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Division of Archaeology Miscellaneous Photographs

Smithsonian Institution United States National Museum Department of Anthropology Division of Archeology  Search this
Jochelson, Waldemar I.  Search this
Bernheimer, Charles L.  Search this
Colburn, Burnham S.  Search this
Featherstonehaugh, Thomas  Search this
Geist, Otto William  Search this
Hill, A. T.  Search this
Hough, Walter, 1859-1935  Search this
Langford, George Langford  Search this
Montgomery, Henry  Search this
Moore, Clarence B. (Clarence Bloomfield), 1852-1936  Search this
Pittier, Henri F.  Search this
Stebbins, F. B.  Search this
Artex, Charles Artes (archeological collector)  Search this
Beckwith, C. W.  Search this
Branch, C. W.  Search this
Hempstead, F. S.  Search this
Pillars, James  Search this
Price, Governor  Search this
Squier, Ephraim George  Search this
Davis, Edwin Hamilton  Search this
Riaboushinsky Expedition. Ethnological Section  Search this
Colburn, Burnham S.  Search this
Hillers, John K., 1843-1925  Search this
Jackson, William Henry, 1843-1942  Search this
Matteson, Sumner W.  Search this
Mearns, Edgar S.  Search this
Mindeleff, Victor, 1860-1948  Search this
O'Sullivan, Timothy H., 1840-1882  Search this
Wetherill, Richard -- Mancos Canyon, Colorado  Search this
1,600 Items
Tlingit -- burials  Search this
Cherokee  Search this
Unangan (Aleut)  Search this
Arctic peoples  Search this
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Photographic prints
Photomechanical prints
Massachusetts -- Dighton Rock
Alabama -- 1931 -- Moundville
Alabama -- Archeology
Alaska -- Archeology
Arizona -- Archeology
Arkansas -- Archeology
California -- Archeology
Colorado -- Archeology
Connecticut -- Archeology
Delaware -- Archeology
Florida -- Archeology
Georgia -- Archeology
Illinois -- Archeology
Indiana -- Archeology
Iowa -- Archeology
Kansas -- Archeology
Kentucky -- Archeology
Maryland -- Archeology
Maine -- Archeology
Massachusetts -- Archeology
Michigan -- Archeology
Minnesota -- Archeology
Mississippi -- Archeology
Missouri -- Archeology
Nebraska -- Archeology
Nevada -- Archeology
New Jersey -- Archeology
New Mexico -- Archeology
New York (State) -- Archeology
North Carolina -- Archeology
North Dakota -- Archeology
Ohio -- Archeology
Oklahoma -- Archeology
Oregon -- Archeology
Pennsylvania -- Archeology
South Carolina -- Archeology
Tennessee -- Archeology
Texas -- Archeology
Utah -- Archeology
Virginia -- Archeology
Washington -- Archeology
Costa Rica -- Archeology
British Columbia -- Antiquities
Canada -- Archeology
New Zealand -- Archeology
Nova Scotia -- Archeology
Pacific Islanders -- Archeology
West Indies -- Archeology
Scope and Contents:
The material consists mostly of photographic prints. A few negatives, photomechanical prints, tintypes, drawings, newspaper clippings, notes, and letters are also included. Much of the material is annotated. In part, the file was assembled for or relates to many accessions and cataloging units of the division.

The material was received from professionals and amateurs, mostly working in North America. The images are of artifactual and skeletal specimens, fradulent specimens, collections of specimens, sites, excavations, site features, ruins, petroglyphs, and field parties. A few are reproductions of maps and portraits of native people. Some of the specimens are in the Smithsonianʹs collections, but many are not.

Included among the many subjects are photographs of Dighton Rock in Massachusetts; many ruins of the 1931 Moundville, Alabama, excavation; Tlingit burial boxes; excavations, specimens, and Aleut portraits taken by Waldemar I. Jochelsonʹs Ethnological Section of the Riaboushinsky Expedition, 1909-1912; Richard Wetherillʹs party in Mancos Canyon, Colorado, and F. S. Hempsteadʹs Archaeological and Topographic Map of Portsmouth," [Ohio].

Some of the material relates to the work of Charles L. Bernheimer in Utah, Burnham S. Colburn in Georgia and North Carolina, Thomas Featherstonehaugh in Florida, Otto William Geist in Alaska, A. T. Hill in Nebraska, Walter Hough in Arizona (for the Gates-United States National Museum Expedition, 1901), George Langford in Illinois, Henry Montgomery in North Dakota, Clarence B. Moore in Florida, Henri F. Pittier in Costa Rica, and F. B. Stebbins in Tennessee. Collections are those of Charles Artes (filed Indiana), Thomas Beckwith (filed Missouri), C. W. Branch (filed West Indies), Burham S. Colburn Cherokee relics (filed North Carolina), James Pillars (filed Ohio), Governor Price (frauds from New Mexico), Ephraim George Squier and Edwin Hamilton Davis (filed Ohio).

The material is from Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas Utah, Virginia, Washington, Costa Rica, British Columbia, Canada, New Zealand, Nova Scotia, South Pacific, and West Indies.

The works of many photographers are included. Among them are John K. Hillers, William Henry Jackson, Sumner W. Matteson, Edgar A. Mearns, Victor Mindeleff, and Timothy H. OʹSullivan.
(1) Frauds; (2) petroglyphs (3) general
Archeology -- artifacts -- skeletal specimens -- frauds -- collection -- sites -- Excavations -- Petroglyphs  Search this
Archeology -- frauds -- New Mexico  Search this
Archeology -- Alabama  Search this
Archeology -- Arizona  Search this
Archeology -- Alaska  Search this
Archeology -- Arkansas  Search this
Archeology -- California  Search this
Archeology -- Colorado  Search this
Archeology -- Connecticut  Search this
Archeology -- Delaware  Search this
Archeology -- Florida  Search this
Archeology -- Georgia  Search this
Archeology -- Illinois  Search this
Archeology -- Indiana  Search this
Archeology -- Iowa  Search this
Archeology -- Kansas  Search this
Archeology -- Kentucky  Search this
Archeology -- Maryland  Search this
Archeology -- Maine  Search this
Archeology -- Massachusetts  Search this
Archeology -- Michigan  Search this
Archeology -- Minnesota  Search this
Archeology -- Mississippi  Search this
Archeology -- Missouri  Search this
Archeology -- Nebraska  Search this
Archeology -- Nevada  Search this
Archeology -- New Jersey  Search this
Archeology -- New Mexico  Search this
Archeology -- Archeology  Search this
Archeology -- North Carolina  Search this
Archeology -- North Dakota  Search this
Archeology -- Ohio  Search this
Archeology -- Oklahoma  Search this
Archeology -- Oregon  Search this
Archeology -- Pennsylvania  Search this
Archeology -- South Carolina  Search this
Archeology -- Texas  Search this
Archeology -- Utah  Search this
Archeology -- Virginia  Search this
Archeology -- Washington  Search this
Archeology -- Costa Rica  Search this
Archeology -- British Columbia  Search this
Archeology -- Canada  Search this
Archeology -- New Zealand  Search this
Archeology -- Nova Scotia  Search this
Archeology -- Oceania  Search this
Archeology -- West Indies  Search this
Photographic prints
Photomechanical prints
Photo lot 40, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
Archival Repository:
National Anthropological Archives

The man who invented Aztec crystal skulls : the adventures of Eugène Boban / Jane MacLaren Walsh and Brett Topping

Adventures of Eugène Boban
Walsh, Jane MacLaren  Search this
Topping, Brett 1947-  Search this
Boban, Eugène  Search this
Physical description:
xv, 312 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Latin America
Archaeologists  Search this
Crystal skulls--History  Search this
French  Search this
Mexico--Antiquities--Forgeries  Search this
Swindlers and swindling  Search this
Art dealers  Search this
Archaeology--Miscellanea  Search this
Antiquities  Search this
Collectors and collecting  Search this
History  Search this
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