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MS 4146 Copies of material regarding American Indians from various publications

Swanton, John Reed, 1873-1958  Search this
Lanman, Charles, 1819-1895  Search this
Stanley, John Mix, 1814-1872  Search this
Cooper, John M. (John Montgomery), 1881-1949  Search this
Béranger, Jean  Search this
González Barcia, Andrés  Search this
Serrano y Sanz, Manuel, 1868-1932  Search this
Ruidíaz y Caravia, Eugenio, 1849-1896  Search this
Capers, William, 1790-1855  Search this
Hall, Basil, 1788-1844  Search this
Lincecum, Gideon, 1793-1874  Search this
Régis du Roullet, Louis Joseph Guillaume de  Search this
Hawkins, Benjamin, 1754-1816  Search this
Ribaut, Jean, approximately 1520-1565  Search this
Le Moyne de Morgues, Jacques, 1533?-1588  Search this
Fernández de Oviedo y Valdés, Gonzalo, 1478-1557  Search this
Laudonnière, René Goulaine de  Search this
Le Page du Pratz, -1775  Search this
Margry, Pierre, 1818-1894  Search this
Kerlérec, Louis Billouart, chevalier de, 1704-1770  Search this
Pope, John, 1749-1802  Search this
Du Ru, Paul, 1666-1741  Search this
Smith, John, 1580-1631  Search this
Escalante Fontaneda, Hernando d'  Search this
371 Pages
23 Items (slips )
Muskogee (Creek)  Search this
Cherokee -- Folklore  Search this
Catawba -- Folklore  Search this
Choctaw -- Folklore  Search this
Siouan -- Eastern  Search this
Natchez -- town  Search this
Creek Indians  Search this
Natchez Indians  Search this
Caddo Indians  Search this
Indians of North America -- Great Plains  Search this
Siouan Indians  Search this
Indians of North America -- Southern States  Search this
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Scope and Contents:

1. Myths and customs of the Cherokee, Catawba, and Choctaw, from "Adventures in the Wilds of the United States and British Provinces," by Charles Lanman, 2 volumes, Philadelphia, 1856- 60 pages.

2. Legends of Caddo Paintings by J. M. Stanley, from "Portraits of North American Indians, with sketches of scenery, etc., Washington, 1852. 1 page".

3. Corrections of McNutt's translations of the section on Chicora in Peter Martyr's "De Orbe Novo," by Dr John M. Cooper. 1 page and letter.

4. Memoirs of Berenger, La Harpe's captain on his exploration of the Texas coast. Copied from manuscript in Newberry Library, Chicago. (Linguistic sections omitted but published by Du Terrage and Rivet in Journal de la Societe des Americanistes de Paris. 34 pages.

5. Excerpts from Barcia's "Ensayo Cronologico a la Historia de la Florida." 23 pages.

6. Excerpts from Serrano y Sanz, "Documentos Historicos de la Florida y la Luisiana." 14 pages with additional slips.

7. Excerpts from Eugenio y Caravia, "La Florida." 2 volumes, 12 pages.

8. Extract from the Journal of the Reverend William Capers, printed in the Methodist Magazine for June, 1822, pages 232-236. 4 pages.

9. Extract from Captain Basil Hall's "Travels in North America in the years 1827 and 1828, Philadelphia, 1929. 18 pages (in duplicate.)

10. Notes from Dr Gideon Lincecum's manuscript entitled "Traditional History of the Chahta Nation", owned by the University of Texas, and never published in its entirety though the Choctaw migration legend was primted by the Mississippi Historical Commission. 21 pages.

11. Three pages of Manuscript material from the library of Col. William Preston, in Virginia State Library. 3 pages. Re Cherokee ca. 1780. Cf.Manuscript # 1912, transcript by Mooney, Same ?

12. Notes from Library of Congress copy of French documents by Regis de Roullet; printed also in Journal de la Societe des Americanistes de Paris. 6 pages.

13. Notes on sewan (Wampum) from "Original Narratives of New Netherlands". 2 pages.

14. Notes on Creek Indians from Manuscripts afterward printed by Grant Foreman in "A Traveler in Indian Territory." 23 pages.

15. Excerpts from a Memoir printed at Luxemberg, a copy of which is in the Library of Congress. 5 pages.

16. Excerpts from the "Letters" of Benjamin Hawkins, printed by the Georgia Historical Society. 23 pages.

17. Excerpts from the Narrative of Jean de Ribault from French's Historical Collections of Louisiana, 1875, 159-190. 4 pages.

18. Excerpts from Narrative of Jacques le Moyne translated and printed in Boston, 1875. 3 pages.

19. Excerpt from Oviedo, "Historia General y Natural," volume 3, 630-631. 3 pages.

20. Excerpt from Relation of Penicaut in Margry, V, page 457. 5 pages.

21. Miscellaneous extracts from Barcia's Ensayo (see Number 5). 44 pages and additional slips.

22. Extracts from Rene Gourlaine de Laudonniere, Paris, 1853, "L'Histoire Notable de la Florida." 44 pages.

23. A page on the Natchez language from Le Page du Pratz, "La Louisiane," Paris, 1758; and lists of Natchez and Taensa villages from Margry. 1 page.

24. Relation of Captain Penalosa's voyage to Florida, from Ruidiaz, "La Florida," volume II, pages 473-476. 4 pages.

25. Excerpt from Iberville's Journal in Margry, volume IV, pages 512-514. 2 pages.

26. Excerpt from de Kerelec's Report in Compte Rendu du Congres Internacional des Americanistes, Quebec, 1907. 1 page.

27. Excerpts from Pope's "Tour". 1 page.

28. Excerpt from Journal of Pere du Ru in Journal de la Societe des Americanistes de Paris (N.S.), Volume XVII, pages 119-135. 6 pages.

29. John Smith's version of the "Huskanaw" ceremony, Tyler ed., pages 112-113. 2 pages.

30. Corrections of translations of Fontaneda by an unknown writer and of doubtful value. 23 slips.
Local Numbers:
NAA MS 4146
Folklore -- Cherokee  Search this
Folklore -- Catawba  Search this
Folklore -- Choctaw  Search this
Expeditions -- La Harpe  Search this
Wampum  Search this
"Huskanaw"  Search this
Language and languages -- Documentation  Search this
Sioux  Search this
Manuscript 4146, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
Archival Repository:
National Anthropological Archives

MS 3642 Translations from Margry, of Extracts from "Relation of the Voyage of Benard de la Harpe. Discovery by him of several Nations situated in the West"

Walker, Philip  Search this
Mooney, James, 1861-1921  Search this
Bénard de La Harpe, Jean Baptiste, 1683-1765  Search this
22 Pages
Archival materials
Collection descriptions
Scope and Contents:
With several marginal and other notations by James Mooney.
Local Numbers:
NAA MS 3642
Expeditions -- extract, de la Harpe, Benard voyage of  Search this
Manuscript 3642, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
Archival Repository:
National Anthropological Archives

Waldo Rudolph Wedel and Mildred Mott Wedel papers, 1893-1994, bulk 1930s-1993

Wedel, Waldo R (Waldo Rudolph) 1908-1996  Search this
Wedel, Mildred Mott  Search this
Bell, Ralph C  Search this
American Antiquity  Search this
Adovasio, J. M  Search this
Anderson, Duane  Search this
Angel, J. Lawrence (John Lawrence)  Search this
Baby, Raymond S  Search this
Banks, Larry  Search this
Baerreis, David Albert  Search this
Bastian, Tyler  Search this
Baumhoff, Martin A  Search this
Bauxar, J. Joseph  Search this
Berry, Breston  Search this
Blaine, Garland  Search this
Blaine, Martha Royce  Search this
Blakeslee, Donald J  Search this
Bournan, Peter W  Search this
Brain, Jeffrey  Search this
Breternitz, David A  Search this
Brown, Margaret K  Search this
Byers, Douglas Swain  Search this
Campbell, Walter S  Search this
Carlson, Gayle F  Search this
Carmichael, Leonard  Search this
Chamberlain, Von Del  Search this
Champe, John Leland  Search this
Chapman, Carl H  Search this
Collier, Donald  Search this
Conner, Stuart W  Search this
Corbyn, Ronald C  Search this
Cutler, Hugh C. 1912-1998  Search this
Dary, David  Search this
Davis, Edward Mott  Search this
Davis, Leslie B  Search this
Deuel, Thorne  Search this
Dick, Herbert William  Search this
Drucker, Philip 1911  Search this
Duck, Tom  Search this
Eddy, John A  Search this
Eiseley, Loren Corey  Search this
Ellis, Florence Hawley  Search this
Evans, Clifford Jr  Search this
Ewald, Paul A  Search this
Ewers, John C (John Canfield) 1909-1997  Search this
Fent, O.S  Search this
Fenton, William Nelson  Search this
Forbis, Richard G  Search this
Ford, James Alfred 1911-1968  Search this
Frison, George C  Search this
Fryxell, F.M  Search this
Good, Mary Elizabeth  Search this
Gradwohl, James M  Search this
Gray, Robert S  Search this
Griffin, James Bennett  Search this
Gunnerson, James H  Search this
Gunnerson, Dolores A  Search this
Gussow, Zachary  Search this
Guthe, Carl E (Carl Eugen) 1893-1974  Search this
Hamilton, Harry W  Search this
Hanson, Charles E  Search this
Hanson, James A  Search this
Harris, Robert King 1912-1980  Search this
Haury, Emil Walter  Search this
Heizer, Robert Fleming 1915-1979  Search this
Hemmings, E. Thomas  Search this
Hill, A.T  Search this
Hill, W.W  Search this
Holder, Preston  Search this
Holder, Preston  Search this
Holland, C.G  Search this
Hotoff, John  Search this
Hurt, Wesley R  Search this
Huscher, Harold A  Search this
Jelinek, George  Search this
Jelks, Edward B  Search this
Jennings, Jesse David  Search this
Johnson, Alfred E  Search this
Johnson, Fred  Search this
Jones, Horace  Search this
Jones, Volney H  Search this
Kehoe, Thomas  Search this
Kelly, Arthur Randolph  Search this
Kidd, Kenneth E  Search this
Kidder, Arthur Vincent  Search this
Kirby, M.E  Search this
Kivett, Marvin E  Search this
Knudson, Ruthann  Search this
Knudtsen, William C Mrs  Search this
Krieger, Alex Dony  Search this
Langford, Russ  Search this
Lehmer, Donald Jayne 1918-1975  Search this
Lowie, Robert Harry  Search this
Magowan, E.S  Search this
Mayer-Oakes, William J  Search this
McReynolds, Robert G  Search this
Merrill, William Lewis  Search this
Metcalf, George 1900-1975  Search this
Monger, Early W  Search this
Mulloy, William  Search this
Norbeck, Edward 1915-  Search this
O'Heeron, Michael K  Search this
Olson, James C  Search this
Omwake, Henri Geiger 1907-1967  Search this
Parks, Douglas R  Search this
Petersen, William J  Search this
Pollock, H.R  Search this
Pollock, H.R  Search this
Reed, Harold W  Search this
Richert, Roland  Search this
Ritchie, William A  Search this
Roberts, Frank H. H (Frank Harold Hanna) 1897-1966  Search this
Roberts, John M  Search this
Rohn, Arthur H  Search this
American Quatenary Association  Search this
Plains Anthropologist  Search this
Bell, Robert Eugene  Search this
Keyes, Charles R  Search this
Physical description:
52 linear feet ( 117 document boxes, 2 card file boxes, 1 5x6x2.5" box, and 1 record storage box) plus 2 oversize boxes, 7 printing blocks, and 4 map drawers
Archival materials
Collection descriptions
bulk 1930s-1993
Data Source:
National Anthropological Archives

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