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Brooklyn Museum records

Brooklyn Museum  Search this
Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences  Search this
Federal Art Project  Search this
Albee, Grace  Search this
Albers, Josef  Search this
Alps, Glen  Search this
Arms, John Taylor, 1887-1953  Search this
Ballinger, Maxil, 1914-  Search this
Baskin, Leonard, 1922-2000  Search this
Beny, Roloff  Search this
Boyd, Fiske, 1895-1975  Search this
Broner, Robert, 1922-  Search this
Casarella, Edmond, 1920-1996  Search this
Cassatt, Mary, 1844-1926  Search this
Citron, Minna Wright, 1896-1991  Search this
Conover, Robert F. (Robert Fremont), 1920-  Search this
Day, Worden, 1916-1986  Search this
Deshaies, Arthur  Search this
Drewes, Werner, 1899-1985  Search this
Fox, William Henry, 1858-1952  Search this
Frasconi, Antonio  Search this
Fuchs, Emil, 1866-1929  Search this
Goldin, Leon, 1923-  Search this
Gropper, William, 1897-1977  Search this
Hart, George Overbury, 1868-1933  Search this
Hayter, Stanley William, 1901-1988  Search this
Heller, Helen West, d. 1955  Search this
Hoff, Margo  Search this
Jones, John Paul, 1924-  Search this
Kohn, Misch, 1916-  Search this
Lachaise, Isabelle Nagle, d. 1957  Search this
Lang, David, b. 1897  Search this
Martinelli, Ezio, 1913-1980  Search this
Moy, Seong  Search this
Pennell, Joseph, 1857-1926  Search this
Pierce, Danny, 1920-  Search this
Pozzatti, Rudy, 1925-  Search this
Sager, Peter  Search this
Schanker, Louis, 1903-1981  Search this
Schrag, Karl  Search this
Suba, Susanne, 1913-  Search this
Sykes, Maltby  Search this
Takal, Peter, 1905-  Search this
Von Wicht, John, 1888-1970  Search this
Wald, Sylvia, 1915-  Search this
Warsager, Hyman J., 1909-1974  Search this
Weber, Max, 1881-1961  Search this
Whistler, James McNeill, 1834-1903  Search this
Yoshida, Tōshi, 1911-  Search this
Zoellner, Richard  Search this
25 Items (reels of microfilm)
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Scope and Contents:
Included are extensive memoirs of William Henry Fox director of the museum for over 25 years; scattered records of the Brooklyn Institute, 1823-1873; catalogs for Brooklyn Museum exhibits (4 1/2 reels) and for exhibits held in various galleries and museums, primarily in N.Y. (14 reels); brief records of the Dept. of Painting and Sculpture primarily relating to Gilbert Stuart's portrait of George Washington; records of the Dept. of Prints and Drawings, mainly regarding exhibitions, including correspondence, much of it with curator Una Johnson, correspondence with art dealers, files on artists, and statistics on exhibitions, 1936-1939; and records of the Registrar's office, 1933-1936, regarding the museum's involvement in the Federal Art Project of the Works Progress Administration, mainly the Graphic Arts Division.
Dept. of Prints & Drawings artists files relate to: Grace Albee, Josef Albers, Glen Alps, Maxil Ballinger, Leonard Baskin, Wilfred Roloff Beny, Fiske Boyd, Robert Broner, Edmond Casarella, Minna Citron, Robert Conover, Worden Day, Arthur Deshaies, Werner Drewes, Antonio Frasconi, Leon Goldin, William Gropper, Stanley William Hayter, Helen West Heller, Margo Hoff, John Paul Jones, Misch Kohn, David Lang, Ezio Martinelli, Seong Moy, Danny Pierce, Rudolph Pozzatti, Peter Sager, Louis Schanker, Karl Schrag, Susanne Suba, Maltby Sykes, Peter Takal, John Von Wicht, Sylvia Wald, Hyman Warsager, Max Weber, Toshi Yoshida, Richard Zoellner, and others.
Other correspondents of note (reels BR21-22) include John Taylor Arms, Mary Cassatt (1 letter, 1903), George Overbury "Pop" Hart, Mrs. Gaston Lachaise, Joseph Pennell (re Whistler), and a group from art dealers.
Also included are papers of and related to Austrian artist Emil Fuchs, including letters regarding commissions, a list of books and prints, and miscellany.
Biographical / Historical:
The Brooklyn Museum had its roots in the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, founded 1823. The Museum was formed in 1889.
Lent for microfilming 1964-1965 by Brooklyn Museum.
The Archives of American art does not own the original papers. Use is limited to the microfilm copy.
Painters  Search this
Museum administrators -- New York (State) -- New York -- Brooklyn  Search this
Museum directors -- New York (State) -- New York -- Brooklyn  Search this
Art museums -- New York (State)
Archival Repository:
Archives of American Art

William G. Bowdoin letters

New York evening world
Bowdoin, William G. (William Goodrich), 1861-1947  Search this
Gorham Company (New York, N.Y.)  Search this
William Knable & Co.  Search this
Aikman, Walter Monteith, 1857-1939  Search this
Althouse, C. E.  Search this
Andreini, J. M.  Search this
Appel, Joseph H.  Search this
Archibald, A.  Search this
Bach, Richard, 1887-1968  Search this
Barney, J. Stewart (John Stewart), d. 1925  Search this
Beauley, William Jean, b. 1874  Search this
Birnbaum, Martin, 1878-1970  Search this
Brock, Gustav Frederick, 1881-1945  Search this
Browne, Margaret Fitzhugh, 1884-1972  Search this
Caro-Delvaille, Aline  Search this
Chapin, J. H. (Joseph Hawley), 1869-1939  Search this
Chapman, S. Jay  Search this
Clark, William A. (William Andrews), 1839-1925  Search this
Clarke, Thomas B. (Thomas Benedict), 1848-1931  Search this
Clifford, William Hugh, Baron, 1858-1943  Search this
Coe, Henry Eugene, Mrs  Search this
Cooke, Robert Grier  Search this
Coster, Esther A.  Search this
Cox, Bertram  Search this
Craine, E. J.  Search this
Crawford, Winifred Marie  Search this
Davis, Charles H. (Charles Harold), 1856-1933  Search this
Denslow, H. C. (Henry Carey), 1867-1944  Search this
Detwiller, Joel Rhys  Search this
Earle, Olive Lydia  Search this
Eddy, Henry S. (Henry Stephens), 1878-1944  Search this
Ehrich, Harold Louis, 1880-1932  Search this
Fleischman, Leon  Search this
Fowler, Carlton C., 1877-1930  Search this
Fox, William Henry, 1858-1952  Search this
Greene, Beryl Morse, b. 1895  Search this
Hall, Frances Cushing  Search this
Harrington, John W.  Search this
Harte, Richard Bret  Search this
Hartley, Rachel, b. 1884  Search this
Hatfield, T. F. (Thomas F), d. 1925  Search this
Heine, Edward  Search this
Hirst, Claude Raguet, 1855-1942  Search this
Hoffman, Harry L., 1874-1966  Search this
Hopkins, A. A.  Search this
Hudnut, Alexander M. (Alexander Malew)  Search this
Hutchinson, Susan A.  Search this
Inness, Katherine  Search this
Jevons, T. Seton  Search this
Kent, Henry Watson, 1866-1948  Search this
Lafferty, Bob  Search this
Lenique de Francheville, Andree, 1875-1944  Search this
Macbeth, Robert W. (Robert Walker), 1884-1940  Search this
Magonigle, Edith Marion, b. 1877  Search this
Marbury, Elisabeth, 1856-1933  Search this
Maunsbach, Eric C.  Search this
Meyer, Herbert W. (Herbert William), 1882-1960  Search this
Miller, D. Roy, b. 1891  Search this
Montgomery, Percy F.  Search this
Nelson, Laurence, 1887-1978  Search this
Noe, Sydney P. (Sydney Philip), 1885-1969  Search this
Owens, David  Search this
Pearson, Ralph M., 1883-1958  Search this
Perry, Walter Scott  Search this
Plimpton, George  Search this
Rabinovitch, Mr  Search this
Robinson, Edward G., 1893-1973  Search this
Rosenbach, A. S. W. (Abraham Simon Wolf), 1876-1952  Search this
Scott, James, 1889-1967  Search this
Shepherd, James G.  Search this
Siddall, John M.  Search this
Spencer, Robert, 1879-1931  Search this
Stevens, Edward F., 1860-1946  Search this
Swinton, Marion, d. 1938  Search this
Vail, Floyd  Search this
Voorhees, Willis A.  Search this
Wanamaker, John, 1838-1922  Search this
Wentworth, Bertrand H.  Search this
White, Clarence H., 1871-1925  Search this
Wiggins, Guy C. (Guy Carleton), 1883-1962  Search this
Williams, Max, 1874-1927  Search this
Zabriskie, E. C.  Search this
80 Items ((on partial microfilm reel))
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Scope and Contents:
Letters to Bowdoin while he was art critic of the New York Evening World, most of which are brief expressions of appreciation for reviews which Bowdoin has written.
Correspondents include: Walter M. Aikman, C. E. Althouse, J. M.Andreini, Joseph H. Appel, A. Archibald, Richard F. Bach, J. Stewart Barney, William J. Beauley, Martin Birnbaum, Gustav Brock, Margaret F. Browne, Aline Caro-Delvaille, J. H. Chapin, S. Jay Chapman, W. A. Clark, Thomas B. Clarke,William Clifford, Robert G. Cooke, Mrs. Henry E. Coe, Esther A. Coster, Bertram Cox, E. J. Craine, Winifred M. Crawford, Charles H. Davis, H. C. Denslow, Joel R. Detwiller, Olive Earle, Henry S. Eddy, Harold L. Ehrich, Leon Fleischman, Carlton C. Fowler, William H. Fox, the Gorham Co., Beryl M. Greene.
Also, Frances Hall, John W. Harrington, Richard B. Harte, Rachel I. Hartley, T. F. Hatfield, Edward Heine, Claude R. Hirst, Harry L. Hoffman, A. A. Hopkins, Alex Hudnut, Susan A. Hutchinson, Katherine Inness, T. Seton Jevons, Henry W. Kent, William Knable & Co., Robert C.Lafferty, Mme. Andree Lenigue De Franceville, Robert W. Macbeth, Edith Magonigle, Elizabeth Marbury, Eric C. Maunsbach, Herbert Meyer, D. Roy Miller, Percy F. Montgomery, G. Laurence Nelson, Sydney P. Noe, David Owens, Ralph M. Pearson, Walter S. Perry, George A. Plimpton, Rabinovitch, Edward Robinson, A. S. W. Rosenbach, James Scott, James G. Shepherd, John M. Siddall, Robert Spencer, Edward F. Stevens, Marion Swinton, Floyd Vail, Willis A. Voorhees, John Wanamaker, Bertrand H. Wentworth, Clarence H. White, Guy Wiggins, Max Williams, and E. C. Zabriskie.
Biographical / Historical:
Art critic; New York City.
Microfilmed 1956 by the Archives of American Art with other art-related papers in the Manuscript Division of the New York Public Library. Included in the microfilming project were selected papers of the Art Division and the Prints Division.
The Archives of American art does not own the original papers. Use is limited to the microfilm copy.
Art critics -- New York (State) -- New York  Search this
Archival Repository:
Archives of American Art

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