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Sanctuary in Song: Mennonite Harmonies, Together

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Wed, 18 Oct 2023 17:49:39 GMT
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Quince Años Documentation

Erevia, Angela (Sister)  Search this
Catholic Church  Search this
0.3 Cubic feet (1 box)
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Compact discs
Liturgical texts
The Quince Años Documentation is a collection of liturgical publications, handbooks, and audiovisual materials created by Sister Angela Erevia, Missionary of Cathecists of Divine Providence and Director of Hispanic Ministry for the Diocese of Dodge City, Kansas. The materials were formulated in order to be shared with the surrounding Catholic community and used as preparatory tools for youth, their families, and religious staff who would be partaking in the Quince Años celebration.
Scope and Contents:
The collection consists of liturgical materials, audiovisual aids, and hymnals developed by Sister Angela Erevia, MCDP, intended for use during the religious observance portion of the Quince Años (fifteenth birthday) celebration. The handbooks and booklets included in the collection are intended to prepare quinceañera/quinceañero youth, their families, and religious staff for the Quince Años celebration while also centering the Catholic faith.
Collection is arranged into one series. Materials are arranged topically.
Historical Note:
The celebration of Quince Años is a social, coming-of-age event that is held when US Latino and Latin American youth (usually young women) turn fifteen years old to celebrate their societal debut into adulthood. Quince Años are celebrated throughout Latin America and in parts of the United States. Young women celebrating their Quince Años are referred to as quinceañeras, while young men are called quinceañeros. While Quince Años celebrations are not meant to be religious, families of Catholic quinceañeras and quinceañeros who wished to center their Catholic faith as part of the celebration have worked with religious staff to incorporate Catholic elements and practices. Sister Angela Erevia, part of the Missionary Catechists of Divine Providence and current Director of Hispanic Ministry through the Diocese of Dodge City, developed pamphlets and videos to help quinceañera and quinceañero youth, their families, and religious staff prepare for the religious part of the Quince Años celebration.
Separated Materials:
Natalia Flores donated artifacts to the Division of Home and Community Life (now Division of Cultural and Community Life) in 2009. See accession #: 2009.0169.001 (Quinceanera dress worn by Natalia Flores); 2009.0169.002 (Quinceanera shoes worn with the dress); 2009.0169.003 (tiara worn with the Quinceanera dress); and 2009.0169.004 (bouquet (not flowers or dried) carried with the dress).
Donated to the Archives Center by Sister Angela Erevia in 2009.
Collection is open for research.
Copyright for these materials remains the property of the Missionary Catechists of Divine Providence, 2318 Castroville Road, San Antonio, Texas 78237.
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Latinos in American society and culture  Search this
Quinceañera (Social custom)  Search this
Compact discs
Liturgical texts
Quince Años Documentation, 1985-2000, Archives Center, National Museum of American History
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Quince Años Documentation
Archival Repository:
Archives Center, National Museum of American History

Alexander Alland, Sr., Photoprints

Ostroff, Eugene, d. 1999 (NMAH Curator)  Search this
Salo, Matt, Dr.  Search this
Haberstich, David E., 1941-  Search this
Ahlborn, Richard E., 1933-2015  Search this
Alland, Alexander, Sr. (Alexander Landschaft), 1902-1989  Search this
China Daily News -- 1930-1940 -- New York N.Y.  Search this
China Daily News -- Photographs  Search this
United States. Works Progress Administration  Search this
Davis, Earl  Search this
Kaslov, Steve, ca. 1888-1949 (King of the Red Bandanna Romany Gypsies )  Search this
0.25 Cubic feet (4 boxes)
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Oral history
Audio cassettes
Virgin Islands -- 1930-1940
New York (N.Y.) -- 1930-1940
Bowery (New York, N.Y.) -- 1930-1940
Chinatown (New York, N.Y.) -- 1930-1940
St. Thomas (Virgin Islands) -- 1930-1940
1985 - 1986
1930 - 1943
Scope and Contents:
This collection contains 273 silver gelatin photoprints (Series 1), most of which apparently were made during the 1930s and early 1940s, contemporaneously with the original negatives. All are 8" x 10" or slightly smaller, unmounted except for flush mounted linen on the backs of some prints. The photographs were made primarily in two locations, New York City and the Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands pictures were made as part of a special documentary project in 1939, as described above, whereas the New York photographs stem from Mr. Alland's largely self assigned documentation of various ethnic and religious groups in New York from approximately 1932 to 1943. The projects include photographs of the "Red Bandanna" Romany Gypsy group in the Bowery, a black Jewish congregation, Mohawk Indians in Brooklyn, and other groups, which required extensive exploration, research, and photographing over periods of many days or weeks. A variety of miscellaneous ethnic and religious groups are covered in the general "Other Religions" and "Nationalities" folders. The contents of the "Judaism" folder include primarily New York sites and people, but there are also additional views of a synagogue from the Virgin Islands project.

Series 2 of the collection contains four cassette tape recordings of two interviews with Mr. Alland, three made by Richard Ahlborn (with Eugene Ostroff and Matt Salo) in 1985, and one by David Haberstich and Richard Ahlborn, June 2-3, 1986 (at which time the photographs were donated). The tapes include readings from his autobiography, personal reminiscences on his experiences as an immigrant and a photographer, and commentary on the photographs.
The collection is arranged into two series.

Series 1: Photoprints, 1930-1943

Series 2: Audiotape Cassettes, 1985-1986

The photographs are arranged topically and by nationality.
Biographical / Historical:
Alexander Alland, Sr., was born in Sevastopol, Crimea (formerly in the Soviet Union) on 6 August 1902. His last name originally was Landschaft, but he legally changed it to Alland following the birth of his son. Alland's interest in photography began at the age of twelve, when he helped a local photographer with darkroom work. He constructed his own camera from cardboard with a simple meniscus lens and exposed glass plate negatives with the device.

Toward the end of the Civil War in Russia in 1920, Alland relocated in Constantinople, Turkey, where he was hired as an apprentice by a graduate of the Vienna Academy of Photography. When the Union Nationale des Combatants Francais went on a pilgrimage to Gallipoli, a former battle zone on the Dardanelles, he was asked to accompany them in order to document events. After having his request for a pay increase refused, he left his employer two years later and opened his own portrait studio, "Photo d'Art Russe." When civil unrest threatened Constantinople in 1923, he decided to emigrate to the United States.

During his first years in the United States he worked in photo finishing businesses while engaged in home portraiture independently. He married in 1929 and a son, Alexander, Jr., was born. In the 1930s he became one of the best known photographers portraying the life of immigrants and various ethnic groups in New York. (1) In 1936 he was appointed supervisor of the Photo Mural section of the W.P.A. Federal Art Project, and worked as a free lance photographer for magazines and periodicals featuring the activities of various ethnic groups living in New York City. He specialized in making photomurals with montage techniques. (2)

In 1937 Alland became photography instructor at the American Artists' School and joined the American Artists Congress. In 1939, his first book, Portrait of New York, was published and he became president of the "Exploration Photo Syndicate" and went to the U.S. Virgin Islands as part of a project to produce a pictorial record of the West Indian Islands. His photographs appeared in publications and were exhibited at the New School for Social Research and at the Schomberg Collection. In 1942 he joined the staff of Common Ground magazine as photography editor and was appointed by the National Youth Administration to supervise their photography workshop. His book American Counterpoint appeared in 1943 and was selected as "One of the Fifty Best Books of the Year." The original prints from that book were exhibited at the Museum of the City of New York, which also exhibited a portfolio of his work on American Gypsies. In 1944 he became director of an agency, "Pictures for Democracy," and in 1945 his book The Springfield Plan was proclaimed another "One of the Fifty Best Books of the Year."

During World War II Alland did technical photography for the War Department, receiving a commendation for this work. After another book My Dog Rinty was published, he left New York City to establish a school of photography, combined with a school of dance directed by his wife, Alexandra, a professional dancer and choreographer. (3) He then began to exhibit his own photographs and to collect glass plate negatives and vintage prints by significant photographers. He is perhaps best known for locating a collection of Jacob Riis negatives and making them available. In 1974 Aperture published his biography, Jacob A. Riis: Photographer and Citizen4. Because of his efforts in providing the Riis negatives to the Museum of the City of New York, that institution awarded a special commemorative medal to him in 1973. The Riis book was followed by two more studies of photographers, Jessie Tarbox Beals, First Woman News Photographer (5) and Heinrich Tonnies, Cartes de Visite Photographer Extraordinaire. (6)

Retrospective exhibitions of Alland's work were held in two major Danish museums in summer 1979 and he was honored for contributions to the cultural history of Denmark. In 1991 studies for his photomural work were included in an historical survey exhibition of American photomontage at the University of Maryland at College Park. (7).


1. My text is based upon the biographical information recorded on my taped interviews with Mr. Alland in this collection, but see also Bonnie Yochelson, The Committed Eye: Alexander Alland's Photography. New York: The Museum of the City of New York, Inc., 1991.

2. Merry A. Foresta, "Art and Document: Photography of the Works Progress Administration's Federal Art Project," in Official Images: New Deal Photography (essays by Foresta, Pete Daniel, Maren Stange, and Sally Stein), Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1987, p. 153, based on an interview with Alland, January 1987.

3. Photographic historian Anne Peterson, contractor for three Archives Center photographic collection projects between 1986 and 1982, reports that she studied ballet as a child with Mrs. Alland.

4. Ibid.

5. Ibid.

6. Ibid

7. See catalog by Cynthia Wayne, Dreams, Lies, and Exaggeration: Photomontage in America. The Art Gallery, University of Maryland at College Park, 1991 (exhibition at the gallery Oct. 21 Dec. 20, 1991).
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Materials in the Archives Center

Carlos de Wendler Funaro Gypsy Research Collection (AC0161)

Contains additional Alland photographs. De Wendler Funaro also photographed Steve Kaslov, his family, and his Bowery coppersmith workshop.
Collection donated by Alexander Alland, June 3, 1986.
Collection is open for research.
Copyrighted material: photographs may not be reproduced without written permission from the Estate of Alexander Alland, Sr.
Synagogues -- Photographs -- 1930-1940 -- New York, N.Y.  Search this
Newspapers -- Photographs -- 1930-1940 -- New York N.Y.  Search this
Muslims -- Photographs -- 1930-1940 -- New York N.Y.  Search this
Minorities -- Housing -- 1930-1940 -- New York (State) -- New York  Search this
Minorities -- Housing -- 1930-1940 -- Virgin Islands  Search this
Judaism -- Customs and practices  Search this
Housing -- Photographs -- 1930-1940 -- New York N.Y.  Search this
Immigrants -- 1930-1940 -- New York (State) -- New York  Search this
Housing -- 1930-1940 -- Virgin Islands  Search this
Buddhism -- Photographs -- 1930-1940 -- New York N.Y.  Search this
Catholic Church -- Liturgy  Search this
Chinese drama -- New York (State) -- New York  Search this
Churches -- Photographs -- 1930-1940 -- New York N.Y.  Search this
Clergy -- 1930-1940 -- United States  Search this
Coppersmiths -- 1930-1950  Search this
Ethnic costume  Search this
Ethnic groups -- Photographs -- 1930-1940 -- New York N.Y.  Search this
Falashas -- 1930-1940 -- New York (State) -- New York  Search this
Fortune-tellers -- Gypsies -- 1930-1940 -- United States  Search this
Pluralism  Search this
Poverty -- Photographs -- 1930-1940 -- Virgin Islands  Search this
Printing -- Photographs -- 1930-1940 -- New York N.Y.  Search this
Protestant churches -- Photographs -- 1930-1940 -- New York N.Y.  Search this
Religious and ecclesiastical institutions -- Photographs -- 1930-1940 -- New York N.Y.  Search this
Singers -- 1930-1950  Search this
Synagogues -- 1930-1940 -- Virgin Islands  Search this
Photographs -- 1900-1950
Oral history -- 1980-1990
Interviews -- 1980-2000
Audio cassettes -- 1980-1990
Alexander Alland, Sr., Photoprints, 1932-1943, Archives Center, National Museum of American History. Gift of the artist.
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Alexander Alland, Sr., Photoprints
Archival Repository:
Archives Center, National Museum of American History
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Livre des prières en langue montagnaise par le rév. père Legoff, O.M.I. .

Legoff, Laurent  Search this
Catholic Church Catechismus Ecclesiae Catholicae Chipewyan  Search this
Catholic Church Chipewyan  Search this
Catholic Church Chipewyan  Search this
Catholic Church Chipewyan  Search this
Catholic Church Liturgy  Search this
Catholic Church Prayer-books and devotions Chipewyan  Search this
Église catholique Livres de prières et dévotions montagnais  Search this
Physical description:
440 p 17 cm
Prayers and devotions
Catechisms, Chipewyan  Search this
Chipewyan language  Search this
Chipewyan language--Texts  Search this
Hymns, Chipewyan  Search this
Montagnais language--Texts  Search this
Chippewyan (Langue)  Search this
Innu-montagnais (Langue)--Textes  Search this
Liturgics  Search this
Montagnais language  Search this
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Omänomineu kächkenohamatwon kesekoch, katolik anamihäu masenachigon

Catholic Church Liturgy and Ritual Menominee  Search this
Catholic Church Prayers and devotions Menominee  Search this
Physical description:
319 pages 15 cm
Algonquian languages  Search this
Menominee language  Search this
Langues algonquiennes  Search this
Menomini (Langue)  Search this
Call number:
PM1761 .Z71C3 1882
PM1761.Z71C3 1882
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Promptuario manual mexicano que à la verdad podrá ser utilissimo à los parrochos para la enseñanza ; à los necessitados indios para su instrucción ; y à los que aprenden la lengua para la expedicion ... La que con la claridad, y propriedad en el idioma, que pudo, dispuso el P. Ignacio de Paredes de la Compañia de Jesus .

Platics. y sermones en Mexicano DSI
Paredes, Ignacio de 1703  Search this
Mary Blessed Virgin, Saint Apparitions and miracles  Search this
Catholic Church Nahuatl  Search this
Catholic Church Catechisms Aztec  Search this
Catholic Church Liturgy  Search this
Jesuits Missions  Search this
Physical description:
[46], 380, xc pages, [1] leaf of plates illustrations, coat of arms, portrait 21 cm. (4to)
Early works to 1800
Ouvrages avant 1800
Imprints (Bibliotheca Mexicana)
Early works
Mexico City (Mexico)
Guadalupe, Our Lady of  Search this
Nahuatl language  Search this
1759  Search this
Nahuatl (Langue)  Search this
Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe  Search this
Apparitions  Search this
Missions  Search this
Call number:
PM4068.1 .P37 1759
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Anamihe-masinahigan Jesus ot ijittwāwin gaye anamihe-nakamunan takōbihikātewan Mik' ejittwāwād ketolik-anamihādjik

Belcourt, George Antoine 1803-1874  Search this
Catholic Church Liturgy and ritual Ojibwa  Search this
Catholic Church Catechismus Ecclesiae Catholicae Ojibwa  Search this
Physical description:
vi, 209 p 15 cm
Hymns, Ojibwa  Search this
Ojibwa language  Search this
Ojibwa (Langue)  Search this
Call number:
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El devoto instruido en el santo sacrificio de la misa por El P. Luiz Lanzi ; traducción libre al idioma yucateco con unos afectos, por Joaquín Ruz

Catholic Church Liturgy and ritual Maya  Search this
Catholic Church Liturgy  Search this
Physical description:
18 pages 21 cm
Maya language  Search this
Maya (Langue)  Search this
Liturgics  Search this
Call number:
PM3968.1 .C36 1835
PM3968.1.C36 1835
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Catholic prayers and a short Catechism in the Nootkan language, as spoken at Hesquiat, West Coast, V.J. / by A.J. Brabant

Catholic Church Liturgy and ritual Nootka  Search this
Physical description:
16 pages 16 cm
Electronic resources
Call number:
PM2031.Z71 C36 1911
PM2031.Z71C36 1911
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Project Files

Collection Creator:
Wilbur H. Burnham Studios  Search this
10.6 Linear feet (Boxes 2-12, 42)
Archival materials
Scope and Contents note:
Project, or "Job," files provide documentation of contracts for approximately 250 locations held by Burnham Studios throughout the United States and in Bellau, France, from the 1920s-1980s. Files typically include correspondence with clients, architects and builders, contracts, purchase orders, building plans, sketches, scattered photographs and some printed material. Found at the beginning of the series are some files relating to projects in general, including correspondence and job orders with metal window specialists, Chas. Haas Company; 2 sets of index cards listing project numbers and materials used; records of repair contracts; and a set of completed contracts for the firm Reynolds, Francis & Rohnstock from 1920s-1960s.

The series contains significant documentation for the following projects in particular: New York's Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, Saint Mary's Cathedral in Peoria, Illinois, Saint Martin's Church in Providence, Rhode Island, and the Washington National Cathedral in Washington D. C.

See Appendix for a list of numbered contracts in Series 6.
Arrangement note:
Arrangement of this series reflects the studio's main system for organizing project files alphabetically by name of the town in which the job site was located. It can be assumed that all folder titles containing references to letters elsewhere in the collection (e.g. "Repairs, A-C, E,") also follow that system of arrangement. Beginning in the 1920s Burnham Studios began assigning numbers to contracts and several copies of a list of contracts by number were found in the collection. That list is provided below and allows for cross-referencing (albeit incomplete) of the projects arranged by location in this series with the design studies found in Series 10: Artwork and Sketchbooks. The list was transcribed from hand-written records which were incomplete and sometimes illegible.
Appendix: List of Numbered Contracts in Series 6:
1. Pitsburgh, E. Liberty Presbyterian Church, 3 figure windows

2. Pittsburgh, E. Liberty Presbyterian Church

3. Sample, Liturgical Arts Exhibition

4. New York, Cath. St. John Divine, Missionary sample

5. Chevy Chase, Shrine Most Blessed Sacrament

6. Boston, Old South, repair corridor windows

7. Boston, Old South, 30 clerestory windows

8. Sample, duplicate Liturgial Arts #3

9. Boston, Old South rose

10. Worcester, All Saints Church, chancel

11. Boston, N. E. Mutual

12. Fall River, St. Mark's Church

14. Albany, St. Andrew's

15. Worcester, All Saints Church (Thompson) duplicate (restored after fire)

16. Buffalo, Westminster Presbyterian

17. Transparencies, Dusky Dancer

18. Quincy, Mausoleum, Long & Saunders

19. Worcester, All Saints Church, aisle, St. Martin of Tours

20. Greenwood, Union Church

21. Illegible

22. New York, Cath. St. John Divine, Lawyers

23. Worcester, All Saints Church, Sample Mr. Robb

24. Waban, Union Church

25. New York, Cath. St. John Divine, Ecclesiastical

26. Worcester, All Saints Church aisle, St. Elizabeth of Hungary

27. New York, Cath. St. John Divine, clerestory (Lawyers Bay-St. Paul; Ecclesiastical Bay-Moses)

28. New York, Cath. St. John Divine, clerestory (St. Augustine, St. Aidan)

29. New York, St. Thomas Chapel

30. Transparency, Erica

31. Transparency, Dickey, Coats of Arms

32. Boston, Tremont Temple, Erica

33. Northeast Harbor, St. Mary's by the Sea

34. Albany, Westminster Presbyterian, Herrick Mem'l aisle, Faith

35. Detroit, Backus, design

36. New York, Cath. St. John Divine, aisle sample #25

37. New York, Cath. St. John Divine, clerestory sample #28

38. Cambridge, St. Peter's

39. Detroit, Backus

40. Worcester, All Saints-Thompson

41. Needham, Legion

42. Christ circle

43. Sunapee, N. H. Private Chapel, Crowther

44. Durham, N. C. (see also #19 old groups of numbers)

45. Needham, Congregational, Long Church

46. Sample, Madonna and Child

47. Salisbury, MD, St. Peter's

48. Mechanicville, NY, Frye

49. Transparency, Portia and the Prince, King Lear Spring

50. Resnick-Roslindale-Church Saviour

51. Melrose, Trinity Church

52. Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., Ferncliff Chapel

53. Peoria, IL, St. Mary's Cath.

54. Clinton, St. John's Choir windows

55. Beverly, Appleton, circle

56. Repair, National Casket Co.

57. Au Sable Forks

58. Cincinnati, Calvary Church

59. Norwich, CO, repair

60. Lanesboro, St. Luke's Church

61. Repair, Lantern, Mrs. George Hall

62. Beverly, St. Peter's Gove

63. Belfast, ME, Matthews Brothers

64. Los Angeles, Dohney Mausoleum

65. Barharbor, Lingee Memorial

66. Peoria, IL, Lady Chapel

67. Tozzer House, Fry, Cambridge

68. Detroit, Central M. E. Church

69. Bishop O'Leary's House

70. Concord, St. Paul's School, fifteen medallions

71. Repair, Melrose, Trinity Church

72. Winter Park, Rollins College

73. Repair, lampshade, Smith

74. Swampscott, Ch. Holy Name

75. Marblehead, Unitarian Church

76. Grand Rapids, Klise Chapel chancel window

77. Hadley, South, Mount Holyoke Chapel

78. Peoria, Illinois, roses

79. Clinton, St. John's, 3 sanctuary, 2 chapel, 2 front

80. Concord, N. H. - Adams

81. St. Augustine, FL

82. Salt Lake City-Fry

83. Winter Park, Rollins College-Erasmus, John, Eliz. of Hungary

84. Cincinnati, Trailer cathedral-Bishop Hobson

85. Mechanicville-Fry (2 aisles)

86. Sample, Eve from Peoria Lady Chapel

87. Transparencies, Erica 2 coat of arms and 2 trans.

88. Northampton-Prof. Putnam

89. Albany, N.Y., St. Andrew's

90. Allentown, PA, St John's Ev. Luth. Church

91. Hampton, NH, Congregational Church

92. Northampton, Smith College, Library Chapel, Irving & Casson

93. Repair, Brookline, St. Paul's

94. San Francisco, St. Ives' Law Club, St. Ignatius

95. Brookline, Mr. Page, 80 Seaver St.

96. Brookline, Leyden Congregational Church, West transept

97. Sample, Duplicate #46

98. Peoria, IL, St. Thomas More Chapel

99. Brocton, Bart Bonner

100. Sample, Gowns

101. Sample, duplicate of #52

102. Processes for exhibition-how window is made

103. Repair-Long & Saunders

104. Repair

105. Brookline, Harvard Church

106. Coat of Arms, Bishop Schlarman

107. Peoria, St. Mary's Cath. 12 nave windows

108. Medway

109. Cleveland, Ohio, Trinity Cathedral, aisle windows

110. Elyria, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

111. Braintree, Emmanuel Church

112. West Roxbury, Church Holy Name

114. Montpelier, St. Augustine's Ch.

115. Winchester, Ch. Epiphany

116. Exeter, NH, repair

117. Bradford, VT-Congregational Church

118. Transparency, colored pieces

119. Repair, Chestnut Hill, Ch. Redeemer

120. Pittsburgh, PA, Hunt Residence

121. Wellesley, College

122. Repair, Collens

123. Melrose, Repair

124. Newport, RI, St. George's School

125. Brookline, St. Paul's, repair

126. Wrentham, Trinity Episcopal, repair

127. Repair, Leominster, Pilgrim Congregational

128. Christ Chapel, Brookline-Sears 1st repairs

129. Sample, Dagit, Philadelphia

130. Harrisburg, Pine Street Church

131. Repair, Stafford Springs, Molitoris

132. Repair, Holy Name, W. Roxbury, basement

133. Repair, Chestnut Hill, Ch. Redeemer

134. Repair, Leominster, Methodist

135. Repair, Medfield, Congregational

136. Repair, New Badford, Weber

137. Church Hill, Md., St. Luke's

138. Mt. Vernon, O., Mercy Hospital

139. Cincinnati, Calvary Ch. transept

140. Transparency, St. Francis of Assisi (WHB)

141. Jamaica Plain, Unitarian Cong. Ch. repair

142. Transparency, Fry

143. Transparency, WHB Owl

144. Concord, St. Paul's School Shields

145. New Haven, CO, St. Thomas Ch.

146. Greensbury, 1st Pres. Ch.

147. Albany, St. Andrews, aisle

148. Sample, Jr. auto panel

149. Repair, Ch. New Jerusalem

150. Milford, Trinity Ch. design

151. Greensburgh (Taylor)

152. Transparency, Sea Horse

153. Repair, Cambridge

154. Lynn, Ch. Incarnation

155. Miss Frye., Mechanicsville, NY

156. Webster, Church of Reconciliation, Col. Wilson

157. Sample, Tricker Gallery, Exhibition, Kotzian Cruifixion

158. Montpelier-St. Augustine's-Crosby

159. Springfield, Hillcrest Mausoleum, Heydt

160. Brookline, Christ Church (Sears)

161. Transparency, St. Francis two ovals

162. Brookline, Christ Chapel (Sears) reglazing rose

163. Newport, St. George's Chapel

164. Webster, Church of Reconcilliation, Chancel, 2 grisaille windows

165. Maynard, Heffernan, circular and 2 quarries

166. Transparency ship no paint

167. Washington Cathedral, Choir clerestory-Peter Paul, Annunciation

168. Transparency, Owl

169. Swampscott, St. John's Convent repair

170. New Bedford, St. Joseph's Ch., Maginnis & Walsh

171. Transparency, St. Francis, Gothic

172. Sample, auto panel Jr., framing & boxing

173. Transparency, Jr. Mexican dancer

174. Transparency, Chocolate soldiers

175. Transparency, Knave of Spades-Erica

176. Transparency, Queen of Hearts-Erica

177. Maynard, 10 aisle windows

178. Peoria, St. Mary's Cathedral, St. Thomas More Chapel, murals

179. Roxbury, Jewish Synagogue (now 209)

180. Worcester Tech, 29 medallions

181. Repair, Charleston, SC

182. New Bedford, Holy Name Parish

183. Finkelstein, 2 cabinet doors, king and queen

184. Holyoke, Our Lady Perpetual Help

185. Mechanicsville, NY, balcony window, Frye

186. Mechanicsville, NY, aisle and clerestory, Frye

187. Cleveland, OH, First Baptist

188. Wakefield, Universalist Church

189. Gloucester, L. Buswell

190. Transparency, Monkey, Bush

191. Winthrop, C. L. Covington

192. Natick, Morse Institute

193. Fall River, St. Mark's 4/18/40

194. Montgomery, AL, Ch. Ascension

195. New York, Cath. St. John Divine, 5 apse clerestory 450 sq. ft.

196. Sample, Exhibition, Hotel Penn., New York

197. Clifton, O. Ch. Annunciation

198. Sample for Mr. Hoyle

199. New York, Christ Ch., Mosaics

200. Lynn, First Universalist

201. Repair, Quincy, Atlantic Methodist

202. New Haven, CO, Evergreen Cemetery Chapel

203. Litchfield, CO, St. Michael's Church aslo #210

204. Chicago, IL, First Presbyterian Church

205. Lexington, Hancock Congregational

206. Fitchburg, St. Bernard's Convent Chapel

207. Brookline, Temple Israel

208. East Boston-two windows-quarry

209. West Roxbury, Austrian Hungarian Society

210. Litchfield, CO., St. Michael's door lights see #203

211. Valhalla, Long Island, Gate of Heaven Cemetery

212. Albany, St. Andrews, aisle, St. Paul

213. Cambridge, book case

214. Westfield, St. Mary's lower church

215. Cleveland, OH, First Baptist, Dr. Phillips'single lancet

216. Milford, Trinity Church, rose, Miss Brent

217. Toledo Museum, Music transparency

218. Boston, Old South church, Children's Chapel

219. Palmer, St. Thomas Church

220. West Roxbury, Church of Holy Name

221. Watertown, CO, Christ Church-2 lancet window

222. Newton, Finkelstein, quarry

223. Boston, Emmanuel Church

224. Albany, NY, St. Andrew's, five windows

225. Chestnut Hill, Ch. Redeemer, choir window

226. Hampton, NH, 1st Congregational Church

227. Boston, Ch. Disciples, Frye

228. Cambridge, First Unitarian

229. St. Agatha, Maine, Ch. St. Agatha

230. Portland, Maine, Mr. Graham

231. Transparency repair-Veritas

232. Bronx, NY, St. Helena

233. Washington Cathedral, Peter, Paul, Joan of Arc

234. Worcester, Chestnut St. Congregational

235. Washington Cathedral, Peter Paul, Color scheme

236. Newton, Mr. Porder (2 small king and queen)

237. Bronx, NY, Carmelite Monastery

238. Dorchester, St. Matthews

239. Salisbury, MD, St. Peter's (4 lancets)

240. Dover, NH, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, inscription

241. Roxbury, Jewish Cemetery, inscriptions

242. Repair, Boston, Mt. Vernon

243. Peoria, IL, St. Mary's Cath., Good Shepherd panel

244. Albany, NY, St. Andrews: Sts. Luke, Stephen, George

245. Watertown, CO, Christ Church, Bread of Life

246. Peoria, IL, St. Mary's Cathedral, St. Thomas More, ceiling, see #178

247. Lynn, Miss McCarthy, Dining Room

248. West Haven, CO, Christ Church

249. New Britain, CO, Ch. Holy Cross

250. Roxbury, Temple Mishkan Tefila

251. Cambridge, Harvard-Epworth, Methodist repair

252. Northampton, Mr. Putnam

253. West Roxbury, Ch. of the Holy Name repair

254. Albany, St. Andrew's Church

255. Punxsutawney, Pa, Cosmos and Damian

256. Whitinsville, Trinity Ch.

257. New York, Holy Ghost Chapel, Stearns and Stanton

258. Clinton, First Congregational Church

259. Boston, repair

260. Turners Falls, Congregational

261. Wash. D. C., Cath. Peter Paul, Apse window, Resurrection

262. Baltic, CO, Academy of the Holy Family

263. Boston, Hotel Lenox repair

264. Albany, St. Andrew's Ch., Joan of Arc, Augustine, Seabury, Bishop Doan, Cranmer, Wycliffe, St. Francis Assisi

265. Repair, Boston, lantern

266. Westfield, St. Mary's Ch., 22 aisle, 3 sanc., 13 clerestory

267. Austin, TX, Presbyterian Theological Seminary rose

268. Winter Park, FL, Rollins College

269. Winter Park, FL, All Saints

270. New York, Cath. St. John Divine, baptistry

271. Bridgeport, CO, Methodist Ch.

272. Repair, Brookline, All Saints Ch.

273. Lantern slides made 1940 (entire year)

274. Adams, First Congregational Ch.

275. Atlanta, GA, Mrs. McBurney

276. Repair, Maynard

277. Repair, Boston, Mr. Sargent

278. Sample, grisaille #164

279. Groton, Baptist Ch.

280. Repair, Newton

281. Chelsea, St. Rose's Ch.

282. Albany, NY, St. Paul's Ch.

283. Worcester, All Saints

284. Westfield, St. Mary's, Stations of the Cross

285. Peoria, IL, St. Mary's Cath., lightening windows

286. Bellaire, OH, Trinity Episcopal

287. Lantern slide, Joan of Arc

288. Newton, Temple Emmanuel

289. Westfield, St. Mary's Baptistry

290. Holyoke, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Rose Dollard and Joan of Arc windows

291. Springfield, Holy Family (repair aisle in shop)

292. West Roxbury, Holy Name, gates

293. Roslindale, Ch. Our Savior

294. Westfield, St. Mary's Gallery Window

295. Westfield, St. Mary's 3 tympanum

296. Westfield, St. Mary's 2 small angel (5 entrance)

297. Transparencies, Christmas angels

298. Brookline, Mr. Green

299. Springfield, Holy Family, clerestory, sanctuary

300. Exhibition, Boston, Bornstein

301. Cambridge, Mt. Auburn

302. Repair, Winter Park, FL, Rollins College

303. Winchester, Congregational

304. Gales Ferry

305. Exhibition, Boston, St. Paul's Cath.

306. Boston, Station WMEX

307. Pittsfield, St. Mary Morning Star, Rose

308. Springfield, Holy Family, 10 door lights

309. Springfield, Holy Family, altar aisle tracery

310. Pittsfield, St. Mary Morning Star, 32 clerestory

311. Boston, Ch. Covenant

312. Holyoke, Sisters of Providence

313. Spotswood, N. J., St. Peter's Episcopal

314. Repair, Brookline, Wm. J. Barry

315. Attleboro, St. John's Ch., quarry

316. Pittsfield, St. Mary Morning Star, 10 nave

317. Pittsfield, St. Mary Morning Star, 12 boys and chapel sacistry

318. Pittsfield, St. Mary Morning Star, 7 amb. clerestory

319. Pittsfield, St. Mary Morning Star, 6 chapel

320. Pittsfield, St. Mary Morning Star, 4 nave

321. Watertown, Mr. Porter

322. Pittsfield, St. Mary Morning Star, confessionals, etc.

323. Newton, Mr. Leo Mayer

324. Repair, Attleboro, St. John's Ch.

325. Westfield, St. Mary's, door lights

326. Westrield, St. Mary's, plate

327. Lancaster, Immaculate Conception Ch.

328. Albany, NY, Madison Ave. Presbyterian

329. Boston, Bachrach

330. Cambridge, Episcopal Theological

331. Ipswich, Ascension Memorial

332. Wakefield, Mr. B., repair

333. Everett, Universalist Ch.

334. Roxbury, Mr. Libby

335. Albany, St. Andrew's Resurrection

336. Fall River, St. Mark's 2 transept, Christ blessing children and Boy Christ

337. Brookline, estimate, Honsberg

338. Repair, panels

339. Albany, NY, St. Andrew's clerestory

340. Colorado Springs, Grace Episcopal Ch.

341. Portland, ME, Mercy Hospital

342. Wash. D. C., Cath. Peter Paul, Center Apse, Christ in Glory

343. Fall River, St. Mark's, Resurrection, Tomb

344. Pittsburgh, Mellon Chapel

345. Fredericksburg, MD, St. George's, large window

346. Springfield, St. Michael's Cath.

347. Boston, U. S. Quartermaster Depot

348. N. Adams, St. John' Ch.

349. New Bedford, St. Andrew's Ch.

350. Dorchester, Baptist Temple

351. Brookline, Mr. Macmillan

352. Braintree, Emmanuel Ch.

353. Holyoke, Ch. Holy Rosary

354. Providence, R. I., Mr. Long

355. Fredericksburg, 3 door lights

356. Dorchester, Baptist Temple

357. Boston, Repair

358. Boston, Mrs. Turner

359. Worcester, Odd Fellows Home

360. Boston, Mr. Collens

361. Boston, Mrs. Hamilburg

362. Greenwood, Most Blessed Sacrament

363. Brookline, St. Lawrence Ch.

364. Boston, Kingsley School

365. Brookline repair

366. Concord, Trinity Ch., rose

367. Roxbury, Ch. St Theresa, rose

368. Boston, Touraine

369. Manton, R. I., St. Peter's

370. Wash. D. C., Rock Creek, St. Paul's Ch. three nave

371. Pittsfield, St. Mary's M. S. 29 doors

372. Fredericksburg, St. George's Ch. repair

373. Roslindale, Ch. Our Saviour

374. Boston, Hotel Touraine

375. Concord, Trinity Ch. lancets

376. Pawtucket, R. I., Trinity Church, door light

377. Fredericksburg, St. George's Ch. repair

378. Transparency, Choate

379. Wash. D. C., Red Cross

380. Portland, C. H. Farley Co.

381. Wash. D. C., Rock Creek, St. Paul's Ch. one tower

382. Jamaica, N. Y., Bishop Molloy Retreat House

383. Norfolk, Va. David Adams Memorial Chapel: 1 over side; 2 vestibule windows; 9 aisle; 2 side windows; 6 door lights; 1 over west; 6 narthex

384. Fredericksburg, St. George's Ch. repair

385. Repair, Boston, Swan

386. Repair, Boston, Presbyterian

387. Norfolk, Va. Our Lady of Victory Chapel, rose

388. New Bedford, St. James Ch.

389. Pawtucket, R. I., Trinity Ch., clerestory

390. Sample of #344, Mellon

391. New Bedford, Grace Ch.

392. Cleveland, OH, Euclid Avenue, Joan of Arc, Wycliff, St. Francis Assisi

393. Elyria, Ohio, St. Andrew's, Presentation in the Temple, Flight into Egypt

394. Sample, #180

395. Boston, repair, I. J. Fox

396. Worcester, Exhibition, general

397. Transparency, Jr. ship oblong 9 x 11

398. Transparency, Ernest's little round ship

399. Transparency, Rubiyat, glass upturned

400. Transparency, Rubaiyat IV - 58

401. Transparency, Rubaiyat, Bird of Paradise

402. Transparency, Erica's Madonna and Child

403. Transparency, Tahitian girl, Wallis

404. Transparency, ship, painted black round

405. Transparency, art and literature

406. Transparency, Egyptian charioteer

407. Worcester, Sacred Heart Ch.

408. Albany, St. Andrew's, 2 entrance, Lochner

409. Columbus, OH, Trinity Ch., designs only

410. Columbus, OH, Trinity Ch., 2 on south side

411. Fall River, St. Mark's, Gethsemane

412. Brunswick, Me., St. Paul's Ch.

413. Repair, Wakefield, Fussy

414. Repair, Peoria

415. Norfolk, Our Lady of Victory Chapel, 7 aisle

416. Norfolk, David Adams Memorial Chapel, one chancel window

418. Norfolk, David Adams Memorial Chapel, 1 circle, 1 window over balcony

419. Transparency, bunny

420. Transparency, Christ Child and lamb

421. Transparency, Puss in Boots

422. Transparency, Rooster

423. Roslindale, Ch. Our Saviour, Transept Window Fisk Memorial

424. Wash. D. C., Rock Creek, St. Paul's Ch. repair

425. Repair, Linden

426. Repair, Dedham

427. Repair, Boston

428. Transparency, St. Luke

429. Repair, Mr. Barber

430. Cleveland, OH, First Baptist, St. Mark

431. Exhibition, Modern Art

432. Wash. D. C., Rock Creek, St. Paul's Ch. two nave windows

433. Albany, St. Paul's, 4 chapel

434. Transparency pig

435. Winchester, Ch. Epiphany, 3-lancet tower

436. Repair, Boston

437. Sutton, Congregational

438. Northampton, St. John's

439. Dedham, Ch. Good Shepherd, 2 lancet

440. Repair, Leech

441. Albany, NY, St. Andrew's, 2 chapel

442. Pawtucket, RI, Trinity Ch., St. Michael's

443. Brookline, Torf Memorial Chapel

444. Brookline, St. Paul's Ch.

445. Camp Lejeune, N. C., chancel

446. Norfolk, VA, U. S. Naval Air Station

447. Boston, Bethlehem Steel

448. Worcester, St. John's Ch.

449. Providence, St. Martin's

450. Roxbury, St. Theresa's

451. Holyoke, Sacred Heart

452. Norfolk, Va. - Our Lady of Victory Chapel, 3 entrance

453. Auburn, N. Y., 2nd Presbyterian

454. Repair

455. Litchfield, Conn. - St. Michael's

456. Wash. D. C. - Cathedral Jefferson lancet

457. Pawtucket, R. I. - Trinity Ch., Nativity

458. Norfolk, VA - Frazier Hall, Naval Base, 3 entrance (Jewish)

459. Beverly - St. Peter's (Dorcas)

460. Lynn - Sacred Heart

461. Boston - Greek Cathedral (480)

461-A. Boston - Greek Cathedral (589)

462. Pawtucket, R. I. - Trinity alterations

463. Gardiner, Me. - Christ Ch., alterations

464. Bullions-Jewel

465. Boston-St. Elizabeth's Hospital, 14 win.

466. Auburndale - Ch. of the Messiah, chancel

467. Boston-S. Elizabeth's Hospital, 12 win.

468. Norfolk, Va.-Our Lady of Victory Chape (3 narthex, 1 transom, 2 door panels. Utilize 4 discarded medallions and make into 2 sacistry win. and 2 choir win. re-install 3 win. now in place)

469. Pascoag, R.I., Calvary Church

470. Albany, N. Y., St. Andrew's

471. Leominster, Pilgrim Congregational

472. Norfolk, VA., Our Lady of Victory Chapel (revision of rose, 4 nave windows)

473. Attleboro, All Saints

474. Bookplate-Stokes

475. Springfield-Hope Congregational

476. Boston-Holy Cross Cathedral

477. Waban-Union Church

478. Worcester-All Saints

479. Colorado Springs, CO, Grace Ch.

480. Boston-Greek Cathedral (461, 589)

481. Boston-Catholic Boys' Club

482. Providence Museum (repair)

483. Plymouth-St. Peter's (repair)

484. Providence, R.I.-St. Martin's

485. New York City-Mrs. Smith's panels

486. Easthampton-St. Philip's Ch.

487. Samples of glass (movie-Mrs. Taylor)

488. New York-Calvary Church, 5 apse

489. Washington Cathedral-Physician's window

490. Worcester-Sacred Heart

491. St. Paul, Minn.-House of Hope Ch. 7 chapel

492. Boston-Boston Univ., Mt. Chcorua

493. Milton-Milton Academy

494. Newton-St. Paul's

495. Holyoke-Mother House (see 554)

496. Waban-Union Church

497. Plymouth-St. Peter's

498. Boston-Trinity Ch. repair

499. Transparency-Bambino

500. Greenwood-Catholic Church

501. Plymouth-St. Peter's Church

502. Greenwood-Union Church

503. Waban-Union Ch., clerestory

504. Albany, N.Y.-St. Peter's

505. Boston-St. Clement's Church

506. Bronxville, N.Y.-Christ Church

507. Charlton City-St. Joseph's Church

508. Transparency-Small Christ Child

509. Waterbury, Conn.-Bunker Hill Cong. Ch.

510. Winchester-Unitarian Church (3 chapel)

511. Boston (Shaw)

512. Boston (Swift)

513. Montgomery, AL-St. John's (repair)

514. New York-St. John the Divine (St. Col. Chap.)

515. Ipswich-Ascension Memorial Church

516. Washington, D.C.-Rock Creek Parish (Brent)

517. St. Paul, MN-House of Hope, 2 narthex

518. Dedham-Ch. of Good Shepherd, clerestory

519. Granite Falls, MN, St. Paul's Luth. (cross)

520. Jamaica Plain-Blessed Sacrament

521. Briston, R.I.-Christ Church

522. West Roxbury-Jewish Cemetery (inscription)

523. Lonsdale, R. I.-Our Christ Church

524. Newton Center-Our Lady's (repair)

525. Manchester, NH-Grace Ch., 2 lancets

526. Newton-Vachon, 4 lights

527. Winchester-Congregational Ch., Sir Galahad

528. Winchester-Unitarian, Red Cross windows cloister

529. Central Falls, R.I.

530. Worcester-All Saints, 2 Baptistry

531. Boston-Kennedy Residence

532. Newton-Our Lady's, 2 lights

533. Brookline-Temple Israel, repair

534. Boston-St. Anthony's Shrine

535. Boston-St. Anthony's Shrine, 14 Stations

536. Boston-St. Anthony's Shrine, 2 murals

537. Colorado Springs, Grace Ch., 2 narthex

538. Colorado Springs-Grace Ch., Ascension

539. Brookline-Temple Israel, inscriptions

540. Brookline-Temple Israel, repair

541. New York-Calvary, 6 quatrefoils

542. New York-Calvary, 4 single lancets

543. New York-Calvary, 3 lancets

544. Boston-St. Anthony Shrine, 10 doorlights

545. Melrose-Trinity Church, 2 aisle

546. Burlington, Vt.-Cath. Immac. Conception

547. Greenwood-Union Church

548A. Washington Cath.-Choir, Civilizations

548B. Washington Cath.-Choir, Jacob

549. Providence-St. Martin's, 3 aisle

550. Watertown-Methodist, repair

551. Dorchester-St. Mark's

552. North Saugus-Union Church

553. Worcester-All Saints, repair

554. Holyoke-Mother House, 2 confessional

555. Milton-Reed, repair doorlight

556. St. Augustine, Fla-Trinity Ch., Vaill Mem. window

557. Winchester-Unitarian, repair vents

558. Mt. Desert, ME

559. Providence-St. Martin's, west window

560. St. Louis, MO-St. Michael's, 2 cleretory

561. St. Louis, MO-St. Michael's, 3 aisle

562. Colorado Springs-Grace Ch., Cruxifixion

563. Providence-St. Martin's, 3 lancet chapel win.

564. Providence-St. Paul's Ch., DeMaris window

565. Norwalk, CO-St. Paul's Ch.

566. Sprinfield-Trinity Ch., 10 windows

567. St. Louis, MO-1st Congreg'l (Creation)

568. West Roxbury-St. Theresa's, chancel

569. West Roxbury-St. Theresa's, 12 aisle

570. West Roxbury-St. Theresa's, transept

571. Evanston, Ill.-1st Presbyterian

572. Dorchester-St. Mary's Ch., 2 chancel

573. West Roxbury-St. Theresa's, 5 chapel

574. St, Paul, MN-House of Hope, War Memorial

575. Newton Hlds-St. Paul's, Ch. St. John window, St. Matthew

576. Lawrence-Central Methodist, Missionary win.

577. Colorado Springs-Grace Ch., Parables

578. Colorado Springs-Grace Ch., Miracles

579. Newport, R.I.-St. George's Ch., Missionary

580. Philadelphia, PA-St. Martin's, chancel

581. New York, N.Y.-Calvary, St. Francis

582. Cleveland, OH-Ch. Covenant

583. Cambridge-Theological Sch., rose

584. Bronxville, NY-Christ Ch., Epiphany

585. Providence, RI-St. Martin's s. porch win.

586A. Washington Cath.-Education; large Gemini

586B. Washington Cath.-Law

587. St. Louis, MO-1st Congreg'l, 4 prophets

588. Newton Corner-Grace Episcopal-Christ Window

589. Boston-Greek Cathedral, Good Shepherd

590. Colorado Springs-Grace Ch., 6 library

591. Colorado Springs-Pauline Chapel, 2 sanc.

592. West Roxbury-St. Theresa's Chapel, altar

593. New York-All Angel's, transept window

594. Cambridge-episcopal Theo. Sch., 9 aisle

595. Washington Cath-Book of Common Prayer

596. Bronxville, NY-Christ Ch., Boy Christ in Temple

597. Washington, DC-Rock Creek, Bishop Kemper

598. Philadelphia, PA-St. Martin's, repair

599. Newton Corner-Grace Ch., Old Testament repair

600. Newton Corner-Grace Ch., Creation

601. Colorado Springs-Pauline Chapel, rose

602. Litchfield-St. Michael's clerestory

603. Cambridge-St. Peter's, St. Anne Window

604. Ipswich-Ascension mem. Ch. 2 rose

605. Taunton-St. Thomas'-chapel window

606. Manchester, NH-Grace Ch., rose window

607. Bronxville, NY-Christ Ch., Jesse window, Missionary-3 lancet

608. Boston Univ.-Sch. Theology, Apostles-3 lancet, 8 sgle lancets, emblem

609. Boyd, Minn.-Redeemer Lutheran Ch., Cruxifixion

610. Rubaiyat transparency-rose center

611. Boston-Old South Ch, rear chapel window

612. Bronxville, NY-Christ Ch., Miracles aisle

613. Rockport, MA-St. Mary's Church

614. Lakewood, OH-Buchanan coat-of-arms

615. Portland, OR-Holy Name Church

616. Boston, MA-Old South Church, side chapel win.

617. Watertown, CO-Christ Church

618. Millwood, VA-Christ Ch. 2 aisle Baptism Annunciation

619. Melrose, MA-Altar win. Rev Smith's chapel

620. Transparency-Madonna and Child

621. Transparency-Madonna and Child

622. Albion, MI-Chapel, Starr Commonwealth for Boys

623. Buffalo, NY-Westminster Ch., 3 vestibule

624. Peabody, MA-St. Paul's Ch. Madonna and Child

625. Washington Cathedral-Suter Memorial windows

626. Millwood, VA-Christ Church, altar window

627. Millwood, VA-Christ Ch. 2 aisle, emblems, designed only

628. Bronxville, NY-Christ Ch., Ascension

629. Taunton-1st Parish Ch., aisle

630. Proctor, Vt.-Union Ch., 5 lancet rear window

631. Chestnut Hill, Mass.-Ch. Redeemer, Epiphany window

632. Plainfield, NJ-Crescent Avenue, Presbyterian Church

633. Cleveland, OH-Our Lady of Peace Ch.

634. Charlotte, NC-Myers Park Baptist Ch.

635. Holyoke-Greylock Rest, Good Shepherd Medallion

636. Providence, RI-Bishop Perry Mem. Win.

637. Waban-Union Ch., 8 clerestory

638. Orange, NJ-Grace Ch., "Baptistry win."

639. Brookline-temple Ohabei Shalom

640. Richmaond, VA-St. Paul's Church

641. Cleveland, OH-St. Philip and St. James' Ch., 13 emblems

642. Chestnut Hill-Ch. Redeemer, Te Deum win.

643. Gates Mills, OH-Gilmour Academy, 7 emblems

644. Arlington, MA-Ch. of Our Saviour

645. Lawrence, MA-Grace Episcopal

646. Newton Centre-First Parish Church, 3 2-lancet chapel windows

647. Wollaston-St. Chrysostom's, chancel window

648. Charlotte, NC-First Presbyterian, 10 chapel windows

649. Cleveland, OH-St. Jerome's Church

650. Attleboro-2nd Congregational Church, Mary and Martha lancet

651. Chestnut Hill-Ch. Redeemer, 2-lancet windows angels

652. Albany, NY-Westminster Presbyterian Ch., Antemann aisle window

653. Charlotte, NC, 1st Presbyterian, Madonna

654. Pittsfield-Congregational Ch.

655. Chestnut Hill-First Church, 6 2-lancet win.

656. Keene, NH-St. Jame's Ch., Nativity

657. Morgantown, VA-Trinity Ch.

658. Lynn-Ch. Incarnation, Mary Magdalene lancet

659. Rockport-St. Mary's, 2 door lights

660A. Washington Cathedral-Baptism

660B. Washington Cathedral-Go ye into the world

661. Charlotte, NC-Myers Park Baptist, Colonial lights

662. Portland, OR-Holy Trinity, Iconastasis

663. Winchester-Unitarian, 2 angel windows

664. Akron, OH-Ch. Immac. Conception

665. Washingon Cathedral-Sayre Memorial

666. Rye, NY-Christ Ch. Chapel, 2 three-lancets

667. Albion, MI-St. Geor and Dragon medallion

668. North Andover-Merrimac College Fac. House

669. St. Mary's City, Md.-Trinity Ch., 2 aisle

670. Worcester-All Saints, St. Anthony window

671. Wollaston, Methodist, chancel

672. Durham, NC-Trinity Methodist

673. Fairfield, CO-St. Paul's Ch.

674. Colorado Springs, CO-Grace Ch., triptych

675. Wakefield-Emmanuel, 2 aisle, A-St. Elizabeth; B-Madonna

676. Parma, O.-Alvernai Rest Home, 10 chapel

677. Gloucester-St. John's Church

678. Worcester-Trinity Lutheran, 2 chapel

679. Canton, OH-1st Presby. A-Chapel, B-Sanctuary

680. Malden-St. Paul's, aisle

681. West Roxbury-Jewish Benevolent Cemetery Assn.

682. Franfort, KY-Ch. Ascension

683. New Orleans, LA-Christ Ch. Cathedral, Nativity

684. St. Louis, MO-1st Cong., chancel window

685. Lewes, DE-St. Peter's, A-Baptism, B-Holy Communion, C-Tower, Virgin and Child

686. Beverly-St. Peter's Church, 8 aisle

687. Washington Cathedral-Lee and Jackson windows

688. Wakefield-Emmanuel Ch., St. George, Rose window

689. Wilmington, DE-Trinity Ch., 5 chapel

690. Eaton Rapids, MI-VFW Home, Chapel Windows, Colorado State seal medallion for cottage

691. Deham-St. Paul's Ch., St. George Window

692. Braintree-Library, 5 windows

693. Norfolk, VA.-Holy Trinity

694. Melrose-Rev. Smith's private chapel, 5 windows

695. Baltimore, MD.-Ch. Holy Nativity

696. Chevy Chase, MD-Methodist Church

697. Melrose-Congregational Church, 4 windows

698. Dedham-Ch. Good Shepherd, chapel window (Flight into Egypt, Nativity)

699. Cambridge-St. Peter's Ch., Ascension

700. Portland, OR-St. Mary Magdalene Ch.

701. West Columbia, TX-St. Mary's, rose

702. Cranston, RI-Bethany Lutheran, chancel and rose

703. Chappaqua, NY-Ch. St. Mary the Virgin, Rose

704. Alexandria, VA-Westminster Presby., Rose

705. Woodfords, ME.-(Irving and Casson) Trinity Church

706. Albany, NY-Westminster Presby. (Welles Mem.)

707. Wellesley-St. Andrew's Church

708. Cambridge, St. Mary's Church

709. Washington, GA-Ch. Mediator

710. Washington Cathedral-Rose and 6 lancets (1/2)

711. Grand Rapids, MI-South Congr. Church

712. Worcester-Central Congr. Church

713. Providence, RI-St. Martin's; St. Francis door panels

714. Belmont-All Saints Church

715. San Rafael, Calif.-St. Paul's Ch. 2 aisle, Mary and Martha; Christ Blessing Children

716. Southampton, NY-St. Andrew's Church

717. Washington, DC-St. David's Church, chancel

718. Washington Cathedral-Worcester, John Elliot lancet

719. Brighton-Temple Bnai Moshe

720. Spartanburg, SC-Ch. Advent

721. Holyoke-St. Paul's Church

722. Worcester-State Mutual Insurance Co.

723. Hartford, CT-Emanuel Evangel. Lutheran Church

724. Worcester-All Saints Ch, 3 Chapel

725. Albion, MI-Museum, Starr Commonwealth

726. Brookline-All Saints Church

727. Webster Groves, MO-Webster Hills Meth. Church

728. Newton-Newton Centre Methodist Ch, chancel

729. Bloomfield Hills, MI-Kirk-in-the-Hills

730. Dover, NH-St. Thomas' Church

731. Princeton, NH-Trinity Church

732. Portland, OR-Holy Redeemer Church

733. Jamaica Plain, MA-Pius Daughters Convent Chapel and New Chapel 1960

734. Huntingdon, PA-Abbey Evangel. and Reformed Church

735. Dayton, OH-St. Paul's Episcopal Church (not done)

736. Wash. DC-Sts. Constantine and St. Helen Gr. Orth

737. Cambridge-St. Peter's Catholic Church

738. Tulsa , OK-Trinity Church, 2 door panels

739. Randolph-Trinity Church, Rose-Christ the King

740. Clarksville, TN-Trinity Church, Nativity

741. Woods Hole-Ch. Messiah, 2 tower windows

742. Edgewood, RI-Ch. Transfiguration

743. Boston-Chapel, Children's Hospital

744. Melrose-Methodist Church

745. Houston, TX-St. Vincent de Paul

746. Watertown, MA-Union Church

747. Houston, TX-St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

748. Glendale, CA-Forest Lawn Memorial Park

749. Needham, MA-Christ Church

750. Marblehead-St. Andrew's Church

751. Tryon, NC-Tryon Presbyterian Church

752. New York City-Church of the Epiphany

753. Brighton-St. John's Seminary

754. Wilmington, DE-Calvary Church

755. Baltimore, MD-Cathedral of Mary Our Queen

756. Toledo, OH-St. Michael's in the Hill

757. New York, NY-South Wing, Riverside Church

758. Braintee-Congregational Church

759. Abilene, TX-Ch. Heavenly Rest

760. Milton-St. Michael's Church

761. Chattanooga, TN-First Presbyterian

762. Denver, CO-Epiphany Episcopal Church

763. Baltimore, MD-Cathedral Ch. Incarnation (Epis.)

764. The Plains, VA-Grace Episcopal Church

765. Honolulu, Hawaii-Central Union Church

766. Springfield-Christ Church Cathedral

767. Brookline-Levine Chapel

768. Hamburg, NY-Methodist Church

769. Melrose-Church of the Nazarene

770. Clearwater, FL-Ch. Ascension

771. Providence, RI-St. Pius Church

772. Transparency-WHBjr. angel, 1962

773. Chattanooga, TN-Cumberland Presby.

774. New Rochelle, NY-St. Paul's Episcopal

775. Washington, GA-First Meth. 8 Chapel

776. Brookline-McKenny Home

777. St. Joseph, MO-Mausoleum

778. Colorado Springs-Chapel Holy Spirit

779. Falmouth-St. Barnabas Memorial Church

780. Melrose-Public Library

781. Wakefield-Congregational Church

782. Staten Island, NY, Chapel Daughters of St. Paul Convent

783. Melrose, 1st Congregational Church

784. Appleton, Wisconsin, Aid Association for Lutherans, A=Chapel, B=Ornamental Windows

785. Worcester-Chestnut Street Congregational Church

786. S. Weymouth, Church of Holy Nativity

787. East Falmouth, MA, Grace Chapel

788. East Greenwich, RI, St. Lukes

789. Westford, MA, Hoffmire Residence

790. Bengtz, T? 61 Clifton Park, Melrose (Finland)

791. West Hartford, St, John's clerestory

792. Bell

793. [Quincy]

794. Rot? Transparency

795. Temple Israel

796. Me? Cong.

797. [Masonic em?] (WHB)

798. Provincetown-Church of the Holy Virgin

799. Queen of Hearts

800. King of Hearts

801. Lantern



804. Peace Dale

805. St. Pauls, Cambridge, Relief medallion

806. Tivoli, NY

807. Zodiac symbols

808. Transparency-child and lamb

809. Transparency-child and lamb

810. Transparency-Madonna and child

811. Transparency-[Penguin]

812. Peace symbol-3 made

813. Pisces-2 made

814. Worcester-Higgins estate

815. 4 door lights-Winthrop

816. WHB

817. Newfoundland

818. Small Taurus

819. Small Capricorn

820. Houston

821. Worcester-?

822. Small Gemini

823. Small Aries

824. Small Virgo

825. ?

826. Sylvester Cape Cod

827. [Cut one]

828. ?

829. Hamilton-Christ Church

830. 4 Door ?

831. Sample with Bro? ?

832. Reading

833. [Haywood Wakefield] Samples

834. Sample with B? Christian

835. Haywood Wakefield, colonial 9x20.5

836. Haywood Wakefield, colonial 9x20.5

837. Haywood Wakefield, colonial 10x24.5

838. 9x9 samples Haywood Wakefield

839. Marlboro-First Congr. Church

840. Beverly-Hospital Chapel

841. Belmont P? Park Congr.

842. Heywood-6x26.5

843. {Cab door lights (4)]

844. Cleveland Church of the Saviour

845. Sample Mirror-Heywood, Wakefield-6x31.5

846. C? Wakefield

847. Flowers transparency

848. T? Repair

849. Calami? (2 doors)

850. F? 4 windows (house)

851. Arlington ?

852. Rounds-Wilmington

854. Alley

856. Providence-St. Stephens

857. Q?-Salem Lutheran

858. N. ? ? church

858R. N. ? ? church repair

859R. St. Steohen's Providence (repair)

860. B?

861. Newport

862. Temple Israel B?

864. McRuff?

865. Lancaster, PA-Reformed Church

866. Mr. Reese?

867. England

868. Daughter of St. Pauls

870. 12 Christian Angels

871. Rubiyat

872. St. Paul's School Seal

873. Lamp-?

874. Old N. Church

875. Old N. Church Silhouette

876. ?-Silhouette

878. England

879. Rudeman

880. [Hamilton-St. Pauls]

881. [Beth Shalom Peabody]

882. [Samples] Heyward Clear 9" x 38"

883. [Samples] Heyward Clear 8" x 38"

884. [Samples] Heyward Clear 13" x 38"

885. Breckenridge House

886. Concord, NH 4 chapel

887. St. Georges School-Newport RI

888. [Naffei]

889-835. Blue and ? white

890-837. Blue and ? white

891-835. Window glass

892-835. Window gladd

893-835. ?, blue, window glass

894-837. ?, blue, window glass

895. ? repair

896. Woods Hole repair

897. Charlotte, Providence ?

898. Bu???

899. Still River, [MA]

900. Belmont Payson Park

901. Woods Hole Chancel repair

902. ?

903. Rogers-Portrait

904. ?

905. Choate seal for stars

907. ? 6 doors

908. ? [tulips]

910R. St. ? ? window

911. [Stella court Co.]

912. Repair, Winchester Congr.

913. Chattanooga 7 ?

914. Milton Academy, seal

915R. [Ewing Peabody]

916R. Everett repair

917. M?

918R. Dr. Hard?

919R. Pelegrine?

920R. Schwartz repair

924. ? St. Pauls

925. Wakefield Baptist

926R. T? repair

927. ? St.

928R. R? museum

929R. Wilmington
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Wilbur H. Burnham Studios records, circa 1901-1991. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
AAA.wilbhbur, Series 6
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Textes en langue Tarasque

Serra, Angel  Search this
Charencey, Hyacinthe comte de 1832-1916  Search this
Catholic Church Liturgy and ritual Tarascan  Search this
Physical description:
18 p. ; 23 cm
Purépecha language  Search this
Call number:
PM4299.A2 .T35 1885
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

El cuerpo de Cristo : the Hispanic presence in the U.S. Catholic Church / edited by Peter Casarella and Raúl Gómez

Casarella, Peter J  Search this
Gómez, Raúl  Search this
Catholic Church  Search this
Physical description:
334 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
United States
Hispanic American Catholics--Religious life  Search this
Hispanic Americans--Religion  Search this
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Missale Franciscanum ad usum Fratrum Minorum Sancti P. Francisci : juxta Missale Romanum ex decreto sacosancti Concilii Tridentini restitutum / S. Pii V. Pontificis Maximi jussa editum, Clementis VIII. & Urbani VIII. auctoritate recognitum ..

Catholic Church  Search this
Stapleton Foundation DSI  Search this
Catholic Church Liturgy  Search this
Franciscans Liturgy Texts  Search this
Physical description:
xxxix, [1], 188, 23, [1], 203-496, lxxxviii p. : ill., music ; 32 cm. (4to)
Call number:
BX2015 .A2 1745
BX2015.A2 1745
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Missale Romanum ex decreto sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini restitutum / S. Pii V. jussu editum, Clementis VIII. et Urbani VIII. auctoritate recognitum ; in quo Missæ novissimæ sanctorum accuratè sunt dispositæ

Catholic Church  Search this
Stapleton Foundation DSI  Search this
Catholic Church Liturgy  Search this
Physical description:
[30], 496, lxxx p. : ill., music ; 32 cm. (4to)
Missals  Search this
Call number:
BX2015 .A2 1738
BX2015.A2 1738
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Y/Cup'ik song book and prayers / [original songs by Martin J. Lonneux and his catechists ; transcribed into standard orthography, Lena George]

Yup'ik hymnal : acts of thanksgiving
Lonneux, Martin J  Search this
George, Lena  Search this
Catholic Church Diocese of Fairbanks (Alaska)  Search this
Catholic Church  Search this
Catholic Church Liturgy  Search this
Physical description:
74, 52 p. ; 22 cm
Hymns, Yupik  Search this
Call number:
BV510.Y97 L66 2006
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Missae propriae sanctorum Hispanorum : quae generaliter in Hispania celebrantur / ex apostolica concessione, & auctoritate summorum Pontificum ad formam Missalis Romani redactae

Catholic Church  Search this
Catholic Church Liturgy  Search this
Physical description:
36 p. ; 32 cm. (4to)
Fasts and feasts--Catholic Church  Search this
Call number:
BX2015 .A2 1738
BX2015.A2 1738
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

It’s Still Christmas in Armenia

Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage  Search this
Blog posts
Smithsonian staff publications
Blog posts
Published Date:
Wed, 03 Jan 2018 21:41:00 GMT
Cultural property  Search this
See more posts:
Festival Blog
Data Source:
Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

Un livre d'heures de Jean sans Peur, duc de Bourgogne (1404-1419)

Leroquais, V (Victor) 1875-1948  Search this
John Duke of Burgundy 1371-1419  Search this
Catholic Church Liturgy Hours  Search this
Bibliothèque nationale de France Mss. (Lat. nouv. acq. 3055)  Search this
Physical description:
2 p. ℓ., [7]-74 p., 3 ℓ. XVI plates. 23 cm
Books of hours  Search this
Illumination of books and manuscripts  Search this
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

A book of hours for Engelbert of Nassau : the Bodleian Library, Oxford / Introd. and legends by J. J. G. Alexander

Master of Mary of Burgundy active 1475-1490  Search this
Alexander, J. J. G (Jonathan James Graham)  Search this
Engelbrecht II Count of Nassau-Dillenberg-Dietz 1451-1504  Search this
Catholic Church Liturgy and ritual. Hours. (MS. Engelbert of Nassau)  Search this
Bodleian Library MSS. (Douce 219-220)  Search this
Physical description:
[193] p. 115 col. plates. 14 cm
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Missæ propriæ sanctorum Hispanorum : quæ generaliter in Hispania celebrantur / ex apostolica concessione & auctoritate summorum pontificum, ad formam Missalis Romani redactae

Catholic Church  Search this
Catholic Church Liturgy  Search this
Physical description:
36 p. ; 32 cm. (4to)
Fasts and feasts--Catholic Church  Search this
Call number:
BX2015 .A2 1745
BX2015.A2 1745
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

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