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Joseph Sill selected diaries

Sill, Joseph, 1801-1854  Search this
Art-Union of Philadelphia  Search this
Artists' Fund Society  Search this
National Academy of Design (U.S.)  Search this
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts  Search this
Audubon, John James, 1785-1851  Search this
Audubon, Victor Gifford, 1809-1860  Search this
Carey, Edward L., 1806-1845  Search this
Furness, William Henry, 1802-1896  Search this
Hubard, William James, 1807-1862  Search this
Huntington, Daniel, 1816-1906  Search this
Lambdin, James Reid, 1807-1889  Search this
Leutze, Emanuel, 1816-1868  Search this
Morse, Samuel Finley Breese, 1791-1872  Search this
Neagle, John, 1796-1865  Search this
Page, William, 1811-1885  Search this
Rothermel, Peter Frederick, 1812-1895  Search this
Sartain, John, 1808-1897  Search this
Saunders, George Lethbridge, 1807-1863  Search this
Shaw, Joshua, 1776-1860  Search this
Sully, Thomas, 1783-1872  Search this
Watmough, Edward  Search this
Waugh, Samuel Bell, 1814-1885  Search this
Weber, Paul, 1823-1916  Search this
Weir, Robert Walter, 1803-1889  Search this
Winner, W. E. (William E), -1883  Search this
2 Items (partial microfilm reels)
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Scope and Contents:
Ca. 850 pages of selected art related excerpts from Sill's diaries. The diaries date from 1832 to 1854 and document his own painting activities, his association with the Artists and Amateurs Association, Artists' Fund Society, and Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He gives his reactions to the work of other artists as seen in exhibitions in Philadelphia and New York, especially at the National Academy of Design, as well as in private collections. He writes about panoramas shown in Philadelphia, purchases of works of art for himself and others, commissions to artists to paint pictures for him, etc. In particular he writes frequently of his friend, the collector and patron Edward L. Carey, and of Carey's collection. He often mentions John Sartain, James R. Lambdin, Peter F. Rothermel, Daniel Huntington, Thomas Sully, William H. Furness, Emanuel Leutze, George L. Saunders, Samuel B. Waugh, Paul Weber, William J. Hubard, Monachesi, and John Neagle. He tells of the founding and subsequent activities of the Art-Union of Philadelphia; the sale of Joshua Shaw's paintings and his misfortunes; the work and ill natured personality of William Page; meeting with and a drawing and description of John J. Audubon; a controversy between Robert W. Weir and Samuel F. B. Morse about who will paint the Mayflower Compact; V. G. Audubon's efforts to get subscribers for his father's book; and Bowen's lithographic shop.
He characterizes Edward Watmough and William E. Winner.
Biographical / Historical:
Collector, amateur painter; Philadelphia, Pa.
Microfilmed for the Archives of American Art in 1955 by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Diaries donated to the Society by Edward Madiera.
The Archives of American art does not own the original papers. Use is limited to the microfilm copy.
Art patrons -- Pennsylvania  Search this
Painters -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia  Search this
Art, American -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia  Search this
Art -- Collectors and collecting -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia -- Diaries  Search this
Archival Repository:
Archives of American Art

Selected art related letters from Historical Society of Pennsylvania's Society Collection

Historical Society of Pennsylvania  Search this
Carey & Hart  Search this
Peale's Museum (Philadelphia, Pa.)  Search this
Abbey, Edwin Austin, 1852-1911  Search this
Abbey, Mary Gertrude, d. 1931  Search this
Alexander, Archibald, 1772-1851  Search this
Allston, Washington, 1779-1843  Search this
Bayley, Frank W.  Search this
Beale, Pennel  Search this
Belcher, Wm. (William)  Search this
Bierstadt, Albert, 1830-1902  Search this
Brodhead, Col  Search this
Burrell, B.  Search this
Carey, Edward L., 1806-1845  Search this
Carey, Henry Charles, 1793-1879  Search this
Catlin, George, 1796-1872  Search this
Ceracchi, Giuseppe, 1751-1801  Search this
Chapman, J. G. (John Gadsby), 1808-1889  Search this
Cheney, John, 1801-1885  Search this
Clarke, Miss  Search this
Claypoole, James, Sr., 1720-1796  Search this
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, 1772-1834  Search this
Cox, James, 1751-1834  Search this
Curren, Mr  Search this
Darley, Felix Octavius Carr, 1822-1888  Search this
Delaplaine, Joseph, 1777-1824  Search this
Dickinson, John, 1732-1808  Search this
Dillwyn, William, 1743-1824  Search this
Donnehue, Humphrey  Search this
Du Simitière, Pierre Eugène, ca. 1736-1784  Search this
Duane, William J. (William John), 1780-1865  Search this
Dunlap, William, 1766-1839  Search this
Eliot, S.  Search this
Elliott, James B.  Search this
Elwyn, Langdon, Mrs.  Search this
Fielding, Mantle, 1865-1941  Search this
Francis, John W. (John Wakefield), 1789-1861  Search this
Gibson, Charles Dana, 1867-1944  Search this
Gillingham, Harrold E. (Harrold Edgar), 1864-1954  Search this
Greenough, Horatio, 1805-1852  Search this
Harding, George, 1882-1959  Search this
Hayes, Charles P.  Search this
Hollingsworth, Levi, 1739-1824  Search this
Hosack, David, 1769-1835  Search this
Howell, Mr.  Search this
Hunt, William Morris, 1824-1879  Search this
Huntington, Daniel, 1816-1906  Search this
Inman, Henry, 1801-1846  Search this
Jackson, William  Search this
Jones, Horatio Gates, 1822-1893  Search this
Jordan, John W. (John Woolf), 1840-1921  Search this
Kimball, Henry H. (Henry Hastings), b. 1835  Search this
Lambdin, James Reid, 1807-1889  Search this
Leidy, Joseph, 1823-1891  Search this
Leland, Charles Godfrey, 1824-1903  Search this
Lippincott, J. B. (Joshua Ballinger), 1813-1886  Search this
Livermore, George, 1809-1865  Search this
Low, Will Hicok, 1853-1932  Search this
Madison, James, 1751-1836  Search this
Marchant, Edward Dalton, 1806-1887  Search this
Martin, John Hill, 1823-1906  Search this
McAllister, John A.  Search this
McMurtrie, James, fl. 1843-1864  Search this
Monaghan, James  Search this
Montgomery, John C., Mrs.  Search this
Moody, William H. (William Henry), 1853-1917  Search this
Murray, J.  Search this
Myers, Albert Cook, 1874-1960  Search this
Nathans, Isabella  Search this
Nathans, Rebecca  Search this
Neagle, John, 1796-1865  Search this
Newsam, Albert, 1809-1864  Search this
Ogden, C. S.  Search this
Otis, Bass, 1784-1861  Search this
Paca, John  Search this
Paine, Thomas, 1737-1809  Search this
Peale, Charles Willson, 1741-1827  Search this
Peale, Franklin, 1795-1870  Search this
Peale, James, 1789-1876  Search this
Peale, Mary Jane, 1827-1902  Search this
Peale, Rembrandt, 1778-1860  Search this
Peale, Titian Ramsay, 1799-1885  Search this
Pennell, Joseph, 1857-1926  Search this
Penrose, Clement B. (Clement Biddle), 1832-1911  Search this
Piggot, Robert, 1795-1887  Search this
Randolph, Benjamin, 1737 or 8-1791  Search this
Read, Thomas Buchanan, 1822-1872  Search this
Richards, William Trost, 1833-1905  Search this
Rittenhouse, David, 1732-1796  Search this
Rosenthal, Albert, 1863-1939  Search this
Rossiter, Thomas Prichard, 1818-1871  Search this
Rothermel, Peter Frederick, 1812-1895  Search this
Rush, William, 1756-1833  Search this
Saint-Mémin, Charles Balthazar Julien Fevret de, 1770-1852  Search this
Sartain, John, 1808-1897  Search this
Schoff, Stephen Alonzo, 1818-1904  Search this
Schreiner, Jacob  Search this
Shrigley, James, 1814-1891  Search this
Smith, Russell, 1812-1896  Search this
Snowden, James Ross  Search this
Snyder, W. D.  Search this
Somerville, Dr.  Search this
Stanbridge, J. C.  Search this
Stephens, Charles H., 1855?-1931  Search this
Stone, Frederick D. (Frederick Dawson), 1841-1897  Search this
Stuart, Gilbert, 1755-1828  Search this
Sully, Thomas, 1783-1872  Search this
Syng, Philip, 1703-1789  Search this
Taylor, Frank H. (Frank Hamilton), 1846-1927  Search this
Troth, Henry, 1794-1842  Search this
Trumbull, John, 1756-1843  Search this
Vanderlyn, John, 1775-1852  Search this
Vaux, Mr  Search this
Ward, Townsend, 1817?-1885  Search this
Wells, William Hill, 1769-1829  Search this
Wharton, Geo. M. (George Mifflin), 1808-1870  Search this
Wharton, Mr  Search this
Wharton, Thomas Kelah, 1814-1862  Search this
Williams, Henry, 1828-1893  Search this
Willis, Nathaniel Parker, 1806-1867  Search this
Wilson, Alexander, 1766-1813  Search this
Woodside, John Archibald, 1781-1852  Search this
Wright, Patience Lovell, 1725-1786  Search this
Wylie, Samuel B. (Samuel Brown), 1773-1852  Search this
2 Reels (ca. 150 items (on 2 partial microfilm reels))
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Scope and Contents:
Letters, mainly from artists, and documents selected from the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's miscellaneous manuscript collection (Society Collection). Letters are to various people; 46 of them are to Townsend Ward and a few are to John A. McAllister, photographer. Many of the letters refer to paintings, portraits, commissions, and awards.
Writers of letters include: Edwin Austin Abbey, Mary Gertrude Abbey, F.W. Bayley, Albert Bierstadt, George Catlin, Joseph Ceracchi, John Gadsby Chapman, John Cheney, James Claypool, James Cox, F.O.C. Darley, Joseph Delaplaine, Humphrey Donnehue, William Dunlap, Pierre Eugene Du Simitiere, S. Eliot, Charles Fevret De Saint-Memin, Charles Dana Gibson, Harold Edgar Gillingham, Horatio Greenough, George Harding, Levi Hollingsworth, William Morris Hunt, Daniel Huntington, Henry Inman, Horatio Gates Jones, James Reid Lambdin, Will Hicok Low, Edward Dalton Marchant, William Henry Moody, John Neagle, Albert Newsam, Bass Otis, Thomas Paine, Charles Willson Peale, Franklin Peale, James Peale, Jr., Mary Jane Peale, Rembrandt Peale, Titian Ramsay Peale, Joseph Pennell, Clement Penrose, Robert Piggot, Thomas Buchanan Read, William Trost Richards, Thomas Prichard Rossiter, Peter Frederick Rothermel, William Rush, John Sartain, Stephen Alonzo Schooff (to Townsend Ward), Russell Smith, Charles H. Stephens, Thomas Sully, Philip Syng, John Vanderlyn, N.P. Willis, Alexander Wilson and Patience Wright.
Among the recipients of letters are Archibald Alexander, David S. Brown, William Belcher, Col. Brodhead, B. Burrell, Carey & Hart, Edward L. Carey, Henry C. Carey, Miss Clarke, Mr. Curren, Joseph Delaplaine, John Dickinson, Dr. Dickson, William Dillwyn, William Duane, James B. Elliott, Mrs. Langdon Elwyn, Mantle(?) Fielding, John W. Francis, Charles P. Hayes, David Hosack, Mr. Howell, Major William Jackson, Horatio Gates Jones, John W. Jordan, H.H. Kjmball, C.G. Leland, Joseph Leidy, J.B. Lippincott, George Livermore, James Madison, J. Hill Martin, John McAllister, James McMurtrie, James Monaghan, J. Murray, Albert Cook Myers, Rebecca and Isabella Nathans, John Neagle, C.S. Ogden, John Paca, Charles Willson Peale, Rembrandt Peale, David Rittenhouse, Albert Rosenthal, John Sartain, Jacob Schreiner, James Shrigley, James Ross Snowden, W.D. Snyder, Dr. Sommerville, J.C. Stanbridge, F.D. Stone, Henry Troth, Mr. Vaux, Townsend Ward, William Hill Wells, G.M. Wharton, Thomas Wharton, Henry J. Williams, and Samuel B. Wylie.
Other items include a sonnet of S.T. Coleridge by Washington Allston; business card of Pennel Beale; catalog of medals and coins of silver in the possession of Hon. John Smith compiled by Du Simitière, 1772; printed address by Mrs. John C. Montgomery soliciting donations for the repair of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, destroyed by fire, 1845; William Morris Hunt's admission ticket to Peale's Museum, 1836, stating his height and weight; description of objects on display at the Peale Museum, 1820; a photograph and business card of Benjamin Randolph; invitations and notes to Gilbert Stuart; typescript by Frank H. Taylor on lithography, 1923; subscription book for engravings of paintings by John Trumbull; and a page from John Archibald Woodside's daybook, 1802-1803.
Microfilmed by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania for the Archives of American Art, 1955.
The Archives of American art does not own the original papers. Use is limited to the microfilm copy.
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Art, Modern -- 17th-18th centuries -- United States  Search this
Art, Modern -- 19th century -- United States  Search this
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Archives of American Art

Thomas Cole papers

Cole, Thomas, 1801-1848  Search this
Adams, William Althorpe, 1797-1878  Search this
Ainsley, Samuel James, 1806-1874  Search this
Alexander, Francis, 1800-1880  Search this
Allen, Theodore, fl. 1800-1850  Search this
Allston, Washington, 1779-1843  Search this
Ashton, Thomas B., fl. 1835-1850  Search this
Bennet, Edwin Thomas  Search this
Bloodgood, S. DeWitt (Simeon DeWitt), 1799-1866  Search this
Bryant, William Cullen, 1794-1878  Search this
Carey, Edward L., 1806-1845  Search this
Childs, Cephas Grier, 1793-1871  Search this
Clark, Lewis Gaylord, 1808-1873  Search this
Cummings, Thomas Seir, 1804-1894  Search this
Dexter, Franklin, 1793-1857  Search this
Dunlap, William, 1766-1839  Search this
Durand, Asher Brown, 1796-1886  Search this
Gilmor, Robert, 1774-1848  Search this
Greene, George Washington, 1811-1883  Search this
Ingham, Charles Cromwell, 1796-1863  Search this
Leslie, Charles Robert, 1794-1859  Search this
Mason, Jonathan, 1795-1884  Search this
Morse, Samuel Finley Breese, 1791-1872  Search this
Morton, John Ludlow, 1792-1871  Search this
Pratt, Henry Cheever, 1803-1880  Search this
Reed, Luman, d. 1836  Search this
Ridner, John P.  Search this
Spencer, Mark  Search this
Sturges, Jonathan, 1802-1874  Search this
Town, Ithiel, 1784-1844  Search this
Townsend, Isaiah  Search this
Trego, Charles B., 1794-1874  Search this
Van Rensselaer, William P.  Search this
Ver Bryck, Cornelius, 1813-1844  Search this
Wadsworth, Daniel, 1771-1848  Search this
Ward, Samuel Gray  Search this
Weir, Robert Walter, 1803-1889  Search this
Wright, Ambrose  Search this
7 Microfilm reels
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Microfilm reels
Scope and Contents:
Notebooks; sketchbooks; drawings; letters; manuscript poems; catalogs; paintbrushes.
REEL D40: ca. 575 drawings.
REEL D6: Letters, manuscript poems, catalogs and a sketchbook dated March 10, 1832.
REEL D39: 2 v. of notebooks; 1825, and 18 v. of sketchbooks, 1827-1847. Cole sketches mainly in New York State, The White Mountains, England, Italy, and Catskill, N.Y.
REELS ALC 1- ALC 4: Correspondence with Cole, including letters from friends, family, artists, and others; journals; notes; essays; lectures; poetry; clippings; and financial records.
Correspondents include: William Althorpe Adams, Samuel James Ainsley, Francis Alexander, Theodore Allen, Washington Allston, Thomas B. Ashton, Edwin T. Bennet, Simeon D. Bloodgood, William C. Bryant, Edward L. Carey, Cephas G. Childs, Lewis G. Clark, Thomas S. Cummings, Franklin Dexter, William Dunlap, Asher B. Durand, Robert Gilmor, George W. Greene, Charles C. Ingham, Charles R. Leslie, Jonathan Mason, Samuel F. B. Morse, John L. Morton, Henry C. Pratt, Luman Reed, John P. Ridner, Jonathan Sturges, Ithiel Town, Isaiah Townsend, Charles B. Trego, William P. Van Rensselaer, Cornelius Ver Bryck, Daniel Wadsworth, Samuel Ward, Robert W. Weir, Ambrose Wright, and others.
Biographical / Historical:
Painter; Catskill, N.Y. Cole lived most of his life in New York City even though he studied abroad. He was elected member of National Academy in 1826.
Material on reels D6, D39, D40 lent for microfilming 1961 by the Detroit Institute of Art. Material on reels ALC 1-ALC 4 lent for microfilming 1964 by the New York State Library. Paintbrushes were discovered 1964 by S.J. Fishburne, Albany Institute restorer, in basement of Cole's house. He turned them over to the Institute's director, Janet MacFarlane, who donated them to AAA, 1965.
Use of original papers requires an appointment and is limited to the Archives' Washington, D.C., Research Center. Microfilmed materials must be consulted on microfilm. Contact Reference Services for more information.
Painters -- New York (State)  Search this
Landscape painting -- New York (State)  Search this
Hudson River school of landscape painting  Search this
Archival Repository:
Archives of American Art

The beneficent connoisseurs

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts  Search this
Goodyear, Frank Henry 1944-  Search this
Diskant, Carolyn  Search this
Harrison, Joseph 1810-1874 Art collections Exhibitions  Search this
Harrison, Sarah 1817-1906 Art collections Exhibitions  Search this
Carey, Henry Charles 1793-1879 Art collections Exhibitions  Search this
Gibson, Henry C. 1830-1891 Art collections Exhibitions  Search this
Carey, Edward L. 1806-1845  Search this
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts  Search this
Physical description:
1 portfolio : ports. ; 28 cm
19th century
Art--Private collections  Search this
Art patronage--History--Exhibitions  Search this
Art--Collectors and collecting--Exhibitions  Search this
Art  Search this
Call number:
N5216.P4 P36 1974
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

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