1951-1956 (2 letters)

American Red Cross: 1943-1945 (6 letters)

American University: 1947-1967 (5 letters)

Amici, Alfredo: 1948-1959 (6 letters)

Amministrazione Erdi Saverio Patrizi: 1969 (2 letters)

Andori, Adolfo: 1913-1916 (3 letters)

Anderson, Wayne V.: 1956 (1 letter)

Andrade, Victor: undated (1 letter)

Angelelli, Augusta: 1972 (1 letter)

Angiolillo, Giuseppe: 1967-1972 (9 letters)

Anson, Cherrill: 1998 (1 letter)

Appleby, J. Scott: 1952-1961 (9 letters); see Life Insurance Company of Georgia

Aquil, Preta: 1921 (1 letter)

Architectural League of New York: 1955 (3 letters)

Aristide, Zio (?): 1926 (1 letter)

Arndal, Kersten: 1970-1977 (2 letters)

Art Direction -- magazine: 1956 (1 letter)

Art in Federal Buildings, Inc.: 1943 (1 letter)

Art Institute of Chicago: 1944-1956 (11 letters)

Artists Equity Association: undated and 1949-1972 (7 letters)

Artists for Victory: 1942-1943 (7 letters including a prospectus for "America in the War" exhibition)

Artists of Washington, D.C.: undated (1 letter)

Artist's Guild of Washington: 1960 (1 letter)

Associated Architects & Engineers: 1957 (1 letter)

Associated Artists Gallery of Washington: 1961 (1 letter)

Associazione Artistica Internazionale: 1950 (1 letter)

Atomic Energy Clearing House: 1963 (1 letter)

Bache, Martha Moffett: 1949 (1 letter)

Backus, Florence: 1955 (1 letter)

Bader: Franz Bader Gallery: 1950-1976 (3 letters)

Baltimore Museum of Art: undated and 1948-1956 (8 letters); see Breeskin, Adelyn

Banca Commerciale Italiana: 1969 (2 letters)

Bankok Insustries, Inc.: 1972 (1 letter)

Bashir, Mir: 1955 (2 letters)

Bazzanella, Albina: 1926-1928 (2 letters)

Bedi-Rassy Art Foundry: 1952-1962 (4 letters)

Beer, Elsie: 1926-1928 (3 letters)

Bergeson, Mrs.: 1951 (1 letter)

Berkman, Jack: 1949 (1 letter)

Berkowitz, Ida and Leon (Workshop Center of the Arts): 1953-1955 (2 letters)

Berrier, Jean: 1971 (1 letter)

Betts, Luici: 1928 (1 letter)

Birnbaum, Britta: 1963 (1 letter)

Blake, Margaret Day: [1956] (1 letter)

Blanc, Peter: undated and 1948-1950 (4 letters)

Bly?, Edith: undated (1 letter)

Borea, Raimondo: 1971 (1 letter)

Borzani, Gastone: 1918 (1 letter)

Boulner, Bartlet: 1927 (1 letter)

Bowen, Elizabeth: undated (1 letter)

Brambilla, Helen: 1945 (1 letter of recommendation for Lazzari)

Breeskin, Adelyn D. (Baltimore Museum of Art): 1953-1961 (4 letters)

Broders, Dr. Hy: 1941 (envelope only; enclosing photo of unidentified friends)

Brooklyn Museum: 1956 (1 letter)

Brooks Memorial Art Gallery: 1952 (2 letters); see Rust, John

Broude & Hochberg: 1969 (1 letter)

Brown, James W.: 1934 (1 letter)

Bruce, Edward: mentioned in 3 letters dated 1938-1943

Bryn Mawr Club of Washington: 1961 (1 letter)

Buckingham Palace: 1971 (1 letter)

Bureau of Copyrights and Patents, Library of Congress: 1936-1955 (3 letters)

Burleighfield International Arts Centre: 1977 (1 letter)

Buxton, P. S.: 1969 (1 letter)

Cahill, Holger: see Works Progress Administration

Caldwell, Henry Bryan: 1951 (1 letter from Lazzari)

Calfee, William H.: 1967 (1 letter)

California: University of California at Berkeley: 1986 (1 letter)

California: University of California at Los Angeles: 1970 (1 letter)

Canali, Paola: undated (1 letter)

Cani, Edward: undated (1 letter)

Capital Park Apartments: mentioned in a letter dated 1962

Carbela: 1929 (1 letter)

Carbonati, Antonio: 1927 (2 letters)

Carnassale, Enrico: 1914-1916 (2 letters)

Carolan, Anna B. (The Little Gallery): 1947 (2 letters)

Casella, E. and M.: 1917-1918 (4 letters)

Caserma, Luisa.: 1914-1917 (2 letters)

Catholic University of America: 1964 (1 letter)

Caulfield, Patricia: 1949 (1 letter)

Central States Joint Board: 1977 (1 letter)

Chapel, Maria: 1970-1973 (3 letters)

Chase, Ralph H.: 1959-1961 (2 letters)

Child, Col. Sargent B.: 1968 (1 letter from Corcoran)

City of New York Department of Correction (Riker's Island mural): 1936-1937 (2 letters)

Civil Service Commission Club: 1949 (1 letter)

Clark, Joseph (Senator from Pennsylvania): 1962 (1 letter)

Clemens, Cyril ( -- Mark Twain Journal): -- 1971 (1 letter)

Cohen, Evelyn: see Lazzari, Evelyn

Cohen, Lester: 1956 (1 letter)

Colladay, Edward F.: 1932 (1 letter)

Conant, Howard (New York University): 1956 (1 letter)

Connolley, Robert Emmet: 1947-1950 (8 letters)

Console Generale d'Italia: 1965 (1 letter)

Constantino, C.: 1967 (1 letter)

Cook, Elizabeth: [1946] (1 letter)

Cooke: Hereward Lester Cooke Foundation: 1974-1975 (3 letters); see National Aeronautics and Space Administration; see National Gallery of Art

Cooper, Alice J.: 1927 (1 letter)

Corcoran Gallery of Art: undated and 1951-1981 (37 letters)

Corsi, Emma and W. Edward: 1928 (1 letter)

Cosgrove, Jessica (Mrs. John O'Hara Cosgrove): 1928-1930 (22 letters)

Cosgrove, John O'Hara (editor of -- New York World): -- undated and 1927-1929 (7 letters)

Costintin, Celestino and Emilia: 1916-1971 (6 letters)

Cotzia, Pasquale: 1966-1968 (2 letters)

Coughlin, Clarence John: 1948 (1 letter)

Crimi: undated (1 letter)

Crosby, Caresse (Crosby Gallery of Modern Art): undated and 1945-1969 (14 letters)

Crossley, Kay A.: 1966 (1 letter)

Cullen, Amelia: undated (1 letter)

Cusumono, Stefano: 1947-1951 (3 letters)

Daloni, Edith B.: 1928 (1 letter)

Damer, Veffarghi: 1919 (1 letter)

Damiani, Angelo: 1921 (1 letter)

Dane, C. K.: 1965 (1 letter)

Dean, Edward: 1940 (1 letter)

Debs: Eugene V. Debs Foundation: 1965-1966 (3 letters including 6 photographs with Norman Thomas); see United Auto Workers

de Chetelat, Mr.: mentioned in letter dated 1928

de Chirico, Giorgio: mentioned in undated invitation from Ambasciatore d'Italia

DeLano, Agnes: undated (1 letter)

De Medio, Americo: 1963-1976 (32 letters)

De Medio, Vincenzo: undated and 1970-1977 (3 letters)

Demiddi, Alberto: undated and 1972 (3 letters)

De Mont, Nany and Eugene: undated (1 letter)

Dernay, Eugene: 1945-1959 (4 letters)

Design in Steel Award Program: 1972 (1 letter)

Dictionary of International Biography: 1974 (1 letter)

Diller, Burgoyne: see Federal Art Project

Dipanfilo, Pio: 1949-1968 (10 letters)

Di Raimondo, Vicenzo: 1920-1928 (7 letters)

District of Columbia Board of Commissioners: 1959 (1 letter)

District of Columbia Department of Public Welfare: 1958 (1 letter)

District of Columbia Juvenile Court: 1964 (1 letter)

District of Columbia Recreation Board: 1963 (1 letter)

Dole (?), Louis: 1923 (1 letter)

Dollinger, Josef: undated (1 letter)

Donaldson, Leota L.: undated (2 letters)

Donaldson, Renee: undated (1 letter)

Douglas, Paul F.: 1951 (1 letter)

Dretzin, S. C.: 1950 (1 letter)

Draper, Warren A.: 1944 (1 letter)

Dumbarton College: 1949-1951 (3 letters)

Duncan and Duncan Chinese Shop: 1964 (1 letter)

Dunham, Dr. G. C.: 1944 (1 letter re: portrait of Dr. Sawyer)

Duproix, Eunice: 1928 (1 letter)

Durbin, Jack: 1960 (1 letter)

Editions du Griffon, Neuchatel, Suisse: 1964 (3 letters)

Edsor, Mary: 1928 (1 letter)

Elenbrock, Gretel: 1927 (3 letters)

Elkins: Stella Elkins Tyler School of Fine Arts of Temple University: 1956 (1 letter)

Eng, Ernest: 1959 (1 letter)

Ernesto Desideri: 1915 (3 letters)

Evening Star -- newspaper, Washington, D.C.: 1957 (1 letter)

Farmers Educational and Cooperative Union: 1944 (1 letter)

Fasola, Roberto: 1948-1949 (2 letters)

Federal Art Project: 1938-1939 (4 letters)

Federal Works Agency, Public Buildings Administration: 1940-1947 (70 letters re: murals for the Brevard, N.C. post office, the North Bergen, N.J. post office, and the Jasper, Florida post office, including a contract, 2 photographs, and 2 sketches for a mural)

Federal Works Agency, Work Projects Administration: 1941-1942 (2 letters)

Fellowship of Reconciliation and War Resisters League: [1945] (1 letter)

Ferargil Gallery: 1941 (1 letter)

Ferreri, Elena: 1938 (1 letter)

Figoullo, Adriano: 1912 (1 letter)

Fiore, Ilario and Titta: 1966-1967 (5 letters)

Fitzwater, Aldace: 1950 (1 letter)

Florentine Gallery: 1956 (4 letters)

Fogle, Bruce: 1927 (1 letter)

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: 1956 (1 letter)

Force, Mrs.: undated (1 letter)

Foreign Service of the United States of America: 1950 (3 letters)

Foresti, Arnaldo: 1948-1949 (2 letters)

Fortas, Abe: 1956 (1 letter)

Fortune -- magazine: 1944-1956 (2 letters)

Francis, Emily A.: 1951 (3 letters)

Franco, Johan: 1966 (2 letters)

Frankel, Samuel: undated (1 letter)

Freeman: Carl M. Freeman Associates, Inc.: 1963 (1 letter)

Frisine, Robert: 1967 (1 letter)

Frost, Phillip: 1981 (1 letter)

Fujita, Mr.: 1957 (1 letter)

Fulbright grant: see American Commission for Cultural Exchange with Italy

Fuller, Eve Alsman (Miami, Fl. post office): 1938 (1 letter)

Gabetti: undated (1 letter)

Galarza, Ernesto and Mae: (National Farm Labor Union; National Agricultural Workers Union): undated and 1944-1978 (27 letters); see Landon School for Boys; see Perkins, Milo

Galerie Internationale: 1965 (1 letter)

Galerie Schindler: undated and 1965-1972 (12 letters)

Gallaudet College: 1963-1970 (14 letters, including a contract)

Gallenga: 1951 (1 letter)

Gaspari, Mario P.: 1966 (1 letter)

Georgetown University Fine Arts Club: 1960 (1 letter)

George Washington University: 1965 (1 letter)

Giovannetti, Alberto: 1966 (1 letter)

Giovanni, Sebastiani: 1921 (1 letter)

Giricosnelli, Emilio: 1918 (1 letter)

Gobbi, Adolfo: 1928 (1 letter)

Goldberg, Dorothy and Arthur: 1964-1965 (3 letters)

Goldsmith, Alberto R.: 1947-1968 (3 letters)

Gonzales, Angelino: 1951-1975 (11 letters)

Gotham Book Mart: 1968 (1 letter)

Graham, John: 1948 (1 letter)

Granati, Pasquale: 1918 (1 letter)

Grand Central Art Galleries: 1956 (1 letter)

Grant, Blanche C.: undated (1 letter)

Grebanier, Barnard: 1961 (1 letter)

Greene, Hope Margaret: 1926-[1927] (2 letters)

Gualdi, Luigi: 1947-1949 (11 letters)

Guarino, A.: undated letters to Mabel McMahon and Guiolitta Sartori

Guggenheim: John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation: 1937-1971 (5 letters)

Guggenheim: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: 1956-1960 (3 letters)

Gutheim, Frederick: 1956 (1 letter)

Haarlem House, Inc.: 1926 (1 letter)

Hahn, Rosemarie E.: 1961 (1 letter)

Halle, Kay: 1972 (1 letter)

Hammerle, Brooke: 1966 (1 letter)

Hansen, Jane: 1954 (1 letter)

Hardman, Virginia: undated (1 letter)

Harrison & Abramovitz, Architects: 1956 (1 letter)

Harrison, Charles H.: 1949 (1 letter)

Hart, Earl: mentioned in an undated letter

Hartley, Bettina: undated (1 letter)

Hartman Galleries, Inc.: 1973 (1 letter)

Hayward: City of Hayward, California: 1965 (1 letter)

Health, Education, and Welfare Employees' Association: 1962 (1 letter)

Hechinger, June: undated (1 letter)

Heilbron, Edna: 1972 (1 letter)

Heinemann, Mark: undated (1 letter)

Herzbrunn, Josef: 1949 (1 letter)

Heywood, Carmen: 1948 (1 letter)

Hollander, Cornelia: undated (1 letter)

Holvey, Sam: undated (1 letter)

Holy See: Permanent Observer of the Holy See: 1966 (1 letter)

Hom Gallery: 1972 (1 letter)

Horrocks, E. Joan: 1971 (1 letter)

Hotel Beau Site, Rome: 1928 (1 letter)

Hotel de la Ville, Rome: 1928 (1 letter)

Hotel Hassler, Rome: 1928 (1 letter)

Hotel Pension Alexandra, Rome: 1928 (1 letter)

Hotel Windsor, Rome: 1928 (1 letter)

Hough, Edith Louise: 1952 (1 letter)

Illinois State Historical Library: 1965 (1 letter)

Il Messaggero: 1928 (1 letter)

Immigration and Naturalization Service: 1976 (1 letter)

Institute for International Education: 1963 (1 letter)

Institute for the Arts of the Archdiocese of Washington: 1978 (2 letters)

Institute of Contemporary Art: 1956 (2 letters)

Institute of Gerontology: 1970 (1 letter)

International Directory of Arts: 1982 (1 letter)

Isherwood, Christopher: undated (1 letter)

Istituzione Maddalena Aulina: 1966 (1 letter)

Jacometti, Nesto: 1972 (1 letter)

Jaffe, Norman: 1964 (1 letter)

Janus, Virginia: 1929 (2 letters)

Jelleff: Frank R. Jelleff, Inc.: 1949 (1 letter)

Jennoff?, Peter L.: undated (1 letter)

Jewish Social Service Agency: 1967 (1 letter)

Johnston, L. R.: 1932 (2 letters)

Jones, Dorothea and Stuart E.: 1955 (3 letters)

Jones, George Lewis: 1961 (1 letter)

Jopp, Fred Gilman: 1936 (1 letter)

Josephy, Diane ( -- Time): -- 1968 (1 letter)

Junior Council of the Museum of Modern Art: 1956-1960 (2 letters)

Jurin, Benjamin M.: undated (1 letter)

Kagy, Virginia and Sheffield: 1948 (1 letter)

Kahles, Jessie: 1940-1948 (3 letters)

Kennedy, Jacqueline: May 19, 1960

Letters from White House Social Secretary: 1961-1963 (5 letters)

Kerensky, Alexander: 1965 (1 letter)

King Features Syndicate, Inc.: 1943 (1 letter)

King, Marion: 1952 (1 letter)

King, Rufus: 1975 (1 letter)

Kneifel, Mr.: 1956 (1 letter from Lazzari)

Kramer, Herbert (Congregazione del Preziosissimo Sangue): 1950 (1 letter)

Krishnamurti, Jack: 1959 (1 letter)

Kurzland, Toby: 1991 (1 letter)

La Follia: 1926 (1 letter)

La Galleria: 1972 (1 letter)

Landon School for Boys: 1944 (1 letter re: Ernesto Galarza)

Landu, Consuelo: 1948 (1 letter)

Lanier, Fanita: see Ruffiner, Willis E.

La Revue Moderne: 1961 (3 letters)

La Rocca, Principessa de: 1968 (1 letter)

Latif, Bilkeer: undated (1 letter)

Law, L. S.: 1932 (2 letters of recommendation for Lazzari)

Lawton, Thomas: 1974 (1 letter)

Lazzari, Attilio: 1922 (1 letter)

Lazzari, (Grace) Elizabeth Paine: undated and 1920-1951 (69 letters)

Letters from Pietro to Elizabeth: 1928-1929 (52 letters)

Lazzari, Evelyn Cohen: undated and 1948-1965 (6 letters)

Letters from Pietro to Evelyn: undated and 1932-1966 (49 letters, including one with a photograph of friends)

Lazzari, Fernanda (sister) and Vittoria: 1915-1949 (11 letters)

Lazzari, Leno: 1918-1929 (2 letters)

Lebanon: Embassy of Lebanon, Washington: 1956 (1 letter)

Lee, Amy: Nov 01, 1974 (letter from Lazzari); 1975 (1 letter)

Lee, Dal: 1954 (1 letter)

Lee, Pearl: undated (1 letter)

Levy, Sid A.: undated (1 letter)

Library of Congress: undated and 1965-1982 (6 letters)

Licciardi, Pietro: undated (1 letter)

Licinio Cappelli: 1949 (1 letter)

Life Insurance Company of Georgia: 1954 (2 letters)

Little Gallery: see Carolan, Anna B.

Lobatini, G.: undated (1 letter)

Loccatelli, Giulio: 1956-1958 (2 letters)

Lombaro (?), Patricia: 1961 (1 letter)

Loughlin, Dr. John J.: 1936-1940 (2 letters)

Lousine, L.: undated (1 letter)

Luccia, Enrico: undated and 1928-1977 (19 letters)

Lucibello, Luigi: Jan 12, 1965

Lucifero, Alfonso: Jan 13, 1912 (letter from Ministero delle Finanze)

Macpherson, Suzanne: 1957 (2 letters)

Maddux, Yolanda A.: undated (1 letter)

Maezawa, Kezuko: 1956 (1 letter)

Magrini, Livia: 1967-1970 (5 letters)

Makovich, L.: 1950 (1 letter)

Manca, Albino (sculptor): 1971 (1 letter)

Mangravite, Peppino (Columbia University): 1956 (1 letter)

Mann: Charles Z. Mann Gallery: 1966 (1 letter)

Mannarino, Matina: 1968 (1 letter)

Maresciallo, Mr.: undated (1 letter from Lazzari)

Mark, Ginevra: undated (1 letter)

Marlor, Clark S.: 1981 (1 letter)

Marquis Company: 1950-1981 (3 letters)

Maryland: University of Maryland: 1972 (1 letter)

Mattei, Cristina: 1950 (a death announcement)

Mayfield, Mrs. David: 1938 (1 letter)

McAfee, Don: 1955-1969 (3 letters); see Watergate Construction Corp.

McGinnis, Paul: 1988 (1 letter)

McIlhenny, Henry P.: 1949 (1 letter)

McIntyre, W. A.: undated (1 letter)

McKeogh, Elsie: 1954 (1 letter)

McKonish, Margaret: 1949 (1 letter)

McMahon, Mabel: undated (1 letter from A. Guarino)

Meert, Margaret Mullin: 1948 (2 letters)

Meeting House Gallery: 1972 (1 letter)

Meguin, A.: undated (1 letter)

Menard, G.: 1928 (1 letter)

Men of Achievement: 1974-1975 (2 letters)

Mensh, Elizabeth: 1978 (1 letter)

Merritt, Polly: undated (1 letter)

Messina, Joseph R.: 1971 (1 letter)

Metropolitan Museum of Art: 1951 (1 letter)

Miami Museum of Modern Art: 1965-1968 (7 letters)

Miki, Suizan: undated (1 letter)

Mills, Harrington: 1933 (1 letter)

Ming, Wang (National Art & Frame Co.): 1968 (1 letter)

Mitchell, Austin: 1946 (1 letter)

Montgomery County Art Association: 1961 (1 letter)

Moore, Norman Perry: 1927-1928 (2 letters)

Moore, Paul: 1970 (1 letter)

Morey, Mr.: [1950] (1 letter)

Morott, Aristodemi: 1918 (1 letter)

Morrison, Lillian: 1971 (1 letter)

Mortot, Virgilio: undated and 1962-1964 (4 letters)

Morvidi, Maria: 1918 (1 letter)

Moskin, Ruth: undated (1 letter)

Mullins, Mrs.: undated (1 letter)

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: undated and 1955 (2 letters)

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: 1964 (2 letters)

Museum of Modern Art: 1949-1973 (3 letters); see Junior Council of the Museum of Modern Art

Myers, Eugene Ekander: 1976 (1 letter)

National Academy of Design: [1939] (1 letter)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration: 1962-1973 (5 letters including 4 photographs of artwork and 23 photographs of astronauts Eugene A. Cernan, Ronald E. Evans, and Harrison H. Schmitt preparing for an Apollo 17 mission to the moon; an Apollo translunar/transearth trajectory plotting chart; an Apollo lunar orbit chart; and an Apollo earth orbit chart); see Cooke: Hereward Lester Cooke Foundation

National Cyclopedia of American Biography: 1979 (1 letter)

National Gallery of Art: undated and 1956-1974 (7 letters)

National Housing Center: 1961 (2 letters)

National Investigations Committee on Aerian Phenomena: 1957 (1 letter)

National Society of Arts and Letters: 1952 (1 letter)

National Society of Mural Painters: 1940-1963 (3 letters)

National Student Art Tour: 1949 (1 letter)

National Sugar Refining Company: 1938 (1 letter)

Neale, Rosamund: 1961 (1 letter)

Neilson, Robert Hude: 1928 (1 letter)

Nelson, Helen Ewing: undated (1 letter)

New American Library: 1953 (1 letter)

Newlin, Ben: 1979 (1 letter)

New Society for Art and Literature: 1947 (1 letter)

Nichol, Jean: 1926 (2 letters)

Nichol, Nella: 1929 (1 letter)

Nilsen, Laila: 1946 (1 letter)

Nobili, A.: undated letter written on reverse of photograph of Nobili painting

Nuova Critica Europea: 1969 (1 letter)

O'Connor, Don: 1960 (1 letter)

O'Connor, FrancisV.: 1968 (1 letter)

Oggi: 1967 (1 letter)

Okamoto, Yoichi R.: undated (1 letter)

Oklahoma Art Center: 1969 (1 letter)

Oklahoma Museum of Art: 1988 (1 letter)

Olson: Charles Olson Archives, University of Connecticut: 1975-1976 (3 letters)

Oregon State Library: 1957 (1 letter)

Orlando, Teresa: undated and 1949-1971 (3 letters)

Ottiani, Giuseppe: 1909 (1 letter)

Palmieri, Renato: 1928 (1 letter)

Park, Marlene: 1979 (1 letter)

Pavia, Dagoberto: 1959 (1 letter)

Pavia, Goffredo: 1921-1924 (7 letters)

Palmieri, Renato: 1957 (1 letter)

Palombi, Angelo: 1921 (1 letter)

Pan American Union: 1944-1945 (2 letters)

Parsons, Betty (Betty Parsons Gallery): undated and 1949-1973 (9 letters)

Passedoit Gallery: 1956 (1 letter)

Pensione Boos, Rome: 1928 (1 letter)

Pensione Girardet, Rome: 1928 (1 letter)

Perentine, Giuseppe (Nino): 1927-1950 (3 letters)

Peresson, I.: 1971 (1 letter)

Peretti, Luigi: undated (1 letter)

Perkins, Milo: 1944 (1 letter re: Ernesto Galarza)

Perna, Giorgio: undated (1 letter)

Peterson, Esther: 1978 (1 letter)

Philadelphia Department of Public Property: 1960 (1 letter)

Philadelphia Museum of Art: 1965-1966 (3 letters)

Phillips, Duncan: 1954 (1 letter)

Pirucchini, Maria: 1927 (1 letter)

Pope Paul VI: mentioned in 7 letters dated 1966, including 2 photographs of Lazzari with bust of the Pope; see Fiore, Ilario; see Giovannetti, Alberto; see Institute for the Arts of the Archdiocese of Washington

Preissler, Audrey: 1970 (1 letter)

Print Collector's Quarterly: 1949 (1 letter)

Print Council of America: 1963 (1 letter)

Prospersin, Eugenio: 1941 (1 letter)

Pyramid Club: 1956 (1 letter)

Quick, Robert B.: 1972 (1 letter)

Quinzi, Amerigo: 1920-1925 (2 letters)

Rady, Cabell: 1958 (1 letter)

Rahill, William Allen: 1954 (1 letter from Lazzari)

Raker, J. M.: 1928 (1 letter)

Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center: undated (1 letter)

Randall, Megan: 1975 (1 letter)

Rassegna Nazionale di Arti Figurative: 1948 (1 letter)

Rattu, Salvatore: undated and 1926-1966 (13 letters)

Reeves, Rosser: 1947 (1 letter)

The Reporter -- magazine: 1956 (1 letter)

Reuther, Victor: see United Auto Workers

Reynolds, D.: 1939 (1 letter from Lazzari)

Rhine, J. B.: 1949 (1 letter)

Ricca, Roberta: undated (1 letter)

Rieder (?), Baronessa: 1934 (1 letter)

Rioffo, Angela: 1959-1962 (2 letters including 2 photographs of friends)

River Road Gallery, Louisville, Ky.: 1941-1943 (4 letters)

Rivoi, Swami: undated (1 letter)

Robson, John: 1958 (1 letter)

Rocca Sinibalda: 1920 (1 letter)

Rockefeller, Nelson A.: 1946 (1 letter)

Rodman, Selden: undated (1 letter)

Rollins College: 1933-1942 (4 letters)

Roosevelt, Eleanor: Nov 09, 1945 and a letter dated 1964 concerns a viewing of the Roosevelt portrait bust); see White House; see Roosevelt Library

Roosevelt: Franklin D. Roosevelt Library at Hyde Park: 1963-1965 (8 letters, including typescripts of speeches); see United Auto Workers

Ross, Fred: 1949 (1 letter)

Rosso, Giulio: undated letter of recommendation by Lazzari

Roth, Maurice: 1993 (1 letter including 2 photographs of Lazzari's work)

Rothschild, Anselm A.: undated (1 letter)

Rowan, Edward: see Federal Works Agency

Rowan, Leata: undated (1 letter)

Rowantrees Pavilion: see Thompson, Lin

Rowin, Fran: 1976 (2 letters)

Rowland, Creelman: undated (1 letter)

Ruffner, Willis E. (lawyer for Fanita Lanier): 1944 (1 letter)

Russell, N. F. S.: 1932 (1 letter)

Rust, John and Thelma: 1952-1954 (38 letters, including an application from Lazzari for a grant from the John Rust Foundation, including a clipping about Rust and 3 photographs of cotton pickers); see West Tennessee Historical Society

St. Louis, Bertha: undated (1 letter)

Sanderson, W. A. (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation): 1958 (1 letter)

San Francisco Museum of Art: 1967 (1 letter)

Sartori, Guiolitta: undated letter from A. Guarino

Satterlee & Smith, Architects: 1962 (1 letter)

Savini, Renata: 1965-1967 (3 letters)

Scheetz, June Rice: undated (1 letter)

Schoenberg, Rose: 1967 (1 letter)

Schurmer, Zaira E.: 1947 (2 letters)

Schwarz -- magazine: 1957 (1 letter)

Scigliano, Peppino Cosenza: 1910 (2 letters)

Sebastiani, G.: undated (1 letter)

Selmi, Gabriella: undated (1 letter)

Sevareid, Eric: 1956 (1 letter)

Sheen, Rev. Fulton J.: 1970 (1 letter)

Simotti, Aristide (friend who was prisoner of war): 1911-1925 (62 letters)

Sinisca: undated (1 letter)

Sirony, Simone: 1955-1964 (8 letters)

Smart: David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art: 1991-1996 (4 letters)

Smith, George: 1926-1927 (2 letters)

Smithsonian Institution: undated and 1947-1976 (8 letters)

Snyder, Nell H.: 1969 (1 letter)

Society of American Etchers: 1944 (1 letter)

Society of American Graphic Artists: 1956 (2 letters)

Society of Washington Artists: 1960-1961 (2letters)

Society of Washington Printmakers: 1976 (2 letters)

Sound View Press: 1991 (1 letter)

Spiral Group: see Strantin, Wally

Stevenson, Adlai: see White House

Stewart, George: 1932 (1 letter)

Strantin, Wally and Edward: 1950-1951 (2 letters)

Stroppoghetti, Arturo: 1923 (1 letter)

Stubbs, Kenneth: [1948] (1 letter)

Studer, Alfredo and Clara: 1947-1976 (15 letters)

Sweeney, James Johnson: 1949 (1 letter)

Syracuse University: 1964 (1 letter)

Taylor, Prentiss: 1972 (1 letter)

Teller, Douglas H.: 1963 (1 letter)

Terenz, Don Umberto: 1960 (1 letter)

Thames and Hudson, Ltd.: 1974 (1 letter)

Thomas, Norman: 1963-1965 (2 letters)

Thomen, Luis Francisco (Ambassador from Dominican Republic): undated (1 letter)

Thompson, Lin: 1950-1951 (3 letters)

Thurston, Charles D.: 1927-1928 (4 letters)

Tibet Society: 1975 (1 letter)

Timpenado, Cesare: 1927 (1 letter)

Tirrocelli (?), A.: 1917 (1 letter)

Toledo Museum of Art: 1957 (1 letter)

Toscanini, Arturo: mentioned in 2 letters dated 1928

Tosello, Alfredo: 1947-1949 (2 letters)

Tosi, Elisa: 1929 (1 letter)

Treasury Department, Section of Painting and Sculpture: 1936-1939 (53 letters concerning the Arlington, N.J. post office, the Sanford, N.C. post office, and the New York World's Fair Sculpture Competition)

Truman: Harry S Truman Library at Independence, Mo.: 1963 (1 letter)

Turkish Embassy, Washington, D.C.: 1958-1959 (4 letters including a photograph of Lazzari)

Tyler, Richard O.: 1958 (1 letter)

Ugolini, Luigi: 1969 (1 letter)

Ungar, Harold and Mildred: 1965 (1 letter)

United Auto Workers (U.A.W.): 1963-1971 (9 letters); see Debs: Eugene V. Debs Foundation

United Scenic Artists of America: [1939] (1 letter)

United States Civil Service Commission: 1944 (2 letters)

United States Department of Agriculture: 1945-1967 (10 letters)

United States Department of Labor: undated (1 letter)

United States Information Agency: 1959 (1 letter)

United States Information Service: Jul 09, 1964

University Settlement: 1946 (2 letters)

Upham, Elizabeth: 1948 (1 letter)

Van De Bries, Enri: 1973 (1 letter)

Vangell?, Raphaele: undated (1 letter)

Van Smith, Anne: 1949 (1 letter)

Venice Biennale: 1948-1954 (3 letters)

Vermont Marble Company: 1955 (1 letter)

Veschi, Signora: undated (1 letter)

Vickery, Ruth Bacon: 1929 (1 letter)

Victoria Hotel, Rome: 1928 (2 letters)

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: 1956 (1 letter)

Visher, John: 1956 (1 letter)

Vosseller, Harold: 1948 (1 letter)

Wagner, Edward A. (Dell Publishing Co.) and Julia: 1954-1976 (5 letters)

Waldo, M. V.: 1945 (1 letter)

Warren, Susan and Louise: undated (1 letter)

Washington Gallery of Modern Art: undated (1 letter)

Washington is Wonderful: see Jones, Dorothea and Stuart E.

Washington-Lee High School: 1961 (1 letter)

Washington, Walter E. (Mayor of Washington, D.C.): 1976 (1 letter); Oct 19, 1976 (1 letter from Franz Bader)

Washington Water Color Association: undated and 1961 (3 letters)

Watergate Construction Corp.: 1968-1969 (4 letters); see Don McAfee

Watson, Ernest W. (editor, -- Art Instruction -- and -- American Artist -- ): 1939-1949 (3 letters)

Watson, Forbes: see Art in Federal Buildings, Inc.

Weil, Frank L.: 1926-1936 (2 letters)

Weinmann, Eric: 1980 (1 letter including a photograph of artwork)

Wells, John K. (Equitable Life Assurance Society): undated (1 letter)

West Tennessee Historical Society: 1952 (3 letters); see Rust, John

Weyhe: E. Weyhe Gallery: 1949 (1 letter)

White, Sarah: 1929 (1 letter)

Whitney Museum of American Art: 1939-1980 (11 letters)

Whyte Gallery: 1944-1950 (2 letters)

Widdemer, Kenneth D.: 1928 (1 letter)

White House: 1965-1968 (4 letters concerning the presentations of the busts of Eleanor Roosevelt and Adlai Stevenson)

Whittemore, Manvel: 1936 (1 letter enclosing poems)

Who's Who in America: 1979-1980 (2 letters)

Works Progress Administration: 1937-1938 (4 letters)

Workshop Center of the Arts: 1953 (1 letter); see Berkowitz, Ida and Leon

WRC Radio: 1966 (1 letter including a photograph of Lazzari)

WRC-TV: 1967 (1 letter)

Young, June: undated (1 letter)

Young, Louis Butler: 1971 (1 letter)

Zerega, Andrea: 1972-1976 (4 letters, including a résumé)
Collection Restrictions:
The collection is open for research. Use requires an appointment.
Collection Rights:
The Archives of American Art makes its archival collections available for non-commercial, educational and personal use unless restricted by copyright and/or donor restrictions, including but not limited to access and publication restrictions. AAA makes no representations concerning such rights and restrictions and it is the user's responsibility to determine whether rights or restrictions exist and to obtain any necessary permission to access, use, reproduce and publish the collections. Please refer to the Smithsonian's Terms of Use for additional information.
Collection Citation:
Pietro Lazzari papers, 1878-1998. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
AAA.lazzpiet, Series 2
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Pietro Lazzari papers
Archival Repository:
Archives of American Art

Americans All: School segregation in the District of Columbia

Todd, Tomlinson  Search this
District of Columbia. Board of Education  Search this
Davis, John P. (John Preston), 1905-1973  Search this
Fickling, Austin L.  Search this
Galarza, Ernesto, 1905-1984  Search this
Harris, Frederick Tobias  Search this
Sutler, Walter  Search this
Collection Collector:
Whitehead, Henry P. (Prenton), 1917-2002  Search this
3 Sound discs (lacquer)
Box 137
Archival materials
Sound discs (lacquer)
Washington (D.C.)
1947 June 1
Collection Restrictions:
Use of the materials requires an appointment. Please contact the archivist to make an appointment:
Collection Rights:
The Henry P. Whitehead collection is the physical property of the Anacostia Community Museum. Literary and copyright belong to the author/creator or their legal heirs and assigns. Rights to work produced during the normal course of Museum business resides with the Anacostia Community Museum. For further information, and to obtain permission to publish or reproduce, contact the Museum Archives.
Schools  Search this
Education  Search this
Segregation  Search this
Litigation  Search this
Radio programs  Search this
Democracy  Search this
Collection Citation:
Henry P. Whitehead collection, Anacostia Community Museum Archives, Smithsonian Institution, gift of Michael A. Watkins.
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Henry P. Whitehead collection
Henry P. Whitehead collection / Series 3: Tomlinson D. Todd / 3.4: "Americans All" / 3.4.2: Sound Recordings
Archival Repository:
Anacostia Community Museum Archives

Leonard Nadel Photographs and Scrapbooks

Nadel, Leonard, 1916-1990  Search this
Galarza, Ernesto  Search this
3 Cubic feet (10 boxes)
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Photographic prints
Black-and-white photographs
Texas -- 20th century
bulk 1956-1960
Photographer Leonard Nadel's supplemental material relating to and photographs of the Mexican braceros (manual laborers). They were photographed in California, Texas, and Mexico for the Ford Foundation's Fund for the Republic during the late 1950s and early 1960s in support of a report entitled Strangers in Our Fields by Dr. Ernesto Galarza.
Scope and Contents:
The collection is divided into three series. Each series is arranged chronologically.

Series 1: Scrapbooks, 1950-1968, contains scrapbooks of clippings of magazine articles and newspaper stories written by Nadel and others as well as magazines and newspaper articles making use of his photographs. The material is from a variety of specialty and mainstream publications and varies in subject matter. The scrapbooks are not only focused on Nadel's work for the Ford Foundation's Fund for the Republic but also offer a broad sampling of his work throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Material in the scrapbooks are arranged in rough chronological order. There is also a sample custom cover from one of the scrapbooks.

Series 2: Photographs, 1956-1960, undated, contains photographs printed from his negatives of the braceros. This series also contains a complete run of 8" x 10" contact sheets from his negatives of the bracero. The negatives themselves are in this series but not available for research per donor request. There are photographs ranging in size from 8" x 10" to large format photographs (10 1/2" x 13 1/2") that are keyed to frames on the contact sheets for easy reference. Negatives are arranged chronologically and captions are keyed to the negative numbers. These images have been digitized and may be found by searching "Nadel" on the collections section of the National Museum of American History website or by contacting the Archives Center.

Series 3: Publications and Supplemental Materials, 1956-2006, undated, contains correspondence, copies of Strangers in Our Fields, the publication making use of Nadel's bracero photographs, and other publications citing Nadel's work or based on it. This series also contains correspondence and written material from Evelyn De Wolfe Nadel, wife of Leonard Nadel; material relating to Nadel's photographic archive and captions for a selection of the bracero photographs. There is a selection of assorted loose news clippings.
This collection is divided into three series:

Series 1: Scrapbooks, 1950-1968

Series 2: Photographs, 1956-1960, undated

Series 3: Publications and Supplemental Materials, 1956-2006, undated
Biographical / Historical:
Primarily known as a freelance photographer and photojournalist, Leonard Nadel (1916-1990) was born in Harlem, New York to Austro-Hungarian immigrant parents. He attended the City College of New York. Entering the Army during World War II, he trained at the Army Signal Corps Photographic Center. During the war he served in Australia, New Guinea, and the Philippines. After the war he returned to New York and received his master's degree in education from Teachers College, Columbia University. He moved to Los Angeles, California and studied at the Art Center College of Design.

In Los Angeles, Nadel photographed both the Pueblo del Rio and Aliso Village housing projects. He was also hired by the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) to document living conditions in the city's slums and their new post-World War II housing projects. Nadel continued his employment with HACLA until 1953, when he resigned because his HACLA colleague, Frank Wilkinson, was blacklisted by the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) and forced to resign.

Between 1953 and 1980 Nadel worked as a freelance photographer for such publications as the Los Angeles Times, Harvester News, Life, Business Week, and other major publications. His work with the Ford Foundation's Fund for the Republic resulted in his work documenting the bracero program. These photographs were taken by Leonard Nadel in connection with a survey of braceros done by Ernesto Galarza for the Fund for the Republic in 1956 in support of the publication, Strangers in Our Fields. During World War II, the United States and Mexico entered an agreement to alleviate the US labor shortage created by the war by importing Mexican workers. This arrangement outlasted the end of the war and by the time of Nadel's photographs nearly half a million Mexican contract workers, in the common vernacular of the time known as "drybacks," were legally imported to the United States annually working on short term labor contracts predominately in agriculture. These workers were also known as braceros, in Spanish translated as "manual laborer".

Nadel wrote of his work with the braceros, "I covered 5,000 miles during a circuit that took me from California to Mexico to Texas. It would have been easy enough just to turn over to the Fund the finished collection of photographs from the 2,000 images I took in attempting to accurately document the story of Strangers in Our Fields. But the conditions I had witnessed stirred me deeply. I felt that it was as much my responsibility to help 'sell' the picture story."

Nadel's photographs were the subject of the National Museum of American History (NMAH) exhibition, "Bittersweet Harvest: The Bracero Program, 1942-1964" in 2009-2010. Nadel's photographs are featured in NMAH's "America on the Move" exhibit. This quote from the "America on the Move" exhibition website gives the history of the photographs as well as the bracero program.

"In 1956, Leonard Nadel was hired by the Fund for the Republic, an anti-McCarthy liberal spin off of the Ford Foundation, to document the Bracero Program. In the 1990s, the Smithsonian Institution acquired the Nadel images. The collection contains 64 captioned photographic prints and 1730 original 35mm negatives (with corresponding contact sheets). The images document life in Mexico, men's experiences of crossing the border, and work and life in the US.

"The Bracero Program came into existence in 1942. Growers argued that labor shortages in the United States resulting from World War II required the recruitment of Mexican nationals. Mexico saw the program as a contribution to the war effort. Although the program began as a temporary war measure, it became a fixture of agricultural work landscape until it was finally terminated in 1964.

"Over the course of its lifetime, the Bracero Program became the largest and most significant U.S. labor guest worker program of the 20th century. In all, over 4.5 million contracts were awarded through the twenty-two years of the program. Despite the well-intentioned contracts, the program did not escape controversy. Some point out the widespread abuses of many of the contract's protective provisions and the violation of the legal rights and civil liberties of the braceros while others describe the program as an opportunity for Mexican nationals to make a living and improve the conditions of their families. Regardless of one's opinion of the program, it had a profound effect on Mexican American settlement patterns in the U.S. and numerous Latino families have ancestors who were involved in the Bracero Program."

Nadel married Los Angeles Times staff writer Evelyn De Wolfe in August 1961. She was Brazilian by birth and after their marriage she resigned from the Times and collaborated with Nadel on many projects that covered both national and international subjects. Nadel died in 1990.
Related Materials:
Materials in Other Organizations

The collections of the Los Angeles Public Library and the Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research each contain photographic images made by Leonard Nadel during the time he worked for The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA). The Photo Collection of the Los Angeles Public Library contains approximately 290 copy negatives and corresponding black-and-white copy prints made from original materials held by HACLA. The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles Photograph Collection, held at the Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research, contains 225 black-and-white photographs produced by HACLA, forty-two of which were taken by Nadel.

The Getty Research Institute, Special Collections, Los Angeles, California, contain 8.75 linear feet (14 boxes) of Leonard Nadel photographs and other material relating to housing and urban redevelopment in Los Angeles, 1947-1998. The collection is described as, "Consisting primarily of photographic material by Leonard Nadel from 1947 to 1957, the collection records early efforts by the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) to promote integrated public housing for the city's growing multi-ethnic population, and also documents several areas of the city that the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) had targeted for commercial revitalization. Nadel's black-and-white negatives, contact prints and two unpublished photographic books form the bulk of the collection, supplemented by handwritten notes and related documents."
The collection was purchased with funds from the Jackson Fund in 2000. All rights were transferred to the National Museum of American History in 2000-2001.
This collection is open for research use. Photographic negatives are not available for research at the donor's request, but contact sheets of the negatives are available in the collection. Some images are restricted for publication, but may be viewed in the Archives Center's reading room.

Gloves must be worn when handling unprotected photographs, negatives, and slides.
Collection items available for reproduction, but the Archives Center makes no guarantees concerning copyright restrictions. Other intellectual property rights may apply. Archives Center cost-recovery and use fees may apply when requesting reproductions.
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Agriculture -- Research  Search this
Agriculture -- Photographs -- 20th century  Search this
Labor  Search this
Agricultural laborers  Search this
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Photographic prints
Photographs -- 1950-1960 -- Black-and-white photoprints -- Silver gelatin
Photographs -- 1950-2000
Black-and-white photographs
Scrapbooks -- 20th century
Leonard Nadel Photographs and Scrapbooks, Archives Center, National Museum of American History.
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Leonard Nadel Photographs and Scrapbooks
Archival Repository:
Archives Center, National Museum of American History
Online Media:

Galarza, Ernesto, Strangers in Our Fields

Collection Photographer:
Nadel, Leonard, 1916-1990  Search this
Box 10, Folder 2-3
Archival materials
Collection Restrictions:
This collection is open for research use. Photographic negatives are not available for research at the donor's request, but contact sheets of the negatives are available in the collection. Some images are restricted for publication, but may be viewed in the Archives Center's reading room.

Gloves must be worn when handling unprotected photographs, negatives, and slides.
Collection Rights:
Collection items available for reproduction, but the Archives Center makes no guarantees concerning copyright restrictions. Other intellectual property rights may apply. Archives Center cost-recovery and use fees may apply when requesting reproductions.
Collection Citation:
Leonard Nadel Photographs and Scrapbooks, Archives Center, National Museum of American History.
See more items in:
Leonard Nadel Photographs and Scrapbooks
Leonard Nadel Photographs and Scrapbooks / Series 3: Publications and Supplemental Material
Archival Repository:
Archives Center, National Museum of American History

Strangers in our fields. Based on a report regarding compliance with the contractual, legal, and civil rights of Mexican agricultural contract labor in the United States, made possible through a grant-in-aid from the Fund for the Republic

Galarza, Ernesto 1905-1984  Search this
Physical description:
80 pages illustrations 23 cm
United States
Agricultural laborers  Search this
Mexican Americans  Search this
Contract labor  Search this
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Barrio boy / Ernesto Galarza ; introduction by Ilan Stavans

Galarza, Ernesto 1905-1984  Search this
Galarza, Ernesto 1905-1984  Search this
Galarza, Ernesto 1905-1984 Childhood and youth  Search this
Physical description:
xxviii, 307 pages ; 22 cm
United States
Sacramento (Calif.)
Nayarit (Mexico)
20th century
Mexican Americans  Search this
Immigrants  Search this
Mexican Americans--Social life and customs  Search this
Mexican American neighborhoods--History  Search this
Social life and customs  Search this
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Tragedy at Chualar : el crucero de las treinta y dos cruces / Ernesto Galarza

Galarza, Ernesto 1905-  Search this
United States Congress House Committee on Education and Labor Report on the Farm Labor Transportation Accident at Chualar, California on September 17, 1963  Search this
Physical description:
106 p. ; 23 cm
Agricultural laborers, Mexican  Search this
Agriculture--Accidents  Search this
Call number:
HD1527.C2 G358 1977
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Merchants of labor:the Mexican bracero story : an account of the managed migration of Mexican farm workers in California, 1942-1960 / by Ernesto Galarza

Galarza, Ernesto 1905-  Search this
Physical description:
284 p. ; 22 cm
Agricultural laborers, Mexican  Search this
Migrant labor  Search this
Call number:
HD1527.C2 G35 1978
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Spiders in the house and workers in the field / Ernesto Galarza

Galarza, Ernesto 1905-  Search this
Di Giorgio Fruit Corporation  Search this
Physical description:
xiv, 306 p. ; 24 cm
Agricultural laborers  Search this
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Farm workers and agri-business in California, 1947-1960 / Ernesto Galarza

Galarza, Ernesto 1905-  Search this
Physical description:
xvii, 405 p. ; 24 cm
Agricultural laborers--Labor unions--History  Search this
Call number:
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

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