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Descriptive Entry:
These records are the official minutes of the Board. They are compiled at the direction of the Secretary of the Smithsonian, who is also secretary to the Board, after approval by the Regents' Executive Committee and by the Regents themselves. The minutes are edited, not a verbatim account of proceedings. For reasons unknown, there are no manuscript minutes for the period from 1857 through 1890; and researchers must rely on printed minutes published in the Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution instead. Minutes are transferred regularly from the Secretary's Office to the Archives. Minutes less than 15 years old are closed to researchers. Indexes exist for the period from 1907 to 1946 and can be useful.
Historical Note:
The Smithsonian Institution was created by authority of an Act of Congress approved August 10, 1846. The Act entrusted direction of the Smithsonian to a body called the Establishment, composed of the President; the Vice President; the Chief Justice of the United States; the secretaries of State, War, Navy, Interior, and Agriculture; the Attorney General; and the Postmaster General. In fact, however, the Establishment last met in 1877, and control of the Smithsonian has always been exercised by its Board of Regents. The membership of the Regents consists of the Vice President and the Chief Justice of the United States; three members each of the Senate and House of Representatives; two citizens of the District of Columbia; and seven citizens of the several states, no two from the same state. (Prior to 1970 the category of Citizen Regents not residents of Washington consisted of four members). By custom the Chief Justice is Chancellor. The office was at first held by the Vice President. However, when Millard Fillmore succeeded to the presidency on the death of Zachary Taylor in 1851, Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney was chosen in his stead. The office has always been filled by the Chief Justice since that time.

The Regents of the Smithsonian have included distinguished Americans from many walks of life. Ex officio members (Vice President) have been: Spiro T. Agnew, Chester A. Arthur, Allen W. Barkley, John C. Breckenridge, George Bush, Schuyler Colfax, Calvin Coolidge, Charles Curtis, George M. Dallas, Charles G. Dawes, Charles W. Fairbanks, Millard Fillmore, Gerald R. Ford, John N. Garner, Hannibal Hamlin, Thomas A. Hendricks, Garret A. Hobart, Hubert H. Humphrey, Andrew Johnson, Lyndon B. Johnson, William R. King, Thomas R. Marshall, Walter F. Mondale, Levi P. Morton, Richard M. Nixon, Nelson A. Rockefeller, Theodore Roosevelt, James S. Sherman, Adlai E. Stevenson, Harry S. Truman, Henry A. Wallace, William A. Wheeler, Henry Wilson.

Ex officio members (Chief Justice) have been: Roger B. Taney, Salmon P. Chase, Nathan Clifford, Morrison R. Waite, Samuel F. Miller, Melville W. Fuller, Edward D. White, William Howard Taft, Charles Evans Hughes, Harlan F. Stone, Fred M. Vinson, Earl Warren, Warren E. Burger.

Regents on the part of the Senate have been: Clinton P. Anderson, Newton Booth, Sidney Breese, Lewis Cass, Robert Milledge Charlton, Bennet Champ Clark, Francis M. Cockrell, Shelby Moore Cullom, Garrett Davis, Jefferson Davis, George Franklin Edmunds, George Evans, Edwin J. Garn, Walter F. George, Barry Goldwater, George Gray, Hannibal Hamlin, Nathaniel Peter Hill, George Frisbie Hoar, Henry French Hollis, Henry M. Jackson, William Lindsay, Henry Cabot Lodge, Medill McCormick, James Murray Mason, Samuel Bell Maxey, Robert B. Morgan, Frank E. Moss, Claiborne Pell, George Wharton Pepper, David A. Reed, Leverett Saltonstall, Hugh Scott, Alexander H. Smith, Robert A. Taft, Lyman Trumbull, Wallace H. White, Jr., Robert Enoch Withers.

Regents on the part of the House of Representatives have included: Edward P. Boland, Frank T. Bow, William Campbell Breckenridge, Overton Brooks, Benjamin Butterworth, Clarence Cannon, Lucius Cartrell, Hiester Clymer, William Colcock, William P. Cole, Jr., Maurice Connolly, Silvio O. Conte, Edward E. Cox, Edward H. Crump, John Dalzell, Nathaniel Deering, Hugh A. Dinsmore, William English, John Farnsworth, Scott Ferris, Graham Fitch, James Garfield, Charles L. Gifford, T. Alan Goldsborough, Frank L. Greene, Gerry Hazleton, Benjamin Hill, Henry Hilliard, Ebenezer Hoar, William Hough, William M. Howard, Albert Johnson, Leroy Johnson, Joseph Johnston, Michael Kirwan, James T. Lloyd, Robert Luce, Robert McClelland, Samuel K. McConnell, Jr., George H. Mahon, George McCrary, Edward McPherson, James R. Mann, George Perkins Marsh, Norman Y. Mineta, A. J. Monteague, R. Walton Moore, Walter H. Newton, Robert Dale Owen, James Patterson, William Phelps, Luke Poland, John Van Schaick Lansing Pruyn, B. Carroll Reece, Ernest W. Roberts, Otho Robards Singleton, Frank Thompson, Jr., John M. Vorys, Hiram Warner, Joseph Wheeler.

Citizen Regents have been: David C. Acheson, Louis Agassiz, James B. Angell, Anne L. Armstrong, William Backhouse Astor, J. Paul Austin, Alexander Dallas Bache, George Edmund Badger, George Bancroft, Alexander Graham Bell, James Gabriel Berrett, John McPherson Berrien, Robert W. Bingham, Sayles Jenks Bowen, William G. Bowen, Robert S. Brookings, John Nicholas Brown, William A. M. Burden, Vannevar Bush, Charles F. Choate, Jr., Rufus Choate, Arthur H. Compton, Henry David Cooke, Henry Coppee, Samuel Sullivan Cox, Edward H. Crump, James Dwight Dana, Harvey N. Davis, William Lewis Dayton, Everette Lee Degolyer, Richard Delafield, Frederic A. Delano, Charles Devens, Matthew Gault Emery, Cornelius Conway Felton, Robert V. Fleming, Murray Gell-Mann, Robert F. Goheen, Asa Gray, George Gray, Crawford Hallock Greenwalt, Nancy Hanks, Caryl Parker Haskins, Gideon Hawley, John B. Henderson, John B. Henderson, Jr., A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr., Gardner Greene Hubbard, Charles Evans Hughes, Carlisle H. Humelsine, Jerome C. Hunsaker, William Preston Johnston, Irwin B. Laughlin, Walter Lenox, Augustus P. Loring, John Maclean, William Beans Magruder, John Walker Maury, Montgomery Cunningham Meigs, John C. Merriam, R. Walton Moore, Roland S. Morris, Dwight W. Morrow, Richard Olney, Peter Parker, Noah Porter, William Campbell Preston, Owen Josephus Roberts, Richard Rush, William Winston Seaton, Alexander Roby Shepherd, William Tecumseh Sherman, Otho Robards Singleton, Joseph Gilbert Totten, John Thomas Towers, Frederic C. Walcott, Richard Wallach, Thomas J. Watson, Jr., James E. Webb, James Clarke Welling, Andrew Dickson White, Henry White, Theodore Dwight Woolsey.
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Smithsonian Institution Archives, Record Unit 1, Smithsonian Institution, Board of Regents, Minutes
Record Unit 1
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John F. Anderson

Unidentified Artist  Search this
John F. Anderson, 1825 - 1898  Search this
Oil on canvas
101.6cm x 76.2cm (40" x 30"), Accurate
c. 1830
John F. Anderson: Male  Search this
Portrait  Search this
Credit Line:
Owner: Newark Museum
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Catalog of American Portraits
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Catalog of American Portraits

Ixodid and Argasis Ticks in Connecticut, U.S.A.: Aponomma latum. Amblyomma dissimile, Haemaphysalis leachi group, and Ornithodoros kelleyi (Acari: Ixodidae, Argasidae)

Anderson, John F.  Search this
Magnarelli, Louis A.  Search this
Keirans, James E.  Search this
Object Type:
Smithsonian staff publication
Anderson, John F., Magnarelli, Louis A., and Keirans, James E. 1984. "Ixodid and Argasis Ticks in Connecticut, U.S.A.: Aponomma latum. Amblyomma dissimile, Haemaphysalis leachi group, and Ornithodoros kelleyi (Acari: Ixodidae, Argasidae)." Internatational Journal of Acarology, 10, (3) 149–151.
Data source:
Smithsonian Libraries and Archives

American Paintings : the Hudson River School, February 23 - April 9, 2005

Last best hope of earth
Questroyal Fine Art  Search this
Physical description:
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 23 x 30 cm
19th century
20th century
Landscape painting, American  Search this
Painting, American  Search this
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Smithsonian Libraries

Anderson, John F.

Collection Creator::
Sabrosky, Curtis W. (Curtis Williams), 1910-  Search this
Box 1 of 4
Archival materials
Collection Citation:
Smithsonian Institution Archives, Accession 88-174, Curtis W. Sabrosky Papers
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Curtis W. Sabrosky Papers / Box 1
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A – F

Archival materials
Collection Restrictions:
Freedmen's Bureau Digital Collection, 1865–1872, is a product of and owned by the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Smithsonian Institution. Copyright for digital images is retained by the donor, FamilySearch International; permission for commercial use of the digital images may be requested from FamilySearch International, Intellectual Property Office, at:
Collection Citation:
Courtesy of the U. S. National Archives and Records Administration, FamilySearch International, and the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.
NMAAHC.FB.M999, File 8.2.1
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Records of the Assistant Commissioner for the State of Tennessee, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, 1865–1869
Records of the Assistant Commissioner for the State of Tennessee, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, 1865–1869 / Series 8: Registered Letters Received / 8.2: Entered in Register 1 and 2
Archival Repository:
National Museum of African American History and Culture
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Anderson, John F.

Collection Creator::
Wirth, Willis Wagner  Search this
Box 1 of 7
Archival materials
Collection Citation:
Smithsonian Institution Archives, Record Unit 7412, Willis Wagner Wirth Papers
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Willis Wagner Wirth Papers
Willis Wagner Wirth Papers / Box 1
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Smithsonian Institution Archives

Library of Congress Copyright Office photographs of Native Americans

Library of Congress. Copyright Office  Search this
Alfred S. Campbell Art Co.  Search this
Alligator Farm  Search this
Art Foto Company  Search this
Bailey Company  Search this
C. C. Pierce & Company  Search this
Case & Draper  Search this
Cobbs, The  Search this
Cornish & Baker  Search this
Crippen & Reese  Search this
Curtis & Miller  Search this
Detroit Publishing Co.  Search this
Frashers Inc.  Search this
Fred Harvey (Firm)  Search this
H.H. Bennett Studio  Search this
Harrison & Harris  Search this
Heyn & Matzen  Search this
James & Pierce  Search this
John F. Byrnes & Co.  Search this
Karl E. Moon & Co.  Search this
Kendrick Studio  Search this
Kesir Brothers  Search this
Lewiston Business College  Search this
Locke & Peterson  Search this
Lomen Bros.  Search this
Mary Ann Studio  Search this
McIllheney & Engstrom  Search this
Mishler & Walker  Search this
National Art Co.  Search this
Osborne Company  Search this
Perry & Petrik  Search this
Robinsons, The  Search this
Rose & Hopkins  Search this
Smith & Hassel  Search this
Underwood & Underwood  Search this
Adams, Ira Clay  Search this
Allyn, Harry J.  Search this
Anderson, J. A. (John Alvin), 1869-1948  Search this
Anderson, John F.  Search this
Anderson, Oliver P. (Oliver Phelps)  Search this
Andrews, Clarence Leroy, 1862-1948  Search this
Arnold, C. D. (Charles Dudley), 1844-1927  Search this
Arnold, John J.  Search this
Baker, A. J.  Search this
Bakey, William August  Search this
Black, T. Henry  Search this
Blessing, J. Lynne  Search this
Blotcky, Abraham G.  Search this
Boag, W. J. (William John)  Search this
Boos, Edward H.  Search this
Bortell, P. Clinton  Search this
Bowman, W. S. (Walter S.)  Search this
Bradford, C. S. (Charles Sydney)  Search this
Brady, Ferdinand  Search this
Bratley, J. H. (Jesse H.)  Search this
Brewster, Arthur J.  Search this
Britain, J. W.  Search this
Buchman, Albert R.  Search this
Bunnell, S. U.  Search this
Burke, F. P. (Frank P.)  Search this
Carpenter, A. C.  Search this
Clark, R. H.  Search this
Cline, Walter M., 1873-1941  Search this
Collins, J. W.  Search this
Cornish, Geo. B. (George Bancroft)  Search this
Countryman, Edwin W., 1872-1946  Search this
Crossland, W. R.  Search this
Curtis, Edward S., 1868-1952  Search this
Davis, Trevor M.  Search this
Dean, F. E.  Search this
Distin, William  Search this
Dixon, Joseph K. (Joseph Kossuth)  Search this
Dobbs, B. B. (Beverly Bennett)  Search this
Dodge, K. T. (Katherine Taylor)  Search this
Drake, J. D.  Search this
Drum, O.  Search this
Duckwall, David Thomas Jr  Search this
Eickemeyer, Carl  Search this
Eklund, Hildore C.  Search this
Ellingson, M. A. (Martin A.)  Search this
Emery, C. E. (Charles E.)  Search this
Endner, Harry W.  Search this
Evans, Wilmot R.  Search this
Fair, Henry, 1856-  Search this
Faulk, B. J.  Search this
Fawcett, Waldon  Search this
Fewkes, John  Search this
Fine, Eben G.  Search this
Fishbaugh, W. A. (William A.)  Search this
Fiske, Frank Bennett, 1883-1952  Search this
Fitch, W. T.  Search this
Fly, M. E.  Search this
Forrest, Earle R. (Earle Robert), 1883-1969  Search this
Forsyth, N. A. (Norman A.), 1869-1949  Search this
Freeman, Emma B., 1880-1928  Search this
Fully, Albert  Search this
Gifford, Benjamin A.  Search this
Gifford, Ralph  Search this
Gilpin, Laura  Search this
Glasier, E. C. (Emma C.)  Search this
Glasier, F. W. (Frederick W.)  Search this
Goetze, O. D. (Otto Daniel)  Search this
Gonner, F. (Frank)  Search this
Grabill, John C. H.  Search this
Grady, M. A.  Search this
Graves, Faye, -1945  Search this
Hakkerup, N. L. (N. Larson)  Search this
Hall, A. W.  Search this
Hall, Fred G.  Search this
Hamilton, James R.  Search this
Hance, G. W. (George W.)  Search this
Hand, Fred  Search this
Haran, J. A.  Search this
Harrison, J. V.  Search this
Hartwell, Sidney R.  Search this
Haynes, Jack Ellis, 1884-1962  Search this
Hebard, Grace Raymond, 1861-1936  Search this
Herman, Eddie  Search this
Hibbard, C. J.  Search this
Hill, Eva M.  Search this
Hill, Harry E., 1869-1937  Search this
Homan, Edward Jr  Search this
Hook, W. E. (William Edward), 1833-1908  Search this
Hunt, P. S. (Phinney S.), 1866-1917  Search this
Ingersoll, T. W. (Truman Ward), 1862-1922  Search this
James, George Wharton, 1858-1923  Search this
Jansrud, J. C.  Search this
Jensen, W. F.  Search this
Johnson, George W.  Search this
Johnson, Jessamine Spear, 1886-  Search this
Johnson, John A.  Search this
Jones, Ida  Search this
Kellogg, P. H.  Search this
Kern, Bernhard  Search this
Kinne, A. B. (Albert Barnes)  Search this
Kinsey, Darius, 1869-1945  Search this
Kip, Benjamin M.  Search this
Kiser, Fred H.  Search this
Knott, Franklin Price  Search this
La Roche, Frank, 1853-1934  Search this
Langdon, J. W. (John Warren)  Search this
Lange, William  Search this
Ledford, Duke E.  Search this
Lewis, Anna  Search this
Linton, Esther Letitia, 1866-  Search this
Logston, E. W.  Search this
Lubken, Walter J., 1881-1960  Search this
Lummis, Charles Fletcher, 1859-1928  Search this
MacKenzie, Colin (Colin H.)  Search this
Markham, B. C. (Benjamin Clayton)  Search this
Markley, Iris  Search this
Matthews, George L.  Search this
Maude, F. H. (Frederic Hamer)  Search this
McAllister, William O.  Search this
McClintock, Walter, 1870-1949  Search this
McKay, R. H. (Rollin H.)  Search this
McKee, Thomas M., 1854-1939  Search this
McWhorter, Lucullus Virgil, 1860-1944  Search this
Mcbride, C. C.  Search this
Meiser, J. A. (Jesse A.)  Search this
Mellen, Geo. E. (George Egbert), b. 1854  Search this
Mercer, Anson Cary  Search this
Merriam, C. Hart (Clinton Hart), 1855-1942  Search this
Merryman, Aubrey Ewert  Search this
Metcalfe, Frederick Andrew  Search this
Meyers, Henry C.  Search this
Miller, James A.  Search this
Mitchell, Daniel S.  Search this
Monsen, Frederick, 1865-1929  Search this
Moore, F. E. (Frank E.)  Search this
Moorhouse, Lee, 1850-1926  Search this
Morris, Charles E.  Search this
Morris, T. A.  Search this
Murray, Sylvia E.  Search this
Newcomb, Alta Ida  Search this
Newton, Warren Z.  Search this
Norcott, Culver K.  Search this
Northrup, Dale O.  Search this
Nowell, Frank H., 1864-1950  Search this
Oakes, Mortimer L.  Search this
Oliver, Warren Mack  Search this
Palmer, Frank, 1864-1920  Search this
Palmer, G. E.  Search this
Parker, Robert Gish  Search this
Peabody, Henry G. (Henry Greenwood), 1855-1951  Search this
Peeso, Frederick E.  Search this
Pennington, William M.  Search this
Percy, Henry George  Search this
Phelan, A. B.  Search this
Pickett, W. B.  Search this
Plank, Henriette A.  Search this
Pleissner, Ogden M.  Search this
Poley, H. S. (Horace Swartley)  Search this
Porter, Milton E. (Milton Edson)  Search this
Powell, Tod  Search this
Prestbus, Ingemar  Search this
Price, Robert C.  Search this
Putnam, A.  Search this
Quick, Floyd Edgar  Search this
Rau, William Herman, 1855-1920  Search this
Rauderbaugh  Search this
Reading, R. L.  Search this
Reed, Roland, 1864-1934  Search this
Rice, Thomas J.  Search this
Risem, A.  Search this
Robinson, K. E.  Search this
Rogers, May S.  Search this
Ross, D. F.  Search this
Rosser, J. H.  Search this
Rowland, Perley C.  Search this
Russell, Charles M. (Charles Marion), 1864-1926  Search this
Rutter, Thomas H., 1837-1925  Search this
San Jule, F. E.  Search this
Schwemberger, Simeon  Search this
Scott, Frances  Search this
Shattuck, Rena  Search this
Shindler, A. Zeno (Antonio Zeno), 1823-1899  Search this
Shipman, B. J.  Search this
Shuck, J. A.  Search this
Siebert, Edward S.  Search this
Smith, Benjamin A.  Search this
Smith, Erminnie A. (Erminnie Adele), 1836-1886  Search this
Soule, John P.  Search this
Spencer, George A.  Search this
Splawn, A. J.  Search this
Spurr, E. Willard  Search this
Squires, C. F.  Search this
Starrh, Thomas M.  Search this
Stephenson, Benton E.  Search this
Stevens, J. E.  Search this
Stimson, Joseph Elam, 1870-1952  Search this
Stonecipher, C. U.  Search this
Strakal, Chris J.  Search this
Sweney, Dallas R.  Search this
Tammen, Harry Heye, 1856-1924  Search this
Tancred, Douglas  Search this
Tangen, Ed, 1873-1951  Search this
Tanner, W. S.  Search this
Taylor, G. S. (Gracie S.)  Search this
Tees, Howard  Search this
Terry, John Jesse  Search this
Thedens, Fred R.  Search this
Thomas, Arthur  Search this
Thompson, Lucy, 1856-  Search this
Thompson, P. T.  Search this
Throssel, Richard, d. 1933  Search this
Trager, George E.  Search this
Truman, Edward  Search this
Tuell, Julia E.  Search this
Turner, Thomas  Search this
Van Oeyen, L.  Search this
Waite, C. B. (Charles Betts), 1861-1927  Search this
Wallace, H. J.  Search this
Warren, O. B.  Search this
Waterman, O. W.  Search this
Wheeler, C. S.  Search this
White, Lily E.  Search this
Wolf, C. A.  Search this
Wores, Theodore, 1858-1939  Search this
Young, F. A. (Fred Andrew)  Search this
Wanamaker, John, 1838-1922 (photographer or copyright claimant)  Search this
Wanamaker, Rodman, 1863-1928 (photographer or copyright claimant)  Search this
6,085 Mounted prints (circa, albumen, collodion, silver gelatin, platinum)
Onondaga  Search this
Diné (Navajo)  Search this
Quileute  Search this
Mojave (Mohave)  Search this
Mewuk (Miwok)  Search this
Kutzadika'a (Mono Paiute)  Search this
Numakiki (Mandan)  Search this
Menominee (Menomini)  Search this
Kootenai (Kutenai)  Search this
Klikitat  Search this
Maidu  Search this
Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl)  Search this
Kato Indians  Search this
Kickapoo  Search this
Kiowa  Search this
Klamath  Search this
Kalispel (Pend d'Oreilles)  Search this
Karuk (Karok)  Search this
A'aninin (Gros Ventre)  Search this
Minitari (Hidatsa)  Search this
Haida  Search this
Havasupai (Coconino)  Search this
Palouse  Search this
Duwamish (Dwamish)  Search this
Eskimos  Search this
Fox Indians  Search this
Indians of North America -- Northwest Coast of North America  Search this
Indians of North America -- Northeast  Search this
Apache  Search this
Indians of North America -- Southwest, New  Search this
Achomawi (Pit River)  Search this
Ahtna (Ahtena)  Search this
Quinault  Search this
Northwest Coast  Search this
Yavapai  Search this
Quapaw Indians  Search this
Wishram  Search this
Yakama (Yakima)  Search this
Wichita  Search this
Ho-Chunk (Winnebago)  Search this
Coeur d'Alene  Search this
Spokan  Search this
Indians of North America -- Great Plains  Search this
Shoshone  Search this
Interior Salish  Search this
Seminole  Search this
Shawnee  Search this
Sarsi Indians  Search this
Sauk  Search this
Indians of North America -- Great Basin  Search this
Ponca  Search this
Pomo  Search this
Peoria  Search this
Chaticks Si Chaticks (Pawnee)  Search this
Passamaquoddy  Search this
Tohono O'odham (Papago)  Search this
Swinomish  Search this
Assiniboine (Stoney)  Search this
Sahnish (Arikara)  Search this
Inunaina (Arapaho)  Search this
Isleta Pueblo  Search this
Cochiti Pueblo  Search this
Acoma Pueblo  Search this
Potawatomi  Search this
Nuu-chah-nulth (Nootka)  Search this
Niimíipuu (Nez Perce)  Search this
A:shiwi (Zuni)  Search this
Taos Indians  Search this
Paiute  Search this
Oto  Search this
Osage  Search this
Omaha  Search this
Jemez Pueblo  Search this
Hualapai (Walapai)  Search this
Wailaki  Search this
Ute  Search this
Zia Pueblo  Search this
Tewa Pueblos  Search this
Laguna Indians  Search this
Tlingit  Search this
Tolowa  Search this
Yuki  Search this
Yurok  Search this
Twana  Search this
Umatilla  Search this
Tonkawa  Search this
Tsimshian  Search this
Wappo  Search this
Wampanoag  Search this
Washo Indians  Search this
Wasco  Search this
Indians of North America  Search this
Yokuts  Search this
Walla Walla (Wallawalla)  Search this
Pueblo Indians  Search this
Indians of North America -- California  Search this
Akimel O'odham (Pima)  Search this
Makah  Search this
Arctic peoples  Search this
Piipaash (Maricopa)  Search this
Anishinaabe (Chippewa/Ojibwa)  Search this
Iroquois  Search this
Yoeme (Yaqui)  Search this
Apsáalooke (Crow/Absaroke)  Search this
Sioux  Search this
Indians of North America -- Subarctic  Search this
Cocopa  Search this
Hupa  Search this
Klallam (Clallam)  Search this
Choctaw  Search this
Chinook  Search this
Muskogee (Creek)  Search this
Cree  Search this
Cowichan  Search this
Niuam (Comanche)  Search this
Chehalis  Search this
Cayuse  Search this
Cahuilla  Search this
Bannock  Search this
Chimakum  Search this
Hopi Pueblo  Search this
Tsitsistas/Suhtai (Cheyenne)  Search this
Cherokee  Search this
Chemehuevi  Search this
Indians of North America -- Southern States  Search this
Seneca  Search this
Indians of North America -- Plateau  Search this
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Mounted prints
bulk 1890s-1920s
Scope and Contents note:
The collection consists of photographs relating to Native Americans, which were submitted to the copyright office of the Library of Congress in and around the early 20th century. Many of the photographs are studio portraits as well as photographs made as part of expeditions and railroad surveys. It includes images of people, dwellings and other structures, agriculture, arts and crafts, burials, ceremonies and dances, games, food preparation, transportation, and scenic views. Some of the photographs were posed to illustrate literary works, including Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Hiawatha, while others depict paintings or other artwork.

Tribes represented are Achomawi, Ahtena, Apache, Arapaho, Arikara, Assiniboin, Bannock, Blackfoot, Cahita, Cahuilla, Cayuse, Chehalis, Chemehuevi, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Chimakum, Chinook, Chippewa, Choctaw, Clatsop, Cocopa, Comanche, Cowichan, Cree, Creek, Crow, Dakota, Duwamish, Eskimo, Fox, Gros Ventre (Atsina), Gros Ventre (Hidatsa), Haida, Havasupai, Hoh, Hupa, Iroquois (including Mohawk, Onandaga, Seneca, and St. Regis), Kalispel, Karok, Kato, Kickapoo, Kiowa, Klamath, Klickitat, Kutenai, Kwakiutl, Maidu, Makah, Mandan, Maricopa, Menominee, Miwok, Mohave, Mono, Navaho, Nez Perce, Nootka, Omaha, Osage, Oto, Paiute, Paloos, Papago, Passamaquoddy, Pawnee, Peoria, Pima, Pomo, Ponca, Potawatomi, Pueblo (including Acoma, Cochiti, Hano, Hopi, Isleta, Jemez, Laguna, Nambe, San Ildefonso, Santa Clara, Santo Domingo, Sia, San Juan, Taos, Tesuque, and Zuni), Quahatika, Quapaw, Queets, Quileute, Quinault, Salish (including Flathead), Sarsi, Sauk and Fox, Seminole, Shawnee, Shoshoni, Sinkiuse, Skitswish, Spokan, Swinomish, Tenino, Tlingit, Tolowa, Tonkawa, Tsimshian, Twana, Umatilla, Ute, Wailaki, Walapai, Wallawalla, Wampanoag, Wappo, Wasco, Washo, Wichita, Winnebago, Wishram, Yakima, Yavapai, Yokuts, Yuki, Yuma, and Yurok.
Collection is organized alphabetically by copyright claimant.
Biographical/Historical note:
The collection was formed from submissions made to the Library of Congress as part of the copyright registration process. In 1949, arrangements were made to allow the Bureau of American Ethnology to copy the collection and some negatives were made at that time, largely from the Heyn and Matzen photographs. The project was soon abandoned, however, as too large an undertaking for the facilities of the BAE. In 1957-1958, arrangements were begun by William C. Sturtevant of the BAE to transfer a set of the photographs from the Library of Congress to the BAE.
Local Call Number(s):
NAA Photo Lot 59
In 1965, the Bureau merged with the Smithsonian's Department of Anthropology to form the Smithsonian Office of Anthropology, and in 1968 the Office of Anthropology Archives transformed into the National Anthropological Archives.
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Photo Lot 59, Library of Congress Copyright Office photograph collection of Native Americans, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
Archival Repository:
National Anthropological Archives

Perspectives in forest entomology : [proceedings] / edited by John F. Anderson and Harry K. Kaya

Anderson, John F. 1936-  Search this
Kaya, Harry K  Search this
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station  Search this
Physical description:
xxiii, 428 p. 24 cm
Forest insects--Control  Search this
Forest insects  Search this
Call number:
SB761 .P47X
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Portrait of John F. Anderson, (painting)

Unknown  Search this
Anderson, John F  Search this
Oil on canvas
Newark Museum 49 Washington Street Newark New Jersey 07101 Accession Number: 36.80
Ca. 1830
Portrait male--Child  Search this
Landscape  Search this
Object--Toy  Search this
Control number:
IAP 31820019
Data Source:
Art Inventories Catalog, Smithsonian American Art Museums

At the fitting stool: 10 proven articles that will give you ability and confidence to sell more shoes

Anderson, John F. W  Search this
Physical description:
64 p. : ill. ; 21 cm
Handbooks, manuals, etc
Footwear--Trade and manufacture  Search this
Selling  Search this
Call number:
HF5439.S45 A53 1952
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

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