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Oral history interview with Jesse Amado

Amado, Jesse, 1951-  Search this
Cordova, Cary  Search this
Recuerdos Orales: Interviews of the Latino Art Community in Texas  Search this
ArtPace (Foundation : San Antonio, Tex.)  Search this
Contemporary Art for San Antonio (Organization)  Search this
Finesilver Gallery  Search this
Recuerdos Orales: Interviews of the Latino Art Community in Texas  Search this
Casas, Mel, 1929-2014  Search this
Davis, Barbara  Search this
Ford, O'Neil, 1905-  Search this
Hickey, Dave, 1940-  Search this
Holland, Rebecca, 1962-  Search this
Mondini-Ruiz, Franco, 1961-  Search this
Ramirez, Chuck  Search this
Reynolds, Steve  Search this
79 Pages (Transcript)
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2004 May 31-June 7
Scope and Contents:
An interview of Jesse Amado conducted 2004 May 31 and June 7, by Cary Cordova, for the Archives of American Art, at the artist's studio, in San Antonio, Texas.
Includes artist's family background, personalities, and relationship of artist's mother and father; parents' occupations and the effect on the family; brother Gilbert; early influences and experiences in drawing; role of religion during childhood; experiences in school including parochial school and losing interest in 12th grade; experiences working with architect O'Neil Ford in high school; decision to go into the Navy; experiences and travels in the Navy; first impressions of New York City; interest in literature and reading on works and life, including T.S. Eliot, "Tom Sawyer," "The Odyssey;" first experiences with foreign film, especially L'Avventura; bilingualism including learning to speak English and it's possible influences on art; work after the Navy on a tanker; travels in Europe; New York City and experiences working and living there; decision to return to San Antonio; starting at San Antonio College and experience of returning to school; first paintings; attempt at teaching; joining the fire department and influences of that job on his art; MFA study at University of Texas, San Antonio; influences of professors including Steve Reynolds, Mel Casas, and Dave Hickey; major influential discussion with Dave Hickey and art that resulted; BFA show exhibition; beginnings of ideas of fragility and mutability in early pieces; relationship to Minimalism or Conceptual Art in works; the growing art scene in San Antonio and it's galleries, including FineSilver, Blue Star and Art Pace; relationships with other San Antonio artists including Franco Mondini, Chuck Ramirez, Rebecca Holland; discussion of Bemis Foundation show; artist's feelings on being a Latino or Chicano artist; possible Latino influences on his art; discussion of Latino culture and iconography; change from stronger tendencies in painting towards sculpture and installation pieces; discussion of works in the "Taking Liberties" exhibition [1992]; the artist's creation process; discussion of Antonioni's L'Avventura and its use in artist's work; use of text as a visual form; importance of backstory and context to artist's work; use of music and lyrics in work, including James Brown and the Beatles; interest in taglines and its use in art; interest in fashion especially fashion magazines and its use in art; introduction and use of DYMO tape in art; relationship and interactions with galleries and museums, especially the Whitney, Blue Star, FineSilver; Barbara Davis; use of digital photography in work; discussion of the economics of the gallery; the future of artist's work and the importance of the process for the artist in the future; role of Catholicism in artist's work; the exhibition "Renascence" at the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston; influence of marriage and divorce on works.
Biographical / Historical:
Jesse Amadao (1951-) is an artist in San Antonio, Texas. Cary Cordoza (1970-) is an art historian.
Originally recorded on 7 sound discs. Reformatted in 2010 as 9 digital wav files. Duration is 4 hrs., 45 minutes.
Interview recorded on mini discs and compact discs.
This interview is part of the Archives of American Art Oral History Program, started in 1958 to document the history of the visual arts in the United States, primarily through interviews with artists, historians, dealers, critics and administrators.
Transcript available on the Archives of American Art website.
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Painters -- Texas -- San Antonio  Search this
Latino and Latin American artists  Search this
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Sound recordings
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Archives of American Art
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Interviews conducted by Charles Hosmer relating to historic preservation

Hosmer, Charles Bridgham, 1932-  Search this
Albright, Horace M. (Horace Marden), 1890-1987  Search this
Alexander, Edward P. (Edward Porter), 1907-2003  Search this
Appleman, Roy Edgar  Search this
Booton, Joseph F.  Search this
Brown, Paul V.  Search this
Bryan, John Albury, 1890-  Search this
Bullock, Helen Claire Duprey, 1905-  Search this
Bullock, Orin M.  Search this
Burton, E. Milby  Search this
Cooley, Janet R.  Search this
Covell, William King  Search this
Cox, Elbert  Search this
Downing, Antoinette Forrester  Search this
Drury, Newton Bishop, b. 1889  Search this
Edwards, Emily  Search this
Evison, Herbert  Search this
Fauber, J. Everette  Search this
Ferguson, Finlay  Search this
Fontaine, Jules, Mrs  Search this
Ford, O'Neil, 1905-  Search this
Grigg, Milton L. (Milton LaTour), 1905-1982  Search this
Harral, Mary  Search this
Harris, Ethel Wilson  Search this
Hosmer, Charles Bridgham, 1932-  Search this
Jones, Louis C. (Louis Clark), 1908-1990  Search this
Kahler, Herbert E.  Search this
Kane, Harnett Thomas, 1910-  Search this
Koch, Richard, 1889-1971  Search this
Lawwill, Richard  Search this
Lee, Ronald F.  Search this
Lewis, Ralph  Search this
Lord, Clifford Lee, 1912-  Search this
Macomber, Walter M.  Search this
Morris, Miriam Hubbard, 1891-1982  Search this
Morrison, James J.  Search this
Neasham, V. Aubrey (Vernon Aubrey), 1908-  Search this
Palmer, George A.  Search this
Peterson, Erling  Search this
Pitkin, Thomas M.  Search this
Porter, Charles Wesley, 1904-  Search this
Primm, Philip T.  Search this
Rath, Frederick L.  Search this
Ray, Jerome V.  Search this
Robinson, Martha Gilmore, b. 1888  Search this
Simons, Albert, 1890-  Search this
Trudell, Clyde Francis  Search this
Van Ravenswaay, Charles  Search this
Warren, Katherine Urquhart  Search this
Watkins, C. Malcolm  Search this
Watson, Elsa  Search this
Webb, Walter P., Mrs  Search this
Weig, Melvin J.  Search this
Wells, George, Mrs  Search this
Whitelaw, Robert N. S., 1905-  Search this
Wilson, Samuel  Search this
Woodward, Arthur, 1898-1986  Search this
56 Items (interviews (1,712 p. transcribed))
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Scope and Contents:
Interviews conducted by Charles B. Hosmer with 54 persons involved in American historic preservation (used in preparation for his book Preservation Comes of Age) and restoration in the United States. Among the topics discussed are the development of the National Park Service, Williamsburg, National Trust, and projects in California, Charleston, S.C., Illinois, Missouri, New Orleans, La., Newport, R. I., New York State, San Antonio, Tex., and Wisconsin. A 98 p. index to the transcripts is included.
Interviewees are: Horace M. Albright, Edward P. Alexander, Roy Appleman, Joseph Booton, Paul V. Brown, John Albury Bryan, Helen D. Bullock, Orin M. Bullock, E. Milby Burton, Janet R. Cooley, William King Covell, Elbert Cox, Antoinette Downing, Newton B. Drury, Emily Edwards, Herbert Evison, J. Everette Fauber, Finlay Ferguson, Mrs. Jules Fontaine, O'Neill Ford, Milton Grigg, Mary Harral, Ethel Wilson Harris, Louis C. Jones, Herbert E. Kahler, Harnett Kane, Richard Koch, Richard Lawwill, Ronald F. Lee, Ralph Lewis, Clifford Lord, Walter M. Macomber, Mrs. George Maurice Morris, James J. Morrison, Vernon Aubrey Neasham, George A. Palmer, Erling Pederson, Thomas Pitkin, Charles Porter, Philip T. Primm, Frederick L. Rath, Jerome V. Ray, Martha Robinson, Albert Simons, Clyde F. Trudell, Charles Van Ravenswaay, Mrs. George Henry Warren (Katherine Urquhart Warren), Malcolm Watkins, Elsa Watson, Mrs. Walter P. Webb, Melvin J. Weig, Mrs. George Wells, Robert N. S. Whitelaw, Samuel Wilson, and Arthur Woodward.
Biographical / Historical:
Charles B. Hosmer (1932- 1993) was an historian and writer in Principia College, Illinois.
Related Materials:
Charles Hosmer papers also located at the University of Maryland, Special Collections. The collection may include original recordings for some of the interviewees, as well as many additional oral history interviews conducted by Hosmer for his book Preservation Comes of Age as well as interviews conducted for a separate historic preservation project funded by the Eastern National Park and Monument Association.
Donated 1975-1978 by Charles B. Hosmer.
Brown, Cooley, Ferguson, Lawwill, Lewis, Morrison and Palmer are: ACCESS RESTRICTED: written permission required.
Historic buildings -- United States -- Conservation and restoration  Search this
Architecture -- United States -- United States -- Conservation and restoration  Search this
Historic preservation  Search this
Archival Repository:
Archives of American Art

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