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Festival Recordings: Narrative Stage: Ways of our Grandmothers; Transforming Traditions

Smithsonian Institution. Festival of American Folklife. Heartbeat Program 1995 Washington, D.C.  Search this
Mullen, Mary (recorder)  Search this
Walters, Wendy (recorder)  Search this
DeLaune, Dorothy Whitehorse  Search this
Charles, Elena, 1918-2007  Search this
Stachelrodt, Mary  Search this
Chandler, Cora  Search this
Smith, Ramona  Search this
Sweethearts of Navajoland  Search this
Collection Creator:
Smithsonian Institution. Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage  Search this
1 Sound recording (compact audio cassette)
1 Sound cassette (analog.)
Indians of North America  Search this
Americans  Search this
Kiowa Indians  Search this
Yupik Eskimos  Search this
Navajo Indians  Search this
Atsina Indians  Search this
Cree Indians  Search this
Archival materials
Sound recordings
Sound cassettes
United States
Washington (D.C.)
Anadarko (Okla.)
Bethel (Alaska)
Chinle (Ariz.)
Fort Belknap Indian Reservation (Mont.)
1995 June 25
Track Information:
101 Ways of Our Grandmothers / Dorothy Whitehorse DeLaune, Elena Charles, Mary Stachelrodt. Hand drums.

102 Transforming Traditions / Sweethearts of Navajoland, Cora Chandler, Ramona Smith. Drum,Water-drum.
Local Numbers:
Date/Time and Place of an Event Note:
Recorded in: Washington (D.C.), United States, June 25, 1995.
Restrictions on access. Some duplication is allowed. Use of materials needs permission of the Smithsonian Institution.
Collection Rights:
Copyright and other restrictions may apply. Generally, materials created during a Festival are covered by a release signed by each participant permitting their use for personal and educational purposes; materials created as part of the fieldwork leading to a Festival may be more restricted. We permit and encourage such personal and educational use of those materials provided digitally here, without special permissions. Use of any materials for publication, commercial use, or distribution requires a license from the Archives. Licensing fees may apply in addition to any processing fees.
American Indian  Search this
Oral history  Search this
Hand drums  Search this
Drum  Search this
Water-drum  Search this
Gender  Search this
Family  Search this
language  Search this
Generations  Search this
Names  Search this
Folklore  Search this
Rites and ceremonies  Search this
puberty  Search this
World War, 1939-1945  Search this
Collection Citation:
Smithsonian Folklife Festival records: 1995 Festival of American Folklife, Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections, Smithsonian Institution.
CFCH.SFF.1995, Item FP-1995-CT-0488
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Archival Repository:
Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections

MS 2925 Report of the Northern Alaska Exploring Expedition

Stoney, George Morse, 1852-1905  Search this
Eskimo -- birth  Search this
Eskimo -- Boats  Search this
Eskimo -- Dwellings  Search this
Eskimo -- Clothing  Search this
Eskimo -- Hide preparation  Search this
Eskimo -- anthropometry  Search this
Eskimo -- Folklore  Search this
Eskimo -- Trade  Search this
Eskimo -- Medicine  Search this
Eskimo -- Children  Search this
Eskimo -- puberty  Search this
Eskimo -- sledge  Search this
Eskimo -- deer drive  Search this
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
April 13, 1884-November 9, 1886
Scope and Contents:
This published account follows the manuscript in the main, with minor editorial changes, especially in the paragraphing and in arrangement of the sections. However, there are some paragraphs and several entire sections in the manuscript which do not appear in the published account. Manuscript page number 160-163. "Boats." Includes drawing of oomiak, kayak, and birchbark canoe, page 161. 163-165. "Houses." Includes drawing of ground plan and cross-section, page 164. 165-167. "Clothing." 167. "Tanning Skins." 167-168. "Thread, Rope, etc." 168-169. Line drawing and description of Malemute sledge. 175-179. "The Second Expedition. ...lists of the provisions, small stores and clothing, outfit, and trade articles of the expedition." 180-199. "Aurora." Observations, August 25, 1885-May 31, 1886. 200-207. "Explorer, Engines and Boiler; Particulars and Dimensions." 208-209. "First Expedition. Stores taken in stem cutter Helena on her survey trip." 210-216; Measurements of Uneluk, Putnam River Malemute, male, aged 32; [217-219] Apaucuk, No-to-ark River, Malemute, male, aged ca. 42; Tatantuk, Norton Sound Malemute, age unknown. [220-238] "Meteorological Observations," including original data sheets.
Manuscript page Number 8. Paragraph concerning native village, N.W. side of Nunivak Island. 10. Paragraph concerning native village, S.W. side of Sledge Island. 60. "Ground plan of hut showing interior." Ink diagram of hut described in published text, page 40. 82. "Section of hut showing interior." Diagram of hut described in published text, page 46. 121-22. "The Chipp or Ik-pik-puk River." 122-122 1/2. "The Colville or Kinyanook River." 127. "Puberty" and "Birth." (Published version lists "Parturation" in contents, but does not treat it in text.) 129. Native population figures. 134-35. Last paragraph of "Doctors" section, describing cure for petty illnesses, using shaman's belt and a stick. (Last 3 paragraphs in published version under "Doctors," pages 90-91, are not in Manuscript.) 139. Diagram of deer drive. 152-157. Legends." (Published version lists in Contents, "Native Legends as Chap. XIII, but this chapter is not in text. Chap. XIV of the Contents, "All Aboard for Home," is not in the published text, nor is it in the Manuscript.) 157-60. "Trade." Gives "articles most in demand," and "price list obtained from the traders" with value of trade goods in terms of number of skins.
Local Numbers:
NAA MS 2925
Local Note:
See Lt. George M. Stoney, Naval Explorations in Alaska; An Account of Two Naval Expeditions to Northern Alaska, with Official Maps of the Country Explored, U.S. Naval Institute, Annapolis, Maryland, 1900, 105 pages, 3 maps, 7 plates. line drawings.
Boats -- Eskimo  Search this
Dwellings -- Eskimo  Search this
Clothing -- Eskimo  Search this
Hide preparation -- Eskimo  Search this
Anthropology, physical -- Eskimo  Search this
Folklore -- Eskimo  Search this
Trade, gifts and exchanges -- Eskimo  Search this
Medicine -- Eskimo  Search this
Children and childbirth -- Eskimo  Search this
Language and languages -- Documentation  Search this
Manuscript 2925, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
Archival Repository:
National Anthropological Archives

Black Europe / by Jeffrey Green, Rainer E. Lotz and Howard Rye

Sounds and images of Black people in Europe pre-1927
Green, Jeffrey P.  Search this
Lotz, Rainer E.  Search this
Rye, Howard  Search this
Bergmeier, Horst  Search this
Nowakowski, Konrad  Search this
Ziegler, Susanne  Search this
Mahrenholz, Hans-Jürgen  Search this
Stoecker, Holger  Search this
Weeks, Seth  Search this
Davis, Belle  Search this
Woolf, Gipsy 1882-1986  Search this
Fields, Arabella 1879-  Search this
Zabriskie, Pete  Search this
Hampton, Pete  Search this
Bowman, Laura 1881-1957  Search this
Carlisle, George Horace 1883-1963  Search this
Wellmon, Harry  Search this
Johnson, Jack 1878-1946  Search this
Roberts, Bob 1885 or 1889-1926  Search this
Boyd, Joseph 1870-  Search this
Garland, Will 1878-1938  Search this
Jenkins, Edmund Thornton 1894-1926  Search this
Parker, Herbert Eugene 1896-  Search this
Mitchell, Louis A. 1885-1957  Search this
Dixon, Rudolph 1896-1944  Search this
Dove, Evelyn 1902-1987  Search this
Jones, Russell 1892-1959  Search this
Payne, John 1872-  Search this
Hayes, Roland 1887-1977  Search this
Stretton, Gordon  Search this
Boucher, James 1902-1973?  Search this
Granstaff, Earl 1893 or 1894-1929  Search this
Sissle, Noble 1889-1975  Search this
Blake, Eubie 1887-1983  Search this
Wooding, Sam 1895-1985  Search this
Briggs, Arthur 1899-1991  Search this
Caillaux, Pierre de  Search this
Pollard, Hughes 1892-1926  Search this
Baker, Josephine 1906-1975  Search this
Hednoff, Harry 1896-1982  Search this
Tessema Eshete 1876-1964  Search this
Ransome-Kuti, J. J (Josaiah Jesse) 1855-1930  Search this
Plaatje, Sol. T (Solomon Tshekisho) 1876-1932  Search this
Cole, M (Singer)  Search this
Martin, E. O.  Search this
Nathaniels, R. C. -1962  Search this
Solanke, Ladipo  Search this
Four Black Diamonds (Musical group)  Search this
Black Troubadours  Search this
Georgia Piccaninnies (Musical group)  Search this
Ciro's Club Coon Orchestra  Search this
Savoy Quartet  Search this
Versatile Four (Musical group)  Search this
Dan & Harvey's Jazz Band  Search this
Famous Broadway Band  Search this
Layton and Johnstone  Search this
Hatch and Carpenter  Search this
Four Harmony Kings  Search this
Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel 1875-1912 Scenes from The song of Hiawatha Hiawatha's wedding feast Selections  Search this
Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel 1875-1912 Songs op. 37 Elëanor  Search this
Phonothèque nationale (France)  Search this
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Lautarchiv  Search this
Berliner Phonogramm-Archiv  Search this
Exposition universelle internationale de 1900 (Paris, France)  Search this
Physical description:
2 volumes : color illustrations, facsimiles, maps, portraits ; 31 cm + 1 case of 44 sound discs (digital, mono. ; 4 3/4 in.) + 1 CD-ROM (PDF ; 4 3/4 in.)
Field recordings
C2013, p2013
To 1921
Blacks  Search this
African Americans--Influence  Search this
African Americans  Search this
Music  Search this
Folk music  Search this
Popular music  Search this
Ragtime music  Search this
String band music  Search this
Spirituals (Songs)  Search this
Jazz  Search this
Minstrel music  Search this
African languages  Search this
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

An Anthology of North American Indian and Eskimo Music [sound recording]

Asch, Michael  Search this
La Farge, Peter 1931-1965  Search this
Low Horn, Jack  Search this
Low Horn, Jim  Search this
Wings, Emil, Mrs  Search this
Peaychew, William 1900-1960  Search this
Anquoe, Jack V. 1933-2006  Search this
Anquoe, Kenneth 1920-1989  Search this
Webster, Nick  Search this
Evarts, Mark  Search this
Burn Stick, William  Search this
Nicotine, George  Search this
Roanhorse, Ambrose 1904-1982  Search this
Pichette, Baptiste 1903-1986  Search this
Conko, Eneas  Search this
John, Burton 1905-1996  Search this
James, Roy  Search this
Poolaw, Irene Chalepah 1920-2000  Search this
Assu, Billy  Search this
Martin, Mungo 1879-1962  Search this
McKenzie, Sebastian  Search this
Ahkivigak, Otis  Search this
Lewis, Thomas  Search this
Miller, Huron  Search this
Yellow Thunder, Albert 1878-1951  Search this
Snake, Blow  Search this
White Eagle, Winslow b. 1896  Search this
Kenosha, David, Oshawenimiki 1893-1963  Search this
Lacasse, Fred  Search this
Shalifoe, Thomas 1903-1986  Search this
Stewart, Billy, Gatcayehola  Search this
Stewart, Billie  Search this
Tiger, Susie 1871-1970  Search this
Fort Wingate (N.M.) Indian School  Search this
Kemukserar  Search this
Pangatkar  Search this
Physical description:
1 phonograph record : analog, 33 1/3 rpm ; 12 in
Americans  Search this
Indians of North America  Search this
Canadians  Search this
Teton Indians  Search this
Dakota Indians  Search this
Assiniboine Indians  Search this
Kainah Indians  Search this
Cree Indians  Search this
Kiowa Indians  Search this
Arapaho Indians  Search this
Pawnee Indians  Search this
Navajo Indians  Search this
Apache Indians  Search this
Salish Indians  Search this
Hualapai Indians  Search this
Tohono O'Odham Indians  Search this
Washo Indians  Search this
Taos Indians  Search this
San Ildefonso Pueblo (N.M.)  Search this
Hopi Indians  Search this
Zuni Indians  Search this
Kiowa Apache Indians  Search this
Nootka Indians  Search this
Denetha  Search this
Slaves  Search this
Naskapi Indians  Search this
Inuit  Search this
Onondaga Indians  Search this
Tuscarora Indians  Search this
Winnebago Indians  Search this
Ottawa Indians  Search this
Ojibwa Indians  Search this
Seminole Indians  Search this
Musical sound recordings
New York
United States
New York (N.Y.)
Fort Qu'appelle (Sask.)
New Mexico
Fort Wingate (N.M.)
Québec (Province)
Schefferville (Qub̌ec)
Barrow, Point (Alaska)
Chesterfield (Alaska)
Onondaga Indian Reservation (N.Y.)
Edmonton (Alb.)
Taos Pueblo (N.M.)
San Ildefonso (N.M.)
Hopi (Ariz.)
Zuni (N.M.)
Cape Mudge (B.C.)
British Columbia
Fort Rupert (B.C.)
Six Nations Indian Reserve No. 40 (Ont.)
Cross Village (Mich.)
Lac du Flambeau (Wis.)
Baraga (Mich.)
Cow Creek (Fla.)
American Indian  Search this
Jigs  Search this
Drum  Search this
Whistle  Search this
Rattle (Musical instrument)  Search this
Sticks (Musical instrument)  Search this
Bass drum  Search this
Bells  Search this
Harmonica  Search this
Anvils  Search this
Basket drum  Search this
Violin  Search this
Flute  Search this
Religion  Search this
Native American Church of North America  Search this
Children  Search this
Puberty  Search this
Local number:
Folkways 4541
Restrictions & Rights:
Restrictions on access. No duplication allowed listening and viewing for research purposes only
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Data Source:
Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections

Essays in anthropology presented to A.L. Kroeber in celebration of his sixtieth birthday, June 11,1936

Lowie, Robert Harry 1883-1957  Search this
Kroeber, A. L (Alfred Louis) 1876-1960  Search this
Physical description:
xxiii, 433 p. front. (port.) illus., 4 pl. on 2 l. 27 cm
Anthropology  Search this
Call number:
GN4 .E78e
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

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