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American Federation of Arts records

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De Diego, Julio, 1900-  Search this
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Degas, Edgar, 1834-1917  Search this
Demuth, Charles, 1883-1935  Search this
Diebenkorn, Richard, 1922-1993  Search this
Dove, Arthur Garfield, 1880-1946  Search this
Dubuffet, Jean, 1901-  Search this
Eakins, Thomas, 1844-1916  Search this
Eilshemius, Louis M. (Louis Michel), 1864-1941  Search this
Ernst, Jimmy, 1920-  Search this
Feininger, Lyonel, 1871-1956  Search this
Fine, Perle, 1908-1988  Search this
Force, Juliana, 1876-1948  Search this
Francis, Sam, 1923-  Search this
Frankenthaler, Helen, 1928-2011  Search this
Frasconi, Antonio  Search this
Gatch, Lee, 1902-1968  Search this
George, Thomas, 1918-  Search this
Gonzalez, Xavier, 1898-1993  Search this
Goodnough, Robert, 1917-  Search this
Gottlieb, Adolph, 1903-1974  Search this
Goya, Francisco, 1746-1828  Search this
Graves, Morris, 1910-  Search this
Gwathmey, Robert, 1903-1988  Search this
Hartigan, Grace  Search this
Hartley, Marsden, 1877-1943  Search this
Hassam, Childe, 1859-1935  Search this
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Heliker, John Edward, 1909-2000  Search this
Henri, Robert, 1865-1929  Search this
Hofmann, Hans, 1880-1966  Search this
Hopper, Edward, 1882-1967  Search this
James McNeill Whistler, 1834-1903  Search this
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Kahn, Max, 1903-  Search this
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Klee, Paul, 1879-1940  Search this
Knaths, Karl, 1891-1971  Search this
Kohn, Misch, 1916-  Search this
Kuniyoshi, Yasuo, 1889-1953  Search this
Lawrence, Jacob, 1917-2000  Search this
Levine, Jack, 1915-2010  Search this
Lipchitz, Jacques, 1891-1973  Search this
Luks, George Benjamin, 1867-1933  Search this
Léger, Fernand, 1881-1955  Search this
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Margo, Boris, 1902-1995  Search this
Marin, John, 1870-1953  Search this
Marsh, Reginald, 1898-1954  Search this
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Miró, Joan, 1893-  Search this
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O'Keeffe, Georgia, 1887-1986  Search this
Okada, Kenzo, 1902-1982  Search this
Oliveira, Nathan, 1928-2010  Search this
Parks, Gordon, 1912-  Search this
Pereira, I. Rice (Irene Rice), 1902-1971  Search this
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Picasso, Pablo, 1881-1973  Search this
Pollock, Jackson, 1912-1956  Search this
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Pozzatti, Rudy, 1925-  Search this
Prendergast, Maurice Brazil, 1858-1924  Search this
Ratkai, George  Search this
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Rauschenberg, Robert, 1925-  Search this
Reinhardt, Ad, 1913-1967  Search this
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, 1606-1669  Search this
Renoir, Auguste, 1841-1919  Search this
Rivers, Larry, 1925-  Search this
Roszak, Theodore, 1907-1981  Search this
Rouault, Georges, 1871-1958  Search this
Ryder, Albert Pinkham, 1847-1917  Search this
Saetti, Bruno, 1902-  Search this
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Sargent, John Singer, 1856-1925  Search this
Sato, Tadashi, 1900-  Search this
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Smith, David, 1906-1965  Search this
Soyer, Raphael, 1899-1987  Search this
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Spruance, Benton, 1904-1967  Search this
Stamos, Theodoros, 1922-1997  Search this
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Stella, Joseph, 1877-1946  Search this
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79.8 Linear feet
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
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Exhibition catalogs
Lantern slides
Administrative records
bulk 1909-1969
The records of the American Federation of Arts (AFA) provide researchers with a complete set of documentation focusing on the founding and history of the organization from its inception through the 1960s. The collection measures 79.8 linear feet, and dates from 1895 through 1993, although the bulk of the material falls between 1909 and 1969. Valuable for its coverage of twentieth-century American art history, the collection also provides researchers with fairly comprehensive documentation of the many exhibitions and programs supported and implemented by the AFA to promote and study contemporary American art, both nationally and abroad.
Scope and Content Note:
The records of the American Federation of Arts (AFA) provide researchers with a complete set of documentation focusing on the founding and history of the organization from its inception through the 1960s. The collection measures 79.8 linear feet, and dates from 1895 through 1993, although the bulk of the material falls between 1909 and 1969. Valuable for its coverage of twentieth-century American art history, the collection also provides researchers with fairly comprehensive documentation of the many exhibitions and programs supported and implemented by the AFA to promote and study contemporary American art, both nationally and abroad.

The earliest documentation from 1895 to 1909 concerns the organization's history and founding and is located in Series 1: Board of Trustees. Also found in this series are meeting minutes, 1909-1963 and 1968. Interfiled with the board meeting minutes are minutes of the executive committee and other special and ad hoc committees, reports to the board, financial statements and reports, and lists of committee appointments and board membership. This series also contains the scattered correspondence and subject files of various officers. Although not a complete set of officers' files, Presidents' Frederick Allen. Whiting (1931-1936), Lawrence M.C. Smith (1948-1952), Thomas Brown Rudd (1952-1954), Daniel Longwell (1954-1956), James S. Schramm (1956-1958), and Roy R. Neuberger (1958-1961) are represented. Leila Mechlin served on AFA's board as secretary from its founding to 1929, and her files are a particularly rich resource for AFA's activities during its early years. Lawrence M.C. Smith's files documenting his years as board treasurer are also arranged in this series. Additional officers' correspondence is interspersed throughout the Alphabetical Files and other series.

General information about the scope of AFA's programs, affiliations, founding, functions, and proceedings are arranged in Series 2: Administrative Records. The first subseries, Alphabetical Files, houses a wide variety of subject files that contain memoranda, correspondence, printed materials, lists, reports, and other papers. These files document the AFA's general history and founding, organizational affiliations, buildings and moves, grants, federal and state government art programs, auctions and other fund-raising efforts, publicity and public relations, publications, and fiftieth anniversary celebration. The subject headings by which these files are arranged are, for the most part, the ones designated by the AFA. The second subseries, Staff Records, houses the scattered files of AFA's director, assistant director, registrar, and special state representative, Robert Luck.

During its most active period, the AFA sponsored or participated in several special programs and Series 3: Special Programs houses the files that document many of them. The first subseries consists of the files for the Artists in Residence program that was funded by the Ford Foundation. Awarded in 1963, the grant sponsored short-term teaching residencies for artists in museums throughout the United States. The host museums were encouraged to hold exhibitions of the artists' works. This subseries contains both the general files of the program, as well as individual files on the participating artists. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, the AFA and the Ford Foundation also sponsored additional programs for artists, including Grants in Aid, Purchase Awards, and the Retrospective Exhibitions Program. The files documenting these three programs are also arranged in Series 3, under the subseries Ford Foundation Program for Visual Artists. In the late 1950s, the AFA implemented the Museum Donor Program with benefactors and philanthropists Audrey Bruce Currier and Stephen Richard Currier. Through the administration of the AFA, the Curriers donated funds to selected institutions specifically for the purchase of contemporary American art. The Curriers preferred to remain anonymous throughout the program. Files documenting this program include correspondence, applications from the accepted institutions, rejections, a summary report, and clippings about the untimely deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Currier in 1967.

Also found in Series 3 are the files documenting AFAs working relationship with the first state arts council, the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA). In 1961, AFA and NYSCA implemented a traveling exhibition program in New York State. Found here are files for possible itineraries, proposals, publicity, loans, budgets, and the actual exhibition files. Additional AFA special programs documented in Series 3 include the Picture of the Month program of the mid-1950s and the Jean Tennyson Foundation Color Slide Lecture Program.

AFA Annual Convention files constitute Series 4. Beginning with the Third Annual Convention in 1912 and continuing through the 1963 Annual Convention, the files contain official proceedings, speeches, programs, clippings, correspondence, and press releases. Files are missing for 1913, 1915, 1918, 1922, 1923, 1925, 1926, 1931, 1936-1949, 1952, 1956, 1958, 1960, and 1962. There are also audio recordings in the form of reel-to-reel tapes for the 1951 Annual Convention.

Series 5: Exhibition Files forms the bulk of the collection at circa 62 linear feet and is arranged into twenty subseries. The first subseries, Exhibitions, General, houses primarily the records of the Board of Trustees Exhibition Committee and documents the AFA's earliest involvement with traveling exhibitions. These files contain reports, budgets, correspondence, memoranda, scattered exhibition catalogs, and photographs. They are primarily the files of the chair of the Exhibition Committee and include the files of Juliana R. Force, Eloise Spaeth, and Mrs. John Pope. Also found in this series is a subseries of Mrs. John Pope's records documenting circulating exhibitions from 1934 to 1955, arranged by state.

The remaining nineteen subseries of the Exhibition Files reflect either specific exhibition programs, many of which have unique numbers assigned by AFA to individual exhibitions, or other exhibition-related files, such rejected, canceled, and suggested exhibitions and miscellaneous installation photographs. The Annual Exhibitions files constitute the largest of the subseries and are numbered according to the system assigned by AFA, following a typical chronological order. Although the documentation for each exhibition varies widely by both type and amount, most of the files contain contracts and legal agreements, correspondence, memoranda, itinerary information, condition reports, publicity materials, catalogs, announcements, price lists, and other such information arranged into one or more files. The files were labeled "documentation files," "dispersal files," "report form files," "loan agreement files," and "publicity files" according to the filing system devised by AFA. Many of the files also house a significant amount of correspondence with museum officials, lenders, and artists.

Additional subseries document AFA's exhibition venues and partnerships with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the New York State Council on the [UNK] Life magazine, and Addison Gallery. A complete list of all of the subseries, including specific exhibition programs, follows in the Series Outline.

The final three series of the collection are small: Printed Material, Miscellaneous Files, and Oversized Material. The printed material was donated much later to the Archives and dates from 1990 to 1993. Found here are scattered press releases, annual reports, and an exhibition program. Miscellaneous Files contain scattered records, 1926-1962, of the Architectural League of New York relating to national award programs. It is not clear why this small group of Architectural League records was found mixed with the AFA records but perhaps the collaboration between the two organizations on several special projects provides an explanation. Also found in Miscellaneous Files is a group of black and white lantern slides from a lecture series, "New Horizons in America." Oversized Material includes a portfolio, a work of art, and posters.

See Appendix for a list of artists exhibiting with the American Federation of Arts
The collection is arranged into eight primary series based primarily on administrative units or program areas. Several of the series are further subdivided into subseries. While processing, it became clear that the two filing systems were redundant and overlapped in both subject area and type of material. Most of these files were subsequently merged into the now broader Alphabetical Files or into separate series. Oversized material may be found at the end of the collection arranged in a separate series.

In most cases, files related to one another by subseries or subject areas (in the case of the Alphabetical Files) or by individual name (in the case of officers and staff files) are arranged in chronological order. The entire subseries of Alphabetical Files in Series 2 is arranged by subject heading, as assigned by the AFA, or individual name. The Alphabetical Files originally formed two broad filing systems as established by the AFA: one for general correspondence arranged by subject; and one for director's and other staff correspondence, also arranged by subject.

Series 1: Board of Trustees, circa 1895-1968 (Boxes 1-3)

Series 2: Administrative Records, 1910-1966 (Boxes 4-8)

Series 3: Special Programs, 1950-1967 (Boxes 9-13)

Series 4: Annual Conventions, 1912-1963 (Boxes 14-16)

Series 5: Exhibition Files, 1934-1969 (Boxes 17-78)

Series 6: Printed Material, 1990-1993 (Box 78)

Series 7: Miscellaneous Files, 1926-1962, undated (Box 79)

Series 8: Oversized Materials, 1890, undated (Boxes 80-85)
Historical Note:
Founded in 1909 by Elihu Root, the American Federation of Arts (AFA) exists today as a national nonprofit museum service organization striving to unite American art institutions, collectors, artists, and museums. Elihu Root, then secretary of state in the administration of Theodore Roosevelt, spoke of his idea at the first meeting of the AFA held in New York at the National Academy of Arts. He envisioned an organization that would promote American art most often seen only by the elite in the major cities of the East and upper Midwest by sending "exhibitions of original works of art on tour through the hinterlands across the United States."

The American Academy in Rome, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Art Institute of Chicago, and Metropolitan Museum of Art were influential organizing member institutions. Individual members included such notables as William Merritt Chase, Charles L. Freer, Daniel C. French, Charles L. Hutchinson, Henry Cabot Lodge, J.P. Morgan, and Henry Walters. The founding of the AFA provided the American art world with a forum for communication and participation among artists, cultural institutions, patrons of the arts, and the public.

To accomplish its mission, the AFA established volunteer committees for membership, exhibitions, and publications. During its first year, the AFA began publishing Art and Progress (later changed to Magazine of Art) and the American Art Annual (now the American Art Directory). In 1909, the AFA also organized its first traveling exhibition, Paintings by Prominent American Artists, which was shown at museums in Fort Worth, New Orleans, Minneapolis, and New Ulm, Minnesota.

By the end of the first year, the headquarters of the organization moved to Washington, D.C., to facilitate lobbying the federal government for favorable art legislation. In 1913, the AFA lobbied successfully for the removal of the tariff on foreign art entering the United States. In 1916, the Federation met with the Interstate Commerce Commission to protest prohibitively high interstate taxes on traveling art exhibitions.

Throughout the next fifteen years, the AFA continued to grow in membership and influence. By 1919, membership included 438 institutions and 2,900 individuals. The AFA's annual conventions were held in major national art centers and were attended by members, chapter delegates, and the public. At the conventions, scholars, patrons, and curators lectured on and discussed subjects of national interest, thereby fostering an exchange of ideas. The AFA also sponsored periodic regional conferences to promote institutional cooperation and to discuss mutual problems and needs. To facilitate exhibition venues west of the Mississippi River, in 1921 the AFA opened regional offices at the University of Nebraska and at Stanford University. The AFA produced and circulated slide programs and lecture series to museums and educational institutions that fostered art education. By 1929, the Federation had developed forty-six slide-lecture programs that covered American mural painting, European and American contemporary art, and textiles.

During the 1930s, the Federation expanded its services by providing schools with teaching guides, student workbooks, slides, and films about art. In 1935, the AFA began publishing Who's Who in American Art, later publishing The Official Directory of Illustrators and Advertising Artists and Films on Art reference guides. To reach an even larger audience, the AFA began collaborating with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to organize national circulating exhibitions to "bring the museum to the people."

One of AFA's priorities was to make American art more visible abroad. The Federation focused on encouraging the representation of American artists in foreign exhibitions, and in 1924 it lobbied successfully for additional American participation in the Venice Biennale. The AFA's focus on exhibiting American art abroad continued to expand, particularly following World War II. In 1950, recognizing that the AFA could assist in promoting American culture, the State Department awarded the AFA a grant for a German "re-orientation program" consisting of educational exhibitions shown in German museums. Additional government funding further enabled the AFA to organize American participation in exhibitions in India, Japan, Paris, Switzerland, and Rotterdam between 1950 and 1970. Later, the AFA collaborated with the United States Information Agency (USIA) to create the Overseas Museum Donor Program which permitted donations of American art to foreign institutions on a restriction-free, tax-deductible basis. During the 1950s, the AFA was a very active member of the Committee on Government and Art, a national committee with members from across the art and museum world concerned with government sponsorship of and legislation affecting art sales, commissions, and trade.

In 1952, the headquarters of the AFA returned to New York, sparking a period of innovation and expanded of programs. Throughout the 1950s, the AFA distributed films about art and co-sponsored the Films on Art Festival in Woodstock, New York. The AFA also introduced its Picture of the Month Program in 1954, renting original works of art to small American art and educational institutions. In 1956, the AFA organized the Art Collectors Club of America to provide fellowship for art collectors through meetings and activities. The club disbanded in the 1970s.

The Federation's exhibition programs continued to flourish during the 1950s and 1960s. Private and public financial support allowed the AFA to achieve many of its goals. In 1958, the Ford Foundation awarded an important grant to organize a series of traveling one-person shows and a series of monographs devoted to contemporary American artists. Milton Avery, Andrew Dasburg, José DeCreeft, Lee Gatch, Walter Quirt, Abraham Rattner, and others were among the artists who participated. Private foundation support for the AFA's Museum Donor Program provided an annual allowance that was distributed to regional museums for the pourchase of contemporary American art. Cooperative programs and joint venues also became popular during this period. For example, public support from the New York State Council on the Arts allowed the AFA to circulate exhibitions to small New York State communities, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts provided the AFA with five exhibitions for national tours.

Throughout its history, the American Federation of Arts has concentrated on its founding principle of broadening the audience for contemporary American art. Through its numerous exhibition and film programs, the AFA has succeeded in "breaking down barriers of distance and language to broaden the knowledge and appreciation of art." Annual exhibitions such as New Talent in the USA and Art Schools USA, organized by the AFA, brought before the public the most contemporary American artists and craftspeople, genres, and artistic forms of experimentation, exposing viewers to new ways of thinking and expression. In 1965, AFA produced The Curriculum in Visual Education, a series of films created to heighten the aesthetic awareness of children.

A vital part of American art history, the AFA was one of the first organizations to develop successfully the concept of traveling art exhibitions on a national and international level. The AFA was instrumental in assisting museums with circulating important juried exhibitions of contemporary art, such as the Whitney Annual and Corcoran Biennial. The AFA also recognized the importance of the exchange of cultural ideas, and it brought exhibitions of the European masters to the American public as well as exhibitions focusing on foreign contempoorary art, photography, and architecture. Many organizations and museums have followed the AFA's precedent, and traveling national and international venues are now commonplace.

Since 1909, women have served as officers and members of the Board of Trustees. Leila Mechlin was a founding participant and served as secretary from 1909 to 1933. Juliana R. Force and Eloise Spaeth both chaired the Exhibition Committee in the late 1940s. Women and artists of diverse backgrounds and nationalities were widely represented in the AFA's exhibition programs, most notably during the 1960s. In 1960, the AFA organized, with financial support from the Ford Foundation, a major Jacob Lawrence retrospective. Additional culturally diverse exhibitions included Contemporary Jewish Ceremonial Art (1961), The Heart of India (1962), 1,000 Years of American Indian Art (1963), and Ten Negro Artists from the United States (1966).

The AFA also had an impact on patronage in the arts. AFA exhibitions of contemporary art provided collectors with knowledge of new artists and avant-garde art forms, creating a broader demand and market for this type of work. Museums and collectors began purchasing work by new or obscure American artists whom they learned about through AFA exhibitions and programs.

The historical records of the American Federation of Arts offer the researcher a unique opportunity to study the development of American art and artists in the twentieth century as well as providing insight into trends in American culture.

1909 -- Founded in New York City. Began publishing Art and Progress (later retitled Magazine of Art) and the American Art Annual.

1910 -- Moved headquarters to Washington, D.C.

1913 -- Lobbied successfully for the removal of the tariff on art entering the United States.

1915-1916 -- Lobbied successfully against the Cummins Amendment and the Interstate Commerce Commission's prohibitively high interstate tax on traveling art.

1920 -- Organized a lobbying campaign for the development of a national gallery of art at its national convention.

1921 -- Opened two new offices at the University of Nebraska and at Stanford University.

1924 -- Arranged American participation in the Venice Biennale exhibition.

1927 -- Closed office at Stanford University.

1929 -- Organized American participation in exhibitions in France and Germany.

1933 -- Closed office at the University of Nebraska.

1935 -- Began publishing Who's Who in American Art.

1948 -- Published The Official Directory of Illustrators and Advertising Artists.

1949 -- Collaborated with the Metropolitan Museum of Art to circulate exhibitions from its collections.

1950 -- Participated in the U.S. government's German re-orientation program.

1951 -- Joined forces with the United States Information Agency (USIA) to create the Overseas Museum Donor Program. Published the reference guide Films on Art. Co-sponsored the Films on Art Festival in Woodstock, New York, through 1957.

1952 -- Moved headquarters to New York City.

1953 -- Magazine of Art liquidated.

1954 -- Introduced the Picture of the Month Program.

1956 -- Founded the Art Collectors Club of America.

1958 -- Received a Ford Foundation grant to finance a series of one-person shows of contemporary American artists.

1960 -- Created the Museum Donor Program.

1961 -- Received a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts to circulate exhibitions to small New York state communities.

1963 -- Received a grant from the Ford Foundation for the Artists in Residence program.

1964 -- Introduced the List Art Poster Program.

1965 -- Produced The Curriculum in Visual Education, a series of films that attempted to heighten the aesthetic awareness of children.
Appendix: List of Artists Exhibiting with American Federation of Arts:
The following is an alphabetical list of artists who exhibited with the American Federation of Arts; many are obscure. The alpha-numeric codes and numbers appearing with the artist's name represent specific AFA exhibition programs and, most often, AFA's exhibition numbering system. In cases where the AFA did not assign an exhibition number, Archives' staff have done so.

The primary reference source for the names and name variants is the American Federation of Arts Records. The names are documented in handwritten notes and lists, typed lists, and exhibition catalogs and announcements. The Archives of American Art name authority file was also consulted in questionable cases. The majority of names, however, were not found in either the AAA name authority file or standard bibliographic resources, and only in the AFA records.


55-1: AFA annual exhibitions program

AD-1: Addison Gallery exhibitions

L-1: Life Magazine Exhibitions

ME-1: Misceallaneous exhibitions (numbers assigned by AAA staff)

NMA-1: Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibitions

NE-96: Contemporary Color Lithography

NY-1: New York State Council on the Arts exhibitions

VA-1: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts exhibitions

A. Quincy Jones, Frederick E. Emmons & Assoc: 62-34

Aalto, Alvar: 59-15

Aarikka, Kaija: 57-14

Aarnio, Rauha Maria: 53-24

Abbati, Giuseppe: 63-10

Abbe, Cassandra: 62-10

Abbey, Edwin Austin: 59-6

Abbot, Merkt & Co, Daniel Schwartzman: 62-24

Abbott, Berenice: 58-20

Abboud: 56-29

Abedin, Zainul: 58-42

Abell, Richard Arthur: 57-6, 60-5

Abelman, Ida: 55-20

Abernathy, J.T.: 57-6

Abramovitz, Max: 63-16

Abrams, Mary Tatum: 55-14

Abrams, Ross: 56-25

Abramson, Arnold Edwin: 53-16, NY-3

Abularch, Rudolfo: 60-12

Accorsi, William: 65-6, ME-74

Achenbach, Andreas: 65-10

Achepohl, Keith: 65-11

Acht, Rene Charles: 61-4

Ackerman, Jerome & Evelyn: 55-22, 57-6

Adair, Ann: 62-10

Adam, Henri-Georges: 56-2160-15

Adam, Robert: 61-22

Adams, Alice: 58-25, 60-12

Adams, Ansel: 56-5, 59-56, 61-8, 63-8

Adams, Clinton: 54-18, 60-3, 63-12, 64-7

Adams, Franklin: 61-35

Adams, Lawrence: 56-2

Adams, Mark: 57-6, 58-16, 58-25

Adams, Norman: 59-19

Adams, Pat: 57-1, 58-26, 58-43, 60-22, 62-37

Adams, Robert: NE-96

Adamson, Robert: 62-25, NY-1

Addams, Clifford: 62-12, ME-28

Adelman, Helen S.: 57-6

Adickes, David: 57-23

Adler, Allan: 55-22, 57-6

Adler, Samuel: 53-5

Adler, Sophia: ME-75

Aeberli, Hans: 53-15

Aeusden, N.: 51-3

Affandi: 58-42

Afon, N.: 64-30

Afre: 58-15

Afro, See also Basaldella, Basaldella: 61-4, 64-2

Agam, Yaacou: 63-29

Agate, Alfred T.: 59-34

Agostini, Peter: 62-40, 63-31, ME-56

Agranat, Gertrude: 58-25

Agricola, Filippo: 59-40

Ahr, Richard: 58-39

Ahr, Jr., Arthur Frederick: 58-32

Aida, Yusuke: 64-23

Aikman, Cicey: 56-2

Aine, Bisson: 62-25

Ainslie, Maud: 64-29, 64-30

Aizer, Alexander: 53-17

Ajmone, Giuseppe: 56-19, 57-27, 58-23

Akaba, Seppo: 63-21

Aken, Jan van: 63-17

Akers, Adela: 62-10

Akl, Said: 56-29

Al-Amin: 56-29

Al-Nassim Sham: 56-29

Al-Sheikhli, Ismail: 56-29

Albee, Grace Arnold: 53-5, 56-25, 58-3, ME-7

Alber, Nancy: 53-24

Alber, Twila M.: 53-24

Albers, Anni: 55-8, 57-6, 58-16, 58-25, 60-5, 62-15

Albers, Josef: 55-3, 56-2, 56-26, 57-1, 57-10, 58-43, 59-6, 59-10, 60-41, 62-16, 62-28, 62-29, 62-31, 63-7, 63-12, 64-2, 64-10, 64-26, 65-4, ME-73

Albert, Calvin: 53-20, 55-6, 56-1, 57-1, 58-5, 58-16, 59-6, 61-17

Albert, Kahn & Associates: 62-24, 64-11

Albert Kahn Assoc Architects & Engineers, Inc.: 61-31

Alberti, Leon Battista: 56-10

Alboum, Lawrence D.: 57-31

Albright, Ivan: 64-31, ME-7

Albrizio, Humbert: 52-4, 62-30

Alcalay, Albert: 56-27, 61-15

Alcopley, Alfred L.: 62-41

Aldegrever, Heinrich: 62-20

Alder, Samuel: ME-73

Alderani, Emmanuele: 58-9

Alechinsky, Pierre: 60-14, 61-4, 64-2, 62-29

Alexander, John White: 62-7, 62-30

Alexander, William: 62-12

Allen, Frank C.: 64-21

Allen, James E.: ME-7

Allen, Mary Cecil: 64-30

Allenbach, Werner: 53-21

Alling, Clarence: 62-10

Allman-Smith, Patricia: 58-35

Allston, Washington: ME-11, ME-41

Alma, P.: 51-3

Almyda, Joseph: 61-35

Alps, Glen: 53-16, 55-20, 60-3, 62-3

Alston, Charles Henry: 56-2, ME-73

Alswang, Ralph: 62-14, 64-35

Altdorfer, Albrecht: 57-37, NY-9

Althaus, Willy: 53-21

Altherr, Alfred: 53-21

Altman, Harold: 58-12, 60-3, 60-22, 62-3, 62-31, ME-75

Altoon, John: 56-2

Alva: 56-2

Amador, Juan A.: 59-27

Amador, Pedro Luis: 59-27

Amaos, Castagnetti & Co.: 61-1

Amarotico, Joseph Anthony: 63-7

Amato, Samuel: 53-5, 58-7

Ambellan, Harold: 52-4

Amen, Irving: 55-20

American School: 56-18

Amero, Emilio: 53-1, NE-96

Ames, Arthur: 57-6

Amihai, Yehuda: 58-36

Amino, Leo: 56-2

Amland, David: 62-31

Andersen, David: 57-40

Anderson, Donald: 53-1

Anderson, Erica: 57-16

Anderson, Ib: 52-5

Anderson, J.: 60-5

Anderson, Jeremy: 58-7

Anderson, John: 56-12, 58-6

Anderson, Joyce & Edgar: ME-75

Anderson, Lennart: 65-4, NY-18

Anderson, Vlademar: 52-5

Anderson, Win: 53-24

Ando, Shigekazu: 63-21, 65-12

Andre, Albert: 61-10

Andresdottir, Gudmunda: 66-2

Anderson, Laura: 57-6

Andrews, Albert E.: 53-17

Andrews, Dana: 58-25

Andrews, Oliver: 57-12

Angelico, Fra: 57-18

Angelo, de Moro Battista: 64-6

Anguti, Michael: 59-56

Annan, James Craig: 62-25

Anneberg, Margery: 60-5

Anshen & Allen: 51-7, 58-1

Anshen & Anshen: SD-8

Anshutz, Thomas Pollock: 62-7, 63-3, 64-3

Antell, Diane: 58-32

Antreasian, Garo Z.: 54-18, 54-42, 56-15, 58-3, 58-15, 60-3, 60-22, 62-3, 63-12, 64-7, NE-96

Antunez, Nemesio: 58-15, 60-17

Anuszkiewicz, Richard: 63-30, 64-26, 65-1, ME-73

Anzani, Luigi: 61-1

Aouad, Farid: 56-29

Aoyama: 63-21

Aperghis, Achilleus: 61-4

Apostook: 55-19

Appel,Karel: 57-27, 60-4, 60-14, 60-15, 61-4, 62-28, 62-41, NY-18

Appel, Karl: 57-27, 61-4

Appia: 63-19

Arbeit, Arnold Arvin: 54-8

Arcay, Wilfredo: 56-28

Archipenko, Alexander: 58-5, 60-42, 61-24, 64-10

Arinbjarnar, Snorri: 66-2

Arlt, Paul Theodore: 53-5

Armer, Ruth: 56-1, 58-7

Armistead, Horace: 59-19

Armitage, Kenneth: 59-31, 61-4, 62-40, 63-31, ME-56

Arms, John Taylor: ME-7

Armstrong, Bill Howard: 56-26, NY-3

Arnal, Enrique: 60-17

Arnal, Francois: NY-8

Arnest, Bernard: 53-1, 58-6, 58-26, 61-25

Arno,, Peter: ME-28

Arnold, Paul Beaver: 56-25

Arnold, Richard: 65-7

Aronson, Boris: 59-19

Aronson, Charlotte: 57-14, 58-32

Aronson, David: 55-5, 58-16, ME-73, NY-10

Aronson, Irene Hilde: 58-3

Arp, Jean: 54-18, 58-15, 60-2, 60-15, 60-42, 61-9, 62-18, 63-31, ME-32, NE-96

Artdon, Earl B.: 60-12

Arthur, Revington: ME-73

Asano, Yae: 61-4

Asawa, Ruth: 56-12, 58-43

Ascalon, Morris: 61-17

Aschenbach, Paul: 58-16

Ashihara, Yoshinobu: 53-17

Askild, Anita: 62-10

Aspetti, Tiziano: ME-32

Asplund, Tore: 53-8

Asprucci, Mario: 53-36

Asshoff, Ingerborg & Bruno: 61-1

Atget, Eugene: 60-21, 62-25, 64-28, NY-1

Atlan, Jean-Michel: 56-15, 58-15

Attardi Ugo: 58-40

Atwater, B.A.: 64-28

Atwell, Allen: 54-42

Audubon, John James: 54-25, 59-24, 5-34, 60-13, 61-3, 64-1, ME-7, ME-11, ME-31

Audubon, John Woodhouse: 61-3

Auerbach-Levy, William: 64-30

Augenfeld, Felix: 61-30

Auguste, Toussaint: 62-6

Aulie, Reidar: 57-40

Ault, George: 64-3

Aunspaugh, Dick: 64-7

Austen, R.: 53-26

Austin, Darrel: ME-55

Austin, Marilyn: 58-32, 60-5

Austin, Robert Sargent: 54-16, 63-17

Austin, Samuel: 62-12

Auvil, Eleen: 64-23

Auvil, Kenneth William: 53-26, 55-14

Avedisian, Edward: 56-27, 60-12, 65-11

Avedon, Richard: 59-56, 62-45

Avercamp: 54-11

Avery, James: 58-16

Avery, Milton: 53-5, 54-27, 55-3, 55-8, 55-9, 56-2, 58-42, 59-7, 59-31, 59-41, 60-27, 61-7, 62-27, 62-28, 62-31, 63-33, 64-26, 64-29, 64-30, 65-1, 65-11, ME-7, ME-23, ME-73, ME-74, NY-11

Avery, Richard M.: 57-31

Aviles, Angel: 59-27

Avitsur, Shemuel: 58-36

Avram, M. & A.: 58-36

Awni, Khatan: 56-29

Ayaso, Manuel: 62-31, 65-11, ME-75

Ayrton, Michael: 56-15, NE-96

Azuma, Chikuensai: 65-12

Azuma, Norio: 60-3, 62-3

Azuma, Sadami: 58-42

Azzaz, N.: 58-36

Bacci, Edmondo: 58-15, 59-31

Bachmann, Hermann: 64-14

Backhuysen, Goyen: 54-11

Bacon, Francis: 60-4, 62-28

Bacon, Peggy: 64-3, 64-30, ME-7

Baden, Mowry: 64-25

Badger, Joseph: 62-2

Badgley, Clarence Dale: 59-25

Badiali: 63-19

Baer, Dorothea: 56-25

Bagnai, Giuseppe: 61-1

Bahnc, Salcia: 56-2

Bailey, La Force: 64-30

Bailey, Oscar: 60-12

Bailey, William H.: 59-12

Bains, James: 53-26

Baizan, Kinpei: 65-12

Baizerman: 54-15

Baizerman, Eugene: 56-2, 62-39, 63-1

Baizerman, Saul: 52-4, 53-20, 61-2, 62-39

Baker, A.P.: 54-18

Baker, Dorothy T.: 61-35

Baker, Keefe: 65-11

Bakhuyzen, Ludolf: 60-40

Bakley, Warren: 58-32

Bakst, Leon: 59-19

Baldini, Vincenzo: 58-9

Baldung, Hans: 57-37

Baldus, Edouard: 62-25, NY-1

Balet, Jan: VA-53-1

Ball, F. Carlton: 57-6

Ball, George: 62-8

Ball, Robert: 64-29, 64-30

Ball, Black & Company: NY-13

Balla, Giacomo: 57-34

Ballard, Todd & Snibbe: 62-34

Ballinger, Maxil: 56-25, 56-26

Balthus: 62-28

Balzar-Kopp, Heiner: 61-1

Balzer, Mary: 57-14

Bancroft, Ralph L.: 53-24

Banti, Cristiano: 63-10

Bar-Am & Alon M. & A.: 58-36

Baranik, Rudolf: 59-1

Barbash, Steven A.: 60-3

Barbee, Robert T.: 65-2

Barber, Joseph: 55-5

Barberi: 63-19

Barbieri, Giovanni Francesco: 59-40

Barbini, Alfredo: 61-1

Bare, Arnold Edwin: VA-53-1

Bariellet, Jean: 61-1

Baringer, Richard E.: 51-14

Barkdull, Philip: 64-23

Barker, Laurence: 62-3

Barker, Thomas (of Bath): 55-24

Barkley, Lee: 55-22

Barlach, Ernst: 56-7, 59-36, 61-9, 62-29

Barnes, Cyril H.: 53-26

Barnes, Edward L.: 62-14, 64-35

Barnes, Matthew Rackham: 65-2

Barnes, Muriel: 57-6, 58-25, 60-5

Barnes, R.: 62-2

Barnes, Robert: 60-43, NY-10, NY-18

Barnet, Will: 53-1, 53-5, 54-18, 56-2, 56-15, 56-25, 56-26, 57-32, 57-36, 58-3, 60-24, 62-3, 63-33, 64-3, 64-7, 64-30, ME-49, ME-73, NE-96, NY-3

Barnet, William A.: 58-5

Barnett, Herbert: 55-2

Barnett, Rita Wolpe: 53-1

Barnett, William: 53-1

Barnstone, Howard: ME-19

Barocci, Federico: 62-20, 64-6, 67-19

Barovier, Ercole & Tocso, Artemio & Decio: 61-1

Barre Martin: 58-29, 61-23

Barrer-Russell, Gertrude: 56-2, 57-1

Barrett, Lawrence: 56-26, ME-7, NY-3

Barrett, Oliver O'Connor: 52-4, 53-20, 56-2

Barron, Harris: 60-12

Barron, Ros: 60-5

Barron, Ros & Harris: 57-14

Barry, Charles (Sir): 61-22

Barry, Charles A.: 59-6

Bartel, Kurt: 64-14

Barth, Carl: NE-96

Barth, Wolf: 61-4

Bartolommeo, Fra: 67-19

Bartolozzi, Francesco: 64-5

Bartsch, William: 58-6

Bartscht, Heri Bert: ME-75

Baruzzi, Peter: 54-42

Barye, Antoine-Louis: 59-32, 61-2, NY-21

Basaldella, See also Afro Afro: 57-9, 58-23, 61-16

Basaldella, Mirko: 61-16

Basaldua, Hector: 60-17

Bascom, Ruth Henshaw: 64-1

Basen, Dan: 63-29, 64-26, ME-75

Baskin, Leonard: 53-16, 54-27, 56-1, 56-12, 58-3, 58-40, 59-6, 60-3, 60-4, 60-22, 60-43, 61-9, 62-40, 63-31, 65-1, 65-11, ME-56

Basok, M.: 58-36

Basoli, Antonio: 58-9, 59-40, 63-19

Bass, Edna P.: 58-32

Bassano, Jacopo da Ponte: 55-24, 67-19

Bassford Wallace: 64-30

Bast, Oernulf: 57-40

Batchelor, C.D.: 57-3

Bate, Norman Arthur: 58-3

Bates, Maxwell: 59-3

Baudous, Robert Willemsz de: 62-18

Bauer, Herrmann: 53-21

Bauer-Ecsy, Leni: 53-15

Baum, Mark: 64-30

Bauman, Frank: 57-16

Baumann, Herbert: 64-14

Baumbach, Harold: 55-3

Baumeister, Willi: 53-11, 56-7, 57-30, 59-36

Baumgart, Isolde: 62-8

Baumgartner, Johann Wolfgang: 59-40, 62-20

Baumgartner, Warren: 53-8

Bayliss, Jr., George: 55-2

Baz, Ben-Hur: 64-3

Bazaine, Jean Rene: 60-14, 61-4, 64-2

Baziotes, William: 55-9, 56-2, 57-9, 60-4, 60-27, 64-2, ME-7, ME-33, ME-42, NY-20

Beach, Jr., John: ME-29

Beal,Gifford: 53-12, 57-30, 63-1, 64-3, 64-29, 64-30, 65-2

Beal, Jack: NY-17, NY-18

Beall, Dennis, Ray: 64-7

Beard, James H.: 58-27

Beard, W.H. (William Holbrook): 58-14

Bearden, Romare: 55-13, ME-75

Beardsley, Aubrey: 57-17

Beattie, George: 61-35, 65-11

Beatty, Hetty Burlingame: VA-53-1

Beauchamp John: 58-6, 61-25

Beauchamp, Robert: 64-2, 65-11, ME-75

Beauchemin, Micheline: 59-3

Beaux, Cecilia: 63-3

Beccafumi, Domenico: 57-37, 62-20

Bechtle, Robert Alan: 60-3, 64-7

Beck, J. Wolfgand: 56-2

Beck, Julian: 58-26

Beck, Margit: 60-1, 65-4, ME-74

Beck, Rosemarie: 56-12, 58-5, 63-1

Becker, Fred: 56-26, 60-3, 62-8

Becker, Fred G.: 55-20

Becker, John: 59-6

Becker, Lucie: 57-16

Becker,Maurice: 55-3, 56-2

Beckers, Gerda: 61-1

Beckmann, Max: 51-4, 56-7, 59-36, 62-28, 62-29

Beer, S.: 58-20

Beerbohm, Max: 62-12

Beerman, Miriam H.: 53-16, 56-25

Beerstraten, Jan Abrahamsz: 55-24

Beeston & Patterson: 61-30

Bega, Cornelis: 60-40

Beham, Barthel: 55-10, 57-37

Beham, Hans Sebald: 55-10, 57-37, 62-18

Behl, Wolfgang: 58-35, 61-2, ME-75

Beisker, Heinz: 53-15

Belanger, Francois-Joseph: 59-40, 61-22

Beldi, Mabel M.: 58-35

Beleal, Ernestine: 57-14

Belfer, Nany: 58-32

Beline, George: 58-3

Bell, Alistair: 59-3

Bell, Cecil C.: 57-2

Bell, Leland: 60-43, 62-30, NY-18

Bell, Trevor: 61-4

Bella, Stefano della: 64-6, 67-19,

Bellange, Jacques: 57-37

Bellefleur, Leon: 59-3

Bellini,Giovanni: 56-16, 57-18

Bellotto: 63-19

Bellows, George Caleb: ME-31

Bellows, George W.: 54-25, 55-19, 59-6, 60-13, 62-17, 62-28, 63-15, 64-31, 65-2, ME-7, ME-41, ME-55

Belluschi Pietro: 64-11

Belzeaux: 60-25

Bemelmans, Ludwig: 61-33

Ben-Amotz & Hefer D. & H.: 58-36

Ben-Zion: 53-18, 55-9, 56-2, 58-16, 59-23

Bendiner, Alfred: 53-1, 56-25

Bendini, Vaco: 60-20

Bendtsen, Folmer: 54-18, NE-96

Benedetto, Giovanni: 55-24

Beneker, Gerrit A.: 64-29, 64-30

Bengtz, Ture: 60-3

Benjamin, Gershon: 55-3

Benjamin, Karl: 59-12, 60-41

Benn, Ben: 55-3, 56-2, 57-10, 65-2

Bennett, Rainey: 55-13

Bennett, William J.: ME-29

Benois, Alexandre: 59-19, 63-19

Benois, Nadia: 59-19

Benson, Frank Weston: 57-11, 62-7, 62-45, 63-1, NY-16

Benson, John Howard: 58-16

Benson, William: 64-7

Bentley, Bonner: 57-ee

Bentley, Claude Ronald: 56-2, 61-7

Benton, Thomas Hart: 57-9, 59-6, ME-7, ME-41

Benvenuto, Elio: 58-16

Beny, Roloff: 53-16, 54-18, 56-26

Berain: 63-19

Berard, Christian: 59-19

Berchem, Nicholas: 62-20

Berdich, Vera: 53-1, 60-3

Berg, Eva Dorje: 57-14

Berg, Werner: 56-21

Berg-Pigorsch, Phyllis: 63-7

Berger, David: 53-16

Berger, Jason: 54-8, 58-39

Berggren, Ulkla-May: 62-10

Bergmann, Gerhart: 64-14

Bergner, A.: 58-36

Bergner, Yosl: ME-67

Berlandina, Jane: 55-13

Berman, Anna Eva: 56-21

Berman, Eugene: 54-10, 57-10, 58-40, 59-19, 59-40, 60-4, 62-31, 63-19, 64-4, 65-2, ME-73

Berman, Fred J.: 55-2, 56-12, 56-25, 60-1

Berman, Leonid: 55-21

Berman, Sarah: 56-2

Bermudez, Cuno: 56-28

Bermudez, Jose Ygnacio: 56-15, 56-28, 62-6

Bernadotte, Sigvard (Count): 53-17

Bernard, David E.: 58-16

Bernhardt, John: 53-16, 55-2, 56-26, 56-27

Bernik, James: 59-16

Bernstein, Bernard: 58-32, 61-17, ME-75

Bernstein, Cal: 57-16

Berretoni, Niccolo: 62-20

Berry, William: 53-26

Berryman, Clifford Kennedy: 57-3

Berryman, James Thomas: 57-3

Bertoia, Harry: 52-7, 57-6, 57-38, 58-43, 62-29, 62-31, 64-19, ME-65, NY-20

Bertolotti V.: 58-9

Bertrand, Gaston: 61-4

Bertrand, Huguette-Arthur: 58-29

Besnard, Albert: 62-5

Bess, Forrest: 62-41, ME-59

Bettes, Eugene: 53-26

Bettina: 61-33

Bettinson, Brenda: ME-75

Betts, Edward Howard: 55-2, 55-6, 59-10, 64-31

Bevans, John: 62-18

Bewick, Thomas: 62-12

Bezem, Naftali: ME-67

Bezombes, Roger: 54-16

Biala, Janice: 61-7, 62-38

Bialik N.: 58-36

Bianchi, Federico: 62-36

Biasioli: 63-19

Bibiena, Antonio: 63-19

Bibiena, Biovanni Maria Galli da: 67-19

Bibiena, Carlo: 63-19

Bibiena, Ferdinando: 58-9, 63-19

Bibiena, Francesco: 63-19

Bibiena, Giuseppe Galli: 58-9, 61-22, 63-19

Biddle, George: 54-18, 56-2, 62-18, 62-18, 62-30, 64-30, ME-73

Bidner, Robert: 64-25

Bielefeld, Frieda: 57-14

Bielich, George A.: 61-30

Bierstadt, Albert: 59-34, 60-28, 61-3, ME-11, NY-4

Biggers, John Thomas: 65-11

Biggs, Walter: 53-8

Bijelic, Jovan: 59-16

Bill, Max: 53-21, 60-42

Billings, Henry: 63-24

Binai, Paul: 64-25

Bing, Bernice Lee: 58-39

Bing & Stueland, Kari & Magne: 57-40

Bingham, George Caleb: 54-25, 58-27, 59-24, 60-13, 61-3, 64-1, ME-11, ME-31, ME-41, 61-3

Binning, Bertram C.: 54-27

Birch, Thomas: 60-28, 63-3, ME-11

Birch, William Russell: ME-29

Birillo, Ben: 63-29

Birmelin, Robert: 60-3, 60-12, 65-4, NY-10, NY-17

Birnbaum, A.: ME-28

Biro, Ivan: 62-40, ME-56

Birolli, Renato: 58-23, 61-16, 64-2

Biscaino, Bartolommeo: 64-6

Bischoff, Elmer: 58-7, 58-12, 60-43, 64-20, 65-4, ME-73

Bishof, Werner: 59-56

Bishop, Ben: 65-11

Bishop, Isabel: 53-5, 56-2, 56-25, 62-31, 65-11, ME-73, ME-74

Bison, Giuseppe Bernardo: 59-40, 67-19

Bissier, Julius: 61-4, NY-8

Bitters, Stanley: 64-23

Bittleman, Arnold: 58-39, 60-12, 62-1

Bjorquist, Karin: 57-14

Black,David: 54-8, 58-32

Black, Frederick: 60-1

Black, William: 64-28

Blackburn, Morris: 53-1, 63-3, ME-7

Blackburn, Robert: 56-26

Blackstone, Rozsika B.: ME-75

Blagden, Alan: NY-17

Blaine, Nell: 62-16, 63-1, 64-26, NY-18

Blair, Barbara: 61-23

Blake, Peter: 62-14, 64-35

Blake, William: 56-16, 62-18, 64-19, 65-10, ME-65, MMA-54-2

Blakelock, E.A.: ME-11

Blakelock, Ralph Albert: 61-3, 63-15, 64-1

Blampied, Edmund: 62-12

Blanch, Arnold: 53-5, 56-2, 58-15, 61-7, 61-25, 62-31, ME-73

Blashfield, Edwin Howland: 59-6

Blatas, Arbit: 55-3, ME-73

Blaustein, Al: 58-12, 60-3, 60-22, 64-7

Blauvelt, Charles F.: 58-27

Bleker, Gerrit Claesz: 60-40

Bleyl, Werner: 61-1

Bliss, Robert Lewis: 53-24, NY-17

Bliss, Robert Ryel: 56-27

Block, Herbert L.: 57-3

Bloemaert, Abraham: 54-11, 63-9, ME-32

Blomberg, Kjell: 57-14

Blomqvist, Kai & Salakari: 57-14

Bloom, Gerry True: 64-23

Bloom, Hyman: 55-9, 58-16, 58-40, ME-7, ME-32, ME-73

Blue, Sidney D.: 62-15

Bluemner, Oscar: 64-3

Bluestein, Selma: 56-2

Bluhm, Norman: 60-1

Blum, Robert Frederick: 62-45, 64-3

Blumberg, Daniel (Dr): 61-17

Blumberg, Yuli: 56-2

Blume, Peter: 55-21, 58-40, 59-6, 60-4, 60-13, 60-27, 62-1, 64-3, ME-31

Blumenau, Lili: 57-6, 64-23

Blumenthal, Herman: 56-7

Blust, Carl R.: 54-16

Bluth, Manfred: 64-14

Blythe, D.C.: ME-11

Blythe, David Gilmour: 58-27, 59-24

Bobak, Bruno: 59-3

Boccacci: 51-18

Bocchi: ME-55

Bodmer, Karl: 61-3, 63-17, ME-29

Bodone Giotto: NY-7&7b

Boehler, Hans: 56-2

Boelen, Jacob: NY-13

Boesen, Signe: 57-14

Bogelund, Thor: 52-5

Boggan, Eva: 53-26

Boggs, Frank: 64-3

Bohm, Dominikus: 58-27

Bohm,Dominikus & Gottfried: 58-28

Bohm, Gottfried: 58-28

Bohm, Max: 64-29, 64-30

Bohrod, Aaron: 55-13, ME-73

Bol: 54-11

Bol, Ferdinand: 55-24, 60-40

Bol, Hans: 55-24, 62-20, 63-17

Bolasni Saul: 59-19

Boldini, Giovanni: 63-10

Bologna, Giovanni: ME-32

Bolotowsky, Ilya: 55-3, 59-24, ME-73

Bolt, Susan: ME-75

Boltinoff, Henry: 57-3

Bolton, Mimi DuBois: 55-2

Bolton & Barnstone: 58-1

Bolton & Barstone: 60-12

Bomar, Bill: 57-23, ME-26

Bonduel, Roger: 61-1

Bondurant, Maude: 56-13

Bone, Muirhead: 62-12

Bonfield, George R.: 64-1

Bonfils: 62-25

Bonge, Dusti: ME-59

Bonheur, Isadore: 61-2

Bonheur, Rosa: 61-2, 63-20, MMA-54-4

Bonington, Richard Parkes: 62-12, 67-19

Bonnard, Pierre: 54-16, 60-14, 61-2, 62-5, 63-14, ME-55

Bonnat, Leon Joseph Florentin: NY-21

Bonneh, Samuel: ME-67

Bonnette, Gerald: 58-35

Bonney, Therese: 56-5

Bonnier, Olle: NE-96

Bonomi, Maria Helena Vieira: 60-15

Bons, Jan: 61-20

Bontecou, Lee: 62-41, 63-29, 65-11, ME-55

Bookatz, Samuel: 53-1

Boone-Paul: 55-22

Booth, Cameron: 55-3, 56-2, 58-6, 60-30, 64-30

Boothby, Frances Holmes: 57-6, 60-5

Bordignoni, A.: 53-21

Borduas, Paul-Emile: 59-3, 62-28

Borgese: 51-18

Bornarth, Philip: 60-3

Bornt, Janice: 58-32

Borra: 51-18

Borrani, Odoardo: 63-10

Borris, Bessie: 51-14

Borsat,o Giuseppe: 58-9

Borup, Erling: 57-14

Bosa, Louis: 51-4, 53-1, ME-73

Bosch, H. van Aeken: 56-16

Bosch, Heieronymus: 57-18

Boschen, Lillian: 51-15

Boscoli, Andrea: 67-19

Bosse, Abraham: 55-24, 56-11, NY-9

Botero, Fernando: 60-17, 64-25

Botes, Steven G.: 53-17

Both, Jan-Dirksz: 60-40, 63- 17

Botkin, Henry: 53-5, 55-3, 56-2, 64-30, ME-73

Botticelli, Sandro: 57-18, NY-7&7b

Botto, Otto: 55-3, 56-2, ME-73

Boubat, Eduard: 60-25

Bouché, Louis: 53-12, 54-10, 55-19, 57-2, 62-30, 65-2, ME-73

Bouchene, Dimitri: 59-19

Boucher, Francois: 55-24, 59-40, 62-36, 67-19, NY-21

Boudin, Eugene: 63-20

Boudron, Alexander: 59-18

Bouleau, Charles: 54-16

Boullee, Etienne Louis: 61-22

Bourdelle, Emile Antoine: 61-2

Bourdelle, Pierre: 53-25, ME-73

Bourdon, Sebastien: 63-17

Bourke-White, Margaret: 58-A&B, 63-17

Bout, Pieter: 60-40, 63-17

Boutelle D.W.C.: ME-74

Boutet, Jean: 54-16

Boutis, Tom: 58-26

Bouve, & Sharp: ME-29

Bove, Richard J.: 54-8

Bowden, Harry: 56-2

Bowling, Mary: 58-16

Bowman, Dorothy: 55-20, 56-25, 56-26, 58-3, 60-3, 62-3

Boyar, Jo: 57-14

Boycie, Ricard: 53-26

Boyd, Albert & Maxine: 60-5

Boyd, Fiske: 53-16, 56-25, 56-26, 58-3, NY-3

Boyle, Keith: 65-11

Boyle, Richard: 61-22

Boynton, James W.: 56-12, 57-9, 57-23, 59-10, 61-15, ME-33, ME-42

Boyvin, Rene: 63-9

Brabazon, Hercules: 62-12

Brach, Paul: 64-12

Bracquemond, Felix: 62-45

Bradford, Howard: 53-16, 55-20, 58-3, 58-12, 60-3

Bradish, Alvah: 58-14

Bradley, Byron: 54-42

Bradley, I.: ME-11

Bradley, John: 58-14, 62-2

Bradley, Will: 57-17

Brady, Mathew B.: 56-5

Brainard, Joe: ME-75

Brame, Thomas: 54-42

Bramson, Arnold: 56-26

Brand, Erland: 62-44

Brandner, Wilhelm: 61-1

Brandt, Warren: 53-5

Brangwyn, Frank: 62-12

Brants, Cynthia: 57-23

Braque, Georges: 57-18, 59-5, 59-19, 60-14, 60-42, 61-9, 62-5, 62-29, 63-14, ME-40, NY-21

Brasch, Sven: 52-5

Brassi: 60-25

Braswell-Cook: 61-30

Brattinga, Jr., Pieter: 61-20

Braught, Ross: 62-1

Braun, Adolphe: 56-5, NY-1

Braun, Robert: 58-40

Braund, Allin: 54-18, 60-15

Brauneis, Rohtraut: 61-1

Brauner, Victor: 60-4, 62-29, 64-4

Brechbuehler, Hans: 53-21

Breck, John Leslie: 61-10

Breckenridge, Hugh H.: 63-3

Breenbergh, Bartholomeus: 62-20

Breinin, Raymond: 53-12, 59-19

Breitenbach, Joseph: 62-45, 64-28

Brenson, Theodore: 56-2, 59-1

Brescian, School: 55-24

Bresdin, Rudolphe: 62-18, 63-17

Breslin, Norah T.: 53-24

Brettingham, Matthew: 61-22

Breuer, Marcel: 53-21, 59-15, 61-31, 63-16, 65-3

Breughel (the Younger): ME-55

Breverman, Harvey: 63-7, 64-7

Breydert, Frederick: 58-16, 60-5

Breydert, Katherine L.: 58-16

Brianchon: 59-5, ME-55

Bricaut, Francoise: 62-8

Brice, Earline & John: 64-23

Brice, William: 63-12, ME-73

Bricher, Alfred Thompson: 64-3

Bridges, Fidelia: 64-3

Brigadier, Anne: 64-29, 64-30

Briggs, Clare: 57-3

Briggs, Ernest: 64-2

Brignoni, Serge: 56-21

Bril, Paul: 54-11, 62-20

Brioche, Felix: 62-6

Britton, William: 62-2

Brockendon, William: 62-12

Broderson, Morris: ME-73

Brodie, Gandy: 57-9, 58-5, NY-10

Brodmann, Klaus: 61-1

Brodnax, Ethel: 57-23

Brody, Sheldon A.: 62-45

Broecker, Louise: 62-10

Broner, Robert: 56-12, 58-3, 60-3, 60-24, 64-7

Bronzino, Angelo (di Cosimo Allori): 56-16

Brook, Alexander: 62-30, ME-23, ME-73

Brook, John: 59, 12, 62-45

Brooks: ME-49, NY-20

Brooks, Charlotte: 57-16

Brooks, James: 56-1, 56-2, 59-23, 61-29, 62-37, 64-2, ME-73

Brooks, Larry W.: 65-11

Brorby, Harry: 55-20, 56-26, 58-16, 62-3

Brose Morris: 60-42

Brougham, Barry: 55-22

Browere, Alburtis Dell Orient: 60-28

Brown, Carlyle: 64-4, ME-26, ME-32, NY-17

Brown, Daniel: 58-40

Brown, George Loring: 58-27, 64-1

Brown, Hamilton: ME-19

Brown, J.: 59-18

Brown, John George: 58-14, 58-27

Brown, Marcia: VA-53-1

Brown, Philip Wass: 64-31

Brown, Ray: 56-26, NY-3

Brown, Sandra: 58-32

Brown, William: 58-7, 58-39

Brown, Winthrop: 64-23

Brown & Adams, Everett & Mark: 55-22

Browne, Byron: 53-12, 55-3, 56-2, 57-10, 64-30

Browne, George Elmer: 64-29, 64-30

Browne, Robert Bradford: 64-21

Browning, Colleen: 57-2, 64-4

Brownlow, David: 57-23

Brownstone, Howard: ME-19

Bruce, Patrick Henry: 55-15

Bruckman, Lodewyk: 64-30

Bruder, Harold Jacob: 63-7, 65-7, NY-17

Bruegel or Brueghel, Pieter or Peter (the Elder): 54-11, 56-16, 57-18, 57-38, 62-18, 63-17, NY-9

Brunelleschi, Filippo: 56-10

Bruno, Jorrand: 53-24

Brunori, Enzo: 58-23, 60-20

Brush, George de Forest: 62-7, 62-17

Brusse, Wim: 61-20

Brussel-Smith, Bernard: 53-1

Bry, Edith: 55-3, 64-30

Brynner, Irena: 57-6

Bryson, Bernarda: 55-13, 56-24

Brzostoski, John: 56-2

Buber, M.: 58-36

Buckley, J.E.: 62-12

Budd, David: 59-23

Buffagnotti, Carlo Antonio: 58-9, 59-40

Buffet, Bernard: 56-15, 57-27, 58-15, 60-4

Bufford, John H.: ME-29

Buhot, Felix-Hilaire: 63-17

Bujnowski, Donald G.: 62-10

Bullock, Wynn: 63-2

Bulone, Joseph D.: ME-75

Bultman, Fritz: 56-2, 58-26, 62-38, 64-29, 64-30

Bunce, Louis: 55-6, 58-7, 60-1

Bundo: 63-21

Bundy, Horace: 59-31, 62-2, 63-15

Bunker, Dennis M.: 62-7

Bunker, George: 58-3

Bunnell, Peter C.: 60-12

Bunting, J.D.: ME-11

Burani, Francesco: 64-6

Burch-Korrodi, Meinrad: 58-35, 61-1

Burchard, Jr., Pablo: 60-17

Burchfield, Charles Ephraim: 53-5, 54-16, 54-25, 55-9, 55-13, 58-34, 59-7, 59-31, 60-13, 60-27, 62-28, 62-31, 64-3, 64-19, 65-2, 65-11, ME-7, ME-23, ME-27, ME-31, ME-41, ME-55, ME-65, ME-73, NY-5, NY-20

Burden, Shirley C.: 59-56

Burford, Byron: 58-6

Burg, Copeland: 53-5

Burgensis: 62-20

Burgeson, Marjorie Thompson: 55-14

Burgess, Anna K.: 60-5

Burgess, Joseph: 53-26

Burgess, Richard: 59-6

Burgkmair, Hans: 62-18

Burguiere, Francis: 56-5

Burke, James: 58-A&B

Burke, Kathryn: 65-11

Burke, Ronald E.: 62-10

Burkert, Robert: 62-3

Burket, Le Roy K.: 53-12, 57-12

Burkhardt, Hans Gustav: 59-1

Burle-Marx, Robert: 62-6

Burlew, Margaret: 60-5, 62-15

Burlin, Paul: 57-28, 59-10, 60-31, 61-25, ME-73

Burliuk, David: ME-73

Burne, Jones Edward Coley (Sir): 62-12

Burnet, W.H.: 62-12

Burnett, Calvin W.: 55-14

Burr, William Henry: 58-27

Burrage, Madeleine: 57-6

Burri, Alberto: 58-23, 59-14, 59-35, 61-11, 64-2

Burt, Clyde E.: 57-6

Burton, Dennis: 58-6

Burton, Virginia Lee: VA-53-1

Busa, Peter: 64-30

Buskirk, Mary Balzer: 58-32

Busse, Fritz: 61-33

Butchkes, Sidney: ME-74

Butler, Horacio: 60-17

Butler, James P.: 61-10

Butler, Max: 57-23, 62-31

Butler, Reg: 56-15, 59-31, 60-14, 60-42, 64-10

Butler, Theodore Earl: 61-10

Butt, Jr., Gail Hammond: 61-25

Butterworth, James E.: 55-19

Button, Clutz: 60-43

Button, John: 64-3

Butzow, Sue: 58-32

Bye & Hermann: 62-33

C.J. Breyer Associates, Inc.: 61-30

Cabaiss, Lawrence D.: 56-13

Cabianca, Vincenzo: 63-10

Cadmus, Paul: ME-7, ME-73

Cadogan, Edward: 51-15

Cadorin, Guido: 51-18, 53-2

Cady, Emma: ME-11

Caesar, Doris: 52-4

Caffe, Nino: 55-7

Cafferty, James H.: 58-14

Cage, Xenia: 64-23

Cagli, Carrado: 51-18, 58-23, 61-16

Caille, Pierre: 61-1

Cajori, Charles: 59-10

Calapai, Letterio: 58-3, 62-8

Calcagno, Lawrence: 56-1, 56-12, 60-22, 61-29, ME-33, ME-42, ME-49

Calder, Alexander: 60-42, 62-1, 64-10, ME-10, ME-32, NY-20

Calderani & Franscassini, Virgilio & Renzo: 61-1

Caliga, Elizabeth Howland: 64-30

Caliga, I.H.: 64-29, 64-30

Callahan: NY-20

Callahan, Harry M.: 57-25, 59-56, 63-8

Callahan, Kenneth: 55-21, 56-1, 57-1, 57-10, 58-42, 58-43, 61-15, 62-29, 65-11, ME-73, ME-75

Callister, Charles Warren: 64-21

Callot, Jacques: 55-24, 57-37, 59-20, 63-17, NY-9

Callow, John: 62-12

Callow, William: 67-19

Calpp, A1: 57-3

Camaro, Alexander: NE-48

Cambellotti, Laura: 61-1

Cambiasco, Luca: 62-20, 64-9, ME-32

Cameron, David Young (Sir): 62-45

Cameron, Julia Margaret: 56-5, 62-25, NY-1

Campagnola Domenico: 55-24

Campbell, Gretna: 56-2

Campbell, J. Todd: 62-10

Campbell, Jerry Ray: 62-10

Campbell, Lawrence: 55-3

Campbell, Paschall: 62-33

Campbell, Peter: 64-28

Campendonk, Heinrich: 62-29

Campigli, Massimo: 51-18, 55-13, 57-34, 58-23, 61-16

Campoli, Cosmo: 56-12

Campos, Manuel Lalorre: 61-1

Canaletto: 61-22, 64-6, 67-19

Candell, Victor: 56-1, 56-2, 57-10, 60-1, 64-29, 64-30, ME-73

Candellahan, Victor: 56-1

Caniff, Milton: 57-3

Canna, Pasquale: 58-9

Cano, Alonso: 62-20

Canogar, Rafael: 64-2

Canova, Antonio: ME-32

Cantagallina, Remigio: 59-40

Cantarini, Simone: 64-6

Cantatore: 51-18

Cantu, Frederico: 54-16

Capa, Cornell: 58-A&B, 59-56

Capa ,Robert: 58-A&B, 59-56

Caparn, Rhys: 52-4, 62-40, ME-56

Capehart, Noyes: 64-7

Capogrossi, Giuseppe: 54-18, 58-23, 61-16, 59-35

Cappelli, Giovanni: 58-40

Capraro, Vincent: 58-40

Capuletti: 59-19

Caraglio, Jacopo: 62-18

Cardwell, Don: 51-15

Carey, J. Sheldon: 60-5

Cargill, David: 58-30

Cariola, Robert: ME-75

Carl Koch & Associates, Inc.: 63-16

Carle, Roger: 59-5

Carles, Arthur B.: 57-9, 63-3, ME-55

Carlin, Earl P.: 62-24

Carlin, James: 53-1

Carlsen, Emil: 56-18

Carmassi, Arturo: 59-35, 60-20

Carmi, T.: 58-36

Caro, Anthony: 61-2

Carone, Nicholas: 57-9, 59-23, 61-29, 62-37, ME-33, ME-42

Carot, Camille: 63-20

Carpenter, Arthur Espenet: 57-6, 64-23

Carpi, Girolamo da: 62-20

Carra, Carlo: 57-34, 58-23

Carracci, Agostino: 64-6

Carracci, Annibale: 64-6

Carracci, Lodovico: 62-20

Carreno, Mario: 56-28, 62-6

Carriere, Eugene: 62-5

Carroll, Jo: 55-20

Carroll, John: 62-30

Carroll, & Daeuble: ME-19

Carter, Caleb: 63-15

Carter, John A.: 59-12

Carter, John Clay: 53-26

Cartier-Bresson, Henri: 56-5, 57-39, 59-56, 60-25

Cartwright, Roy: 62-10

Caruso, Bruno: 55-7, 58-15

Caruso, Nino: 61-1

Caruthers, John: 58-32

Carwitham, I.: ME-29

Carzou, Jean: 56-15, 58-15

Casarella, Edmund: 53-16, 55-2, 55-20, 56-25, 56-26, 58-3, 60-3, 60-15, 60-22, 60-24, 62-3, 64-7, NY-3

Casebier, Cecil Lang: 55-2, 56-12, 57-1, 57-23

Casilear, John William: 60-28, 64-3

Casinari, Bruno: 58-23

Casolani, Alessandro di Agostino: 64-9

Casorati, Felice: 51-18, 58-23

Casrella Edmond: 56-26, 57-12

Cassara, Frank: 60-3

Cassatt, Mary: 54-25, 60-13, 62-45, 61-1, ME-7, ME-31, ME-41, MMA-54-1

Cassidy, Gertrude (Dr): 58-35

Cassill, H.C.: 55-20, 56-26, 60-3, 62-3

Cassill, Jean Kubota: 55-20

Cassinari: 51-18

Cassinari, Bruno: 61-16

Castel, Moshe: 54-27

Castellón, Federico: 53-2, 56-26, 62-1, 62-18, 64-7, ME-7

Castiglione, Giovani Benedetto: 59-40, 64-6, 67-19

Catena, Vincenzo: 64-19

Cathelin, Bernard: 63-14

Cathrineholm, A.S.: 57-40

Catich, E.M. (Father): 58-16

Catlin, George: 59-18, 61-3, ME-11, ME-29

Caudill, Rowlett & Scott: ME-19

Causo, Bruno: 54-27

Cavaglieri, Georgio: 61-30

Cavailles, Jr.: 59-5

Cavallito, Albino: 52-4

Cavanaugh, John: 62-40, ME-56

Cazin, Jean Charles: MMA-54-4

Ceare, Oscar: 57-3

Cecioni, Adriano: 63-10

Celic, Stojan: 59-16

Center, J.C.: 64-3

Cernigoj, August: 56-21

Cerny, Geiorge: 52-4

Cerra, Mirta: 56-28

Cesari, Giuseep: 59-40

Cézanne, Paul: 55-24, 57-18, 62-5, 63-14, NY-7&7b

Ch'en, Ch'I Kaun: 58-42

Chabba, A.: 58-36

Chadel, Jules: 54-16

Chadwick, Gordon: 64-21

Chadwick, Lynn: 60-14, 63-31

Chae-hyo, Song: 58-33

Chaet, Bernard: 62-3, 65-11

Chafetz, Sidney: 56-2, 56-25

Chaffee, Oliver Newberry: 64-30

Chagall, Marc: 54-16, 54-18, 56-15, 58-15, 60-14, 60-15, 60-44, 61-16, 62-29, 63-14, ME-65

Chailleat, Leonard: 59-40

Chait, Daniel: 62-34

Chamberlain, John: 63-29

Chamberlain, Samuel: 59-6

Chambers, Thomas: 62-2, ME-11

Chambers, William (Sir): 61-22

Chament, Guiuseppe: 58-9

Champney, Benjamin: NY-4

Champney, James Wells: 64-1

Chandler, Winthrop: 62-2

Chandler, Christy Howard: 57-17

Chapallaz, Edouard: 61-1

Chapin, David: 61-23

Chapin, Francis: 53-5, 64-30, ME-7

Chapin, James: 64-3

Chapin, Mary S.: 64-1

Chapman, Charles S.: 64-3

Chapman, John G.: 58-27

Chappell, Walter: 60-12, 61-13

Chappell, William: 59-19

Charag-Zunz, C.: 58-36

Chardin, Jean-Baptiste Simeon: 56-16

Charles, M. Goodman Assoc: 58-1

Charlot, Jean: 53-1, NE-96

Charpin, Francis: 56-19

Chase, Barbara: 66-9

Chase, William Merritt: 56-18, 59-6, 59-34, 62-7, 62-17, 63-3, 64-3, ME-7

Chavez, Edward Arcenio: 55-5, 57-1, 57-10

Chayat, Maxwell M.: 61-17, ME-75

Cheever, Abbott: 59-6

Chen, Chi: 55-2, 55-19, 55-21, 64-19, ME-65, ME-73

Chenoweth, Mary: 58-3

Cherner, Norman: 61-30

Cherney, Marvin: 62-31

Cherry, Couise: 55-22

Chesney, Lee: 53-5, 53-16, 55-20, 56-12, 56-25, 56-26, 58-3, 60-3, 60-22

Chey, Katharine: 57-6

Chiarottini, Francesco: 58-9

Chieffo, Clifford T.: 65-4

Chighine, Alfredo: 58-23

Child, Anne: 60-41

Childs, Bernard: 58-42

Chillida, Eduardo: 61-4, 62-29, 64-10

Chinnery George: 67-19

Chippendale, Thomas: 59-40

Chow, Fong: 57-6

Choy, Katherine: 57-14

Christ, Rudolf: 53-21

Christensen, Hans: 57-6, 60-5

Christiana, Mike: 60-3, NY-3

Christopher William: 63-7, 65-4

Christus, Petrus: 56-16

Christy, Howard Chandler: 59-6

Chruchward, L.: 58-32

Chryssa, V.: 62-40, ME-56

Chudo, Ken'ichi: 65-12

Chumly, John W.: 58-39

Church, Frederick Edwin: 59-34, 59-40, 60-28, ME-11NY-4

Ciampi, Mario J.: 62-34

Ciceri: 63-19

Cicero, Carmen: 56-12, ME-73, NY-10

Cikovsky, Nicolai: 57-10, ME-73

Cimiotti Emil: 61-4

Ciry, Michael: 54-16, 58-15, 60-15

Citroen, Paul: 53-2

Citron, Minna: 53-5, 53-16, 56-2, 56-25, 57-32 58-3, 58-26, 60-24, 62-8, 64-30, 57-36

Claret, Juan: 64-17

Clark, Carolyn J.: 53-26

Clark, Edward: 58-A&B

Clark, Ester: 62-10

Clark, J. & C.: NY-15

Clark & Beuttler, Hervey Parke & John F.: 64-11

Clarke, Arundel: 62-15

Clarke, Geoffrey: 54-18

Clarke & Beuttler, Hevey Parke & John F.: SD-8

Clarke & Rapuano: 62-33

Claudet: 56-5

Clave, Antonio: 54-16, 56-15, 58-15, 59-19, 64-17, NE-96

Clement, Marita van der Poest: 62-8

Clements, Thomas: 58-39

Clerisseau, Charles: 62-20

Cliffe, Henry: 54-18, 60-15

Cloar, Carroll: 58-44, 61-35, 64-4, 65-2, ME-73

Clonney, James Goodwyn: 64-1

Clough, Ebenezer: NY-14

Clough, Prunella: NE-96

Clove: 59-5

Clutz, William: 60-43, NY-18

Clymer, J. Floyd: 64-30

Coat, Pierre Tal: 61-4

Cobb, Ruth: 53-5, 64-30

Cobbaert, Jan: 61-1

Cobean, Sam: 55-13, ME-28

Coburn, Alvin Langdon: 56-5, 62-25, 64-28, NY-1

Cochran, Donald: 58-39

Cocke, Bartlett: ME-19

Cocke, Bowman & Yorke: ME-19

Cockerell, Charles Robert: 61-22

Cocteau, Jean: 56-15

Coecke, van Aelst Pieter: 64-9

Coen, Eleanor: 53-1, 54-18, 55-20, 56-15, 56-19, 56-25, 56-26, 59-10, 62-3, NE-96

Coffey, Clara Stimson: 62-33

Coggeshall, Calvert: ME-59

Cohen, George: 59-12

Cohen, John: 59-12

Cohen, Michael: 58-32, 62-10

Cohen, Roda: 58-3

Cohen, Wdilfred P.: 57-ee

Coke, Van Deren: 60-12

Colby, Frederick L.: 57-6

Cole, Thomas: 59-24, 59-34, 60-28, 64-1, 65-10, ME-11, NY-4

Cole-Ruddick, Dorothy: 52-7

Coleman, John: 62-3, 64-7

Coleman, Muriel: 52-7

Colescott, Warrington: 53-16, 55-20, 56-2, 58-3, 62-3

Colgren, Monte L.: 58-32

Colker, Edward: 56-12

Collaert, Hans: 63-9

Collins, Alfred Quinton: 62-7

Collins, Arnold: NY-13

Collins, Lowell: 57-23

Colman, Samuel: 59-6, 60-28, 64-1

Colombino, Carlos: 60-17

Colquhoun, Robert: 54-18, NE-96

Colton, Paula: 58-32

Colville, Alex: 55-19, 59-3, NY-17

Colvin, Franklin: 58-25

Comegys, George H.: 58-14

Commins, Terrell D.: 53-17

Comtant: 51-3

Conca, Sebastiano: 62-20, 62-36

Conder, Charles: 62-12

Congdon, William: 60-22, 64-19, ME-59, ME-65, ME-75

Coninxloo: 54-11

Conkey, George: 53-26

Connah, Whit: 61-35, 65-11

Connaway, Jay Hall: 62-17, 64-31

Connelly, Brian: 64-4

Conner, Charles: 58-27

Connor, Russell: 56-27

Conover, Robert F.: 53-16, 55-20, 56-25, 56-26, 57-12, 58-3, 60-3, 60-15, 60-24, 62-3, 64-7, NY-3

Consagra, Pietro: 60-2, 61-11, 62-40, 63-31, ME-56

Constable, John: 56-16, 57-18, 62-12, 62-20, 63-20, 67-19

Constan,t George: 55-3, 56-2, 56-25, ME-26, ME-73

Consuegra, Hugo: 56-28

Conway, Fred: 51-5, 53-12, 56-2, ME-73

Cook: 63-19

Cook, Christopher: 65-11

Cook, Donald: 59-6

Cook, Edward A.: 53-17

Cook, Gordon: 56-25, 60-3

Cook, Howard Norton: ME-7

Cooke, Betty: 53-24

Cooke, Jerry: 59-56

Coonley, John C.: 53-24

Cooper, Mario: 53-8

Cooper, T.S.: 64-5

Coornhert, Dirk Volkertsz: 62-18

Copeland, Lawrence G.: 57-6

Copeland, Novak & Israel: 61-30

Copello, Franesco: ME-75

Copley: 54-25

Copley, John Singleton: 54-25, 60-13, 62-17, 62-20, 63-15, ME-7, ME-31, ME-32, ME-41

Corbett, Edward: ME-73

Corbett, Mario: SD-8

Corbin, Lock Company: NY-15

Corbino, Jon: 53-12, 55-19

Corbridge, Edgar: 64-30

Corinth, Lovis: 61-25, 63-17

Corita, Mary (Sister): 53-5, 53-16, 56-25, 58-16, 58-35, 60-3

Corneille: 58-29, 61-29, 64-2

Cornell, Joseph: 59-14

Cornell, Thomas: 60-3, 64-25

Coronel, Raul A.: 55-22, 57-14

Corot, Jean Baptiste Camille: 56-16, 63-17, 65-10, ME-32, MMA-54-4

Corpora, Antonio: 58-15, 58-23, 61-16

Corsaw Roger D.: 60-5

Corson, David T.: 55-2

Cortlandt, Lyn: 58-3

Cortlandt, Zulema: 58-3

Cortona, Pietro da: 62-20

Cosijn, Lies: 61-1

Costa, Giovanni: 63-10

Costigan, John: 63-33

Cote, Alan: 58-39

Cotman, John Sell: 61-22, 62-12

Couch, Rebecca: 59-18

Couch, Urban: 58-6, 65-7

Coughtry, Graham: 58-6

Coulentianos, Costa: 54-18

Coulter, Dorothy: 65-11

Countey, Edward: 60-3

Courbet, Gustave: 63-14, 63-20, 65-10, ME-55, MMA-54-2, MMA-54-4

Courtin, Pierre Tal: 61-11

Covert, John: 55-15

Covington, Harrison: 54-42, 61-35

Cowles, Hobart E.: 57-6

Cowles, Russell: 53-5, 56-19

Cowley, Edward: 54-27

Cox, David: 62-12

Cox, Jan: 56-15, NE-96

Cox, John Rogers: NY-7&7b

Cox, Joseph: 61-35

Cox, Kenyon: 59-6, 62-7

Cox Palmer: 59-6

Cozzens, Frederick S.: 64-3

Cozzi, Ciriaco: 55-5

Crafts, Lemurian: 57-6

Craig: 63-19

Craig Ellwood Assoc: 62-34

Craighead, Charlene: 62-3

Cramer, Jaray & Paillard: 53-21

Crampton, Rollin: 62-37, 64-26

Cranach, Lucas (the Elder): 56-16, 57-18, 57-37, 62-27, ME-55, NY-9

Crane: 57-3

Crane, Ralph: 58-A&B

Crane, Roy: 57-3

Crane, Walter: 63-5

Cranmer, Jr., Thomas E.: 58-3

Cranstone, Lefevre James: 64-1

Crates, James: 65-7

Craven, Jr., Roy C.: 56-9, 61-35

Crawford, Ralston: 53-5, 53-9, 53-12, 54-18, 55-13, 56-15, 57-28, 58-15, 58-44, 60-22, 61-25, ME-73, NE-96, NY-20

Craxton, John: 59-19

Creative Playthings: 65-6

Cremean, Robert: 60-2

Cremonini, Leonardo: 54-16, 57-34, 61-4, 62-28, 64-2

Cress, George: 54-8

Cressey, David: 64-23

Cressey, Donna: 58-32

Crippa, Roberto: 56-19

Cristiano, Renato: 57-27

Crite, Allan R.: 59-6

Crome, John: 65-10

Cronbach, Robert: 52-4, 65-3, ME-75

Cropsey, Jasper Francis: 59-6, 60-28, 64-1, 64-3, ME-11, NY-4

Cross, Henri E.: 62-5

Crossgrove, Roger: ME-74

Crouwel, Wim: 61-20

Crozier, William Tylee: 61-4

Crumrine, James: 63-5

Cruz, Emilio: 66-9

Csoka, Stephen: 58-16

Cuevas, José Luis: 56-15, 63-12, ME-45

Culverhouse, Johann Mongels: 55-19

Culwell, Ben: 57-23, 57-ee

Cummings, Thomas Seir: 58-14

Cunningham, Ben: 52-11

Cunningham, Hester: 62-15

Cunningham, Imogen: 56-5

Cuomo, Sylvia: 57-14

Curmrine, James: 57-6

Currie, Bruce: 56-13

Currier, J. Frank: 64-3

Currier, N.: ME-29

Currier & Ives: ME-29

Curry, John Steuart: 54-25, 55-16, 60-13, ME-31

Curtis, E.L.: 54-12

Curtis & Davis: 62-34

Cushing, Lily: 55-21

Cushing, Otho: 57-3

Cushing, Val: 57-14, 58-32, 59-12

Cusumano, Stefano: ME-73

Cuyp: 54-11

Cyren, Gunnar: 57-14

Cyril: 62-8

Czaja, Michael: VA-53-1

Czermanski, Zdzislaw: 55-13

Czuri, Charles A.: 57-10

D'Ancona, Vito: 63-10

D'Arista, Robert: 55-9

D'Arte, Seguso Vetri: 61-1

D'Haese, Roel: 61-4

D'Orazio, Piero: 58-23

D'Orgeix, Christian: 61-4

da Carpi, Girolamo: 59-40

da Cortona, Pietro Berrettini: 61-22

Da Fabriano, Gentile: 56-16

da Sangallo, Francesco: 59-40

da Silva, Maria Helena Vieira: 60-14

da Silva, Vieira: 62-28, ME-40

da Silveira, Elisa Martins: 60-17

da Vinci, Leonardo: 53-3, 57-18, 64-9

da Volterra, Daniele: 55-24

Dahemers, Robert: 60-12

Dahill, Jr., T.H.: 56-27

Dahl, George L.: ME-19

Dahn, Richard F.: 60-3

Dailey, Gardner A.: SD-8

Dailey, Merlin C.: 58-3

Dal, Harald: 57-40

Dale, Lola E.: 56-25

Dali, Salvador: 54-16, 58-15, 59-19, 62-8, 62-18, 62-28, 63-33,

Dallegret, Francois: 65-6

Daly, Judith White: 53-17

Daly, Norman: 52-1

Dalzotto, Eugene: 53-16, 56-26

Dambiermont, Mary: 61-1

Damianovich, Zulema: 60-3, 60-15

Daminai, Jorge: 60-17

Damora, Robert: 64-21

Daniel, Mann, Johnson & Mendenhall: 62-24

Daniell, Thomas: 62-12

Daniell, Thomas & William: 61-22

Danto, Arthur Coleman: 55-20, 58-3

Danzig, Jerry: 57-16

Daphnis, Nassos: 60-41, 64-30, ME-73

Daphnis-Avlon, Helen: 64-30

Daplan, Jerome: 54-18

Daraniyagala, Justin: 58-42

Darby, Henry F.: 58-14

Darie, Sandu: 56-28

Darley, Felix: 64-1

Darling, J.N. (Ding): 57-3

Darling & Webel: 62-33

Darriau, Jean Paul: 58-12, 60-42

Darrow, W.: ME-28

Dart, Edward D.: 64-11, 64-21

Dasburg, Andrew: 59-42

Datz, Abraham Mark: 55-3

Daubigny, Charles Francois: 63-17, 63-20, NY-11, MMA-54-4

Daumier, Honore: 53-7, 55-19, 56-16, 59-20, 61-2, 62-27, 63-17, 64-5, ME-29, MMA-54-2, NY-7&7b, NY-21

Davey, Randall: 53-5

David, Ismar: 58-16

David, Jacques-Louis: 55-24

Davidson, Bruce: 59-56, 63-8

Davidson, Morris: 55-3, 64-30

Davidson, Patricia: 58-32

Davidsson, Kristjan: 66-2

Davie, Alan: 57-27, 60-14, 61-4, 61-29, 64-2, NY-8

Davies, Arthur B.: 55-19, 57-11, 59-6, 60-13, 62-17, 64-3, 65-2, NY-19

Davies, Kenneth: 59-24

Davila, Alberto: 60-17

Davis: 54-25, NY-20

Davis, Alexander Jackson: 64-1

Davis, Charles H.: 62-7

Davis, Don: 58-39

Davis, Frederick W.: 61-30

Davis, J.H.: ME-11

Davis, John W.: 65-4

Davis, Joseph H.: 59-18, 64-1

Davis, Lenore: 58-32

Davis, Noel: 56-1

Davis, Paul: 64-25

Davis, Richard: 52-4

Davis, Stuart: 54-10, 55-9, 58-15, 59-6, 59-7, 59-31, 60-13, 60-27, 62-28, 64-30, ME-7, ME-10, ME-31, ME-55, NY-5

Davis, Brody & Wisniewski: 64-11, 64-21

Dawo, Thomsa & Ilse: 61-1

Day, Lucienne: 52-7

Day, Worden: 51-21, 56-25, 56-26, 57-32, 57-36, 58-3, 58-26, 58-42, 60-3, 60-24, 62-8, NY-3

de Allende, David: 54-42

De Balzac, H.: 58-36

De Beaumont, Etienne: 59-19

de Boullongne, Louise: 55-24

de Brocquy, Louis: 53-24

De Camp, Joseph Rodefer: 63-1

De Camps, Alexandre: 63-20

De Carava, Roy: 59-56

de Chavannes, Puvis: 62-5

de Chirico, Giorio: 55-18, 57-34, 59-19

De Concorezzo, Victor: 61-1

de Creeft, José: 55-12, 56-22, 57-15, 58-16, 59-14, 59-51, 62-16

de Diego, Julio: 53-5

de Faenza, Antonio Gentili: 61-22

De Forest, Roy: 59-24

De Gelder, D.: 51-3

De Gheyn: 54-11, 64-9

de Gorgoza, Patricia: 62-8

de Grave, Jean Jacques: 56-21

de Groot, Nanno: 64-30

de Hooghe, Romeyn: 59-40

De Kooning, Elaine: 55-19, 62-16, 64-26

De Kooning, Willem: 56-2, 59-23, 60-14, 61-29, 62-27, 64-2, ME-41, ME-55, ME-73, NY-18, NY-20

La Fresnaye, Roger de: 59-23, 61-24, 62-5, 63-31

De la Verriere, Jean Jacques: 62-10

De Laclotte, Hyacinthe: 62-2

De Lairesse, Gerard: 62-36

De Laittre, Eleanor: 55-3

De Lajoue, Jacques: 55-24, 59-40

De Lalonde, Richard: 59-40

De Laurentiis, Tonino: 61-1

De Long, David: 64-25

De Maar-Sielckem, Harriet: 61-1

De Marco, Jean: 52-4

De Maria, Dolores: 53-17, 57-14

De Martini, Joseph: 56-2, ME-73

De Maupassant, G.: 58-36

De Menocal, Richard: 64-3

De Modena, Nicoletto Rosex: 59-40

De Niro, Robert: 58-16, 60-22, 60-43, 64-26

De Patta, Margaret: 54-43

De Pinna, Vivian: 64-30

De Pisis, Filippo: 57-34, 58-23

De Poli, Paolo: 61-1

De Rivera, Jose: 55-12, 56-22, 58-41, 59-31, 60-32, ME-55

De Roos, S.H.: 61-20

De Rose, Anthony Lewis: 58-14

De Ruiter, Guus: 53-2

De Saussure, J.: 53-21

De Shaies, Arthur: ME-73

De Silva, y Velasquez Diego Rodriguez: 56-16

De Stael, Nicholas: 54-18, 55-23, 60-14, 62-28, ME-40

De Szyszlo, Fernando: 54-18, 60-17

De Tessan, (Suzanne) Froncoiz (Comtesse): 57-ee

De Tivoli, Serafino: 63-10

De Tramontana, Isabel: ME-75

De Vaserly, Victor: 61-4

De Vega, L.: 58-36

De Vita, Luciano: 61-11

De Vlaminck, Maurice: 58-34

De Vries, Han: 61-20

De Wailly, Charles: 59-40

De Wint, Peter: 62-12

De Witte, Pieter: 64-9

Dean, Donald R.: 62-10

Dean, Loomis: 58-A&B

Dearden, Francis: 53-17

Dearstyne, Howard: 63-2

Deas, Charles: 64-1, ME-11

DeBeck, Billy: 57-3

Debenjak, Riko: 56-15, 56-21

Decamps, Alexandre Gabrielle: 65-10

Deck, Francis: 53-25

Decker, Lindsey: 57-12, 60-22, 60-42, 63-29

Dee Leo J.: 65-11

Deese, Rupert: 51-15, 55-22

DeFrancesco, Ray: ME-75

Degas, Edgar: 55-24, 57-18, 60-14, 61-2, 63-14, ME-32, ME-55, MMA-54-2, NY-7 &7b

Degottex, Jean: 64-10

Dehn, Adolf: 53-2, 53-12, 54-18, 55-13, 56-1, 56-2, 60-1, ME-7, ME-73

Dehner, Dorothy: 56-25, 0-24, 60-42, 62-40, ME-56

DeJode: 63-19

Del Deo, Salvatore: 64-29, 64-30

Del Ghirlandajo, Domneico: 56-16

Del Sarto, Andrea: 64-9

Delacroix, Eugène: 55-24, 57-18, 62-20, 65-10, 67-19, ME-32, NY-21

Delafosse, Jean-Charles: 59-40

Delano, Jack: 64-28

Delaunay, Sonia: 55-19

Delevanti, S.: 56-2

Delfau, Andre: 59-19

Delhez, Victor: 54-16

Della, Francesca Piero: 56-16

Delmaet & Durandelle: 62-25

Delonga, Leonard: ME-75

DeLorme, William: 53-26

Delpierre, Francine: 61-1

Deluigi, Mario: 61-16

Delvaux, Paul: 60-4

DeMolas, Nicolas: 59-19

Demuth, Charles: 55-15, 55-19, 58-34, 60-13, 60-27, 63-14, 64-4, 64-30, 65-2, ME-7, ME-23, ME-27, ME-31, ME-32, ME-40, ME-41, NY-5, NY-20

Denis Maurice: 54-16, 62-5, 62-45

Dennis Warren: 57-31, 61-35

Denst, Jack: 64-23

Dente, Marco: 62-18

DePaoli, Carly: 54-8

DePatta, Margaret: 57-6, 60-5

DePauw, Victor: 56-2

DePian: 63-19

Derain, Andre: 57-30, 59-19, 62-5, 62-29, 63-14

Der Harootian, Koren: 52-4

DeRocchi, Francisco: 51-18

Deroy: ME-29

Derujinsky, Gleb W.: ME-75

Derval, Jean: 61-1

Deshaies, Arthur: 55-20, 56-26, 56-27, 60-3, 60-22, NE-96, NY-3

Designs for Business, Inc.: 61-30

Deskey, Donald: 61-30

Desnoyer, Francois: 60-15, NE-96

Despiau, Charles: 63-31

Desprez, Jean Louis: 61-22, 62-20

Destefano, Armando: 58-40

Detre, Roland: 56-2

DeVitis, Themis: 56-2

Dewing, Maria Oakey: 62-7

Dewing, Thomas Wilmer: 62-7, 62-17, 63-1, 64-3

Dey, Andrew & Muriel: 58-16, 60-5

Deyrolle, Jean: 64-10

Dhaemers, Margaret: 60-12

Dhaemers, Robert A.: 58-7

Dhir, Lily Shufff: 55-20

Dhner, Dorothy: 58-3

Di Buoninsegna, Duccio: 56-16

Di Gesu, Antony: 62-45

Di Martini, Joseph: 55-19

Di Prete, Danilo: 60-17

Di Suvero, Mark: 64-20

Di Vincenzo, Bernardo Sozi: 59-40

Diaz, de la Pena Virgilio Narcisso: 63-20, MMA-54-4

Dibdin, T.C.: 62-12

Dickinson, Edwin Walter: 54-25, 62-38, 64-3, 64-29, 64-30, 65-11, NY-11, NY-18

Dickinson, Preston: 58-34, 60-13, 61-25, ME-31

Dickson, Helen: 56-27

Didyk, Ann: 53-5

Diebenkorn, Richard: 55-2, 56-2, 58-7, 60-43, 64-2, ME-33, ME-42, ME-60, ME-73, NY-18

Diederen, Jef: 61-4

Diehl, Gottried: 54-18, NE-96

Dienes, Sari: 53-16, 59-14, 60-24, 62-8, 63-24, 63-29

Dietz, Albert: 58-28

Dieuzaide, J.: 62-45

DiFranza, Emilio A.: 56-27

Dikkenboer, Daniel Den: 56-15

Dikmen, Oktay: 56-21

Diller, Burgoyne: 60-41, ME-73

Dimondstein, Morton: 55-5

Dine, Jim: 62-41, 65-11

Dinnerstein, Harvey: 55-5

Dirks, Rudolph: 57-3

Disberg, Harry: 56-21

Disderi, Adolphe-Eugene: 56-5

Dittmer, Robert P.: 58-32

Dix, Otto: 54-16, 54-18, 56-7, 58-35, 59-36

Dobashi, Jun: 58-42

Dobbertin, Eugene F.: 52-7

Dobbs, John: 58-40

Dobin, Fred: 56-2

Dobkin, Alex: 57-10

Dodd, Lamar: 53-5, 53-12, 61-26, 64-31, ME-73

Dodd, Robert: 62-15

Dodson, William: MMA-54-2

Doebele, H.P.: 53-2

Dole, William: 62-31

Dolenoord, Jenny: 51-3

Domareki, Joseph: ME-73

Domela, Cesar: 64-10

Dominis, John: 58-A&B

Domjan, Joseph: 60-3, 60-15

Domoto, Hiaso: 61-4

Donald, Barthelme & Associates: ME-19

Donati, Enrico: 57-1, 58-43, 59-10, 59-23, 60-27, ME-73

Donato, Louis: 56-2

Donelli, Antonio: 58-9

Donelly, C.P.: ME-19

Doney, T.: ME-29

Dong, Wing C.: 53-16

Donghi, Antonio: 51-18

Dooijes, Dick: 61-20

Dooley, Mary Lou: 58-3

Doolittle, Amos: ME-29

Dorazio, Piero: 59-35, 60-20

Dorazi,o Ralph: 55-20

Dorfsman, Lou: 60-37

Dorgan, (Tad) T.A.: 57-3

Doughty, Thomas: 60-28, 65-2, ME-7, NY-4

Dova, Gianni: 58-23, 60-15

Dove, Arthur Garfield: 53-9, 54-25, 55-11, 55-15, 55-16, 59-6, 60-13, 60-27, 62-27, ME-7, ME-31

Dowing, Joseph: 60-15

Dowling, Dan: 57-3

Downs, Allen: 62-45

Downs, Phyllis: 58-6

Downs, Robert: 58-39

Dozier, Otis: 57-23

Dozier, Velma: 57-6

Drabkin, Stella: ME-7

Dragomir, Jean Claude: 57-27

Dreisbach, David: 55-6

Drentwelt, Abraham: 55-24

Drerup, Karl: 57-6

Drerup & Salo Karl & George K.: 58-16

Drewes, Werner: 56-2, 58-3, 60-3, ME-7

Drexler, Rosalyn: NY-17, NY-18

Driesbach, David F.: 60-3

Driggs, Elsie: 56-2, 64-30

Droste, Karl-Heinz: 61-4, 64-14

Drumlevitch, Seymour: 55-2, 55-9, 57-1, 61-15, NY-10

Drumm, Donald: 65-6

Drummond, Sally Hazelett: 62-37

Du Bois, Guy Pène: 63-15, 64-3

Du Bois, Raoul Pene: 59-19

Du Camp, Maxime: NY-1

Du Cerceau, Jacques Adrouet (Elder): 59-40

Du Pen, Everett: 65-3

Duak, Fatme: 56-29

Dubar, George: 55-6

Dubin, Ralph: 57-2

Duble, Lu: 52-4

DuBose, Charles: 65-3

Dubuffet, Jean: 59-23, 60-4, 60-14, 60-15, 61-4, 62-41, 64-2, ME-46, NY-18

Duca Alfred: 59-6

DuCasse, Ralph: 58-7

Duchamp, Marcel: 59-14

Duchamp-Villon, Raymond: 61-24

Duck, Jacob: 63-17

Duderstadt, Bruce: 62-10

Duell, Howard D.: 58-32

Duffy, Edmund: 57-3

Dufy, Raoul: 57-9, 57-30, 61-33, 62-5, 63-14, ME-55

Dulac, Malvin: 56-27

Dullanty, Patrick: 56-25

Dumouchel, Albert: 59-3, 61-4

Duncan, David Douglas: 56-5, 58-A&B, 59-17, 59-56

Duncan, Florida: 64-30

Duncan, John R.: 62-3

Duncan, Jr., George R.: 53-24

Dunkel, William (Dr.): 53-21

Dunn, Alan: 55-13, ME-28

Dunn, John: 55-22, 64-28

Dupre, Jules: 63-20, MMA-54-4

Duquette, Tony: 59-19

Durand, Asher Brown: 58-14, 60-28, 64-1, ME-11, NY-4

Durand, John: 62-2

Durchanek, Ludvik: 60-12, 64-25, ME-75

Durer, Albrecht: 55-10, 56-16, 57-18, 57-37, 62-18, 63-4, 63-17, 64-9, 64-19, ME-65, NY-9, NY-21

Durfee, Hazard: 52-11

Durham, I.D.: 61-35

Durkee, Steve: 63-7

Durrie, George Henry: 60-28, NY-4

Duryea & Elkins: ME-19

Dusart, Cornelis: 60-40

Dusenberry, W.C.: NY-13

Duval, Sally W.: ME-75

Duveneck, Frank: 59-34, 62-7, ME-11

Duver, Albrecht: NY-9

Duvigneaud, Diane: 55-5

Duvoisin, Roger: 61-33

Duynen, Isaac van: MMA-54-3

Dworzan, George: ME-75

Dzubas, Friedebald: 51-21

Eades, Luis: 57-23, NY-10

Eakins, Thomas: 54-25, 55-19, 58-27, 59-6, 59-24, 59-34, 60-13, 62-17, 62-28, 63-3, ME-7, ME-11 ME-31, ME-32, ME-41, ME-55

Eames, Charles: 55-22

Earl, Ralph: 54-25, 60-13, 62-2, 62-17, 63-15, ME-31

Easterwood, Henry: ME-75

Eastman, Seth: 61-3, 64-1

Eaton, Wyatt: 62-7

Eaves, John: 54-18

Ebendorf, Robert: ME-75

Ebert, Charles: 64-31

Eby, Kerr: ME-7

Echave, Jose: 60-17

Eckels, Robert J.: 60-5

Eckerberg, Margareta: 57-14

Eckhardt, Barbara: 55-5

Eckhardt, Edris: ME-75

Economous, Michael: 62-3

Edmonds, Francis William: 58-27

Edmondson, Leonard: 53-12, 55-20, 56-26, 58-3, 58-7, 60-3, 62-3, ME-73, NY-3

Edmonstone, Robert: 65-10

Edwards, Estor Elsie: 57-14

Edwards, Ethel: 53-12, 64-30

Edwards, George W.: ME-19

Edwards, Joel: 57-6

Edwards, Stanley D.: 65-4

Eeckhout: 54-11

Eero Saarinen & Assoc: 63-16, 65-9

Egas, Camilo: 62-16

Egbert, Lyn: 60-5

Egeler, Ernst: 53-21

Egert, Thalia: 53-24

Ehrenreich, Emma: 58-3, 64-30

Eichenberg, Fritz: 54-16

Eichholz, Duane: 57-14

Eichler (the Younger), Johann Gottried: 59-40

Eiermann, Egon: 58-28

Eights, James: NY-15

Eikaas, Ludvig: 54-18, 57-40

Eilshemius, Louis M.: 59-31, 60-27, 61-25, 61-27, 62-1, 62-28, 64-3, ME-74, NY-5

Einsel, Walter: 60-37

Einsenstadt, Alfred: 56-5, 59-56, 58-A&B

Eisner, Anne: 55-3

Eisner, Dorothy: 55-3

Ekstrom, Thea: 62-44

El Greco: 56-16, 57-18, NY-7&7b

Elder, Eldon: 62-14, 64-35

Eldred, Dale: 59-12, 65-7

Eldrege, Mary: ME-75

Eldridge, Henry: 62-12

Elenbaas, V.H.: 56-15

Elenbaas, Wally: 51-3, 53-2, 61-20

Elffers, Dick: 61-20

Elgart, Eliot: 51-1, 53-5

Elias, Arthur: 54-27

Elias, Harold: 55-5

Eliasoph, Paula: 55-3

Eliezer, R.: 58-36

Eliot, Noyes & Associates: 65-9

Elisofon Eliot: 58-A&B, 59-56

Ellenzweig, Harry: 62-31

Elliot, Lester: 56-2

Elliott, Cecil D.: 58-1

Elliott, James: 58-39

Elliott, Ronnie Rose: 58-26, 58-42

Ellis, Carl: 53-26

Ellis, Clifford: 56-15

Elloian, Peter: 64-7

Elmer, Edwin Romanzo: 62-7, ME-11

Elmer, Jorgen: 64-11

Elmes, Harvey Lonsdale: 61-22

Elvius, Anne-Marie: 53-24

Emanuel, Akiba: 56-2

Emanuel, Bert: 57-16

Embry, Norris: 62-41

Emergy, Lin: ME-56

Emerine, Mary Anne: 53-24

Emerson, Peter Henry: 62-25

Emery, Lin: 55-6, 58-30, 62-40, 65-3

Emiltessile: 61-1

Enders, Cleade: 55-2

Endicott G. & W.: ME-29

Endicott & Co.: ME-29

Engel, Harry: 64-30

Engelund, Svend: 58-15

Enger, Erling: 57-40

Engilberts, Jon: 66-2

Englander, Gertrude: 60-5

Engle, Charlotte: 53-24

Englebrecht: 63-19

Enneking, John J.: 63-1, 64-1

Enos, Robert: 58-35

Ensor, James: 62-27

Eoff & Connor, Garrett & John H.: NY-13

Epler, Rosa Lee: 58-39

Eppelsheimer, Bruce K.: 60-5

Epstein, Jacob: 63-31

Erickson, Eric: 51-15, 55-22

Erickson, Ruth M.: 60-5

Eriksen, Sigured Alf: 57-40

Erikson, D. Erik: 62-10

Erixson, Sven: 62-44

Erkenbrack, Mary: 55-22

Erlanger, Elizabeth N.: 58-3, 64-30, ME-73

Ernest, John: 61-21

Ernest J. Kump & Masten & Hurd: 63-16

Erni, Hans: 53-2, 54-18 58-15

Ernst, James A.: 62-31

Ernst, Jimmy: 51-21, 55-8, 55-9, 55-13, 56-1, 57-9, 58-43, 58-44, 59-1, 65-4, ME-33, ME-42, ME-73, NY-20

Ernst, Max: 55-13, 56-7, 61-9, 62-8, 62-18, 62-29, ME-55

Erwitt, Elliott: 59-56

Escher, Earl: 54-18

Escher, M.C.: 51-3, 56-21

Escher & Weilenmann H.R.: 53-21

Escobosa, Hector: 57-ee

Eshelman, Paul W.: 57-6

Esherick, Joseph: SD-8

Eshkanian, Richard: 57-6, 60-5

Eshkanian, Ruben: 64-23

Eshkanian Ruben & Jack Lenor: 62-15

Eshoo, Robert: 56-12, 56-27

Eskolin, Vuokko: 57-14

Esmonde-White, Eleanor: 56-15, 56-21

Espada, Fernando & Ryder, W. Clayton: 52-7

Espanola, Mercado De Artesania: 61-1

Esteban, Frances: 59-19

Estense, Baldassare: 56-16

Estes, Emily: 58-3

Esteve, Maurice: 60-14, ME-32

Etnier, Stephen: 55-19

Etrange, H.: 56-29

Etter, Russell: 57-14

Etzlaub, Erhard: 55-10

Eugene, Frank: 62-25

Euler, Reeves: 64-30

Evans, Frederick H.: 56-5, NY-1

Evans, Frieda: 58-32

Evans, Helen: 53-17

Evans, James I.: 62-2

Evans, Paul: 57-6

Evans, Walker: 64-28

Everdingen, Allart van: 63-17, MMA-54-3

Evergood, Philip: 55-9, 55-13, 56-1, 56-2, 59-7, 62-1, 62-28, 63-7, 63-33, ME-7, ME-41, ME-73, NY-18

Evett, Kenneth: 53-5

Evjenth, Henry A.: 58-32

Ewing, Edgar: 56-19

Exter: 63-19

Exter, Alexandra: 59-19

Eyerman, J.R.: 58-A&B

Fabbri, Agenore: 55-13, 61-2

Fabri, Ralph: 54-16, ME-7

Fader Lester: 57-6

Fager, Charles J.: 62-10

Faggi, Alfeo: 58-16

Fahlstrom, Oyvind: 62-44

Fairchild Aerial Surveys, Inc.: 64-28

Fairman, Edward: 64-1

Fairman, John: 64-28

Faith-Ell, Age: 62-15

Fakhouri, George: 56-29

Falconer, John M.: 64-1, 64-3

Falconetto: 62-15

Falk, Hans: 61-4

Falkenstein, Claire: 65-11

Falzone, Jr., Joseph A. (MD): 57-ee

Falzoni, Giordano: 55-7

Fantin-Latour, Henri: 63-14

Fantoni, Marcello: 61-1

Farber, Sholam: 55-5, 56-2

Farbman, N.R.: 58-A&B, 59-56

Fardon, R.G.: 54-12

Farkas, Charles: 62-40, ME-56

Farnsworth, Jerry: 64-29, 64-30

Farny, Henry F.: 61-3

Farruggio, Remo: 56-2, 57-10, 64-30

Fasano, Clara: 52-4, 53-20

Fasano, Michelangelo: 58-9

Fassbender, Joseph: 59-36

Fattori, Giovanni: 63-10

Faush, Ruth: 61-1

Faust, Birgitta: 62-15

Fautrier, Jean: 61-11

Favarger, Pierrette: 61-1

Favre, Louis: 54-16, NE-96

Fazzini, Pericles: 55-7, 58-40

Fearing, Kelly: 55-5, 57-23

Feasley, Robert: 57-31

Feeley, Paul: ME-59, ME-75

Fegarotti, Michela: 61-1

Fehr & Granger: ME-19

Feigin, Dorothy Lubell: 55-3, 58-3

Feinberg, Idelle L.: 57-12

Feingersh, Ed: 57-16

Feininger, Andreas: 58-20, 58-A&B, 59-56, 63-8

Feininger, Lyonel: 54-10, 54-25, 55-3, 55-9, 55-15, 55-19, 56-2, 56-7, 57-30, 59-6, 59-36, 60-13, 61-25, 62-28, 62-29, 64-10, ME-23, ME-26, ME-31, ME-32, ME-40, NY-5, NY-7&7b, NY-11

Feininger, T. Lux: 56-2

Feitelson, Lorser: 60-41

Feito, Luis: 61-11

Feke, Robert: 59-24, ME-41

Feldman, Walter: 53-5, 56-2, 56-25, 58-3, 60-3, 65-11

Felton, Frances: 57-6

Fendell, Jonas: 60-3

Fendell, Josh: 55-20

Fenn, Albert: 58-A&B

Fenster, Fred: 62-10, ME-75

Fenton, Roger: 56-5, 62-25, NY-1

Fenton, Sophia & John: 61-17

Ferber, Herbert: 57-37, 58-16

Fereilicher, Jane: 60-14

Ferguson, Kenneth R.: 65-7

Ferguson, Nancy: 64-30

Fernandez-Muro, Antonio: 56-15

Ferneley, John: 55-19

Feron, Louis: 58-16

Ferrant, Angel: 61-11

Ferrara, Jackie: 64-25

Ferrario: 63-19

Ferreira, Thomas: 58-32

Ferren, John: 56-1, 58-43, 59-23, 62-27, 65-11, ME-41

Ferry, Alan: 61-30

Fett, William: 56-2

Feuerlicht, Herbert A.: ME-75

Fiedler, Robert R.: 60-3

Field, Erastus Salisbury: 62-2, ME-11

Field, Frances: 55-2

Field, Ian: 55-20

Fielding, Newton: 62-12

Fiene, Ernest: 56-2, 64-31, ME-73

Fifield, Lew: 58-32

Figino, Ambrogio Giovanni: 62-20

Fike, Phillip: 57-6

Filitcroft, Henry: 61-22

Finch, F.O.: 62-12

Finch, Keith: 58-5, 64-7

Fine, Perle: 54-27, 55-3, 55-20, 57-32, 57-36, 58-26, 62-37, 62-38, 64-29, 64-30

Fini, Leonor: 59-19, 64-4

Fininger: NY-20

Fink, Bert C.: 62-10

Fink, Herbert: 56-27, 58-39

Finkelstein Louis: 56-2

Finkelstein, Maxwell M.: 61-17

Finlayson, Donald Lord: NY-9

Finne, Henrik: 57-40

Fiore, Joseph: 55-20, 60-1, 64-31

Fiore, Nicola: 59-40

Firm, Max Weltz: 61-1

Fisch, Arline M.: 58-32, 62-10, ME-75

Fischer, Hans: 53-2, 54-18, 56-15, 56-21, 57-3

Fischer, Mildred: 60-5

Fischer, Sam: 53-5, 56-19, 57-9

Fischli, H.: 53-21

Fish, C.B.: 55-19

Fisher, Bud: 57-3

Fisher, Davira: 58-3

Fisher, Edward: ME-29

Fisher, Leonard: 55-5

Fisk, Nancy: 55-20

Fitzpatrick, Daniel: 57-3

Fjeldsaa, Kare B.: 57-40

Fjell, Kai: 57-40

Flack, John: 64-23

Flakstad, Nils: 57-40

Flamen or Flamand, Albert: 63-17

Flannagan: 59-54

Flannagan, John: 59-6

Flannery, Vaughn: 55-19

Fleischel, C.: NY-15

Fleischer, Arlyn: 53-17

Fleischmann, Adolf: 60-41

Fleishman, Jay: 64-21

Fletcher, Raymond: 57-23

Flinick, Govaert: 55-24

Flint, William: 62-12

Floch Jenny Eve: 58-32

Floch, Joseph: 55-3, ME-73

Floore, John W.: ME-19

Flora, James: 52-11

Floris, Cornelis: 63-9

Florsheim, Richard A.: 56-15, 58-15, 64-30, ME-73

Flory, Arthur: 54-18, 58-3, 60-3

Floyd, Arthur: 57-14, 58-32

Flueler, Augustine (Sister): 58-35, 61-1

Fogel, Seymour: 57-1, 57-10, 57-23, 61-26

Fohr, Jenny: 56-25

Foley, Matthew: 62-10

Foley, Maurice E.: 58-3

Follett, Jean: 59-12

Fonta, R.: 54-16

Fontana, Girolamo: 58-9

Fontana, Lucio: 58-23, 59-35, 61-23

Fontebasso, Francesco: 55-24, 59-40

Foppiani, Gustavo: 57-27

Forain, Jean Louis: 54-16, 57-37, 62-5

Forakis, Peter: 64-26

Forbes: ME-29

Forbes, Edward: ME-29

Forbes, Elinor: 55-22

Ford, Betty Davenport: 51-15

Ford, Cocke & Smith O'Neil,Bartlett & Harvey: ME-19

Fordyce & Hamby Associates: 59-25, 62-24

Forlivesi, Mirella: 61-1

Forman, Kenneth: 60-3

Fornas, Leander: 60-12

Forner, Raquel: 60-17

Forrest, Norman: 62-15

Forsberg, Jim: 64-30

Forst, Miles: 60-43

Forster, Claire: 56-29

Forsyth, Constance: 62-3

Fortess, Karl: 56-2

Fosburgh, James: 53-14

Foss, Jeremy Bernard: 65-7

Fossati, Domenico: 58-9

Foster, Doris Collins: 57-6

Foster, Francis: 56-2

Foster, Hal: 57-3

Foster, John A.: 57-6

Fourdrinier, P.: ME-29

Fox, Fonaine: 57-3

Fox, Marilyn: 57-14, 58-32

Fox, Norma A.: 57-14, 58-32

Foy, Gray: 53-5, 57-12, 65-11

Fragonard, Jean Honore: 56-16, 62-27, 67-19, ME-29, NY-21

Frances, Esteban: 57-9

Francescini, Marco Antonio: 55-24, 59-40

Francesco, Piero Della: 57-18

Francesconi, Anselmo: 54-16

Francese, Franco: 58-40

Francis, De Scott John Evans: 56-18

Francis, Sam: 56-12, 60-14, 60-22, 61-29, 62-28, 64-2, 64-20, 65-11, ME-73

Franck Frederick: 59-1, 60-12

Franco: 53-36

Francois, Andre: 61-33

Francoise: VA-53-1

Frank, John: 64-30

Frank, Mary: 62-40, 62-41, ME-56

Frankel, Dextra & Charles: 65-3

Frankenthaler, Helen: 57-12, 59-23, 60-9, 61-29, 62-37, 63-15, 64-12, 64-20, 65-1, 65-11, ME-73

Franklin, Albert E.: 53-17

Franklin, Arlene: 58-32

Franklin, Jenny-Lynn: 57-14

Frano, Theodore S.: 53-1

Fransconi, Frederick (Dr.): 55-13

Fransioli, Thomas: 64-31

Franzen, Ulrich: 58-1

Frary, Michael: 55-2, 57-23

Frasce, Gianfranco: 60-20

Frasconi, Antonio: 53-1, 53-5, 53-16, 55-20, 56-1, 56-2, 56-21, 56-24, 56-25, 56-26, 58-3, 60-2, 60-3, 60-22, 61-9, 62-31, 62-45, 63-12, 64-7, ME-7, NY-3

Fraser, Carol: 58-6

Fraser, Hamilton: 59-31

Frazier, John R.: 64-30

Freborg, Stanley: 64-30

Fredenthal, David: 55-13, NY-20

Fredenthal, Miriam: 62-15

Frederick, William N.: 60-5

Freed, David: 60-3

Freed, Ernest: 58-3

Freed, William: 64-30

Freedman, Louise A.: 64-30

Freedman, Martin: 64-30

Freedman, Maurice: 53-5, 64-30

Freeland, William Lee: 57-10

Freeman, Paul: 58-16

Freilicher, Jane: 56-2

Freiman, May: 61-17

Freimark, Robert: 60-3, 62-3

Freisinger, Casper: 64-9

Frelinghuysen, Suzy: 55-3

French, Jared: 60-1, 62-1

French, Ray H.: 53-16, 60-3

Frenzeny, Paul: 64-1

Frere, Theodore: 65-10

Freres, Bisson: NY-1

Freudenberg, Al: 56-2

Freund, Rudolf: 56-24

Freund, Tibor: 63-24

Frew, J. Arnold: 57-6

Fricano, Tom S.: 60-3, 62-3, 64-7

Friebert, Josepth: 58-6

Fried, Theodore: 55-3

Friedensohn, Elias: 57-12, 59-24, 60-43, 61-7

Friedlaender, Johnny: 56-21

Friedman, Jerrold: 55-22

Friedman, Madge: 57-6

Friedman, Martin: 55-3, 56-2

Frink, Elisabeth: 61-2

Frith, Francis: 62-25, NY-1

Fritzius, Harry: 53-26

Fritzsche, Max: 53-15

Frohlich, Max: 61-1

Fromberg, LaVerne: 56-13

Fromboluti, Sideo: 56-2

Fromentin, Eugene: 63-20, 65-10

Frost, Arthur B.: 59-6

Frost, Terry: 58-15, ME-55

Frost, Jr., William P.: 60-5

Froth, Donald E.: 51-15

Frouault: ME-40

Frsconi, Antonio: 56-26, 63-12

Fuchs, Ernst: 54-16

Fuentes: 63-19

Fueter, Daniel Christian: NY-13

Fujihara, Jun: 65-4

Fujihira, Shin: 65-12

Fujisawa, Junji: 65-12

Fujita, Sadamitsu Neil: 53-1, 55-13

Fuller, Buckminster: 59-15

Fuller, George: 58-14

Fuller, Sue: 57-32, 57-36, 58-26, 58-43, 59-6, 61-23, 62-8, 65-4, ME-7

Funk, John: SD-8

Funk, Lissy: 61-1

Fuseli, Henry: 67-19

Fuseli, John Henry: 65-10

Futakuchi, Shioko: 65-12

Fyt, Jan: 55-24, MMA-54-3

Gaberel, Rudolf: 53-21

Gabin, George: 64-4

Gabo, Naum: 59-19

Gadbois, Henri: 57-23

Gadzi, Dimitri: 62-40

Gaetaniello, Vincenzo: 58-40

Gag, Wanda Hazel: ME-7

Gaillardet, Joan: 53-26

Gainsborough, Thomas: 55-24, 57-18, 67-19, MMA-54-2, NY-11

Gaitis, John: 56-29

Gaitonde: 59-13

Galicia, Jose Luis: 54-18, 56-15, 60-15, NE-96

Galliari, Giovanni Antonio: 58-9, 63-19

Galvononi, Natale: 61-1

Gamble, Eugene: ME-19

Gambone, Guido: 61-1

Gammell, R.H. Ives: 64-30

Gandolfi, Gaetano: 67-19

Gannett, Ruth Hrisman: VA-53-1

Ganso, Emil: ME-7

Garber, Daniel: 57-11, 63-3

Garbers, Fred James: 58-39

Garcia, Francisco Tod: 61-4

Garcia, Mario: 58-43

Gardner, Alexander: 56-5

Gargallo, Pablo: 61-24

Garner, Alice: 65-11

Garnett, William A.: 63-8

Garnier, Charles: 61-22

Garrett, Lillian: 57-6

Garzi, Luigi: 62-36

Gaspari: 63-19

Gasser, Henry: 53-8

Gatch, Lee: 54-10, 55-9, 56-2, 57-15, 57-28, 58-16, 59-43, 61-7, 62-28, 64-30, ME-7, ME-41, ME-73

Gates: 63-19

Gates Robert: 55-8, 63-7

Gatje, Robert F.: 63-16

Gaudnek, Walter: ME-75

Gauguin, Paul: 56-15, 57-18, 57-40, 60-14, 62-5, 63-14

Gaw, William A.: 53-5

Gaymer, Dorothy O.: 53-24

Gear, William: 58-15, NE-96

Gechtoff, Sonia: 58-7, 59-12, ME-33, ME-42

Gee, Bing: 58-42

Gehner, Marjorie N.: 60-5

Geiger, Edith: 64-30

Geiger, Rupprecht: 59-36

Gelb, Jan: 56-1, 57-1, 57-32, 57-36, 58-3, 60-3, 60-24

Gelbart, D.: 58-36

Gele, Emile: 53-16, 55-20

Gelinas, Robert: 61-7, 61-35

Gellee or Gelee, Claude: 62-36, 63-17

Geman, William: 54-27

Gendron, Marcelle Ferron Pierre: 59-3

Genevieve, Mere: 54-16

Genthe, Arnold: 64-28

Gentilhatre, Jacques: 61-22

Gentili, Antonio: 59-40

Gentilini, Franco: 58-23, 59-35, 60-15, 61-16

George, David: 64-21

George, Ernest (Sir): 62-12

George, S.: 58-36

George, Thomas: 55-20, 56-25, 56-26, 60-22, 61-15, ME-59, ME-60

George, P. Hall & Son: 64-28

George, Patrice O.P. Sister: ME-75

Georges, Paul: 60-43, NY-18

Georgiadis, Nicholas: 59-19

Gerbier, Balthazar (Sir): 61-22

Geren, Preston N.: ME-19

Gergely, Tibor: VA-53-1

Gerhart, Richard L.: 58-32

Gericault, Theodore: 67-19, NY-9

German, Ali T.: 56-21

German, Alosh: 56-29

German, School: 55-24

Gernhardt, Henry K.: 57-6, 57-14, 58-32, 62-10

Gerome, Jean Leon: 65-10

Gerrits, Ger: NE-96

Gerson, Hans U.: SD-8

Gertner, Claire: 62-10

Getz, Ise: 58-26

Gheyn, Jacob de: 63-9

Ghezzi, Pier Leone: 55-24, 62-20

Ghisi, Diane: 57-37

Ghisi, Giorgio: 63-9

Giacometti, Alberto: 59-5, 62-29, 60-14, 60-15, 60-42, 61-9, 61-24, 62-8, 63-31, 64-2, 64-10, 64-19, ME-65

Giacometti, Bruno: 53-21

Giani, Felice: 58-9, 59-40

Giauque, Elisabet: 61-1

Gibbs, Howard: 56-27, 64-30

Gibbs, James (Sir): 61-22

Gibson, Blaine: 51-15

Gibson, Charles D.: 59-6

Giebrich, Oscar N.: 64-30

Gifford, R. Swain (Robert Swain): 64-3

Gifford, Sanford Robinson: 60-28, 65-10

Giguere, Roland: 59-3

Gikow, Ruth: 57-2, 63-33

Gil David: 64-23

Gil'ad, A.: 58-36

Gilbert, Stephen: 61-21

Gilk, Ernest W.: 51-8

Gilkey, Godon W.: 62-3

Gill, Eric: 54-16

Gill, James: NY-17

Gillam, Bernard: 57-3, 59-6

Gilles, Werner: 56-7, 59-36

Gillet, Roger Edgard: 58-29

Gilliam, Sam: 66-9

Gilmore, William D.: 55-14

Ginstrom, Roy: 57-6, 64-23

Ginzel, Roland: 55-6, 55-20, 56-25, 58-3

Giobbi, Edward: 58-16, 59-10, 61-2, NY-10

Giorgione: 57-18

Giotto: 57-18

Giovane, Palma: 55-24

Girard, Alexander: 53-17, 63-5

Girard, Andre: 53-25, 58-16, 58-35

Girmaldi, Giovanni Francesco: 64-6

Girona, Julio: 56-2, 58-26

Girtin, Thomas: 62-12

Gischia, Leon: NE-96

Gisel, Ernst: 53-21

Gislebertus: 62-23

Glackens, William J.: 55-19, 57-2, 59-6, 60-27, 62-30, 63-1, NY-16, NY-19

Glarner, Fritz: 59-24, 60-27, 60-41, 61-7, 65-11, ME-73

Glasco, Joseph: 62-40, 62-41, 63-31, 64-10, ME-56, NY-10, NY-20

Glassverk, Hadelands: 57-40

Glavani, Joy: 56-29

Gleason, F.: ME-29

Gleb, Jan: 64-30

Gledhill Wall Paper Company: NY-14

Gleizes, Albert: 54-16

Glen, Paulsen & Associates: 65-3

Glick, John Parker: 58-32

Glickman, Maurice: 52-4

Glines, David: 62-3

Glinsky, Vincent: 52-4, 53-20

Glover, Euphemia: ME-75

Glover, John: 62-12

Godbut, Ghislaine: 53-17

Goddard, George W.: 65-11

Godin, Leon: 58-7

Goerg, Edouard: 62-18

Goertz, Augustus: 60-4

Gold, Charles S.: 62-10

Gold, Leah: 58-3

Goldberg, Harold: 55-22

Goldberg, Michael: 57-12, 60-22

Goldberg, Rube: 57-3

Goldberg, Susan B.: 62-10, 62-15

Golden, William: 60-37

Goldenbloome, D.S.: 55-20, 56-25, 58-3

Goldin, Leon: 54-18, 55-20

Goldrich, Hannah: 58-32

Goldring, Milton: 58-12

Goldring, Will: 58-5

Goldsmith, Deborah: 59-18

Goldstein, Milton: 53-2

Goldstone & Dearborn Harmon & Eustis: 59-27

Goldthwaite, Anne: ME-7

Golemon & Rolfe: ME-19

Golobe, Dorothy: 63-24, 64-25

Goltzius, Hendrick: 54-11, 57-37, 63-9, 64-9

Golub, Ina: ME-75

Golub, Leon: 56-2, 60-4, 60-14, ME-73, NY-18

Golubov, Maurice: 53-16, 55-3, 56-2

Gomez De Kanelba, Sita: 65-6

Gompf, Richard C.: 58-32

Gontcharova, Natalia: 59-19

Gonzales-Tornero, Sergio: 62-8

González, Julio: 61-24, 63-31

Gonzalez, Xavier: 53-12, 56-1, 56-27, 64-30, ME-73

Gooden, Stephen: 54-16

Goodman, Marilyn: 58-32

Goodman, Percival: 64-11

Goodman, Sidney: 62-31, 64-25, NY-10

Goodnough, Robert: 57-1, 58-26, 60-9, 60-14, 61-15, 62-6, 63-7, ME-73, ME-74

Goodnow, Frank: 58-3, 60-3

Goodwin Barbara Eckhardt: 56-13

Goodyear, John: 53-26

Gorbaty, Norman: 55-20, 56-25

Gorchov, Ron: 60-12, 64-12

Gordin, Sidney: 57-1, 58-5, 58-43

Gordon, Joseph F.: ME-19

Gorka, Paul: 65-4

Gorky, Arshile: 55-16, 59-6, 59-23, 59-24, ME-23, ME-32, ME-59

Goro, Fritz: 58-A&B

Gorsline, Douglas: 62-31

Goslee, M.E.: 60-5

Goto, Joseph: 56-2

Gottlieb, Adolph: 53-25, 55-9, 56-1, 56-2, 58-16, 58-42, 58-43, 60-27, 62-29, ME-59

Goudie Harland: 53-16, 60-3, 62-3, 64-7

Gould, Chester: 57-3

Goya, Francisco: 55-19, 57-18, 62-18, 62-27, 64-5, 65-10, MMA-7, NY-9, NY-21

Goyen, Jan van: 62-20, MMA-54-3

Gozzoli, Benozzo: 59-40

Grace, Frederick: 59-40

Grae, Ida Dean: 55-22, 57-6

Graham John: 62-1, 2-27

Graham, Walter N.: ME-19

Gramatky, Hardie: 53-8

Gramcke, Elsa: 60-17

Grammar, George: 57-23, 58-44

Granada, Talleres De Arte: 61-1

Granberg, Sue: 58-39

Granlund, Paul: 65-7

Grant, Alistair: 58-15

Grant, Allan: 58-A&B

Grant, Dorothy J.: 58-39

Grant, Copeland & Chervanek: 64-11

Granville, E. Mario: 62-45

Grasset, Eugene-Samuel: 59-40

Grasten, Viola: 53-24

Grau, Enrique: 60-17

Graves, Morris: 52-11, 54-25, 55-9, 58-42, 59-6, 59-24, 60-4, 60-13, 60-27, 62-1, 62-28, 62-29, ME-7, ME-41, NY-5, NY-20

Gray, Cleve: 55-2, 59-1, 61-15, 62-31, 63-7, 65-1, 65-11

Gray, Virginia: 57-14

Grayson, Marvn: 55-5

Graziani, Sante: 58-39

Greacen, Edmund W.: 61-10, 63-15

Greatorex, Eliza: 59-6

Greaves, Derrick: 60-15

Greco, Emilio: 55-7, 57-34, ME-55

Green: 55-19

Green, James: 53-1

Green, Kenneth: 58-32

Green, Wayne: 57-31

Greenbaum, Dorothea: 52-4, 56-2, 57-1

Greenberg, Gloria: 53-16, 53-26

Greenbie, Barrie: 62-14, 64-35

Greene: NY-20

Greene, Balcomb: 54-10, 55-9, 55-19, 56-2, 59-1, 59-10, 60-4, 60-22, 60-33, 60-43, ME-73, ME-74

Greene, Gertrude: 57-30, 60-41

Greene, Stephen: 51-21, 60-1, 61-26, 62-31, 62-37, 65-4

Gregoire, Odette: 61-1

Gregor, Gino: 56-21

Gregoropoulos, John: 55-6

Gregory, Dorothy Lake: 64-30

Gregory, Jules: 59-12, 64-21

Greuze, Jean-Bapiste: 67-19

Grey: ME-49

Griemert, Hubert: 61-1

Grieshaber, H.A.P.: 59-36

Griffin, Georges: 56-2

Griffith, Roberta: 62-10

Grilley, Robert: 57-12

Grillo, John: 56-2, 58-26, 62-41, 64-30

Grilo, Sarah: 60-17

Grippe, Peter: 53-5, 53-16, 56-25, 57-1, 58-3, 60-22, 62-8, ME-7

Grippi, Salvatore: 58-26, 60-1

Gris, Juan: 59-19, 62-5

Groag, Jacqueline: 53-24

Grode, Shearley: 55-6

Groff, June G.: 62-15, 65-11

Groll, Albert Lorey: 63-15, 64-30

Gromaire: 59-5

Gronendyke, Robert Keith: 57-14

Grooms, Red: NY-17

Gropius, Walter: 59-15

Gropper, William: 53-5, 54-16, 56-2, 59-6, 62-31

Gros, A.: 53-21

Groshans, Werner: 53-5, 55-5

Gross, Anthony: 60-15

Gross, Chaim: 53-20, 56-2, 59-6, 62-40, 63-31, ME-56

Gross, Louise: 55-22

Gross, Sidney: 55-3, 59-10, 64-30, ME-73

Grosshardt, Edwin: 53-2

Grosz, George: 54-25, 56-7, 60-13, 60-27, 61-25, 62-1, 62-18, 62-30, ME-31, NY-5

Grotell, Maija: 57-6

Grotenrath, Ruth: 58-3

Groth, John: 55-13, 56-2

Grucza Leo: 63-7

Grumbel, D.: 58-36

Grunbaum, James: 53-14

Grunbaum, Marian H.: 54-27

Grut, Jeanne: 57-14

Guardi, Francesco: 59-40

Guayasamin, Oswaldo: 60-17

Gudiol, Montserrat: 64-17

Guercino: 62-20

Guerin, John: 57-1, 57-12, 57-23

Guermonprez, Trude: 51-15, 55-22, 58-25, 62-15

Guerrero, Jose: 56-26, 58-12, 58-43, 59-1, 59-23, ME-59

Guerreschi, Giuseppe: 60-20

Guerrier Raymond: 56-15, 58-15

Gugel, Vivian F.: 65-11

Guggenheim, Hannelies: 61-17

Guglielmi, Louis: 53-12, 55-13, 57-30, 60-27, 62-1

Guiette, Rene: 61-4

Guigou, Paul: 63-20

Guimard, Hecter: 63-5

Guimard, Hector: 59-40

Gunn, Arthur: 56-2

Gunn, Nancy Reid: 61-35

Gunn, William C.: 55-14

Gur, I.: 58-36

Gurr, Lena: 58-3, 64-30

Gussow Alan: 64-31

Gussow, Roy: 56-12

Gussow, Sue Ferguson: 64-7

Gustafson, Bob: 57-3

Guston, Philip: 55-13, 57-2, 59-23, 63-1, 64-26, ME-59

Gutteter, Lee: 58-32

Guttuso, Renato: 58-23, 58-40, 61-16

Guy, F.: ME-11

Guys, Constantin: 55-24, 59-40

Guzzi, Jr., George D.: 58-3

Gwathmey, Robert: 55-13, 56-2, 56-26, 59-1, 62-31, 63-33, ME-7, ME-32, ME-55, ME-73

Gwilliam, Luke: 56-2, 56-25, 58-3

Haas, Ernst: 59-56

Haass, Terry: 53-16, 56-25

Haberle, John: 59-34

Hack, Robert H.: 53-16

Hackett, Mary: 64-30

Haden, Francis Seymour (Sir): 63-17

Hadzi, Dimitri: 65-11, ME-56

Haerer, Carol: 58-7

Haferung, Paul: 53-15

Hagan, Frederick: NE-96

Hageman, Ruth: 56-2

Hagenauer, Karl: 61-1

Hague, Raoul: 60-2

Hahn, Joseph: 56-2

Hahn, Judith: 64-7

Haida: 59-4

Haines, Richard: 56-19, 57-9

Hajdu, ?tienne: 62-29, 63-31

Halaby, Samia A.: 65-7

Halavi, Yosef: ME-67

Hald, Dagny & Finn: 57-14, 57- 40

Halem, Henry L.: 62-10

Haley, Patience E.: 54-27

Haley, William E.: 53-25

Halicka, Alice: 59-19

Halkin, Theodore: 64-25

Hall, George Henry: 56-18

Hall, George W.: 65-3

Hall, John: ME-29

Halling, Else: 57-40

Hallman, Ted: 58-25, 58-32, 59-12, 60-5, 62-10, 62-15, ME-75

Hallstrom, Staffan: 62-44

Halpert, Samuel: 61-25

Hals, Frans: 57-18, MMA-54-2

Halsall, William F.: 64-29, 64-30

Halsey, Jabez: NY-13

Halsey, William: 53-5

Halsman, Philippe: 58-A&B

Halstead, Martha W.: ME-75

Haly: 53-36

Hamada, Taisuke: 61-4

Hamaguchi, Yozo: 61-4

Hamann-Hartmann, Thyra: 61-1

Hamblett, Theora: ME-75

Hamill, Virginia: 55-22

Hamilton, Edward: NY-21

Hamilton, James: 64-1

Hamilton, Leah Rinne: 58-7

Hamilton, Robert G.: 56-27

Hammarstrom, Olav: 64-11

Hammer, Darrie: 58-3

Hammersley, Frederick: 60-41

Hammond, Natalie Hayes: 58-16

Hampton, Mark G.: 59-12, 62-34

Han, Herman: 64-9

Hands, George: 65-11

Handy, Jr., Arthur E.: 58-32

Hanhart, M & N: ME-29

Hannah, John: 60-3

Hannasch, Monica: 57-6

Hannawell, Richard L.: 58-32, 60-5

Hansen, Dorothy: 55-20

Hansen, James: 57-16

Hansen, Marc: 51-15

Hansen, Sikker: 52-5

Hansson, Berta: 54-18, 56-15

Haraszty, Eszter: 53-17

Harding, Chester: 63-15

Harding, George: 63-3

Harding, John: 51-15

Harding, William Martine: 64-1

Hardman, Ernest: ME-75

Hardy, Gerald: ME-75

Hardy, Thomas: 55-6, 57-15, 58-7, 58-30

Hare, David: 57-1, 57-38, 60-42, 62-40, ME-56

Harel, P.: 58-36

Harkness, John C.: 62-34

Harmon, Eloise: ME-75

Harmon, Lily: 64-29, 64-30

Harmon, Robert: 53-25

Harmon, Pray & Detrich: 62-24

Harnett: 54-25

Harnett, Joan: 58-32

Harnett, William: 55-19, 59-34, 60-13, 62-7, ME-11, ME-31, ME-41

Harpignies, Henri: 63-20

Harriman, George: 57-3

Harriman, Mary: 56-27

Harrington, Phillip: 57-16, 59-56

Harris, Don: 61-35

Harris, Elizabeth: 62-14, 64-35

Harris, Louis: 55-3

Harrison, Wallace: 59-15

Harrison & Abramovitz: 61-31, 62-24, 65-3

Harriton, Abraham: 64-30

Hart, George Overbury (Pop): 64-3, ME-7

Hart, James McDougall: 60-28, NY-4

Hart, William H.: 61-10

Hart, William McDougall: NY-4

Hartgen, Vincent Andrew: 64-31

Hartigan, Grace: 57-10, 58-26, 59-10, 60-9, 60-14, 60-22, 64-2, 64-20, 64-26, ME-33, ME-42, ME-73

Hartl, Leon: 63-1, 65-2

Hartley, Marsden: 54-10, 54-25, 55-15, 55-16, 57-9, 59-6, 59-31, 60-8, 60-13, 60-14, 60-27, 61-25, 62-17, 62-28, 63-14, 64-31, 65-2, ME-7, ME-23, ME-31, ME-40, ME-41

Hartman, Mary Emily: 57-31

Hartman, Robert Leroy: 56-13, 65-11

Hartman, Rosella: 53-1

Hartung, Hans: 54-18, 56-21, 58-15, 60-14, 60-15, 61-4

Hartung, Karl: 56-7, 59-36, 64-14, NE-48

Hartwig, Cleo: 52-4

Harunobu, Suzuki: 58-17, 60-38, NY-12

Harvard, James: 65-11

Harvey, G.: ME-11

Harvey, Robert: 63-7

Harvey, P. Smith & Associates: ME-19

Harwood, Janet: NY-10

Hasegawa, Sabro: 56-15, 58-42

Haseltine, William Stanley: 59-6, 59-40

Hasen, Burt: 59-10

Hasheian, Henry: 65-11

Hassam, Childe: 54-25, 55-19, 57-11, 58-27, 59-6, 60-13, 62-7, 62-17, 62-28, 63-1, 64-3, ME-7, ME-31, ME-55, NY-16

Hassan, Faik: 56-29

Hassan, Shakar: 56-29

Hasuda, Shugoro: 65-12

Hatchett, Duayne H.: 57-31

Hathaway, Rufus: 62-2

Hatofsky, Julian (Jerry): 59-12

Haubold, Ida: 58-3

Hauser, Alonzo: 56-2

Have, Elisabeth: 57-14

Havell, Robert: ME-29, NY-4

Havens, James D.: 56-25

Haviland, Matilda A.: 59-18

Hawker, Maxwell: 52-7, 53-17

Hawking, Clarence: 64-23

Hawkins, Dennis: 60-15

Hawkins, Glenn D.: 57-ee

Haworth, Miriam: 60-3, 62-3

Hawthorne, Charles Webster: 57-11, 61-25, 62-38, 64-29, 64-30

Hawthorne, Marion C.: 64-30

Hayden, Henri: 60-14

Hayes: NY-20

Hayes, David: 62-14, 62-29, 64-35

Hayes, George: 55-19, 62-2

Hays, Dale: 57-14

Hayter, Stanley William: 53-2, 53-5, 56-15, 56-21, 56-26, 57-9, 58-15, 60-15, 60-22, 62-8, 62-18, NY-3

Heade, Martin Johnson: 60-28, 62-17, 64-1, ME-11, ME-55

Headley, Joseph: 59-18

Healy, George: ME-41

Heath, Adrian: 61-4

Heath, Edith: 55-22, 57-6, 64-23

Heath, William: 64-5

Heaton, Glenn: NY-17

Heaton, Maurice: 64-23

Hebald, Milton: 53-20

Hebert, Robert: 64-30

Hebner, E.F.: 62-31

Hecht, Joseph: 63-17

Hecht, Mary: 61-17

Hecht, Zoltan: 56-2

Heckel, Erich: 56-7, 59-36

Hecker, Franz: 62-45

Heckman, Albert W.: 58-15, NE-96

Heckroth, Hein: 59-19

Hedge, Gene: 58-26, 59-12

Heerbrant, Henri: 61-4

Heesen, Willem: 61-1

Hefferton, Phillip C.: 65-11

Hegelheimer, William: 56-27, 64-30

Heidenreich, Carl: 59-10

Heidrick, Madeleine: 61-35

Heil, Joseph H.: 65-11

Heiliger, Bernhard: 64-14, NE-48

Heima, Tatsuhiko: 55-20

Hein, Ray: 57-6

Heino, Vivika & Otto: 57-6

Heintzelman, Arthur William: 53-5, 54-16

Heinz, Charles L.: 64-29, 64-30

Heisig, Mary: 56-2

Heitschmidt & Thompson: 63-16

Helck, Peter: 53-8

Held, Al: 63-7, 63-30, 64-20

Heldt, Werner: 59-36, NE-48

Helfman, Muriel N.: 61-17, 62-10

Helgeson, John: 62-3

Heliker, John Edward: 51-4, 54-10, 57-15, 62-30, 63-24, 64-31, ME-55, ME-73, NY-11, NY-20

Heller, Helen West: ME-7

Heller, Jules: 54-16

Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum: 61-31

Helmer, Robert: 55-6

Helwig, Arthur L.: 54-18, NE-96

Helwig, Harold B.: ME-75

Hendrich, Robenia Myrer: 51-8

Hendricks, Geoffrey: 62-3, 64-7

Hendrickx, Joseph: 56-15, NE-96

Henerson Jack: 55-14

Henningsen, Erik: 52-5

Henri, Robert: 60-13, 62-17, 62-30, 63-1, 63-15, 64-3, ME-31, ME-32, ME-41, NY-16, NY-19

Henry, Edward Lamson: 58-14, 59-34, ME-11

Henry, Heath: 64-5

Hensche, Henry: 64-30

Henshaw, Glenn Cooper: 64-3

Hepworth, Barbara Dame: 60-42

Heramb, Thore: 57-40

Herbert, Albert: 64-23

Herbin: 53-13

Herbin, Auguste: 62-29

Herford, Oliver: 59-6

Heri: 54-25

Herlinger, Ria: 62-15, 64-23

Hermes, Gertrude: 56-21

Heron, Patrick: 54-27, 58-15, 61-4

Herstand, Arnold: 65-7

Hertzka & Knowles: 62-24

Hervo, Erkki: 56-21

Hery, Edward L.: 64-3

Herzl, T.: 58-36

Hess, Leta English: 57-10, 59-10

Hesselius, John: 54-25, 60-13, 62-2, 62-17, ME-31, ME-41

Hettel, Robert: 54-16

Hewett, Edward W.: 55-14

Hewlett, Patricia: 62-10

Heyden, Jan van der: MMA-54-3

Hi-dong, Ko: 58-33

Hibel, Edna: 56-27

Hibino: 63-21

Hicken, Philip Burnham: 58-3

Hickman, Ronald D.: 58-32, 62-10

Hicks, Edward: 59-18, 60-13, 62-2, ME-11, ME-31, ME-41

Hicks, Sheila: 62-15

Hicks, Thomas: 54-25, 58-27, 59-34

Hidley, Joseph H.: 62-2

Hieiliger, Berhard: 56-7

Hietlasnd, W. Emerton: 53-8

Higgins, Edward: 62-27, 64-20

Higgins, Frances & Michael: 64-23

Higgins, Wilfred: 57-23

Hiler, Hilaire: 63-5

Hiliker, John Edward: 57-11

Hill, Anthony: 61-21

Hill, Clinton: 56-25, 56-26, 58-26, NY-3

Hill, David: 62-25

Hill, David Octavius: NY-1

Hill, Henry: 64-11, SD-8

Hill J.: ME-29

Hill, John Henry: 64-1

Hill, John W.: 64-3

Hill, Thomas: 61-3

Hill, & Adamson: 56-5

Hillel, A.: 58-36

Hillers, William: 54-12

Hillmer & Callister, Jack & Warren: SD-8

Hillsmith, Fannie: 55-8

Hindes, Kenneth: 54-18

Hine, Lewis Wickes: 64-28

Hines, Norman: 62-10

Hinman, Frank: 57-40, 57-ee

Hintschlich, Gerhard: 59-36

Hios, Theo: 55-3

Hirao: 63-21

Hiro: 62-45

Hiroshige, Ichiryusai: 58-17

Hiroshige, Utagawa: 62-27, 63-5, NY-12

Hirsch, Joseph: 64-30, ME-7, ME-73, NY-18

Hirschfeld, A1: 61-15

Hirschhvogel, Augustin: 63-17

Hispanska-Neumann, Maria: 56-21, 60-15

Hixon, William: 56-13

Hoag, Peter: 55-20

Hoban, Russell: 55-19

Hobbema: 54-11

Hobbs, Mary Gale: 61-25

Hodgell, Robert O.: ME-75

Hodgin, Marston Dean: 64-30

Hoehn, Harry: 53-16, 55-20, 58-3, 60-3, 62-3

Hofer, Carl: 56-7, 57-30, 59-36, NE-48

Hoff, Margo: 53-16, 55-6, 56-26, NY-3

Hoffman, Lilly: 58-25, 62-15

Hoffman, Miriam: 58-7

Hoffmann, Wolf: NE-48

Hoffy, A.: ME-29

Hoflehner, Rudolph: 61-4

Hofmann: ME-49

Hofmann, Charles: 62-2

Hofmann, Earl Francis: 55-2

Hofmann, Hans: 53-12, 53-21, 54-10, 55-9, 56-2, 57-9, 59-1, 59-6, 59-7, 59-23, 59-24, 56-31, 60-27, 61-29, 62-28, 62-38, 64-29, 64-30, 65-4, ME-49, ME-59, ME-73, NY-20

Hofmann, Lotte: 61-1

Hogan, Thomas: ME-29

Hogarth, William: 62-4, 62-18, ME-32, MMA-54-2, NY-9

Hoglund, Erik: 57-14

Hoitsu, Sakai: 63-14

Hokkie, Totya: NY-12

Hokusai, Katsushika: 58-17, NY-12

Holbein, Hans: 56-16, MMA-54-2

Holbrook, Hollis: 65-4

Holland, Henry: 61-22

Hollander, Richard: 65-7

Hollar, Wenzel: 63-17, NY-9

Holler, Gertrude A.: 55-20

Hollerbach, Serge: 62-31

Hollingsworth, Gerald: 62-10

Holmes, Rosinda: 55-5

Holt, Charles C.: 64-28, 65-11

Holt, Peter: 51-15

Holten, Hanne: 57-14

Holty, Carl: 58-5, 61-7, 62-37

Holtzmayr, Hans: 64-9

Homer, Winslow: 54-25, 55-19, 59-6, 59-34, 59-40, 60-13, 62-17, ME-7, ME-11, ME-27, ME-31, ME-32, ME-40, ME-41, NY-5

Hondius, Gerrit: 64-30

Hondius, Hendrik: 60-40

Honegger, Gottfried: 54-18, 56-15, NE-96

Honkanen, Mauno: 57-14

Hoopes, Donelson: 53-1

Hooven, Peter: 62-3, 64-7

Hope, James: 58-27, NY-4

Hopfer, Daniel: 55-10, NY-9

Hopkins, Budd: 64-30

Hopkinson, Charles: 53-12

Hoppe, Emil Otto: 56-5

Hoppenhaupt, II Johann Michael: 59-40

Hopper, Edward: 54-10, 54-25, 55-9, 55-19, 57-11, 59-7, 59-24, 59-31, 60-13, 60-27, 62-27, 62-28, 62-30, 65-2, ME-7, ME-10, ME-23, ME-27, ME-31, ME-40, ME-41, NY-5, NY-20

Hoppner, John: 63-15, MMA-54-2

Horacio Diaz & Associates: 59-27

Horak, Bohuslav: 63-12

Horiuchi, Paul: 56-13

Hornor, Thomas: ME-29

Horton, William S.: 63-1

Horvat, Frank: 60-25

Hoschede-Monet, Blanche: 61-10

Hosmer, Harriet: 59-34

Houel, Jean Pierre Laurent: 59-40, ME-32

Houghton, A.B.: ME-29

House, Clarence: 62-15

Householder, Jeanette: 57-6

Houtopoulou, Sosso: 61-4

Hovannes, John: 52-4, 53-20

Hovde, Jane Hamilton: 56-13

Hovenden, Thomas: 58-27

Howard: NY-20

Howard, Andree: 59-19

Howard, Cecil: 55-12, 56-22

Howard, Charles: 52-11, 53-24

Howard, Charlotte: 62-3

Howard, John Langley: 56-24

Howard, R.C.: 57-10

Howard, William Vaughan: 55-14

Howard, Barnstone & Partners: 62-34

Howarth, F.M.: 57-3

Howe, Harriet R.: 57-6

Howe, Robert J.: 62-10

Howell, James: 53-24, 62-15

Howell, Marie: 62-15, 64-23

Hoyrup, Paul: 52-5

Hronby, Anne E.: 62-10

Huber, Wolfgang: 57-37, 64-9

Huberts, A.M. DeWitt: 53-24

Hubing, Lucinda (Sister): ME-75

Huck, Robert: 60-3

Hudlow, Conroy: 64-7

Hudson, Eric: 64-31

Huet, Jean-Baptiste: 55-24, 62-20

Huffer, John: 53-26

Hugh, Stubbens & Assoc: 63-16

Hughes, Thomas P.: 53-17

Hughes-Stanton, Blair Rowlands: 56-21

Huguenin, Suzanne: 62-15

Huhnen, Fritz: 53-15

Hulbeck, Beate: 58-26

Hull, Jacob: 57-14

Hulse, Dorothea: 55-22

Hultberg, John: 55-2, 55-9, 56-1, 56-12, 57-11, 58-26, 59-10, 60-4, 60-22, 61-7, 64-7, 65-4, ME-73

Hulten, Carl Otto: 62-44

Humbert, Suzanne: 54-16, NE-96

Humphrey, Jack: 59-3

Humphrey, Ralph: 61-23

Hunt, J.: 58-36

Hunt, Richard: 58-12, 66-9, NY-10

Hunt, Robert J.: 55-6

Hunt, William Henry: 62-12

Hunt, William M.: 59-6, ME-11

Hunter, Bernece B.: 60-3

Hunter, Lawrence B.: 62-10

Hunter, Robert Douglas: 64-30

Huntington, Daniel: 59-6

Huntington, James L.: 65-4

Huntley, Victoria Hutson: ME-7

Hurd, Clement: VA-53-1

Hurd, Peter: 51-5, 55-19, 57-10, 63-15

Hurtig, Martin: 58-3

Hurum, Perle: 57-40

Husain, M.F.: 58-15, 59-13

Husted-Anderson, Adda: 57-6

Huth, Willy Robert: NE-48

Hutner, Martin: 62-3

Huysmans, Cornelius: MMA-54-3, NY-11

Hyde, Scott: 63-2

I.M. Pei & Assoc: 59-25, 63-16, 65-3

I.S. Bell Curtis Company: NY-15

Ihle, John L.: 60-3, 62-3

Ikegawa, Shiro: 64-7

Iliff, Cynthia Willard: ME-7

Imai, Masayuki: 65-12

Imperial: NY-14

Inami, Tadashi: 65-12

Indiana, Robert: 62-41, 63-30

Ingegno, Jr., Alfred Peter: 60-3

Ingetoft, F.: 57-14

Ingle, Thomas Hughes: 56-12

Ingrand, Max: 61-1

Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique: 56-16, 57-18, 67-19

Inman, Henry: 58-14, 62-17, 64-1

Inman, John O'Brien: 55-19, 58-27

Inness, George: 54-25, 59-6, 59-34, 60-13, 60-28, 62-17, 64-3, ME-11, ME-31, ME-41, NY-4, NY-21

Innocenti & Webel Umberto & Richard K.: 62-33

Inokuma, Genichiro: 63-23

Inoue, Ryosai: 65-12

Interlandi, Frank: 62-31

International Silver Company - CT: NY-13

Ipcar, Dahlov: 55-5

Ippolito, Angelo: 58-26, 59-1, 59-23, 60-22, 64-30, NY-10

Ireland, Richard: 53-26

Ireland, William: 57-3

Ironside, Robin: 62-12

Irvine, David: 58-32

Isaacs, Walter: 56-13

Isaches, Thor: 57-14

Isenburger, Eric: 55-19, 57-11, 61-7, ME-73

Ishler, John A.: 62-10

Israel, Margaret: 57-14

Israel, Robert: 65-7

Israels, Ru: 61-35

Item, Georges: 58-15, 60-15

Ito, Miyoko: 53-1, 58-12

Itterbeeck, A. Van: 61-1

Ives, Philip: 64-11

Iyem, Nuri: 56-29

Izenour, George: 62-14, 64-35

Izumi, Shigeru: 62-3

Jablow, Evelyn: 61-30

Jackson, A.B.: ME-75

Jackson, Harry: 56-2

Jackson, John Baptist: 57-37

Jackson, Lee: 55-19

Jackson, Martin: 56-26, ME-7

Jackson, W.J.: 54-12

Jackson, William Henry: NY-1

Jaclet, A.: 54-16

Jacobs, David: 63-29, 64-10

Jacobsen, Anonio: 63-15

Jacobsen, Robert: 56-27

Jacoby, Rufus: 58-16

Jacques, Charles Emile: 63-20

Jadson, Wanda B.: 53-24

Jaenisch, Hans: 64-14, NE-48

Jager, Helene: 61-1

Jaimes, Humberto: 60-17

Jakac, Bozidar: 56-21

Jakulowski, H.: 62-45

Jameikis, Brone: ME-75

James, Alexander: 59-6

James, R.: 57-14

Jamieson, R. Kirkland: 62-12

Jamison, Philip: 64-31

Janch, Michael: 63-14

Janinet, Jean-Francois: 63-17

Janke, May: 58-3, 58-15, 60-3

Jankowski, Joseph: 54-8

Jansem, Jean: 57-27

Jarvis, Donald: 59-3

Jarvis, John Wesley: 64-3

Jasinski, Mary H.: 62-10

Jawlensky, Alexej von: 60-14

Jazet: 55-19

Jean, Marcel: 56-2

Jefferson, Jack: 54-8

Jeffery, Charles Bartley: 58-16

Jeffreys, T.: ME-29

Jegart, Artemis: 61-35

Jenkins, Louisa: 58-16

Jenkins, Paul: 56-9, 58-43, 59-10, ME-73

Jennys, William: 59-24

Jensen, Alfred: 56-2, 60-12, 63-30, 64-20, 65-11

Jensen, Eunice: 58-3

Jensen, Harold W.: 57-14

Jenson, Lee: 55-22

Jessiman, John: 62-10

Jevne & Almini: ME-29

Joe, Dale: 58-42

Joel, Yale: 58-A&B, 59-56

Johannesson, Johannes: 66-2

Johansen, John M.: 58-1, 61-31, 64-11

Johansson, Willy: 57-40

Johns, Jasper: 58-26, 60-9, 62-41, 64-26, 65-11, ME-73

Johnson, Ben: 63-33, NY-18

Johnson, Buffie: 56-21, 58-16

Johnson, David: 60-28, NY-4

Johnson, Eastman: 58-14, 58-27, 59-34, 62-7, 64-1, ME-11, ME-41, NY-15

Johnson, Lester: 53-1, 56-2, 60-22, 60-43, 63-24, 63-33, 64-19, ME-55, ME-65, NY-18

Johnson, Philip: 59-15, 62-34, 63-16, 65-3, 65-6

Johnson, Ray: 58-26, 60-41

Johnson & Pahlmann Philip & William: 61-30

Johnston, David Claypoole: 64-1

Johnston, Joshua: 58-14, 62-2

Johnston, Ynez: 55-20, 58-3

Jones: 63-19

Jones, Doug: 57-16

Jones, E. Powis: 60-3

Jones, Inigo: 61-22

Jones, John Paul: 53-16, 55-20, 56-25, 55-20, 56-26, 58-12, 60-22, 62-3, 63-12, 64-7, NY-3

Jones, Murray: 57-1

Jones, Pirkle: 62-45

Jones, Robert Edmond: 58-11

Jones & Erwin, Inc.: NY-14

Jongh, Ludolf de: MMA-54-3

Jongkind, Johan B.: 63-17, 63-20

Jonsson, Asgrimur: 66-2

Jonyas, V.K.: 58-3

Jordaens, Jacob: 54-11, 62-20

Jorn, Asger: 54-18, 56-15, 58-15, 64-2, ME-55, NE-96, NY-8

Joulia: 61-1

Jouve, Georges: 61-1

Judd, Deforrest Hale: 57-23

Judd, Ronald E.: 62-10

Jukes, F.: ME-29

Jules, Mervin: 54-27, 61-25, 64-29, 64-30

Julie, Monica (Sister): 58-16

Jung, Dora: 62-15

Junyer, Joan: 59-19

Justema, William: 52-7

Jutrem, Arne Jon: 57-14, 57-38

Juvarra, Filippo: 58-9, 59-40, 63-19

Kacere, John: 63-7

Kachadoorian, Zubel: ME-74

Kacmarcik, Frank: 54-16

Kadish, Reuben: 62-8

Kadow, Elisabeth: 61-1

Käsebier, Gertrude: 62-25

Kaeselau, Charles A.: 64-29, 64-30

Kagan & Clarke: 53-24

Kagawa, Alice: 53-24

Kahane, Anne: 59-3

Kahl, June M.: 62-10

Kahn: ME-49

Kahn, Max: 54-18, 55-20, 56-15, 56-19, 56-25, 56-26, 59-10, 60-3, 62-3, ME-7, NE-96, NY-3

Kahn, S.: 58-36

Kahn, Wolf: 56-2, 58-5, 59-10, 63-1, 64-3, 64-30, NY-10

Kaiserer, Jacob: 64-5

Kaish, Luise: 58-35

Kakofsky, Charles: 57-6

Kaldis, Aristodemos: 56-2

Kaleda, Ruth T.: 61-17

Kalischer, Clemens: 64-28

Kalisher, Simpson: 60-12

Kallem, Henry: 64-31

Kallem, Herbert: 58-5

Kam, Leilani: 57-14

Kamihira, Ben: 59-1, 63-3, NY-10

Kamola, Teofil: 55-22

Kamys, Walter: 54-27

Kandinsky, Wassily: 53-13, 56-7, 59-5, 59-36, 60-14, ME-24, ME-55

Kane, Margaret Brassier: 52-4

Kane, Mickey: 62-31

Kane, Paul: 61-3

Kane, Roger C.: 62-10

Kanemitsu, Matsumi: 63-12

Kang, Ann: 58-32

Kang-nyol, Yu: 58-33

Kannan, Elie: 56-29

Kano, Mitsuo: 61-4

Kano, Shunji: 65-12

Kantor, Morris: 55-3, 55-19, 56-2, 59-10, 64-30, 64-31, ME-49, ME-73

Kapel, John: 55-22

Kaplan, Jerome: 54-16, 56-12, 56-25, 63-12

Kaplan, Joseph: 55-2, 56-27, 64-30

Kaplan, Stanley: 53-16

Kapos, June E.: 57-14, 60-5

Kappel, Philip: 53-5

Kaprow, Allan: 58-26, 59-12

Kaptan, Hassan: 56-29

Karales, James: 59-12

Karasz, Ilonka: VA-53-1

Karasz, Mariska: 53-17, 57-6, 58-16, 58-25, 58-35, 61-17

Karfiol, Bernard: 55-16, 57-11, 64-31

Karnes, Karen: 57-6, 60-5, 64-23

Karoly, Frederic: 62-15

Karp, Leon: 56-26, NY-3

Karsh Yousuf: 56-5, 59-56

Karwoski, Richard: 64-25

Kassab, Viola: 56-29

Kasten, Karl: 58-7

Kasugai, Hideo: 65-12

Katavolos, William: 52-7

Kato, Jun: 65-12

Kato, Kiyoyuki: 65-12

Kato, Sho: 65-12

Kato, Takuo: 65-12

Katrakis, Vasso: 56-29

Katz, Alex: 64-26, 64-31, ME-55, NY-18

Katz, Leo: 62-8

Katz, Waisman, Blumenkrantz, Stein & Weber: 59-25

Katzen, Lila: 62-41

Katzenbach & Warren, Inc.: NY-14

Katzman, Herbert: 55-9, 55-11, 64-12, NY-10

Kauffman, Mark: 58-A&B, 59-56

Kaufman, Glen: 58-32, 62-10, ME-75

Kaufmann, Robert D.: 61-25

Kauppi, Tauno: 57-6

Kaus, Max: 59-36, NE-48

Kautzky, Theodore: 53-8

Kavanaugh, Gere: 58-16, 58-32

Kawabata, Minoru: 61-4, ME-59

Kawabata, Yoshiko: 62-15

Kawamoto, Goro: 65-12

Kay, John: 64-5

Kay, Reed: 65-11

Kaz, Nathaniel: 52-4

Kazazis, Maria: 62-10

Kazuki, Yasuo: 61-4, 63-23, 64-2

Kearney, John: 58-16, 58-35

Kearns, James: 58-12, 58-40, 60-4

Kebenjak, Riko: 56-21

Keck, Carole: 62-10

Keck, George Fred & William: 62-34

Keen, Helen: 56-2

Keene, Jr., Paul F.: 55-6

Keiner, J.: 58-36

Keith, William Martine: 64-1

Keller, Harold: 65-6

Keller, Joan T.: 58-16

Kellerthaler, Johann: 64-9

Kelley, Douglas: 52-7

Kelley, John G.: SD-8

Kelley, Robert W.: 58-A&B

Kellogg, Jolly: 53-24

Kelly, Chapman: 57-23

Kelly, Ellsworth: 57-12, 60-41, 64-20, 65-11, ME-33, ME-42, ME-59, ME-60

Kelly, Gene D.: 57-14

Kelly, James: 58-7

Kelly, Leon: 56-2, 59-6, 60-1, 62-1

Kelly, Marie: 62-15

Kelly, Walt: 57-3

Kelly, Gruzen-Kahn & Jacobos: 62-24

Kemmelmeyer, Frederick: 62-2

Kempe, Rolande: 56-15

Kempsmith, Joan: 54-8, 55-5

Kenealy, Nany: 58-32

Kennedy, Candace: 53-17

Kennedy, Dolores: 56-13

Kennedy, Paul: 58-40

Kennedy, William: 64-30

Kennedy & Lucas: ME-29

Kenney-Eagen: 57-6

Kensett, John Frederick: 59-34, 60-28, 64-1, 64-3, 65-10, ME-11, ME-41, NY-4

Kent Adaline: 60-4

Kent, Rockwell: 64-31

Kent, William: 61-22

Keogh, Tom: 59-19

Kepes, Gyorgy: 58-42, 58-43, 61-26, 63-8, ME-73

Kerels, Henri: 56-21

Kerg, Theo: 59-5

Kerkam, Earl: 64-26

Kern, Arthur: 55-14

Kern, Edward Meyer: 64-1

Kerr, Donald A.: 55-20

Kerr, Robert: ME-29

Kerruish, Shirley Wells: 62-31

Kerslake, Kenneth A.: 60-3

Kessel, Dimitri: 58-A&B, 59-56, L-2

Kessler, Karl: 58-35

Kester, Bernard: 55-22

Kester, Lenord: 55-5

Ketchum & Sharp: 61-30

Kettunen, Mar Jean: 53-16

Key-Oberg, Ellen: 52-4

Keys, Richard: 53-26

Keyser, Robert: 58-26, 60-1, ME-55

Keyser, Jr., William A.: 62-10

Keyt, George: 58-42

Khanna, Krishen: 59-13

Khosrovi, Karim: 58-42

Ki-ch'ang, Kim: 58-33

Kienbusch, William: 53-5, 53-14, 55-3, 55-9, 60-27, 61-25, 63-7, 64-31, ME-26, ME-33, ME-42, ME-49, ME-73, NY-5

Kiesler, Frederick J.: 56-2, 64-35

Kiestede, Cornelius: NY-13

Kilbride, Robert: 58-6

Kiley, Dan: 59-30

Kiley, Robert: 58-3

Killinger, Paul E.: 57-6, 60-5

Kilstrom, Kenneth: 56-26

Kimura, Mae: 60-5

Kimura, Reiji: 64-7

Kincannon, Andrew: 53-26

Kinderman, Gustav & Hellie: 61-1

Kindler, A.: 58-36

Kinert, Albert: 56-21, 59-16

King, Albert: 55-22

King, Frank: 57-3, 58-36

King, Robert J.: 57-6

King, William: 54-42, 57-3, 58-39, 60-42

King & King: 63-16

Kingman, Dong: 53-1, 53-8, 55-13, 58-5, ME-26, ME-73

Kingman, Eduardo: 60-17

Kington, Brent: 62-10

Kinigstein, Jonah: 55-2, 55-9, 57-9, 60-1

Kinnard, W.: 62-12

Kinsey, Douglas: 58-6

Kinzie, G. Robert: 64-23

Kipniss, Robert: 63-24

Kipp, Lyman: 58-30, 60-22, 62-40, 65-11, ME-56

Kipp, Maria: 55-22, 57-6

Kirby, Rollin: 57-3, 59-6

Kirby, Sheldon: 55-5

Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig: 56-7, 59-36, 60-14, 61-9, 62-29

Kirkland, Wallace: 58-A&B

Kirschenbaum, Jules: 53-5, 56-12, 62-1

Kirsta, George: 59-19

Kitahama, Ichiro: 65-12

Kitano, Tsukio: 65-12

Kitaoka, Fumio: 65-7

Kitchen & Hunt, AIA: 64-21

Kitchen & Hunt, Corlett & Spackman: 62-34

Kitchen & Hunt, John Funk: 62-34

Kiviharju, Toimi: 56-21

Kiyonaga, Torii: 56-16, 58-17, 60-38

Kiyonobu: 58-17

Kiyooka, Roy: 58-6

Kjarval, Johannes: 66-2

Klauber, Johann Baptiste: 59-40

Klauber, Joseph Sebastian: 59-40

Klaudius, M.: 58-36

Klee, Paul: 56-7, 57-18, 58-43, 59-36, 60-14, 62-18, 62-29, 63-17, 64-10, ME-24, ME-32

Kleege, James: 56-2

Kleemann, Richard: 53-26

Klein, Yves: 61-23

Kleinan, Martin: 57-14

Kleinholz, Frank: 57-2

Kleinschmidt, Peter: 54-16

Klement, Vera: 60-3, 60-22, 62-3

Kliemann, Carl-Heinz: 56-21, NE-48

Klimpt, Werner: 56-2

Kline, Franz: 56-2, 58-26, 58-42, 59-23, 61-9, 61-11, 62-27, 64-2

Kling, Vincent G.: 61-31, 65-9

Klingsmith, Noah: 53-26, NE-96

Klomp, Albert Jansz: MMA-54-3

Klotz, Lenz: 61-4

Kluck, Eleanor: 64-23

Kluck, Henry: 57-6, 64-23

Kluger E.: 58-36

Klumb, Henry: 59-27

Knapp, S. Magnet: ME-73

Knaths, Karl: 53-12, 55-3, 55-9, 55-19, 56-2, 57-10, 57-28, 59-10, 59-31, 60-13, 61-7, 62-38, 64-30, ME-7, ME-23, ME-73, NY-20

Knect, Jr., James A.: 60-5

Knee, Gina: 53-5

Kneller, Godfrey (Sir): MMA-54-2

Kniep, Hristoph Heinrich: 59-40

Knight, Dame Laura: 62-12

Knight, Edward: 55-19

Knight, H.: 62-2

Knight, L. Aston: 64-3

Knipschild, Robert: 54-8, 55-8

Knobler, Lois Jean: 56-27

Knobler, Nathan: 58-3, 65-11

Knox-Leet, Desmond: 59-19

Kobashi, Yasu: 61-4, 63-23

Koblick, Freda: 64-23

Koch, John: 65-2, ME-73

Koebel, Karl Josef: 58-9

Koehring ,Gretchen: 58-32

Koenig, Fritz: 60-42, 61-4, 62-40, ME-56

Koenig, Pierre: 62-34

Koerner, Henry: 54-10, 55-21, 57-2, 62-1, 63-33, 65-2, ME-41

Koga, Tadao: 65-12

Kogelnik, Kiki: 65-4

Kohlmeyer, Ida: 61-35, 63-7

Kohn, Gabriel: 59-12, 60-2

Kohn, Misch: 53-1, 53-16, 55-20, 56-25, 56-26, 58-3, 60-3, 60-15, 60-22, 60-34, 62-3, 62-8, 63-12, 64-7, ME-7, NY-3

Kokis, George: 62-10

Kokoschka, Oskar: 56-7, 58-15, 59-36, 64-10, ME-32

Kolbe, Georg: 60-14, ME-32

Kolbitsch, Rudolph: 56-15

Kolefas, John: 56-29

Kollwitz, Kathe: 56-7, 59-36, 59-38, 61-25, 62-45

Komai, Tetsuro: 61-4

Kong-gol, Yi: 58-33

Kongeter, Willi: 58-28

Koniarsky, Helmut: 53-15

Koninck, Philips: 55-24

Konjovic, Milan: 59-16

Konzal, Joseph: 52-4, 56-2, 62-41

Kopman, Benjamin: 53-1, 56-2, 59-10

Koppe, Richard: 56-1, 56-26, 58-3, 62-31

Koppelman, Chaim: 56-25, 58-3, 59-12, 60-3, 64-7, ME-75

Koren, George M.: 57-12

Korleon, C.F.: 52-11

Korner, John: 58-6

Kornhausel, Joshep: 59-40

Korovin, Konstantin Alexeivitch: 59-19

Korsmo, Arne: 57-40

Korsomo, Grete: 57-40

Koryusai, Isoda: 58-17

Kosa, Emil J.: 53-8

Kosaka: 63-21

Kost: 62-2

Kostyshak, Nadya: 57-6

Kowalski, Peter: NE-48

Kozeki, Rokuhei: 65-12

Kozlow, Richard: ME-75

Kozuru, Hajime: 65-12

Krahmer, Hanns: ME-75

Kralj, Tone: 56-21

Kramer, Sam: 54-14

Kramer & Kramer: 61-30

Krasner, Lee: 58-5, 58-26, 59-23, ME-59

Kraugerud, Ragnar: 57-40

Kraus, Hilda: ME-75

Krause, Glen: 56-27

Kravetz, Ann: 53-24

Krebs, Friedrich: 64-1

Kregar, Stane: 59-16

Kreider, Stanton: 60-41

Kreindler, Doris: 58-3

Kremser-Schmidt: 62-20

Krentzin, Earl: 57-14, 58-16, 58-32

Krevolin & Constantine, Lewis & Elizabeth: 58-32, 62-10, 64-23

Kricke, Norbert: 61-4, 61-23

Krieks ,Hans: 61-30

Krijer, Hank: 61-20

Krimel, John Lewis: 58-27

Kring, Walter & Mary: 57-6

Krohg, Guy: NE-96

Kroll, Boris: 62-15, 64-23

Kroll, Leon: 55-19, 59-6, 62-31, 64-31, ME-73

Kronberg, Louis: 64-30

Kruck, Christian: 58-35, 60-15

Krug, Harry: 56-25

Kruger, Louise: 55-20, 56-2, 60-2

Krulis, Jean: 58-16

Krummeck, Elsie: 53-17

Kruse, John W.: 64-11

Krushenick, Nicholas: 63-30

Kuberick, Stanley: 57-16

Kubicek, Juro: NE-48

Kuchel, C.C.: ME-29

Kucuk, Byram: 56-21

Kuehn, Eleanor: 58-32

Kuemmerlein, Janet: ME-75

Kuhl, Condon F.: 58-32, 62-10

Kuhlman, Barbara: 57-14

Kuhlman, Walter: 58-7

Kuhn, Beate: 61-1

Kuhn, Hans: NE-48

Kuhn, Heinrich: NY-1

Kuhn, Kathryn: 53-24

Kuhn, Walt: 54-10, 55-16, 57-9, 59-31, 60-13, 62-28, 64-31, 65-2, ME-23, ME-41, ME-55

Kuhr, Fritz: NE-48

Kulasiewicz, Frank L.: 57-14

Kulicke, Robert: 64-3, 64-12

Kulkarni, K.S.: 58-42

Kulmer, Ferdinand: 59-16

Kulovesi, Erkki: 54-18

Kumangai: 63-21

Kumar, Ram: 59-13

Kump & Elston & Cranston: 64-21

Kump & Masten, Hurd & Gwathmey: 64-21

Kunikata, Yoshichika: 65-12

Kunisada, Utagawa: NY-12

Kuniyasu,, Utagawa: NY-12

Kuniyoshi Yasuo: 54-10, 54-25, 55-16, 57-9, 58-42, 59-6, 59-31, 60-13, 60-27, 62-1, 62-28, 63-33, 64-31, ME-7, ME-10, ME-23, ME-31, ME-41

Kuno, Shin: 63-23

Kuntz, Roger: 55-6

Kupchinsksa, Richard: 64-7

Kupferman, Lawrence: 56-27, 58-5, 58-43, 64-29, 64-30, ME-7

Kurhajec, Joseph: 64-25

Kuroda, Toru: 65-12

Kurtz & Allison: ME-29

Kurz, Rudolph Friedrich: 64-1

Kush: 58-36

Kuwata: 63-21

Kuwayama, Tadaaki: 64-26

Kwakiutl: 59-4

Kwong, Hia Ka: 57-6

Kypridakis, Bernard: 62-10

Kyriakos, Makris: 56-29

L'Engle, Lucy: 64-30

L'Engle, William: 64-29, 64-30

L'Hote, Andre: 60-14

La Farge, John: 52-1, 56-18, 59-6, 59-34, 62-7, 62-17, 64-3, ME-11, NY-5

La Farge, Nicolas: 62-20

La Hotan, Robert: 64-31

La Liberte, Norman: 58-16, 58-35

La Regina, Guido: 54-16

La Rocco, Anthony: 57-6

Labarre, Gertrude: 55-22

Labrot, Syl: 61-13, 63-2

Lachaise, Gaston: 59-31, 62-30, 63-31

Lackmeyer, Robert O.: 58-32

Ladeck, Armin: 56-26

Ladenspelder, Johann: 57-37

Laderman, Gabriel: 56-25, 58-3

LaFollette, Curtis K.: 62-10

Lagorio, Irene: 58-3

Lagrange, Jacques: 59-5

Lahey, Richard: 59-10

Laisner, George Alois: 58-7

Lalanne, Maxime: 63-17

Laliberte, Norman: 65-6

Lam, Wifredo: 54-18, 56-28

Lamantia, Jr., James R.: 57-ee

Lambdin, George Cochran: 56-18, 58-14, 58-27

Lambert, Ann: 53-26

Lambert, Isabe: 59-19

Lambert-Rucki: 58-35

Lampecco, Antonio: 61-1

Landacre, Paul: ME-7

Landau, Jacob: 60-3, 62-3

Landberg, Nils: 56-3

Landby, Jean: 58-32

Landeck, Armin: 53-1, 53-2, 53-16, 56-21, 56-25, 56-26, ME-7

Landis, Lily: 52-4, 61-15

Landon, Edward: 53-16

Landshoff, H.: 59-56

Landuyt, Octove: 61-1

Lane, Fitz Hugh: 59-34, 60-28, ME-11

Lane, Harry: 56-13

Lane, Madeleine: 65-3

Lanfranco, Giovanni: 62-20

Lang, Hans Kasper: 59-40, 64-9

Lange Dorothea: 56-5, 59-56

Langenheim, Frederick: 64-28

Langhorst, Fred: SD-8

Langlais, Bernard: 53-16, 58-3, 60-2, 63-29

Laning, Edward: ME-73

Lankeck, Armin: 53-5

Lankuyt, Octave: NY-8

Lanser, Fay: 64-3

Lansing, Winifred: 53-20

Lanskoy, Andre: 57-9, 59-31, 60-14

Lanyon, Ellen: 65-11, ME-7, NY-18

Lanyon, Peter: 54-27, 57-27

Lapoujade, Robert: 60-14, 61-4

Larionov Michel: 59-19, 62-29

Larkiin, Eugene: 60-3

Larkin, Donald F.: 57-14

Larkin, Eugene: 58-6, 65-7

Larkin, William H.: 55-20

Larrain-Magnum, Sergio: 64-19, ME-65

Larsen Jack Lenor: 53-17, 57-6, 63-5, 64-23

Larson, Lisa: 57-14, 58 A&B

Lasansky, Mauricio: 53-1, 53-5, 55-20, 56-26, 58-3, 58-6, 58-35, 59-44, 60-3, ME-7

Lasker, Joe: 56-13, 57-2, 62-30, 65-2

Lassaw, Ibram: 55-12, 56-22, 57-38, 62-27

Lasswell, Fred: 57-3

Lataster, Gerard: 61-4, 64-2

Lathrop, Betsy B.: 59-18

Latour, Fantin: ME-55

Lau, William: 64-23

Laufman, Sidney: 64-29, 64-30, ME-73

Laurell, Karl: 53-17, 57-6

Laurencin, Marie: 57-30, 59-19

Laurens, Henri: 60-14, 60-42, 61-24, 63-31, NE-96

Laurent, John: 56-27, 58-12, 64-31

Laurent, Robert: 64-31

Lautensack, Hans Sebald: 55-10, 63-17

Lava Dentelliere Manufacture: 61-1

Laverne, Estelle & Erwine: 53-17, 64-23

Laves Werner: 58-15

Lawenda, Harry: 51-8, 52-7, 55-22

Lawrence, Jacob: 53-5, 55-9, 55-11, 55-13, 57-9, 60-35, 62-31, 66-9, ME-73, NY-5

Lawrence, Thomas (Sir): MMA-54-2

Lawrie, Doug: 62-10

Lawson: ME-29

Lawson, Ernest: ME-55, NY-16, NY-19

Lazzari, Pietro: 55-2, 58-5, 65-11

Lazzaro, Richard: 58-39

Lazzell, Blanche: 64-29, 64-30

Le Cave, Peter: 62-12

Le Clair, Charles: 53-12

Le Clear, Thomas: 58-14, ME-11

Le Corbusier: 53-13, 59-15, 61-31

Le Lorrain: 62-20

Le Mieux, Jo: 60-5

Le Secq, Henry: 62-25, NY-1

Lea, Wesley: 55-11

Lear, Edward: 62-12, 67-19, ME-55

Lear, Peter C.: 57-6

Lebeck, Carol: 58-32

Lebenstein, Jan: 61-4

Leboy, Ann: 58-3

Lebrun, Rico: 51-4, 55-21, 56-2, 58-16, 59-10, 62-31, ME-23

Lechay, James: 58-6, 59-10, 61-26, 62-30

Lechtzin, Stanley: 62-10

Lee, Amy Freeman: 54-27

Lee, Doris: 53-5, 56-2, ME-7

Lee, John Black: 60-12

Leech, Dorothy: 56-13

Leech, Hilton: 53-5, 56-13

Leefe, Miriam: 53-24, 62-15

Leen, Nina: 58-A&B

Leepa, Allen: 56-2

Lefeber, Richard: 64-23

Leff, Rita: 55-20, 58-3

Lefson, Mary Green: 58-3

Lega, Silvestro: 63-10

Léger, Fernand: 53-1, 57-30, 59-19, 59-23, 59-31, 60-14, 61-9, 62-29, 64-10, NE-96

Lehmann, Rolf: 60-15

Lehmann, Signe & Klaus: 61-1

Lehmbruk, Wilhelm: 56-7, 59-36

Leiber, Gerson August: 53-16, 58-12, 60-15, 62-45, 64-7

Leigh, William: 59-6

Leighton, Frederic (Lord): MMA-54-2

Leipzig, Melvin: 58-3

Leitch, William L.: 62-12

Lekakis, Michael: 60-22

Lekberg, Barbara: 59-12

LeKeux, John H.: 62-12

Leland, Malcolm: 58-7, 59-12

Lely, Peter (Sir): 62-36

Lengel, Walter: 57-23

Lennington, Sally: 58-32

Lenskold, Walter: 53-17

Leon, Helen: 53-26

Leonard, Jack: 55-19

Leonard, William A.: 53-26, 56-9

Leonard, Arnold: 65-11

Leonelli, Dante: 54-27

Leoni, Ottavio: 64-6

Leonid: 53-1, 53-12

Leonid (Berman): 57-10

Leper, S. Deiva Njoman: 58-42

Lepere, Auguste: 62-45

Lepine, Stanislas: 59-19, 63-20

Leplae, Agnes: 61-1

Lerner, Arthur: 55-5

Lerner, Bob: 57-16, 59-56

Lesecq, Henry: 51-9

Leslie, Alfred: 58-26, 60-9, 60-22

Leslie, Charles R.: 65-10

Lester, William: 57-23

Lesueur, Eustache: 55-24

Lettau, Edward: 57-16

Levee, John: 54-27, 56-15, 57-12, 58-5, 58-29, 60-14, 60-22, 63-7

Lever, Hayley: 64-3

Levi, Carlo: 58-40

Levi, Julian: 57-28, 58-44, 60-4, ME-73

Levie, John E.: 64-1

Levigne, H.: 54-16

Levine, Arthur: 51-1, 53-5

Levine, David: 57-10, 61-15, 64-3

Levine, Jack: 55-9, 58-40, 59-6, 59-31, 60-13, 62-28, 62-31, ME-23, ME-41, ME-47, ME-75

Levinson, Mon: 64-12

Levitan, Israel: 56-2

Levy, Byron L.: 57-ee

Levyne, Sidney A.: 57-ee

Lewandowski, Edmund: 53-12, 55-13, 58-44

Lewel, Harry: 55-14

Lewen, Si: 54-8, 55-5, 58-5, 58-26

Lewerenz, Margaret: 51-15

Lewis, Arne: 53-26

Lewis, Arthur Allen: ME-7

Lewis, Ethel Kudrna: 60-5

Lewis, Henry: 58-27

Lewis, J.O.: ME-29

Lewis, John Chapman: 58-26, 63-7

Lewis, John M.: 62-10

Lewis, Norman: 53-12, 55-21, 59-6

Lewis Ross: 57-3

Lewis, Thomas D.: 62-10

Lewis, William A.: 57-10

Lewis & Bliss, Robert & Anna Campbell: 59-12

Lewitin, Landes: 62-27

Lewy, Kurt: 61-1

Leydenfrost, Robert: 53-5

Leyendecker, J.C.: 57-17

Li, Hua: 56-27

Liberman, Alexander: 62-45, 65-1, 65-4, ME-59

Liberte, Jean: 53-12, 55-3, ME-73

Libhart, Myles: 60-12

Libon, C.: 58-36

Libpton, Seymour: 57-38

Lichtenstein, Roy: 62-41, 64-26, 65-11, NY-17

Lichty, George: 57-3

Liebermann, Max: 61-25

Liebes, Dorothy: 62-15, 64-23

Liebling, Jerome: 59-12

Lies, Jonas: 62-17

Lietzke, Luke & Rolland: 57-6, 64-23

Limbach, Russell T.: NE-96

Linck-Daepp, Margrit: 61-1

Lincoln, Richard Mather: 57-14, 60-5

Lindaas Arne Jon: 57-14

Lindblad, Grethe: 57-14

Lindell, Lage: 62-44

Lindenmuth, Tod: 64-30

Lindenum, Richard J.: 62-10

Linder, Jean: 64-25

Lindh, Francesca Mascitti: 57-14

Lindh, Richard: 57-14

Lindheim, Mary: 57-6

Lindley, Ward: 53-26

Lindner, Richard: 60-4, ME-59

Lindstrom, Carl: 57-ee

Lindtmayer, Daneil (the Younger): 64-9

Lingelbach, Johannes: MMA-54-3

Linn Smith Associates: 62-24

Linnell, John: 55-24

Linsenmaier, Dwalter: 56-24

Lionni, Leo: 59-56

Lipchitz, Jacques: 57-15, 58-16, 59-6, 59-31, 60-42, 61-2, 61-24, 62-8, 63-31, ME-32, NY-20

Lipman-Wulf, Peter: 56-2

Lippi, Filippino: 56-16, 57-18

Lippold, Richard: 55-12, 56-22

Lipton, Seymour: 58-16, 60-22, 62-16, 65-1

Lissandrino: 62-20

Littell, R.: 52-7

Little, John: 59-23

Littleton, Harvey K.: 57-6, 60-5

Litvack, Harvey: 55-20, 58-3

Liverani, Emmanuele: 58-9

Lizars, William H.: ME-29

Llorens, Eva: 58-39

Lloyd, Timothy: 62-10

Lloyd, Morgan, & McGinty Lloyd, W.B., & Milton: ME-19

Lmppe, Peter: 51-21

Lo Medico, Thomas: 53-20

Lobdell, Frank: 58-39, 61-29

Lobel, Paul: 57-6

Lobmeyr, J. & L.: 61-1

Lochner, Stephen: 56-16

Lockwood, George: 58-39

Loebl, Schlossman & Bennett: 65-3

Loerner, Henry: 53-1

Loew, Michael: 56-2, 58-26, 64-31

Loffredo, Silvio: 54-16

Loftus, John: 65-11

Logan, A.: 62-2

Loggie, Henlen A.: 53-1

Loire, Gabriel: 61-1

Lombard, Lambert: 55-24, 67-19

Longchamps, Gaston: 56-2

Longo, Vincent: 53-16, 53-26, 55-20, 56-25, 60-3, 60-22, 60-24, 64-7, 65-11

Loomis, Dana A.: 65-11

Lopez, Carlos: 53-5

Loran, Erle: 58-7, 61-26

Lorca, F. Garcia: 58-36

Lorch, Melchior: 55-10

Lotiron, Robert: NE-96

Lotteman, Hal: 55-2, 55-5

Lotzgesell, Gloria: 53-17

Loubchansky, Marcelle: 64-10

Loughney, Hermine: 56-2

Love, Joseph P.: ME-75

Love, Kermet: 59-19

Lovell, Rosa Lee: 65-7

Lovera, James: 60-5

Low, David: 57-3

Low, Joseph: 54-17, 61-33

Lowen, Si: 60-1

Lowengrund, Margaret: 53-2, 53-5, 53-16, 54-18, NE-96

Lozano, Matias: 64-23

Lozowick, Louis: 56-26, ME-7

Lsteiner, Velma Lee: 58-3

Lubroth, Mil: 62-3

Lucas, Eugenio: 55-19

Lucchesi, Bruno: 59-12

Lucebert, L.G. Swanswijk: 60-15, 61-4

Lucioni, Luigi: ME-73

Ludins, Eugene: 58-5

Lueders, Jim C.: 55-14

Luginbuhl, Ursel: 61-1

Luisa, Maria: 60-17

Lukin, Sven: 65-4

Lukosius, Richard: 56-27

Luks, George Benjamin: 55-19, 57-11, 58-34, 59-6, 62-17, 62-30, ME-41, NY-19

Luksus, Tzaims: 64-23

Lund, David: NY-10

Lundin, Ingeborg: 56-3

Lundquist, Evert: 62-44

Lundy, Victor A.: 64-11

Lurcat, Jean: 53-2, 61-1

Luster Guy: 60-43

Lutyens, Edwin (Sir): 61-22

Lutz, Ann Winefred: 65-6

Lutz, Dan: 56-19

Lux, Gwen: 52-4, 53-20, 59-25

Lyberis, William: 53-26

Lynes, George Platt: 58-20

Lyon, Jane S.: 65-11

Lyons, Nathan: 60-12, 61-13

M.E. Haefeli, Hubacher & Steiger: 53-21

M.H. Birge & Company: NY-14

Maas, Bernard: 62-10

Maas, Marcolino (Reverend): 53-25

Mabe, Manabu: 60-17

Macchiarini, Peter: 51-15

Maccoy, Guy: 58-3

Macdonald, Jerry: 60-5

MacDonald, Pirie: 56-5

Macdonald-Wright, Stanton: 55-15, 57-10, 58-34, 60-27

Machlin, Sheldon: 63-29

MacIver,Loren: 55-9, 57-2, 57-11, 59-10, 59-24, 62-28, 64-30, 65-11, ME-7, ME-41, ME-73

Mackay, Marion: 53-17

Macke, August: 56-7

MacKenzie, Alex & Warren: 59-12

MacKenzie, Frederick: 62-12

Mackie & Kamrath: ME-19

MacKnight, Dodge: 63-1, 64-30

MacPherson Robert: 62-25, NY-1

Maddox, Jerold: 53-26, 63-24

Madhloom, Tarir: 56-29

Madley, Elizabeth: 55-22

Madson, Jack: 57-12

Maeda, Chikuhosai: 65-12

Mafai, Mario: 58-23

Magafan, Ethel: 53-12, 55-5, 58-3, ME-73

Magalhaes, Aloisio: 58-15

Magnasco, Alessandro: 65-10, 67-19

Magnelli, Alberto: 58-23

Magritte, Rene: 60-4, 61-4, 64-4

Maguire, T.H.: ME-29

Mahl, Claire: 56-2

Maillet, Leo: 53-2

Maillol, Aristide: 61-9, 62-5, ME-32

Maini, Marino: 54-27

Mair, William: 58-12

Maitin, Samuel: 62-3

Majdrakoff, Ivan: 53-24, 61-25

Majors, William: 66-9

Makovkin, Sasha: 58-32

Malagodi, Gaetano: 58-9

Maldarelli, Oronzio: 52-4, 55-12. 56-2, 56-22

Males, Miha: 56-15, 56-21

Malicoat, Philip C.: 64-29, 64-30

Malkin, Robert: 62-33

Mallary, Robert: 62-41, 63-12, 63-29, 64-20, 64-25, ME-55

Maloney, Daniel: 64-3

Maloof, Sam: 55-22

Mame, Maison: 61-1

Manabe, Mitsuo: 65-12

Manbeck, Dorathee G.: 60-5

Manchek, Albert: 56-2

Mandel, Howard: 53-5

Manes, Nancy C.: 57-14, 58-32

Manessier, Alfred: 54-18, 56-15, 58-15, 60-14, 60-15, 64-2, 64-10, NE-96

Manet, Edouard: 57-18, 67-19, MMA-54-2

Manetta, Edward: ME-75

Mangravite, Peppino: 56-2, 60-1, 65-11

Mann Samuel: 58-32, 64-23

Manners Leroy: 53-26

Manship, Paul: 59-25

Manso, Leo: 58-26, 61-15, 64-29, 64-30, ME-73

Manville, Elsie: 64-3

Manzu, Giacomo: 55-7, 57-34, 58-35, 58-40, 60-42, 63-31

Manzu & Morandi: 58-18

Manzur, David: 63-7

Marantz, Irving: 56-13, 64-30

Maratti, Carlo: 55-24, 62-36, 64-6

Marc, Franz: 56-7, 59-36, 62-29

Marca-Relli, Corrado di: 56-12, 64-2, 64-20, 65-4, ME-33, ME-42, ME-73

Marcecak, Edward: 58-39

Marcel Breuer & Assoc: 64-11, 65-9

March Charles E.: 62-10

Marchand, Andre: 59-5

Marchionni, Carolo: 59-40

Marchutz, Leo: NE-96

Marcks, Gerhard: 54-16, 56-7, 58-35, 59-36, 61-4, 61-9

Marcoussis, Louis: 59-5, 60-14

Marcus, Edwin: 57-3

Marcus, Marcia: 62-30, 64-26, 65-2, NY-10, NY-17, NY-18

Marechal: 59-40

Marein, Shirley: ME-75

Marfaing, Andre: 64-2

Marggraf, Zella: 55-22

Margo, Boris: 51-6, 53-2, 53-16, 55-3, 55-9, 56-1, 56-2, 56-25, 56-26, 57-1, 57-32, 57-36, 58-3, 58-43, 59-10, 60-3, 60-24, 61-7, 62-38, 63-7, 64-7, 64-29, 64-30, ME-7, ME-59, ME-73, NY-3

Margoulies, Berta: 52-4

Marguerite: 56-2

Margules, deHirsh: 56-2

Margulies, Joseph: 64-30

Mariani, Vincint: 58-39

Marie-Rose, Henri: 58-7

Marieschi, Michele: 64-6

Maril, Herman: 56-13, 61-7, 64-30

Marin, John: 53-6, 54-25, 55-15, 55-16, 58-34, 58-42, 58-43, 59-31, 60-13, 61-25, 62-16, 62-28, 64-31, ME-7, ME-23, ME-26, ME-27, ME-31, ME-32, ME-41, NY-5, NY-7&7b, NY-20

Marini, Aida: 56-29

Marini, Marino: 53-1, 54-18, 57-34, 58-15, 59-5, 61-4, 63-31, 64-2, NE-96

Marisol: 62-41, 63-30

Mark, J.W.: 62-2

Markell, Jack: 58-6

Markey, Barbara R.: 58-16, 58-32, 58-35

Markman Ronald: 61-15

Marks, Cynthia: 64-7

Marot, Daniel: 59-40

Marsh, Reginald: 53-5, 54-25, 55-16, 57-9, 57-22, 60-13, 60-27, 62-17, 62-28, 62-30, ME-7, ME-31, NY-5

Marshall, Helen: 55-19

Marsicano, Nicholas: 60-22, 60-43, 61-15

Martens, Michel: 61-1, ME-29

Martha Crawford Associates: 61-30

Marthas, Takis: 61-4

Martin, Agnes: 60-41, 64-26

Martin, Andre: 60-25

Martin, David Stone: 56-24

Martin, Fletcher: 55-19, 56-2, 59-6

Martin, Fred: 65-11

Martin, Homer Dodge: 59-6, 60-28, ME-11, NY-4

Martin, Joe: 63-5

Martin, John: 62-12, 65-10

Martin, Keith: 55-2, 55-6, 56-19, 59-10

Martin, Kenneth: 61-21

Martin, Knox: 56-2

Martin, Mary: 61-21

Martin, Philip: 57-27

Martin, Roger: 56-27

Martin, Stefan: 64-7

Martin, Vincente: 60-17

Martin, W.B.: 56-25

Martin, Walt: 61-35

Martinelli, Ezio: 56-12, 57-15, 60-4, 60-22, 62-3, 65-11

Martinez, Raul: 56-28

Martinez-Pedro, Luis: 56-28, 62-6

Martino, Antonio P.: 55-2

Martz, Gordon & Jane: 64-23

Marville, Charles: NY-1

Marx, Robert E.: 53-16, 55-20, 64-7

Mary, Josefa (Sister): 62-10

Maryan: 64-25, NY-18

Masaccio: 57-18

Masanobu, Okumura: 58-17

Mascarin, Mario: 61-1

Mascherini, Marcello: 55-7

Maselli, Titina: 55-19, 57-27

Masereel, Frans: 54-16, 57-21

Mason, Alice Trumbell: 53-5, 53-16, 55-3, 56-2, 56-26, 57-32, 57-36, 60-24, 60-41, 62-8

Mason, Emily: 55-20

Mason, Mike: 58-3

Massari, Lucio: 59-40

Massin, Eugene: 57-35

Masson, Andre: 60-14, 61-9, 62-8, NE-96

Masso,n Emile: 64-1

Masson, John J.: 62-10

Massys, Cornelis: 56-16

Master, C.B.: 55-10

Master, M.Z.: 55-10

Mastroianni, Umberto: 61-4

Masurovsky, Gregory: 60-12, 61-4

Mata, Roberto: 60-17

Matare, Ewald: 56-7, 59-36

Mategot Mathieu: 61-1

Matham, Jacob: 63-9

Mathewson, Milton P.: 57-ee

Mathieu, Georges: 57-27

Mathisson, M.J.: 53-26

Matinez, Ricardo: 63-24

Matisse, Henri: 57-18, 57-30, 59-5, 60-14, 60-24, 61-9, 63-14, 63-17, ME-40

Matranga, Frank: 62-10

Matsui: 63-21

Matsumoto, Hozan: 63-21, NY-21

Matta, Echaurren Roberto Sebastián: 51-4, 55-13, 57-9, 59-31, 60-4, 60-14, 61-4, 62-8, 62-29

Matte, Jean Rene: 53-17

Matter, Herbert: VA-54-1

Mattern, Karl: 53-1

Matteson, Tompkins Harrison: 58-27

Matthew, B. Brady Studio: 64-28

Matthews, John: 58-32

Matthews, Wanda: 58-3

Matthiasdottir Louisa: NY-18

Mattioli, Lodovico: 64-6

Mattson, Henry: 53-12, 57-11

Matzdorf, Kurt J.: 61-17, ME-75

Mauldin, Bill: 57-3

Maurand, C.: 54-12

Maurer, Alfred Henry: 54-10, 54-25, 55-15, 60-13, 60-27, 61-25, ME-31

Maurer, Leonard: 55-2, 55-8, 61-7

Maurer, Louis: 59-6

Maute, Paul: 62-15

Mauve, Anton: MMA-54-4

Mawzey, Merrit: ME-7

Maximowna, Ita: 53-15

Maxwell, Paul: 54-27

Maxwell, Robert: 65-6

May, Dave: 62-31

May, John: 57-6

May, John & Susan: 64-23

May, Ruth: 62-33

Mayer, Deanna: 62-10

Mayhew, Nathaniel: 62-2

Mayhew, Richard: NY-10

Maynard, Florence & Karl: 64-28

Mayr: 63-19

Maziarz, John: 56-27

Mazur, Michael: 60-3, 64-7, 65-11

Mazur, Richard Andrew: 57-14, 58-32

Mazzone, Michael: 56-27

Mazzuola, Francesco: 64-6

McAdams, Alfred H.: 55-2

McAvoy, Thomas D.: 58-A&B

McBey, James: 62-12, 64-3

McCarroll, William J.: 62-10

McCarter, Henry: 63-3

McCarthy, Francis Joseph: SD-8

McCary, Winsor: 57-3

McClellan, Douglas: 55-6

McClellan, John: 54-18

McClintock, Byron: 54-18

McCombe, Leonard: 58-A&B, 59-56, L-7

McConnell, James: 60-3

McCoy, John W.: 53-1, 53-8, 63-3

McCray, Dorothy: 60-3

McCray, James: 58-7

McCullough, Joseph: 55-2, 58-39

McCutcheon, John T.: 57-3

McDade, Gwen D.: 59-27

McDermott, Mary Ellen: 58-16, 58-35

McDonald, Gene: 64-23

McFadden, Elizabeth: 58-26, 59-1

McGarrell, James: 55-20, 56-26, 60-12, 63-12, 64-20, ME-73, NY-3, NY-18

McGary, Donna: 60-5

McGee, Eldon F.: 53-17

McGee, Joyce Barnett: 60-5

McGee, William: 62-41

McGinnis, Christine: 64-7

McGlauchlin, Patricia: 62-10

McIlvaine, William: 64-1

McIntosh, Harrison: 57-6

McIntyre, Jeanne: 62-15

McIntyre, Keith: 57-23

McIntyre, William R.: 58-7

McKain, Bruce: 62-38, 64-29, 64-30

McKay, Arthur F.: 58-6, 59-3

McKeeby, Byron: 64-7

McKibben, Teal: 59-12

McKie, Roy: 55-13

McKim, William W.: 65-7

McKinley, Donald L.: 60-5

McKinley, Ruth Gowdy: 57-6, 57-14, 58-32

McKinnell, Nan: 60-5

McKinnell, Jr., James F.: 60-5

McKnee, John: 56-2

McKnight, Elaine: 60-3

McLaughlin, Coille: 62-10

McLaughlin, Gerald W.: 56-12, 58-5, 62-1

McLaughlin, John: 58-7, 60-41, 63-12

McLean, William: 58-7

McManus, George: 57-3

McMath, George A.: 64-21

McMillan, Constance: 57-31

McMillin, Tom: 64-23

McMurtrie, William Birch: 64-1

McNeil, George: 55-2, 58-5, 62-38, ME-55, ME-73

McRae, John: ME-29

McSherry, Naida: 62-10

McVey, William: 59-25

McVicker, J. Jay: 58-3

McViker, Julia: 52-7

Mead, Roderick: 58-3, 62-8

Meadows, Bernard: 61-4, 63-31

Meany, Philip: 56-25

Mecikalski, Eugene: 53-16, 56-25

Medellin, Jesse: 57-23

Meehan, Thomas: 55-19

Meeker, Dean: 53-16, 55-20, 56-25, 57-12, 58-3, 58-6, 59-10, 62-3, 64-7

Meeker, J.R.: ME-11

Meeks, Martha F.: 62-10

Meert, Joseph: 56-2, 56-13, 58-16

Meguro, Junzaburo: 65-12

Meierhans, Joe: 56-2

Meigs, Mary: 64-30

Meigs, Walter: 53-14, 59-1, ME-73

Meijer, Mans: 61-20

Meirowsky, Katja: NE-48

Meistermann, Georg: 54-18, 56-7, 59-36

Meistermann, Greg: 53-11

Melcarth, Edward: 57-2, 58-40

Melchers, Gari: 63-1

Meli, Salvatore: 61-1

Melli, Robert: 58-23

Mellon, James: ME-75

Meltzoff, Stanley: 56-24

Memling, Hans: 56-16

Memoun, S.: 58-36

Mendez, Louis: 57-14

Menkes, Sigmund: 53-5, 59-31, ME-73

Menkes, Zygmunt: 55-3, 57-11

Menzel, Adolph Friedrich: 62-20

Menzio, Francesco: 58-23

Mercati, Giovanni Battista: 64-6

Mercher, Henri: 61-1

Merian, Matthieu: 64-19, ME-65

Merida, Carlos: 62-6

Merrill, Claude M.: 62-10

Mertz, Franz: 53-15

Meryon, Charles: 62-18

Mesibov, Hugh: 56-2

Messersmith, Fred: 65-11

Messina, Joseph: 58-16

Metal, Martin: 51-9, 51-15

Metcalf, James: 65-1

Metcalf, Willard Leroy: 57-11, 63-1, NY-16

Metsovaara-Nystrom, Marjatta: 62-15

Metzinger, Jean: 57-9, 57-30, 62-29, ME-32

Meunier, Constantin: 62-45

Meydum, Floris: 61-1

Meyer, Bob: 62-15

Meyer, Charles E.: 57-14

Meyer, Howard: ME-19

Meyer, J.: 58-36

Meyerowitz, William: ME-7

Meyers, Ben: 56-2

Michael, Saphier Associates, Inc.: 61-30

Michaux, Henri: 61-4, 61-11

Michel, Geoges: 55-24, 63-20

Michelangelo: 57-18

Michelsson, Brigit: 57-14

Michnick, Davis: 52-4

Middelboe, Rolf: 62-15

Middeleer, Charles: 62-33

Middleman, Raoul: ME-75

Middleton, Sam: NY-10

Midener, Peggy: 53-24, ME-75

Mielatz, Charles F. W.: 64-3

Mielziner, Jo: 63-19, 4-35, 62-14

Mihelic, France: 54-18, 56-21

Miki, Jun: 58-A&B

Milan, Raul: 56-28

Milbrath, Harold A.: 57-6

Mildwoff, Steven: 64-23

Miles, Jeanne: 60-41

Mili, Gjon: 59-56

Millan, Edward: 53-12

Millares, Manolo: 61-4, 61-29

Miller, Alfred Jacob: 59-34, 61-3, 64-1, ME-11

Miller, Alice: 58-39

Miller, Barse: 53-8

Miller, Francis: 58-A&B

Miller, Frederick A.: 57-6

Miller, Herald G.: 52-11

Miller, Herman: ME-4

Miller, John B.: 54-8, 63-5

Miller, John Paul: 54-43

Miller, Kenneth Hayes: 55-16, 62-30

Miller, Lea Van P.: 57-6, 62-15

Miller, Martha: 60-5, 61-17, ME-75

Miller, Richard E.: 64-30, NY-16

Miller, William Rickarby: 56-18, 59-34, 64-3

Miller, Jr., Daniel: 58-39

Millet, Jean F.: 63-20

Millet, Jean Francois: MMA-54-2

Millet, Kate: 65-6

Milliken, Gibbs: NY-17

Millman, Edward: 55-13, 58-44

Mills, Joan Studley: 53-17

Mills, Jody: 53-24

Milono, Germano: 64-11

Milton, Peter W.: 64-7

Minagawa, Taizo: 65-12

Minaux, André: 54-18, 58-15

Minewski, Alex: 55-5

Minguzzi, Luciano: 55-7, 60-15, 62-40, 63-31, ME-56

Minoru Yamasaki & Assoc: 62-24, 65-3

Mirko: 59-35

Mirko (Basaldella): 54-27

Miró, Joan: 56-15, 60-4, 60-14, 60-15, 61-9, 62-8, 62-18, 62-41, ME-55, NE-96

Mishilani, James: 56-29

Mistein, Emanuel: 61-17

Mitcham, Fred: 57-23, 57-ee

Mitchell, Bruce: 53-5

Mitchell, Dow P.: 55-20

Mitchell, Fred: 58-39

Mitchell, James A.: 61-31

Mitchell, Jill: 53-24

Mitchell, Joan: 60-9, 60-22, ME-55, NY-10

Mitchell, Mary: 53-24

Mitchell & Giurgola Associates: 62-24

Mitchell & Ritchey: 65-3

Mitsui, Asoo: 65-12

Mitsuoki, Tosa: 63-14

Mitzman, Barney: 55-20

Miura, Kageo: 65-12

Miyamoto: 63-21

Miyasaki, George: 58-3, 58-7, 60-24, ME-73, NY-3

Mizuno, Sokaku: 65-12

Mock, Rudolf: 53-21

Model, Hanns: 61-1

Model, Lisette: 56-5

Modersohn-Becker, Paula: 56-7

Modigliani, Amedo: 57-18, 57-34, 60-14, NY-7&7b

Moffett, George: 58-20

Moffett, Ross: 64-29, 64-30

Mogelof, Simon: 57-ee

Moholy-Nagy, László: 51-9, 58-43, 62-29, 64-10

Mola, Pier Francesco: 62-36

Moldovan, Kurt: 56-15

Mole, J.H.: 62-12

Moller, Hans: 53-5, 53-25, 55-3, 55-8, 55-9, 56-2, 57-1, 57-10, 58-16, 58-26, 59-1, 61-7, 62-6, 64-31, ME-26, ME-73

Molly, Coman Wallpapers: NY-14

Mommer, Paul: 55-3

Mondo, Domenico: 59-40

Mondrian, Piet: 57-18, 58-43, 64-19, ME-65

Monet, Claude: 57-18, 60-14, 61-10, MMA-54-4, NY-7&7b

Monner, Al: 57-16

Monogrammist, H.W.G.: 55-10

Monroe, Keith: 58-16

Montagna, Benedetto: 57-37

Montalon, Mademoiselle: 59-40

Montenegro, Enrique: 55-6

Monticelli, A.: 63-20

Monticelli, Marco Tullio: 61-1

Monza, Louis: 56-2

Moody, John Robert: 53-17

Moore, Charles H.: NY-4

Moore, Charles W.: 64-11, 64-21

Moore, David: 56-2

Moore, Fay Mowery: 64-30

Moore, Henry: 53-1, 54-27, 58-15, 60-14, 60-42, 61-4, 62-40, 63-31, ME-55, ME-56, NE-96

Moore, Jack D.: 56-26

Moore, Werton Dee: 57-ee

Moore, Winchell M.: 58-32

Morales, Amaral y: 59-27

Moran, Edward: 63-15

Moran, Thomas: 59-34, 59-40, 61-3, 64-1, 65-10, ME-11, ME-32

Morandi, Giorgio: 57-34, 58-23, 61-4

Moras, Ferdinand: 64-1

Morath, Inge: 60-25

Morato: 61-1

Moreau, Louis Gabriel: 63-17

Moreau (the Younger), Marcantonio: NY-9

Morehouse, William: 54-27, 60-1

Moreland, William L.: 54-8, 61-35

Morelli, Enzo: 51-18

Moreni, Mattia: 58-23, 61-11, 61-16

Moreno, Servando Cabrera: 56-28

Moretti, Alberto: 56-15

Morgan, Alan E.: 64-11

Morgan, Andrew W.: 65-7

Morgan, Frances Mallory: 52-4

Morgan, Matt: 57-17

Morgan, Maud: 59-24

Morgan, Norma: 56-21, 59-12, 62-3, 64-7, 66-9

Morgan, Randall: 55-8, 55-9

Morgan, William: 58-27

Morino, Kako: 65-12

Morisot, Berthe: 62-45

Morita: 63-21

Morland, George: 65-10

Morlotti, Ennio: 58-23

Mormanno: 62-20

Morozewski, Stefan: 56-25

Morris, Carl: 53-5, 56-1, 58-7, 58-42, 59-45, 64-7, 65-11, ME-73

Morris George L.K.: 53-5, 53-9, 55-3, 55-9, 55-11, 56-2, 57-28, 58-26, 58-44, 59-10, 59-23

Morris, Hilda: 57-12, 58-7, 60-4, 63-12, 64-7

Morris, Kyle: 57-10, 59-10, 61-29, 63-7, ME-33, ME-42

Morris, William: 63-5

Morris, Ostego Company: NY-15

Morrison, Fritzi: 53-1

Morrison, George: 53-12, 56-1, 64-29, 64-30

Morrison, Mark: 52-4, 53-20

Morrow, S.J.: 54-12

Morse: 54-25, 57-17

Morse, Ralph: 58-A&B

Morse, Samuel F.B.: 60-13, 62-17, ME-11, ME-31

Mortenson, Richard: 61-4

Mortimer, J.: 62-12

Mosca, August: 64-3

Mose, Eric: 56-24

Moseid, Torvald: 57-40

Moser, Karl: 53-21

Moses, Anna M. Robertson: 55-19

Moses, Edward: 62-41

Moskowitz, Robert: 62-41

Motherwell, Robert: 54-10, 58-26, 59-6, 59-23, 64-30, ME-7, ME-33, ME-42, ME-73

Moti, Kaiko: 56-21

Motyka, Edmund: 61-30

Moukheibir, Aida: 56-29

Moule, Marian: 55-22

Moulthrop, Reuban: 62-2

Mount, William Sidney: 54-25, 58-27, 59-6, 59-24, 59-34, 60-13, 60-28, 62-17, 64-1, 65-2, ME-11, ME-31, ME-41

Mount Wilson & Polomar Observatories: 59-56

Mourlot: 59-5

Moy, Seong: 53-2, 53-16, 55-3, 55-20, 56-2, 56-15, 56-25, 56-26, 57-32, 58-42, 59-1, 60-22, 60-24, 62-3, 62-8, 64-7, 64-29, 64-30, ME-73, NY-3

Moyer, Frances: 65-6

Moyer, Roy: 61-15

Mruch, Walter: 58-5

Muccini, Marcello: 58-40

Mueller, George: 55-6, 56-2, ME-33, ME-42, ME-73

Mueller, Otto: 56-7, 59-36

Mueller, Riette: 53-16

Mueller, Robert Emmett: 56-25

Muench, John: 54-18, 60-3

Muir, William H.: 64-31

Mulier, Pieter (the Younger): 62-36

Muller, Jan: 58-12, 60-43

Muller, Jean: NY-18

Muller, Robert: 60-14, 60-42

Muller-Hermann, Irma: 61-1

Mullican, Lee: 60-4, 60-22

Munakata, Shiko: 60-15, 61-4

Munch, Edvard: 62-5, 62-28, ME-55

Mundal, Maria: ME-75

Mundy, Henry: 61-4, 64-2

Munkedal, Grethe: 57-14

Munn, Paul Sanby: 62-12

Munnings, Alfred (Sir): 55-19

Munoz, Hilario: 64-25

Munzner, Aribert: 65-7

Murakami: 63-21

Murch, Walter: 53-25, 55-13, 56-24, 58-5, 60-1, 60-4, 61-7, 62-1, 62-16, 64-4, 64-19, 65-11, ME-59, ME-65, ME-73

Muro, J. Antono Fernandez: 60-17

Murphy, Frank: 58-20

Murpy, John Francis: 57-16, 63-15, 64-3, 65-10

Murray, Judith A.: 62-3

Murray-Jones-Murray: 64-11

Murtic, Edo: 59-16

Music, Antonio: 53-2, 55-7, 56-15, 57-34, 58-23, 60-14, 61-11

Mussett, Charles: 56-9

Muybridge, Eadweard

Mydans, Carl: 58-A&B

Myers, Jerome: 57-2, 62-30, 64-3

Myers Joel: 62-10, 64-23

Myers, Malcolm H.: 58-6, 60-3, 62-3

Myers, Virginia A.: 55-20

Myrer, Angele: 58-3

Nadar, Paul: 56-5

Nadelman, Elie: 61-25, 63-31, ME-55

Nae-hyon, Pak: 58-33

Naef, Hannibal: 53-21

Nagare, Masayuki: 63-23

Nagel: ME-29

Nagle, Ron A.: 62-10

Nagler, Fred: 58-16, 63-33

Nahl, Charles: ME-29

Nahl, Johann August (the Elder): 59-40

Nail, Reilly: 53-1

Naiveu, Matthys: MMA-54-3

Najarian, Hovak: 60-5

Naka, Seitaro: 65-12

Nakajima, Michiko: 65-12

Nakamura, Kazuo: 59-3

Nakamura, Koya: 65-12

Nakano: 63-21

Nakashima, George: 64-23

Nakazato, Shigetoshi: 65-12

Nakazato, Tadao: 65-12

Nakian, Reuben: 63-31

Naldini, Giovanni Battista: 62-20

Nama, George A.: 64-7

Namuth, Hans: 58-20, 62-45

Nancy McClelland, Inc: NY-14

Nanteuil, Robert: NY-9

Napoli, Giuseppe: 56-2

Naramore, Bain, Brady & Johanson: 65-3

Narducci, Pietro: 58-9

Nash, Paul: 62-12

Nashimit, S.: 58-36

Nason, Thomas Willoughby: ME-7

Nast, Thomas: 57-3, 59-6

Natali, Giuseppe: 61-22

Natinguerra, A. Bartoli: 51-18

Natkin, Robert: 62-37, 64-2, ME-60

Natoire, Charles-Joseph: 55-24

Nattier, Jean Marc: 62-36

Natzler, Gertrude & Otto: 51-15, 55-22, 57-6

Naum, Gheorghe: 56-21

Nay, Ernst Wilhelm: 54-18, 56-7, 59-36

Nay, Mary Spencer: 56-25

Neagle, John: 58-14, 63-3, ME-11, ME-32

Neal, Quintin: 57-6

Neal, Reginald H.: 53-5, 58-15, 60-3, 60-22

Nebbia, Thomas: 63-2

Neel, Alice: 64-26

Neer, Eglon Hendrik van der: 54-11, MMA-54-3

Neeterby, Elena: 51-15

Negoro, Minnie: 57-6

Negret, Edgar: 63-29

Neili, Armin (Dr.): 53-21

Nelson, Carl: 64-31

Nelson, George: 53-17, 64-21

Nelson, Helen: 58-16

Nelson, Robert: 54-8

Nemeny, George: 64-21

Nepote, Alexander: 53-5, 58-7

Neroni: 63-19

Nervi, Pier Luigi: 59-29

Nesch, Rolf: 56-7

Neter-Kahler, Greten: 61-1

Netscher, Casper: MMA-54-3

Neuhart, Marilyn: 65-6

Neuhaus, & Taylor: 65-3

Neustadt, Barbara: 58-3, 58-35, 60-24

Neutra, Richard J.: 59-15

Nevelson, Louise: 53-20, 56-2, 59-14, 60-22, 60-24, 62-8, 62-40, 63-29, 64-19, 65-1, ME-56, ME-65

Newal, Reginald H.: 56-25

Newkirk, Paul J.: 56-27

Newman, Arnold: 58-20, 63-8

Newman, Barnett: ME-59

Newman, Robert Loftin: 59-6, 59-34, ME-11

Newswanger, Christian: 53-12

Newton, Algernon: 62-12

Newton, William: 61-22

Ng Win: 62-31

Nichols, Perry: 57-23

Nichols, Jack: 56-21, 59-3

Nichols, Marie: 62-15

Nicholson, Ben: 56-21, 57-9, 59-31, 60-14, 61-4, 61-9, ME-32, ME-40

Nicholson, Francis: 62-12

Nickford, Juan: 56-12, 58-16

Nicoidski, Robert: 61-23

Nicolas, Joep: 53-25

Niederer, Roberto: 61-1

Nielssen, Finn: 57-40

Niemeyer, Oscar: 64-11

Niepoort, Paul: 53-24

Niese, Henry: 55-2, 57-12, NY-10

Niewald, Wilbur: 58-39, 65-7

Nigro, Joanne: 53-26

Nilson, Johann Esias: 59-40

Nilson, Marianne: 57-14

Nims, Rufus: 64-21

Nims & Browne: 58-1

Nisbel, Nils: 57-14

Nisbet, Robert H.: 64-3

Nishikawa: 63-21

Nison, Jean: 58-16

Nivola, Constantino: 55-6, 55-13, 64-20, 56-2, 59-28, 62-16, 65-3

No-su, Pak: 58-33

Noack, A.: 64-28

Noble, John A.: 56-25, 64-30

Noble, Joseph V.: 62-45

Noel, Georges: 64-2

Noel, Leon: ME-29

Noguchi, Isamu: 59-6, 62-40, ME-56

Noland, Kenneth: ME-73

Nolde, Emil: 56-7, 59-36, 60-14, 62-27

Noma, Yoshiko: 62-8

Nome, Sigured: 57-40

Nooms, Reinier (Zeeman): 60-40

Noordhoek, Wim: 51-3, 53-2

Nordfeldt, B.J.O.: 53-12, 57-30, 61-25, 64-29, 64-30

Nordgreeu, Erik: 52-5

Norman, Dorothy: 56-5

Norris: 64-5

Norwood, Richard: 54-42

Nosaka, Koki: 65-12

Noteriani, Philip: 58-16

Novelli, Gastone: 60-20, 62-41

November, David: 62-10

Novick, Jennie: ME-75

Noyes, Eliot: 62-34

Nunes, Gordon: 53-5

Nurkse, Harriet Berger: 56-25

Nydal, Gabriella: 57-14

Nygaard, Axel: 52-5

Nyman, Olle: 62-44

Nzgaard, Lisbeth A.: 53-24

O'Connell, George: 64-7

O'Connell, Michael: 62-15

O'Connor, Thom: 64-7

O'Hara, Bernhard: 56-2

O'Hara, Eliot: 53-1, 53-8

O'Hara, Frederick: 60-15

O'Keeffe, Georgia: 54-25, 55-11, 55-15, 59-6, 59-31, 60-13, 60-27, 63-14, ME-7, ME-23, ME-31, ME-41

O'Neil, John: 55-6

O'Neill, Desmond: 55-2

O'Neill, Michael T.: 65-11

O'Neill, Rose: 57-3

O'Sullivan, Timothy H.: 54-12, 62-25, NY-1

O'Stock: 53-21

Ober, Hermann: 53-11, 60-15

Oberg, Eje: 57-14

Oberholtzer, Beth Ann: 57-14

Obregon, Alejandro: 60-17

Ocampo, Miguel: 56-15

Ochikubo, Tetsuo: 58-15, 60-15

Ochterverld: 54-11

Odate, Toshio: 62-40, ME-56

Oe, Sachihiko: 65-12

Oehrstroem, Edvin: 56-3

Oelow, Per: 57-16

Oenslager: 63-19

Oenslager, David: 64-35

Oenslager, Donald: 57-5, 62-14

Oertel, Johannes Adam Simon: 55-19, 58-28

Oeschger, Ramon E.: 60-3, 64-7

Office of Carleton Granberry: 62-24

Ogawa, Kinji: 65-12

Oglesby, Jr., E.O.: ME-19

Ohashi, Yutaka: 56-27, 58-42

Ohi, Toshior: 65-12

Ohmann, Harold: ME-75

Ohno, Hidetaka: 63-23

Ohnsorg, Kukrt: 61-1

Oishi: 63-21

Okada, Kenzo: 55-6, 58-42, 60-1, 61-7, 63-23, 64-2, 64-20, ME-59, ME-73

Okada, Shojin: 65-12

Okamura, Arthur: 55-5, 58-7, 59-12, NY-10

Okubo, Mine: 58-42

Okura-Kyo: 63-19

Oldenburg, Acke: NE-96

Oldenburg, Claes: 62-41, 64-20, 65-11

Olds, Elizabeth: 56-1

Oliveira, Nathan: 54-18, 56-25, 59-12, 60-14, 60-43, 65-11, ME-73, NE-96

Oliver, Harriette Forbes: 56-2

Oliver, Loren: 65-11

Olivier, Ferdinand Johann Heinrich von: 63-17

Olofsson, Pierre: 54-18

Olsen, Donald: 59-12

Olsen, Earle: 59-1

Olsen, Herb: 53-1, 53-8

Olsen, Paul: 62-31, 65-7

Onishi, Tadao: 65-12

Ono, Hidetaka: 61-4

Onslow-Ford, Gordon: 58-42, 61-15

Onus, Titiana: 58-40

Opazo, Rodolfo: 60-17

Oppenheim, S. Edmund: 64-30

Opper, Frederick Burr: 57-3, 59-6

Opper, Jerry D.: 53-16, NE-96

Orlandi: 63-19

Orlando, Felipe: 60-4, 60-15

Orley, Bernard van: 62-20

Orpen, William (Sir): 62-12

Orr, Elliot: 64-30

Ortkens, Aerdt: 55-24

Ortman, George: 60-22, 62-41, 63-29, 63-30, 64-20, 64-26

Ortner, Alfons: 56-15

Osborn, Mary Louise: 62-10

Osborn, Robert: 53-19, 55-13, 59-6, 60-22

Oscar, Charles: 57-12

Osgood, Jere: 58-32, 64-23

Osgood, Ruth: 54-42

Ossorio, Alfonso: 53-25, 58-5, 59-23

Ostade, Adriaen van: 54-11, 62-20, 63-17

Ostrower, Fayga: 55-20

Ostuni, Peter: 53-25, 60-5

Ostwald, J.H.: 64-21

Osver, Arthur: 54-10, 56-2, ME-73

Otero, Alejandro: 60-17, 62-6

Otter, Thomas: 58-27

Ottiano, John W.: 56-27

Ottinger, Ray: 53-24

Otto, Henrich (Johann): 64-1

Otto, Teo: 53-15

Oudry, Jean Baptiste: 62-36, 67-19, ME-32

Overhoff, Jacques: 65-3

Oviette, Vevean: 55-20, 56-26, 58-3

Owen, A.Y.: 58-A&B

Owen, Frank: 53-3

Owings, Jennifer & Laval, Louise: 65-6

Oxley, Richard E.: 61-35

Oxtoby, David Jowett Greaves: 65-7

Pace, Stephen: 56-1, 56-2, 57-1, 61-29

Pach Walter: 55-15

Pacheco, Maria Luisa: 62-6

Pachner, William: 57-35, 59-46, 61-7, 61-35, ME-73

Packard, Emmy Lou: 55-5

Packer, Fred: 57-3

Padamsee: 59-13

Paez-Vilaro, Carlso: 60-17

Paganini: 58-35

Page, John: 56-25

Page, W.: ME-11

Pager, Southerland & Page: ME-19

Paggi, Justine C.: 53-17

Pahlmann, William: 53-17

Painter, Hal: 58-25

Pajou, Augustin: 62-20

Palagi: 63-19

Palazuelo, Pablo: 61-4

Palazzo, Tony: VA-53-1

Palazzola, Guy: 57-12, 62-31

Palladio, André: 56-10, 61-22

Palma, Jacopo: 64-6

Palma, Jacopo (the Younger): 64-9

Palmer, Fanny: 64-1

Palmer, Frank: 59-3

Palmer, Samuel: 62-12, 63-17, 67-19

Palmer, William: 55-19, ME-73

Palmer, Yvonne: 58-32

Palmqvist, Sven: 56-3

Palovich, George: 62-10

Panfili, Pio: 58-9, 63-19

Pankok, Otto: 56-21

Pannini, Giovanni Paolo: 55-24, 61-22

Paolozzi, Eduardo: 60-14, 61-4, 62-40, 62-41, 64-19, ME-56, ME-65

Papaeleopoulou, Doza: 56-29

Papenbrock, Patricia: 53-24

Papillon, Jean: NY-14

Pappas, George: 56-27, 62-31

Pappas, John Nick: ME-75

Pappas, Marilyn R.: 62-10

Paralis, Nickos G.: 56-29

Pardo, Mercedes: 60-17

Pardon, Earl B.: 57-6

Pareja, Miguel Angel: 60-17

Parigi, Giulio: 59-40

Parin, d'Aulaire Ingri & Edgar: VA-53-1

Paris, Harold: 53-16, 56-12

Park, David: 58-7, 60-43, ME-55, NY-18

Park, Linton: 62-2

Parker, James A.: 57-6

Parker, Keith: 62-10

Parker, Raymond: 60-9

Parker, Robert Andrew: 56-12, 61-15, 64-3, ME-75, NY-10

Parks, Gordon: 58-A&B, 59-56, 63-8, 64-28

Parks, Jarvin L.: 61-35

Parmeggiani: 51-18

Parmenter, S.: 64-5

Parmigianino, Francesco Mazzola: 62-20, 67-19, NY-9

Parreda, Ernesto: 60-17

Parrish, Maxfield: 59-6

Parrott, Alice: 57-14, 58-32, 60-5, 62-15

Parshall & Chasek, Jane & Denis: 57-6

Parsons, Betty: 56-2, 58-5, ME-59

Parsons, David G.: 58-16

Partch, Virgil: 57-3

Pascin, Jules: 54-10, 58-34, 60-14, 62-30

Pasilis, Fleix: 57-9

Pasmore, Victor: 61-4, 61-21

Passel, Howard: 56-2

Passignano, Domenico: 59-40

Passorotti, Bartolomeo: 67-19

Pasternacki, Vetold H.: 57-ee

Pataky, Tibor: 64-30

Patania, Jr., Frank J.: 62-10

Paterson, Anthony R.: 64-25

Pato, Barbara: 58-39

Patocchi, Aldo: 56-21

Patterson, Charles: NY-17

Patterson, Thomas W.: 51-15

Pattinson, Irene: 53-26

Paul, William D.: 56-13, 61-35, 65-7

Paul Rudolph, Anderson, Beckwith & Haible: 63-16

Pauli, Fritz: 56-21

Paullin, Ethel: 53-5

Paulucci, Enrico: 58-23

Pausette-Dart, Richard: 58-16

Pavel, Philip: 58-16

Pavia, Lorenzo: 58-9

Paxton, Elizabeth: 64-30

Paxton, William M.: 64-29, 64-30

Payne, David: 53-22

Paz, C.: 58-36

Peabody, Lawrence: 61-30, 64-23

Peake, Channing: 55-19

Peale, Charles Willson: 63-3, ME-11, ME-41

Peale, James: 63-3

Peale, Margretta Angelica: 63-3

Peale, Raphaelle: 59-24, 59-34, 63-3, ME-11, ME-32, ME-41

Peale, Rembrandt: 63-3, 64-1

Peale, Jr., James: 64-1

Pearl, Julia: 53-24

Pearlstein, Philip: NY-18

Pearson, Henry: 60-41, 61-15, 62-41, 65-4, 65-11

Pearson, Joan: 51-15

Pearson, John: 64-25

Pearson, Ronald: 57-6, 64-23

Pease, David: 65-11

Pecham, Georg: 64-9

Pechstein, Max Hermann: 56-7, 59-36, NE-48, 61-25

Pedersen, Carl-Henning: 61-4, 64-2

Peel, Donald William: 56-13

Peele, John Thomas: 58-14

Peers, Gordon: 56-27

Peeters: 54-11

Peeters, Eugene: 56-18

Peeters, Henk: 61-20

Pehrson, Karl Axel: 58-15, 62-44

Pei I.M.: 61-31, 62-24

Peiffer-Wattenphul, Max: 56-5

Peirce, Waldo: 64-31

Peircey, Don: 53-17

Peitila, Reima: 64-11

Pelaez, Amelia: 56-28, 62-6

Pellan, Alfred: 59-3

Pelletreau, Elias: NY-13

Pellew, John C.: 53-8

Penalba, Alicia: 62-40, ME-56

Pencz, Georg: 57-37

Penn, Irving: 59-56

Pennell, Joseph: 57-17, ME-7

Penney, James: 53-1, 64-31

Penny, Aubrey J.: 57-10

Penraat, Jettie: 58-25

Pepper, Eleanor: 61-30

Percel, E.: 62-2

Percier: 63-19

Perego: 63-19

Pereira, I. Rice (Irene Rice): 53-1, 53-5, 53-25, 55-8, 55-9, 59-1, 59-10, 60-27, 62-28, 62-29, ME-7, ME-73

Perez Augusto: 60-20

Perez & Chanis: 59-27

Peri, Eve: 52-7, 58-25

Peric, Sime: 59-16

Perilli, Achille: 58-23, 60-20

Perkins, Nancy: 53-17

Perlin, Bernard: 52-11, 55-13, 59-6, 61-15, 62-1, 64-4, ME-33, ME-42, ME-73

Perlmutter, Jack: 54-18, 56-25, 58-3, 58-15, 63-7, 65-4, NE-96

Perot, R.: 61-1

Perugino, Piertro: 62-20

Peruzzi: 63-19

Pessirilo, Harold: ME-75

Pessirilo, Kristina Freberg: ME-75

Peterdi, Gabor: 53-2, 53-5, 53-16, 55-20, 56-25, 56-26, 56-27, 57-9, 57-32, 57-36, 58-3, 60-3, 60-15, 60-22, 61-15, 62-3, 62-8, 62-16, 64-7, 65-11, NY-3

Petersen, G. Biilmann: 52-5

Petersen, Ursula Munch: 57-14

Petersen, Will: 56-25

Petersham, Maud & Miska: VA-53-1

Peterson, Kim: 58-6

Peterson, Mary Louise: 53-26

Peterson, Will: 53-26, 57-31

Peto, John Frederick: 59-24, 59-34, 63-3, 62-7, 63-15, ME-40

Petrov, Ilia: 56-21

Petrovic, Zoran: 59-16

Pettit, Florence Harvey: 57-6

Petty, M.: ME-28

Peverilli, Cesare: 60-20

Pevsner, Antoine: 64-10

Pfeiffer, Fritz: 64-30

Pfeiffer, Heinrich: 64-30

Pfeiffer, Hope Voorhees: 64-30

Philbrick, Otis: 60-3

Philip Johnson Associates: 62-24, 64-11

Phillipp, Walter: 56-2

Phillips, Helen: 56-21, 62-8

Phillips, James: 57-12, 58-40, NY-10

Phillips, Marjorie: 57-10

Piazzetta, Giovanni Battista: 67-19

Picabia: 59-5

Picabia, Francis: 59-23

Picart, Bernard: 55-24

Picasso, Pablo: 54-16, 57-18, 58-15, 58-34, 59-5, 59-19, 59-23, 60-14, 61-6, 61-9, 61-24, 62-5, 63-5, 63-14, 63-33, ME-32, ME-40, ME-55, ME-72, NE-96, NY-7&7b

Picelj, Ivan: 59-16

Picken, George: 53-12

Pickens, Alton: ME-73

Pickett: 54-25

Pickett, Joseph: 60-13, ME-31

Pickhardt, Carl: 54-16

Pickin, George: ME-73

Pierce, Danny: 53-16, 56-13, 56-25, 56-26, 58-3, 58-35, NY-3

Pierce, Donald: 64-30

Pierce, Earl: 56-27

Pierce, John R.: 53-17

Pierce, Leona: 53-1, 56-21

Pierce, Waldo: 55-3, 63-33

Piercy, Frederick: 64-1

Pierre, Jean-Baptiste Marie: 62-20

Pignon, Edouard: 54-18, 60-14

Pillement, Jean-Baptiste: 59-40, 62-20

Pimentel Sonja: 65-6

Pinaker, Y.: 58-36

Pinart, Robert: 58-16

Pinchon, Robert: 61-1

Pine, Alvin A.: 60-12

Pine, Theodore: 58-14

Pineda, Marianna: 58-16, 59-6

Ping-Ming, Hsiung: 58-15

Pinkerson, Ian: 64-29, 64-30

Pinlon, Veno: 56-21

Pinney, Eunice: 59-18, 64-1

Pinski, J.: 58-36

Pinter, Margit: 62-15

Pinturicchio, Bernadino: 56-16

Piper, John: 54-18, 55-13, 62-12

Pirandello, Fausto: 51-18, 58-23

Piransesi, Giovanni Battista: 62-18, NY-21

Pirkko, Juti: 57-14

Pissarro, Camille: 60-24, 63-17, ME-40, NY-9

Pittman, Hobson: 53-12, 63-3

Pitz, Henry C.: 53-1

Planson, Andre: 53-2

Plaskett, Joseph: 59-3

Plate, Walter: 61-7, NY-10

Platschek, Hans: 64-2

Platt, Charles A.: 59-25

Platt G.W. & N.C.: NY-13

Platzer & Bittner: 63-19

Pleissner, Ogden Minton: 62-17, ME-73

Pletcher, Eldon: 57-3

Pleydenwurff, Wilhelm: 55-10

Pliakoff, Serge: 62-28

Plochman, Carolyn: 55-5

Plum, Nancy: 62-10

Pogacnik, Marjan: 56-21

Poliakoff, Serge: 58-15

Politi, Leo: VA-53-1

Pollack, Reginald: 59-1, 63-33, ME-55

Pollard, James: 55-19

Pollard, Robert: 64-5

Pollock, Jackson: 55-9, 57-30, 59-23, 59-24, 60-13, 62-8, 64-2, ME-7, ME-23, ME-41, ME-55, ME-59

Pollock, Martha: 57-6, 64-23

Polonsky, Arthur: 56-9, 56-13, 65-11

Pomodoro, Arnaldo: 60-20, 61-4, 62-40, ME-56

Pomodoro, Giorgio: 59-35, 60-20, 61-4

Ponce de Leon, Michael: 55-16, 55-20, 56-25, 58-3, 60-3, 60-24, 62-3, 64-7

Poncelet, M.: 59-5

Ponelle, Jean-Pierre: 53-15

Ponti, Carlo: NY-1

Poor, Anne: 55-13, 58-12, 65-2

Poor, Henry Varnum: 62-30, 62-31, 64-3, 64-31, ME-73

Pope, John: 63-15

Portanier, Gilbert: 61-1

Porter, Allan: 58-25

Porter, Almut G.: 62-10

Porter, Edward: 60-3

Porter, Eliot: 63-2

Porter, Fairfield: 60-43, 64-26, 64-31, 65-2, 65-11, ME-73, NY-18

Porter, Priscilla M.: ME-75

Porter, W. Lyman (Mrs): 57-14

Portocarrero, Rene: 56-28

Pot, Hendrick Gerritz: MMA-54-2

Poter, Mark: NY-17

Potter: 54-11

Potter, Irving: 60-5, 61-17

Potter, Paulus: 60-40

Pottery, Ossipee: 57-6

Potthast, Edward Henry: 63-1, NY-16

Potworowski, Peter: 61-11

Poulakidas, Angelos: 57-ee

Poulos, Dorothy: 57-23

Pousette-Dart, Nathanial: 55-3

Pousette-Dart, Richard: 64-19, 65-4, ME-59, ME-65, ME-73

Poussin, Gaspard: 62-20

Poussin, Nicholas: 57-18, 62-20

Powell, Eugene M.: 53-1

Powell, H.M.T.: 62-2

Powers, Gorman: 55-21

Pozzatti, Rudy: 54-42, 55-9, 55-20, 55-21, 56-1, 56-25, 58-3, 58-16, 60-22

Pozzo: 63-19

Procaccini, Camillo: 64-6

Praczukowski, Anne Malone: 62-10

Prampolini, Enrico: 58-23

Prang & Mayers: ME-29

Prange, J.M.: 51-3

Prasser, Richard C.: 58-35

Prassinos, Mario: 60-15

Pratt, Caroline: 65-6

Praun, Anna: 61-1

Pregelj, Marij: 56-21, 59-16

Prendergast: 54-25

Prendergast, Charles: 60-27

Prendergast, Maurice Brazil: 54-10, 54-25, 55-19, 57-2, 58-34, 60-13, 60-24, 62-17, 62-28, 63-1, 64-31, ME-27, ME-31, ME-32, ME-41, NY-5, NY-19

Prentice, L.W.: 56-18

Prentiss, Bard: 62-10

Prentiss, Thomas: 64-4

Prestopino, Gregorio: 54-10, 58-44, 61-15, ME-73

Preusser, Robert: 57-23

Preyer, Robert: 58-15

Pribble, Easton: 55-8, 56-12

Prica, Zlatko: 56-21

Price, George: 55-13, ME-28

Price, Robert: 55-8

Pride, Harold: 58-16

Priest, Hartwell: 58-3

Prieto, Antonio: 57-6

Primaticcio, Francesco: 63-9

Primavesi, Catejan: 58-35

Pringle, James: 58-27

Prinner: 62-8

Prior, William Matthew: 59-18, 62-2, 63-15, NY-21

Prip, John: 57-6, 59-12, 64-23

Pritchard, B. Pickard: 60-41

Probst, Joachim: 58-35, ME-75

Proom, Al: NY-17

Protic, Miodrag: 59-16

Prout, J.S.: 62-12

Provensen, Alice & Martin: VA-53-1

Provenzano, Samuel: 58-7

Pruden, Dunstan: 58-35

Pruna, Pedro: 59-19

Pryde, James: 62-12

Puccinelli, Antonio: 63-10

Puckett & French: ME-19

Pudlich, Robert: NE-96

Puget, Pierre: 59-40

Pugin, Augustus: 61-22, 62-12

Puig, Anotio Tapies: 60-14

Pulos, Arthur J.: 57-6

Purser, Stuart: 61-35

Putnam, Wallace: 55-3, 56-2

Puyo C.: 56-5

Py, Fernand: 58-35

Pyle, Howard: 59-6

Pynacker, Adam: 62-20

Pytlak, Leonard: ME-7

Qitman, Sidney L.: 58-16

Quackinbush: NY-15

Quademechels, Elizabeth: 58-35

Quaglio: 63-19

Quam, Barbara: 53-17

Quastler, Gertrude: 53-1, 53-16

Quesnel, Francois: 55-24

Quick, Birney: 62-31, 65-7

Quidor, J.: ME-11

Quinn, Bill: 53-26

Quirt, Walter: 56-2, 58-6, 59-1, 59-47

Quitman & Applebaum Bell & Evelyn: 61-17

Raaschou, Dorte: 57-14

Rabineau, Eli: 62-24

Rabinowditz, Harold: 62-10

Rabkin, Leo: 62-27, ME-74

Rabus, Carl: 56-2

Rackham, Arthur: 62-12

Racz, Andre: 53-25, 55-20, 58-16, 58-35, 60-22, 62-8

Radell, Renee: ME-75

Radkar, Attila Bay: 56-29

Radoczy, Albert: 59-12, 61-15, 62-3

Radulovich, Savo: 56-2, ME-41

Raeburn, Henry (Sir): 65-10

Rafaelli, Jean F.: MMA-54-4

Raffaele, Joseph: 53-26

Raffo, Steve: 57-2

Raimondi, Marcantonio: 62-18

Rain, Charles: 64-4

Raleigh, C.S.: 62-2

Rambusch, Robert: 58-16

Ramirez, Eduardo: 60-17, 62-6, 63-29

Ramirez, Rene O.: 59-27

Ramos, Mel: 58-3

Ramsey, Robert: 58-32

Rancillac, Bernard: 62-8

Rand, Lynn: 62-10

Rand, Paul: 60-37

Randall, Theodore: 57-6

Rann, Vollian Burr: 64-30

Ranney, William Tylee: 58-27, 61-3

Ransom, Katharine: 53-24, 56-13

Ranson, Pierre: 59-40

Rappoport, Jean: ME-75

Rasmussen, Aage: 52-5

Rasmussen, Inge-Lise: 57-14

Rasmusson, Daniel: 55-21

Raspi, Peiro: 60-20

Ratkai, George: 53-12, 55-2, 56-1, 58-16, 59-1, 64-29, 64-30

Ratliff, Donald: 58-39

Ratner, David: 58-6

Rattner, Abraham: 53-5, 53-25, 54-10, 55-9, 55-19, 55-21, 56-2, 57-1, 57-10, 58-16, 59-7, 59-48, 60-22, 60-27, 61-15, 62-16, 62-28, 62-31, ME-26, ME-73

Rauschenberg, Robert: 58-26, 59-10, 59-14, 60-9, 62-41, 64-19, 64-26, 65-11, ME-65, ME-73, NY-10

Rawda, Selwa: 56-29

Ray, Man: 55-15, 56-5, 59-14, 62-29

Ray, Patricia: 54-27

Ray, Robert D.: 56-12, 56-25, 56-26

Ray, Rudolf: 63-7

Ray, Ruth: 60-4

Raymond, Herman: 54-8, 55-6, 56-2

Raymond,Suzanne: 59-19

Raynor, Louis B.: 57-6

Rayo, Omar: 62-3, 64-7

Raza: 59-13

Razi, H.: 58-36

Re: 63-19

Read, Cecil: 57-6, 57-6

Ream, Morston Constantine: 56-18

Reckendorf, Angelika: 53-24

Reddy, Krishna: 56-21, 62-8

Reder, Bernard: 54-16, 62-21, 62-31, 63-31

Rederer, Franz: 56-2

Redfield, Edward Willis: 57-11

Redi, Tommaso: 55-24

Redon, Odilon: 59-5, 62-5, 62-27, 63-14

Reed, Doel B.: 53-5

Reed, Jules F.: 57-14

Reed, Reuben Low: 59-18

Reed, Veda: 57-14, 60-5, 61-35

Reed, Jr., Orrel P.: NE-96

Reed, Jr., Robert J.: 65-7

Reeder, Dickson: 62-8

Reese, Emmy: 64-7

Reeves, Joel: 57-31

Refn, Helge: 52-5

Refregier, Anton: 51-5, 55-2, 55-13, 56-2, 57-2, ME-73

Regensteiner, Elsa: 52-7

Regensteiner & McVicker: 57-6

Reggiani, Mauro: 58-23, 61-16

Reggio, M. Louise: 58-35

Regis, Henry: 64-25

Regnier: ME-29

Rehead, Louis J.: 57-17

Reichek, Jesse: ME-59

Reid, Barney M.: 57-6

Reid, Robert: 63-1, 66-9, NY-16

Reifenberg, A.: 58-36

Reily, Bill: 57-23

Reinblatt, Moe: 59-3

Reinhardt, Ad (Adolph Frederick): 56-2, 57-9, 57-10, 59-23, 60-41, ME-33, ME-42, ME-59, ME-73

Reinhardt, Siegfried: 53-25, 58-16, 63-33, 64-4

Reinheimer, Ollie: 62-15

Reinicke, Bruno C.: 62-45

Reinold, Nono: 62-8

Reis, Victor: 58-16, 58-35

Reisman, Philip: ME-73

Reiss, Roland: 55-20, 56-25, 57-12

Reiss, Wallace: 57-12

Reiter, Lawrence: 53-26

Rejlander, Oscar G.: 56-5, 62-25, NY-1

Rekem, M.: 58-36

Rembrandt, Harmenszoon van Rijn: 54-11, 55-24, 56-16, 57-18, 57-37, 58-19, 60-40, 61-14, 62-27, 63-15, 63-17, 64-19, ME-55, ME-65, NY-7&7b, NY-9, NY-21

Remington, Deborah: 65-11

Remington, Frederick: 61-3, ME-41

Remmey, Paul B.: 53-1

Rendon, Manuel: 60-17, 62-6

Reni, Guido: 59-40, 64-6

Renk, Merry: 57-6

Renninger, Katharine Steele: 65-11

Renoir, Pierre Auguste: 57-18, 59-5, 60-14, 61-2, 63-14, MMA-54-2, ME-40, NY-11

Reopel, Joyce: NY-17

Reshovsky, Ernest: 57-16

Resika, Paul: 55-5, 58-40

Resnick Milton: 60-1, 63-1

Restek, Josip: 56-21

Rettinger, Roy: 53-17

Reutersward, Carl Fredrik: 62-44

Reveillon: NY-14

Revere, Paul: ME-29

Reynolds, Alan: 57-27

Reynolds, Joshua: 56-16, MMA-54-2

Rezvani, Serge: 54-18

Rheindorf, Hans: 61-1

Rhen, Frank K.M.: 64-3

Rhodenbaugh, Harold W.: 57-16

Rhodes, Daniel: 57-6

Rhodes, Walter: 54-14, 60-5

Rhodes, Willis L.: 64-28

Ribera, Jose: 63-15

Ribera, Jusepe de: 64-6

Ribould, Marc: 60-25

Ricardo, Halsey Ralph: 61-22

Ricau, James Henri: 51-13

Ricci, Luigi: 58-9

Ricci, Marco: 67-19

Riccio, Andrea: 63-9

Rice, Ray: 65-3

Richard, Chava W.: 61-17

Richards, Cari: 54-18, 56-21, 60-15, 61-4, 62-12

Richards, Jeanne Herron: 55-20

Richards, William C.: NY-17

Richards, William T.: 59-6, 64-3

Richardson, Dean: NY-10

Richardson, Jerry P.: 62-10

Richardson, Kenneth E.: 64-21

Richenburg, Robert: 60-12, 63-7, 64-20

Richier, Germaine: 60-14, 60-42

Richmond, Colin B.: 60-5, 62-10, 64-23

Richter, M.: ME-28

Rickey, George: 58-43

Riedler, Ingeborg: 61-1

Rieger, Shay: ME-75

Ries, Victor: 51-15

Rigaud, Jean-Baptiste: 63-17

Rigg, Margaret: ME-75

Righini: 63-19

Riis, Jacob: 64-28

Riley, Bernhard: ME-75

Riley, H.W.E.: 53-17

Rilke, R.: 58-36

Rimmer, William: 59-6, 59-24

Rinaker, Clarissa: 57-6, 62-15

Rindisbacher, Peter: 61-3

Riopelle, Jean-Paul: 57-9, 59-3, 60-14, 61-4, 62-28

Ripley, A. Lassell: 53-5

Risley, Mary Kring: 57-6

Rissman, Arthur: 57-ee

Ritchie, A.H.: ME-29

Rivera, Diego: 65-2

Rivera, Manuel: 61-4, 62-29

Rivers: NY-20

Rivers, Larry: 55-2, 56-2, 56-12, 57-10, 60-9, 60-14, 60-22, 60-43, 61-2, 61-9, 65-11, NY-18

Ro, E.: 57-17

Roach Ruth S.: 57-6, 60-5

Roath, H.A.: 62-2

Robb, Eillen: 62-10

Roberds, Gene Allen: 65-7

Robert, Hubert: 59-40, 62-20, 67-19

Robert, Paul A.: 55-20

Roberts, David: 62-12, 67-19

Roberts, Donald: 60-3

Roberts, George: 57-14, 58-32

Roberts, Priscilla: 64-4

Roberts, Tom: 53-26

Robetta, Cristofano: 57-37

Robey, Dorothy: 53-24

Robins, Thomas the Younger: 67-19

Robinson, Boardman: 59-6

Robinson, Frances W.: 60-5

Robinson, H.R.: ME-29

Robinson, Robbie: 57-3

Robinson, Theodore: 61-10, 62-7, 62-17, 63-1, 64-3, NY-16

Robus, Hugo: 52-4, 56-2, 59-52, 63-31

Rocha, Lita: 58-35

Rock, John: 56-25

Rocklin, Raymond: 57-12, NY-10

Rockmore, Noel: 55-5, 56-13

Rodd, Joseph: 62-10, 64-23

Rodel, Karl: 54-18

Rodin, Auguste: 61-2, 63-31, ME-55

Roesch, Kurt: 54-10, 60-1

Roese, Shirley: 58-32

Roesen, Severin: 56-18

Roessler, Herman: 59-6

Rogalski, Walter: 53-2, 53-5, 56-25, 56-26, 58-3, NY-3

Rogers, E. George: 57-ee

Rogers, Robert S.: 56-13

Rohlfs, Christian: 56-7, 59-36

Rohn, Ronald (Dr.): 53-21

Roithner, Hans: 61-1

Rolfsen, Alfred: NE-96

Romano, Clare: 53-16, 56-25, 58-3, 60-3, 62-3

Romano, Giulio: ME-32

Romano, Umberto: 64-29, 64-30, ME-73, ME-75

Romeda, Bruno: 58-25

Romijn, G.A.M.: 53-2, 54-18, 56-21

Romiti, Sergio: 58-23, 59-35, 60-20

Romney, George: 55-24, 62-20, 62-36

Romoff, Ronald F.: 53-17

Ronald, William: 59-12, 60-4, 64-2, 64-20

Roncalli, Cristofano: 64-9

Ronendaal, W.J.: 51-3

Ronis, Willy: 60-25

Rooke-Ley, Peter: 53-17

Roozendaal, W.J.: 53-2

Ropes, J.: ME-29

Rosa, Salvator: 64-6

Rosati, James: 60-42, 61-29, 62-40, ME-56

Rose, Ben: 52-7, 53-17

Rose, Guy: 61-10

Rose, Herman: 56-13

Rose, Iver: 53-12

Rose, Naomi: ME-75

Rosen, James M.: 62-31

Rosen, Lee: 64-23

Rosenbaum, Robert L.: 62-10

Rosenberg, James N.: 56-2

Rosenblatt, Adolph: 55-20

Rosenborg, Ralph M.: 56-2, 61-25

Rosenfeld, Jerome E.: 52-7

Rosenfield, Isadore: 59-27

Rosenhouse, Irwin: 58-3

Rosenquist, James: 62-41, 65-11

Rosenquit, Bernard: 58-3

Rosenthal, Bernard: 52-4

Rosenthal, Stephen: 58-3

Rosenwald, Robert: 57-12

Ross, Alvin: NY-17

Ross, George Gates: 63-15

Ross, John T.: 56-25, 60-3, 60-15

Rossbach, Ed: 57-6, 60-5, 62-15, 64-23

Rosse, Dirk: 64-23

Rosse, I. Martin: 64-21

Rossenblatt, G.: 58-36

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel: 62-12, 62-20

Roszak, Theodore: 56-2, 57-56, 60-42, 62-1, 62-31, 63-31

Rotella, Mimmo: 60-15

Roth, Alfred & Emil: 53-21

Roth, Frank: 59-1, 59-12

Roth, Herman: 58-16, 61-17, NY-13

Roth, Rachel Chester: 61-35

Rothenstein, Michael: 60-15

Rothko, Mark: ME-7, ME-40, ME-59, NY-5

Rothman, Jerry: 58-32

Rothstein, Arthur: 57-16, 59-56, 64-28

Rothstein, Irma: 56-2

Rothwell, Richard: 65-10

Rotsler, William: 58-16

Rotter, Karl: 61-1

Rouault, Georges: 54-16, 57-9, 57-18, 57-37, 58-35, 59-5, 62-5, 63-14, 63-17, NY-7&7b

Rougier, Michael: 58-A&B

Rousseau, P.E.T.: MMA-54-4

Rousseau, Theodore: 63-17, 63-20

Roussel Ker-Xavier: 62-5

Rovelstad, Sue: 53-16

Rowan, Frances Physioc: 58-3

Rowell, Kenneth: 59-19

Rowinski, David: 60-12

Rowland, Benjamin: 56-27

Rowlandson, Thomas: 55-24, 62-4, 62-12, 62-18, 62-20, 63-17, 64-5, 67-19

Rowse, F.: ME-29

Rox, Henry: 56-2

Roy, Jamini: 58-42

Rozak, Gustav, MD: 57-41

Ruben, Richards: 53-16, 55-20, 56-26, 58-3, 58-7, 63-12

Rubens, Peter Paul: 54-11, 56-16, 57-18, 61-22, 62-20

Rubenstein, Avrum: 56-13

Rubenstein, Charlotte: 64-30

Rubenstein, Lewis: 64-30

Rubenstien, Barnet: 56-27

Rubin, Irwin: 62-41

Rubington, Norman: 55-2

Rubinstein, Lewis: 56-2

Rublev, Andrej: 56-16

Rude, Rolfe: 57-40

Rudolph, Paul: 58-1, 61-31, 62-14, 64-35, 65-9

Rudy, Charles: 53-20

Rudzinski, Andrezj: 56-21

Ruf, Sep: 64-11

Ruggieri, Piero: 59-35, 60-20

Rugh, Elizabeth: 58-32

Ruhtenberg, Cornelis: 56-12, 57-2

Ruisdael or Ruysdael, Jacob Isaakszoon van: 63-17

Running, Cyrus: 58-6

Ruohomaa, Kosti: 57-16

Rusell, Gordon: 58-12

Rush, A.W.: 53-26

Rush, Andrew: 64-7

Rush, Jon: 58-39

Rushing, Val: 58-32

Ruskin, John: 62-12

Russell, Alfred: 56-26, 58-40

Russell, Bruce: 57-3

Russell, Charles Marion: 61-3

Russell, Frank: 56-2

Russell, Gordon: 56-9

Russell, Morgan: 55-15

Russian, School: 56-16

Russo, Alexander: 63-7

Russo, Mario: 57-9

Russo, Michele: 53-12

Russolo, Luigi: 57-34

Russum, Jr., Olin L.: 57-6

Rust, Betty Lou: 57-14

Ruvolo, Felix: 56-2, 58-7

Ruysdael: 54-11

Ruysher, Hudsen: 51-15

Ryan, Anne: 53-1, 56-26, 57-30, 58-26, ME-7, ME-59, NY-3

Ryan, Milton A.: ME-19

Ryder, Albert Pinkham: 54-25, 59-24, 59-34, 60-13, 62-17, ME-7, ME-11, ME-31, ME-41

Ryggen, Hannah: 57-40

Saarinen, Eero: 59-15, 61-31

Saavelli, Angelo: 60-3

Sabatini, Rafael: 63-3

Saccaro, John: 55-2, 58-7, 59-10, 59-24

Sacchetti: 63-19

Sacchi, Andrea: 59-40

Sachse, E.: ME-29

Sadeler, II Gilles: 63-17

Sadun, Piero: 58-23

Saenredam, Jan: 63-9

Saetti, Bruno: 51-18, 56-15, 59-35, 61-16

Sage, Kay: 60-27, 62-1

Sahgir, Adil: 56-29

Saint-Gaudens, Augustus: 59-34

Saintin, Jules Emile: 59-34

Saito, Minonu: 60-3

Sakai, Eiichi: 65-12

Sakoguchi, Ben S.: 64-7

Salembier, Henri: 59-40

Salemme, Attilio: 56-26, 57-30, 62-1, 63-33, NY-20

Salerno, Charles: 52-4, 63-20, 56-2

Salerno, Joseph: 64-21

Salimbeni, Ventura: 64-6

Salisbury, Erastus: 59-18

Salish: 59-4

Salitan, Lucille: 57-14

Salmi, Elissa: 57-14

Salmon R.: ME-11

Saltzman, Florence: 53-5

Salvadori: 51-18

Salviati & Company: 61-1

Salviatti, Francesco: 59-40

Salvin, Anthony: 61-22

Salvisberg, Otto R.: 53-21

Sam B. Lewis & Associate: ME-19

Samant: 59-13

Samaras, Lucas: 62-41, 63-29

Sampe, Astrid: 53-17, 62-15

Sample, Paul: 55-13

Sampson, Frank: 65-11

Samuels, Dan: 58-16

Sanchini, Pietro: 56-21

Sandberg, Bob: 57-16, 59-56

Sandberg, W.: 61-20

Sandby, Paul: 62-12

Sandecki, Albert: 65-2

Sander, Ludwig: 60-41

Sanders, Annie: 62-10

Sanders, Herbert H.: 51-15, 57-6

Sanders, Walter: 58-A&B

Sanderson, John: 61-22

Sandfield, Max: ME-19

Sandgren, Nelson: 58-3

Sandol, Maynard: 60-43, 61-7

Sandquist: 61-16

Sanford, M.M.: ME-41

Sang-Lae, Kim: 58-42

Sannhausser, John: 56-2

Sanquirico: 63-19

Santerre, Jean-Baptiste Marie: 62-20

Santomaso, Guiseppe: 54-27, 56-21, 58-15, 58-23, 60-15, 61-16, NE-96, NY-8

Santvoort, Dirk: MMA-54-2

Sanz, Carlos R.: 59-27

Sanzio, Raphael: 56-16, 64-9

Sapousek, Frank: 55-6

Sarason, Henry (Dr): 62-45

Sargent, H.: ME-11

Sargent, John Singer: 54-25, 55-19, 59-6, 60-13, 63-1, 64-3, 67-19, ME-31, ME-41, MMA-54-1, NY-5, NY-16

Sarka, Charles: 64-3

Sarkisian, Sarkis: 55-2

Saroni, Sergio: 60-20

Sarony: ME-29

Sarony & Major: ME-29

Sarpaneva, Timo: 57-14

Sartain, Johon: ME-29

Sarthou, Maurice: 58-15

Sarti, Antonio: 58-9

Sartoris, Albert: 61-4

Sasaki, Walker & Assoc: 63-16

Sassaman, Mar Carter: 60-5

Sasse, Arthur: 56-5

Saswin Silas: NY-13

Sato, Michiko: ME-75

Sato, Tadashi: 57-31, 58-12, 58-42, 59-1, 64-10

Satoru Abe: 59-12

Saugey, Marc: 53-21

Saul, Peter: 62-41

Saura, Antonio: 61-4, 61-29

Saurer Peter: 62-10

Sauvan, Philippe: 58-9

Savage, Edward: ME-29

Savelli,Angelo: 58-26, 60-24, 62-3, 63-24, 64-7

Savery: 54-11

Savery, Roelant: 62-20

Sawyer, Helen: 64-30

Sax, Ursula: 64-14

Sazio, Rapael: NY-7&7b

Scadron, Christopher: 58-16

Scalamandre, Wallpapers, Inc: NY-14

Scalini, Guiditta: 57-34

Scanavino, Emilio: 60-20, 61-4

Scelzio, Domenico: 58-9

Schadel, Hans: 58-28

Schadelin, Eva: 61-1

Schaeffer, H. Bella: 56-2

Schaffer, Rose: 58-3

Schaffner, Alexander: 61-1

Schallinger, Max: 56-2

Schamberg, Morton L.: 55-15

Schamout, Jamil: 56-29

Schanker, Louis: 53-2, 55-3, 56-2, 56-26, 58-43, 60-24, ME-7, NY-3

Scharf, William: 56-9, 58-12

Schatz, B.: 58-36

Schatz, L.: 58-36

Schatz, Z.: 58-36

Schauffelein, Hans Leonard: 57-37, 64-9

Schauss, W.: ME-29

Schecter, Pearl: 58-16

Scheibe, Richard: NE-48

Scheibler, Franz: 53-21

Scheid, Karl: 61-1

Scheier, Edwin & Mary: 57-6

Scheler, Max G.: 57-16

Scheper-Berkenkamp, Lou: NE-48

Scherschel, Frank: 58-A&B, L-3

Scherschel Joe: 58-A&B

Schettino, Aniello G.: ME-75

Scheving, Gunnlaugur: 66-2

Schiavone, Andrea: 64-6

Schickel, William: 53-25, 58-16

Schiefer Johannes: 52-7

Schieferdecker, Ivan: 65-11

Schifrin, Arnold: 55-5

Schillig, Erna: 61-1

Schimpff, Mary: 54-43

Schinkel: 63-19

Schiwetz, E.M. (Buck): 57-23

Schlanger, Ben: 62-14, 64-35

Schlemmer, Oskar: 56-7

Schliff, John D.: 58-20

Schmahl, Matilda E.: 59-6

Schmaltz, Roy E.: 53-24

Schmegner, Theobald: 58-15

Schmid, Elsa: 58-16

Schmidt, Arnold: ME-75

Schmidt, Charles W.: 65-11

Schmidt, Christian F.: 57-14, 60-5

Schmidt, Julius: 58-12, 63-31, 64-20

Schmidt, W. Fritz: 59-27

Schmidt, Willi: 53-15

Schmidt-Rottluff, Karl: 54-16, 56-7, 59-36, ME-32

Schnakenberg, Henry E.: 53-5, 62-30, 64-3

Schneider, Gerard: 56-21

Schneider, JoAnne: 64-29, 64-30

Schneider-Esleben, Paul: 58-28

Schnell, Shirley: 65-7

Schnieder, George (Father): ME-75

Schnur, Martin: 62-15

Schober, Sally: 58-32

Schon, Erhard: 64-9

Schongauer, Martin: 55-10, 57-37, 62-18, 63-17, 64-9, NY-9

School of Ceramics, Madrid: 61-1

Schooley, Elmer: 53-16, 56-26

Schor, Ilya: 58-16

Schor, Johann Paul: 59-40

Schott, Hyden: 56-27

Schrag, Karl: 53-5, 55-20, 56-25, 56-26, 57-32, 57-36, 58-3, 59-49, 60-3, 60-24, 61-1, 61-15, 62-3, 62-8, 62-30, 63-12, 64-7, 64-31, ME-7, ME-26, NY-3

Schreckengost, Viktor: 53-5

Schreiber, Georges: 56-1

Schroeder, Lynn: 58-6, 60-3

Schueler, Jon: 58-5, 58-12, 60-1, 60-9

Schuldtz Alexander: 57-40

Schuler, Robert T.: 64-7

Schulteiss, Carl: 53-5

Schulthess, Emil: 59-56, 62-45

Schultz, Anabel: 60-5

Schultze, Bernard: 54-18

Schulz, Rudolf: 53-15

Schumacher, Emil: 59-36

Schussele, Christian: 59-6

Schutz-Wolff, Johannes: 59-36

Schutzer, Paul: 58-A&B

Schutzman, Leo: 57-ee

Schwaar, Walter: 53-21

Schwabacher, Ethel: 59-23, ME-59

Schwachman, Irene: 62-45

Schwarcz, June: 57-6, 60-12

Schwartz, Aubrey: 58-40, 60-3, 63-12

Schwartz Daniel: 56-13

Schwartz, Harold: 61-30

Schwartz, Knut: 57-40

Schwartz, Lester: 51-1

Schwartz, Manfred: 55-3, 57-10, 58-5

Schwartz, Rochelle K.: 62-10

Schwartz, S.: 58-36

Schwarz, Hanna: 53-24

Schwarz, Joseph: 59-1, 61-35

Schwarz, Rudolf: 58-28

Schwarz & Bernard, Rudolf & Josef: 58-28

Schweig, G.: 58-36

Schweikher, Paul: 62-14, 64-35

Schweikher & Elting: 58-1

Schweitzer, Gertrude: 53-8

Schwerin, Ludwig: 58-15

Schwitters, Kurt: 59-14, 62-18, 64-10

Scialoja, Toti: 58-23, 60-15

Scordia, Antonio: 58-23, 59-35

Scornavacca, Tony: 61-35

Scott, David: 53-5

Scott, George Gilbert (Sir): 61-22

Scott, Isabel: 57-6

Scott, John: 64-23

Scott, Ken: 62-15

Scott, Louise: 64-30

Scott, William: 62-15

Scuris, Stephanie: 58-39

Se-duk, Yi: 58-33

Seabrook, G.M.: 56-18

Sebring, Burr: 58-32, 64-23

Secrest, James D.: 57-6

Secrest, Russell: 62-10

Sedlacek, Vojtch: 56-15

Segal, George: 60-43

Segal, Simon: 59-5

Segal, Yonny: 54-14

Seibel, Fred O.: 57-3

Seibert, Edward J.: 64-21

Seide, Charles: 56-2

Seidl, Alfred: 61-1

Seidler, Doris: 58-3, 60-3, 62-3, 64-7

Seitz, William: 60-5

Sekimachi, Kay: 60-12, 62-15, 64-23

Sekino, Junichiro: 56-21

Selan-Gliha, Vilko: 56-21

Selbing, John: 56-3

Seley, Jason: 63-29, 65-11

Seliger: NY-20

Seliger, Charles: 55-21, 58-5, 58-43

Seligmann, Kurt: 55-21, 56-1, 57-10, 57-32, 57-36, 58-5, 59-1, 59-19, 60-4, 61-15, 61-26, 62-1

Selim Jewad: 56-29

Selim, Lorna: 56-29

Sella, Alvin: 61-35

Seltzer, Deppie: 53-16

Seltzer, Phyllis: 62-3

Semser, Charles: 58-39

Semuth: 54-25

Senn, Otto H.: 53-21

Sennhauser, John: 58-26

Senska, Frances: 56-26

Senungetuk, Ronald: 62-10

Seoane, Luis: 60-17

Sepeshy, Zoltan L.: 55-2, 55-19, ME-73

Sera, Johan K.: 62-10

Serisawa, Sueo: 56-19, 58-42, 61-7

Serlio: 63-19

Sernesi, Raffaello: 63-10

Serpan, Iroslav: 57-27

Sert, Jackson & Gourley: 63-16

Servandoni, Giovanni Niccolo: 59-40, 63-19

Sesshu: ME-40

Sessler, Alfred: 55-20

Seuphor, Michel: 61-4

Seurat, Georges: 57-18, ME-32

Severini, Gino: 57-34, 58-23, 64-10

Severn Arthur: 62-12

Sewall, Harriot: 64-1

Sewell, Helen: VA-53-1

Seymour, David: 59-56

Shadbolt, Jack Leonard: 54-27, 59-3

Shaeffer Norbert: 55-22

Shaffer, Gary: 62-3

Shaffer, Verne: 57-31

Shahn, Ben: 53-1, 54-10, 55-13, 56-24, 57-2, 57-9, 58-16, 59-6, 59-7, 59-24, 59-31, 60-22, 60-27, 62-28, 62-31, 64-28, 65-1, ME-7, ME-23, ME-41, ME-73, NY-5

Shaier, Mary: 64-30

Shakespeare: 58-36

Shaltiel, B.: 58-36

Shaner, G. David: 60-5

Shapiro, David: 55-5, 56-13

Shapiro, Hilda: 63-7

Shapiro, Seymour: 60-43

Shapleigh, Frank H.: 64-3

Sharaku, Toshusai: 58-17

Sharpiro, Miriam: 64-12

Sharrer, Honore: 55-13

Shaub, Paul: 56-25, 58-3

Shaw, Charles: 55-3

Shaw, Kendall: NY-17

Shaw, Richard Norman: 61-22

Sheeler, Charles: 54-25, 55-9, 55-13, 55-15, 57-15, 58-34, 59-6, 59-24, 59-31, 60-13, 60-27, 64-4, 64-28, 65-2, ME-7, ME-23, ME-31, NY-11, NY-20

Sheets, Millard: 62-31

Shep, Larry: 58-32

Shephard, Rupert: 56-21

Shepherd, Don: ME-75

Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson & Abbott: 63-16

Sherlock, William P.: 64-5

Sherman, Phyllis: 56-26

Sherman, Sarai: NY-10

Sherry, William Grant: 56-27

Shertze,r Gerald: 59-6

Sherwood, Nancy: 60-5

Sherwood, Mills & Smith: 63-16, 64-11

Shew William: 54-12

Shibuya, Kazuko: 65-12

Shifrin, Roy: ME-75

Shima, Ichiro: 65-12

Shindler, Antonio Zeno: 64-1

Shinn, Everett: 60-24, 62-17, 64-3, NY-19

Shinoda, Toko: 64-10

Shirlaw, Walter: 61-3, 64-3

Shirley, Gerald: 58-6

Shobaken, Bruce: 55-14

Shober, Charles: ME-29

Shohannah: 56-12

Short, Sam B.: 62-34

Sharde: 51-15

Shrode, Marejon Sue: 51-15

Shuff-Shir, Lily: 56-25

Shugg, R.: 57-17

Shukri, Akram: 56-29

Shunsho, Katsukawa: 58-17, 60-38

Shute, Ben: 61-35

Shute, Nell C.: 56-13

Siegal, Arthur: 51-9, 57-25

Siegel, Ellen: 61-17, 62-15, 64-23

Siegel, Paul: 57-17

Siegriest, Lundy: 55-5, 57-12, 58-7, ME-33, ME-42

Sievan, Maurice: 55-3, 64-30

Signac, Paul: 58-34, 60-14, 62-5

Signorini, Telemaco: 63-10

Sigurdsson, Steinthor: 66-2

Sikeliotis, George: 56-29

Silk, George: 58-A&B, 59-56

Silva, Amandio: 56-15

Silverman, Burton: 56-13

Silverman, Mel: 60-3

Silverstein, Louis: 60-37

Silz, Arthur: 56-2

Simberg-Ehrstrom, Beata: 62-15

Simches, Frances E.: 60-5

Simkhovitch, Helena: 53-20

Simpson, Lusby: 59-25

Simpson, Maxwell Stuart: 56-2

Simpson, Thomas: 65-6

Simpson-Middleman: 55-2

Simunovic, Frano: 59-16

Singer, Arnold: 58-3

Singer, Gail: 62-8

Singier, Gustave: 54-18, 58-15, 60-14

Sinsabaugh, Art: 57-25

Sintenis, Renee: NE-48

Sinton Nell: 58-7

Siporin, Mitchell: 56-27, 57-28, 58-5

Sirani, Giovanni Andrea: 64-6

Sironi: 51-18

Sironi, Mario: 57-34, 58-23

Siskind, Aarpon: 57-25

Sisson, Lawrence: 53-12, 57-31

Sitllman, Ary: 55-3

Sitter, Inger: 57-40, 58-15

Sitton, James: 65-11

Sivard, Robert: 55-19, 65-2

Sizemore, Mary: 53-26

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill: 59-15, 61-31, 63-16, 65-3, 65-9

Skinner, A.: NY-13

Skiold, Bergit: 60-15

Skovgaard, Joakim: 54-16

Skowronski, Hella: 62-15

Skrede, Agnar: 57-14

Skulason, Thorvaldur: 66-2

Slater, Eva: 55-6

Sloan, John: 54-25, 55-16, 57-2, 59-24, 60-13, 60-24, 60-27, 62-28, 62-30, 65-2, ME-31, ME-41, NY-9, NY-19

Sloane, Mary: 56-27

Slobodkin, Louis: VA-53-1

Slobodkina, Esphyr: 55-3, 59-1

Slottag, Jack: 53-26

Slowan, John: ME-7

Slutzky, Robert: 60-41

Slwan, John: 59-6

Small, Dorothy May: 60-5

Smarkusz, Vincent T.: 53-26

Smillie, George Henry: 60-28

Smillie, James D.: 64-3

Smith: ME-49

Smith, Aruthur: 57-6

Smith, Charles William: ME-7

Smith, David: 53-5, 55-12, 56-22, 59-31, 60-14, 61-25, 61-29, 63-31, 65-1

Smith, Donald E.: 57-10

Smith, Edith M.: 56-2

Smith, Eirikur: 66-2

Smith, Francis Hopkinson: 64-3

Smith, G.E. Kidder: 64-11

Smith, Hamilton: 63-16, 65-3

Smith, Hassel: 65-11

Smith, J. Warwick: 62-12

Smith, John Rubens: 64-1

Smith, Leon Polk: 60-41, 63-30, 64-2, 64-26, 65-4

Smith, Loran: 65-5

Smith, Moishe: 55-20, 58-3

Smith, Oliver: 59-19

Smith, Paul: 54-8, 57-6, 58-32

Smith, R.A.: 62-3, 64-7

Smith, Roger: 64-28

Smith, Thomas R.: 62-10

Smith, Vernan: 64-30

Smith, W. Eugene: 59-56

Smith, William A.: 53-5, 53-8, 56-25

Smithson Robert: 61-22

Smyly, Susan: 62-10

Snellman-Hanninen, Airi: 57-14

Snider, Robert S.: 62-10

Snipper, Martin: 55-5

Snow, Doug: 53-24

Snyder, Jerome: 55-13, 56-24

Snyder, Lewis E.: 62-10

Soane, John (Sir): 61-22

Sobotka, Ruth: 59-19

Sochurek, Howard: 58-A&B, 59-56

Soderberg, Wesley: 64-7

Soglow, O.: ME-28

Soglu, Muella: 56-29

Sokol, Bill: 56-25

Sokole, Miron: 53-5

Soldati, Atanasio: 58-23

Soldenhoff, Alex: 54-16

Soldner, Paul A.: 55-22

Soldner, Paul E.: 57-6

Solimena, Francesco: 62-36

Solman, Joseph: 55-2, 55-3

Soloducha, A.V.: 53-24

Solomon, Hyde: 60-43, 63-1, ME-73

Solomon, Syd: 53-5, 55-5, 56-2, 56-13, 57-35, 61-35

Solow, Seymour: 57-16

Somaini, Francesco: 60-20

Sommer, Madelon: 53-26

Sonderborg, K.H.R.: 61-4

Sonenberg, Jack: 55-20, 56-25, 58-3, 60-3

Sorenson Richard: 53-26

Soudeikine: 63-19

Soulages, Pierre: 57-9, 57-27, 58-15, 60-14

Soulange, Tessier: ME-29

Souply, Emile: 61-1

Southworth & Hawes: 56-5

Souza: 59-13

Sowers, Robert: 58-16

Soyer, Moses: 53-5, 56-2, 64-3, ME-73

Soyer Raphael: 56-2, 57-11, 58-40, 62-28, 62-30, 63-33, 64-3, 64-31, 65-2, ME-73, NY-18

Spacal, Luigi: 54-16, 56-21

Space Design Group, Inc.: 61-30

Spaventa, George: 60-42

Spazzapan, Luigi: 58-23, 59-35

Speckaert, Hans: 62-20

Speicher, Eugene: 57-11, 62-31

Speight Francis: 63-3

Spencer, Niles: 55-11, 55-16, 60-27, 64-30

Spencer & Ambrose Eldridge T. & William Clement: SD-8

Sperry, Robert: 57-14

Sperschneider, Ragna: 61-1

Speyer, Friederich: 64-1

Speyer, Nora: 56-2

Spille, Dean: 53-26

Spinchorn, Carl: 64-29

Spivak, Max: 53-25

Sponsler, Edwin: 53-5

Sprague, Arthur H.: 60-5

Spranger: 54-11

Sprinchorn, Carl: 64-30, 64-31

Springett, Sabino: 60-17

Springinklee, Hans: 55-10, 62-18

Spruance, Benton: 53-1, 54-16, 54-18, 56-15, 58-3, ME-7, NE-96

Spruce, Everett: 57-23, 59-50, 60-1

Spyropoulos, Jannis: 61-11

Squier, Jack: 57-12, 57-31, 60-42, 62-40, ME-56, NY-10

Staack, Zora: 56-21

Stackpole, Peter: 58-A&B

Stage, John L.: 57-16

Stahly, Francois: 61-2

Staikov, Veselin: 56-21

Stakiewicz, Richard: 62-41

Stallings, Hal: 57-14

Stamos, Theodoros: 54-10, 55-8, 56-2, 58-42, 58-43, 60-22, 60-27, 61-23, 64-19, ME-41, ME-49, ME-59, ME-65, ME-73

Stanford, James R.: 62-45

Stanger, Barbara Wechsler: 57-14

Stankiewicz, Richard: 56-12, 59-14, 60-4, 60-9, 62-27, 64-20, NY-10

Stanley, John Mix: 59-34, 61-3

Stanley Mack: 52-11

Stasack, Edward: ME-73

Staschen, Sirley: 62-18

Stashin, Leo: 59-56

Stasik, Andrew: 60-15, 64-7

Stasock, Edward: 56-25

Stavert, Nancy E.: 53-24

Stea, Cesare: 52-4, 56-2

Stearns, Junius Brutus: 58-27

Stearns, Pamela: 62-10

Stebbins, N.L.: 64-28

Steczynski, John M.: 60-3

Steele, Gordon: 55-2

Stefanelli, Joseph: 56-2, 59-1, 61-15

Stefansson, Jon: 66-2

Steg, James Louis: 56-25, 56-26, 58-3, 62-3, 64-7, NY-3

Steichen, Edward: 56-5, 58-20, 62-25, 64-28, NY-1

Steig, William: 55-13, ME-28

Steiger, Rudolf: 53-21

Stein, Joseph Allen: SD-8

Stein, Walter: 53-14, 58-40

Steinberg, Saul: 55-13, 57-3, 59-6, ME-59, VA-55-1

Steinbock, Heimos & Hannes: 61-1

Steiner, Albert H.: 53-21

Steiner, Ralph: 56-5

Steiner, Sylvia: 61-1

Steinhardt, Jacob: 54-16, 58-36

Steinlen, Theophile: 62-5

Steinmetz, William O.: 53-24

Stella: 54-25

Stella, Frank: 61-23, 64-26

Stella, Joseph: 55-15, 60-13, 62-30, 63-1, ME-31

Steltzner, Richard M.: 62-10

Stemos, Theodoros: NY-10

Stenstadvold, Haakon: 57-40

Stephens, Jr., Curtis: 64-23

Stephens, Jr., Edward John: ME-55

Steriadi, Jean Al: 56-21

Sterling, James: 56-2

Sternberg, Charlotte J.: 52-11

Sternberg, Harry: 58-3, 62-45, ME-7

Sterne: ME-49

Sterne, Hedda: 55-9, 55-13, 60-22, 61-29, 62-37, 63-7, ME-59

Sterne, Maurice: 57-11, 57-30, 59-6, 64-29, 64-30, ME-41

Sterner, Harold: 57-1

Sternglass, Lisa Jane: 57-12

Sterrett, Cliff: 57-3

Stettinius, Samuel Enredy: 64-1

Steuart, George: 61-22

Steuecheli, Werner: 53-21

Steumpfig, Walter: 53-12

Stevens, Alfred: 61-22

Stevens, Bernice A.: 60-5

Stevens, Edward John: 55-21, ME-26

Stevens, John R.: 57-6

Stevens, Margo: 58-39

Stevens, Preston S.: 59-12

Stevens, Virginia Hill: 61-35

Stevens, Walter H.: 57-12

Stevenson, Beulah: 55-3, 58-3

Stevenson, Hugh: 59-19

Steward, Donn: 53-16, 56-26, NY-3

Stewart, Donald J.: 64-21

Stewart, Marion: 57-6

Stich, Otto: 53-15

Stieglitz, Alfred: 56-5, 62-25, 64-5, 64-28, NY-1

Still, Clifford: ME-59

Stillwell, E. Burton: NE-96

Stimmer, Tobias: 64-9

Stine, Richard: 62-31

Stock, Joseph: 58-14, 62-2

Stockmarr, Erik: 52-5

Stocksdale, Bob: 55-22, 57-6, ME-75

Stohrer, Walter: 64-14

Stoltenberg, Sibley Smith Dondad: 56-27

Stolz, John E.: 62-10

Stolzl, Gunda Stadler: 61-1

Stone, Edward Durell: 59-15, 62-14, 63-16, 64-35, 65-3, 65-9

Stone, Helen: VA-53-1

Stor, Lorenz: 64-9

Stork, Abraham: 62-20

Stout, Myron: 60-12, 60-41

Stout Pola: 62-15

Stouter, D.G.: 62-2

Stradanus, Johannes: 63-9

Stradone, Giovanni: 58-23

Strahan, Thomas: NY-14

Strand, Paul: 56-5, 62-25, NY-1

Strater, Henry: 64-31

Strawn, Dean: 51-15

Strawn, Harold Dean: 51-15

Strebelle, Olivier: 61-1

Strecker, Thomas: 58-16

Strecker, Z. Thomas: 59-12

Strecker, Zelda: 58-25, 64-23

Streisinger, Lotte: 57-14

Strengell, Marianne: 52-7, 58-25, 62-15, 64-23

Strenger, Friedhelm: 53-15

Stretti-Zamponi,Jaromir: 56-21

Strickdale, Bob: 51-15

Strickland, John: 58-39

Strijbosch, Wim: 61-20

Strock, George: 59-56

Strologo, Serio Dello: 57-6

Strombotne, James: 60-1, 64-25, ME-75, NY-10

Stuart, Gilbert: 54-25, 60-13, 63-3, ME-7, ME-11, ME-31

Stuck, Jack: 65-11

Stucki, Jakob: 61-1

Stueland, Kari Bing & Magne: 57-40

Stuempfig, Walter: 55-9, 57-2, ME-41

Stuempfig, Jr., Walter: 63-3

Stupica, Grabriel: 59-16

Sturm, Dorothy: ME-26

Sublett, Carl: 65-11

Suemura, Shobun: 65-12

Sugai, Kumi: 58-15, 58-29, 58-42, 61-4, 63-23

Sugarman, George: 60-2, 62-40, ME-56

Sughi, Alberto: 58-40

Sugimata, Tadashi: 58-42

Sugimoto, Albert: 59-10

Sulfsted, Rosemary: 53-26

Sullivan, Louis: 59-6

Sully, Thomas: 62-17, 63-3, 64-1, MMM-4

Sumiyama: 63-21

Summer, Eugenia: 61-35

Summers, Carol: 56-25, 56-26, 58-3, 60-2, 60-3, 60-15, 62-3, 64-7, NY-3

Sundell, Britt-Louise: 57-14

Suornos, John: 56-29

Susini, Antonio: 63-9

Sussman, Richard: 58-6, 61-15, 61-25

Sustermans Justus: MMA-54-2

Sustris, Friedrich: 63-9, 64-9

Sutfin Edward (Father): 58-16

Sutherland ,Graham: 54-27, 61-4, 62-12, NE-96

Sutherland, T.: ME-29

Suydam,David L.: 62-10

Suzuki, James: 57-10, 58-42, 59-1, 59-10, 60-14, 61-7, 63-21

Suzuki, Seisei: 65-12

Svabinsky, Max: 56-21

Sveinsdottir, Juliana: 66-2

Svensson, Inez: 57-14

Swabian School: 56-16

Swan, Barbara: 55-5

Swanson, Pipsan Saarinen: 57-6

Swarz, Saul: 58-16, 62-40, ME-56

Swearingen, John: 53-26

Swift, Dick: 60-3

Swinnerton, James: 57-3

Swinton, George: 54-27

Sykes, Maltby: 53-5, 54-18

Szabo Bela Gy: 56-21

Szenes, Arpad: 62-8, 64-10

Szilard, Claire: 53-2

Szymak, John: 57-6, 60-5

Szymanski, Rolf: 64-14

T'cheng, Tsou-lin: 58-42

Taber, Isiah West: NY-1

Tabler, William B.: 61-31

Tabuchi, Yasse: 58-42

Tacca: 63-19

Tack, Augustus Vincent: 63-15

Tackett, LaGardo: 55-22

Tait, A.F.: 55-19

Tajiri, Shinkichi: 65-7

Taka, Peter: 56-1

Takaezu, Toshiko: 53-24

Takahashi, Henry: 55-22

Takahashi, Setsuro: 65-12

Takahashi, Shizue: 65-12

Takai, Teiji: 60-1

Takal, Peter: 55-20, 56-2, 56-25, 57-1, 58-3, 61-15, 61-25, 62-3

Takegoshi, Yoshiyuki: 65-12

Takehita, Natsuko: 57-12

Takemoto, Henry: 58-32, 59-12

Takis, Istrou: 56-29

Talbot, William Henry Fox: 53-20, 62-25, NY-1

Talburt, Harold: 57-3

Talleur, John: 53-5, 58-16, 58-35, 60-3, 61-22

Tam, Reuben: 55-3, 64-31, ME-73

Tamayo, Rufino: 57-9, 59-31, 60-14, 63-33, ME-32, NE-96, NY-18

Tanabe, Chikuunsai: 65-12

Tanaka: 63-21

Tanaka, Kosai: 65-12

Tanaka, Tokutaro: 62-45

Tanguy, Yves: 51-4, 61-9, 62-8

Tapies, Antonio: 57-27, 64-17

Tarbell, Edmund Charles: 57-11, 62-7, 63-1

Tarr, Louis E.: 60-5

Tassi, A.: 55-24

Tavenkin, M.: 58-36

Tavernier, Jules: 61-3

Tawney, Lenore: 57-6, 58-25, 59-12

Taylor, C.J.: 57-3

Taylor, David: 62-3

Taylor Julius: 61-17

Taylor, Najah: NY-13

Taylor, R.: ME-28

Taylor, Ralph: 60-3

Taylor, Spaulding: 64-23

Taylor, Vincent: 53-26

Tazaki, Shoichiro: 65-12

Tchelitchew, Pavel: 55-21, 57-9, 57-30, 59-6, 62-28, 63-19, ME-55

Teague, Norwood: 57-6

Teichman, Sabina: 64-30

Teis, Dan: 58-3, 61-35

Teitelbaum, Edith: 53-24

Tejima: 63-21

Tempesta, Antonio: 64-6

Temple, Byron: 62-10

Templeton, John Samuelson: 64-5

Teniers, David: 55-19

Ter-Arutunian, Rouben: 59-19

Teraishi, Shosaku: 65-12

Teraski, George: 60-41

Terbrugghen, Hendrick: 62-20, ME-32

Terechkovitch, Kostia: 56-21

Terrell, Maurice: 57-16, 59-56

Terry, Alice: ME-75

Teshigahara: 60-2

Tesi, Mauro Antonio: 58-9, 61-22

Testa, Angelo: 53-17

Testa, Clorindo: 60-17

Testa, Pietro: 64-6

Teuber, Hermann: NE-96

Teunissen, T.: 61-20

Tevan,Rozsi: 62-40, ME-56

Teyral, John: 55-19

Tharrats, Juan Jose: 58-15, 64-17

Thayer, Abbott Handerson: 62-7, 62-17

Theisen, Earl: 57-16

Thelander, Henry: 52-5

Thelot, Jacob Gottlieb: 62-18

Theodor, Johann: 55-10

Thevenaz, Charles F.: 53-21

Thiebaud, Wayne: 60-3, NY-17, NY-18

Thiel, Midori Kono: 58-3

Thieler, Fred: 59-36, 64-14

Thiemann, Hans: NE-48

Thieme, Anthony: 57-30

Thiry, Paul: 58-1, 65-3

Thomas Edward: 61-35

Thomas, Elizabeth: 64-30

Thomas, Florence: 55-22

Thomas, Howard: 53-5, 61-35

Thomas, John Z.: 65-11

Thomas, Mary Leath: 53-5

Thomas, Neal: 56-2

Thomason, Tom W.: 62-10

Thompson, Bob: 60-43, 63-24

Thompson, Cephas: 58-14

Thompson, Helen May: 58-32

Thompson, William: ME-75

Thomson, Betty: 65-6

Thon, William: 53-1, 57-9, 64-31, ME-26, ME-73, ME-74

Thoren, Esaias: 54-18

Thorlaksson, Thorarinn B.: 66-2

Thormodsen, Norma: 53-26

Thornhill, James (Sir): 59-40, 61-22

Thorpe, Azalea: 53-24, 62-15

Thrall, Arthur: 55-2, 55-20, 56-25, 58-3, 60-3, 64-7, NY-3

Thrift, Walter: 61-35

Thurber, James: 59-6, ME-28

Thurm, Arnold: 53-1

Thurston, Gerald: 53-17

Thurston, Marcia Ann: 60-5

Tiebout, Cornelius: ME-29

Tiegreen, Alan: 65-11

Tiemer-Wille, Gertrude: 62-45

Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista: 57-18, 59-40, 62-20, 64-6, 67-19, NY-7&7b, NY-9

Tiepolo ,Giovanni Domenico: 55-24, 57-37, 64-6, 67-19

Tiepolo, Lorenzo: 55-24, 64-6

Tiffany, Louis Comfort: 62-7, 64-3

Tiffany, Virginia: 65-6

Tiffany & Company: NY-13

Tillett, Leslie & Doris: 57-6

Tilley, Lou: 58-16

Tillim, Sidney: NY-17

Ting, Walasse: 56-15, 58-15

Tintoretto, Jacopo Robusti: 55-24, 56-16, 57-18, 62-20

Tirrell, G.: ME-11

Tischler, Maynard G.: 62-10

Tissandier, Albert Charles: 64-5

Titian, Tiziano Vecellio: 57-18, 63-9, 67-19

Tittle, Juanita: 53-26

Tjepkema, J.M.: 61-20

Tlingit: 59-4

Tobase, Hodo: 58-42

Tobey, Mark: 52-11, 53-5, 55-9, 57-15, 58-42, 58-43, 59-7, 59-31, 60-4, 60-27, 62-27, 62-28, 64-2, 64-19, 65-11, ME-7, ME-41, ME-55, ME-65, NY-5, NY-20

Tock Jean: 58-16

Todd, Harold C.: 55-20

Todo: 64-17

Toeput, Lodewyk: 59-40

Tofel, Jennings: 56-2

Tofft, Peter Peterson: 64-1

Tollerz, Ulla: 57-14

Tolman, Stacy: 62-7

Tom Lee, Ltd: 61-30

Tomes, Marot: 52-7

Tomkins, Margaret: 56-13, 58-5

Tomlin, Bradley Walker: 57-30, 58-42, 60-27, ME-32, ME-59

Toney, Anthony: 56-2, 56-13, ME-73

Toney, Chester: 57-23

Tonomura: 63-21

Tony, Anthony: 61-15

Tooker, George: 58-40, 62-1, 63-7, 64-4, ME-73, NY-17

Toong, Shan-Ching: 56-27

Toque, Louis: 62-36

Torelli: 63-19

Toribio, Antonio: 63-29

Torkanowsky, Vera: 53-16

Torres-Aguero, Leopoldo: 60-17

Torres-Garcia, Joaquin: 59-23, 62-27, ME-55

Torro & Ferrer: 59-27

Torro, Ferrer, Knappen, Tippets, Abbett & McCarthy: 59-27

Torro, Ferrer, Torregrosa, Warner & Leeds: 59-27

Toselli, Angelo: 58-9, 59-40

Tostrrup J.: 57-40

Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de: 57-17, 57-18, 59-5, 62-5, 62-45, MMA-54-2, NY-21

Tourte, X. Suzanne: NE-96

Tourtelot, Madeline: 52-7, 56-2

Tovim, Y.: 58-36

Tovish, Harold: 63-31, 64-20, 58-6, 59-3

Town, Harold Barling: 60-15

Townley, Hugh: NY-10

Townsend, Neal: 62-10

Toy, Leland: 62-10

Toyokuni, Utagawa: 58-17, NY-12

Tozu, Keinosuke: 65-12

Tracy, Stanley: 56-27

Tragardh, Gota: 62-15

Traherne, Margaret: 58-35

Trajan, Turku: 61-2

Trange, J.M.: 51-3

Trapani, Mimi: 62-10

Traut Wolf: 55-10

Traver, Mary Dale: 62-10

Travis, Stuart: 59-6

Traynor, Ed: 53-24, 58-32

Treat, Rose: 60-5

Treccani, Ernesto: 58-40

Trefonides, Steven: 55-6, 59-56

Treiman, Joyce: 51-21, 55-5, 55-6, 56-13, 56-19, 58-16, 59-1

Treinin, A.: 58-36

Tremblay, Gerald: 59-3

Trenholm, Portia: 59-18

Treskow, Elisabeth: 61-1

Treumann, Otto: 61-20

Trevisani, Francesco: 62-36

Trieman, Joyce: ME-73

Trier, Hans: 59-36, 60-15, 61-4, 64-14

Trippetti, Joseph: 57-6

Trivigno, Pat: 51-21, 61-26

Trock, Paula: 62-15

Troekes, Heinz: NE-48

Troger, Paul: 59-40, 62-20

Trokes, Heinz: 59-36, 61-4

Trotter, McKie: 55-6, 57-23

Trotter, Newbold H.: 58-27

Troyon, Constant: 63-20, MMA-54-4

Trumbull: 54-25

Trumbull, John: 60-13, 62-17, ME-31

Tryggvadottir, Nina: 66-2

Tschumi, Otto: 60-15

Tsimshian: 59-4

Tsuji, Shindo: 63-23

Tsutakawa, George: 65-3

Tucker, Allen: NY-16

Tuerlinkx, Jean-Pierre: 61-1

Turcato, Giulio: 58-23, 60-15

Turchi M.: 58-9

Turnbull, William: 63-12

Turner: 55-19

Turner, Don La Viere: 65-11

Turner, J.M.W.: 63-20

Turner, Janet: 53-5, 58-3

Turner, Joseph Mallord William: 56-16, 62-20, 62-12, 63-17, 63-20, 65-10, 67-19, NY-9

Turner, Leslie: 57-3

Turner, Robert: 57-6, 60-5

Turner, Theodore: 55-20

Turoff, Muriel P.: 61-17

Tveteraas, Vilhelm: 57-40

Twachtman, John Henry: 62-7, 62-17, 63-1, NY-16

Twardowicz, Ruth Ann: 55-20

Twardowicz, Stanley: 58-12

Twatchman, J.H.: 64-3

Twery, Elliot: 53-5, 56-12

Twiggs, Russell: 55-6, 57-10

Twitty, James: 65-4

Twombly, Cy: 64-26

Tworkov, Jack: 61-29, 62-38, 64-29, 64-30, ME-73

Tyler, Kenneth W. (Rev.): 59-56

Tyrnauer, Francesca: 58-32

Tytell, Louis: ME-73

Tzonis, Aleco: 56-29

U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey: 64-28

Ubac, Raoul: 62-8

Ucello, Paolo di Dono: 56-16

Uchima, Ansei: 60-3

Udvardy, John: 58-39

Ueda, Sokyu: 61-4

Ueeda, Hisahi: 65-12

Ugai, Hideo: 65-12

Ugarte, Juan Manuel: 60-17

Uhlmann, Hans: 56-7, 59-36, NE-48

Uk-chin, Chang: 58-42

Ulman, William A.: 58-3

Umlauf, Charles: 52-4, 58-16

Underhill, Irving: 64-28

Underhill, William: 62-10

Unesco World Art Series: 57-19

Ung-no, Yi: 58-33

Ungaro, Alberto: 60-2

Ungemann, Arne: 52-5

Unger, Carl: 54-18

Urban, Albert: ME-7

Uri, Aviva: 61-4

Urquhart, Tony: 58-6

Ushio, Takao: 65-12

Usui, Kichi: 58-42

Utamaro, Kitagawa: 58-17, NY-12

Utamaro, Utagawa: 60-38

Utley, Windson: 55-6

Utrillo, Maurice: 60-14

Utter, Bror: 57-23

Vaccaro, Michael A.: 62-45

Vacchi, Sergio: 60-20

Vachon, John: 57-16, 59-56

Vaga, Perino del: 62-20

Vaglieri, Giustino: 60-20

Vaiksnoras, Anthony J.: 55-2

Valadier, Giovanni: NY-21

Valadier, Giuseppe: 53-36, 58-9, 59-40

Valasquez: 57-18

Valberg, Britt-Marie: 57-14, 58-25, 60-12

Valentin, Silvia: 61-1

Valentini, Giovan Battista: 61-1

Valenza, Daniel Loomis: 57-14, 58-32, 62-10

Valeriani: 63-19

Valeska, Adolfas: ME-75

Valkema, Sybren: 61-1

Vallaton, Felix: 54-16, 62-5

Valtat, Louis: 60-14

Van Aken, Jan: 63-17

Van Beest, Albert: 64-1

Van Bentrum, Rik: 65-7

Van Bergen, Marten: NY-15

Van Bos, Cornelis: 63-9

Van Bouckhorst, Jan Philip: 55-24

Van Brunt, James R.: 64-1

Van de Velde, Jan: 55-24, 60-40, NY-9

Van Der Neer: 54-11

Van Der Rohe, Miles: 59-15, 62-34

Van Der Sluis, George: 57-10

Van der Straet, Jan: 59-40

Van Der Vaart, Jan: 61-1

Van Der Weyden, Rogier: 57-18, 64-9

Van Dongen, Kees: 63-14

Van Duzer, Clarence: 51-5

Van Dyck, Anthony: 57-18, 57-37

Van Dyk, James: 56-25

Van Everdingen, Allart: 55-24, 60-40

Van Eyck, Jan: 56-16, 57-18

Van Fraser, David: 53-17

Van Gelder, Lydia: 55-22

Van Gogh, Vincent: 57-18, 62-5, 63-14, ME-40, NY-7&7b

Van Gorp Ria Van Oerle: 61-1

Van Goyan: 54-11

Van Heusden, Wout: 51-3

Van Hoesen, Beth: 62-3

Van Honthorst, Gerard: 62-36, ME-32

Van Huysum, Jan: 63-14, NY-7&7b

Van Keylen, Jan: 61-20

Van Kruiningen, Harry: 51-3, 54-18, NE-96

Van Kyek: 54-11

Van Leyden, Lucas: 57-37, 60-40, NY-9

Van Loen, Alfred: 62-40, ME-56

Van Loon, Johan: 61-1

Van Meckenem, Israhel: 55-10, 57-37

Van Oostsanen Jacob: 57-37

Van Ostade, Adriaen: 60-40

Van Rossem, Ru: 54-16

Van Ruisdael, Jacob: NY-7&7b

Van Ruysdael, Jacob: 60-40

Van Scorel, Jan: 64-9, ME-32

Van Veen, Stuyvesant: ME-73

Van Vianen, Adam: 59-40

Van Vliet, Jan: 60-40

Van Vlijmen, J.A.: 56-15

Van Wicht, John: 55-3

Van Wittel, Gaspar: 55-24

Vanderlyn, John: 59-34, ME-41

Vanderpool, John: 63-15

Vanis, Blanche A.: 62-10

Vanista, Josip: 59-16

Vanni, Francesco: 64-9

Vanni, Sam: 56-15

Vanvitelli: 63-19

Varady, Fredric: 64-29, 64-30

Varda, Jean: 58-26

Vardy, John: 61-22

Varga, Arnold: 60-37

Varley, John: 62-12, 67-19

Vasari, Giorgio: 61-22

Vascellini, Gaetano: 62-45

Vass, Gene: 57-31

Vatsures, Peter: 57-23

Vavruska, Frank: 56-25

Vedder, Elihu: 59-34, 62-7, 63-15

Vedova, Emilio: 58-23, 60-15, 61-11, 61-16

Vela, Gay: 63-5

Velde, II Jan van de: 63-17

Velle, Marthe: 61-1

Vellert, Dirk Jacobsz: 57-37

Venard, Claude: ME-40

Veneziano: 62-18

Venini, Company: 61-1

Verbene, P.A.: 61-20

Vergette, Nicholas: 65-3

Verhelst, Wilbert: 55-14

Vermeer, Jan: 56-16, 57-18

Vernarelli, Lucia: 58-26

Vernet, Horace: 65-10

Veronese, Paolo Caliari: 55-24, 57-18, 67-19

Vertes, Marcel: NE-99

Vesimaa, Eila-Annikki: 57-14

Vespignani, Renzo: 55-7, 55-13, 57-9, 57-27, 58-15, 58-40, 60-14, 60-15

Vevers, Tony: 64-29, 64-30

Vianello, Vinicio: 61-1

Vianen, Adam van: 63-9

Vicente, Esteban: 56-2, 58-26, 59-23, 65-11, ME-49

Vickrey, Robert: 57-2, 62-1, 64-4, 65-2, ME-73

Vico, Enea: 63-9

Victor, Christ-Janer & Assoc: 64-21

Victor Gruen Associates, Inc.: 59-25, 61-30

Vieillard, Roger: 62-8

Vien, Joseph Marie: 67-19

Viesulas, Romas: 54-16, 58-3, 58-15, 60-3, 62-3, 63-12, 64-7

Vigas, Oswaldo: 60-17

Vikainen, Voitto: 56-21

Vilacasas, J.: 64-17

Villacis, Anibal: 60-17

Villagran, Marcus Javier: 62-10

Villanueva, Carlos Raul: 64-11

Ville, Grey: 58-A&B

Villegas, Armando: 60-17

Villon, Jacques: 61-9, 62-5, 63-17, 63-33

Vincent, George: 65-10

Vincente, Esteban: 61-9, 61-29, ME-73, NY-20

Vincenzo, Cateno: ME-65

Vinckeboons, David: 54-11, ME-32

Vinson, Charles: 65-11

Virduzzo, Antonio: 60-15

Virga, Charles: 56-2

Viseux, Clade: 57-27

Vissier, Carel: 61-4

Viterbo, Dario: 52-4

Vittoria, Alessandro: NY-21

Viviani, Giuseppe: 56-21

Vizzini, Michael S.: 57-6

Vlaminck, Maurice: 55-19, 59-5

Vodicka, Ruth: 57-1

Von Achen, Hans: 64-9

Von Drage, Ilse: 58-16, 58-35

Von Eichborn,Celine: 61-1

Von Lembach, Frans: MMA-54-2

Von Nessen, Greta: 53-17

Von Neumann, Robert A.: 54-43, 55-20, 56-25, 57-6

Von Olmutz, Wenzel: 55-10, 59-40

Von Walden, J.: 56-25

Von Wicht, John: 54-18, 55-2, 56-1, 56-25, 57-1, 57-32, 57-36, 58-3, 58-15, 60-1, 60-3, 60-24, 61-15, 61-29, ME-73

Von Wiegand, Charmion: 58-5, 58-26, 60-41, 64-12, ME-75

Vonnoh, Robert: NY-16

Voorhees, Walder, Smith, Smith & Haines: 62-33

Voorhis, D.V.: NY-13

Vos, Martin de: 63-9

Vose, Bob: 57-16

Voss, Gene: ME-74

Voulkos, Peter: 55-22, 57-6, 59-12

Voysey, Charles Francis Annesley: 61-22

Vries, Jan Vredeman de: 63-9

Vries, Roelof van: MMA-54-3

Vuillard, Edouard: 59-5, 60-14, 62-5, ME-40, NY-21

Vujakliaja, Lazar: 54-18

Vytlacil, Vaclav: 55-3, 57-1

W.B. Ford Design Associates: 61-30

W.M. Moser, E. Roth, Artaria & Schmidt: 53-21

Wacker, Hal: 56-2

Waddill, John M.: 61-35

Wadsworth, Charles: 55-2, 55-5, 56-13

Waggott, Bert: 64-7

Wagner, Gordon: 57-10

Wagner & McGingan: ME-29

Wainska, Anna: 58-16

Waintrob, Sidney J.: 58-20

Wakamoto, Richard M.: 57-6

Wakita, Kazu: 58-42, 61-4

Wald Sylvia: 53-16, 56-25, 56-26, 58-3, 60-3, 60-24, NY-3

Waldman, Selma: 54-8

Wales, Shirley: 59-3, 62-8

Walker, Clay: 56-25

Walker, Hank: 58-A&B

Walker, Robert: MMA-54-2

Walker, William H.: 59-6

Walkowitz, Abraham: 55-15, 58-34, 59-6, 63-1, 64-29, 64-30, 64-31

Wallack, W.J.: 62-2

Wallington, Ethel: 55-2

Walmsley, William: 53-26, 60-3

Walser Ursula: 63-5

Walter D. Teague Associates: 61-30

Walters, Carl: 55-11

Walters, Susane: 62-2

Walton, Marion: 53-20

Walton, William: 56-19, 64-5

Walzer, Marjorie: ME-75

Ward, Jacob Caleb: 63-15

Ward, James: 55-24

Ward, Lynd: 56-21

Ward, Philip A.: 60-5

Ward, William: 58-32

Wardlaw, George: 58-32

Wardle, Alfred H.: 57-14, 62-10

Warhol, Andy: 63-30, 64-26, NY-17

Warner, Catherine Townsend: 59-18

Warner, Howard: 58-32

Warner, Burns, Toan & Lunde: 63-16

Warre, Henry James (Sir): 61-3

Warren, Ferdinand: 53-5, 56-13

Warshaw, Howard: 59-1, 61-7

Warshaw, Nat: 57-ee

Wartenweiler, Albert: 61-1

Wartik, Patricia: 53-12, 54-42, 55-6

Wasey, Jane: 52-4

Washburn, Glen: 53-26

Wasserstein, Julius: 58-7

Watanabe, Sadao: 58-35

Waterloo, Anthonie: 60-40, 63-17

Watkins, Franklin Chenault: 56-2, 57-11, 57-28, 60-27, 63-3, ME-23, ME-41, ME-73

Watteau, Jean Antoine: 55-24, 57-18, 59-40, 62-20, 67-19, ME-32

Waugh, Frederick J.: 64-30, 64-31

Wayne, June: 55-20, 57-12, 58-3, 60-3, 63-12

Weavers, Wayne: 62-15

Webb, Clifford: 56-21

Webb, John: 61-22

Webb, Philip: 61-22

Webb, Todd: 63-8

Webber, Helen: 65-6

Weber, Albert: 58-3

Weber, Hugo: 56-2, 61-29

Weber, Max: 53-12, 54-10, 54-25, 55-9, 55-15, 56-1, 57-9, 57-15, 59-6, 59-7, 59-31, 60-13, 60-24, 60-27, 62-28, 62-30, 62-31, ME-7, ME-23, ME-26, ME-31

Webster, E. Ambrose: 64-29, 64-30

Webster, Herman: 57-3, 9-6

Weddige, Emil: 54-18, 56-25, 58-15

Wedel, Nils: 58-15, NE-96

Wedin, Elof: 54-27, 58-6

Weeks, James: NY-18

Wegner, Toon: 56-21

Wegner, Walter F.: 57-14

Weidenaar, Reynold: 58-3

Weidner, Roswell: 63-3

Weigers, Jan: 51-3

Weinberg, Elbert: 54-42, 55-6, 58-16, ME-75, NY-10

Weiner, Ethel: 55-5

Weiner, Paul L.: 61-30

Weinert, Egino: 58-35

Weinrib, David: 57-6, 61-29

Weinrich, Agnes: 64-30

Weir, John Ferguson: 62-7

Weir, Julian Alden: 56-18, 57-11, 62-7, 62-17, 63-1, 64-3

Weisbord, Mimi: 58-3

Weisgard, Leonard: 61-33, VA-53-1

Weismann, Donald: 57-23

Weiss, Sabine: 60-25

Weissauer, Rudolf: 56-2

Weixal, Harry: 53-17

Welch, Kathryn Lathrop: 53-17

Welliver, Neil: 59-12, 62-41

Wellner, Lea: 58-3

Wells, Cady: ME-26

Wells, George: 55-8, 57-6, 60-5

Wells, John R.: 59-56

Welman, Val: 58-3

Welton, Karlyn: 62-10

Welton, Beckett & Associates: 62-24

Wengenroth, Stow: 53-1, ME-7

Wenneman, William H.: 64-30

Wenstrup, Margaret: 56-9

Wenzel, Hans Ernst: 53-24

Wenzel, John J.: 62-10

Wenzler, William P.: 62-24

Wernans, Gerard: 61-20

Werner, Charles: 59-6

Werner, Nat: 52-4, 57-1

Werner, Theodor: 56-7, NE-48

Werner, Woty: NE-48

Werner, Jenssen & Korst: 64-21

Weschler, Anita: 52-4, 53-20

Wescott, Paul: 56-27, 57-10

Wesselman, Tom: 62-41, 64-12, NY-17, NY-18

Wessels Glenn: 58-7

West, Benjamin: 59-24, 62-2, 63-3, 63-11, ME-32

West, Cecil: 52-11

West, Pennerton: 60-24

Westall, Edward: 62-12

Westenenk, Adriek: 61-1

Westerman, H.C.: 60-12, 62-41, 64-20

Weston, Brett: 52-3, 61-8

Weston, Edward: 56-5

Weston, Harold: 55-3, ME-73

Westover, Russ: 57-3

Wettergreen, Steen E.: 57-14

Whanki, Kim: 59-5

Wheatley, Francis: 65-10

Wheeler, Steven T.: ME-75

Wheelwright, Robert: 53-8

Whistler, James McNeill: 54-25, 59-6, 59-34, 60-13, 62-19, 63-19, 67-19, ME-7, ME-11, ME-31, MMA-54-1, NY-9, NY-16

Whitcomb, David G.: 61-30

White, Barbara Joan: 60-5

White, Charles: 66-9

White, Clarence H.: 56-5, 62-25, NY-1

White, Minor: 56-5, 61-8

White, Ralph: 57-23

White, Robert: 56-2, 58-40

White, William: 58-16

White, IV Amos: 62-10

Whiting, Joseph: 59-18

Whiting, Naomi: 62-15

Whitman, Robert: 62-41

Whitmore, James: 58-A&B

Whittlesey & Conklin: 65-9

Whittredge, Thomas Worthington: 59-6, 60-28, 61-3, 63-15, ME-11, NY-4

Whorf, John: 64-30

Widerberg, Arvid: 62-44

Wiegers, Jan: 54-18, NE-96

Wiemann, Hermann: ME-75

Wiener, Jr., Samuel: 61-17

Wienholt, Anne: 56-26

Wier, J. Alden: NY-16

Wierix, Anton: 62-18

Wiersba, Deane O.: 57-14

Wiess, J.: 62-2

Wigfall, Benjamin: 55-20, 56-12

Wighe, A.: 58-27

Wiinblad, Bjorn: 52-5

Wilce, Leory R.: 60-5

Wild, Charles: 62-12

Wildbur, Peter: 53-24

Wilde, John: 56-2, 57-1, 60-4, 61-15, 62-1, 62-31, 64-4

Wildenhain, Franz: 57-6

Wildenhain, Marguerite: 51-15, 57-6

Wiles, Irving R.: 59-6

Wiley, William: 58-7, NY-10

Wilke, Ulfert S.: 58-42, 61-26

Wilkening, Donald J.: 60-5

Wilkins, Ed: 58-32

Wilkinson, Jack: 54-27, 59-12

Will-Grefe: 57-17

Willard, Frank: 57-3

Willet, Henry Lee: 58-16

William, Galligan, Inc.: NY-14

Williams, Charles T.: 58-30

Williams, Esther: 53-1

Williams, Gaar: 57-3

Williams, Garth: VA-53-1

Williams, Gerald: 57-14, 57-6

Williams, Gluyas: 57-3

Williams, Hiram: 57-23, 59-12, 65-4

Williams, J. Scott: 53-8

Williams, Jackie: 53-26

Williams, Lawrence: 58-39

Williams, Micah: 64-1

Williams, Richard: 53-16

Williams, Todd: 66-9

Williams, Walter: 55-14, 56-12, 57-2

Williams, William: 63-15

Williamson, Clara: 57-9, 57-23

Willis, Robert: 58-39

Willis, Constance Clark: 56-25

Wilson, Bryan: 57-6, 58-7, 58-42, 65-11

Wilson, Helen: 52-4

Wilson, Jane: 63-7, 65-2, ME-73, ME-74

Wilson, Katherine & Burton: 57-6

Wilson, Maria: 51-15

Wilson, Mary Ann: 64-1

Wilson, Richard: 65-10

Wilson, Sol: 53-12, 64-29, 64-30, ME-73

Wilson Tom Muir: 65-7

Wiltshire & Fisher: ME-19

Wimar, Charles: 61-3

Wimmer, Hein & Gertrud: 61-1

Winckler, Katherine: 57-6

Winde, Jochen: 61-1

Windust, Marjorie: 64-30

Winebrenner, James: 62-10

Wineland, N.W.: 64-1

Wines, James: 58-12, 60-42, 61-29, 62-40, 63-31, 64-20, ME-56, NY-10

Winfield, Rodney: 58-16

Wingate, Arline: 52-4

Winge, Sigurd: 57-40

Wingren, Dan: 55-6, 57-23

Winkel, Nina: 52-4

Winkler, John W.: ME-7

Winokur, Robert M.: 62-10

Winston, Bob: 51-15, 54-43

Winter, Andrew: 64-31

Winter, Fritz: 54-18, 56-7, 57-9, 59-36, 64-2

Winter, Joseph: 56-2

Wise, Jack: 53-26

Wiser, J.: 58-14

Wisniewski, Alfred: 61-11

Wison, Ben: 56-2

Wissing, Benno: 61-20

Withers, Margaret Craver: 57-6

Witherstine, Donald F.: 64-30

Woelffer, Emerson: 56-2, 9-1

Woell, James: 62-10

Wohlgemut, Michael: NY-9

Wojcik, Frank: 57-14

Wolcott, Marion Post: 64-28

Wolf, Ben: 64-29, 64-30

Wolf, Helen: 64-30

Wolf, Jean: ME-75

Wolfe, Jack: 56-9, 57-12, 59-1, NY-10

Wolfe, Lynn R.: 58-16

Wolff, Robert Jay: 59-1

Wolfson, Sidney: ME-59

Wolgemut, Michel: 55-10

Wolk, Joan Lee

Wollner, Leo & Grete: 53-24, 61-1

Wolpert, Ludwig Y.: ME-75

Wols, W.S.: 61-9

Wonders, Seanie: 58-32

Wong, Nancy: 62-10

Wong & Campbell, Worley K. & John C.: SD-8

Wonner, Paul: 54-42, 58-7, 60-1, 64-26

Woo, Gary: 58-42

Woo, Marie: 57-14

Woo, Mary Balzer: 58-32

Wood: 54-25

Wood, Beatrice: 57-6

Wood, Grant: 60-13, ME-31

Wood, Gross: 55-22

Woodville Richard Caton: 58-27, ME-11

Woolf, M.A.: 57-3

Woolley, Jackson & Ella Marie: 55-22, 60-5

Wopert, Ludwig Y.: 58-16

Wormley, Edward: 51-8, 61-30, 62-15

Worms, Roger: 59-5

Wortruba, Fritz: 60-42, 61-4, 61-29

Wou-ki, Zao: 54-18, 56-21, 58-15, 58-42, 60-14, 61-4

Wren, Christopher (Sir): 61-22

Wrigh,t Donald B.: 58-32, 60-5, 60-12

Wright, Frank Lloyd: 59-15, 61-31, 62-24, ME-8

Wright, Fred William: 62-17

Wright, Russell: 62-15

Wtewael, Joachim Antonisz: 64-9

Wunder, George: 57-3

Wurster, Bernardi & Emmons: SD-8

Wyant, Alexander Helwig: 60-28, NY-4

Wyatt, Wyatville & Buckler James, Jeffrey & John: 61-22

Wyeth, Andrew: 53-8, 54-25, 60-13, 62-17, 62-28, 64-31, ME-7, ME-26, ME-27, ME-31, ME-41, ME-73, NY-5

Wyman, William: 57-6, 60-12

Wynants, Jan: 62-36

Wynne, Al: 61-7

Wynne, Jon: 58-3

Xceron, Jean: 55-3, 58-26, 60-41, 64-10, ME-73

Yager, Jay R.: 62-10, 65-7

Yakutat: 59-4

Yamamoto, Seinen: 65-12

Yamamoto, Taro: 64-30

Yamasaki, Minoru: 61-31

Yamawaki, Yoji: 65-12

Yamazaki: 63-21

Yamazaki, Akira: 65-12

Yamazaki, Kakutaro: 65-12

Yamin, Alice: 62-27

Yanagida: 63-21

Yarbrough, Leila: 65-11

Yardley, Richard Q.: 57-3

Yarenrag: ME-29

Yater, George: 64-30

Yattaw, Carol: 58-3

Yeager, J.: ME-29

Yee, Frank: 54-42

Yeisen, Keisai: NY-12

Yektai, Manoucher: 63-7, 65-2

Yerxa, Thomas: 56-9, 59-12, NY-10

Yoffe, Michael: 53-24

Yoffe, Vladimir: 52-4, 53-20

Yokoi, Rita: 62-10

Yokoi, Teruko: 59-10

Yokokura, Kazan: 65-12

Yokoyama, Hakutei: 65-12

Yokoyama, Ichimu: 65-12

Yonezawa, Hisashi: 65-12

Yong-nim, Ch'oe: 58-33

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Yoshida, Raymond K.: 58-3

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Yoshimura Fumio: 65-6

Yost Phillip: 55-22

Youg-gi, Kim: 58-33

Yougman, William: 55-6

Young, Chic: 57-3

Young, John: 58-42

Young, Louis W.: 61-17

Young, Mahonri M.: 59-6

Youngerman, Jack: 63-7, 63-30, 65-1, 65-11, ME-59, ME-60

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Yrarrazabal, Ricardo: 60-17

Yselin: ME-55

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Yung Art: 55-22

Yunkers, Adja: 53-2, 53-16, 56-25, 56-26, 58-43, 59-23, 60-4, 60-24, 61-9, 62-27, 63-12, 64-7, 64-12, ME-7, ME-49, ME-73

Yves-Bonnat: 59-19

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Zakhariev, Vassil: 56-21

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Zaviri, Z.: 58-36

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Zeid Fakhr-El-Nissa(Princess): 56-15

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Zerbe, Karl: 54-10, 55-13, 57-9, 57-28, 57-35, 58-5, 58-44, 59-1, 60-36, 62-30, 64-30, ME-26, ME-73, ME-55, ME-74

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Zetlin, Florence: 61-35

Zgaib, Khalil: 56-29

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Zieler, Mogens: 52-5, 56-21, NE-96

Ziemann Richard Claude: 58-3, 59-12, 60-3

Zigaina Giuseppe: 58-40, 61-11

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Zimmer, Fred: 56-25

Zimmerman: ME-55

Zimmerman, John: 58-A&B

Zimmerman, Muriel: 58-32

Zimmerman, Paul: 64-29, 64-30

Ziner Zeke: 58-12

Zingale Santos: 58-3

Zion & Breen, Robert & Harold: 62-33

Zirkle, Louis: 62-10

Zirkle, Merle: 62-10

Zirm, Paul E.: 53-17

Ziroli, Nicola: 56-13, 59-10

Znamierowski, Nellie: 58-32

Zoellner, Richard: 54-18, 55-20, 56-25, 56-26, 60-3, 60-22, 62-3, NE-96

Zorach, Marguerite: 64-29, 64-30, 64-31, 65-2

Zorach, William: 52-4, 55-12, 55-19, 56-2, 56-22, 57-15, 58-34, 62-30, 64-31

Zoran Antonio: 60-15

Zoretich, George: 53-12

Zorn, Anders: 62-5

Zox, Larry: 63-24, 64-12, 65-11

Zschaler Othmar: 61-1

Zuber: NY-14

Zuberlein, Jakob: 64-9

Zuccaro, Federigo: 56-16, 64-9

Zucchi Jacopo: 61-22

Zulawski Marek: 56-15

Zumstein, Beat: 53-2

Zurbaran, Francisco: ME-32

Zuver, Nora: 64-30

Zwart, Piet: 61-20
The records of the American Federation of Arts (AFA) were donated to the Archives of American Art (AAA) over a thirteen-year period, with the bulk of the material arriving between 1964 and 1966. In 1979, Preston Bolton donated his letters and those from John de Menil, Ann Drevet, Lee Malone, and others regarding planning for the 1957 AFA annual convention held in Houston, Texas; convention committee minutes from 1956; and AFA newsletters. This material, as well as a 1979 gift from Louise Ferrari of transcripts from a panel discussion from the 1957 AFA convention in Houston, was microfilmed on AAA Reel 1780. All material previously microfilmed on Reel 1780 has been fully integrated into the collection and arranged within proper series and subseries. The provenance of the 1990-1993 printed material is unknown.
Use requires an appointment.
The American Federation of Arts records are owned by the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Literary rights as possessed by the donor have been dedicated to public use for research, study, and scholarship. The collection is subject to all copyright laws.
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American Federation of Arts records, 1895-1993 (bulk 1909-1969). Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
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32.1 Linear feet
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Photograph albums
The records of the National Arts Club measure 32.1 linear feet and date from 1898 to 1960. The collection documents the founding of the club, and it's governance, administration, exhibitions, and social activities
Scope and Content Note:
Records of the National Arts Club, spanning the period 1898 to 1960, document the founding of the organization, and its governance, administration, finances, exhibitions, and social activities. There are large gaps in the records and many of those surviving are incomplete, which can be explained by a 1932 resolution of the Board of Governors that "old files and letters and bills in the storeroom prior to 1922 may be destroyed at the discretion of the Secretary and Treasurer."

Minutes and reports of the Board of Governors and Executive Committee are fairly complete through 1949, but sparse thereafter. Records do not exist for all standing and special committees, and those remaining tend to be concentrated in the early twentieth century.

Correspondence of the officers, for the most part, is routine and relates to administrative matters. Financial records cover the period 1917 to 1950, with a large number of gaps.

A small number of records of the Arts Realty Co. (later known as 15 Gramercy Park, Inc.) are extant. These include lists of stockholders, correspondence concerning mortgage bonds, and minutes.

Membership records, arranged alphabetically, are available for the years 1931 to 1959, and there are rosters arranged by membership category, 1940-1952; in addition, printed membership lists were issued circa 1900-1951.

More than four hundred exhibitions are known to have been held in the galleries of the National Arts Club between 1899 and 1960. Catalogs for 124 National Arts Club exhibitions are available at the Archives of American Art; 69 titles are to be found among the Club's records and an additional 55 were microfilmed previously as parts of other collections. Other exhibition documentation includes printed matter such as invitations, entry blanks, publicity, and photographs (see Appendix A). For some exhibitions, supporting documentation such as correspondence with exhibitors and collectors, sales and consignment records, and shipping receipts have survived. These files are mainly confined to Books of the Year exhibitions, Arts and Crafts/Decorative Arts exhibitions, and a smaller number of exhibitions of Living American Etchers, 1928-1957.

General social events, activities sponsored by Arts Club committees, and special commemorative occasions are documented by invitations, programs, publicity, calendars of events, and photographs. The majority of this material is contained in seventeen scrapbooks, 1898-1940. Programs of the Men's Open Table, 1915-1950, are particularly well documented by the Chairman's correspondence and three volumes containing meeting notices with signatures of members in attendance.

In addition to printed matter relating to exhibitions and events, scrapbooks, 1898-1940, contain general publicity, clippings concerning members, and samples of National Arts Club printed matter such as form letters to the general membership, brochures, ballots, house rules, published membership lists, year books, and the like. Loose printed matter augments that preserved in the scrapbooks. These sources combined provide a fairly complete set of the Bulletin, but the number of year books is small, and there are catalogs of only slightly more than a third of the exhibitions identified.

Photographs, in addition to those recording exhibitions and events, include portraits of governors, officers, distinguished visitors, speakers, and performers; views of Gramercy Park and the interior and exterior of the clubhouse; and works of art in the permanent collection.

Miscellaneous material includes information on the National Arts Club's first home on West 34th Street, and the Tilden Mansion, its current clubhouse on Gramercy Park; histories of the organization; unpublished speeches presented at Club occasions; and copies of legal documents, including the Club's charter and act of incorporation.

See Appendix A for an annotated list of National Arts Club exhibitions, 1899-1960
The records are arranged into the following series:

Series 1: Board of Governors, 1898-1960, undated

Series 2: Administration, 1898-1960, undated

Series 3: Financial Records, 1917-1952

Series 4: Membership, circa 1900-1962

Series 5: Arts Realty Co., 1909-1913, 1945-1956, undated

Series 6: Miscellaneous, 1890-1961, undated

Series 7: Photographs, 1899-1957, undated

Series 8: Printed Matter, 1893-1960, undated

Series 9: Scrapbooks, 1898-1940
Historical Note:
The National Arts Club was founded by Charles de Kay, literary and art critic for the New York Times who believed there was a need for a club uniting all of the arts. In March of 1898, de Kay called together a number of civic leaders and men prominent in the art world who supported the idea, elected the first officers and incorporated the Club in 1899.

As stated in a circular issued by the Club, its specified purposes were: to promote the mutual acquaintance of art lovers and art workers in the United States; to stimulate and guide toward practical and artistic expression the artistic sense of the American people; to maintain in the City of New York a Club House...for social purposes in connection with the arts; to provide proper exhibition facilities for such lines of art, especially applied and industrial art, as shall not be otherwise adequately provided for in the same City; and to encourage the publication and circulation of news, suggestions and discussions relating to the fine arts.

During its initial months, the National Arts Club operated from a temporary office at 156 Fifth Avenue. In the search for a permanent site, considerable care was taken to select an auspicious location and accommodations, and in 1899 the first clubhouse was opened at 37 West 34th Street in leased quarters renovated expressly for the Club. Within a year, the gallery and restaurant required additional space, and there was a desire to provide overnight quarters for members visiting from out of town. In 1901 the Club created a corporation, Arts Realty Co., which issued shares to members and other investors for the purpose of raising funds to purchase the adjacent property (39 West 34th Street). This end was accomplished, and when it was decided to move the Club to another location, proceeds from the sale of the lease on 37 West 34th Street and the lot next door, augmented by additional funds subscribed by members, enabled Arts Realty Co. to acquire the Tilden Mansion at 15 Gramercy Park in 1905. Construction was begun immediately on a connecting studio tower to the rear (119-121 East 19th Street), designed by architect and Club President George B. Post. Upon completion, the Club bought the property from Arts Realty Co., issuing both First and Second Mortgage Bonds to individual subscribers. The Gramercy Park property has been occupied by the Club since 1906.

A show of American gold and silver work in October 1899 was the first exhibition held at the National Arts Club. Decorative arts, crafts, and industrial arts figured prominently in early exhibitions, as did designs for civic improvements. The monthly exhibition schedule emphasized contemporary American art, but also included some historical shows. Members of the public were admitted without charge to the galleries, where they could view such innovative and important exhibitions as Pictorial Photographs presented by the Photo-Secession (1902) and a group exhibition featuring the works of Robert Henri, William Glackens, George Luks, Arthur B. Davies, and Maurice Prendergast (1904). After about 1907, exhibitions grew more conservative, probably reflecting the personal tastes of Art Committee members rather than a formal opposition of the Club to nonrepresentational art. Increasingly, the exhibition schedule was filled by shows of members' work, the Club's permanent collection (mainly works by artist members, usually given in payment for life membership), the Annual Arts and Crafts exhibitions, Books of the Year exhibitions, and shows organized by various art societies.

In addition to exhibitions, the National Arts Club regularly featured a variety of cultural programs such as concerts, lectures, and dramatic presentations for members and guests. Parties, dinner, dances, and other social activities drew members to the Club, too. During its first years, some artist members expressed dissatisfaction with the high priority given social functions; by 1905, J. Carroll Beckwith, Walter Shirlaw, and Stanford White were among those who had resigned for this reason.

Within the National Arts Club there have been some smaller societies. The earliest of these were The Discus, a short lived dining and debating club, and The Vagabonds, a lunch group of writers, editors, printers and illustrators. The Men's Open Table, founded in 1910, met weekly for more than forty years for dinner followed by a talk, given by a fellow member or an outside, often professional, lecturer. A wide range of topics, not necessarily on the arts, were presented and discussed at the Men's Open Table. The American Institute of Graphic Arts is one of the organizations said to have developed from associations formed and discussions held at the Men's Open Table. A Women's Open Table, patterned after the men's, was established later.

The National Arts Club, unlike many other private clubs founded during the same era, admitted women members from its inception. Throughout its history, the Club's membership has been comprised of artists, musicians, writers, and performers, as well as collectors and supporters of the arts drawn from all parts of the country. Membership peaked at around 1,800 in 1920, declining throughout the Depression and again in the mid-1950s, and remaining at about 600 for the next two decades.

1898 -- Founding; occupied temporary office at 156 Fifth Ave.

1899 -- Incorporation; leased clubhouse at 37 West 34th St.; opened first exhibition, American Gold and Silver Work

1900 -- Constitution adopted

1901 -- First donations to permanent collection; Arts Realty Co. formed for the purpose of acquiring and financing the adjacent property (39 West 34th St.)

1905 -- Arts Realty Co. purchased Gramercy Park property (Tilden Mansion) on behalf of NAC; remodeling of clubhouse and construction of studio tower begun

1906 -- Plan for financing new clubhouse approved; second Mortgage Bonds issued; clubhouse and studio tower occupied; First Annual Books of the Year Exhibition

1907 -- Annual Members' Exhibition initiated; Bulletin began publication

1910 -- First meeting of Men's Open Table (established 1909)

1914 -- Essay contest, "A Critical Estimate of the Altman Collection"

1917 -- American Artists War Emergency Fund Committee issues art stamp

1923 -- Junior Artist membership category created

1930-1931 -- Essay contest, "Soul of America"

1940 -- Works by deceased artist life members deaccessioned from permanent collection; fund for refugee artists established

1962 -- Clubhouse designated New York City Landmark

1976 -- Clubhouse designated National Historic Landmark

1987 -- NAC records donated to Archives of American Art
Appendix A: Annotated List of National Arts Club Exhibitions, 1899-1960:
* = photographs included with records of NAC (See pp. 22-23 for reel and frame numbers)

+ = photograph in NAC album (See pp. 24 for reel and frame numbers)

x = catalog, checklist, or printed announcement included with NAC printed matter

s = copy of catalog in NAC scrapbook (volume number noted, see pp. 27-32 for reel and frame numbers of each volume)

Microfilm reel and frame numbers (e.g.: N134:416-419) are cited below for NAC catalogs appearing in other collections within the Archives of American Art.

DateExhibitionOct. 30 *, 1899 -- House Warming, Exhibition of American Gold and Silver Work

Nov. 13-18, 1899 -- Tenth Exhibition of the Woman's Art Club; Reception to Miss Cecilia Beaux (N134:416-419)

Nov. 27-Dec. 10, 1899 -- Art Pottery, American, Oriental, and European (N134:407-415)

Dec. 23-Jan. 8, 1899 -- Exhibition of Small Bronzes (N134:437-443)

Jan. 13, 1900 -- Exhibition of Photographs, works by members of the Society of Mural Painters

Jan. 29, 1900 -- Design for Street Refuge, shown by New York Municipal Art Society

Feb. 5-22, 1900 -- Exhibition of Embroideries and Native Rugs (N134:420-425)

Feb. 24-Mar. 10, 1900 -- John Leslie Breck Memorial Exhibition (N443:703-708; N551:719-724)

Mar. 24-Apr. 14, 1900 -- Pastel Exhibition, American Work

Apr., 1900 -- Old and Modern Japanese Prints

Apr. 14-21, 1900 -- Ernest Tarleton Memorial Exhibition

Apr. 21-May 3, 1900 -- Exhibition of Color Reproductions, American and European

May 10-21, 1900 -- American Art Leatherwork (N134:432-426)

May 24-30, 1900 -- Small Exhibition of Japanese Water Colors

May 31-June 14, 1900 -- William Hamilton Gibson Memorial Exhibition

June, 1900 -- New York Municipal Art Society Competition

Nov. 28-Dec. 19 x, 1900 -- Arts and Crafts (N134:421-431)

Jan., 1901 -- Birds and Beasts in Art

Feb., 1901 -- Art Leatherwork and Objects Relating to the Hearth

Mar., 1901 -- Works by the Society of Mural Painters

Apr., 1901 -- Books and Bookmaking

Apr., 1901 -- Howard Walter, Water Colors Taken in Europe

May, 1901 -- Glass in the Arts

May, 1901 -- Memorial to John A. Fraser, His Paintings

May-Nov., 1901 -- Arts and Crafts in the Liberal Arts Building, Pan-American Pacific Exhibition, Buffalo, N.Y.

June-Sept., 1901 -- Sculpture, Oil Paintings, Pastels, Water Colors, and Objects of Industrial Art by Members of the Club

Oct., 1901 -- Memorial Window for the Ames Family by John La Farge

Nov., 1901 -- Annual Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture by the Woman's Art Club

Dec., 1901 -- Objects Shown at the Pan-American Pacific Exposition

Jan., 1902 -- Ecclesiastical Art

Feb., 1902 -- Art Objects Relating to Civic Art, under the auspices of the Municipal Art Society

Mar., 1902 -- American Pictorial Photographs, shown by the Photo-Secession

Mar. 26-Apr. 21, 1902 -- Fourth Annual Exhibition of the National Sculpture Society (N551:725-729; N134:446-451)

May, 1902 -- Pictures of "Womanhood"

May, 1902 -- Memorial Window for Baltimore by D. Maitland Armstrong; Memorial Window for Wells College by Mrs. Ella Condie Lamb June Window in Stained Glass, Memorial to Julia Doane, Chicago, by John La Farge

Oct., 1902 -- Collection of Objects in Metal; Artistic Bird Cages lent by A. W. Drake, Esq.

Nov., 1902 -- Annual Exhibition by the Woman's Art Club

Nov., 1902 -- Paintings by Four Western Artists, Messrs. Duveneck, Steele, Meakin and Sharp, through the courtesy of the Cincinnati Museum Association

Dec., 1902 -- Designs Submitted for Competition for the Emblem of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition

Jan. s, 1903 -- Portraits of Napoleon, lent by John Leonard Dudley, Jr., Esq. (volume 4)

Jan., 1903 -- "Autumn," Stained Glass Window for the country residence of William C. Whitney, by John La Farge

Feb., 1903 -- Eskimo and Arctic Objects, with Paintings from the Arctic and Antarctic Circles by Frank Wilbert Stokes

Mar., 1903 -- Objects of Municipal Art

Apr., 1903 -- Examples of Ideal Art by American Artists

May, 1903 -- Sculptures by Rodin, Roche, and Rivere, belonging to Miss Lois Fuller

May, 1903 -- Portraits and other Paintings by American Artists of the Colonial and Early Periods

June-Oct., 1903 -- Summer Exhibition of Paintings, Water Colors, and Sculpture by Members of the Club

Nov., 1903 -- Jewelry and Precious Stones, Modern, Old and Oriental

Dec. 1-14, 1903 -- Thirteenth Annual Exhibition of the Woman's Art Club (N134:452-456)

Dec., 1903 -- Stained Glass Window, designed by Miss Mary E. Tillinghast

Dec., 1903 -- Sketches for the Sculpture at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, shown by the National Sculpture Society

Jan. 5-16 s, 1904 -- Loan Exhibition of Pictures by Eminent American Painters (N134:426-464, and volume 4)

Jan. 5-16 s, 1904 -- Loan Exhibition of Pictures by Robert Henri, William Glackens, George Luks, Arthur B. Davies, and Maurice Prendergast (volume 4)

Feb., 1904 -- Pictures by Contemporary American Artists

Mar. 2-15, 1904 -- Loan Exhibition of Pictures by American Figure Painters (N50:471-472; N134:460-461)

Mar., 1904 -- Annual Exhibition of Objects of Municipal Art

Apr. 5-15 s, 1904 -- Loan Exhibition of Pictures by Some Boston Artists (N443:713-715, and volume 4)

Apr. 19-30 s, 1904 -- Loan Exhibition of Pictures by Old Masters, lent by the Messrs. Durand-Ruel (N443:711-712; N134:462-464, and volume 4)

May 3-14 s, 1904 -- Oil Paintings, Water Colors, and Drawings by John La Farge, N.A. (volume 4)

May, 1904 -- Photographs of Paintings by Old Italian Masters, under the auspices of the Library Committee

Oct., 1904 -- Work of Holders of the Lazarus and Reinhart Scholarships executed while at the American Academy in Rome

Nov., 1904 -- "The Moral and Divine Law," painting by John La Farge

Nov., 1904 -- Exhibition by Members of the Nippon-Bijitsuin (Japanese Art Academy)

Jan., 1905 -- Exhibition by the Lyme Group of Painters

Feb., 1905 -- "Old Masters" and Aphrodite

Feb., 1905 -- Pictures by Some Boston Artists

Mar., 1905 -- Annual Exhibition of the Municipal Art Society of New York

Apr., 1905 -- Artistic and Commercial Posters, under the Auspices of the Municipal Art Society

Apr., 1905 -- Textiles and Ceramics

Oct., 1905 -- "Out of Doors" as Seen by Various Artists

Nov., 1905 -- Color Prints by S. Arlent-Edwards

Dec., 1905 -- American Indians as Seen by the Artist and the Artist Photographer

Jan., 1906 -- Birds and Beasts in Art

Feb., 1906 -- Miniatures

Mar., 1906 -- Fifth Annual Exhibition of the Municipal Art Society

Mar., 1906 -- Exhibition by the Alumni of Cooper Institute

Apr. 2-14 s, 1906 -- Municipal Art Society Exhibit of Poster Designs (volume 4)

Apr.-May, 1906 -- Exhibition by the Women's Art Club of New York

Nov. 8-18 s, 1906 -- Opening Exhibition [first exhibition in new quarters]: American Paintings from the Collection of Mr. William T. Evans (D45:29-34, and volume 4)

Dec., 1906 -- Books of the Year

Dec. 8-Jan. 1 s, 1906 -- Pictures by Some American Painters (volume 4)

Jan. 12-Feb. 1 s, 1907 -- Modern German Paintings from the Collection of Mr. Hugo Reisinger (N443:716-717, and volume 4)

Feb. s, 1907 -- Exhibition of Wood Engravings by Timothy Cole made for Century Magazine

Feb., 1907 -- Longfellow Memorial

Mar. 13-31, 1907 -- Sixth Annual Exhibition of the Municipal Art Society of New York

Apr., 1907 -- New York Society of Ceramic Artists

Apr., 1907 -- Paintings and Sculpture by Members

May s, 1907 -- Exhibition of Artists' Preliminary Sketches

May-Nov., 1907 -- Sketches by Members

Oct. 16-Nov. 16 s, 1907 -- Fall Exhibition of Sketches by Members (volume 4)

Nov. 20-Dec. 11, 1907 -- Arts and Crafts Exhibition (N29:1001-1026)

Dec., 1907 -- Second Annual Exhibition of the New Books of the Year

Jan. 4-25 s, 1908 -- Contemporary Art (N443:744-746, and volume 5)

Feb., 1908 -- First Annual Exhibition of Advertising Art

Feb. 1-15 s, 1908 -- Contemporary Paintings (volume 5)

Mar., 1908 -- Exhibition of the Municipal Art Society of New York

Apr. 2-25 * s, 1908 -- Special Exhibition of Members' Work (volume 5)

Apr. 15-May 8 s, 1908 -- Members' Spring Exhibition (volume 5)

Apr. 25-May 15 s, 1908 -- Paintings Loaned by C. C. Ruthrauff (volume 5)

May *, 1908 -- Exhibition of Painting, Sculpture, and Illustration under the auspices of the Art Students League of New York

Oct. 21-Nov. 7 s, 1908 -- Members' Fall Sketch Exhibition (volume 5)

Nov. *, 1908 -- Third Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec., 1908 -- Arts and Crafts Exhibition

Jan., 1909 -- Second Annual Exhibition of Advertising Art

Jan., 1909 -- Small Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by Contemporary Artists

Feb. 2-20 s, 1909 -- International Exhibition of Pictorial Photography (volume 1)

Feb. 23-Mar. 17 s, 1909 -- John W. Alexander Retrospective Exhibition (volume 5)

Apr., 1909 -- Exhibition of the New York Society of Keramic Arts

May, 1909 -- Spring Exhibition of Members' Work

July, 1909 -- Paintings from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. William T. Evans

Sept.-Oct., 1909 -- Three Centuries of New York, under the auspices of the Hudson-Fulton Celebration

Nov. 3-26 s, 1909 -- Fourth Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year (volume 5)

Dec., 1909 -- Third Annual Exhibition of Arts and Crafts

Jan., 1910 -- William M. Chase Retrospective Exhibition

Feb., 1910 -- Exhibition of American Landscape Painting

Mar. 2-28 s, 1910 -- Exhibition of Paintings by Louis Mark, of Budapest (volume 5)

Apr. 6-30 s, 1910 -- Exhibition of Paintings by Alfred East, of London (N134:465-469, and volume 5)

May, 1910 -- Exhibition of Household Art, under the auspices of the Domestic Training Department of the Public Schools

May 4-Oct. s, 1910 -- Third Annual Exhibition of the Former Students of the Art Students League (volume 5)

Oct. 20-Nov. 1 s +, 1910 -- Third Annual Exhibition of Advertising Art (volume 5)

Nov.-Dec., 1910 -- Fifth Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. * +, 1910 -- Fourth Annual Arts and Crafts Exhibition

Jan. 5-Feb. 3 s +, 1911 -- First Annual Artist Life Members' Exhibition (volume 5)

Feb. +, 1911 -- Exhibition of the New York Society of Keramic Arts

Feb. 11-Mar. 10, 1911 -- Circuit Exhibition of Contemporary Art (D12:437-439; N52:105-107)

Mar. 8-Apr. 5 * s +, 1911 -- Paintings and Drawings by Walter Shirlaw, N.A. (N52:967-973, and volume 5)

Apr., 1911 -- Exhibition of the Municipal Art Society of New York

Apr. 26-May * s +, 1911 -- Group Exhibition of Paintings: William R. Derrick, Reynolds Beal, Frederick J. Waugh (volume 5)

Oct. 25-Nov. 4 * +, 1911 -- Exhibition of Color Schemes and Model Rooms in Miniature

Nov. 8-30 * +, 1911 -- Sixth Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 7-28 * +, 1911 -- Fifth Annual Arts and Crafts Exhibition

Jan. 3-28 s +, 1912 -- First Prize Exhibition of Artist Life Members (N443:754-756, and volume 6)

Jan. 31-Feb. 18 * s +, 1912 -- Otto Walter Beck Exhibition (volume 6)

Feb. 21-Mar. 10 s +, 1912 -- Etchings of E. T. Hurley (volume 6)

Mar. 13-20 s +, 1912 -- National Park Pictures Collected and Exhibited by the Department of the Interior (volume 3)

Apr. 4-21 s +, 1912 -- Paintings, Embroideries, and Tapestries from the Collection of Mr. Emerson McMillan (D45:462-468; N443:757-762, and volume 6)

Apr. 4-Mar. 12 s, 1912 -- Exhibition of Original Dickens and Thackeray Drawings by Harry Furniss (volume 3)

May 8-June 1 * s +, 1912 -- Sculpture Exhibition (volume 6)

June 4-8 +, 1912 -- Exhibition of Industrial Art, under the auspices of The School Art League and the Art Departments of the City High Schools

June-Oct., 1912 -- Summer Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture

Oct. 16-Nov. 12 +, 1912 -- Third Special Exhibition of the Society of Illustrators

Nov. 13-29, 1912 -- Seventh Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 4-28 +, 1912 -- Sixth Annual Exhibition of the National Society of Craftsmen

Jan. 8-Feb. 9 +, 1913 -- Work of the Painter, Sculptor, and Architect Members (N443:763-767; N50:126-130)

Feb. 12-Mar. 9 * +, 1913 -- Exhibition of Works by the Late Frederick Warren Freer

Mar. 12-31 +, 1913 -- The Applied Arts of Germany

Apr. 2-27 +, 1913 -- Small Works by Six Painters: Richard E. Miller, Frederick Carl Frieseke, Charles W. Hawthorne, William Wendt, William Ritschel, and Elise Dodge Pattee

Apr. 30-June 1 +, 1913 -- Small Marbles and Bronzes (N551:732-737)

May-June, 1913 -- Summer Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture

Oct. 15-Nov. 9, 1913 -- Society of Illustrators

Nov. 12-28, 1913 -- Eighth Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 3-28 * +, 1913 -- Seventh Annual Exhibition of the National Society of Craftsmen

Jan. 8-Feb. 1 +, 1914 -- Work of Painter, Sculptor, and Architect Members

Feb. 4-21, 1914 -- The Pastellists

Feb. 5-Mar. 21 x +, 1914 -- Contemporary Art

Mar. 11-29 * +, 1914 -- Hungarian Peasant Art (N134:470-479)

Apr. 1-May 2 +, 1914 -- Paintings by Eleven Western Artists

May 6-31 * +, 1914 -- Exhibition of Small Sculpture (N551:738-743)

June-Sept., 1914 -- Paintings

Nov. 4-27, 1914 -- Ninth Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 3-28 +, 1914 -- Eighth Annual Exhibition of National Society of Craftsmen

Jan. 7-31 +, 1915 -- Work of Painter Members (N551:744-746)

Feb. 4-25 +, 1915 -- Forty-eighth Annual Exhibition of American Water Color Society

Mar. 3-24 +, 1915 -- Portraits (N551:747-748)

Apr. 7-13 +, 1915 -- Sculpture

May 5-21, 1915 -- Exhibition of Municipal Art Society

June-Oct. *, 1915 -- Work of Painter Members

Oct. 13-30 +, 1915 -- Fifth Special Exhibition of the Society of Illustrators

Nov. 5-13 +, 1915 -- American Wood Engraving, under the auspices of the American Institute of Graphic Arts

Nov. 17-Dec. 3, 1915 -- Tenth Anniversary Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 8-30 +, 1915 -- Ninth Annual Exhibition of the National Society of Craftsmen

Jan. 6-28 +, 1916 -- Work of Painter Members

Feb. 3-27 +, 1916 -- Forty-ninth Annual Exhibition of American Water Color Society

Mar. 2-25 * +, 1916 -- Loan Exhibition of Portraits of Academicians and Associates Selected from the Permanent Collection of the National Academy of Design (N551:749-752; N134:480-483)

Mar. 28-Apr. 14 +, 1916 -- One Hundred American Paintings by the American Institute of Graphic Arts (N443:768-770)

Mar. 28-Apr. 14 +, 1916 -- Exhibition of American Printing

Apr. 19-May 6, 1916 -- Exhibition of the Municipal Art Society

May 10-26, 1916 -- English Posters

June-Aug. +, 1916 -- Members' Summer Sketch Exhibition

Oct. 5-Nov. 3, 1916 -- Photography, under the auspices of the American Institute of Graphic Arts

Nov. 9-30, 1916 -- Eleventh Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 7-29, 1916 -- Tenth Annual Exhibition of the National Society of Craftsmen

Jan. 3-28 +, 1917 -- Annual Exhibition of the Work of Artist Members

Feb. 1-24 +, 1917 -- Fiftieth Annual Exhibition of the American Water Color Society

Feb. 28-Mar. 23 +, 1917 -- Etchings, under the auspices of the American Institute of Graphic Arts

Mar. 29-Apr. 27, 1917 -- Paintings by Boston Artists

May 2-Sept. +, 1917 -- Members' Sketch Exhibition

Oct. 3-31 +, 1917 -- Paintings from the Netherlands Section of the Panama-Pacific Exposition

Oct. 4-31, 1917 -- Illustrations of the Catskill Aqueduct

Nov. 8-30 +, 1917 -- Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 6-29, 1917 -- Eleventh Annual Exhibition of the National Society of Craftsmen

Jan. 3-Feb. 1 +, 1918 -- Annual Exhibition of Paintings by Members

Feb. 7-Mar. 1 +, 1918 -- Fifty-first Annual Exhibition of the American Water Color Society

Mar. 20-Apr. 26, 1918 -- Life Membership Pictures from the Permanent Collection

May, 1918 -- War Posters, under the auspices of the American Society of Graphic Arts

June 2-Oct. 1 +, 1918 -- Sketch Exhibition by Members

Dec. 5-28 +, 1918 -- Twelfth Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Jan. 8-31 +, 1919 -- Retrospective Exhibition of the Work of the Artist Life Members

Feb., 1919 -- Fifty-second Annual Exhibition of the American Water Color Society

Mar., 1919 -- Exhibition of War Housing

Apr. 2-May 3 +, 1919 -- Special Exhibition of the Society of Illustrators (N29:873-875)

May-Oct. +, 1919 -- Annual Exhibition of Sketches by Members

Nov., 1919 -- Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Jan. 7-30 +, 1920 -- Annual Exhibition of Painter and Sculptor Members (N29:864-866)

Feb., 1920 -- Fifty-third Annual Exhibition of the American Water Color Society

Mar., 1920 -- Drawings from Artists' Portfolios

Mar. 3-27 x +, 1920 -- American Drawings and Sculpture Sketches

Mar. 31-Apr. 16 +, 1920 -- Special Exhibition of the Society of Illustrators (N29:867-869)

May, 1920 -- Printing by the American Institute of Graphic Arts

June-Oct. +, 1920 -- Sketches and Small Sculpture by Members

Nov., 1920 -- Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 1-29 +, 1920 -- Exhibition of Art Expression by Club Members

Jan. 5-27 +, 1921 -- Members' Annual Prize Exhibition

Mar. 2-31 +, 1921 -- Art Directors Club First Annual Exhibition of Drawings and Paintings Used in American Advertising

Apr. 7-30, 1921 -- Exhibition of Old Prints, under the auspices of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (N443:775-778)

May-Oct., 1921 -- Pictures from the Club's Permanent Collection

Nov., 1921 -- Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 7-30 +, 1921 -- Humorists Exhibition

Jan. 5-28 +, 1922 -- Members' Annual Prize Exhibition

Feb., 1922 -- Seventh Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Bookplates, held by the American Bookplate Society

Feb. 15-Mar. 5 +, 1922 -- Exhibition of Paintings by Charles C.Curran, Franklin de Haven, George Glenn Newell, Harry W. Watrous

Mar., 1922 -- Lithographs

Apr. 5-30 +, 1922 -- Loan Exhibition of American Painting and Sculpture Owned by Club Members

May-Oct. +, 1922 -- Summer Exhibition of Artist Members

Nov., 1922 -- Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 6-29 +, 1922 -- Work by Members

Jan. 10-Feb. 10 +, 1923 -- Members' Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture

Feb. 14-Mar. 3 +, 1923 -- Humorists Exhibition

Mar., 1923 -- Craftwork from Berea College, Kentucky

Mar., 1923 -- Group Exhibition: Roy Brown, Oscar Fehrer, Edmund Greacen, Eugene Higgins, Lee Laurie, F. Luis Mora, Carl Rungius, Edward C. Volkert.

Mar. 28-Apr. 20 +, 1923 -- Group Exhibition: Leon Dabo, William R. Derrick, Charles P. Gruppe, Hayley Lever, Charles R. Patterson

Apr., 1923 -- Miniature Garden Exhibition, by the Garden Club of America

May-July, 1923 -- Exhibition Selected from the Permanent Collection

June 5-28 +, 1923 -- Annual Prize Exhibition of Painter and Sculptor Members

Nov., 1923 -- Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 12-29 +, 1923 -- Work of Living American Etchers

Jan. 9-Feb. 2 +, 1924 -- Members' Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture

Mar. 5-29 +, 1924 -- Exhibition of Sculpture

Apr., 1924 -- Selected Paintings from the Permanent Collection

Apr. 30-May 15 +, 1924 -- Exhibition of Books Illustrating the History of Printing

June, 1924 -- Adirondack Mountain Club Exhibition of Photographs

Nov. *, 1924 -- Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 10-27 +, 1924 -- Second Annual Exhibition of Living American Etchers

Jan. 7-31 +, 1925 -- Members' Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture (N552:122-159)

Feb. 23-Mar. 7 +, 1925 -- Autograph Letters with Accompanying Portraits of Authors, Statesmen, Artists, etc.

Apr. 8-May 9 +, 1925 -- Exhibition of Lithographs, Wood Blocks, and Linoleum Cuts

Nov., 1925 -- Twentieth Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 3-20, 1925 -- Work of Living American Etchers (N552:1-7)

Jan. 13-Feb. 6 +, 1926 -- Members' Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture (N552:19-21)

Feb. 10-27 +, 1926 -- Group Exhibiton by Members of the National Arts Club

Mar. 3-27 +, 1926 -- Copies of Old Masters

Apr., 1926 -- Architecture, Sculpture, and Decorative Painting

May +, 1926 -- Fifth International Exhibition of the Brooklyn Society of Etchers (N552:34-48)

Summer +, 1926 -- Summer Exhibition

Aug.-Oct. x, 1926 -- The Vollbehr Incunabula Exhibition

Nov., 1926 -- Twenty-first Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 2-22 +, 1926 -- Fourth Annual Exhibition of Works of Living American Etchers (N552:8-12)

Jan. 5-29 +, 1927 -- Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture by Members

Feb. 11-27 +, 1927 -- Exhibition and Auction of Works of Art by Artist Members

Mar. 2-21 +, 1927 -- Invited Exhibition by Distinguished American Painters (NHS4:693-695)

Apr. 6-29 +, 1927 -- Norse Pictorial Weaving--Mrs. Berthea Aske Bergh (N552:66-68)

Nov., 1927 -- Twenty-second Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 7-24 +, 1927 -- Fifth Annual Exhibition of Works of Living American Etchers (N552:13-18)

Jan., 1928 -- Members' Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture

Feb. 8-29 +, 1928 -- Small Paintings

Mar. 8-31 x, 1928 -- Exhibition of Decorative Arts

Apr. 4-20 +, 1928 -- Exhibition by Junior Artist Members of the Club

Nov., 1928 -- Twenty-third Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec., 1928 -- Small Paintings

Jan. 8-Feb. 8 + -- Members' Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture

Feb. 13-Mar. 8 -- Sixth Annual Exhibition by Living American Etchers

Mar. + -- Richard M. Hurd Loan Exhibition of Italian Primitives

Apr. 3-26 + -- Exhibition by Junior Artist Members of the Club

May 1-Oct. 1 + -- Summer Exhibition by Painter Life Members

Nov. -- Twenty-fourth Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 4-26 * + -- Exhibition of the Decorative Arts

Jan. 8-Feb. 1 +, 1930 -- Members' Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture

Feb. 5-28 x +, 1930 -- Seventh Annual Exhibition of Living American Etchers

Mar. 5-28 +, 1930 -- Junior Artist Members' Exhibition

Apr. 16-Sept. 30 +, 1930 -- Members' Exhibition of Small Paintings (N134:484-490)

Nov., 1930 -- Silver Anniversary Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 3-26 * +, 1930 -- Eighth Annual Exhibition by Living American Etchers

Jan. 7-Feb. 6 +, 1931 -- Members' Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture

Mar. 4-27 +, 1931 -- Exhibition by the Junior Artist Members

Mar. 13-Apr. 15 x, 1931 -- Auction Exhibition and Sale by Artist Members

Apr. 1-25 +, 1931 -- Members' Work of the New York Water Color Club

May 2-24 +, 1931 -- The Story of Gramercy Park in Portraits and Historical Objects of the Period, in connection with Gramercy Park Centenary Celebration

June 3-Oct. 1 +, 1931 -- Members' Exhibition of Small Paintings

Oct. 21-Nov. 20, 1931 -- Twenty-sixth Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Nov. 26-Dec. 26, 1931 -- Sixteenth Annual Exhibition by the Society of American Etchers (formerly The Brooklyn Society of Etchers)

Jan. 6-13 +, 1932 -- Members' Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture

Feb. 3-27 +, 1932 -- Exhibition of Drawings by Artist Members

Mar. 2-26 +, 1932 -- Paintings by Junior Artist Members

Mar. 13-Apr. 15 +, 1932 -- Auction Exhibition and Sale by Artist Members

Apr. 20-30 +, 1932 -- Exhibition by a Group of New York Art Schools

May 4-Oct. 1 +, 1932 -- Members' Annual Exhibition of Small Paintings

Jan. 4-27 +, 1933 -- Members' Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture

Mar. 1-31 +, 1933 -- Junior Artist Members

Apr. 5-22 +, 1933 -- Society of Illustrators

May 3-Oct. 1 +, 1933 -- Members' Exhibition of Small Paintings and Sculpture

Jan. 3-27 +, 1934 -- Members' Annual Exhibition

Jan. 31-Mar. 2 +, 1934 -- Memorial Exhibition of a Group of Former Painter and Sculptor Members: Max Bohm, Emil Carlsen, Charles Hawthorne, Robert Henri, Karl Bitter, Solon Borglum, Daniel Chester French, Edmund Quinn

Mar. 7-29 +, 1934 -- Junior Artist Members

Apr. 4-27 +, 1934 -- Society of Illustrators, Thirty-second Annual Exhibition

May 2-June 28 +, 1934 -- Members' Exhibition of Small Paintings and Sculpture (N552:69-71; N134:491-494)

Nov.-Dec., 1934 -- Seventeenth Annual Exhibition of the Society of American Etchers (formerly The Brooklyn Society of Etchers) (N552:49-65)

undated -- Twenty-ninth Annual Exhibition of Fifty Books of the Year

Jan. 9-Feb. 1 +, 1935 -- Members' Exhibition (N552:22-24)

Feb. 6-Mar. 2 +, 1935 -- Members' No Jury Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture (N552:72-74)

Mar. 6-29 +, 1935 -- Junior Artist Members (N552:75-77)

Apr. 3-27 +, 1935 -- Loan Exhibition of Works of Art owned by Artist Members (N552:84-96)

undated -- Thirtieth Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

undated -- Twentieth Annual Exhibition of the Society of American Etchers

Jan. 8-31 +, 1936 -- Members' Annual Exhibition (M552:25-27)

Mar. 4-27 +, 1936 -- Junior Artist Members (N552:78-80)

Apr. 1-May 1 x +, 1936 -- Exhibition of Neighboring Art Organizations (N552:92-94)

Spring +, 1936 -- First Annual Exhibition of Pictorial Photography by the Pictorial Forum (N552:87-91)

1936 -- Thirty-first Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

undated -- Twenty-first Annual Exhibition of the Society of American Etchers

Jan. 6-29 +, 1937 -- Members' Annual Exhibition

Mar. 3-26 +, 1937 -- Exhibition by the Younger Artists Group (N134:495-497)

Mar. 31-Apr. 27 +, 1937 -- Second Exhibition of Neighboring Art Organizations (N552:95-97)

Nov. *, 1937 -- Thirty-second Annual Exhibition of Books of the Year

Dec. 8-25 +, 1937 -- Members' Exhibition of Smaller Paintings and Black and Whites (N552:110-112)

Jan. 12-27, 1938 -- Exhibition of Former Painter and Sculptor Members (N552:113-115)

Mar. 14-Apr. 2 +, 1938 -- Third Exhibition of Neighboring Art Organizations (N552:98-100)

Apr. 6-20 +, 1938 -- Younger Artists Group Exhibition (N552:107-109)

Jan. 12-27 x +, 1939 -- Memorial Exhibition of the Work of a Group of Former Painter and Sculptor Members (N134:498-499)

Feb. 1-25 +, 1939 -- Members' Exhibition (N552:28-30)

Mar. 1-31 +, 1939 -- Exhibition of Flower Paintings (N552:116-118; N134:500-502)

Mar. 3-26, 1939 -- Younger Artists Group (N552:104-106)

Apr. 5-21 +, 1939 -- Fourth Annual Exhibition of Neighboring Art Organizations (N552:101-103)

May 10-24 +, 1939 -- Annual Junior Members' Exhibition (N552:81-83; N134:503-505)

June-Oct. +, 1939 -- Selected Works by Deceased Artists from the National Arts Club Permanent Collection (N552:119-121; N134:506-508)

Oct. 18-28 +, 1939 -- Special Exhibition of Paintings by Junior Members

Dec. 4-25 +, 1939 -- Christmas Sale of Paintings, Drawings, Photographs, and Sculpture by Junior Members

Jan. 3-19 +, 1940 -- Members' Annual Exhibition

Jan. 24-Feb. 9 +, 1940 -- Distinguished Exhibition of the Work of Living American Painters, Non-Members

Feb. 14-29 +, 1940 -- Exhibition and Sale of Ceramics (N134:511-513)

Mar. 19-29, 1940 -- Fontainebleau Alumni Exhibition

Apr. 3-19 +, 1940 -- Annual Junior Members' Exhibition

Apr. 24-May 3 +, 1940 -- Flower and Still Life Paintings

May 8-June 1, 1940 -- Special Exhibition of Water Colors, Architectural Renderings, Type Compositions, and Color Reproductions by Edwin Hooper Denby, A.I.A., S.A.D.G. (N443:779-780; N134:509-510)

Dec. +, 1940 -- Twenty-fifth Annual Exhibition of the Society of American Etchers

Feb. 4-Mar. 1, 1942 -- Exhibition of Paintings by Artists of the United Nations (N134:512-518)

June 12-Sept. 30, 1942 -- Members' Summer Exhibition (N134:519)

Dec. 16-Jan. 22, 1942 -- Exhibition of Chinese and Indian Art (N134:520)

Mar. 31-, 1943 -- Exhibition of Junior Members (N134:521)

July 1-Sept. 30, 1943 -- Summer Exhibition of Smaller Paintings by Members (N134:522)

Feb. 17-Mar. 15, 1944 -- Exhibition of Studies by American Masters (N134:523)

Oct. 5-27, 1944 -- Exhibition of Enlarged Photographs of American Patriots as Seen in Sculpture (N134:523)

Jan. 10-Feb. 9 x, 1945 -- Members' Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture

Dec. 22-Jan. 4, 1945 -- Seventh Annual Exhibition of the American Veterans Society of Artists, Inc. (N134:527-540)

May 21-30, 1946 -- The Traphagen School Exhibition of Costume Design, Illustrating the Development of American Fashion (N134:526)

Feb. 20-Mar. 7, 1947 -- Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Paintings (N134:541)

Apr. 20-May 2, 1947 -- Junior Members' Exhibition

Dec. 10-24, 1947 -- Ninth Annual Exhibition of American Veterans Society of Artists, Inc. (N121:721-733)

Feb. 23-Mar. 6, 1948 -- Forty-seventh Annual Exhibition of the New York Society of Ceramic Arts (N134:543)

Mar. 9-21, 1948 -- Annual Exhibition of Junior Members (N134:543)

Apr. 8-May 30, 1948 -- Fiftieth Anniversary Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture by Members, Past and Present (N134:543)

June 10-Sept., 1948 -- Members' Summer Exhibition (N134:544)

Jan. 19-Feb. 9, 1949 -- Fifty-first Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture by Members and Guest Artists (N134:544)

Mar. 14-31, 1949 -- Exhibition by Members of the Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors (N134:545)

May 5-Sept. 15, 1949 -- Members' Summer Exhibition (N134:546)

Oct. 15-Nov. 4, 1949 -- Fourth Annual Exhibition of the Photo-Engravers Society

Jan. 4-Feb. 1, 1950 -- Fifty-second Annual Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture by Members and Guest Artists (N134:546-548 and 550)

Jan. 28-Feb. 19, 1950 -- Eighty-third Annual Exhibition of the American Water Color Society (N134:549)

Feb. 8-23, 1950 -- Exhibition of Creative Art Associates (N134:549)

Mar. 16-Apr. 2, 1950 -- Exhibition of Room Interiors Especially Designed by Members of the American Institute of Decorators, in collaboration with Members of the National Society of Mural Painters (N134:551)

May 7-28, 1950 -- Active Members' Exhibition (N134:551-554)

June 28-Sept. 15, 1950 -- Members' Summer Exhibition (N134:555)

Feb. 26-Mar. 17 x, 1951 -- Paul Mommen

Mar. 24-Apr. 19, 1951 -- Exhibition of Paintings by Non-Members (N134:558-559)

May 5-31, 1951 -- Spring Water Color Exhibition (N134:560)

June 6-, 1951 -- Group Exhibition by Distinguished Artist Members: Gifford Beal, Louis Betts, Charles Clapman, Walter Farndon, Albert Groll, Eugene Higgins, Leon Kroll, Van Dearing Perrine, Keith Shaw Williams

Jan. 6-30, 1952 -- Fifty-fourth Annual Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture by Members and Guest Artists (D176:917-919; N134:561)

Feb. 9-28, 1952 -- Annual Water Color Exhibition (N134:562)

Mar. 9-27, 1952 -- Exhibition of Oil Paintings by Distinguished American Artists (N134:572)

Jan. 4-18, 1953 -- Fifty-fifth Annual Exhibition by Painter and Sculptor Members and Guest Artists (N134:563)

Jan. 25-Feb. 8, 1953 -- Annual Water Color Exhibition (N134:564)

Feb. 15-Mar. 1, 1953 -- Open Exhibition of Oil Paintings (N134:565-568)

Mar. *, 1953 -- Art of Indonesia

May 3-24, 1953 -- Members' Exhibition of Smaller Paintings in Oil (N134:569-571)

Nov. 1-14, 1954 -- The American Artists Professional League, American Art Week (N121:258-259)

Oct. 2-19, 1955 -- Open Water Color Exhibition

Jan. 8-22 x, 1956 -- Fifty-eighth Annual Exhibition by Painter and Sculptor Members and Guest Artists (N134:573-575)

June 17-Sept. 7 x, 1956 -- Members' Summer Exhibition

Sept. 24-Oct. 8 x, 1956 -- James H. Walsh

Oct. 28-Nov. 10 x, 1956 -- Small Picture Exhibition by Members and Guests

Nov. 16-30 x, 1956 -- August Benziger

Dec. 5-22 *, 1956 -- Fiftieth Anniversary Exhibition of Books of the Year

Jan. 6-27, 1957 -- Fifty-ninth Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture by Members and Guest Artists

Feb. 1-15, 1957 -- Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club Sixtieth Annual Exhibition (N134:576-577)

Sept. * x, 1957 -- International Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture

Jan. 10-24 x, 1958 -- Sixtieth Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture by Members and Guest Artists

May 21-31 x, 1958 -- Water Color and Graphic Arts Exhibition by Members and Non-Members

Oct. 17-31 x, 1958 -- Twelfth Annual Exhibition of the Photo-Engravers Society

Nov. 22-Dec. 3 x, 1958 -- Metropolitan Young Artists Show

Jan. 11-26 x, 1959 -- Sixty-first Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture by Members and Guest Artists

Dec. 9-Jan. 7 x, 1959 -- Metropolitan Young Artists Show

Jan. 15-28 x, 1960 -- Sixty-second Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture by Members and Guest Artists

Apr. 18-May 1, 1960 -- Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club Flower Painting Exhibition and Sale (D176:1128-1129)

June 8-29 x, 1960 -- Summer Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture by Members

undated -- * Arts and Crafts Exhibitions

undated -- * x Annual Exhibitions of Books of the Year

undated -- * Ceramic Art Exhibition

undated -- x Water-Oils by Charles S. Chapman, N.A.

undated -- x Fine Art of the Caribbean

undated -- x Painters of the United States, 1720-1920, from the Permanent Collection of the Fine Arts Department, International Business Machines Corp.

undated -- * Pottery Exhibition

undated -- * Traveling Exhibition of Enlarged Photographs of Sculpture and Spring Exhibition of Small Sculpture by Members of the National Sculpture Society

undated -- * Exhibition of Small Sculpture

undated -- x Modern Tapestries from Vienna

undated -- x Annual Open Water Color Exhibition

undated -- x Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, Flower Paintings Exhibition and Sale

undated -- * Unidentified exhibition installations
Related Material:
These citations were compiled from Art Index, 1929-1960; The New York Times Index, 1898-1960; Poole's Index to Periodical Literature, 1898-1906; Nineteenth Century Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature, 1898-1899; and Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature, 1900-1960, using the format employed in Art Index. Citations are presented in chronological order, as it is anticipated that most researchers consulting the National Arts Club Records will be interested in a specific event or era in the Club's history, or are apt to be researching artists whose National Arts Club affiliation or exhibition activities were confined to a particular period.


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Murals depicting history of NYC, painted for New Years' ball, to be given to Museum of the City of New York. -- New York Times -- 25:4, February 3.

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Exhibition. -- New York Times -- 4:5, January 14.

Exhibition. -- New York Times -- 17:3, April 8.

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History in connection with 20th anniversary celebration. -- New York Times -- VIII,18:6, November 7.


New Year's Eve costume ball. -- New York Times -- 15:3, January 1.

Exhibition of American paintings. -- New York Times -- 25:5, March 3.

Exhibition of etchings. -- New York Times -- IX, 10:4, December 11.


Exhibits. -- New York Times -- 30:2, January 12; -- New York Times -- IX, 13:2, January 29.

Awards in small painting exhibition. -- New York Times -- 27:2, February 10.

Exhibit. -- New York Times -- VIII, 15:3, February 12.

First exhibition of decorative arts. -- New York Times -- 28:4, March 15; -- New York Times -- IX, 15:4, March 18.

Exhibition. -- New York Times -- IX, 15:2, April 15.


J. Lie, P. Manship, and C. Beach win prizes. -- New York Times -- 25:3, January 11.

Annual members' exhibition. -- New York Times -- X, 18:4, January 27.

Exhibition of crafts. -- New York Times -- X, 15:6, December 8.

Prize awarded to D.C. Nisbet. -- New York Times -- 23:5, December 29.


Arts Club prizes announced. -- Art News -- 28:21, January 4.

Annual exhibition of painting and sculpture. -- New York Times -- VIII, 13:3, January 19.

Seventh annual exhibition. -- New York Times -- VIII, 13:1, February 16.

Annual junior art show. -- New York Times -- 3:5, March 15; -- New York Times -- X, 19:3, March 16.

Exhibition of prints by living American etchers. -- New York Times -- X, 18:1, December 14.


New York season; Living American Etchers. -- Art Digest -- 5:14, January 1.

M. Gregg Memorial Prize awarded to I.G. Olinsky; medal to H.W. Watrous. -- New York Times -- 34:6, January 10.

Exhibitions. -- New York Times -- VIII, 12:7, February 22.

Exhibition of Junior Artist Members. -- New York Times -- IX, 13:4, March 15.

Hold exhibition of portraits and other objects relating to history of Gramercy Park. -- New York Times -- II, 1:7 and 18:4, May 3.

Annual exhibition of paintings by members. -- New York Times -- 30:6, June 4.

Awards to R.D. Bowden $3000 prize, offered by J.G. Agar for best book on "The Soul of America." -- New York Times -- 20:6, June 8.


Annual exhibition of work by painter and sculptor members; prizes announced. -- New York Times -- 27:7, January 7.

Art Club prizes. -- Art Digest -- 6:10, January 15.

Forum on development of art talent in young artists. -- New York Times -- 13:8, January 18.

Arts Club prizes. -- Art News -- 30:20, January 23.

Opening. -- New York Times -- 16:7, February 4.

Prizes awarded to junior artists. -- New York Times -- 19:2, March 8.

Art auction totals $600. -- New York Times -- 19:5, April 14.

Members' exhibition of small paintings. -- New York Times -- 16:6, May 5.

National Arts Club book exhibition. E. Yost. -- Publishers Weekly -- 122:2382-3, December 31.


R. Nickerson, new member, wins medal at annual painting and sculpture show; other awards. -- New York Times -- 18:2, January 5.

Annual members' exhibition. -- New York Times -- 13:2, January 13; -- New York Times -- IX, 12:6, January 15.

National Arts club prizes. -- Art Digest -- 7:15, January 15; -- Art News -- 31:7, January 28 Celebrates 119th birthday of S.J. Tilden. -- New York Times -- 17:6, February 8.

Exhibition by junior artist members. -- New York Times -- 15:2, March 2.


Prizes for annual members' show announced. -- New York Times -- IX, 12:3, January 14.

Annual dinner. -- New York Times -- 17:4, January 18.

Prizes. -- Art Digest -- February 1, 8:19; -- Art Digest -- 8:13, May 15.

Memorial exhibition of eight of its deceased painter and sculptor members. -- New York Times -- IX, 12:6, February 4.

Junior members exhibit. -- New York Times -- 17:1, March 8; -- New York Times -- IX, 9:7, March 18; Prizes awarded. -- New York Times -- 22:8, March 22.

Annual members' show. -- New York Times -- 17:2, May 3; Awards, -- New York Times -- 21:1, May 8; -- New York Times -- IX, 7:7, May 13.

Awards given by Arts Club. -- Art News -- 32:4, June 2.

Rare book exhibition planned. -- New York Times -- 19:4, September 18; Exhibition. -- New York Times -- 17:1, September 19.


Annual exhibition of members' work opened. -- New York Times -- 17:5, January 10; -- New York Times -- 9:3, January 14.

Annual dinner; awards. -- New York Times -- 20:7, January 17.

Stag dinner; portrait of Victoria replaces painting of nude. -- New York Times -- 23:4, February 1.

Prizes, annual exhibition of painting and sculpture. -- Art Digest -- 9:21, February 1.

Members' annual exhibition. -- New York Times -- 18:2, February 8; -- New York Times -- VIII, 9:6, February 17.

Annual exhibition by junior artists. -- New York Times -- 18:5, March 9.

Arts Club plans a large bazaar. -- Art News -- 33:10, August 17.

Series of articles on traditions of club being written. -- New York Times -- II, 7:1, October 6.

Plans for annual book week. -- New York Times -- II and III, 8:5, October 13; exhibitors to be entertained by J.R. Gregg, president. -- New York Times -- 19:2, October 30.

To award two trips to Europe for mural decoration. New -- York Times -- 26:7, November 1; -- New York Times -- 19:5, November 14.

To hold "At Home" tea. -- New York Times -- II, 8:2, December 8.

Dinner. -- New York Times -- 14:8, December 11.


Annual members' exhibition. -- New York Times -- 19:6, January 9; -- New York Times -- 13:8, January 11; -- New York Times -- IX, 10:1, January 19.

Exhibition of modern textbooks. -- New York Times -- 17:7, February 6.

Announces winners of trips to Europe. -- New York Times -- 21:2, February 11.

Exhibition by neighboring organizations. -- New York Times -- IX, 8:1, April 12.

Summer exhibit from permanent collection. -- New York Times -- IX, 7:4, June 21.

Exhibition of contemporary books; authors' night. -- New York Times -- VI, 9:2, November 8.

Plans for children's matinee at annual book exhibition. -- New York Times -- VI, 7:2, November 8.

Women's open table plans dinner. -- New York Times -- 16:4, November 23.

Exhibition of Society of American Etchers. -- New York Times -- XII, 9:2, November 29.


Awards at members' exhibit. -- New York Times -- 24:3, January 27.

Exhibitions sponsored by Society of American Etchers. -- New York Times -- 21:3, February 3; -- New York Times -- X, 9:7, February 7.

Women's committee holds drama dinner. -- New York Times -- 13:1, February 15.

R.D. Kohn speaks, -- New York Times -- 25:7, March 11.

Jr. artists group exhibit. -- New York Times -- IX, 10:1, March 14; Awards. -- New York Times -- 23:6, March 25.

Photographic exhibition. -- New York Times -- X, 10:2, May 16.

Officers elected. -- New York Times -- 19:1, May 20.

H. Hamilton exhibit. -- New York Times -- IX, 6:7, September 26.

Book of the year exhibit. -- New York Times -- 23:6, November 4; -- New York Times -- VI, 4:3, November 28.

Mr. H.P. Crine elected life member. -- New York Times -- 9:1, November 28.

Members' exhibit. -- New York Times -- 28:3, December 9.


Women's Open Table plans. -- New York Times -- 11:2, January 17.

Members' annual exhibit. -- New York Times -- , January 18 26:2; -- New York Times -- IX,9:3, January 23; Awards. -- New York Times -- 22:2, January 27.

Members studio receptions planned. -- New York Times -- VI, 2:7, January 30.

Dinner honoring Dr. W. Damrosch. -- New York Times -- 12:5, March 7.

Exhibit by art groups near NYC. -- New York Times -- 20:8, March 28.

Group show. -- New York Times -- X, 8:2, April 17.

Viennese ball. -- New York Times -- 22:6, April 21.

J.F. Talcott elected president; D.E. Waid executive committee chairman. -- New York Times -- 21:6, November 19.

Victorian ball. -- New York Times -- 18:1, December 17.


Members' memorial exhibit. -- New York Times -- 15:1, January 13; -- New York Times -- IX, 9:2, January 22.

Members' painting and sculpture exhibit. -- New York Times -- IX, 9:2, February 5.

Jr. Members' lecture. -- New York Times -- 10:2, February 6.

Painting exhibit. -- New York Times -- 18:1, March 1; -- New York Times -- X, 10:2, March 5.

Jr. Members party planned. -- New York Times -- 50:3, March 5.

Exhibit of neighboring art organizations. -- New York Times -- 13:2, April 17.

Wild West party planned to benefit Jr. Members Scholarship Fund; to close 40th anniversary celebration. -- New York Times -- II, 2:8, April 23; -- New York Times -- II, 3:1, April 30.

Jr. Members plan New Year's Eve Olympian Ball. -- New York Times -- 30:2, December 19; -- New York Times -- II, 1:2, December 31.


Art by deceased life members to be sold. -- New York Times -- 17:2, January 5.

Group show; awards. -- New York Times -- 21:2, January 11.

Group show. -- New York Times -- 24:2, January 24; -- New York Times -- IX, 9:2, January 28.

Non-members exhibition. -- Art News -- 38:15, February 3.

Exhibits: ceramics. -- New York Times -- 17:4, February 16; Ceramics and flowers. -- New York Times -- 15:5, February 19; Ceramics. -- New York Times -- II, 5:2, February 25; Exhibits: Jr. members. -- New York Times -- IX, 10:2, April 14; Group show awards. -- New York Times -- 21: 5, April 25.

Pan-American Ball held. -- New York Times -- 21:5, April 20.

Fund campaign for refugee artists started. -- New York Times -- 8:2, July 31.

Establishes artist refugee fund. -- New York Times -- 19:1, August 1.

Benefit exhibit plans. -- New York Times -- 20:8, October 2; Exhibit. -- New York Times -- IX, 5:4, October 6.

County fair planned. -- New York Times -- II, 3:3, October 6.

Refugee artists show their work. -- Art News -- 39:10, October 12.

Annual book exhibit opens. -- New York Times -- 3:5, November 3.

Testimonial luncheon for foreign authors in U.S. -- New York Times -- 45:2, November 10.

National Arts Club dramatizes books at the 35th annual new books of the year exhibition. -- Publishers Weekly -- 138:2046, November 30.


Annual members' exhibit. -- New York Times -- 24:8, January 10; Comment. -- New York Times -- IX, 9:2, January 12; Awards. -- New York Times -- 24:6, January 23.

Annual prizes. -- Art Digest -- 15:13, February 1.

Benefits concerts planned. -- New York Times -- 39:1, February 23; -- New York Times -- 20:7, March 28.

Annual exhibit awards. -- New York Times -- 28:3, March 11; Comment. -- New York Times -- I, 10:3, March 16.

Group shows. -- New York Times -- IX, 10:1, March 30; -- New York Times -- IX, 8:2, May 25; -- New York Times -- X, 13:5, May 25; -- New York Times -- IX, 7:5, June 15.

Book exhibit. -- New York Times -- 1:6,November 9.


Group show. -- New York Times -- X, 10:1, January 18.

Group show. -- New York Times -- 14:4, February 4; Private preview. -- New York Times -- 15:4, February 5; Comment. -- New York Times -- IX, 9:6, February 8.

Jr. members to honor servicemen at Hallowe'en party. -- New York Times -- 16:3, October 30.

37th annual show of new books. -- Publishers Weekly -- 142:2044, November 14.

To sponsor Chinese and Indian art exhibit in NYC. -- New York Times -- VIII, 9:1, December 13; Exhibit. -- New York Times -- 42:5, December 17.


Holds Xmas fair. -- New York Times -- 13:3, November 16.


Contemporary American painting exhibit planned. -- New York Times -- 23:6, February 20.

Jr. members and young non-members exhibition. -- Art News -- 45:67, May.

Annual book show plans. -- New York Times -- 21:2, November 1; Show, W.L. Laurence speaks. -- New York Times -- 13:1, November 12.

Annual book show. -- Publishers Weekly -- 150:2731, 2718, November 9.

Packaging the book. P. Boswell. -- Art Digest -- 21:3, November 15.

Choosing best book jackets, 41st annual book show. -- Art News -- 45:8, December.


Preview exhibit. -- New York Times -- 21:5, January 9.

Forming symphony orchestra. -- New York Times -- 27:1, September 19.


Ninth annual exhibition of American Veterans Society of Artists. -- Art Digest -- 22:19, January 1.

Conservatives score at the 50th annual exhibition of painting and sculpture. -- Art Digest -- 22:17, February 1.

Fiftieth annual exhibition. -- Art News -- 47:49, March.

Book fair opens in NYC. -- New York Times -- 30:7, December 9.


Summer annual. -- Art Digest -- 23:14, August.

Dinner honors Mrs. F.D. Roosevelt. -- New York Times -- 39:5, October 11.


Fifty-second annual exhibition of oils and sculptures. -- Art Digest -- 24:12, January 15.

Members' summer exhibition. -- Art Digest -- 24:18, August.

Fair plans. -- New York Times -- 44:8, November 1.


Members-guests annual. -- New York Times -- II, 19:1, January 14.

53rd Annual Exhibition. -- Art Digest -- 25:18, January 15; -- Art News -- 49:47, February.

Non-members annual. -- New York Times -- 21:5, March 30.

Open competition for non-members. -- Art Digest -- 25:18, April 15.

Summer painting exhibition series opens. -- New York Times -- 42:8, June 7.

Members work. -- New York Times -- II, 6:4, June 17.

Summer exhibition. -- Art Digest -- 25:19, July.


Fifty-fourth annual exhibition. -- Art Digest -- 26:19, January 15; -- Art News -- 49:47, February.

Members and guests annual. -- New York Times -- 59:2, January 6; Awards. -- New York Times -- 16:2, January 17.

Watercolor annual; awards. -- New York Times -- 14:4, February 8; -- Art News -- 51:56, March.

Non-members painting annual; awards. -- New York Times -- 16:5, March 10; -- New York Times -- 27:3, March 13.

Small pictures by members; awards. -- New York Times -- 25:5, April 9.

Exhibition of small oils. -- Art Digest -- 26:18-19, April 15; -- Art News -- 49:47, February.


Theatre in an art gallery. A. Scheff. -- Theatre Arts -- 37:92, January.

Members-guests annual; awards. -- New York Times -- II, 11:2, January 11.

Non-members painting annual; awards. -- New York Times -- 21:5., February 19.

Members work; awards. -- New York Times -- II, 13:2, May 10; -- New York Times -- II, 8:5, June 21.


Painting and sculpture annual by members and guests. -- New York Times -- 25:5, January 26.

Fifty-sixth annual exhibition. -- Arts Digest -- 28:17, February 1.

Members and non-members annual; contemporary watercolors; awards. -- New York Times -- 27:5, February 11; Review. -- New York Times -- II, 14:2, February 14.

Grand national annual members' competition. -- Art News -- 53:63, May.


Painting and sculpture annual; awards. -- New York Times -- 23:1, January 12.

Fifty-sixth annual exhibition. -- Arts Digest -- 28:17, February 1.

Paintings annual; awards. -- New York Times -- 18:4, March 1.

Annual exhibition of American oil paintings. -- Art Digest -- 29:26, March 15.

Poet P. MacKaye honored on 80th birthday. -- New York Times -- 28:2, March 16.


Arts Club honors Neuman; WNYC. C. Durgin. -- Musical America -- 77:12, April.

Art Clubs of America. -- Artist -- 53:67, June.


At founding [sixtieth anniversary]. -- New York Times -- 49:2, November 27.

First annual metropolitan young artists show; awards. -- New York Times -- 49:2, November 27


Stadium Concerts founder Mrs. C.S. Guggenheimer gets scroll from Mayor Wagner and National Arts Club medal. -- New York Times -- 9:2, March 12.


Tenor competition awards. -- New York Times -- 47:8, November 15.
The National Arts Club donated its records to the Archives of American Art in 1987. Although a limited amount of printed matter was available at various libraries and on microfilm through the Archives of American Art, scholars have not had access to unpublished records of the Club until this time.

In November 2017 an addition to the Officers' Correspondence was donated by Elizabeth G. Knudsen, granddaughter of Edmund Greacen, former Arts Committee Chair.
The collection is open for research. Patrons must use microfilm copy.
The National Arts Club records are owned by the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Literary rights as possessed by the donor have been dedicated to public use for research, study, and scholarship. The collection is subject to all copyright laws.
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National Arts Club records, 1898-1960. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
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42.2 Linear feet
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Gallery records
The records of Milch Gallery measure 42.5 linear feet and date from 1911-1995. Edward Milch (1865-1953) opened the Edward Milch Gallery in New York City. In 1916, he formed a partnership with his brother Albert Milch (1881-1951), a gilder and framer, creating E. & A. Milch, Inc., a gallery specializing in American art. Harold C. Milch (1904-1981), Albert's son, was appointed a partner in 1944 and continued the business until his death. Business records of Milch Gallery, 1911-1968, include correspondence, sales records, inventories, financial records, printed matter, photographs, and legal documents. Later additions to the records date from 1922-1995 and include correspondence; artists' files; financial, sales, and stock records; printed material; and photographs.
Scope and Content Note:
The records of Milch Gallery document the business transactions of the corporation and the professional and personal relationships of the Milch brothers with the artists they represented, as well as with the larger community of artists and art dealers between 1911 and 1995. Unfortunately, early correspondence is sparse. In a letter responding to a 1951 request for historical information, Milch replied: "Several years ago [1947] we had to give up our gallery at 108 West 57th Street, and move to smaller quarters here. Since we had no room for old records, we had to destroy most of them."

Alphabetical files are comprised mainly of incoming correspondence from 1911 to 1962. Correspondence concerns arrangements for exhibitions, sales and consignments, advice to collectors and executors of estates, and routine business matters. A number of the artists represented in these files were friends of the Milch brothers and some of their letters mention their personal lives as well as their formal business with the Gallery. Collectors who routinely dealt with Milch Galleries included John Gellatly, Mary Blair, Hersey Egginton, Carlton Palmer, and Edward Coykendell; a three volume manuscript catalogue of Coykendell's collection is included. Among the estates handled by Milch were Willard Metcalf, John Twachtman, Abbott H. Thayer, Maurice Fromkes, and Thomas Moran.

Also found are sales records and other financial records such as general ledgers, sales and purchase records, and tax information.

Printed matter consists of gallery exhibition catalogs, checklists, invitations, announcements, publications, and scrapbooks. Many catalogs and checklists are annotated with prices and other information. A complete run of Milch Galleries Art Notes, issued intermittently from 1918-1928/29 is preserved with the gallery records. as is a scrapbook relating to early exhibitions held at the Edward Milch Galleries and E. & A. Milch, Inc., and artists represented by them.

Photographs included with the records are less voluminous than might be expected, and pictures of works of art predominate. There are also a very small number of exterior and interior photographs of Milch Gallery, photographs of people including artists, Edward and Albert Milch, and photographs of groups such as Ten American Artists and the Associated Dealers in American Paintings.

The 1995 and 2014 additions measure 3 linear feet and date from 1922-1995. Milch Gallery activities are documented through correspondence; artists' files; financial, sales, and stock records; printed material; and photographs.

See Appendix for a list of Milch Gallery exhibitions and checklists
Records of the Milch Gallery are organized into seven series. With the exception of the alphabetical files, records are arranged by record type and then chronologically. Photographs are categorized by subject, with pictures of individuals arranged alphabetically by name, and works of art arranged alphabetically by artist.

Series 1: Alphabetical Files, 1911-1962

Series 2: Sales Records and Inventories, 1911-1969, undated

Series 3: Financial Records, 1914-1980, undated

Series 4: Printed Matter, 1996, 1910-1967, undated

Series 5: Photographs, 1903-circa 1944, undated

Series 6: Miscellaneous, 1916-1970, undated

Series 7: Addition to the Milch Gallery Records, 1922-1995 (Boxes 60-65, 3 linear feet)
Historical Note:
Between 1911 and 1916, prior to the establishment of the Milch Galleries, Austrian immigrant Edward Milch (1865-1953) operated the Edward Milch Galleries at 939 Madison Avenue 1911, mainly handling prints and providing framing services.

Albert Milch (1881-1951) was employed by a gilder and later a picture framer before becoming the business partner of his older brother. In 1916 they incorporated as E. & A. Milch (with Edward as President and Albert as Secretary of the corporation) and opened the Milch Galleries at 108 West 57th Street, New York City. During their partnership, Edward served as President and Albert as Secretary of the corporation. According to Joseph Gotlieb, a long-time employee, during this period Montross Gallery became inclined toward modern French art and the American artists associated with them began searching for galleries more sympathetic to their interests. "As Albert Milch was a framemaker to several of them, and as he was opening a new gallery in 1916 to specialize in American Art, some artists decided to let the Milch Galleries, and others, handle their work. It turned out to be a good arrangement for both sides, and a successful one" (letter from Joseph S. Gotleib to Susan Hobbs [National Museum of American Art], December 30, 1977).

From the beginning, Milch Galleries dealt in American art almost exclusively, representing living artists, handling the estates of recently deceased artists; in addition they acquired nineteenth century works for resale and accepted pieces on commission. Although framing and restoration services continued to be offered to customers, this aspect of the business soon diminished in importance.

Harold C. Milch (1904-1981), Albert's son, was affiliated with the business, and upon his father's retirement was appointed partner; after Albert died in 1951, Harold was sole proprietor, serving as both President and Secretary.

Milch Galleries moved to smaller quarters at 55 East 57th Street in 1947, and ten years later to 21 East 67th Street. In 1967, the name was changed to Milch Gallery and the business relocated to 1014 Madison Avenue. The gallery dissolved upon the death of Harold Milch. A third brother, David C. Milch, was also an art dealer, but was not associated with Milch Gallery.

1911 -- Edward Milch Galleries opens at 939 Madison Ave.

1912 -- First exhibition at Edward Milch Galleries

1916 -- Incorporation of E. & A. Milch; Edward Milch, President, and Albert Milch, Secretary; change of name to Milch Galleries and relocation to 108 West 57th St.

1918 -- Milch Galleries Art Notes begins publication

1944 -- Edward Milch retires; Albert Milch President, and Harold C. Milch [son of Albert], Secretary

1947 -- Milch Galleries moves to 55 East 57th St.

1951 -- Death of Albert Milch (1881-1951); Harold C. Milch, President and Secretary

1953 -- Death of Edward Milch (1865-1953)

1957 -- Milch Galleries moves to 21 East 67th St.

1966 -- Archives of American Art begins acquiring records of the Milch Galleries (gifts and loans from Milch Galleries)

1967 -- Relocation to 1014 Madison Ave., and name change to Milch Gallery

1981 -- Death of Harold C. Milch (1904-1981)

1986 -- Archives of American Art receives the bulk of Milch Gallery records (gift of Salander-O'Reilly Galleries)
Appendix: List of Milch Gallery Exhibitions and Checklists:
Items marked with an asterisk (*) are contained in the scrapbook rather than with the Milch Gallery exhibition catalogs.

Nov. 16-Dec. 7, 1912* -- Exhibition of 300 Original Sketches in Oil by 100 Well Known American Artists

Feb. 15-March 8, 1913* -- Glimpses of Nature We Love to See, Feast, and Dwell On

April 28-May 7, 1913* -- Portraits of Children and Grown-Ups by Miss Susan Ricker Knox

Oct. 18-Nov. 1, 1913* -- Small Paintings and Bronzes

Oct. 18-Nov. 1, 1913* -- Exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures by Noted American Artists

Feb. 9-21, 1914* -- Paintings by W. Herbert Dunton of The Old West

Oct. 17-31, 1914* -- Portraits in Oil, Miniatures, and Sculpture

Feb. 20-March 7, 1915* -- Paintings and Etchings by Gordon Mallet McCouch

April 26-May 8, 1915* -- Paintings by Frew W. Kost, N.A.

Nov. 7-19, 1915 -- Paintings and Sculpture by Matilda Browne

Nov. 15-30, 1915* -- Views of the Panama California Exposition and Landscapes of Southern California

Jan. 31-Feb. 12, 1916 -- Paintings by Garber, Pearson, Lathrop, and Spencer

Feb. 14-26, 1916* -- Landscapes by Walter Clark, N.A.

Feb. 14-26, 1916* -- Paintings by Guy Wiggins

Nov. 4-18, 1916* -- Opening Exhibition

Nov. 25-Dec. 9, 1916* -- Works by the Late Louis Loeb

Jan. 15-27, 1917* -- Paintings by Helen M. Turner

Jan. 30-Feb. 10, 1917* -- Paintings by Leonard Ochtman, N.A.

Feb. 14-24, 1917* -- Recent Paintings by William V. Schevill

March 6-24, 1917 -- Ten American Painters

March 13-24, 1917* -- George Bellows

March 14-24, 1917* -- Paintings by Frederick J. Waugh

March 26-April 7, 1917* -- Paintings by Howard Russell Butler, N.A.

April 10-21, 1917 -- Paintings by Harry F. Waltman and Howard Giles, and Sculptures by Willard D. Paddock

April 15-27, 1917* -- Paintings by Valentino Molina

April 24-May 5, 1917* -- Paintings by Thalia Millet

Oct. 27-Nov. 17, 1917* -- William Jean Beauley

Jan. 15-Feb. 15, 1918* -- Etchings, Dry-Point and Lithographs by Ernest Haskell

Jan. 28-Feb. 4, 1918 -- Sketches and Paintings by the "Nova Scotia Group"

Feb. 25-March 16, 1918* -- Paintings by Robert Henri

March 13-24, 1918 -- George Bellows

March 22-April 4, 1918* -- Paintings by H. Gabrielle Levey

April 8-, 1918* -- Etchings by Allen Lewis

Nov. 25-Dec. 16, 1918* -- Paintings by Edward H. Potthast, N.A.

Dec. 18-Jan. 16, 1918 -- Annual Holiday Exhibition of Selected Paintings of Limited Size by American Artists

Dec. 23-Jan. 10, 1919* -- Etchings and Dry-Points by Ernest Haskell

Jan. 13-25, 1919* -- Paintings by Mary Prindeville

Jan. 27-Feb. 13, 1919* -- With the A.E.F., Paintings and Drawings Made at the Front by S. J. Woolf

Feb. 14-26 [1919?]* -- Paintings by Arthur C. Goodwin

Feb. 18-March 1, 1919* -- Paintings by Jerome Myers

March 3-16, 1919* -- Recent Paintings of California by William Ritschel, N.A.

March 17-29, 1919 -- Recent Paintings by Lillian Genth, A.N.A.

March 28-April 9, 1919* -- Drawings of New York City by Peter Marcus

April 8-30*, 1919 -- Paintings by Leading American Artists

April 19-May 1*, 1919 -- Paintings by Valentino Molina

May 3-22, 1919 -- Recent American Sculpture

May 5-17*, 1919 -- Recent American Sculpture in Bronze, Wood, and Terra Cotta for the Town and Country House, the Grounds, and Garden

May 20-, 1919 -- Flag Pictures and Street Scenes by Childe Hassam

Nov. 16-Dec. 6, 1919 -- Childe Hassam

Nov. 17-Dec. 6, 1919 -- Exhibition of Works in the Various Mediums by Childe Hassam

Dec. 18-Jan. 16, 1920 -- Annual Holiday Exhibition of Selected Paintings of Limited Size by American Artists

Dec. 29-Jan. 15, 1920* -- Portraits and Other Paintings by Royston Nave

Feb. 2-14, 1920 -- George Biddle

Feb. 2-14, 1920* -- Oil Paintings, Water Colors, Pastels, Monotypes, Silver-Points and Etchings by George Biddle

Feb. 16-28, 1920* -- Paintings by Ossip L. Linde

March 1-12, 1920 -- Bruce Crane

March 1-13, 1920 -- Bruce Crane, A.N.A.

March 15-April 3, 1920 -- Willard L. Metcalf

April 5-20, 1920 -- Paintings

April 8-30 [1920] -- Exhibition of Paintings by Leading American Artists

April 15-May 1, 1920 -- Valentino Molina

Oct. 18-30 [1920?]* -- Paintings of New England and Drawings of the Devastated Towns of Flanders by George Wharton Edwards

Nov. 1-13, 1920 -- Six American Painters [Clark, Potthast, Snell, Nichols, Olinsky, and Volkert

Nov. 1-15, 1920 -- Paintings by Theresa F. Bernstein

Nov. 15-27, 1920 -- Childe Hassam

Nov. 21-Dec. 3, 1920* -- Sculpture by Gleb Derujinsky

Dec., 1920* -- Exhibition by George Biddle

Dec. 1-21, 1920 -- Etchings and Color Etchings by William Meyerowitz

Dec. 27-Jan. 28, 1921 -- Albert Delbert Smith

circa 1920 -- Ossip L. Linde

circa 1920 -- William Meyrowitz

circa 1920 -- Exhibition

Jan. 10-29, 1921 -- Exhibition of Paintings by Brush, Crane, Dewing, Metcalf, Hassam, and Murphy

Jan. 31-Feb. 12, 1921 -- American Art

Feb. 14-26, 1921 -- Guy Wiggins

Feb. 14-26, 1921 -- Arthur G. Goodwin

Feb. 28-March 12, 1921 -- Paintings by Robert Henri

March 14-April 9, 1921 -- Paintings by Gari Melchers

March 28-April 9, 1921 -- Peter Marcus

April 11-23, 1921* -- Portraits and Figure Paintings by Edith Catlin Phelps

April 11-30, 1921 -- Paintings by Willard Metcalf

May 2-30, 1921 -- American Sculpture for the Town and Country House, the Garden, and the Grounds

Oct. 18-30 [1921?]* -- Paintings and Drawings by George Wharton Edwards

Oct. 24-Nov. 5, 1921 -- Portraits and Paintings of Old New Orleans by Wayman Adams

Nov. 7-19, 1921 -- Flower Paintings and Sculpture by Mathilde Browne

Nov. 7-19, 1921 -- Paintings in Oil and Water Color by George H. Clements

Nov. 19-Dec. 3, 1921 -- Sculpture-Gleb Derujinsky

Dec. 5-31, 1921 -- Works by Abbott H. Thayer, Including Important Paintings, Water Colors, and Drawings

circa 1921 -- Exhibition

Jan. 9-21, 1922 -- Paintings by Katherine Langhorne Adams

Jan. 9-21, 1922 -- Paintings of California by Douglass Ewell Parshall

Feb. 13-March 4, 1922 -- Paintings of Cape Ann by Harry A. Vincent, A.N.A.

March 6-25, 1922* -- Pastels of the Cascapedia River, Canada, by Arthur C. Goodwin

March 6-25, 1922 -- Connecticut Landscape Paintings by Wilson Irvine

March 27-April 15, 1922* -- Moonlight Motifs: Garden of the Gods, Colorado and Other Paintings by Robert Reid, N.A.

Dec. 26-Jan. 13, 1923 -- Paintings and Pastels by Henry C. White

Jan. 15-27, 1923* -- Paintings of Spain by William J. Potter

Jan. 29-Feb. 10, 1923 -- Water Colors of the South Sea Islands by William Ritschel, N.A.

Feb. 12-March 3, 1923 -- Paintings by Willard L. Metcalf

March 5-31, 1923 -- Paintings of the Far East by Leon Gaspard

March 19-31, 1923* -- Landscape Paintings by Guy Wiggins, A.N.A.

April 2-21, 1923* -- Portrait Drawings by Ercole Cartotto

April 19-May 6, 1923 -- Paintings by Leading American Artists

Oct. 1-20, 1923 -- Paintings by Sidney E. Dickinson, A.N.A.

Oct. 22- Nov. 3, 1923 -- Paintings and Sculpture by Mathilda Brown (Mrs. Frederick Van Wyck)

Nov. 5-17, 1923 -- Memorial Exhibition of Paintings by William Gedney Bunce

Dec. 11-23, 1923* -- Water Colors by James Montgomery Flagg

Jan. 14-26, 1924 -- Exhibition of Nudes, Portraits, Landscapes and Genre by Eugene Paul Ullman

Feb. 18-March 8, 1924 -- Paintings by Willard L. Metcalf

March 27-April 5, 1924 -- Connecticut Landscapes by Guy Wiggins, A.N.A.

Dec. 1-27, 1924 -- Maurice Fromkes

Jan. 5-17, 1925 -- Paintings of the Pacific Coast by Armin Hansen

Jan. 19-31, 1925 -- Martha Walter

Feb. 16-March 7, 1925 -- Willard L. Metcalf

March 9-21, 1925 -- John Noble

March 23-April 11, 1925 -- Bruce Crane

May 4-16, 1925 -- Brynjulf Strandenaes Exhibition of Portraits

May 18-30, 1925 -- Paintings by Robert Brackman

Dec. 7-31, 1925 -- Paintings by the Late Willard Metcalf

Dec. 7-21, 1925 -- Sketches by Dorothea A. Dreier,

Jan. 11-23, 1926 -- Recent Landscape Paintings by Frank V. Du Mond

Jan. 25-Feb. 13, 1926 -- Smaller Paintings by Max Bohm

Feb. 15-March 6, 1926 -- Paintings of the Sea by William Ritschel

April 13-May 2, 1926 -- Jonas Lie

April 26-May 15, 1926 -- Landscapes and Street Scenes by William Jean Beauley

Nov. 15-27, 1926 -- California Marine Paintings and Water Colors by Armin Hansen

Nov. 29-Dec. 18, 1926 -- Water Colors by Frank W. Benson

Nov. 29-Dec. 18, 1926 -- Silver-Point Drawings by Ercole Cartotto

Jan. 10-22, 1927 -- Portraits by Millie Bruhl Frederick (Mrs. Leopold Fredrick)

Jan. 24-Feb. 12, 1927 -- Paintings of Cornwall and Devonshire by W. Elmer Schofield

Jan. 24-Feb. 12, 1927 -- Etchings by Teresa Cerutti Simmons, Watercolors by Will Simmons

Feb. 14-March 5, 1927 -- Sculpture by Heinz Warneke

March 28-April 16, 1927 -- Paintings by Henry Golden Dearth

April 18-30, 1927 -- Decorative Flower Paintings by Olin Howland

April 18-30, 1927 -- Recent Water Colors by John Whorf of Boston

Oct. 10-28, 1927 -- Decorative Embroideries by Georgiana Brown Harbeson

Nov. 14-26, 1927 -- Pastels and Etchings of Cambodia and China by Lucille Douglass

Nov. 28-Dec. 24, 1927 -- Works by Gari Melchers

Nov. 28-Dec. 24, 1927 -- Sculpture by Max Kalish

Dec. 26-Jan. 14, 1928 -- Water Color Exhibition of West African Native Types by Erick Berry; Also a Group of West African Pottery and Brass Figures Made by the Natives of Nigeria

Dec. 29-Jan. 14, 1928 -- Paintings by Joacb Dooyewaard

Jan. 14-26, 1928 -- Decorative Paintings by Jane Peterson

Feb. 7-April 29, 1928 -- Alfred Hutty

Feb. 13-25, 1928 -- Water Colors by Alice Judson

March 12-24, 1928 -- Etchings of Ancient Dances by Teresa Cerutti-Simmons and Wild Life by Will Simmons

March 12-24, 1928 -- An Important Exhibition of Paintings and Pastels by John H. Twachtman

March 12-24, 1928 -- Sculpture by Heinz Warnecke

March 26-April 14, 1928 -- Water Colors by John Whorf

April, 1928 -- Water Colors by William Ritschel, N.A.

April 15-May 5, 1928 -- Portrait Drawings in Pastel by Jessie Voss Lewis

Oct. 22-Nov. 3, 1928 -- Water Colors of France and Italy, and Etchings by Louis Wolchonok

Oct. 22-Nov. 3, 1928 -- Poetic Landscapes with Figures by Henry M. Rosenberg of Nova Scotia

Nov. 19-Dec. 1, 1928 -- Water Colors by Frank W. Benson

Nov. 19-Dec. 1, 1928 -- Water Colors of Architectural Subjects in France, Also Landscape and Figures by William de Leftwick Dodge

Dec. 1-28, 1928 -- Alfred Hutty

Dec. 3-24, 1928 -- Important Exhibition of Early and Recent Works by Childe Hassam of the American Academy of Arts and Letters

Dec. 3-24, 1928 -- Still Life Paintings by Ruth Payne Burgess

Dec. 20-Jan. 8, 1929 -- Drawings by Frank di Gioia

Dec. 20-Jan. 8, 1929 -- Memorial Exhibition, Water Color Sketches by Thomas Moran, N.A.

Dec. 27-Jan. 14, 1929 -- Erick Berry

Dec. 27-Jan. 14, 1929 -- Helen K. McCarthy Memorial Exhibition

Dec. 29-Jan. 14, 1929 -- Paintings by Jacob Dooyewaard

circa 1928 -- Indian and Animal Pictures and Bronzes by Edwin Willard Deming

Jan. 28-Feb. 9, 1929 -- Painitings of Western Life by F. Tenney Johnson

Jan. 28-Feb. 9, 1929 -- Paintings and Water Colors by Alice Judson

Feb. 11-23, 1929 -- Paintings and Drawings by Max Bohm

Feb. 11-23, 1929 -- Landscapes and Marines by Jay Connaway

Feb. 25-March 9, 1929 -- Water-Colors by Harold Putnam Browne

Feb. 25-March 9, 1929 -- Paintings by Truman Fassett

March 11-23, 1929 -- Recent Water Colors by C.E. Polowetski

March 11-23, 1929 -- Louis Ritman

March 25-April 6, 1929 -- Landscapes by Frank Vincent Du Mond

March 25-April 6, 1929 -- Water Colors by Armin Hansen of California

March 25-April 6, 1929 -- Sculptures by Roy Sheldon

April 8-20, 1929 -- Water Colors by John Whorf, Distinguished Young Boston Artist

Oct. 21-Nov. 2, 1929 -- Corners in Spain, An Exhibition of Paintings by Wells M. Sawyer

Nov. 4-17, 1929 -- Recent Sculpture by Heinz Warnecke

Nov. 4-16, 1929 -- Paintings of Ireland and Other Scenes by Power O'Malley

Nov. 18-30, 1929 -- Group of Recent Paintings by Hayley Lever

Nov. 18-30, 1929 -- Recent Water Colors and Etchings by Louis Wolchonok

Dec. 2-21, 1929 -- Paintings by Maurice Fromkes

Jan. 30-Feb. 11 [192?] -- Water Colors of Greek Temples in Sicily by Wm. De Leftwich Dodge

Feb. 2-15 [192?] -- Figure Paintings by Murray Bewley

March 15-April 3 [192?] -- Paintings by Willard L. Metcalf

March 28-April 16 [192?] -- Paintings by Henry Golden Dearth

April 2-21 [192?] -- Landscape Paintings by Bruce Crane, N.A

Oct. 17-29 [192?] -- Water Colors of the Rivera by Ferris Connah

Oct. 18-30 -- Paintings and Drawings by George Wharton Edwards

Oct. 25-Nov. 13 [192?] -- Recent Landscapes by John F. Carlson, N.A.

Oct. 25-Nov. 13 [192?] -- John F. Carlson

[192?] -- Indian and Animal Pictures and Bronzes by Edwin Willard Deming

Nov. 19-Dec. 1 [192?] -- Water Colors of Architectural Subjects in France, also Landscape and Figures by William De Leftwich Dodge

Jan. 20-Feb 1, 1930 -- West African Water Colors by Erick Berry

Jan. 20-Feb. 1, 1930 -- Paintings by Nelson C. White

Feb., 1930 -- Thelma Wood

Feb. 3-15, 1930 -- Paintings by Horace Brown

Feb. 17-March 1, 1930 -- Paintings by Francis Speight

Feb. 17-March 1, 1930 -- Paintings by Ruth Payne Burgess

March 3-15, 1930 -- Paintings by John Noble

March 17-29, 1930 -- Russian Paintings by Irwin D. Hoffman, Also a Group of Recent Watercolors

March 17-29, 1930 -- Alexander Warshawsky

March 31-April 12, 1930 -- Memorial Exhibition, Paintings and Watercolors of Sigurd Skou

March 31-April 12, 1930 -- Emmanuel Andrew Cavacos

April 14-26, 1930 -- Water Colors by John Whorf

Oct. 20-Nov. 1, 1930 -- Recent Paintings of Lake Como by Charles Warren Eaton

Nov. 3-15, 1930 -- Pastels and Etchings of Angkor and the Far East by Lucille Douglass

Nov. 17-29, 1930 -- Joseph Szekely

Nov. 17-29, 1930 -- Important Exhibiton of Paintings by a "Group of Americans"

Dec. 1-13, 1930 -- Diana Thorne and Canine Portraiture

Dec. 1-13, 1930 -- Recent Paintings of Ireland by Power O'Malley

Dec. 1-13, 1930 -- Paintings by Charles M. Cox of Boston

Jan. 19-31, 1931 -- Portraits by Jere R. Wickwire

Jan. 20-Feb. 1, 1931 -- Nelson C. White

Jan. 24-Feb. 7, 1931 -- Pastels and Etchings of Angkor and the Far East by Lucille Douglass

Feb. 2-24, 1931 -- Recent Paintings by Lillian Gentle

Feb. 2-24, 1931 -- Impressions of India and Palestine by Ruth Coleman

Feb. 16-28, 1931 -- Watercolors of Vermont Scenes and Other Views by Ruth Payne Burgess

Feb. 16-28, 1931 -- Martha Walter Recent Work in Oil and Watercolor

March 2-14, 1931 -- Recent Paintings by Alice Judson

March 2-28, 1931 -- Paintings & Drawings by Gari Melchers

March 16-28, 1931 -- Recent Watercolors by Harold Putnam Brown

March 30-April 11, 1931 -- Paintings by Louis Kronberg

March 30-April 11, 1931 -- Watercolors by John Whorf

April 13-25, 1931 -- Americans by American Artists, Exhibition of Portraits

April 13-25, 1931 -- Louis Kronberg

April 13-25, 1931 -- Portraits and Crayon Heads by Ferris Connah

April 13-May 2, 1931 -- Abbott H. Thayer

Sept. 22-Oct. 6, 1931 -- Water Colors by Gladys Brannigan, Alice Judson, Margery Ryerson

Oct. 19-30, 1931 -- Portraits by William Steene

Nov. 2-7, 1931 -- Portraits and Sketches by Maria Kammerer under the Patronage of Countess Laszlo Szechenyi

Nov. 9-21, 1931 -- Paintings by Bessie Lasky

Nov. 23-Dec. 5, 1931 -- Recent Oils, Water Colors and Etchings by Joseph Margulies

Dec. 7-21, 1931 -- Recent Paintings by George Wharton Edwards

Dec. 7-19, 1931 -- Paintings and Etchings of African and American Big Game by Major A. Radclyffe Dugmore

Dec. 7-19, 1931 -- Watercolors of Yucatan, "Land of the Mayas" by William de Leftwich Dodge

Dec. 20-Jan. 8, 1932 -- Water Colors of the Yellowstone and Mexican Series by Thomas Moran, N.A.

Jan. 11-23, 1932 -- Paintings, Watercolors and Etchings of Animals by Sybilla Mittell Weber

Jan. 25-Feb. 6, 1932 -- Paintings by George Oberteuffer, Member of the Salon d'Automne, Paris

Feb. 8-March 5, 1932 -- Important 19th and 20th Century American Painters

March 7-19, 1932 -- Paintings by Mrs. B. King Couper

March 7-19, 1932 -- Drawings by Maurice Sterne, Ernest Fiene, Alexander Brook, yasuo Kuniyoski, Bernard Karfiol, Peggy Bacon, and Leon Kroll

March 28-April 9, 1932 -- Watercolors by John Whorf

April 11-30, 1932 -- Forty Years of American Art

Oct. 3-15, 1932 -- New Paintings by American Artists

Oct. 19-Nov. 5, 1932 -- Paintings by Stephen Etnier

Nov. 7-30, 1932 -- Paintings by Edward Bruce

circa 1932 -- Recent Paintings by Stephen Etnier

Jan.30-Feb. 25, 1933 -- Important Exhibition of Paintings by Thomas Eakins

March 6-25, 1933 -- 19th and 20th Century Watercolors

March 27-April 14, 1933 -- Paintings by Francis Speight

April 17-May 6, 1933 -- Water Colors by John Whorf

May 15-31, 1933 -- 19th Century American Landscape Artists

Nov. 27-Dec., 1933 -- Water Colors by Emil Holzhaur

Feb. 26-March 17, 1934 -- Paintings by Stephen Etnier

March 19-April 7, 1934 -- Water Colors by John Whorf

April 16-May 5, 1934 -- Bali Studies by Maurice Sterne

June-Aug., 1934 -- Paintings by American Artists

Sept., 1934 -- Paintings by American Artists

Oct. 15-Nov. 3, 1934 -- New and Recent Paintings by American Artists

Nov. 5-21, 1934 -- Paintings by Sidney Laufman

Nov. 26-Dec., 1934 -- Recent Vermont Landscapes by Edward Bruce

circa 1934 -- American Figure Paintings of the 19th and 20th Century

Jan. 7-26, 1935 -- Paintings and Watercolors from the Samuel Halpert Estate

Feb. 4-28, 1935 -- Small Paintings by 19th and 20th Century American Artists

March 4-22, 1935 -- Recent Paintings by Stephen Etneir

March 25-April 13, 1935 -- Water Colors by John Whorf

April 22-May 11, 1935 -- Figure and Landscape Studies by Leon Kroll

May 20-June, 1935 -- Group Exibhition of Paintings

Summer, 1935 -- Paintings by American Artists

Oct. 1-26, 1935 -- Paintings by Childe Hassam

Oct. 28-Nov. 16, 1935 -- Watercolors by Millard Sheets

through Dec., 1935 -- Paintings by Americans

Jan. 1936 -- Paintings by Americans

Feb. 3-29, 1936 -- Important Exhibition of 19th and 20th Century American Painters

March 2-21, 1936 -- Stephen Etnier

March 30-April 19, 1936 -- Watercolors by John Whorf

May 18-June, 1936 -- Paintings by American Artists

Summer, 1936 -- Paintings by American Artists

September, 1936 -- Paintings by American Artists

Oct. 12-31, 1936 -- Contemportary Viewpoint

through Nov. 30, 1936 -- 19th and 20th Century American Figure Paintings

circa 1936 -- Landscapes--Contemporary Viewpoint

Jan. 11-30, 1937 -- Selected Landscapes

Feb., 1937 -- Contemporary American Sculpture

March 15-April 3, 1937 -- Watercolors by Millard Sheets

April 12-30, 1937 -- John Whorf

April 27-May 16, 1937 -- Maurice Sterne

May, 1937 -- Paintings by American Artists

Summer, 1937 -- Paintings

Oct. 1-15, 1937 -- Recent Watercolors

Oct. 18-Nov. 6, 1937 -- Paintings by Lucille Blanche

Nov. 8-30, 1937 -- Paintings by American Artists

Dec. 6-24, 1937 -- Watercolors by Lester Field

Jan. 3-22, 1938 -- Recent Paintings by Stephen Etnier

Jan. 24-Feb. 5, 1938 -- Paintings by Margaret Cooper

Feb. 7-26, 1938 -- Colonial Portraits

March 7-26, 1938 -- Recent Oils and Watercolors by Millard Sheet

April 4-23, 1938 -- Recent Watercolors by John Whorf

Summer, 1938 -- Paintings by American Artists

through Oct., 1938 -- Paintings by American Artists

Oct. 24-Nov. 12, 1938 -- Recent Watercolors by Karl Oberteuffer

Nov. 21-Dec. 17, 1938 -- Paintings for the Home by American Artists

Jan. 16-Feb. 4, 1939 -- Recent Paintings by Floyd Clymer

Feb. 6-25, 1939 -- Harry Hering

March 6-31, 1939 -- Figure Paintings by American Artists

April 3-22, 1939 -- Recent Watercolors by John Whorf

May 15-June 3, 1939 -- Recent Watercolors by Millard Sheets

Summer, 1939 -- Selected Group of Paintings by American Artists

Sept., 1939 -- Paintings and Watercolors by American Artists

through Oct. 13, 1939 -- Recent Paintings by a Group of American Artists

Oct. 16-Nov. 4, 1939 -- Recent Paintings by Saul Schary

Nov. 13-Dec. 2, 1939 -- Toreros and Dancers of Spain and Mexico by Carlos Ruano Llopis

Dec., 1939 -- Paintings for the Home

Nov. 5-17 [193?] -- Table Portraits by Eulabee Dix

[193?] -- Paintings by American Artists

Jan. 2-27, 1940 -- Stephen Etnier

Feb. 12-March 2, 1940 -- Recent Watercolors by Robert Carson

March 11-30, 1940 -- Daniel Serra Paintings

April 8-27, 1940 -- Recent Watercolors by John Whorf

April 28-May 18, 1940 -- Rubin Recent Paintings

through June 29, 1940 -- Paintings by a Selected Group of American Artists

through Sept. 28, 1940 -- Summer Exhibition of Paintings by a Selected Group of Early and Contemporary American Artists

Oct. 1-19, 1940 -- Recent Paintings by a Selected Group of American Artists

Oct. 21-Nov. 9, 1940 -- Recent Watercolors by Allen Ingles Palmer

Nov. 18-Dec. 7, 1940 -- Helen Sawyer

Dec., 1940 -- Selected Paintings for the Home, and A Group of Original Studies in Color by Maurice Sterne

Jan. 13-Feb. 8, 1941 -- Watercolors by American Artists

Feb. 17-March 15, 1941 -- Paintings by Stephen Etnier, Sidney Laufman, and Francis Speight

April 7-26, 1941 -- Recent Watercolors by John Whorf

April 28-May 17, 1941 -- Remembrances of South America and British West Indies by Manicol

May 19-June 30, 1941 -- Group of Paintings by Selected Contemporary American Artists

Summer, 1941 -- Exhibition of Selected Paintings by American Artists

Sept., 1941 -- A Selected Group of Paintings by Americna Artists

Oct. 6-25, 1941 -- Recent Paintings by a Selected Group of American Artists

Oct. 27-Nov. 15, 1941 -- Eliot O'Hara Watercolors

Nov. 17-Dec. 5, 1941 -- Recent Paintings by Jay Connaway

Nov. 17-Dec. 6, 1941 -- Recent Watercolors by Richard A. Kimball

Dec. 8-27, 1941 -- Edith Blum Paintings

Jan. 5-24, 1942 -- Recent Paintings by Stephen Etnier

through Feb. 28, 1942 -- Selected Paintings by a Group of Contemporary American Artists

March 9-28, 1942 -- New Talents Presented by the Gloucester Society of Artists

April 6-25, 1942 -- Recent Watercolors by John Whorf

May, 1942 -- Selected Paintings by Contemporary American Artists

June 2-13, 1942 -- Yun Gee

Summer, 1942 -- Selected Paintings by Early and Contemporary American Artists

Summer, 1942 -- Paintings by Selected American Artists

Oct. 5-31, 1942 -- Recent Paintings by a Selected Group of American Artists

Nov. 9-30, 1942 -- Watercolors by American Artists

Jan. 18-Feb. 6, 1943 -- Paintings by Yovan Radenkovitch

April 4-24, 1943 -- Recent Watercolors by John Whorf

April 26-May 15, 1943 -- Paintings and Watercolors by Childe Hassam

May 25-June 5, 1943 -- Exhibition by Gladys Irene Cook

June, 1943 -- Selected Paintings by American Artists

Summer, 1943 -- Exhibition of Paintings by American Artists

Sept., 1943 -- Paintings by a Selected Group of American Artists

Oct. 4-23, 1943 -- Paintings by Yun Gee

Nov., 1943 -- Recent Paintings by a Selected Group of American Artists

Jan. 24-Feb. 12, 1944 -- Recent Watercolors by James Fitzgerald

Feb. 14-March 4, 1944 -- Paintings by Sidney Laufman

March 6-25, 1944 -- Paintings by Jessie Ansbacher

April 3-22, 1944 -- Recent Watercolors by John Whorf

May, 1944 -- Paintings by Important American Artists

Summer, 1944 -- Exhibition of Paintings by a Selected Group of American Artists

Summer, 1944 -- Exhibition of Selected Paintings by a Group of American Artists

Oct. 2-21, 1944 -- Recent Paintings by Jay Connaway

Oct. 23-Nov. 11, 1944 -- Harry Hering

Nov. 13-Dec. 2, 1944 -- Paintings by Hobson Pittman

Dec., 1944 -- Paintings for the Home by American Artists

Jan. 3-13, 1945 -- Paintings by Therese Steinhardt

Jan. 22-Feb. 10, 1945 -- Louis Ritman

Feb. 18-, 1945 -- Memorial Exhibition, Paintings and Pastels by William Henry Singer, Jr., N.A.

Feb. 19-March 10, 1945 -- Recent Watercolors by Eliot O'Hara, A.N.A. (Elect)

March, 1945 -- Paintings by a Selected Group of Contemporary Artists

April 9-28, 1945 -- Recent Watercolors by John Whorf

May, 1945 -- Paintings by American Artists, Late 19th and Early 20th Century

Summer, 1945 -- Paintings by a Selected Group of Contemporary American Artists

Oct., 1945 -- Paintings by a Group of Selected American Artists

Oct. 22-Nov. 10, 1945 -- Helen Sawyer

Nov. 19-Dec. 1, 1945 -- Recent Paintings by Stephen Etnier

Nov. 19-Dec. 8, 1945 -- Hilde Kayn

Dec., 1945 -- Paintings for the Home by American Artists

Dec. 31-Jan. 19, 1946 -- Paintings by Stpehen Etnier

Jan. 28-Feb. 16, 1946 -- Paintings by Alexandra Pregel

Feb. 18-March 9, 1946 -- W.H. Singer

March 11-30, 1946 -- Paintings by American Artists

April 8-27, 1946 -- Recent Watercolors by John Whorf

Summer, 1946 -- Paintings by 19th and 20th Century Americans

Oct. 7-26, 1946 -- Recent Watercolors by Allen Ingles Palmer

Oct. 28-Nov. 16, 1946 -- Paintings by Ferdinand Warren

Nov. 18-Dec. 7, 1946 -- Louis Di Valentin

Dec. 9-29, 1946 -- Recent Watercolors by Wm. F.C. Ewing and Richard A. Kimball

Jan., 1947 -- Paintings by Selected American Artists

Jan. 13-Feb. 1, 1947 -- Gerrit V. Sinclair Paintings

Feb. 3-21, 1947 -- Recent Watercolors by Jerri Ricci

Feb. 24-March 15, 1947 -- Childe Hassam Paintings

March 31-April 19, 1947 -- Recent Watercolors by John Whorf

April 21-May 10, 1947 -- Pastels of Charleston by Hobson Pittman

June 2-13, 1947 -- Yun Gee

Oct. 6-25, 1947 -- Special Exhibition of American Paintings Honoring the Great Artists Who Have Been Shown in Our Galleries

Oct. 27-Nov. 15, 1947 -- New Paintings, Oil Studies, and Drawings by Leon Kroll

Nov. 17-Dec. 6, 1947 -- F. Douglas Greenbowe Watercolors

Jan. 19-Feb. 7, 1948 -- Paintings by Alexandria Pregel

March 22-April 3, 1948 -- American Art

March 22-April 3, 1948 -- Paintings by Artists Equity Association Members

May, 1948 -- Paintings by a Group of Selected American Artists

May 24-June 5, 1948 -- Paintings by New York Artists, 16th Exhibition of the Arthur Schwieder Group

Oct. 5-23, 1948 -- Impressions of New York

Oct. 25-Nov. 13, 1948 -- Paintings by Ernest Lawson

Nov. 15-27, 1948 -- Sculpture by Eleanor M. Mellon

Dec. 20-Jan. 8, 1949 -- Drawings by Frank di Gioia

Jan. 10-29, 1949 -- Six Watercolorists [Greenbowie, Knauth, Newman, Palmer, Ricci and Whorf]

Jan. 31-Feb. 19, 1949 -- New Paintings by Ferdinand Warren

Feb. 21-March 12, 1949 -- Paintings by Louis Di Vanentin

April 4-23, 1949 -- Recent Watercolors by John Whorf

April 25-May 7, 1949 -- Paintings by Mildred Hayward

May 9-21, 1949 -- Paintings by New York Artists, 17th Exhibition of the Arthur Schwieder Group

June 17-July 5, 1949 -- Paintings by Guy Pene DuBois

Oct. 4-29, 1949 -- Opening Exhibition of Paintings and Watercolors by 19th and 20th Century American Artists

Oct. 24-Nov. 12, 1949 -- Recent Watercolors by Henry Edmiston

Nov. 14-Dec. 3, 1949 -- Paintings by John H. Twachtman

Dec. 5-24, 1949 -- F. Douglas Greenbowe Watercolors

[194?] -- Paintings for the Home by American Artists

June [194?] -- 2-13Yun Gee

Jan. 9-28, 1950 -- Paintings by Gordon Samstag

Jan. 30-Feb. 18, 1950 -- George C. Ault Memorial Exhibition

Feb. 20-March 11, 1950 -- Recent Paintings by David Burr Moreing

March 13-April 1, 1950 -- Paintings by Frank di Gioia

April 3-22, 1950 -- Recent Watercolors by John Whorf

April 24-May 13, 1950 -- Paintings by Contemporary American Artists

May 15-27, 1950 -- Paintings by New York Artists, 18th Exhibition of the Arthur Schwieder Group

Oct. 2-21, 1950 -- Recent Paintings by Benjamin Kopman

Nov. 13-Dec. 2, 1950 -- Paintings by Stephen Etnier

Dec. 4-30, 1950 -- Special Exhibition of American Paintings in Honor of the Philadelphia Museum of Art Diamond Jubilee

through Dec. 23, 1950 -- Watercolors and Drawings by Frank di Gioia

Jan. 8-27, 1951 -- New Gouaches of the Circus and Theatre by Walter Philipp

Jan. 29-Feb. 17, 1951 -- Louis Ritman Paintings

Feb. 19-March 10, 1951 -- Recent Watercolors by Jerri Ricci

March 12-31, 1951 -- Paintings, Panels, Figures of Africa, Belgian Congo, Bechuanaland, and Rhodesia by Jay Robinson

April 2-21, 1951 -- Recent Watercolors by John Whorf

April 24-May 12, 1951 -- Sculpture and Drawings of Nicolaus Koni

May 21-June 1, 1951 -- Paintings by New York Artists, 19th Exhibition of the Arthur Schwieder Group

Oct. 22-Nov. 10, 1951 -- Recent Paintings by Thomas Blagden

Nov. 12-Dec. 1, 1951 -- Recent Paintings by David Burr Moreing

Dec., 1951 -- Group Exhibition

Jan. 7-26, 1952 -- Paintings of Italy and "Little Italy" by Frank di Gioia

Jan. 28-Feb. 16, 1952 -- London to Algiers, Recent Watercolors by Eliot O'Hara, N.A.

Feb. 18-March 8, 1952 -- Recent Paintings by Jacques Zucker

April 7-26, 1952 -- Recent Watercolors by John Whorf

April 28-May. 10, 1952 -- Paintings by Alexandra Pregel

May 12-24, 1952 -- Paintings by New York Artists, 20th Exhibition of the Arthur Schwieder Group

Oct. 28-Nov. 15, 1952 -- Paintings by John Sharp

Nov. 17-Dec. 6, 1952 -- Stephen Etnier: Recent Paintings

Dec. 8-27, 1952 -- Childe Hassam Watercolors

Jan. 5-24, 1953 -- Jay Robinson

Jan. 26-Feb. 14, 1953 -- Iver Rose

Feb. 16-March 7, 1953 -- Recent Watercolors by Jerri Ricci

April 6-25, 1953 -- Recent Watercolors by John Whorf

May 18-29, 1953 -- Richard Whorf

May 18-29, 1953 -- Paintings by New York Artists, 21st Exhibition of the Arthur Schwieder Group

June, 1953 -- Paintings and Watercolors by 19th and 20th Century American Artists

Oct., 1953 -- Paintings and Watercolors by American Artists

Oct. 26-Nov. 14, 1953 -- Recent Paintings by David Burr Moreing

Nov. 17-Dec. 5, 1953 -- Ogden W. Pleissner Recent Paintings

Dec. 7-30, 1953 -- Recent Landscapes by Sidney Laufman

Jan. 4-23, 1954 -- Paintings of New York's "Little Italy" by Frank di Gioia

Jan. 25-Feb. 13, 1954 -- Round the World by Watercolor with Eliot O'Hara, N.A.

Feb. 15-March 6, 1954 -- Hobson Pittman

March 8-27, 1954 -- Jay Robinson: Kentucky, Part II

April 5-24, 1954 -- John Whorf Watercolors

May 17-28, 1954 -- Paintings by New York Artists, 22nd Exhibition of the Arthur Schwieder Group

Oct. 25-Nov. 13, 1954 -- Recent Watercolors by James Vance

Nov. 15-Dec. 4, 1954 -- Stephen Etnier Recent Paintings

Dec. 6-24, 1954 -- Recent Paintings by Thomas Blagden

Jan. 3-22, 1955 -- Recent Paintings by Jacques Zucker

Jan. 24-Feb. 12, 1955 -- Recent Watercolors by Jerri Ricci

Feb. 14-March 5, 1955 -- Paintings of Spain and Her People by Maurice Fromkes

April 25-May 14, 1955 -- Gluckmann Recent Paintings

May 16-27, 1955 -- Paintings by New York Artists, 23rd Exhibition of the Arthur Schwieder Group

Oct. 24-Nov. 12, 1955 -- Paintings and Gouaches by John Taylor

Nov. 14-Dec. 3, 1955 -- Paintings and Panels by Jay Robinson of West and Central Africa

Dec. 5-30, 1955 -- Childe Hassam and American Impressionism

Jan., 1956 -- Recent Paintings by a Group of American Artists

Feb. 6-25, 1956 -- F. Douglas Greenbowe Watercolors

March, 1956 -- Group Exhibition

April 9-28, 1956 -- John Whorf Watercolors

May, 1956 -- Paintings by a Group of 18 American Artists

May 7-19, 1956 -- Paintings by New York Artists, 24th Exhibition of the Arthur Schwieder Group

Nov. 5-24, 1956 -- Stephen Etnier Recent Paintings

Nov. 27-Dec. 15, 1956 -- Ogden M. Pleissner Recent Paintings

Dec. 1-Jan. 19, 1957 -- Jay Robinson Paintings in Fired Enamel on Copper

Feb. 11-March 2, 1957 -- Recent Paintings by Thomas Blagden

March 4-23, 1957 -- Adolph Dehn

April 15-May 4, 1957 -- John Whorf Watercolors

Oct. 28-Nov. 16, 1957 -- Recent Still Life Paintings by Aaron Bohrod

Jan. 13-Feb. 8, 1958 -- Recent Paintings by a Group of Contemporary Americans

Feb. 10-March 8, 1958 -- Long Island Paintings by Childe Hassam

March 10-29, 1958 -- Paintings by Louis Di Valentin

March 31-April 19, 1958 -- Recent Paintings by Sidney Laufman

April 21-May 10, 1958 -- John Whorf Watercolors

May, 1958 -- Americans: 1865-1925

June, 1958 -- Exhibit to Benefit Friends of the Whitney Museum

June 3-27, 1958 -- American Paintings and Sculpture

Oct. 6-25, 1958 -- Recent Paintings by David Shapiro

Oct. 27-Nov. 15, 1958 -- Stephen Etnier Recent Paintings

Nov. 17-Dec. 6, 1958 -- Paul Sample Recent Paintings

Dec. 8-24, 1958 -- Recent Drawings and Watercolors of France, Italy, Spain, and North Africa by Frank di Gioia

Jan. 19-Feb. 7, 1959 -- Marion Greenwood Paintings

March 2-21, 1959 -- Leon Kroll Paintings and Drawings

March 23-April 18, 1959 -- Elmer L. Mac Rae Forgotten Artist of the 1913 Armory Show

May 4-23, 1959 -- Philip Visson

Oct., 1959 -- Paintings by American Artists

Oct. 26-Nov. 14, 1959 -- Recent Painting by Aaron Bohrod

Nov. 17-Dec. 5, 1959 -- Ogden M. Pleissner Recent Paintings

Dec. 7-30, 1959 -- Recent Oils and Watercolors by Thomas Blagden

Jan. 18-Feb. 6, 1960 -- Elmer L. Mac Rae, Re-Discovered Artist of the 1913 Armory Show and a Founder of "The Pastellists"

through Jan. 15, 1960 -- Paintings by American Artists

March 14-April 2, 1960 -- Xavier Gonzalez Recent Paintings

April 4-23, 1960 -- Paintings by Louis Bosa

April 25-May 14, 1960 -- Grigory Gluckmann

May-June, 1960 -- Group of Contemporary Armerican Artists

Oct. 10-29, 1960 -- Adolf Dehn Caseins and Watercolors

Oct. 31-Nov. 19, 1960 -- Stephen Etnier

Dec., 1960 -- Paintings for the Home

Jan., 1961 -- Group Exhibition, 19th and 20th Century Americans

Jan. 30-Feb. 18, 1961 -- Recent Watercolors by Jerri Ricci

Feb. 20-March 11, 1961 -- Frank di Gioia Recent Paintings

March 20-April 8, 1961 -- David Fredenthal Memorial Exhibition

April 10-29, 1961 -- Allen Tucker

May, 1961 -- Contemporary American Artists

June-July, 1961 -- 19th & 20th Century American Artists

Oct. 10-28, 1961 -- David Shapiro Recent Paintings

Oct. 31-Nov. 18, 1961 -- Aaron Bohrod

Nov. 21-Dec. 9, 1961 -- Thomas Fransioli

Feb. 6-24, 1962 -- Retrospective Exhibition, Maurice Sterne

March 6-24, 1962 -- Three Watercolorists: Childe Hassam, John Whorf, and David Fredenthal

April 3-21, 1962 -- Thomas Blagden

April 24-May 12, 1962 -- Grigory Gluckmann

Summer, 1962 -- Gallery Group of Contemporary Americans

Sept., 1962 -- 19th & 20th Century American Artists

Oct., 1962 -- Gallery Group of Contemporary Americans

Oct. 30-Nov. 17, 1962 -- Stephen Etnier

Nov. 21-Dec. 8, 1962 -- Pleissner Recent Paintings

Dec., 1962 -- Group Exhibition

Jan. 22-Feb. 9, 1963 -- Paul Sample Recent Paintings

Feb. 11-March 2, 1963 -- Group of Contemporary Americans

March 5-23, 1963 -- Gouaches by John Taylor

March 26-April 13, 1963 -- Fletcher Martin Recent Paintings

April-May, 1963 -- Gallery Group-Contemporary Americans

Oct. 8-26, 1963 -- David Shapiro Recent Work

Oct. 30-Nov. 16, 1963 -- Xavier Gonzalez Recent Watercolors

Nov. 19-Dec. 7, 1963 -- New Paintings by Aaron Bohrod

April, 1964 -- Watercolors and Pastels

April 21-May 9, 1964 -- Grigory Gluckmann

May 13-29, 1964 -- Frank di Gioia Recent Paintings

Oct., 1964 -- Group Exhibition

Nov. 3-21, 1964 -- Stephen Etnier

Nov. 24-Dec. 12, 1964 -- Thomas Blagden

Jan., 1965 -- Comtemporary American Artists

Feb. 2-14, 1965 -- Figure Paintings by Murray Bewley

Feb. 2-14, 1965 -- Exhibition by George Biddle

Feb. 11-23, 1965 -- Paintings and Drawings by Max Bohm

Feb. 14-26, 1965 -- Paintings by Arthur C. Goodwin

Feb. 16-28, 1965 -- Water Colors by Matilda Browne

Feb. 16-March 6, 1965 -- Water Colors by Adolf Dehn

March, 1965 -- 19th and 20th Century American Artists

March 1-13, 1965 -- Bruce Crane, N.A.

March 6-25, 1965 -- Pastels of the Cascapedia River, Canada, by Arthur C. Goodwin

March 26-April 7, 1965 -- Paintings by Howard Russell Butler, N.A.

March 23-April 10, 1965 -- Paintings by Dan Lutz

March 28-April 16, 1965 -- Paintings by Henry Golden Dearth

April 2-21, 1965 -- Landscape Paintings by Bruce Crane, N.A.

April 13-May 1, 1965 -- Paintings by Louis Bosa

April 16-28, 1965 -- Water Colors and Etchings by Adolphe W. Blondheim

May, 1965 -- Gallery Contemporaries

Oct. 25-Nov. 13, 1965 -- Recent Landscapes by John F. Carlson, N.A.

Oct. 26-Nov. 13, 1965 -- Twenty-Four New Paintings by Aaron Bohrod, Artist in Residence, University of Wisconsin

Nov. 2-14, 1965 -- Paintings by Ann Crane

Nov. 5-17, 1965 -- Memorial Exhibition of Paintings of Venice by Wm. Gedney Bunce, N.A.

Nov. 7-19, 1965 -- Paintings and Sculpture by Matilda Browne

Nov. 16-Dec. 4, 1965 -- Electra Bostwick

Dec. 7-30, 1965 -- Recent Drawings and Watercolors of European Countries and North Africa by Frank di Gioia

Jan. 11-29, 1966 -- Georges Schreiber Watercolors: 1963-1965

Jan.-Feb., 1966 -- 19th and 20th Century American Artists

Feb.-March, 1966 -- Group Exhibition

June, 1966 -- Group Exhibition

Oct. 11-29, 1966 -- Thomas Blagden

Nov. 1-19, 1966 -- Stephen Etnier

Nov. 22-Dec. 10, 1966 -- Pleissner

Jan. 24-Feb. 11, 1967 -- Xavier Gonzalez

April, 1967 -- Group Exhibition

April 18-May 6, 1967 -- Grigory Gluckmann

July, 1967 -- Group Exhibition

undated -- Etchings and Color-Etchings

undated -- Etchings of China and Cambodia by Lucille Douglass

undated -- Thomas Jefferson Bust in Bronze by Robert Aitken, N.A.

undated -- Paintings by Ossip L. Linde

undated -- Etchings by William Meyerowitz

undated -- Recent Screens and Panels by Roy Mac Nicol

undated -- Summer Exhibition of Paintings and Watercolors by 19th and 20th Century American Artists

undated -- Paintings by Clement

undated -- Important Works in Paintings and Sculpture by Leading American Artists

Jan. 3-14, undated -- Armin Hansen

Jan. 8-27, undated* -- Recent Etchings by William Meyerowitz

Jan. 8-31, undated -- Group of American Figure Paintings, 19th and 20th Century

Jan. 9-21, undated -- Paintings by Katherine Langhorne Adams

Jan. 16-28, undated -- Paintings by Dewitt Parshall, N.A., and Douglass Parshall, N.A.

Jan. 23-Feb. 11, undated -- Paintings by Bruce Crane, Elliott Daingerfield, Granville Smith, and F. Ballard Williams

Jan. 27-Feb. 11, undated -- Willam de Leftwick Dodge

Jan. 28-Feb. 16, undated -- Paintings by Gari Melchers

Jan. 29-Feb. 10, undated -- Paintings of the California Coast by Armin Hansen

Jan. 30-Feb. 11, undated -- Sigrud Skou

Feb. 13-25, undated -- Water Colors by Alice Judson

Feb. 13-25, undated -- Paintings by Guy Wiggins, N.A.

Feb. 13-March 11, undated -- Paintings by H.T. Keasbey

Feb. 15-March 5, undated -- Frederic James

Feb. 17-March 1, undated -- Silver Point Drawings by Thelma E. Wood

Feb. 18-March 6, undated -- Landcapes, Nature Moods Expressed in Terms of Light by Julie Mathilde Morrow

Feb. 18-March 8, undated -- Paintings of Venice, Rome and French Landscape, also Pastel Drawings of the Battle Sectors of the 26th Division, A.E.F. by J. Alden Twachtman

Feb. 27-March 10, undated -- Portrait Busts and Drawings by Alexander Portnoff

March 5-17, undated* -- Pastels of the Hudson River by Arthur C. Goodwin

March 7-16, undated -- Paintings of Africa and Spain by Lillian Genth

March 7-26, undated -- Sigurd Skou

March 8-20, undated -- Paintings by Sigurd Skou

March 10-22, undated -- MacDowell Club of New York City Annual Exhibition of Paintings

March 22-April 10, undated -- Paintings of the Cathedrals of France by Pieter Van Veen

March 26-April 12, undated -- Paintings by E. Martin Hennings

March 26-April 14, undated -- Recent Etchings by Elias M. Grossman

March 28-April 16, undated -- Martha Walter Water Colors of Spain and North Africa

April 5-17, undated -- Paintings by Ernest L. Blumenschein, Victor Huggins, Walter Ufer

April 7-19, undated -- Figure Paintings by Louis Ritman

April 12-23, undated -- Portraits and Figure Paintings by Edith Catlin Phelps

April 12-24, undated -- Paintings of American Gardens by Abbott Graves

April 16-28, undated -- Portrait Drawings in Pastel by Jessie Voss Lewis (Mrs. H.L. Daingerfield Lewis)

April 19-May 1, undated -- Paintings by Valentino Molina

April 21-May 3, undated -- Paintings of Tahiti and California by William Ritschel, N.A.

April 21-May 3, undated -- Leonard Lopp, Glacier Park Artist

April 22-May 15, undated -- Sculpture for House, Garden & Grounds by Leading American Artists, and Pottery by Clara L. Poillon

April 24-May 5, undated -- Paintings by Thalia Millett

April 26-May 15, undated -- Dan Lutz, Mighican Summer and Mexican Sojourn

April 26-May 15, undated -- William H. Singer

April 27-May 16, undated -- Recent Paintings by Gluckmann

May 3-28, undated -- Exhibition of Sculpture for Garden and Grounds by Leading Sculptors

May 5-17, undated -- Recent American Sculpture in Bronze, Wood and Terra Cotta for the Town and Country House, Grounds and Garden

Oct. 11-23, undated -- Paintings by Anna Heyward Taylor

Oct. 25-Nov. 13, undated -- Water Colors by Alice Judson

Oct. 27-Nov. 15, undated -- Paintings and Etchings by William Auerbach-Levy

Oct. 30-Nov. 11, undated* -- Connecticut Landscape Paintings by Robert Nisbet, A.N.A.

Oct. 31-Nov. 12, undated -- Paintings of China and Tibet by Alice Job

Oct. 31-Nov. 14, undated -- Drawings by James Wilkie

Nov. 5-17, undated -- Paintings of Venice

Nov. 15-27, undated* -- Water Colors by Childe Hassam

Nov. 16-Dec. 5, undated -- Recent Etchings by Alfred Hutty

Nov. 16-Dec. 5, undated -- Paintings by W. Elmer Schofield

Nov. 17-29, undated -- Paintings and Etchings by Power O'Malley

Nov. 18-30, undated -- Recent Work in Water Color and Etching by Louis Wolchonok

Nov. 19-Dec. 1, undated -- Winter Landscapes in Water Color by Walter Launt Palmer, N.A.

Nov. 19-Dec. 1, undated -- Painter Friends, Robert H. Nisbet, Guy C, Wiggins, Edward C. Volkert, Wilson Irvine, George M. Bruestle, and Carl J. Nordell

Nov. 23-, undated -- Landscapes by Ault, Brook, Coleman, Karfiol, Ritman, Speight, Sterne, and Weber

Nov. 23-Dec. 6, undated -- Portraits of America's Most Distinguished Women by Leon Gordon

Nov. 24-Dec. 3, undated -- Sculpture by Gleb Derujinsky

Nov. 26-Dec., undated -- Exhibition of Recent Vermont Landscapes by Edward Bruce

Nov. 26-Dec. 5, undated -- Alfred Hutty

Nov. 27-Dec. 9, undated -- Paintings by Sigure Schou

Dec. 1-27, undated -- Works Painted in Spain by Maurice Fromkes

Dec. 1-25, undated -- Annual Holiday Exhibition of Selected Paintings of Limited Size

Dec. 3-29, undated -- Recent Paintings, Water Colors, and Etchings by Hilde Hassam, N.A., of the American Academy of Arts and Letters

Dec. 6-30, undated -- Selected Paintings for the Home by American Artists

Dec. 14-Jan. 2, undated -- Recent Paintings by George Shillard

Dec. 20-Jan. 8, undated -- Selected Small Paintings for the Home

Dec. 27-Jan. 12, undated -- Helen K. McCarthy Memorial Exhibition

Dec. 30-Jan. 18, undated -- Paintings by Stewart McDermot

Dec. 31-Jan. 12, undated -- Second Annual Exhibition in Pure Water Color by The Aquarellists
Milch Gallery gave the Archives of American Art a small selection of correspondence, photographs, and printed matter, and loaned a few other items in 1966-1967; these records were microfilmed on reels D285, N730, and NM1-NM2. Records of the Milch Gallery were purchased from the estate of Harold C. Milch by Elliott Galleries of New York City, and subsequently acquired by Salander-O'Reilly Galleries, which donated them to the Archives in 1986. With the exception of the scrapbook about Thomas Moran (reel N730; present location of the original is unknown), prior loans and gifts from Milch Gallery were incorporated and refilmed with the 1986 gift.

Stuart Feld of Hirschl & Adler Galleries donated an additional .8 linear feet of records in 1995. Zachary Ross of Hirschl & Adler Galleries donated 2.2 linear feet in 2014.
The collection is open for research. Patrons must use microfilm copy.
The Milch Gallery records are owned by the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Literary rights as possessed by the donor have been dedicated to public use for research, study, and scholarship. The collection is subject to all copyright laws.
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Gallery records
Milch Gallery records, 1911-1995. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
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Jacob Kainen papers

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33.3 Linear feet
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Visitors' books
Greeting cards
bulk 1940-2001
The papers of painter, printmaker, and curator Jacob Kainen measure 33.3 linear feet and date from 1905 to 2009, with the bulk of the material from 1940-2001. The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence/subject files including personal correspondence to and from friends and family members and professional correspondence and records concerning Kainen's activities as an artist, curator, teacher, and art collector. The collection also contains biographical material, writings, diaries, calendars, inventories, interview transcripts, printed material, photographs, works of art by other artists, and nine scrapbooks.
Scope and Content Note:
The papers of painter, printmaker, and curator Jacob Kainen measure 33.3 linear feet and date from 1905 to 2009, with the bulk of the material from 1940-2001. The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence/subject files including personal correspondence to and from friends and family members and professional correspondence and records concerning Kainen's activities as an artist, curator, teacher, and art collector. The collection also contains biographical material, writings, diary and journal entries, calendars, inventories, interview and "dialog" transcripts, printed material, photographs, works of art by other artists, and nine scrapbooks.

Biographical materials include items concerning Kainen's career as a curator and artist, in addition to a useful bibliography, detailed biographical outline, and a copy of an FBI report compiled on him. Also included are five videocassette recordings of Kainen.

Alphabetical correspondence/subject files comprise the bulk of the collection and include both Jacob's and Ruth's correspondence with family, friends, colleagues, artists, art critics, curators, museums, arts organizations, galleries, and many others. There is a significant amount of correspondence with David Acton, the Addison Gallery of Art and Jock Reynolds, William Agee, Australian National Gallery, Baltimore Museum of Art, Avis Berman, the British Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Elizabeth Broun and the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Bryce Butler, Pheobe Cole, the Corcoran Gallery and School of Art, Richard Field, Ruth Fine, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Newton Frohlich, Gordon Gilkey and the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Arshile Gorky, Piri Halesz, Carol Harrison, Donald Holden, Wilhelmina Holladay, John Baptist Jackson, Jim Jordon, Lou Kantor, Harry Lunn Jr., Middendorf Gallery, National Gallery of Art, Peter Morse, Gerald Nordland, Francis O'Connor, Jerome Pollack, Richard Powell, Ann Purcell, Harry Rand, Martin Ries, Joseph Solman, Leo Steinberg, Prentiss Taylor, Victorino Tejera, Valerie Thornton, Joanne Weber, and numerous family members.

Writings are by and about Jacob Kainen. Kainen's writings include articles, lectures, exhibition catalog essays, notes, travel notebooks, short stories, poems, and written statements about his artistic motivations and justifications. There are writings about Kainen by Avis Berman, Ruth Cole Kainen, and others. The bulk of the numerous diary entries are from Ruth Cole Kainen's diaries, many of which concern Jacob and their family. There are also annotated and revised diary entries. There is one folder of diary entries and one folder of journal entries by Jacob Kainen and two dismantled journal-like notebooks. The papers include daily calendars and travel itineraries from 1972 through 2001.

The papers include transcripts of formal interviews and informal conversations with Jacob Kainen. Transcripts are of informal dinner, telephone, and general conversations between friends, colleagues, artists, and Ruth Cole Kainen. Included are conversations with Avis Berman, Walter Hopps, Harry Rand, Joshua Taylor, and several others. Many of these transcripts were also annnotated by Jacob and Ruth Kainen. Also found are numerous transcripts of more formal interviews with Kainen by art historians, art critics, and students.

There are inventories, appraisals, and lists of sold and not sold paintings, as well as color photographs of some of Kainen's works of art. Also found are inventories of the Kainens' art collection. Printed materials include Kainen's exhibition catalogs and announcements, clippings of articles by and about Jacob Kainen, and an exhibition guestbook.

Photographs are of Kainen with his family and friends, at exhibition openings, and working in his studios. Works of art by others includes handmade greeting cards, limited edition prints, and portfolios given to Jacob Kainen. Nine scrapbooks containing news clippings and exhibition publications document the entirety of Kainen's career as an artist.
The Jacob Kainen papers are arranged into 11 series.

Series 1: Biographical Material, 1938-2001 (Boxes 1, 32; 0.8 linear feet)

Series 2: Correspondence/Subject Files, 1936-2003 (Boxes 1-12, 32-33; 11.8 linear feet)

Series 3: Writings, circa 1920s-2002 (Boxes 12-13, 33; 1.6 linear feet)

Series 4: Diaries, circa 1952-2002 (Boxes 13-18, 33-38; 10.0 linear feet)

Series 5: Calendars, 1953-2008 (Boxes 18-20, 38; 1.7 linear feet)

Series 6: Transcripts, circa 1975-1994 (Boxes 20-21, 38; 1.4 linear feet)

Series 7: Inventories, 1927-2001 (Boxes 21-22; 1.0 linear feet)

Series 8: Printed Material, 1938-2003 (Box 22, 38, OV 31; 0.6 linear feet)

Series 9: Photographs, 1905-2000 (Boxes 22-25, 38, OV 31; 3.3 linear feet)

Series 10: Works of Art by Others, 1942-2000 (Boxes 25-26, OV 31; 1.2 linear foot)

Series 11: Scrapbooks, 1936-1998 (Boxes 27-30, 38; 1.3 linear feet)
Biographical Note:
Jacob Kainen (1909-2001) was a painter, printmaker, and curator who worked primarily in Washington, D.C.

Born on December 7, 1909 in Waterbury, Connecticut, Jacob Kainen moved with his family to New York City in 1918. Kainen studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn from 1927 until 1930, and at the Art Student's League. In the early 1930s, Kainen became involved in social causes and formed close friendships with the early abstractionists, including John Graham, Arshile Gorky, and Stuart Davis. He joined the Artists' Union and a contributor to its journal, Art Front, along with Stuart Davis and Harold Rosenberg. Jacob's participation in the Artists' Union was later investigated by the FBI.

From 1935 until 1942, Kainen worked for the Graphic Arts Division of the Works Progress Administration in New York City and began exhibiting with the New York School. It was during this period that he married Bertha Friedman. Jacob and Bertha had two sons together, Dan and Paul, and divorced in 1968.

In 1942, Kainen made a life-changing decision to leave New York City and move to Washington, D.C. to accept what he thought would be a temporary position as a scientific aide in the Division of Graphic Arts at the Smithsonian Institution. Kainen quickly became Assistant Curator and Curator in 1946. He served as Curator for twenty years, completely reshaping the department and building the graphic arts collection. His print exhibitions brought the work of S.W. Hayter, Josef Albers, Adja Yunkers, Louis Lozowick, Karl Schrag, José Guerrero, Louis Schanker, Werner Drewes, and Boris Margo to Washington audiences - graphic work that might not have been shown that early in the area.

1947 marked the opening of the Washington Workshop Center for the Arts, where Kainen served as a teacher and guide to several important artists, helping to make the workshop a magnet for new talent and instrumental in furthering the careers of several artists. Although Kainen taught Gene Davis and Alma Thomas and introduced Morris Louis to Leon Berkowitz, he never considered himself a member of the "Washington Color School."

In 1949, the Corcoran Gallery of Art held a retrospective of Kainen's prints and three years later Kenneth Noland organized Kainen's first painting retrospective at Catholic University. Kainen's paintings from the 1940s illustrated a shift away from social realism toward abstract expressionism. In 1956, Jacob Kainen received a grant from the American Philosophical society to conduct research in Europe for his monograph on the English woodcut artist, John Baptist Jackson. He traveled to Europe again in 1962 to study paintings and prints from the Mannerist Period.

From 1966 until 1970, Kainen worked as the Curator of prints and drawings at the National Collection of Fine Arts (now the Smithsonian American Art Museum). He married Ruth Cole in February of 1969. Kainen retired from the Smithsonian a year later to devote himself full-time to his art, but continued to serve as a special consultant to the Smithsonian American Art Museum for nineteen years. In 1971 and 1972, Kainen taught painting and the history of printmaking at the University of Maryland. A retrospective of Kainen's paintings was held in 1993 at the National Museum of American Art (SAAM).

Throughout his artistic career, Kainen experimented with different mediums and explored different styles, yet he identified himself as a painter. Jacob Kainen participated in at least twenty-five one man shows and several group exhibitions. His works are in collections across the United States and abroad, including the National Gallery of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the British Museum. He worked in his studio up until the time of his death on March 19, 2001 at his home in Chevy Chase, Maryland.
Related Material:
Found among the holdings of the Archives of American Art is an oral history interview of Jacob Kainen conducted by Avis Berman in 1982 for the Archives' "Mark Rothko and His Times" oral history project. Also found are microfilm copies of Bertha Kainen's correspondence with Avis Berman regarding Berman's essay about Jacob Kainen.
Separated Material:
The Archives of American Art also holds microfilm of material lent for microfilming (reels 565, 2147-2149, and 2200) including correspondence, writings by Kainen, and papers relating to the Smithsonian Institution Loyalty Board's investigation of Jacob Kainen from 1942-1954. Most, but not all, of the loaned materials were included in later gifts. Loaned materials not donated at a later date remain with the lender and are not described in the container listing of this finding aid.
Jacob and Ruth Kainen first lent the Archives of American Art material for microfilming from 1973-1981, the bulk of which was included in the later gifts. Papers were then donated in multiple accretions between 1981-2007 by Jacob and Ruth Kainen, and in 2009 from the estate of Ruth Kainen via executor Teresa Covacevich Grana. Also in 2003, eight photographs of Jacob and Ruth Kainen were transferred from the National Portrait Gallery to the Archives of American Art.
Use of original papers requires an appointment and is limited to the Archives' Washington, D.C., Research Center. Use of archival audiovisual recordings with no duplicate access copy requires advance notice.
The Jacob Kainen papers are owned by the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Literary rights as possessed by the donor have been dedicated to public use for research, study, and scholarship. The collection is subject to all copyright laws.
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Visitors' books
Greeting cards
Jacob Kainen papers, 1905-2008, bulk 1940-2001. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
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Gifford Beal sketches, sketchbooks, and papers

Beal, Gifford, 1879-1956  Search this
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Beal, Maud Ramsdell  Search this
Bruce, Edward, 1879-1943  Search this
Cox, Edward  Search this
Davies, Arthur B. (Arthur Bowen), 1862-1928  Search this
Hancock, Walker Kirtland, 1901-1998  Search this
Kent, Rockwell, 1882-1971  Search this
Pennell, Joseph, 1857-1926  Search this
Rowan, Edward Beatty, 1898-1946  Search this
Watson, Forbes, 1880-1960  Search this
Wortman, Denys, 1887-1958  Search this
7.7 Linear feet
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Travel diaries
Love letters
bulk 1900-1954
The papers of painter and muralist Gifford Beal measure 7.7 linear feet and date from 1889 to 2001. The bulk of the collection consists of artwork, in addition to correspondence, writings, printed matter, including one scrapbook, pictorial subject files, photographs, and two scrapbooks of photographs of works of art. Artwork is primarily in the form of sketches and seventy-eight sketchbooks in a wide variety of media. Among the loose sketches are twenty-eight oil paintings on wood board or panel, and fourteen large pastel drawings on canvas depicting dancing figures in a romantic style. Artwork by other artists in the collection include prints by Arthur B. Davies, Rockwell Kent, and Denys Wortman.
Scope and Content Note:
The papers of painter and muralist Gifford Beal measure 7.7 linear feet and date from 1889 to 2001. The bulk of the collection consists of artwork, in addition to correspondence, writings, printed matter, including one scrapbook, pictorial subject files, photographs, and two scrapbooks of photographs of works of art. Artwork is primarily in the form of sketches and seventy-eight sketchbooks in a wide variety of media. Among the loose sketches are twenty-eight oil paintings on wood board or panel, and fourteen large pastel drawings on canvas depicting dancing figures in a romantic style. Artwork by other artists in the collection include prints by Arthur B. Davies, Rockwell Kent, and Denys Wortman.

Biographical materials include membership certificates, a marriage certificate, and a travel journal kept by Beal's wife, Maud Ramsdell Beal, on their honeymoon. Personal correspondence consists primarily of love letters between Beal and Maud Ramsdell Beal. Three folders of professional correspondence contain letters from Joseph Pennell (1925); Federal Art Project staff from the Treasury Department including Ed Rowan, Edward Bruce, and Forbes Watson (1938); Walker Hancock (1951); and a series of letters signed "Hyde," from Crow Island, Massachusetts, which may have been written by Edward Hyde Cox (1953-1954).

Also found among the papers are printed materials such as exhibition catalogs, clippings, and reproductions of artwork, both loose and in a scrapbook from the 1920s; subject files containing clippings, photographs, and other pictorial references to common subjects of Beal's artwork; a few personal photographs; and photographs of works of art. Notes and writings are found among Beal's sketchbooks, including one long autobiographical essay which may have been for a lecture, a few diary entries from 1942, and extensive notes on the color, form, and lighting of his sketching subjects. In addition to a scrapbook relating to Beal exhibitions, there are also two scrapbooks containing photographs of works of art.
The collection is arranged as 7 series:

Series 1: Biographical Materials, 1900-1909, 1942, 1953 (0.2 linear feet; Boxes 1 and 5)

Series 2: Correspondence, 1906-1954 (0.4 linear feet; Box 1)

Series 3: Printed Materials, 1900-2001 (0.4 linear feet; Box 1, OV 11)

Series 4: Subject Files, 1889-1953 (0.4 linear feet; Boxes 1-2, OV 10-12)

Series 5: Photographs, 1908-1950 (0.2 linear feet; Box 2, OV 10)

Series 6: Artwork, 1900-1951 (3.3 linear feet; Boxes 2-9; OV 10, 13-20 and rolled documents 21 and 22)

Series 7: Scrapbook, circa 1919-circa 1951 (1.1 linear ft; Boxes 7, 23)
Biographical Note:
Painter and muralist Gifford Beal was born in New York City in 1879, the youngest of six children. Beal began his art training at 13, when he accompanied his older brother, Reynolds Beal, to the Shinnecock School of Art for classes with William Merritt Chase. Gifford Beal continued to study with Chase for ten years at Shinnecock, the Tenth Street Studio building in New York City, and the New York School of Art. Beal attended college at Princeton University from 1896 to 1900, and from 1901 to 1903 he also took classes at the Art Students League with George Bridgman and Frank Vincent DuMond. In 1908, Beal married Maud Ramsdell of Newburgh, New York, where the Beal family also had an estate. They had two sons, William (b. 1914) and Gifford, Jr. (b. 1917).

Beal received all of his training in the United States at a time when European art training was the norm among his peers. Beal's earliest subject matter was taken from the familiar worlds of New York City and the Hudson River Valley, where he frequently spent his summers. Later work would depict other summer homes, including Provincetown, Rockport, and Gloucester, Massachusetts. Throughout his career he explored a variety of styles in his approach to these and other representational subjects such as garden parties, the circus, Central Park scenes, and coastal scenes in the Northeast and the Caribbean.

Beal exhibited at the National Academy of Design's annual exhibition almost continuously from 1901 to 1956, was a member of the Academy from 1914, and won at least seven awards given by the Academy over the course of his career. He won his first award in 1903 from the Worcester Art Museum. He exhibited regularly in major annual exhibitions and world expositions, including the Panama Pacific Exposition of 1915, where he won a gold medal.

Gifford and Reynolds Beal exhibited in a two-man show in 1907 at Clausen Galleries, and the two brothers were both eventually represented by Kraushaar Galleries, where Gifford Beal had his first one-man show in 1920. Beal served as president of the Art Students League from 1916 until 1930, the longest term of any president, and taught there in 1931 and 1932.

Beal was commissioned by the Section on Painting and Sculpture of the Works Progress Administration to paint ten murals for the Allentown, Pennsylvania post office in the late 1930s. The Allentown murals depicted American revolutionaries hiding the liberty bell at Allentown. In 1941, he completed two murals in the Department of the Interior building in Washington, DC: North Country, and Tropical Country, and he painted seven panels at Princeton University in 1943 depicting the life of the nineteenth-century engineer Joseph Henry. He was awarded an honorary Masters degree by Princeton in 1947.

Retrospective exhibitions were held at the Century Club, San Francisco Museum, Des Moines Art Center, and Butler Institute in the early 1950s. Upon his death in 1956, a memorial exhibition was held at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, where Beal became a member in 1943.
Papers were donated to the Archives by Gifford Beal's descendants in three separate accessions. Beal's sons, William and Gifford R. Beal, Jr., donated sketches and sketchbooks in 1992 and 1993. Richard and Lewis Goff, Margaret Beal Alexander, and Telka Beal donated additional sketches, sketchbooks, and materials from Beal's studio in 2000 through the Cape Ann Savings Bank, facilitated by Kraushaar Galleries.

Margaret Beal Alexander, Beal's granddaughter, also donated personal papers of her grandparents via Kraushaar Galleries in 2000. Additional sketchbooks and a poster illustrated by Beal were donated by Beal's Estate via Kraushaar Galleries in 2007. Two scrapbooks of photographs of works of art were donated by Beal's Estate via Kraushaar Galleries in 2015.
The bulk of the collection has been digitized and is available online via AAA's website. Use of material not digitized requires an appointment.
The Gifford Beal sketches, sketchbooks, and papers are owned by the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Literary rights as possessed by the donor have been dedicated to public use for research, study, and scholarship. The collection is subject to all copyright laws.
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Travel diaries
Love letters
Gifford Beal sketches, sketchbooks, and papers, 1889-2001. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
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Collection Creator:
Pach, Walter, 1883-1958  Search this
2.1 Linear feet (Box 1-3, FC 23)
Archival materials
Scope and Contents note:
This series contains family correspondence and extensive professional letters from noted artists and art world figures including critics, writers, collectors, museums and other art institutions. Scattered letters from Pach can also be found here.

See Appendix for partial chronological list of letters from Series 2.
Arrangement note:
This series is arranged as two subseries.

2.1: Family Correspondence, 1883-1980

2.2. General Correspondence, 1903-1969
Appendix: Partial Chronological List of Letters from Series 2:
From J.B. Young [?], October 5, 1900: New York, N.Y. Eric Dell recovered from consumption; Terry also had it and was treated at an English sanitarium; entertained several actors; made a brief trip to the country. 2 pp., illustrated with drawing, "an interpretation of how you will look when you next visit New York."

From Franji Vaatsvoort, September 18, 1903: Haarlem, the Netherlands. Severe storm; received Pach's postcards. Picture postcard (Frans Hals, "Cordelia Voogt Claesd., vrouw van Nicolaes van der Meer"

From Theodore Roosevelt, Washington, D.C., March 5, 1904: President's autograph. Card with engraving of the White House.

From Frank R. Wadsworth, Chicago, Ill., [postmarked] March 2, 1905: Intends to go to Spain; advises Pach to write about art; recommends the Madrid gallery; discusses Chicago's new orchestra hall and the death of Thomas; opinions about the jury system; is sending pictures to Philadelphia, the one eastern city likely to accept them. 6 pp. + enclosures (silhouettes of monkey, 3 birds, and cat by a 10-year-old child).

From Luis E. de la Rochas, Madrid, Spain, December 24, 1905: thanks Pach for photographs of works of art; inquires about the progress of Pach's own painting; will send a picture of his latest painting, as he is interested in Pach's opinion; sends regards to Mr. Chase. 3 pp., in Spanish, illustrated with drawing of a bearded man.

From Edith Bell, New York, N.Y., [postmarked] December 24, 1905: Christmas greetings; thanks Pach for showing her the Goya sketch. 2 pp.

To Claude Monet, Giverny, France, June 3, 1906: advises that knowing how to use color is most important and should become a matter of habit; lists his palette. 1 p., in French, typescript copy.

From Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, N.Y., February 13, 1907: printed form letter with payment for "The Memoria of Velasquez."

From Moriye Ogihara, Vitry-sur-Seine, France, [postmarked] April 24, 1907: mentions Kenzan picture Pach is interested in; thanks Pach for showing sketch to Henri, Ogihara's former teacher; lists some exhibitors in the Salon, with opinions of their work; thinks Rodin's work is great; he met Rodin at his studio. 4 pp. + 1 p. enclosure (note to Yamanaka & Co., New York, about Kenzan picture), in Japanese.

From Piet van der Laan, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, May 11, 1907: likes portrait of Pach by Chase with its strong "Rembrandtic" shadow; reminisces about Chase; hopes to marry Annie in August. 4 pp.

From Moriye Ogihara, Vitry-sur-Seine, France, September 2, 1907: is glad Pach is returning to Paris; is attending classes at Académie Julian; saw Henri in France recently. 3 pp.

From Moriye Ogihara, Vitry-sur-Seine, France, [postmarked] September 10, 1907: wonders if and when Pach is returning to Paris. Postal card.

From Moriye Ogihara, Vitry-sur-Seine, France, [postmarked] September 12, 1907: urges Pach to visit after his stay in Italy. Picture postcard ("Reine d'Egypte en Isis--Bronze antique").

From [signature illegible], Director, The Royal House, Florence, Italy, October 5, 1907: the king grants permission to copy the Catherine de Medici portrait at the Pitti Palace. 1 p., in Italian.

From Claude Monet, Giverny, France, November 4, 1907: Monet will receive Pach this week on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon. 1 p., in French.

From Lelebuss, New York, N.Y., November 21, 1907: thanks Pach for birthday greetings; several friends are now married.

From Edith Bell, New York, N.Y., November 25, 1907: visited Henri and saw 40 canvases; describes Henri's new studio at 135 E. 40th St.; Lawson and Stevenson called at the studio while she was there; recalls Pach's description of visits to Monet and Ogihara; "it is my belief that Mr. Henri is afraid of George Bellows. He praises him so." 5 pp. + enclosure (photograph of a portrait by Edith Bell).

From Moriye Ogihara, Florence, Italy, December 25, 1907: Christmas greetings; discusses travels in Italy and art seen. 4 pp.

From Moriye Ogihara, Florence, Italy, December 26, 1907: has been to the Academy; praises Miss Frohberg. Picture postcard ("Firenze Lung' Arno Corsine").

To Alice Klauber from Walter Pach, Paris, France, January 3, 1908: he is looking at art; received a picture from her cousin; asks if she saw the article on Matisse he wrote for the Hearst paper. Picture postcard ("Frans Hals, La Bohemienne"), in Japanese, with English postscript.

From Moriye Ogihara, Arezzo, Italy, January 5, 1908: leaving for Assisi soon; stayed too long in Florence sightseeing with Magdalene. Picture postcard ("Arezzo, La Catte drale").

From Moriye Ogihara, Rome, Italy, [postmarked] January 14, 1908: staying at the same pensione as Frost. Picture postcard ("Torso di Belvedere di Dietro").

From Moriye Ogihara, Athens, Greece, January 22, 1908: discusses sightseeing in Greece and his trip through Italy; observations about Frost; "I appreciate Rodin very much since I have been in Italy"; offers to correct Pach's written Japanese.

From Gerda Stein, [place unknown], January 29, 1908: "Dearest love to Lena and best wishes for a very happy Birthday." Greeting card.

From Roger Marx, Editor, -- Gazette des Beaux-Arts -- , Paris, France, February 12, 1908: wants to publish a comprehensive study of the state of painting in the United States; must choose between original engravings and photographic reproductions for illustrations. 2 pp., in French.

From Moriye Ogihara, Cairo, Egypt, February 13, 1908: steamer has been delayed two days but he can continue to work. Picture postcard ("Ramesseum at Thebes").

From [Rais?], Paris, France, [postmarked] March 19, 1908: invites Pach to visit on Friday. 1 p., in French.

From William Merritt Chase, Florence, Italy, July 16, 1908: is leaving for Paris tomorrow; invites Pach to meet him at Caffe [sic] Du Paix that evening. 1 p.

From Helen R. Wilson, Furnes, Belgium, July 30, 1908: enumerates 13 highlights of her stay in Paris, including first view of a Cézanne painting. 4 pp.

From Senateur de la Sarthe, Paris, France, August 4, 1908: expression of sympathy. Note on business card, in French.

From Morton Livingston Schamberg, Paris, France, November 5, 1908: is doing small paintings outdoors and in his hotel room; is reluctant to leave Paris but wants to visit Italy, too; went to the Autumn Salon 3 times and found the work of Matisse "very beautiful"; "I am inclined to consider it a very personal art rather than the part of a great movement considering Matisse the leader, and the art doctrines evolved by the Steins (damn nice people...)... are to me the most awful nonsense"; prefers Renoir to Cézanne; is impressed by Egyptian portraits in the Louvre; has completed about 36 panels. 3 pp.

From Olga [de?], Paris, France, December 24, 1908: has completed 3 portrait commissions; wants to see the Velasquez, which is said to be "splendid." Picture postcard ("Paris, Eglise Saint-Augustin"), in French.

From Piet van der Laan, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, February 6, 1909: is looking for a new teaching position; their infant son is now healthier. 3 pp.

From Annie van der Laan, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, March 13, 1909: thanks Pach for the brush and birthday greetings; invites him to the Netherlands; tells about their baby. 1 p., in Dutch.

From Piet van der Laan, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, March 15, 1909: discusses Shaw's -- Candida -- and -- Man and Superman -- ; is studying Nietzsche. 2 pp.

From Arthur B. Davies, New York, N.Y., May 29, 1909: discusses Pach's essay about him. 1 p.

From Moriye Ogihara, Tokyo, Japan, May 30, 1909: "Devil came into my mind and I am suffering and suffering"; Saito visited with news of Pach and pictures to exhibit at the Taiheiyo Art Association. Sequence of 5 picture postcards (1, "Wisteria"; 2. "Peony Blossoms at Yotsame"; 3. [bridge--title in Japanese]; 4. "Iris"; 5. "Peony Blossoms at Yotsame").

From Arthur B. Davies, New York, N.Y., June 1 [10?], 1909: wishes to reschedule studio visit by Pach and Mr. Of. 2 pp.

From Arthur B. Davies, New York, N.Y., [postmarked] July 9, 1909: interested in Gauguin and how he compares with Degas. 1 p.

From Maurice Brazil Prendergast, Boston, Mass., December 6, 1909: saw the Cézanne painting in Boston and agrees it is beautiful, "conscientious and absolutely sincere"; has not heard recently From Davi[e]s, "one of the few very sympathetic friends I am fortunate to possess." 4 pp.

From Arthur B. Davies, New York, N.Y., April 8, 1910: sends clipping about Matisse; recommends article about the Venus de Milo. 1 p.

From K. Tohary, Tokyo, Japan, May 11, 1910: Moriye Ogihara died in Tokyo, April 22, following an attack of vomiting blood; Tohary plans to publish a book about him; requests that Pach send Ogihara's letters and any recollections he wants to contribute. Rice paper scroll.

From Arthur B. Davies, New York, N.Y., May 14, 1910: "I found your article on Matisse the most enlightening I have read so far." 1 p.

From Albert Pinkham Ryder, New York, N.Y., May 26, 1910: thanks Pach for "kindly interest" in his work. 1 p. + enclosure (reprint of a poem, "The Voice of the Forest").

From Henri Rouart, La Queue en Brie, France, September 17, 1910: sorry he was unavailable to welcome Pach and his friends. 1 p., in French.

From [unknown], New York, N.Y., [postmarked] October 5, 1910: empty envelope with no return address. Sketch of head on reverse.

From Clifton A. Wheeler, Mooresville, Ind., October 12, 1910: describes fellow passengers aboard ship; gives details of getting paintings through customs; advises Pach to start preparing necessary documents for bringing home his property. 5 pp. + enclosures (4 small etchings: 2 portraits, 2 landscapes).

From Charles Sheeler, Philadelphia, Pa., October 26, 1910: after a period of difficulty, his work shows progress; Schamberg thinks Sheeler's recent landscapes are "Cézanne like"; has had little opportunity to see the work of modern painters; hopes to go to New York for upcoming exhibitions at the Photo Secession Gallery, particularly Picasso, Cézanne, and Matisse; rejected by Macbeth last fall and by the Art Institute; a Chicago dealer wants to show his work, but friends there advise against involvement with that gallery. 6 pp.

From Julian Alden Weir, New York, N.Y., November 25, 1910: discusses his interest in etching, especially drypoint. 4 pp.

From Morton Livingston Schamberg, Philadelphia, Pa., December 27, 1910: met Stieglitz and "was well satisfied with his attitude. He hasn't the intelligence of a Leo Stein but he is sincerely interested and is getting into a position where he could do one lots of good"; met Hartley; visited Henri's studio; Stieglitz and Henri think "I am too cock-sure of myself. If they only knew"; completed 20 to 25 pictures in the last year; sends photographs of some. 3 pp. + enclosures (7 photographs of Schamberg's work: 6 figures, 1 exhibition installation).

From Adolph Werner, New York, N.Y., December 21, 1910: is teaching less at the university now that he is the "President's lieutenant." 2 pp.

From Clifton A. Wheeler, Mooresville, Ind., January 3, 1911: discusses Davies' collection of Cézanne photographs; he and Hila were married; regrets that Pach was not named director of the museum in Indianapolis. 7 pp.

From Auguste Renoir, Cagnes, France, March 28, 1911: thanks Pach for allowing him to review the article before publication; wants the interview portion withheld because it seems critical of Saint-Saens and Pillet-Will and suggests posthumous publication; feels flattered by Pach's review. 4 pp., in French.

From Eugène Leroy, Paris, France, March 27, 1911: is happy to have been of service; the Association Philotechnique enjoys meeting foreigners who appreciate its teachings and will take home pleasant memories of France. Note on calling card, in French.

From Charles Loeser, Florence, Italy, April 28, 1911: exchanged 4 of his Cézanne paintings for a larger one From Vollard; Pach's German friend should contact Vollard immediately if she is interested in acquiring one; Denis Cochin traded a Cézanne for a Goya at Durand-Ruel. 8 pp.

From Auguste Rodin, Paris, France, June 1, 1911: is willing to meet with Pach to discuss Fujikawa's book on Ogihara. 2 pp., in French.

From E. D. Smyth, Côtes-du-Nord, France, August 31, 1911: will answer Pach's letter; apologizes for being fussy about the Stendahl etc." Picture postcard (Etables, Côtes-du-Nord, Les Grottoes.")

From E.D. Smyth, Côtes-du-Nord, France, September 5, 1911: is leaving soon for Saint-Malo; will return Pach's "Tuscan book" and send 2 others; recounts events of the summer; describes some hotel guests and the cottage where her family is staying; wants to see Daumier originals. 14 pp.

From Ruth A. Wilmot, Brooklyn, N.Y., October 7, 1911: is glad their misunderstanding is straightened out; someone on the boat unintentionally insulted her companion; homesick for Paris; working again; finds New York "invigorating." 5 pp.

From Joe Garvey, Alpine, N.J., November 21, 1911: is back From honeymoon; wants to go to Europe but first must sell property. 4 pp.

From Herman Reimers, Christiana, Norway, November 24, 1911: thanks Pach for the gift of an etching; will not be moving to Paris after all; was appointed director of political affairs at the ministry. 4 pp., in French.

From Tete, New York, N.Y., December 14, 1911: Christmas greetings; misses him; family news; has been in contact with Pach's parents. 4 pp., with sketches of busts on the envelope.

From Margherita Innocenti, Pensione Innocenti, Florence, Italy, December 22, 1911: thanks Pach for kind words about her and for recommending the pensione; 4 American women are there now. 3 pp., in Italian.

From Margherita Innocenti, Pensione Innocenti, Florence, Italy, February 9, 1912: -- Ladies -- . Will be happy to have friends of Pach stay at the pensione. 1 p., in Italian.

From E.D. Smyth, Florence, Italy, February 21, 1912: describes guests at Pensione Innocenti; met young Italian artist, Gino "Sensano or Sanseno [Severini]," who knows Stella and other mutual friends; recounts visits with Signorina A.B. and Mr. Loeser; returning by sea due to Helen's illness; will not see Pach again this trip. 6 pp.

From Louis Lombard, [place unknown], April 15, 1912: note of dedication, 1 p. + 2 pp. enclosure (copy of "Chants d'Amour," a poem by Henry Marx), in French.

From E.D. Smyth, [place unknown], Ireland, April 27, 1912: "Have made half my notes From the cahier" and will send them to H.M. soon. Postal card.

From Eugène, Paris, France, [postmarked] April 26, 1912: will come on Sunday at 9:00; is happy that Pach was not expelled because now he can work in peace for a few more days. 1 p., in French.

From Arthur Burdett Frost, Davos, Switzerland, May 5, 1912: has eye problems that doctors cannot treat; Jack is recovering; plans to spend summer in the Black Forest and return to Davos for the winter; Pach writes well; finds it "refeshing to read really honest stuff"; is working on a book of caricatures. 8 pp.

From Fujikawa, Paris, France, June 4, 1912: saw Mr. Molissa and is interested in his work; Pach should express Fujikawa's thanks to Molissa; is going to Florence where he hopes to see Pach; requests photographs of any new work Pach completes. 3 pp. + 5 enclosures (brief thank you notes From M. Lernait, Tererco?, L. Lombard, Louis Varday, and Romanet), in French.

From Georges Speirer, Paris, France, June 6, 1912: heard From friends that Pach is in Florence. 2 pp., in French.

From Arthur B. Davies, New York, N.Y., June 19, 1912: discusses arrangements for payment and shipping of Cézanne painting; has found a buyer; Macbeth will handle customs; Macbeth will send Pach photographs of Rockwell Kent's pictures; will see Pach in Paris in October. 3 pp.

From [signature illegible (L.L.?)], Levallois, France, July 1, 1912: hopes Pach will spend the winter in Paris; is glad Pach is pleased with his paintings of Arezzo. 4 pp., in French.

From Maurice Socard, Paris, France, July 19, 1912: thanks Pach for his letters; will send photographs taken at his country house; friends agree with Pach's assessment of Milan. 6 pp., in French.

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, July [30?], 1912: is not surprised that Pach received a discouraging letter From Floury, who has requested another translator; Faure wants Pach to do the job. 4 pp., in French.

From Arthur B. Davies, New York, N.Y., October 2, 1912: Cézanne painting is now at Macbeth's; gives details of problems with customs; is unable to accompany Walt Kuhn in search of artists for the Armory Show; "the possibilities [of the Armory Show] loom tremendous yet so many can only see another opportunity of showing their work"; "you can do so much for Kuhn in every way and I also believe he has a really healthy outlook with considerable ability." 2 pp.

From Egisto Fabbri, Paris, France, November 28, 1912: declines Pach's invitation, due to illness. 1 p.

From G.A. Bourdelle, [place unknown], December 4, 1912: the Toussaint sculpture can be installed with or without a socle; declined to participate in the New York exhibition before realizing Pach was the organizer; keep the photograph of Toussaint's work. 3 pp., in French.

From [unknown], Gambier, Ohio, [postmarked] December 4, 1912: empty envelope with no return address.

From Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Paris, France, December 6, 1912: Two sculptures, -- Woman Kneeling -- and -- Large Torso -- , and 2 drawings are being sent to Pach for his exhibition. 1 p., in French.

From Henri Matisse, Tangier, Morocco, December 6, 1912: agrees to lend the 7 paintings requested for exhibition in New York; lists titles, insurance values, and indicates which are for sale; -- Le Luxe -- is fragile; no drawings are available; will ask Fénéon to loan as many paintings as possible. 2 pp., in French.

From Robert Henri, New York, N.Y., January 3, 1913: discusses photographs of Besnard's work; reminisces about discovering decorations by Besnard at the College of Pharmacie; compliments Pach's Winslow Homer article; "there is a growing state of expectancy about the 'armory' exhibition, and there is little doubt but that it will make a great stir, and do a great deal of good in a great variety of directions"; news of George Bellows, Guy Pène du Bois, Boss, Kent, Coleman, Sprinchorn, Sloan, Van Sloun, and Bohnen. 4 pp.

From Odilon Redon, [place unknown], France, January 6, 1913: he is flattered by Pach's article, which he believes will enhance his reputation in America; Pach should try to visit soon, as they plan to go south in a few days. 2 pp., in French.

From Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Paris, France, January 16, 1913: agrees with Pach that each generation of artists draws inspiration From undeveloped ideas found in the work of preceding generations; no French architectural style has emerged since the 18th century, confirming the idea that eras without defined aspirations produce no monuments; current politics and intellectual freedom presage hope for the 20th century; as Pach demonstrated, painting was the dominant 19th-century aesthetic, thus developments in other arts will come From painting; a new architecture is needed for modern life; in a time when money reigns supreme, artists should practice simplicity; machines are now a powerful presence in all of life. 4 pp., in French.

From Constantin Brancusi, Paris, France, [postmarked] January 24, 1913: his cousin has just finished a painting that Pach should see; invites Pach to dinner. 1 p., in French.

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, February 11, 1913: if he goes to England, he will contact Mr. Fry; wants to introduce a painter friend to the Steins; Pach is a rare friend and intellectual equal. 2 pp., in French.

From Jacqueline d'Argent, Chinon, France, March 1, 1913: has fond memories of their interesting conversations; present acquaintances are not intellectual and gossip too much; applied for a medical assignment in Algeria but is unsure about moving. 2 pp., in French.

From Constantin Brancusi, Paris, France, March 13, 1913: asks Pach to decide the price of the bronze; congratulations on the success of the exhibition. 3 pp., in French.

From Arthur B. Davies, New York, N.Y., [postmarked] April 5, 1913: borrowed works are being returned to Europe; Roman Bronze Co. could make a good cast of Brancusi's -- Mlle. Pogany -- owned by Belle Greene; "looking forward to a genuine recreation in Boston as to art interest"; doubts Chicago's appreciation, Mr. Eddy notwithstanding. 2 pp.

From Ary Le Bland, Paris, France, April 5, 1913: a copy of -- La Vie -- , featuring the information Pach provided about Redon, is being sent; asks Pach to write about art trends in America for -- La Vie -- and publicize the magazine. Postal card, in French.

From Jacques Villon, Paris, France, April 13, 1913: congratulates and thanks Pach for promoting the acceptance of modern art; extends appreciation to Davies and Kuhn. 3 pp., in French.

From Raymond Duchamp-Villon, [place unknown], France, April 18, 1913: received Pach's letter and check; the Duchamp brothers are embarrassed by their success and do not talk about it; wishes Gleizes were having his share of it; asks how the other artists fared; a commission agency requested cubist paintings for America; worried that cubism is becoming a commodity; the 4 copies of -- Noa, Noa -- he purchased at a good price have been shipped. 2 pp., in French.

From M. Lernait [Lemaitre?], Saigon, Indochina, May 25, 1913: thanks Pach for writing and for his friendship; the countryside near Saigon is beautiful; he misses Paris. 4 pp., in French.

From Jacques Villon, Versailles, France, June 19, 1913: thanks Pach for selling another painting; Salon d'Automne opens later than usual this year; Torrey called on him, Marcel, and Picabia; Raymond is going on vacation soon; sends regards to Davies and Kuhn. 4 pp., in French.

From Maurice Brazil Prendergast, Boston, Mass., June 25, 1913: is recovering From surgery; thanks Pach for sending postcards and showing interest in him. 3 pp.

From Jean Le Roy, Paris, France, [postmarked] July 1, 1913: comments on the success of Pach's exhibition; has a temporary job; finished college; might travel to Guinea; discusses his poetry published in -- Les Bandeaux d'Oro -- ; met de Verhaeren, whom he admires. 4 pp., in French.

From Marcel Duchamp, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, July 2, [1913?]: heard all about the American exhibition From his brothers; thanks Pach for "enthusiastically defending their work"; still awaiting payment; will spend August in England; Torrey called on them. 3 pp., in French.

From Maurice Brazil Prendergast, Boston, Mass., [postmarked] July 11, 1913: is recovering From his "hospital experience"; recounts trouble with studio lease; asks Pach to notify him of suitable space available in New York. 4 pp.

From Maurice Socard, Paris, France, August 1, 1913: Pach is a kindred spirit; Pach's competence and ability to elicit appreciation for modern painting made the show a success. 2 pp., in French.

From F. Wentscher, [place unknown], Hungary, August 24, 1913: is painting out of doors; won't return to Paris until November. Postal card, with original illustration of horse-drawn carriage, in German.

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, August 25, 1913: is delighted with Americans' enthusiastic acceptance of French painting; current prices are ridiculous and scandalous; bought a great Delacroix at reasonable cost; complains about his editor; awaits word From Mr. Fry, to whom he has sent a Cézanne; will go to London in September; saw an interesting Matisse show but preferred Bonnard's exhibition; he sees Renoir frequently; finds it deeply moving to see Renoir make constant improvements in his work despite old age and sickness. 4 pp., in French.

From Jacqueline d'Argent, Blida, Algeria, September 8, 1913: is now practicing medicine in Blida; describes the scenery and local people; congratulates Pach on his marriage. 6 pp., in French.

From Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, September 25, 1913: just received Pach's article and will comment on it in the next letter; thanks Pach for promoting his and friends' work; will see the Steins soon and try to learn more of the rumored American reaction against their ideas; the Salon d'Automne opening is delayed until November; Pach's mention of the Delaunay affair confirms rumors of discord; asks Pach to determine if and when unsold paintings and sculpture were returned. 2 pp., in French.

From Clifton A. Wheeler, Indianapolis, Ind., December 22, 1913: museum's schedule cannot accommodate Pach's exhibition; describes upcoming January show; the museum hopes to acquire a Davies painting; "the exhibition in Chicago (The International) did not strike me with overwhelming force, but I have enough respect for the opinions of Mr. Davies and yourself to admit that the fault may have been my own"; congratulations on engagement to Miss Frohberg. 7 pp. + 1 p. postscript from -- Hila Drake Wheeler -- wishing Pach and Miss Frohberg happiness.

From G. Villon, Paris, France, [1914]: congratulations on the birth of Pach's son; heard From her husband who is in the army; asks Pach's opinion of some drawings; is working with blind children in a hospital. 4 pp., in French.

From Constantin Brancusi, Paris, France, January 26, 1914: asks Pach to determine whether the owner of -- Muse Endormie -- wants the piece in marble; a reduced price is possible, but he must know soon; met Mrs. Stieglitz; asks Pach's advice about showing his marbles in New York. 4 pp., in French.

From Constantin Brancusi, Paris, France, February 19, 1914: received the check; distressed to be participating in a show that may prove harmful to Pach's cause; asks Pach not to be hurt by his unwitting mistake. 4 pp., in French.

From Walter Arensberg, Boston, Mass., March 1, 1914: "The exhibition was tremendously fresh and fine"; compliments Pach's work. 1 p.

From Jean Le Roy, Paris, France, [postmarked] March 4, 1914: congratulations on Pach's marriage; encourages him to continue painting; news of Lombard and Clapp. 2 pp., in French.

From Maurice Brazil Prendergast, Saint-Malo, France, June 12, 1914: thanks Pach for reproducing his work in -- Century -- magazine; is returning home sooner than planned; Renoir's new work is "way ahead of his former landscapes." 3 pp.

From Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Courbevoie, France, June 26, 1914: is impatient for news of a proposed project; Mrs. A. Roosevelt will be in touch with Pach; her work has shown progress; during the past year, modern art has begun to attract interest and generate discussion among some previously unreceptive people. 2 pp., in French.

From Morton Livingston Schamberg, Paris, France, June 30, 1914: "Would love to meet Brancusi and Duchamp-Villon but damn it, I can't speak French." Picture postcard ("P. Cézanne, -- L'été -- fragment").

From Odilon Redon, Bièvres, France, July 10, 1914: if Pach organizes another exhibition, he wants to participate. 3 pp., in French.

From Joseph Stella, Venice, Italy, July 20, 1914: discusses his travels in Europe; Greece reminded him of Davies's pictures; no reply From the futurists in Milan; recounts a meeting with Walkowitz in Patrai, Greece. 5 pp.

From Alexandre Mercereau, Paris, France, [postmarked] July 30, 1914: can secure work by interesting artists for exhibition; inquires whether foreign works and jewelry are acceptable; he organized an international exhibition of cubism with an accompanying symposium in Prague; offers to lecture in the United States if Pach can find a way to pay for the trip; is sending information about an organization he founded; wants to establish an American branch; needs an American editor for his books; Brancusi's participation is essential. 4 pp., in French.

From Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Paris, France, August 7, 1914: just received registered letter and invitations; continuing with exhibit plans is impossible, as all of their friends are mobilized; work of Gleizes, Villon, and Metzinger being exhibited in Berlin probably will be lost; a negative reply From Chapell ended long-held hopes; wholehearted thanks due to Pach for countless efforts and true friendship; the French are ready to die for peace and freedom; confident of the future, despite anxiety over friends now in danger. 4 pp., in French.

From Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France, August 26, 1914: war conditions make collaboration impossible; is serving as a paramedic; no bad news concerning anyone Pach knows. 2 pp., in French.

From Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, September 11, 1914: will consult with friends about planning an exhibition in the United States; Gleizes is at Toul; Villon is with the British army at Rouen. 2 pp., in French.

From Albert Pinkham Ryder, New York, N.Y., September 13, 1914: is looking forward to having the Pachs and Mr. Wheeler visit his studio. 2 pp.

From Michael Stein, Agay, France, October 19, 1914: requests details about the exhibition Pach is organizing; Pach should tell Matisse "he must now look to America for a market for his art for some time to come"; "it is about time he [Matisse] were ranked among the accepted classics and bought freely." 3 pp.

From Jean Le Roy, Brest, France, [postmarked] November 10, 1914: plans to enlist soon; is worried about Kohler at the front. 4 pp., in French.

From Jacques Villon, [place unknown], France, November 23, 1914: comments on the war and his painting; congratulates Pach on his New York exhibition. 1 p., in French.

From Piet van der Laan, Zutphen, the Netherlands, January 24 and February 8, 1915: Congratulations on the birth of Raymond; cannot visit Pach in Paris because of the war. 4 pp. + 3 pp. enclosure (copy of a poem by Dante), in Italian.

From Raoul Dufy, Le Havre, France, January 29, 1915: sent 2 copies of his Bestiarie; wants Pach to choose a drawing, watercolor, or Bestiarie as a gift of thanks; heard From Derain, Apollinaire, and Gleizes, all in the army; de la Fresnaye was wounded; asks if Basler, Brummer, and Kahnweiler are art dealers now that they have settled in New York; considers Basler an honest man. 4 pp., in French.

From Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Acheux, France, February 26, 1915: still in Saint-Germain where his wife continues her work at the military hospital; Villon spent the entire winter in the trenches but bears it well; glad Quinn bought Cat and Parrot; thinks Quinn should have the final versions in wood rather than cast reproductions and instructs Pach to discuss it with him; received Marcel's articles and reproductions; understands the change that has affected Pach's desire for new means of artistic expression. 2 pp., in French.

From Raoul Dufy, Le Havre, France, March 3, 1915: lists the 4 paintings he is sending; accepts and reiterates the payment schedule; Pach should select a painting for himself; will send some paintings on silk; promises to write about decorative art in his next letter. 4 pp., in French.

From Marcel Duchamp, Paris, France, March 12, [1915?]: received the Matisse catalog and remembers the goldfish painting; Villon is in good health and good spirits; is optimistic about prospects for peace by summer; after a family vacation in Rouen, he finished glass and other projects; Raymond is happy in Saint-Germain, where his wife is a hospital nurse; does Pach know if Delaunay is in America; wants to visit Brancusi; has no news of Picasso, Braque, or Derain. 4 pp., in French.

From Marcel Duchamp, Paris, France, April 2, [1915?]: is preparing for an exhibition; describes arrangements for sending Raymond's works to Pottier; 2 paintings, a drawing, and papers are being sent to Pach; reports on the work and conditions of Raymond, Rifemont-Dessaisner, and Villon; has decided to leave France and go to New York; wants to know when he should come and if securing employment as a librarian will be difficult; does not want his family to know of these plans for a while; includes price list for paintings. 3 pp., in French.

From Jacques Villon, Acheux, France, April 13, 1915: glad to learn that his paintings and engravings have sold; is looking forward to returning to normal life and working with greater intensity; being welcomed in New York should boost his self-confidence and provide some peace of mind regarding financial security; the matter of Dr. Stum's paintings cannot be settled until the war ends; is sending Pach engravings and drawings; a shipment of sketches made during the war can be published as documentaries; after being away From home for 8 months, he envies Pach's happy family life; emerging spring contrasts sharply with human evil. 3 pp., in French.

From Marcel Duchamp, Paris, France, April 27, [1915?]: is displeased by the reply received; understands that Pach misses Paris and the artist's life he led there; he is increasingly dissatisfied and the point is to leave Paris rather than to go to New York; asks help in finding a library job in New York so he will not have to depend on selling paintings; does not want his family to know yet. 7 pp., in French.

From Marcel Duchamp, Paris, France, May 21, 1915: has decided to depart on June 5, despite family and sentimental reasons for rescheduling; spoke to Raymond about Arensberg's magazine; Mme. Picon probably has articles by Mercereau, Gleizes may have articles, and other friends could contribute poems and prose; has decided on a job for the duration of his stay in America, but it will prevent him From painting. 3 pp., in French

From Theodore Duret, Paris, France, May 22, 1915: hopes Pach's efforts at promoting the latest in modern art, especially Van Gogh and Lautrec, have been successful; has written a comprehensive book on Van Gogh, which is to be published when the war ends; asks if the Van Gogh painting he loaned to the exhibition has been sold. 4 pp., in French

From Alice Derain, Paris, France, May 28, 1915: thanks Pach for sending a check and for handling her affairs; the paintings From Mme. Lebas were not shipped because Derain is not satisfied with them and decided not to sell; some landscapes may be available soon because Derain has spare time and can try to work; a recent portrait of the couturier Monsieur Poiret may be his best painting yet. 2 pp., in French

From Georges Rouault, Versailles, France, [postmarked] June 1, 1915: (1) Discusses works in progress that may be suitable for the exhibition Pach is organizing; the shipment will also include a ceramic plaque for Quinn; Quinn persists in asking about Rouault's military status; 6 times already he has been disqualified due to a weak heart; academies, medals, and awards are not about art; nature and other artists are more inspiring than unimaginative teachers. (2) Pach should keep a Rouault piece unless he prefers to select one when in France; his simplified ceramics are real faiences; his paintings are lighter and more fluid; his show after the war will include German types and landscape and religious paintings. (3) Perhaps Quinn will be interested in the paintings shipped; within the year, a larger selection of ceramics will be available for Quinn, but at the moment his focus is on painting. 4 pp. (3 separate notes), in French

From Jean Le Roy, [place unknown], France, June 12, 1915: describes his flower-decorated trench and the surrounding countryside; started a magazine called Les Imberbes with an editor and typographer friend; intends to send poems to Pach's American publication. 5 pp. + 1 p. enclosure (poem, "Printemps"), in French

From Maurice Brazil Prendergast, Boston, Mass., July 7, 1915: thanks Pach for Dufy's book; "tell Monsieur Dufy when you write him I felt more pleased than if I got a gold medal"; he and Charlie will leave soon for Maine. 4 pp

From Marcel Duchamp, New York, N.Y., [postmarked] July 28, 1915: inquires whether Pach received the palette he sent; spent the evening with Quinn, Gregg, and Kuhn; Gregg was likable and Kuhn fascinating; thinks Quinn could be supportive; Quinn was anxious to know if cubism has been killed by the war; once his English improves, he wants to convince Quinn to discard his ideas about the politics of art. 2 pp., in French

From Alice Derain, Paris, France, August 7, 1915: sends receipt for payment in full; her husband is in the service; Braque was seriously wounded; Doucet died; Picasso is in Paris; her husband hopes to meet Pach. 2 pp., in French

From Raoul Dufy, Paris, France, September 18, 1915: has received a payment toward Quinn's account; Quinn has purchased additional works; credits many sales to his association with Pach; is able to paint while in the military; after the war, he hopes the French can become better acquainted with American painters; is pleased to hear that Prendergast liked his gift; wants to see photographs of Prendergast's work; requests catalogs with reproductions of American furniture. 4 pp., in French

From Raymond Duchamp-Villon, [place unknown], October 17, 1915: feels renewed interest in his work; continues his research; observations about the war; Villon has suffered and was awarded a Military Cross; requests news of Pach and mutual friends; Pach should determine Quinn's intentions. 3 pp., in French

From Henri Matisse, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, November 20 and 29, 1915: is delighted by the prospect of an exhibition of French art; will do what he can to help obtain the Seurat painting for exhibition; thanks Pach for selecting his work for the exhibition at Bourgeois and agrees to send additional pieces; lists etchings sent to Miss Bryant via Pottier; the photographs showed great improvement in Pach's portraits; advises a warmer palette; will offer additional frank comments after seeing new pictures; is working hard and just finished an important painting, which already has been sold; is still recovering From bronchitis. 12 pp., in French

From Louis Lombard, [place unknown], France, December 28, 1915: best wishes for the coming year. Postal card, in French

From Theodore Duret, Paris, France, December 29, 1915: read a favorable review of the Van Gogh exhibition; asks if Pach was able to sell Duret's Van Gogh still life; his book about Van Gogh will be printed after the war. 4 pp., in French

From Maurice Socard, [place unknown], December 31, 1915: has been in Paris throughout the war; is teaching at the Lycée Ch. [ sic]; believes Germany wants to organize the world; explains his view of the causes of the war and predicts the outcome. 6 pp., in French

From Mary Socard, Paris, France, December 31, 1915: greetings and good wishes; believes the war will be followed by much misery and great changes. 2 pp., in French

From Jean Le Roy, [place unknown], France, [postmarked] [?,?] 1916: his commanding officer knows Picasso, Marie Laurencin, and Derain; Lafitte was killed; wants news of Pach; thank the magazine Others if his poem "Spring" is accepted. 5 pp., in French

From Georges Rouault, [place unknown], France, [undated] [1916?]: received the catalog and Pach's review with the reproduction of his painting; his grandchild is sick; they are going to the seashore; is working on an exhibit; thanks Pach for helping sell a painting; though in poor health, he may have to join the army; suggests an album of reproductions. 10 pp., in French

From Jacques Villon, Paris, France, January 5, [1916]: he is assigned to the central atelier for camouflage; works with other artists, not all of whom share his outlook; has many ideas for new work; no news From Marcel or Picabia. 4 pp., in French

From Georges Rouault, [place unknown], France, [postmarked] January 22, 1916: personally delivered the paintings to Pottier for shipment; worries that the large works will not have the style and the color of the small ones; wants to have his exhibition ready before going to Italy; has not seen Villon recently. 2 pp., in French

From Piet van der Laan, Zutphen, the Netherlands, February 7, 1916: thanks Pach for the "ex-libris"; he is busy translating a lengthy book on medieval Italy; discusses Dante. 4 pp

From Jacques Villon, [place unknown], February 10, 1916: speculates that an art form may develop From the war. 1 p., in French

From Maurice Brazil Prendergast, New York, N.Y., March 23, 1916: confirms 5 titles for inclusion in the exhibition catalog; has a good photograph for Pach's book. 2 pp

From Maurice Socard, Paris, France, April 2, 1916: remembers Pach as one of his best students; one of the many reasons for their friendship is Pach's love for France; quotes Descartes; compares the French ideal of liberty with the German interpretation; comments on French and German science. 4 pp., in French

From Ruth Wilmot, New York, N.Y., [postmarked] April 9, 1916: compliments Pach on the lectures he presented to her group; encloses payment. 2 pp

From Henri Matisse, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, April 28, 1916: extends best wishes for the success of the exhibition; asks Pach not to reveal the extremely reduced price of the painting Arensberg bought; asks if Max Weber has a large gallery; wants to obtain sound recordings of typical exotic chants. 4 pp., in French

From Jean Le Roy, [place unknown], [postmarked] May 8, 1916: thanks Pach for sending the Cézanne catalog; has been at the front for 13 months; Kohler is a decorated hero; Siegfried's fate is unknown; plans to publish his poems when next in Paris. 4 pp., in French

From Gino Severini, Paris, France, May 29, 1916: wants to have an exhibition in New York; has 30 or 35 paintings and 20 drawings representing several periods and can supply text for a lecture; recently published on Mallarmé and pictorial aesthetics; is presently writing another critical study; suggests Pach arrange for a show at Montross or Macbeth and specifies his usual terms; philosophical differences have caused him to part From the group of futurists Pach knows; still considers himself a futurist and will use the term because it helps the public grasp his ideas; no one, including Picasso, Derain, Dufy, and Metzinger, is making a profit From exhibitions. 4 pp., in French

From Mme. Victor Le Roy, Paris, France, May 30, 1916: belatedly acknowledges receipt of Jean's poems; [UNK] husband, Victor, died near Verdun; Jean may come home on leave. 1 p., in French

From Jean Le Roy, [place unknown], [postmarked] June 2, 1916: thanks Pach for forwarding his poems to American publications; believes poets are well treated in the United States; uncle Victor died in the war; Carreau was wounded. 4 pp., in French

From Raoul Dufy, Paris, France, June 3, 1916: thanks Pach for writing an article defending the ideas of modern French art, which had come under attack by a young American critic; wants to know if there are opponents of French modern art in New York; exhibitions are returning to Paris; Quinn purchased -- The Yellow Hat -- ; is sending a thank-you gift and an etching. 1 p., in French

From Emil Gay, Watkins Glen, N.Y., June 12, 1916: enjoyed Pach's lectures. 6 pp

From E.D. Smyth, [place unknown], England, June 16, 1916: news of a mutual friend killed in the war; discusses Jean Le Roy. 4 pp

From Camille Redon, Cannes, France, [July 1916?]: Redon is recuperating in Cannes; asks for the return of their pictures, when feasible. 2 pp., in French

From Camille Redon, [place unknown], July 4, 1916: Redon is gravely ill with pulmonary congestion; the doctors are concerned. 1 p., in French

From Jacques Villon, Puteaux, France, [postmarked] July 12, 1916: Miss Bryant's purchase boosted his morale and was welcome financially; Marcel is delighted with America; speculates that Marcel may eventually settle in America. 3 pp., in French

From Camille Redon, Bièvres, France, August 6, 1916: Redon was buried several days ago; a gallery in the Petit Palais will be devoted to him and there will be an exhibition at the Beaux-Arts in the spring; reflects on the solitude and anonymity of many great artists during their lifetimes. 4 pp., in French

From Georges Rouault, Paris, France, [postmarked] August 14, 1916: Pach should return all paintings and drawings when he can; thanks Pach for his help; his wife and infant daughter are unwell; bought a new house; will be able to work when the family leaves Paris; received the item Pach sent him From Quinn much sooner than anticipated. 2 pp., in French

From Souza Cardoso, [place unknown], Portugal, [postmarked] September 25, 1916: comments on the picture shown on the card. Picture postcard (photograph of a woman and child in costume), in French

From Henri Matisse, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, October 14, 1916: the information Pach sent about Bourgeois raises hopes for a good exhibition at his gallery; in reply to the question about a frame for the portrait of Arensberg, insists that modern paintings do not need frames, especially gold ones that contain a picture by stopping its extension; will look at Pach's paintings any time; Mrs. Havemeyer parted with the Ingres as a condition for another purchase; From photographs, gives his opinion of the authenticity and condition of 12 paintings. 11 pp., in French

From Henri Matisse, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, November 6, 1916: sends description and opinion of a picture he omitted From a previous letter; art is selling well in Paris. 4 pp., in French

From Paul Signac, Saint-Tropez, France, November 18, 1916: illness prevents him from complying with Pach's request to select works for exhibition; suggests sources From which to borrow Seurat paintings. 3 pp., in French

From Florence Bing, New York, N.Y., [undated (1917)]: condolences on the death of Pach's mother. 1 p

From Albert Gabriel, [place unknown], [undated (1917)]: "Accept my sincere sympathy." Note on calling card

From Leigh Hunt, [place unknown], [undated (1917)]: "Heartfelt sympathy." Note on calling card

From Professor Adolph Werner, [place unknown], [undated (1917)]: "Condolence." Note on calling card

From Ruth Wilmot, [place unknown], [undated (1917)]: condolences on the death of Pach's mother. 2 pp

From Mme. Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Compiègne, France, [postmarked] January 6, 1917: her husband is hospitalized with multiple ailments, including typhoid; condolences on the death of Pach's mother. 2 pp., in French

From Constantin Brancusi, Paris, France, January 19, 1917: thanks for check From Quinn; is pleased that he was satisfied with the sculptures, despite difficulty in assembly; plans to visit the United States after the war. 3 pp., in French

From Gino Severini, Paris, France, February 7, 1917: has written a preface explaining the ideas of the avant-garde; wants Pach to oversee the translation; asks that the three fragile pastels be framed inexpensively by Stieglitz. 2 pp., in French

From Childe Hassam, New York, N.Y., March 30, 1917: thanks Pach for help in determining latest possible date to submit work for exhibition. Note on the reverse of printed announcement of a show of Hassam's etchings and drawings at Frederick Keppel & Co., November 16- December 2

From Gino Severini, Paris, France, April 28, 1917: expresses appreciation for the success of his exhibition; his paintings should be returned at a more favorable time; a longer version of his preface on modern art will appear in -- Le Mercure de France -- ; asks to be remembered to his friends and for news of sales and reviews of his show. 4 pp., in French

From [signature illegible], New York, NY., May 14, 1917

From [signature illegible], New York, NY., May 16, 1917

From Charles Sheeler, Philadelphia, PA., May 17, [1917?]

From Charles Cooper, New York, NY., May 19, 1917

From [signature illegible], [Vienna, Austria?], July 22, 1917

From Alexandre Mercereau, [place unknown (at the front)], July 26, 1917: is sending Pach a selection of his writings, which he hopes can be published in the United States; is anxious for a good translation; believes the book he just wrote is his best and is willing to offer it to an American publisher before it appears in France. 4 pp., in French

From Gino Severini, Paris, France, September 6, 1917: discusses work in progress; offers congratulations on the first Independents show; praises Pach's selfless efforts; authorizes use of any remaining works for other exhibitions; thanks Pach for arranging sales and sending reviews. 4 pp., in French

From [signature illegible], [place unknown], October 26, 1917

From Louis Lombard, [place unknown], France, October 26, 1917: reminisces about good times together; has less desire to write poetry now; is learning German and Italian. 2 pp., in French

From Maurice Socard, Paris, France, November 3, 1917: describes superb Renoirs seen in the Rue de la Boetie; hopes Pach's remarkable efforts on behalf of modern art will be fruitful; notes qualities needed for portrait and landscape painting. 4 pp., in French

From Louis Lombard, Ingolstadt, Germany, [postmarked] November 26, 1917: boredom and solitude are his routine; thanks Pach for gifts of books and tobacco; sends holiday greetings. Postal card, in French

From Camille Redon, Paris, France, December 8, 1917: if it remains unsold, Pach should keep the Redon painting until the war is over; American troops are arriving; she follows the exhibitions; likes Matisse; Mr. Quinn is behind in his payments. 4 pp., in French

From Arthur Burdett Frost, Madison, N.J., January 5, 1918: thanks Pach for condolences upon the death of his son; wants Pach to look at his son's work and consider writing an article. 4 pp

From Georges Rouault, Versailles, France, [postmarked] January 15, 1918: discusses titles of 2 pieces; general terms are more suitable titles for his subjects; Matisse was ridiculed by many because for a year he numbered all canvases; Rouault's albums will be numbered rather than titled; suggests framing and matting techniques for the double-sided piece; his new paintings won't need glass; he has always been lonely, but now is isolated as well; has a new daughter. 4 pp., in French

From Arthur Burdett Frost, [place unknown], February 1, 1918: thanks Pach for his interest in his son Arthur; offers a photograph of Arthur to illustrate Pach's forthcoming article. 4 pp

From Arthur Burdett Frost, [place unknown], [between February 1 and March 12, 1918]: thanks Pach for the manuscript; plans to send additional photographs of Arthur. 4 pp

From Arthur Burdett Frost, [place unknown], [between February 1 and March 12, 1918]: returning Pach's manuscript; requests a copy. 2 pp

From Alexandre Mercereau, Paris, France, [postmarked] February 9, 1918: thanks Pach for finding him a publisher; financial gain is secondary to having a publisher of good reputation who will provide proper translation; mentions Pach's frequent contact with Gleizes and Duchamp, who surely support his efforts on behalf of modern art; Vareze recommends Julio Gonzales's decorative work for Pach's exhibition; wants to help a friend sell a de Miranda painting. 2 pp., in French, + business card ("Alexandre Mercereau, Homme de Lettres, President de la Société Les Grandes Conférences") + 2 photographs (inscribed portrait of Mercereau taken at the front, June 1915, and portrait of Charles III and Maria-Ana by Carreño de Miranda)

From Maurice Socard, Paris, France, February 20, 1918: letter of gratitude for Pach's friendship and efforts on behalf of modern art; discusses idealism, imagination, art, and the search for truth. 3 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, March 12, 1918: is sending copies of his last 3 books; thinks -- The Holy Face -- is his most important book; it is about war in general and includes personal experiences From the present war. 4 pp., in French

From Mme. Le Roy, Paris, France., May 19, 1918: Jean died while a prisoner of war. 3 pp., in French

From Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Cannes, France, May 20, 1918: is sending Quinn a drawing and photograph that relate to his rooster sculpture and show the original architectural setting for the piece; will send the script of a comedy written with a friend for performance at a military hospital, which Pach may translate and publish in America; glad that the rift between Pach and Marcel is mended; recently saw Matisse hard at work; Villon is in the army and has no time for work. 4 pp., in French

From Gaby Duchamp, [place unknown], France, May 23, 1918: thanks Pach for arranging sales to Quinn; her husband is well, doing research, and will resume his art when the war ends; Raymond is in the hospital in Cannes; there were interesting Matisse and Picasso exhibitions in Paris. 2 pp., in French

From French Army, [place unknown], July [?], 1918: confirms the death of Jean Le Roy on April 26; sends details of the battle, as Pach requested, and text of citation. 4 pp., in French

From Mme. Le Roy, Paris, France, August 19, 1918: thanks Pach for the touching gesture of dedicating his University of California course to Jean's memory; sends a copy of the citation Jean received the day he died. 3 pp., in French

From J. Van Gogh Bonger, Far Rockaway, N.Y., August 20, 1918: sons wrote of good times with Pach in Berkeley; they were in Honolulu and now should be in Japan; first volume of the "Letters" has been translated; discusses her brother's friendship with Redon. 4 pp

From Camille Redon, Bièvres, France, September 23, 1918: thanks Pach for lecturing on Redon and his work; has a full set of engravings and lithographs; litho stones were erased, but copper plates are at the museum in Amsterdam; plans to sell prints after the war and will offer Pach some he lacks; comments on arrival of American forces, with whom her son-in-law is an officer. 4 pp., in French

From Morton Livingston Schamberg, Philadelphia, Pa., September 30, 1918: belated thanks for the two Indian tiles; he and Sheeler readily agreed who should have which tile. 2 pp

From Frederic C. Torrey, San Francisco, Calif., October 8, 1918: is glad Pach is in California; anticipating the end of the war; tell Mme. Van Gogh he regrets not meeting her. 4 pp

From Mme. Duchamp-Villon, Paris, France, October 11, 1918: Raymond died of uremia; she plans to return to work at the front; will send Raymond's design for a chess set; wonders if Quinn purchased the rooster drawing. 2 pp., in French

From Vincent Van Gogh Bonger, Kobe, Japan, October 27, 1918: "Best regards From Vincent." Picture postcard ("Joie de Vivre")

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], October 30, 1918: thanks Pach for sincere appreciation of The Holy Face; the book received mixed reviews; if there is an English edition, Pach should be the translator; agrees to contribute to the magazine; suggests an article on "America in the War"; the final volume of History of Art will not be published until after the war due to paper shortages; maybe Pach can obtain appropriate paper. 2 pp., in French

From Maurice Socard, Paris, France, November 12, 1918: finally met with Pach's friend for a discussion of Pach's aesthetic preferences and the relationship between philosophy and art; read about Pach's University of California lectures; Paris is celebrating the end of the war. 7 pp., in French

From Jacques Villon, Paris, France, November 13, 1918: Raymond died following a second operation; is determined not to leave Raymond's work unfinished. 2 pp., in French

From Marcel Duchamp, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 15, [1918?]: as a close friend and admirer of Raymond, Pach must be grieving his death; although provincial, Buenos Aires is calm and conducive to work; brought notes for the glass and plans to continue drawings for it; Argentines are aware of cubism but do not understand it; is planning an exhibition for Buenos Aires in May or June; asks Pach to help H.M. Barzun, who will be contacting him about the show; outlines his schedule for the coming year; anticipates readjusting to peacetime. 3 pp., in French

From Jean Le Roy, [place unknown], [postmarked] December 15, 1918: thanks Pach for bringing his pamphlet to Arensberg's attention; discusses his interest in rhythm in poetry. 4 pp., in French

From Frederic C. Torrey, San Francisco, Calif., December 19, 1918: holiday greetings; compliments Pach's writing, specifically his latest article in the Dial; discusses the Dana prize awarded in Philadelphia to McComas. 5 pp

From the Butlers, New York, NY., [postmarked] December 23, 1918: Christmas card, "Victory Christmas"

From Frederic C. Torrey, San Francisco, Calif., January 3, 1919: Pach was misidentified as curator of Hindu art in American Art News; discusses taxes on art sales; still wants to sell his Cézanne lithograph and can reduce the price; asks if Arensberg would be interested in purchasing Un Descendant. 4 pp

From Mabel Torrance, New York, N.Y., January 12, 1919: just learned the classes will be discontinued. 3 pp

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], January 21, 1919: thanks Pach for efforts with American publishers on his behalf; before the war only Germany had a culture large enough to take immediate interest in his kind of intellectual endeavors; awaiting instructions From Johnson concerning the articles he is writing; comments on diplomats of the Entente and political matters; compliments -- Modern School -- ; is sending a brochure about a restored castle his brother is attempting to sell. 4 pp., in French

From Frederic C. Torrey, San Francisco, Calif., February 3, 1919: nude is on the way to Arensberg a day late; his wife will be very happy to sell Un Descendant; "I want the Russian experiment to be given a fair chance"; comments on "Russian 'refugees"'; thanks Pach for assistance in the "Arensberg matter." 7 pp

From Frederic C. Torrey, San Francisco, Calif., February 7, 1919: received Arensberg's check; painting was shipped late, with a lesser valuation, due to changes in regulations; discusses new tax bill. 3 pp

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], May 4, 1919: notes the poor reception of his book in France and the United States; discusses his current work; opinions of world politics. 4 pp., in French

From Maurice Socard, [place unknown], May 12, 1919: much disagreement about the terms of the peace treaty; feels that Germany must serve a term in purgatory. 3 pp., in French [filmed with the wrong envelope]

From Félix Fénéon, Paris, France, May 15, 1919: thanks Pach for selling -- Esquisse d'un Dimanche d'Eté a la Grande Jatte -- and for the check. 1 p., in French

From Marcel Duchamp, Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 6, 1919: regrets having abandoned plans for an exhibition there; Buenos Aires is ready for new art. 2 pp., in French

From Xavier Martinez, Piedmont, Calif., June 16, 1919: received Courbet, Society of Independent Artists, and Redon catalogs; congratulates Pach. 2 pp., in Spanish

From Ismael Smith, New York, N.Y., June 25, 1919: Margarita Cordoba From Cuba, representing the Independents, is sending a picture of la Mazantinita, a famous Spanish ballerina. 1 p., in Spanish, +8 pp. enclosure (11 designs for bookplates)

From Jacques Villon, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, June 26, 1919: thanks Pach for check, letter, and catalog; writes of his work plans for the coming year, when he expects to make up for lost time; comments favorably on Pach's painting; notes activities of his friends, including Gleizes, Picabia, and Marcel. 2 pp., in French

From Marion L. Chamberlain, Santa Barbara, Calif., August 10, 1919: she and Miss Phillips enjoyed Pach's lectures at the Berkeley Summer School; they purchased 2 Renoir lithographs From Mr. Torrey. 4 pp

From Marcel Duchamp, Paris, France, [postmarked] September 3, 1919: his friends and their lives seem little changed since the war; other than the work of his brother and Picabia, he sees little of artistic interest; will be in New York in December; saw Yvonne Duchamp-Villon. 3 pp., in French

From Charles Loeser, Florence, Italy, November 18, 1919: describes his house with its special music rooms; 6 Cézanne paintings hang in one room; has a drawing which he believes is by Velasquez; discusses art collecting; "I have always liked Leo Stein, so long as he talked to me on any matter other than art." 6 pp

From Sybil Kent Kane, New York, N.Y., [postmarked] November 26, 1919: thanks Pach for etchings of "my beloved Chapel." 1 p

From Pietro Brunelleschi, Florence, Italy, [postmarked] December 5, 1919: accepts Pach's invitation for the following day. Note on business card, in Italian

From [Mme.] Duchamp-Villon, Laon, France, January 4, 1920: looks forward to Pach's proposed visit to France; discusses widowhood, her new job in Laon, and the material difficulties of postwar existence; Marcel took Cézanne paintings with him to New York; will send a print of Le Coq. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, January 11, 1920: economic conditions preclude publication of his fourth volume at this time; saw Redon a month before he died, when he spoke of indifference to the opinions of others and concern with expressing himself; discusses the masterpieces in his personal collection, among them Redon, Delacroix, Daumier, and Van Gogh. 8 pp., in French

From Edgar L. Hewett, Archaeological Institute of America, San Diego, Calif., February 2, 1920: met with Sloan and Henri to make arrangements for the "Indian art exhibition"; thanks Pach for encouragement with the exhibition plan; compliments Pach's article in the Dial. 1 p

From Xavier Martinez, Piedmont, Calif., March 12, 1920: thanks for the Dial and the invitation; compliments Pach's article on American Indian art; thinks Pach writes just as well as he paints; is enthusiastic about plans for an American Indian exhibition. 2 pp., in Spanish, + enclosure (sketch of American Indian head)

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, April 20, 1920: is happy about what Pach tells him of Delacroix; he owns 3 works by Delacroix and considers him one of the greatest painters; paper shortages have delayed publication of volume 4; asks if Pach is willing to undertake more translation work; someone else has offered, but Pach is preferred; -- The Dance on Fire and Water -- is being sent for Pach's opinion; the book best condenses Faure's ideas on the aesthetic interpretation of history; like Pach, he organizes exhibits around topics. 4 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, April 23, 1920: Pach must let him know right away if he can do the translation; discusses publishers' contracts; Faure will furnish all photographs for illustration at prewar prices; Pach's other Faure translations have drawn high praise. 2 pp., in French

From J. Metzinger, [place unknown], May 15, 1920: thanks Pach for the check and efforts on his behalf in New York; Pach should keep an unsold painting and dispose of the others as he wishes; people no longer laugh at cubism, but they don't yet understand it; despite war and the hard times that followed, cubism survives; offers his help if Pach wants to exhibit there. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, May 23, 1920: discusses the details of his 4-volume -- History of Art -- now being published; a copy of volume 1 is being sent to Pach. 2 pp., in French

From John Sloan, Santa Fe, N.M., June 9, 1920: began painting the week after arriving in Santa Fe; a Corpus Christi procession provided subject matter; had work accepted for the "Metropolitan Anniversary Ex."; comments on "Art and Craftsmanship" article in the Dial. 2 pp., illustrated with a drawing of Sloan in his studio

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, June 20, 1920: discusses the publication of his book, especially the quality and cost of illustrations for the English edition; judging any work of art requires distance in time and space. 4 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], July 3, 1920: discusses costs for engraved plates and cheaper electrotype plates; asks Pach to select photographs of Peruvian and Mexican monuments, Mexican sculpture, and an American Indian decorated tent or other appropriate images for use in Mediaeval Art; this second volume will contain new illustrations of the art of India and Gothic art. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, July 11, 1920: thanks Pach for writing an article about him; comments favorably on Pach's paintings; is considering adding a section on modernist painting, which would mention Pach, to the third edition of -- History of Modern Art -- . 2 pp., in French

From Jacques Villon, Puteaux, France, July 25, 1920: he recently read the notes found among Raymond's papers, but the haphazard and often obscure ideas would reveal nothing new to Pach; is sending pictures of the horse, some showing the prewar plaster version and others the beginning of the final verson; Raymond's experience in the cavalry made him an expert horseman, and many sketches of horses made during the war show he continued to think of the sculpture he had started; is also sending photographs of sketches, a bust of Professor Gosset, plans for a chess set, and other works; some of Raymond's notes pertain to the design of a surgical center; is certain that Raymond would have continued the research that led him From literal representation to mechanical aspects; thanks Pach for preserving the memory and work of the late artist. 5 pp., in French

From Jacques Villon, [place unknown], August 1, 1920: is sending Pach several photographs and 2 drawings; gives installation instructions for Raymond Duchamp-Villon's last sculpture, Dr. Gosset, with sketches of front and side views of the piece [large portions illegible]. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, August 13, 1920: discusses illustrations for his book; Marcel Duchamp will not be included; mentions other artists he has omitted or included and the relative value assigned to each, perhaps mistakenly; discusses those classified as impressionists and neoimpressionists; mentions new directions in art, among them scientific ones. 8 pp., in French

From L.L. Kane, Long Lake, N.Y., August 26, 1920: Pach's pictures are "quite safe at 47th St. until your return"; he especially appreciates Mme. Derain, which hangs with 2 Copley portraits in the breakfast room. 4 pp

September 12, 1920: note indicating Samuel Ramos is with the Comision Mexicana de Cooperacion Intelectual

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, September 28, 1920: provides correct spellings for works of art, as requested; will send proof sheets of printed photographs with placement instructions; still waiting for the promised photographs of American Indian art. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, November 10, 1920: discusses in detail the illustrations for his book, their placement and captions; an article about cinema in the -- Freeman -- expresses ideas very close to his own; reflects on current politics. 6 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, November 26, 1920: thanks Pach for the photographs; hopes instructions regarding illustrations and page-setting were received; requests a signed copy of the contract with -- Harpers -- ; is still thinking about writing an article for the -- Freeman -- ; is enclosing an advertising circular designed for his book and suggests something similar for the American edition. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, December 22, 1920: the photograph of Herculeum arrived; his editors are pleased; volume 4 will be ready in a few days and a copy will be sent to Pach; the American edition contains stupid mistakes; plans to write an article for the Freeman; will send Pach his article on cinema. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, January 17, 1921: describes his visit to London, emphasizing the British Museum; likes little of British art; considers Bonnard, Matisse, Picasso, and Derain in the forefront of modern art; he appreciates Pach's opinions on art, even when in disagreement; because Pach is younger, his views are an excellent indicator of current taste. 4 pp., in French

From Piet van der Laan, Utrecht, the Netherlands, January 21, 1921: thanks for the bookplate Pach designed; compliments his article in the Freeman; is attempting to sell paintings by a young Dutch artist friend. 3 pp

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, February 3, 1921: hopes to rewrite volume 1, as he is unhappy with it; Spanish translation is delayed due to paper shortages; his brother's chateau is to be sold; wrote an article on Charlot. 3 pp., in French

From [Mme.] Duchamp-Villon, Paris, France, February 11, 1921: discusses in detail the choice of lodgings available to the Pach family for their stay in Paris; Marcel can help Pach place the Gosset figure as he saw it assembled; instructs Pach to sell the Cézanne. 2 pp., in French

From Maurice Brazil Prendergast, New York, N.Y., February 28, 1921: thanks Pach for introducing him and Charlie to Mr. and Mrs. Brummer; their work will be exhibited at Brummer's March 15-April 1; read Pach's article on Matisse; will try to see the exhibition. 3 pp

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, March 1, 1921: discusses changes to the title of his 4-volume -- History of Art -- ; volume 1 is being shipped to Pach soon; believes French academics slander France. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, March 4, 1921: Is still trying to find a place for the Pachs to stay; his own apartment will not be available until August; discusses the title of his book and asks Pach to write the introduction; the article on Charlot was not published. 2 pp., in French

From Clara La Follette, -- Freeman -- , New York, N.Y., [postmarked] March 7, 1921: sends letter received by the -- Freeman -- that she thinks will amuse Pach. 1 p., + 2 pp. enclosure (letter rubber stamped February 23, 1921 [date of receipt?] to Mr. Huebsch From Alfred Stieglitz, New York, N.Y. [of an exhibition review by Pach published in the -- Freeman -- ]: "Mr. Pach undoubtedly did his best--but I fear that the real significance of the work was beyond him.--I regret it")

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, March 14, 1921: will send proofs of Napoleon; desires advice From Pach concerning whether it should be translated; thinks the subject will be of interest in America. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], July 29, 1921: plans to meet Pach in Cahors; -- History of Art -- was chosen as one of the 10 best French books recommended to Americans by the Comité France-Amerique. 2 pp., in French

From Camille Redon, Paris, France, [postmarked] August 1, 1921: thanks Pach for translating an article about Redon; offers a Redon work to Mrs. Pach. 1 p., in French

From Elie Faure, Dordogne, France, August 15, 1921: 4 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, March 16, 1921: has sent Pach his article on Charlot, which will be published soon by -- L'Esprit Nouveau -- ; discusses his work, including an article on cinema and -- Napoleon -- ; inquires about payment and translation rights for articles appearing in the -- Freeman -- . 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, April 16, 1921: the translation of his Charlot article must mention it is excerpted from -- L'Esprit Nouveau -- ; the French are boycotting American films, especially Charlie Chaplin's; compliments Pach's translations; -- History of Art -- has been an unexpected success; Napoleon promises to do well and is being serialized in -- Grande Revue -- ; he and Pach will divide the profits; may have found a convenient place for the Pachs to stay. 2 pp., in French

From [Mme.] Duchamp-Villon, Paris, France, April 20, 1921: offers to help Pach find lodging when he visits; asks if Quinn has received the sculpture. 1 p., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, June 29, 1921: unable to find a place for Pach to stay; -- History of Art -- is selling well; reprints and new volumes will require translation; asks if Pach could bring his daughter a statuette of Charlot to put on their car, as is now the fad. 2 pp., in French

From George Ferdinand Of, New York, N.Y., November 28, 1914: is anxious to see Pach and hear about his trip. Picture postcard ("Museé de Louvre.-- -- Les Baigneuses.-- -- Vernet.--LL").

From Jean Le Roy, Nièvre, France, [postmarked] December 29, 1914: wants Pach's opinion of his poems; is in the army; heard Pach is organizing an exhibition; asks for news of the Duchamp brothers. 4 pp., in French.

From Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France, January 19, 1915: advises patience until the world of art returns; a weak heart disqualified Marcel From military duty; congratulates Pach on the exhibition; is invited to San Francisco but doubts cubist works will be accepted; discusses prices of his medallions. 2 pp., in French.

From Camille Redon, Paris, France, [postmarked] August 1, 1921: thanks Pach for translating an article about Redon; offers a Redon work to Mrs. Pach. 1 p., in French

From Elie Faure, Dordogne, France, August 15, 1921: 4 pp., in French

From Clara La Follette, Freeman, New York, N.Y., August 16, 1921: opinions of French government; comments on Faure's article on the cinema; urges Pach to send the article he mentioned; is looking for a studio. 4 pp

From Henri Matisse, Nice, France, September 7, 1921: agrees to Pach's terms concerning the Redon paintings, but there is no one available who is capable of separating the torn papers of -- Radiant Flower -- ; after 3 weeks of laziness, he is painting again and it is like starting over at the beginning. 2 pp., in French

From [Mme.] Duchamp-Villon, Puteaux, France, September 18, 1921: [Illegible]. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, September 29, 1921: 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, October 27, 1921: thanks Pach for checks received; discusses advantages and disadvantages of using a picture for promoting his works; his daughter is most disappointed that there are no more Charlot statuettes; asks Pach to sell lottery tickets for charity. 4 pp., in French

From Bernard Berenson, Florence, Italy, November 9, 1921: thanks Pach for catalog; photograph of "St. Francis at Brooklyn" reminds him of "the naive art of all the eccentric regions of Europe." 4 pp

From Jacques Villon, [place unknown], France, November 9, 1921: is glad to have met Mrs. Pach; Matisse engraving is not yet ready due to printing problems. 4 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, November 13, 1921: discusses the details of his contract with -- Harpers -- , which he considers unjust; his father-in-law died; reports on the sick painter friend for whom the benefit raffle was held. 6 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, November 28, 1921: if the misunderstanding concerning the -- Harpers -- contract is not corrected, it will be a disaster; their artist friend needs further surgery; hopes Pach can sell more tickets for the raffle, which will precede an exhibit in February or March; lists artists--among them Bonnard, Dufy, Matisse, Signac, and Braque--who have donated works for the raffle; regrets that his last book devoted so little space to Derain. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, December 19, 1921: thanks Pach for help in clearing up a misunderstanding with his American publisher; discusses his 4-volume work, including opinions of the layouts and illustrations of each; Pach should decide whether to attribute a painting to de Pietro or Sassetta; plans to write about Derain; an exhibition, organized for an artist friend in need, includes a lottery with contributions From Matisse, Derain, and Picasso; will send Pach 250 lottery tickets; announces the upcoming marriage of François, a talented decorator, and asks if work could be found for him in New York or if his projects could be reproduced in an American publication. 4 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], December 23, 1921: received a letter From Briggs and praises the loyalty and honesty of American publishers; thanks Pach for perseverance in bringing to publication, in English translation, -- History of Art -- ; lottery tickets are being sent, many going to Mrs. Whitney; asks if Pach could help to interest American publisher Nelson in the collections of an expanding French publishing firm looking for capital; is sending -- Mediaeval Art -- and François' furnishing projects. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, December 31, 1921: considers volume 1 "our" -- History of Art -- out of gratitude for Pach's excellent translation; discusses the illustrations and general appearance of the book; -- Mediaeval Art -- and lottery tickets will be sent soon; has 2 paintings he wants Pach to sell in the United States, a Venetian school Crucifixion and a version of Gros's -- Murat a la Bataille d'Aboukir -- ; describes the paintings, discusses prices and Pach's commission. 3 pp., in French

From Maurice Brazil Prendergast. New York, N.Y., January 26, 1922: Discusses quality of reproductions for Shadowland; wants to assist, should Pach decide to write an article; compliments Pach's writing. 3 pp

From Maurice Brazil Prendergast, New York, N.Y., February 2, 1922: is returning Pach's manuscript; agrees with him about Cézanne; "I was much influenced by Pissarro but with water colors it was nature pure and simple that influence [ sic] me"; is impressed with -- Shadowland -- . 3 pp

From Leigh Hunt, New York, N.Y., [postmarked] February 23, 1922: congratulates Pach and the museum. 1 p

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, March 21, 1922: is sending -- Renaissance Art -- , which completes the series; Pach should return the stubs of all sold lottery tickets; the Spanish artist for whom the lottery was organized is now recovering From surgery; complains of a dull artistic season, including a Salon des Indépendants devoid of interest; the best was a Matisse exhibit, along with Derain's and Picasso's latest work; increasingly poor leadership has him worried about the future of Europe; inquires about two articles he sent to the -- Freeman -- . 5 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, March 30, 1922: Americans have won 8 of the lottery prizes (most of them with Mrs. Whitney's tickets) consisting of 6 etchings and 2 paintings; what to do with the artworks is a problem in view of customs requirements. 2 pp., in French

From Camille Redon, Paris, France, April 7, 1922: mailed 2 etchings and 30 proofs made of each of Redon's copper engravings; the plates went to the Print Museum; thanks Pach for the beautiful etching and photographs he sent. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, April 10, 1922: received the -- Freeman -- article; just completed a response to the review of his book, which he prefers to send to the -- Dial -- rather than the -- Freeman -- ; wrote a new introduction to Greek Art for future editions; hopes Pach has sold paintings; thinks one of the paintings could pass as a fake for customs purposes. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris. France, April 11, 1922: the attribution of his Baron Gros is certain, but its condition is not perfect; discusses articles being translated by Pach; discusses the French language in Canada; he and Pach agree on important points; Pach is unfair to Bonnard, who eventually will be regarded as a minor master; Derain is a great painter who overshadows Matisse. 2 pp., in French, labeled "second letter" (enclosed with letter of April 10, 1922)

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, May 6, 1922: received the checks; is returning a signed contract for -- Cinéplastique -- and inquires about American customs concerning royalty payments; will mail books to Pach and pictures to Harper's; the lottery prizes are being sent; the Corots and Courbet at Rosenberg Gallery particularly impressed him; family news; dispair over current politics. 2 pp., in French

From Pedro Henríquez Ureña, Universidad Nacional de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico, May 31, 1922: discusses Pach's remuneration and class schedule for the summer session. 1 p

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, June 17, 1922: regrets not being able to meet Pach in Mexico and wishes Rivera had invited him, too; will try to delay French publication of his article so the -- Dial -- can print it first; another piece on the aesthetics of machinism has already been published in France; finished a long chapter of -- The Spirit of the Forms -- and wants Harper's to consider it completed; after going to Vichy for his health, he will take a vacation; wants to know all about Pach's archaeological discovery in Mexico. 2 pp., in French

From John Sloan, Santa Fe, N.M., [postmarked] August 4, 1922: has a car for summer travels; the Henris are there; has been painting. 2 pp., illustrated with drawing of a car on a winding mountain road ("Climbing the Bahada [no exaggeration!]")

From L.L. Kane, Long Lake, N.Y., August 12, 1922: wants to read Pach's article in the Freeman; admires his ability to present lectures in other languages; describes his Adirondack camp. 2 pp

From Henri Matisse, Nice, France, September 2, 1922: mailed copies of all the engravings he made during the summer; asks Pach's advice on lowering the price of Redon's pastels; he is now back at work in Nice after 2 months in Paris. 2 pp., in French

From Jacques Villon, Soissons, France, September 6, 1922: the estimate for publishing was higher than anticipated; asks Pach to intercede; inquires about Pach's trip to Mexico; news of various friends; discusses summer plans. 2 pp., in French

From Sybil Kent Kane, Long Lake, N.Y., September 7, 1922: thanks Pach for sending the picture of a jug; her book is about the life of Blessed Margaret Mary. 4 pp

From Suzanne La Follette, New York, N.Y., [postmarked] September 10, 1922: due to understaffing at the -- Freeman -- there was no art coverage during the summer; suggests Pach write a series of articles on Delacroix, Cézanne, Renoir, Redon, Van Gogh; opinions of Faure's second volume; news of Boardman Robinson; has changed her name back to Suzanne From Clara. 6 pp.

To Professor D. Ramon Mena From Walter Pach, Mexico City, Mexico, October 4, 1922: the mosaic mask discovered by Professor Aguierre and displayed in the National Museum is an object of great interest; it presents important problems to American antiquities experts and to those studying aesthetics; an important detail is the way in which material is handled; discusses fundamental difference in the work of the imitator and the mosaic mask; the technical question and expressive question are inseparable; appreciates the compliment of being asked his opinion. 3 pp., in Spanish

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, October 22, 1922: received payment for photographs and book royalties; discusses Rivera's talent, disagreeing with Pach's view of his originality; Rivera has remarried; shares Pach's admiration for Mexican art; now that his article has appeared in the -- Dial -- , he has nothing further to publish in America other than History of Art; since Pach is now devoting more time to painting and etching, he will need to find Faure a new translator; asks Pach if chapters From The Spirit of the Forms and essays on great literary figures could appear in American publications; discusses some of his theories of art and the structural aspect of his own writings. 6 pp., in French

From Jean Charlot, [place unknown], Mexico, November 5, 1922: Pach's article appeared in -- Mexico Moderno -- ; Orozco will be exhibiting watercolors; the fresco Accion del Artes is almost finished; is becoming interested in religious painting. 4 pp., in French

From Diego Rivera, [place unknown], Mexico, December 7, 1922: thanks Pach for his valuable friendship; the Mexican Independents, now formally organized, are invited to show with the Society of Independents in New York; Orozco, Charlot, Revueltas, Figueiros, Leal, Alba, Cahero, Bolanos, Ugarte, Cano, Nahui, Ate, Rivera, and children will represent Mexico; discusses space needs and suggests possible hanging arrangements; needs to find a way to pay for transportation; please convey their appreciation to the Society; Pach should tell Miss Porter that although there was a mix-up in communications, Rivera is still interested in the small exposition. 4 pp., in Spanish

From Jacques Villon, [place unknown], France, December 21, 1922: [Illegible]. 8 pp., in French

to Magda Pach From Gaby [Mme. Jacques Villon?], [place unknown], December 27, 1922: wishes the Pach family would visit them for several months; Villon is working hard, as always; except for a vacation in Brittany, they rarely go anywhere; engravings are time consuming but right now sell better than paintings; asks about Pach's stay in Mexico. 2 pp., in French

From Carlo Lemba, Florence, Italy., [?,?] 1923: thanks Pach for remembering him and for the very beautiful Rembrandt; requests a catalog or photograph. Picture postcard ("Firenze--Palazzo Vecchia--Il Cortile"), in Italian

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, January 21, 1923: thanks Pach for his translation; discusses modifications to be made in the first volume; details plans for future publications; lists illustrations for the last chapter of History of Art. 10 pp., in French

From José Vasconcelos, [place unknown], Mexico, February 23, 1923: received Pach's letter and sends appreciation for the international approach of his work. Telegram, in Spanish

From José Clemente Orozco, [place unknown], Mexico, February 27, 1923: introduces his friend, Mexican poet José Juan Tablada; friendship with Tablada would be a great satisfaction to Pach; Tablada could courier Mexican works From the Independents exhibition when he returns home; they learned much about contemporary art From Pach's lecture series; when he returns to Mexico, Pach can expect an affectionate welcome. 2 pp., in Spanish

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, March 4, 1923: at last, publication of -- Mediaeval Art -- has been announced; the definitive edition of his work is currently in progress; discusses new prefaces for all 5 volumes; rewrote the last chapter of volume 4, which does not mention Bonnard but expands discussion of Matisse, Picasso, and Derain, whom he considers the greatest contemporary painter. 2 pp., in French

From Secretario de Educacíon Publica, [place unknown], Mexico, March 14, 1923: José Vasconselos thanks Pach for his efforts on behalf of Mexican painters in this year's Independent Artists Salon. 1 p., in Spanish

From Jean Charlot, [place unknown], Mexico, [postmarked] March 31, 1923: was happy to receive Pach's illustrated article about Seurat; the enclosed flier rebuts another slanderous article about the exhibit; the catalog reproduction of the painting Pach started in Mexico was recognized by everyone; Diego called it more Mexican than their own contributions; Diego finished his first panel for the ministry frescoes; Diego's brother-in-law executed a successful encaustic mural in Guadalajara; Diego sends thanks to Pach, but cannot write because he works From 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.--without eating--which is hard on his aides who must do likewise. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, April 24, 1923: an American definitive edition is under consideration; will send Pach copies of work by Spain's best artist since Goya; still thinks Derain is the best painter; Matisse's exhibition lacks humanity; discusses European political problems. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, May 10, 1923: is now writing a book about the mechanism regulating the life cycles of societies; did not see all the exhibits because he is now drawn more to social psychology, which helps him understand painting; life takes precedence over painting; his article was misunderstood in America and France by supporters and opponents alike; painting, no longer the dominant art form as it was in the previous century, is being overtaken by cinema; assures Pach of his friendship and trust; understands that his ideas provoke resistance even among the best of friends. 6 pp., in French

From Suzanne La Follette, New York, N.Y., [postmarked] June 23, 1923: thanks Pach for article; sends proofs of first article; was advised not to go to Germany; will visit England, France, and Italy. 4 pp

From J. Van Gogh Bonger, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, June 27, 1923: read that the Pachs were cited as among the best of the Independents; the pictures are back, and she is glad they were exhibited in the United States; is anxious to publish Van Gogh's letters in English; opinions of Meier-Graefe's book; opinions of recent articles in the -- Times -- and the -- Freeman -- ; "What I never forgive Meyer-Greafe [ sic] is his suggestion that Theo, after his marriage could not provide for Vincent any longer"; is sending a Van Gogh drawing to Pach in appreciation for his help. 3 pp

From Diego Rivera, [place unknown], Mexico, July 3, 1923: introduces Covarrubias; on behalf of the group, thanks Pach and the Independents in New York; Pach's Mexican street scene showed intimate and strong character; hopes for even better representation next year; describes current projects of several Mexican artists; Covarrubias has photographs of murals in progress. 2 pp., in Spanish

From Lewis Mumford, Brooklyn, N.Y., July 5, 1923: congratulates Pach on Modern Art; "it is far and away the best piece of criticism we've had in America, to my knowledge." 1 p

From Alfred Stieglitz, Lake George, N.Y., July 21, 1923: he and O'Keeffe are enjoying Pach's translation of Faure; Stieglitz has read it in the original; O'Keeffe doesn't know French. 1 p

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], October 8, 1923: if Harper's cannot locate the photograph Faure sent of a Picasso painting, Pach should select a substitute; requests assistance in coilecting a fee owed by a publisher; complains about the usual reluctance of museums to accept paintings; suggests that Boston or the Barnes Foundation might be interested in the Gros, Delacroix, and Venetian school paintings he wants to sell; -- History of Art -- will be translated into Spanish and possibly German; hopes for more contacts with the United States. 2 pp., in French

From J. Van Gogh Bonger, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, October 18, 1923: could not find anyone to deliver the drawing to Pach, so she mailed it; is working on an exhibition to be held in London; Zigrosser visited. 1 p., negative photostat

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, December 1, 1923: has mailed the photographs Pach requested; believes he has told Pach of all the proposals received From America and still awaits answers relating to some; Waldo Frank visited; found Miss La Follette most congenial; the package of photographs also contains a small drawing as a memento of their collaboration. 2 pp., in French

From Ariella Brunelleschi, Florence, Italy, [postmarked] December 12, 1923: her entire family sends thanks; best wishes for a good trip. Picture postcard ("Firenze--Galleria Uffizi La Nativita de Gesu dett.--Van Der Goes Ugo"), in Italian

From Jacques Villon, [place unknown], December 25, 1923: is delighted to learn that Pach has resumed painting and wants to see a photograph of his portrait of Magda; the common desire to travel west is a distraction, as is his penchant for making etchings rather than painting; has problems with his engraving of a Cézanne and will do a Laurencin next; complains of difficulties painting; is mailing the edited first proofs of the book on Raymond; Yvonne is gone; he missed seeing Miss La Follette; Rosenberg is in New York; paintings are hard to sell; New Year's greetings to the Pach family. Postscript From Gaby expresses her own best wishes and those of Marcel; she hopes to see them in Puteaux the following year. 5 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], January 24, 1924: approves of the way in which Pach used his Renoir to illustrate an article; still trying to sell the Gros painting abroad; the Venetian painting was shipped today, and he awaits Pach's impression of it; Faure is convinced the landscape, most likely of Toledo, and at least one figure were painted by El Greco in his youth; awaits photographs of Pach's paintings and etchings; is delighted to learn of Pach's lecture series in Kansas, which includes one on Faure's fourth volume. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], January 31, 1924: praises solidity, intelligent composition, and exceptional synthetic quality of Pach's portrait of his son; the portrait of Pach's wife is less successful; praises the harmony in Pach's mythological painting but its composition is less than perfect; Pach shows great progress; is sending a photograph of a first-class Corot that is for sale; discusses the price and how they would share the profit. 2 pp., in French

From Bernard Berenson, Florence, Italy, February 6, 1924: read Pach's article in -- Harper's -- "with interest, with zest and with envy." 4 pp

From Jacques Villon, Paris, France, March 2, 1924: received photographs of Pach's paintings; praises the balance and harmony in Magda's portrait, but expresses reservations concerning the portrait of Raymond; unable to send photographs of his own work because he was too busy finishing the Cézanne engraving that will be exhibited at Bernheim's to raise funds for a monument to Cézanne; has mixed feelings about the direction of his own painting and leans more toward nature; a proof of Pach's foreword is ready; the book on Raymond will be out soon; some of Raymond's letters were edited so as not to appear to be soliciting sympathy. 6 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], March 10, 1924: has just received notification that volume 4 was published and will convey his opinion after seeing it; thanks Pach for intelligent publicity; discusses corrections to be made in the next edition; asks Pach to persuade the publisher to make an American edition that conforms to the French one; the Corot was sold; everyone seems to be buying and selling paintings; Faure sold From his own collection pieces he no longer likes in order to buy a house; he buys what he can at low cost, notably Corot and Courbet landscapes and a drawing by Cézanne; Pach should try to influence the gallery to sell Faure's painting quickly because the money is needed for home repairs; wrote an article on contemporary art trends for the Dial. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], March 11, 1924: the news contained in Pach's cable frees him From current financial worries; he is sending the painting immediately and warns Pach about mislabeling on the back of the picture; insists that Pach take a substantial commission; though it makes him sad to part with the painting, he now can provide a secure future for his family. 2 pp., in French

From Suzanne La Follette, Plymouth, England, March 11, 1924: the voyage has been "rough and dull." 2 pp

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], March 19, 1924: received the fourth volume in translation and finds the illustrations much better than those in the first 3 volumes; expresses gratitute to Pach; is sending a gift of a Rodin etching; just saw Derain and is certain the artist is evolving, despite his somewhat disoriented state; Matisse's last exhibit was disappointing and lacked human qualities. 2 pp., in French

From Arthur Burdett Frost, Pasadena, Calif., March 30, 1924: thanks Pach for his exhibition idea; cannot participate because he has no suitable work available; "I used to be very careless about my original drawings"; Jack moved to California for health reasons; Jack paints desert landscapes that sell well. 4 pp

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, April 1, 1924: the Gros painting has been in transit for 3 weeks; deplores the exchange rate and discusses Pach's commission; is pleased that Pach will be the translator for -- The Gods -- and hopes he will do -- The Spirit of the Forms -- , even though this work will take him away From painting; wants to see Pach's pamphlet on Seurat, whom he likes more and more; Faure has added to his collection paintings by Corot, Courbet, Delacroix, Bonnington, and others he discovered in the attic of a secondhand shop; Miss La Follette visited; asks Pach to inquire about the fate of his Shakespeare essay. 4 pp., in French

From Jacques Villon, [place unknown], France, April 6, 1924: agrees wholeheartedly to the proposed exchange; thanks Pach for a check; wants him to accept, as a gift, any Villon painting still in Pach's hands; will follow Pach's instructions concerning the book; is painting but cannot find himself in that medium; his next engraving will be a Rousseau. 2 pp., in French

From E.H. Anderson, Director, New York Public Library, New York, N.Y., April 9, 1924: acknowledges gift of etchings. 1 p

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, May 2, 1924: sends a check for Pach's commission on the sale of the Murat painting; is glad Pach liked his gift of a Rodin etching; discusses changes to volume 3 and wonders why a particular reproduction was omitted From the American edition; -- The Spirit of the Forms -- is still under revision, and he has been busy writing -- Cervantes -- ; like Pach, he admires Matisse's lithographs but feels uneasy about the virtuoso element apparent in his annual painting exhibits; Despiau's portraits are more and more admirable; met Braque, whose work now interests him more; since Braque has renounced cubism, only Picasso remains; Picasso's last noncubist exhibit was curious and somewhat disturbing. 2 pp., in French

From Leigh Mitchell Hodges, Doylestown, Pa., May 4, 1924: sends sonnet inspired by a Pach etching. 1 p. + enclosure ("Sonnet--To Walter Pach's etching of Miss M-----")

From Julius Meier-Graefe, Berlin, Germany, July 22, 1924: Pach is the first American to attempt and succeed at serious examination of art From Corot to the present; is sending a copy of volume 3 of -- Modern Art -- , which discusses some of the same issues addressed in Pach's book; believes cubism, expressionism, and impressionism to be manifestations of decadence; in his book, Pach failed to cite German contributions. 3 pp., in German

From Elie Faure, Dordogne, France, July 31, 1924: hopes to see Pach in Dordogne during August; the article on illustrious men he has known will need to be twice as long, so Pach should make arrangements; discusses a remarkable book about sport by his Frenchified Brazilian friend Braga and suggests a translation would be of interest to Americans; Braga wrote the most intelligent articles ever published about Faure in French and plans a history of world literature that would mirror -- History of Art -- . 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Dordogne, France, August 2, 1924: Pach should tell Wells that Faure accepts the 5,000-word limitation; the article consists of a series of portraits of famous men and concludes with a sincere tribute to America. 1 p., in French

From Julius Meier-Graefe, Schlaghtensee, Germany, [postmarked] August 5, 1924: advises Pach not to judge the paintings of [von Marees?] on the basis of his early Dresden period, but look at the Munich work. Postal card, in German

From Bernard Berenson, Florence, Italy, August 11, 1924: read -- Masters of Modern Art -- ; "I wish I could give you the support you ask for. And I have found yr. book informing, stimulating, provoking and sincere. But I cannot even begin to see what you do in cubism"; advises Pach to choose writing over painting, as it is impossible to do both. 8 pp

From Elie Faure, Dordogne, France, August 24, 1924: regrets that Pach did not visit him; plans to go to Italy in September but hopes to see Pach in Paris afterward; hesitates to accept a long lecture tour in America. 2 pp., in French

From James Oppenheim, New York, N.Y., August 24, 1924: Gertrude is seriously ill; Oppenheim's son has faith in his work; Oppenheim's book was reviewed; is delighted with the book on Matisse. 2 pp

From Bernard Berenson, Florence, Italy, September 13, 1924: expresses his opinion of modern art and artists; "I did not mean what the Ku-Kluxers or Coolidgeites mean when they speak of the latest phenomena in painting as Bolshevik. But in a prophetic, devastatingly deep way that's what they are. And they may serve a kindred purpose, namely to bury the dead form. But they are undertakers, grave-diggers, and at best manure makers only. Artists they are not and Picasso not at all;" Pach "overestimates" Delacroix's ability as an artist. 4 pp

From John Gould Fletcher, London, England, October 7, 1924: thanks Pach for the book on Duchamp-Villon; compliments the "excellent" introduction; agrees that "Duchamp-Villon was the true descendant of the stonecutters of Chartres"; Faure's -- History of Art -- is "remarkable"; he is trying to publish a rebuttal to the concluding chapter; the -- Freeman -- failed. 3 pp

From Luz Pérez, [place unknown], Mexico, October 24, 1924: the book Pach sent is enchanting; congratulations on the success of the exhibition; best wishes for future success. 2 pp., in Spanish

From Arthur Burdett Frost, Pasadena, Calif., October 26, 1924: thanks for the brushes, which he will share with Jack; requests recommendations for directing Jack's art reading; Frost now reads mainly on palentology and natural history; if his eyesight permitted, he would paint his concept of earliest man; recalls a terrible summer spent in Rhode Island; contrasts California with the East; recalls the Dresden Gallery; Butler's stay in New York was a "dreadful experience." 5 pp

From Jacques Villon, Paris, France, October 27, 1924: just received Pach's book on painting and thinks his ideas about evolution of painting are admirable; has not yet seen the Salon d'Automne; sales were good, and even those opposed to abstract painting smiled. 3 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, November 1, 1924: has shipped a magnificent painting; is surprised that it is possible to sell paintings in America since the Paris art market is at a standstill; the last good show was the Renoir exhibit at Rosenberg's; books are not selling, and he could not find a publisher for his latest work; publishing houses are closing; prewar politicians and prewar methods are responsible for the disaster; the general economy and his personal situation are grim; melancholy family news. 4 pp., in French

From Henri Matisse, Nice, France, November 18 and December 5, 1924: his son, Pierre, is moving to New York; Pierre wants to work at a gallery specializing in modern art; he and the Steins agree this is a good plan; asks Pach to advise and assist Pierre, and he will request the same of Brummer; Michael Stein suggests Pach meet Pierre at the ship. 4 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, December 1, 1924: is housebound after a small accident, and catching up with work; both the -- Dial -- and -- Harper's -- sent checks; comments on current exhibitions and sales; Pach is his closest American friend; wants to establish closer ties in the United States; France now depends upon American patronage; Mrs. Dillard is sending a Corot to Pach; she might be helpful to Brummer; sometimes she has Renoirs and Derains at reasonable prices. 2 pp., in French

From Xavier Martinez, Piedmont, Calif., December 3, 1924: compliments -- Masters of Modern Art -- and Pach's translation of Faure; disagrees with Faure's chapters on Greece and Mexico; Pach understands the art of Mexico; encloses 2 drawings of Indian madonnas. 1 p., partly in Spanish

From Lewis Mumford, Brooklyn, N.Y., December 15, 1924: thanks Pach for grasping the essence of his book; agrees with Duchamp-Villon's views on architecture. 2 pp

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], January 9, 1925: commiserates with Pach over his rejection by -- Harper's -- ; comments on subjects that appeal to editors of popular magazines; Pach should continue trying to sell the Corot; the owner also has paintings by Renoir and Derain and a Seurat drawing; inquires about the status of translations now at -- Harper's -- ; comments on the superiority of American cinema. 3 pp., in French

From Pedro Henríquez Ureña, La Plata, Argentina, January 13, 1925: hopes Pach will be interested in the work of his friend, Emilio Pettoniti, an advanced Argentine painter; asks where Pettoniti might exhibit in New York. 2 pp., in Spanish

From Diego Rivera, [place unknown], Mexico, January 13, 1925: requests photographs of the work Pach accomplished in France; wants news of Elie Faure; mentions several commissions he is now working on; comments on Charlot; has waited more than a year for word from Aleman; is considering going abroad when through with the Chapingo chapel. 3 pp., in Spanish

to Elie Faure From William H. Briggs, [place unknown], March 3, 1925: not financially feasible to bring out the definitive edition of -- History of Art -- for at least 3 years; wants -- The Spirit of the Forms -- to be volume 5; agrees to publish an English edition of -- The Spirit of the Forms -- and -- The Dance on Fire and Water -- ; -- The Constructors -- , -- The Holy Face -- , and future books are not to be offered to other publishers. 3 pp

From Diego Rivera, [place unknown], Mexico, March 13, 1925: would send photographs of his work but in Mexico it takes too long to get prints; Pach's book fully deserves Faure's praise; Rivera finds Pach's paintings appealing; is grateful for the high esteem with which Pach wrote of his work; work on Chapingo chapel continues; despite serious financial problems, Charlot is constantly progressing; asks Pach's opinions and advice about a Spanish edition of his book; Ravenna Mosaic requested a sample piece of -- The Antilles -- . 7 pp., in Spanish

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, March 28, 1925: is hurt not to have heard From Pach; Mr. Briggs wrote about translation and publication plans; wants Pach to translate -- The Spirit of the Forms -- ; thanks for getting his autobiography published in the -- Dial -- ; his friend, Mrs. Fougeirol, and daughter, will call on Pach; hopes Pach and Brummer can assist Mrs. Dillard with the sale of her Corot; the Gaugnat sale is unaffordable; Mrs. Dillard also has Renoirs to sell. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], March 29, 1925: is happy that Briggs wants to do the album and will talk to Crès about sales; thanks to Madame B. for the Corot; his version of Delacroix's journal will be published; compliments Pach's painting; asks Pach to speak to Harper's about not using the number of his last volume of -- History of Art -- so the public will buy it without having the earlier volumes. 4 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, May 9, 1925: tells of his voyage to Marrakech; saw Fletcher; Pach will receive the Gaugnat sale catalog; Madame Gaugnat died 6 months after her husband, leaving their son harassed by dealers; a small Renoir may be available; asks Pach to intervene on his behalf with Harper's regarding income tax withholding; discusses Delacroix and impressionist exhibits; discusses the realism of Delacroix's Moroccan paintings. 6 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], May 17, 1925: condolences on the death of Pach's father; is surprised by what Pach told him of the Corot; discusses a French landscape exhibit at the Petit Palais containing too many paintings; Corot reigns. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, May 18, 1925: received the album dedicated to Seurat; -- La Baignade -- and -- La Grande Jatte -- are masterpieces for the very reasons Pach cited: organization, articulation, and mass; comments on works by Matisse, Braque, Géricault, and others recently exhibited in Paris; purchased works by Corot, Delacroix, Courbet, Cézanne, and Renoir at reasonable prices; perhaps Pach could sell a large painting for Pequin; asks if -- Living Age -- will publish his essay on Shakespeare; volume 4 of -- History of Art -- will be out soon; mentions several of his articles accepted for publication; thanks Pach for his excellent translation; now realizes he was unjust to Redon and has made changes in the later edition. 4 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], May 20, 1925: invites Pach to visit him in Dordogne during the summer; describes a Corot that should go to an American museum. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], May 30, 1925: gives instructions for translation revisions; bought 2 magnificent Derains; suggests that consignments be sent to Mrs. Payne Whitney; -- History of Art -- received mixed reviews. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], June 5, 1925: galleys are still incomplete as there are problems with illustrations and captions; his Baron Gros painting is at the French exhibit in Prague; will send a photograph later; asks Pach to help sell the Gros picture and a Daumier. 3 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, July 11, 1925: complains about American and French taxes on royalties; price and quality didn't always coincide at the Gaugnat sale; Mrs. Fougeirol bought one of the best works, and another is being given to the Louvre by young Gaugnat; discusses prices at other recent sales; Matisse shares his opinion of the Gaugnat sale; the Decorative Arts Exhibition was the worst art event he ever saw; an impressive 19th-century French painting show at Bernheim's new galleries included Corot, Delacroix, and Cézanne; those who don't appreciate Delacroix are missing joy; asks Pach's opinion of a plan for a monthly publication about the arts in Paris; next year he will write a history of France. 4 pp., in French

From E.D. Smyth, Tangier, Morocco, July 29, 1925: Helen died last October; Mme. Le Roy died 2 years ago; "London is becoming alive to Cézanne"; saw a Cézanne show at Brown's Gallery. 5 pp

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], August 11, 1925: asks if volume 3 has been published; thinks volume 4 is his best; hopes that the new prefaces added to each volume will make Pach like the whole work better; Rosenberg met with Mrs. Whitney; discusses the quality of reproductions in his book on Derain; describes John Lane's indirect attack on his chapter about English art; was not charmed by Blake; Constable is the only English painter he likes; look for his Shakespeare article in the -- Dial -- . 6 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, September 7, 1925: bought a house at Dordogne; volume 4 is still incomplete; lists photographs he will send soon; this may be a good time to sell his 2 paintings; discusses the sales commission; mentions favorable points of the Gros painting; the other painting may be harder to sell; is considering selling a Daumier and a Delacroix to help pay for his new house. 4 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], September 9, 1925: promises to send the photographs for his book; even the best translation cannot be completely faithful to the original; discusses specific changes to be made; discusses a chapter on Europe being added to volume 4. 6 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], September 21, 1925: is sending 5 photographs; 1 is for -- Harper's -- to include in volume 4, and the remainder are of works he hopes can be sold in the United States; needs money for his new house. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], September 26, 1925: is still waiting for a contract with Criterion; the painting consigned to Ehrich has not sold; maybe Pach could sell it or suggest another dealer; Pach should send instructions to Ehrich; -- Harper's -- will publish -- The Spirit of the Forms -- as volume 5; wants Pach to be the translator but will understand if he declines. 4 pp., in French

From F.P. Keppel, New York, N.Y., October 21, 1925: has received Pach's letter with proofs and suggestions. 1 p

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], October 22, 1925: has received volume 3 and congratulated Mr. Briggs; still thinks the plates should have been produced in France; bills for photographs remain unpaid; thanks Pach for his energy and perseverance; Spanish and German editions are planned; Knopf will publish an English edition of Napoleon; came close to selling the Daumier; comments on the condition of Marat by Gros; inquires about Pach's painting and the possibility of an exhibition in Paris. 4 pp., in French

From Jean Charlot, [place unknown], October 27, 1925: his present work is totally different From the 12 paintings being sent; Pach is one of the few friends abroad who might be interested; Pach should keep one for himself and try to sell the rest; is sending 4 photographs of recent work; he and Diego want to see reproductions of Pach's latest paintings; inventory of works being sent; had problems with his exhibition in Los Angeles. 4 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, November 21, 1925: there will be a delay in sending photographs; thanks Pach for introducing Miss La Follette; -- Harper's -- paid more than expected; Briggs reproached him for choosing Knopf to publish Napoleon. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, November 27, 1925: thanks Pach for introducing Speyer; congratulates Pach on his new job; likes Pach's engravings; wants Pach to translate The Spirit of the Forms; is sending another manuscript for which he hopes Pach can help find a publisher; he owns the picture incorrectly captioned in his last book and it is for sale. 4 pp., in French

From Susan Macdowell Eakins, Philadelphia, Pa., January 7, 1926: she has written about her husband; is happy to be of service to Pach; can furnish more information. 1 p. + 3 pp. enclosure, (manuscripts by Susan M. Eakins of biographical notes on Thomas Eakins, including excerpts From letters to his father written while studying in France; list of paintings completed between 1870 and 1876; teaching methods; notes From Charles Bregler's transcript of Eakins's comments to students)

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, January 19, 1926: Mrs. Dillard sold his English painting to Mr. Speyer; introductions made by Pach facilitated the transaction; no one is to know Faure was the owner; since he cannot pay the duty if the piece at Ehrich is returned to France, Pach should keep it or put it in storage until later; asks if the Metropolitan might be interested in Mrs. Dillard's large Corot; content with Montaigne; still reworking -- The Spirit of the Forms; -- Soutine has become more important; believes Derain shows progress; Matisse's astonishing virtuosity continues to increase; saw admirable work by Picasso; Braque is a beautiful but monotonous painter; considers Charlie Chaplin the great man of America. 4 pp., in French

From Harold O. Voorhis, Secretary, New York University, New York, N.Y., February 23, 1926: confirms Pach's appointment as assistant professor of fine arts. 1 p

From Harold O. Voorhis, Secretary, New York University, New York, N.Y., March 5, 1926: received Pach's acceptance of faculty appointment. 1 p

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, March 24, 1926: has seen Pach's friends; is looking forward to Pach's visit in the summer; he and his wife are caring for an African-Arab baby; The Spirit of the Forms is almost finished; gives instructions about selling the unfortunate Spanish painting; is sending a drawing as a gift; Mrs. Dillard needs a list of dealers and their specialties. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, April 22, 1926: is pleased to learn the Delacroix drawing was well received; believes Delacroix is becoming greater by the day; is not eager for further lecture tours; his latest book was ignored; foreigners understand him better than the French; regrets that Pach will not be able to visit him in Dordogne; discusses price of the crucifixion painting. 2 pp., in French

From Bernard Berenson, Florence, Italy, June 8, 1926: goals for studying art of the past are aesthetic or humanistic; it is a "triumph" that Pach's "anti-Rotarian protest" was published in -- Harper's -- Magazine; "glad to hear yr. painting is taking on, altho' I deplore yr. giving to it the time you should dedicate to writing"; urges him to write about the Gardner collection. 12 pp

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, June 9, 1926: hopes the Pachs will visit him in Paris before the end of July or in Dordogne later; their arrival is late for the painting season, but Tuileries Salon will be open; sold the Daumier in Germany; the profit paid for some home repairs and 2 small Renoir canvases; has a beautiful Cézanne drawing. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Dordogne, France, August 10, 1926: the entire family is at Dordogne and sorry Pach cannot join them; discusses exchange rate; Briggs trusts Pach to translate -- The Spirit of the Forms -- , which will be volume 5 of -- History of Art -- ; asks Pach to consider undertaking the job. 2 pp., in French

From Bernard Berenson, Florence, Italy, August 19, 1926: wishes there had been an opportunity for them to visit and have a serious talk during Pach's recent lecture tour; "I fear you will never take the place yr. gifts as a writer could lead you to if you cannot detach yr. self fr. painting itself. It is a pity. For critics are ever so much rarer." 4 pp

From Diego Rivera, [place unknown], Mexico, October 4, 1926: the package Lupe sent to the Pachs was lost when the boat capsized; wants copies of the magazine -- L'Amour de l'Art -- ; Derain's work is better; shares Pach's opinion of Picasso; wants to see Matisse's work; Faure will try to include more Rivera reproductions in the new edition; asks Pach to check on the status of Rudolf Tesch's project for Carnegie Corp.; requests the Charlot exhibition catalog. 4 pp., in Spanish

To Mrs. Pach From Lupe de Rivera, [place unknown], October 6, 1926: thanks for the baby sweater; her daughter, Guadalupe, called Pico, was tiny and ill at birth but now thrives. 2 pp., in Spanish

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, October 25, 1926: agrees that Mr. Brandt's Cézanne and Renoir are copies; comments on -- The Studio of Ingres -- ; discusses illustrations for -- The Spirit of the Forms -- ; compliments Pach's article on Mexican art; is going to Mexico for a vacation and needs advice on a budget; asks if Pach could sell a large horse painting by Gros in the United States. 6 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], November 3, 1926: Mrs. Dillard has a Fragonard worthy of a museum or a fine collection; asks about hotel rates in New York City. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, November 12, 1926: is grateful that Pach will be translating -- The Spirit of the Forms; -- Pach should persuade Mr. Briggs to expedite the publisher's contract; saw Seurat's exhibition of more than 200 luminous drawings and a Bonnard show of rich and subtle still-lifes; 2 paintings by Matisse were highlights in an otherwise indifferent Salon d'Automne; Miss La Follette and her brother visited; the Baron Gros painting, which Mme. Dillard will handle, is a masterwork that the Metropolitan Museum [of Art] could be proud of; still believes in Soutine; would like to meet Barnes though a ruse might be needed. 4 pp., in French

From Suzanne La Follette, Choisy, France, November 19, 1926: visited Elie Faure and hopes to see him again; a review of her book will appear in -- Saturday Review -- . 6 pp

From Pedro Henriquez Ureña, Miramar, Argentina, January [?], 1927: Valovaciones cannot pay for contributions or translations; Pach should publish a translation of his book in the magazine so that Argentines will be familiar with him and his ideas. 2 pp

From Suzanne La Follette, [place unknown], January 9, 1927: the publisher is not promoting her book well; thinks Lewis Mumford is "gifted." 3 pp

From Suzanne La Follette, Paris, France, January 13, 1927: asks about resorts on the Mediterranean; Chester wrote enthusiastically of his travels in Italy. 3 pp

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, February 22, 1927: has had no reply From Mexico; "Art and Morals," which appeared in the Dial, should be retranslated; -- History of Art -- is being translated into Czech and possibly Japanese; artistic life in Paris is boring; Matisse is definitely the most tolerated; Soutine is not doing much; Pach should try to sell the Gros painting for Mrs. Dillard. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, March 8, 1927: a safe-deposit box was transferred, with difficulty, from Pach's name to his; saw a beautiful Renoir exhibition; prices are high and only Delacroix and Corot are affordable now; Derain should protect himself From dealers. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, March 29, 1927: Mr. Briggs received proofs of Pach's translation; discovered Siluster letters and will soon meet his aged widow and daughter, who may have more documents; no longer thinks of Mexico; is probably going to Egypt; they are unlikely to see one another this year; is disturbed that Pach failed to sell the Gros; museums prefer average paintings to fine sketches; suggests other places Pach might try to sell the painting; describes his newly acquired Theodore Rousseau landscape; reports on the Renoir exhibition at Bernheim's; painters in Paris seem more and more influenced by Renoir and less and less interested in Cézanne; Delacroix rises as Ingres falls. 4 pp., in French

From Bernard Berenson, Fabriano, Italy, May 10, 1927: review of his book missed its "contribution... to a criticism that is based on a question of design"; invites Pach to consider this issue in a review. 4 pp

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], June 8, 1927: Delacroix is becoming popular; at the sale of the Bureau collection ordinary Daumier watercolors brought high prices and wonderful Corot drawings sold cheaply; is unhappy with the captions for the plates in his last edition; witnessed Lindbergh's landing. 4 pp., in French

From Marcel Duchamp, Paris, France, June 24, 1927: announces his recent marriage; describes a Redon watercolor that Pach might sell to the Bings; Mrs. Bing expressed interest in the Brancusi bust now stored at Brummer, King, and Parker. 2 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, July 6, 1927: received the Delacroix book; he shares Pach's devotion to Delacroix, who is becoming fashionable in France; he may eventually acquire some Delacroix watercolors; a superb Géricault is on view at the Victor Hugo Museum; museums hang paintings poorly; Degas and Manet are idolized, while Cézanne and Renoir are just tolerated. 2 pp., in French

From Bernard Berenson, Stockholm, Sweden, July 25, 1927: Pach's review showed "intelligent and friendly comprehension"; "my Three Essays is an ironied and veiled attempt to demonstrate that there is a big part of the job that any well trained mediocrity can achieve"; "great artists like Antonello are not prophets but fulfillers of prophecy." 2 pp

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, October 3, 1927: spent his vacation traveling in Provence; has abandoned a project that attracted amateur attention; intends to study Chagall; -- History of Art -- will be translated into Japanese. 2 pp., in French

From Bernard Berenson, London, England, October 7, 1927: -- Harper's -- will ask Pach to write about the Gardner collection; urges him to accept the offer. 4 pp

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], December 19, 1927: Gagnon has reappeared; Faure purchased a Barye painting at a junk shop; agrees to write a preface to Pach's book. 4 pp., in French

From Leo Stein, Paris, France, February 7, 1928: Read Pach's review of his book in the -- Architectural Record -- ; "when you realize your incompetence for a job because of ignorance you had better keep out, because that very ignorance will prevent you From realizing how big a fool you are making of yourself." 1 p

From Elie Faure, [place unknown],1 April 22, 1928: Had a heart attack; is now working on a book about folk psychology; will lecture in Germany; museums prefer a perfect modern canvas to a masterpiece with slight damage; asks if Pach has tried to find a buyer for Christ; though his books sell, Faure has not prospered; describes several paintings in his collection; he may inherit Mme. Thelaphite's paintings; Mrs. Dillard has a Ribera for sale. 4 pp., in French

From [ signature illegible (Canaan L. Morris?)], Hartford, Conn., May 4, 1928: compliments Pach's lecture of the previous evening; critiques its structure. 2 pp

From Harold O. Voorhis, Secretary, New York University, New York, N.Y., June 15, 1928: confirms Pach's appointment as assistant professor of fine arts. 1 p

From Elie Faure, Dordogne, France, August 11, 1928: is glad to be away From Paris; is very happy about the French translation of Ananias [large portions illegible]. 2 pp

From Jose Clemente Orozco, New York, N.Y., September 1, 1928: -- Form -- magazine deserves attention; offers to write to the editor on Pach's behalf; as Pach suggested, he met with Kraushaar, who didn't seem to like the revolutionary drawings but showed interest in the Art Center Exhibit paintings; speculates that Kraushaar found the Mexican pieces too strange; asks Pach to arrange another meeting; recommends García Maroto's article in -- Contemporaries -- about Rivera and his disgusting commercialism. 4 pp., in Spanish

From José Clemente Orozco, New York, N.Y., September 6, 1928: He and Mr. Owens will visit; the "animator" wants to deceive people of Pach's intelligence; the "animator's" treachery to art is disguised as a personal matter; García Maroto was deceived by the "animator"; lists founders of the Union of Painters and Sculptors who contributed ideas and skills while the "animator" contributed disloyalty; the "animator" claimed credit for a fresco technique developed by Siqueiros and Guerro; the "animator" killed Mexican mural painting and now interferes in all mural painting in Mexico; Maroto says the "animator" is stymied. 10 pp., in Spanish

From José Clemente Orozco, New York, N.Y., September 12, 1928: sends addresses of Jean Charlot and Gabriel Fernandez Ledema; Owens missed the train but hopes to meet Pach soon. 1 p., in Spanish

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, September 22, 1928: received Ananias, but cannot read it without a translator [large portions illegible]. 2 pp., in French

From Susan Macdowell Eakins, Philadelphia, Pa., October 10, 1928: received his letter and book; "whether it is the desire to purchase or not, I am always pleased to show my husband's pictures"; wishes to keep the Rush pictures and studies in Philadelphia. 3 pp

From Arthur B. Springarn, New York, N.Y., November 1, 1928: thanks Pach for dedicating the book to him; best wishes for the volume's success. 1 p

From Eleanor S. Brooks, Westport, Conn., November 14, 1928: five hundred dollars is a satisfactory amount for the manuscript. 1 p

From José Clemente Orozco, New York, N.Y., November 16, 1928: the publisher sent a copy of Pach's wonderful book and requested his opinion; his response expressed enthusiasm and admiration. 2 pp., in Spanish, + 1 p. enclosure (copy of letter, November 14, 1928, to Ruth Raphael, Harper & Bros., From José Clemente Orozco, New York, N.Y.: endorsement of -- Ananias, or The False Artist -- by Walter Pach)

From Lee Simonson, Editor, Creative Art, New York, N.Y., December 18, 1928: thanks Pach for making changes to his Rivera article; his review of Pach's book is "extremely hard-hitting"; offers opportunity for rebuttal in the next issue; "let us keep the thing above personalities"; Alfred Stieglitz and Leo Stein support Simonson's views. 2 pp

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., January 8, 1929: will send chapters for revision; payment can be handled however Pach prefers. 2 pp

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, January 11, 1929: has not finished reading Pach's book because he is unusually busy; his wife is ill; had to put aside projects to complete a book on the Italian Renaissance; with the exception of Sargent, "official" American painters are not known in France; impressionism and its aftermath have not produced any positive result; would like to see Pach's paintings, not just photographs of them; compliments Pach's etchings; a new edition of his work is in preparation; there may be a Serb translation. 4 pp., in French

From Eleanor S. Brooks, Westport, Conn., January 15, 1929: requests a month's extension for their translation work. 2 pp

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., February 14, 1929: chapter I and the introduction are being sent today. 1 p

From Eleanor S. Brooks, Westport, Conn., March 18, 1929: describes working methods; explains problems in translating Faure's writing. 2 pp

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, April 1, 1929: when Pach visits they will look at art and go to Dordogne; discussed Pach's book with his publisher; recommends not using American examples other than Sargent and possibly Alexander and Frieseke in the French edition; will find an apartment for Pach; Miss Mary Morris has not yet called on him; requests books on the psychology of Americans. 2 pp., in French

From Eleanor S. Brooks, Westport, Conn., May 12, 1929: translation work proceeds slowly; Van Wyck is in the hospital; she doesn't want it publicized. 2 pp

From Eleanor S. Brooks, Westport, Conn., May 26, 1929: Van Wyck's health has not improved. 2 pp

From Eleanor S. Brooks, Westport, Conn., July 10, 1929: thanks Pach for his patience; Van Wyck is now in a private sanitarium; she continues to work on the translation. 1 p

From Eleanor S. Brooks, Westport Conn., August 28, 1929: is sending next chapter soon; Van Wyck's condition has not changed. 1 p

From Elie Faure, Dordogne, France, August 28, 1929: his short review of Pach's book has been accepted for publication in the Dial. 2 pp., in French

From Eleanor S. Brooks, [place unknown], August 30, 1929: another chapter is ready. 1 p

From Elie Faure, Dordogne, France, September 13, 1929: went to Basque country with Soutine; had a good rest and thought about the psychology book he is writing; -- The Italian Renaissance -- appears to be a success; is anxious to see Pach's painting and hear about his time in Paris; hopes to interest Pach in Soutine; when working, Soutine hides like a dog gnawing a bone. 2 pp., in French

From Lewis Mumford, Long Island City, N.Y., October 23, 1929: recounts summer travels; is starting a book about the arts in America since 1870; asks for news of Van Wyck Brooks's condition and how Eleanor is coping; he worries about Eleanor's reaction to the proposal that he edit the Emerson book. 2 pp

From Harold M. Tovell, Toronto, Canada, October 25, 1929: "I do think that as a result of patience and education plus your lectures here, that the tide is turning in favor of our Toronto friends"; inquires about Marcel Duchamp; "the house here would be rather bare if it weren't for the Duchamp family. I hope you will tell him how greatly we prize their works." 4 pp

From Jacques Villon, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, November 23, 1929: Verne wrote on behalf of the Committee of the National Museums accepting Raymond's sculptures; sends text of the Committee's flattering letter; thanks Pach for his continued support of Raymond. 4 pp., in French

From Childe Hassam, New York, N.Y., November 30, 1929: n -- Art in America -- , Pach confuses Horatio and Henry Oliver; Marie Sterner "has gotten together some of the worst things I have ever seen"; "verily art in America is run by old women! but most of them wear trousers." 2 pp

From Leo Stein, Paris, France, December 1, 1929: wants Pach to know the facts regarding his alleged endorsement of Clivette; "I supposed that Hellman was a gentleman and did not suspect a plant." 1 p

From Art Young, New York, N.Y., [postmarked] December 5, 1929: holiday greetings; news of James Opp [ sic], Springarn, Suzanne La Follette, and Glintenkamp; is working on a book and exhibition. 1 p. + 4 pp. enclosure (printed circular, undated, advertising books by Art Young, -- On My Way -- and -- Trees at Night -- , with excerpts from reviews and order form)

From Leo Stein, Paris, France 4218 265-267 [postmarked] January 8, 1930: "There is no artist that I value highly whom you do not also value but... you value many whom I don't"; diagram illustrates Stein's explanation of how their artistic tastes differ. 3 pp

From Elie Faure, Dordogne, France, March 12, 1930: Joubib's [?] awful reputation should be a comfort to Pach's friend who was so badly treated; plans to seek legal advice about suing De la Faille. 2 pp., in French

From Lewis Mumford, Long Island City, N.Y., March 12, 1930: is pleased with his lectures at Dartmouth College; his next book will be "a modern philosophy of life"; compliments Suzanne La Follette's book; he has an article in the first issue of the New Freeman; comments on policies and politics of the "Modern Museum." 4 pp

From Harold M. Tovell, [place unknown], May 16, 1930: "This is about the most perfect thing I have seen for a long time. A truly great work." Picture postcard ("Leonardo da Vinci Bronzlovas. Reiterfigur aus Bronze. Figure a cheval en bronze")

From Susan Macdowell Eakins, Philadelphia, Pa., July 10, 1930: received Pach's picture postcard of a Millet portrait; the "exhibition of Homer, Ryder, and Eakins at the Modern Museum seems to have pleased universally." 1 p

From Bernard Berenson, Florence, Italy, August 22, 1930: "I would rather not see the entire output of a master," even Delacroix; after finishing "the lists of Italian Painters" he will revise Drawings of Florentine Painters; then he plans a book on "The Decline and Revival of Form in the Figure Arts." 8 pp

From Susan Macdowell Eakins, Philadelphia, Pa., September 25, 1930: continues to enjoy the postcards Pach sent, especially the Millet; has found the painting he wants; there will be an exhibition in New York City in December; her good friend Charles Bregler, a pupil of Eakins's, has restored several of the pictures. 2 pp

From Al [Bing?], New York, N.Y., October 19, 1930: "Museum accepts pictures." Telegram

From Susan Macdowell Eakins, Philadelphia, Pa., October 21, 1930: received Barye copy and photos of Millet picture; details of upcoming Eakins show in New York City are uncertain; Charles Bregler has discovered retouching on some pictures; they will be cleaned before the exhibition; some may be placed behind glass to prevent future overpainting done in "ignorance"; enclosed sketch describes a study Eakins did while a student in Paris; wonders where other pieces from that period are, since he did many and returned with few. 2 pp

From Bryson Burroughs, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y., October 23, 1930: through oversight, Pach's watercolors were not presented at the October meeting; "I forsee no trouble in their reception. The modern style has not the bitter enemies it used to have." 1 p

From Ida E. Guggenheimer, New York, N.Y., November 9, 1930: saw a good exhibition of modern French art at Harriman Gallery and a "gem" at Knoedler; is enthusiastic about Villon's colors; subsequent visits to Brummer's confirmed that her collection is superior; Mr. Kraushaar likes Pach's work and promised to see more; "you are right when you say I cannot expect to compete with the hawks of picture dealers"; comments on Ananias; economic conditions depress Mr. Guggenheimer and may prevent them From traveling. 3 pp

From B. Stein, New York, N.Y., November 17, 1930: thanks Pach for his book; saw Villon's "smashing" show; Gretchen purchased The (Rose) Haulers; financial conditions in the United States are "depressing"; is sorry Pach is "impatient" with writing, as he is gifted; is glad Pach is enjoying painting in Paris; describes ideas about modern furniture, which she wants to buy. 5 pp

From Ida E. Guggenheimer, New York, N.Y., December 1, 1930: "sympathetic" to Pach's "natural gratification at the Metropolitan's action;" Kraushaar will look at Pach's work in her apartment; mentions art seen at Reinhardt's and Brummer's galleries; received a letter From Villon. 2 pp

From Susan Macdowell Eakins, Philadelphia, Pa., December 12, 1930: Miss Pendleton took the painting Pach wants and will arrange delivery to him; Miss Pendleton would be a good subject to paint; holiday greetings. 1 p

From Ida E. Guggenheimer, New York, N.Y., December 17, 1930: saw Pach's drawings at Kraushaar's; saw work by Houdon at Anderson Galleries; Pach would enjoy Proust's remarks on music and art. 2 pp

From Allen Tucker, New York, N.Y., January 2, 1931: opinions of Corot-Daumier show at the Modern; Tucker had an exhibition. 4 pp

From Leo Stein, Paris, France, [postmarked] January 19, 1931: discusses "analytic" and "non analytic" approaches to a "nonverifiable subject"; "don't regard this letter as an argument. I never argue about art, but simply attempt to explain an attitude." 5 pp

From Susan Macdowell Eakins, Philadelphia, Pa., January 25, 1931: thanks Pach for bringing Eakins's work to the attention of the Louvre; Charles Linford is a possible choice; "I would prefer to present a picture, rather than sell, so we will not worry about prices"; Riccardo Bertelli's new gallery on 56th is exhibiting Thomas Eakins and Samuel Murray; there is an Eakins show at Babcock Galleries; the national economic situation is too bad to expect painting sales; articles on Eakins mistakenly "report that the little seated figure of Thomas Eakins was his favorite attitude while painting"; pictures shown at Babcock were cleaned by Charles Bregler; glazing was recommended for protection From air pollution; Pach's choice of frame for his Eakins painting is "fine." 4 pp

From Susan Macdowell Eakins, Philadelphia, Pa., February 19, 1931: sends photographs of paintings available for presentation to the Louvre; her choice of the Hamilton portrait is supported by Samuel Murray, Mr. Cranmer, and David Wilson Jordan; the Barker and Wallace portraits are possibilities; her sister-in-law offers the portrait of Susan Eakins' father; sends photographs of Thomas Eakins dating From student days in Paris; she has not seen the Eakins exhibition in New York. 2 pp

From Susan Macdowell Eakins, Philadelphia, Pa., February 21, 1931: Bertelli sold John McClure Hamilton, not understanding that it might go to the Louvre; the Barker and Wallace portraits will not be sold. 1 p

From Morris Kantor, New York, N.Y., March 16, 1931: is busy making frames; saw Pach's exhibition at Kraushaar's; "Paris did you a lot of good because your work has changed.... It has more freedom and a better painting quality"; sympathizes with "Baylie's" misfortune; Kraushaar will give "Baylie" a show; Sloan arranged for him to teach at the League. 3 pp

From Bryson Burroughs, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y., March 17, 1931: "The Museum is much beholden to you however the David matter turns out"; the decision reached at yesterday's meeting will be announced after the painting is unpacked; compliments Pach's show at Kraushaar's; comments on the installation and specific pieces; "as to the Eakins matter I should be honored to cooperate." 2 pp

From A.S. Baylinson, New York, N.Y., March 19, 1931: complimentary comments on Pach's show at Kraushaar's; is moving to a new, fireproof studio at 54 West 74th Street; "I will have the group work there with me evenings as before, and before long we shall forget the fire"; will teach at the Art Students League in the coming year. 2 pp

From Childe Hassam, New York, N.Y., March 27, 1931: Pach's exhibition, which Hassam viewed twice, includes "the best things I have seen of yours"; spoke with John Sloan and Miss Kraushaar at the gallery; describes his etching of Helen Wells and promises to send a photograph of it. 2 pp

From Bryson Burroughs, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y., March 28, 1931: the painting arrived and is "even grander than I had imagined.... It will be one of the masterpieces here"; has been in contact with Mrs. Eakins; thanks Pach for his "beneficent labors." 3 pp

From Susan Macdowell Eakins, Philadelphia, Pa., March 28, 1931: Burroughs and Brummer were consulted in the search for photographs of Eakins paintings; lists sizes of paintings under consideration; J. Carroll Beckwith might interest the Louvre. 2 pp

From Bryson Burroughs, New York, N.Y., March 31, 1931: "David Bought Hooray." Telegram + 1 p. enclosure (April 1, 1931 From Morgan & Cie., Paris, France: debit notice for collect telegram received From New York the previous day)

From Bryson Burroughs, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y., April 14, 1931: Museum is pleased with the David painting; thanks Pach for his role in the transaction; "waiting for the Eakins matter to crystallize"; wants the Pennsylvania Museum to offer Clara or The Bohemian; the Louvre should have an example of Eakins' "very best"; will propose the idea to Kimball. 2 pp

From Arthur B. Springarn, New York, N.Y., April 21, 1931: is "profoundly impressed" by Pach's exhibition; his work shows a new "lack of inhibition"; "I resent the conspiracy of silence of the critics tho' I suppose that is the price you pay for being the author of Ananias"; gives recommendations for Raymond's schooling. 6 pp

From Bryson Burroughs, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y., May 3, 1931: "The Penn. Mus. Eakins project takes shape gradually"; Clara may be "suitable"; the "exchange" proposed is complicated and requires "committee actions"; maybe they could give Clara to the Louvre; Kimball will "come round." 3 pp

From Bryson Burroughs, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y., May 11, 1931: sends copy of a letter From Fiske Kimball and a reproduction of Clara; upon seeing the painting again "my previous judgement was amply confirmed." 1 p. + 1 p. enclosure (May 8, 1931, to Bryson Burroughs From Fiske Kimball, Director, Pennsylvania Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pa.: "I shall recommend to my Board that a gift be made to the Louvre"; instructs Burroughs to ask Guiffrey whether the Louvre will accept Clara; discusses framing and Eakins's ideas on the subject)

From Jean Guiffrey, Louvre Museum, Paris, France, June 2, 1931: thanks for the Eakins painting; when informed of the gift, his colleagues will be grateful. 1 p., in French

From Abby Greene (Aldrich) Rockefeller, Pocantico Hills, N.Y., June 10, 1931: purchased Pach's painting of anemone; thanks for "the trouble you have taken about the Géricault drawing." 3 pp

From Henri Verne, Director, Louvre Museum, Paris, France, June 18, 1931: thanks Pach for his role as intermediary in the Louvre's acquisition of a Thomas Eakins painting. 1 p., in French

From Bryson Burroughs, [place illegible], France, June 24, 1931: Is arriving in Paris in July; wants to see David-Weill collection; "it is a great comfort the way the Eakins matter turned out and I am really glad to be out of its final arrangement"; is going to Milan to see the -- Très Belles Heures -- . 2 pp

From Susan Macdowell Eakins, Philadelphia, Pa., June 27, 1931: Is pleased with the choice of painting for the Louvre; thanks Pach for his efforts. 2 pp

From Bryson Burroughs, aboard SS De Grasse, July 19, 1931: Guiffrey "is delighted about the Eakins and well appreciative of your efforts in regard to it"; Metropolitan Museum of Art may participate in the French exhibition in London next year; "a new era of liberalism and cooperation is about due with the passing of so many ancient trustees"; describes the excellent condition of the -- Très Belles Heures -- . 3 pp

From Caroline Pratt, Chilmark, Mass., August 14, 1931: Discusses Raymond's academic progress and challenges; gives recommendations for the future. 5 pp

From Elie Faure, Peking, China, October 7, 1931: Received a warm welcome in the United States; the end of his trip and the end of his life are darkened by catastrophe. Picture postcard ("Great Wall of China"), in French

From Beatrice [?], New York, N.Y., October 10, 1931: " Simone is ours." Telegram

From Elie Faure, Angkor, Cambodia, November 14, 1931: Expresses love for America and Americans; thinks the hope of the world is in the United States and also between the Urals and Vistula. Picture postcard ("Ruines D'Angkor"), in French

From Ida E. Guggenheimer, New York, N.Y., November 15, 1931: Etta Cone bought a Pach painting and is "enthusiastic" about Duchamp-Villon; "saw the Mouillots at Brummer's and I must confess to being very disappointed"; she "positively rejoice[s]" in her own piece by Duchamp-Villon; many praise Pach's work in her collection; art prices are down; news of various friends, especially musicians. 4 pp

From Jean Crotti, Paris, France, November 18, 1931: "I have always declined to write prefaces for contemporaries (the cases of Villon and Duchamp-Villon being exceptions which I intend shall remain exceptions); it is a job for a professional critic, and not for a man who is himself engaged in painting." 2 pp

From Bryson Burroughs, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y., November 24, 1931: Gift of 2 etchings by Pach was received by the Museum. 2 pp

From Elie Faure, Colombo, Ceylon, November 25, 1931: Everyone says his wife and daughter were courageous and that helps him tolerate the loneliness; is anxious to see the Corot book, especially the reproductions; will continue writing for -- Petit Parisien -- ; now believes one must write for the masses. 2 pp., in French

From Henri Verne, Director, Louvre Museum, Paris, France, December 22, 1931: Thanks Pach for his gift of an engraving of New York. 1 p., in French

From Al Bing, New York, N.Y., December 23, 1931: Socrates by David and the Havemeyer collection are now hanging at the Metropolitan; Whitney Museum, Frick Gallery, and the Modern Gallery will all be open when Pach returns; Coffin, "a man of great ability and sterling character," has been elected Museum president; is interested in the Bonaparte exhibition; asks Pach to help sell his Renoir. 12 pp

From Bryson Burroughs, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y., January 9, 1932: Trustees will want more information about the Géricault picture; they trust printed sources over his opinions; is hopeful that Coffin can make "improvements"; though Pach is "eminently suited for Museum work," this is a poor time to enter the field. 2 pp

From Albert Morance, La Chef des Services Commerciause et Techniques, Louvre Museum, Paris, France, January 11, 1932: Is returning to Pach the contract concerning his engraving. 1 p. + 2 pp. printed form (Louvre Print Department acquisition form for The Telephone and Telegraph Building, New York, and rules for transfer of works to the Print Department), in French

From Leo Stein, Paris, France, [postmarked] January 12, 1932: Discusses "two questions that always arise in respect to art... (1) What qualities does one note in a work of art. (2) What value has that which one sees." 6 pp

From Allen Tucker, New York, N.Y., January 18, 1932: Pach's stay in Morocco seems to have been beneficial; 1931 was a difficult year; hopeful for the future; "the Whitney has shaken the whole thing up and American shows past and present and I daresay future are everywhere"; "Rivera having a grand time in a pas de deux with Mrs. Rockefeller at the Museum of 'Foreign' Art." 3 pp

From Henri Verne, Director, Louvre Museum, Paris, France, January 26, 1932: Thanks Pach for his role in the Louvre's acquisition of the Eakins painting; it arrived in good shape and was readily accepted; is still considering the Barye castings. 1 p., in French

From Leo Hartman, Harper's Magazine, New York, N.Y., February 1, 1932: The artists mentioned in Pach's article are too obscure for Harper's readers. 1 p

From Al Bing, New York, N.Y., February 7, 1932: Thanks Pach for helping him find a potential buyer for his Renoir; discusses the Furdson and Havemeyer collections at the Metropolitan; family news; is anxious for Pach's return. 7 pp

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., February 8, 1932: "The Depression is not to be underestimated" and could change the social order; discusses colleges for Raymond; Life of Emerson and a volume of his essays reprinted From the Freeman will be out soon; the Prendergasts live nearby; "Charlie P. is surely a true primitive old master to whom only Vasari could do justice in the way of antecedents"; "I kept thinking as I read your book, what new books must logically follow From your mind"; suggests Pach write histories of art criticism and American art. 10 pp

From Henri Verne, Director, Louvre Museum, Paris, France, March 5, 1932: Because Barye's -- Apollon -- is a fragile plaster, the curator cannot risk making castings. 1 p., in French

From Childe Hassam, New York, N.Y., March 8, 1932: Has a print of Helen Wells for Pach; the Metropolitan Museum filmed him at work and play in East Hampton last summer; the Boston Museum commissioned a similar film of Benson. 3 pp

From Ida E. Guggenheimer, New York, N.Y., March 25, 1932: Sent another payment for City of Mexico to Pach's bank; several people have shown interest in Simone; she and the Steins purchased work From Baylinson's Kraushaar show. 3 pp

From Bryson Burroughs, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y., March 26, 1932: The Géricault is a "grand picture, but don't pin any faith on the taste of trustees"; Pach would find it frustrating to work within the museum's structure; is anxious to correspond or converse about Hubert and Jan Van Eyck. 2 pp

From Allen Tucker, New York, N.Y., April 10, 1932: Congratulates Pach on his show and catalog; compliments the Morse exhibition at the Metropolitan; "the Whitney gallery has shaken up the attention of people to the present Americans." 2 pp

From D.T. Sieveking, Director, Antikensammlungen, Munich, Germany, April 27, 1932: Returns the completed questionnaire. 1 p. + 1 p. enclosure (questionnaire about Greek figure known as -- Naked Girl with Cap -- ), in German

From John Sloan, New York, N.Y., April 30, 1932: Recounts the politics of the League's presidential election that he lost; Schnakenberg will be an "inactive president"; when the Board turned down Geo. Grosz, Sloan resigned; Jonas Lie threatened to resign if Pach lectures there; Sloan will teach at Archipenko's school next season; Dolly is a manager for the touring Exhibition of Indian Tribal Arts; Baylinson supported Sloan in the "fight"; financial details of the Sixteenth Annual Independent Exhibition. 2 pp

From Charles Bourgeat, Galerie Dru, Paris, France., May 7, 1932: Received payment for Pach's exhibition there; cannot locate the Sisley and Pissarro photographs Pach sent; their aim to show fine and beautiful painting was accomplished with Pach's exhibition; difficult times account for compliments and no sales. 2 pp., in French

From Ida E. Guggenheimer, New York, N.Y., May 10, 1932: Her opinion of photography remains "good, but not art, and deadly after a certain length of time." 1 p

From Ida E. Guggenheimer, New York, N.Y., May 22, 1932: Hopes Pach's article, "Owning Pictures," will be published; the museum's rehung galleries present interesting new comparisons; asks his opinion of the Art Students League controversy; saw Baylinson at the Independent show; purchased a Baylinson drawing From Kraushaar. 3 pp

From the -- Atlantic Monthly -- , Boston, Mass., May 31, 1932: Pach's article is of limited interest to Atlantic Monthly readers. 1 p

From M.L. Allen, -- Harper's -- Magazine, New York, N.Y., June 2, 1932: Pach's article, "American Art in the Louvre," is not appropriate for a general audience. 1 p

From Gino Severini, Fribourg, Switzerland, June 16, 1932: His schedule will not permit another meeting before Pach's departure; the art market will improve; is interested in the prospect of a show at Brummer's; "decoration work" for Weyhe may end in September; thanks Pach for his help. 2 pp., in French

From P. Dubaut, Paris, France, July 19, 1932: Thanks Pach for sending clippings; the gallery behaved professionally but was not overly kind; was generally pleased with the show; is happy to know Pach. 2 pp., in French

From Alfred Vance Churchill, Rockport, Mass., July 25, 1932: Pach was the first to write of the Smith College Museum as "one of the choicest and best directed collections of art in America"; has received many commendations and is putting together extracts "for certain personal uses"; requests additional thoughts From Pach on the collection. 3 pp

From Alfred Vance Churchill, Rockport, Mass., July 25, 1932: Is trying to arrange a lecture for Pach at Smith College and perhaps at Mount Holyoke College; Jere Abbott will succeed him as museum director; thinks his retirement was forced on the trustees by Paul J. Sachs. 4 pp

From Nadine and Ad. Wuester, Paris, France, January 5, 1933: Pach is missed as their circle of friends diminishes; painted at the Côte d'Azur last summer; shows of Renoir and Delacroix were exceptions in a dull art season; Aubrey's gallery is now a junk shop; mentions auctions of the Strauss and Pacquemont collections; Goetz's Delacroix still-life was reattributed to Andrieux; a sketch said to be by Géricault appeared at the Hôtel Drouot; cheap reproductions are being passed off as Géricault watercolors. 5 pp., in German

From Elie Faure, Paris, France., January 7, 1933: France is declining; sends family news; Paul Morand gave his book a favorable review; inquires whether Pach has found work; there are fewer exhibits in Paris; good paintings are now seen only at the big sales such as Strauss. 2 pp., in French

From Marjorie Carpenter, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, January 9, 1933: Confirms lecture date at McMaster University. Telegram

From Gertrude Wolf, Executive Secretary, New York University, New York, N.Y., January 9, 1933: Requests syllabus for last 2 lectures of Pach's course and the examination questions. 1 p

From Susan Macdowell Eakins, Philadelphia, Pa., [postmarked] January 19, 1933: Informs Pach of prices of two Eakins portraits; many Eakins paintings were damaged by restorers; others are in "splendid condition" due to the efforts of Charles Bregler; comments on Mrs. Whitney's plans to aid painters. 1 p

From William Reinhold Valentiner, Director, Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, Mich., February 9, 1933: Thanks the Pachs for a warm welcome; enjoyed seeing Pach's paintings and his personal collection; the picture signed Hogarth is not by the master; the signature on the Géricault drawing appears genuine. 2 pp., in German

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, June 20, 1933: Has been ill for 2 months; the French economy is poor, resulting in greatly reduced incomes; Rivera has been forbidden to make public speeches; a Chassériau exhibit is open; Joubin, who organized the current Renoir show, knows nothing about painting and villifies artists while they are alive but sanctifies them after they are dead; among the beautiful paintings in the exhibit is a portrait of Sisley and his wife. 6 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, September 23, 1933: Madame Siluster died; she had 4 Delacroix drawings of which Faure kept 2, gave 1 to François, and sent to Pach a portrait sketch of Madame Guizot; Pach should tell Rivera that Faure is upset that he did not translate Mon Périple; is enthusiastic about Rivera's paintings and frescoes and considers him a great illustrator; the chapter Faure sent was ignored, which is a disappointment as he hoped to interest an American editor; is depressed over the rejection of his collected essays; the Renoir exhibition is a disgrace to the memory of the artist, who is misunderstood and detested by the organizers of the show. 4 pp., in French. to Herbert Eustis Winlock From Walter Pach, New York, N.Y. 4218 481-483 November 12, 1933: Refers to previous discussion of the "Indian collection"; suggests a "single gallery of Indian art including Mexican, and adding, if desired, the other peoples whose work has a sufficient art value"; use art rather than anthropology as the criterion; "my idea is that the museum should accept the collection Mr. Sloan intends to offer as a gift From his association, or accept part of it as the nucleus of a gallery of the art of the so-called barbarous peoples." 3 pp

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, December 9, 1933: A Courbet, which Faure believes is his most beautiful, is for sale; indicates price, size, and citation of a reproduction; inquires about the financial crisis in the United States; comments on economic problems, political events, and inertia of the French people; is writing a preface for Rosenberg's Renoir exhibit; asks about Pach's painting and printmaking; requests news of Rivera about whom he wrote an article; Harper's sent money and will reprint The Spirit of the Forms. 4 pp., in French

From Ida E. Guggenheimer, New York, N.Y., December 10, 1933: Saw the Cézanne exhibition twice; "as for Dr. Valentiner, of course I am all with Rivera.... No good can come out of anything as bad as the Hitler program." 2 pp

From Clifton A. Wheeler, Indianapolis, Ind., February 2, 1934: Discusses fellow board members of the Indianapolis Art Association and acquisitions; "modernization" was the response to declining school enrollment; 9 instructors, including Wheeler, were fired; describes life on the top of La Conte Mountain, Tenn., where he painted the previous fall; has mural and portrait commissions, "so long as I can make a living I don't care if I don't teach." 8 pp

From E.D. Smyth, Tangier, Morocco, September 19, 1934: Thanks Pach for sending a painting of Helen; is staying in Helen's house; Gertrude Stein's book about Alice Toklas is "an overwhelmingly cheeky work" that failed to mention Pach; news of mutual friends; reminiscences of visits with the Pachs; James McBey, a Scottish painter and etcher, has settled nearby. 3 pp

From Marcel Duchamp, Paris, France, October 17, 1934: Feels animosity toward Barr, whom he calls narrow-minded; will handle in his own way any resulting confrontation or unpleasantness; told Arensberg, owner of -- Un Descendant -- , not to lend to Barr; asks Pach to find an excuse for refusing Barr; Barr shall reap what he has sown; American collectors are now speculators; sends order forms for his new book. 5 pp., in French

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, December 4, 1934: The owners of the Courbet are impatient; asks if it has arrived in New York; suggests that a collector, Barnes, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art may be interested; his book is being ignored in France; if Pach has money, now is a good time to buy art; tells of works that are selling at reduced prices. 2 pp., in French

From Simonne Maubert, Paris, France, December 22, 1934: Miss Stein wrote with good news of Pach; posed for Miss Stein during the autumn and hopes for similar work next year. 2 pp. + picture postcard ("Palais de Fontainebleau, La Cour Ovale et le Baptistère"), in French

From A. Frohberg and Johanna, Dresden, Germany, December 31, 1934: Thanks Pach for letter and for holiday greetings; the news of Pach's selection for an important commission brings them great joy; news of a family friend who has made progress and overcome obstacles. 2 pp., in German

From Karl Lilienfield, New York, N.Y., May 13, 1935: Confirms the commission Pach will receive if he sells paintings for Alexander M. Bing. 1 p., in German

From Henri Focillon, New Haven, Conn., May 21, 1935: Thanks Pach for sending the fine article he wrote on -- La Patelliere -- , which he saw in Bucharest; when visiting the Politzers, he failed to recognize Pach's name, thus missing the opportunity to express his admiration and respect. 2 pp., in French

From Father [Frohberg] and Johanna, Dresden, Germany, July 2, 1935: Birthday greetings. Picture postcard ("Herzlichen Gluckwunsch zum Geburtstage"), in German

From Bernard Berenson, Florence, Italy, September 13, 1935: Opposes exhibitions such as the current one at the Petit Palais; is revising his work on drawings of Florentine painters; "foulness piled over Michelangelo by a lot of German animals, the worst of whom is a biped named Panofsky." 12 pp

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, September 24, 1935: Asks about Pach's frescoes and requests photographs; discusses the dire economy and his own financial situation; believes the movement born of cubism is dead in France and explores this idea more fully in a preface he wrote for Brummer's upcoming Lipchitz exhibition; discusses an exhibition of Italian art and the poorly received article he wrote about it for L'Humanité; visited London, which seemed more alive than Paris; objects to glass on paintings at the National and the Wallace; has not heard From Rivera, possibly because Faure's article was not flattering enough. 4 pp., in French

From Clifton A. Wheeler, Indianapolis, Ind., October 20, 1935: Pach should notify the director of the John Herron Art Institute of his schedule and lecture fees; is teaching at a high school; the art school is now "purely Yale, Beaux Arts competition, and American Academy in Rome." 2 pp

From Edna Strasser, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, October 26, 1935: Called on friends of Pach, the Brinkman family of Haarlem; saw the portrait Pach painted of their brother in 1906. 3 pp

From Arthur Strasser, Seville, Spain, November 18, 1935: Recounts visit with Brinkmans in Haarlem; is impressed by the Prado, Rubens, and El Greco; at Pach's suggestion, they have attended several performances of gypsy music and dancing. 4 pp

From Elie Faure, [place unknown], November 29, 1935: Is enchanted by and praises the most successful part of Pach's triptych; discusses the economy and prospects for work in France; continues to be pessimistic about painting in France; architecture is what is needed now and cinema may become more important than painting; mentions a Flemish exhibition; congratulates Pach on his portrait of a young man, possibly Raymond; the critics who denounced what Faure wrote on the agony of painting now admit he was right. 4 pp., in French

From A. Frohberg and Johanna, Dresden, Germany, March 2, 1936: Belated birthday greetings; tell Magda everything has been done for Zittau [?]. Picture postcard (untitled), in German

From Gerda Stein, New York, N.Y., March 10, 1936: Thanks Pach for his friendship; "accept this simple expression of my appreciation for what you have given me and the earnest hope that it will bring you an answer to some of the problems that perplex you." 4 pp

From Ida E. Guggenheimer, Ontario, Canada, August 4, 1936: Read his review in the -- Nation -- and wants to see the exhibition; the watercolor of Magda acquired by the Brooklyn Museum is one of Pach's best. 1 p

From Charles Bourgeat, Paris, France, August 21, 1936: The Seligmanns request a meeting about the Ingres paintings Bourgeat and Pach discussed earlier; sends 2 color reproductions of Cézanne paintings that Cézanne's son wants to sell; discusses prices and commissions; saw the Cézanne works now in the Orangerie; asks if Etta Cone might be interested; missed Bing's visit to Paris. 4 pp., in French

From Bernard Berenson, Grusbach, Czechoslovakia, August 26, 1936: "You are one of the last surviving acquaintances who, in the study of art, have not gone over to irrelevant promiscuity"; discusses attribution of Goldman's Madonna; has begun writing "The Decline and Recovery of Form"; spent 6 weeks in Yugoslavia studying Roman remains and Byzantine frescoes. 4 pp

From Bernard Berenson, Florence, Italy, November 30, 1936: Read his article in the -- Virginia Quarterly -- ; he liked the photograph of Pach's fresco more than the article; tell Van Wyck Brooks he is welcome to visit when next in Florence; spent 5 weeks in Paris. 4 pp

From Elie Faure, Paris, France, December 28, 1936: Eight months ago Lizou married a man who died of cancer a few days later; his books are not selling well; History of Art is unavailable and financing cannot be found for a new edition; saw an exhibit of Bonnard and Vuillard; considers mural work the only important current painting; recounts a visit to Spain; Rivera was wounded in Mexico; Rivera's recent silence may be the result of Faure's article. 4 pp., in French

From Herbert Eustis Winlock, Director, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y., February 13, 1937: Winthrop will not loan his collection. 1 p

From Allen Tucker, Castine, Maine, May 30, 1937: "I wonder if Museums and concerts haven't stopped rather than helped our creative efforts"; is glad to be back in America; wrote to Moe; "the foundation likes to bet on the unknown instead of helping anyone who has shown they HAVE ability and have done the work"; congratulates Pach on continuing to paint despite other responsibilities; sorry to hear Sloan is unwell. 1 p

From Ernestine Ludolf, Florence, Italy, June 22, 1937: Pach is "a good and faithful friend"; his kind words about Egisto are like "a flower of remembrance on his grave"; wants to give him a small painting by Egisto, showing a corner of the Montmartre studio where he and Pach first met. 6 pp

From Ida E. Guggenheimer, Paris, France, September 13, 1937: Attended a conference in Paris; visited the Fountain of the Innocents; made a thorough tour of the exhibition with Villon. 3 pp

From Marcel Duchamp, Paris, France, September 28, 1937: Would like to see his painting -- Sad Young Man on a Train -- join related paintings in California and believes Arensberg would agree; requests a photograph of the painting to reproduce in an album he is compiling. 2 pp., in French

From Allen Tucker, New York, N.Y., November 1, 1937: Thanks Pach for the Delacroix book; congratulations on "another great contribution to civilization"; completed a "pretty good summer's work" before his illness. 2 pp

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., November 18, 1937: Thanks Pach for the book on Delacroix; the introduction is "wholly satisfying." 2 pp

From Van Wyck Brooks, New York, N.Y., November 23, 1937: Reads some of Delacroix each day; "I'm beginning to understand your feeling about him." Picture postcard ("Self Portrait by Francesco Goya. Frontispiece to Los Caprichos. Madrid, circa 1803")

From L. (Mme. Elie) Faure, Paris, France, November 30, 1937: Thanks Pach for writing to her; wants to carry out her husband's wishes to make his work publicly accessible; sends a list of Faure's unpublished articles; discusses financial matters relating to the Harper's contract. 4 pp., in French

From Royal Cortissoz, New York, N.Y., January 2, 1938: Thanks Pach for his book on Delacroix, "the work of an artist and man of letters." 3 pp

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., November 2, 1938: "I'm glad to stand by that statement." Picture postcard ("Mountain landscape. Chinese, Ming Period, 15th century, after a design attributed to Ma Yiian (flourished 1190-1221)")

From Henry Watson Kent, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y., November 3, 1938: Thanks Pach for the "kind letter about the Morgan exhibition." 1 p. (frame 589) and envelope

From Henry Watson Kent, New York, N.Y., November 8, 1938: Thanks Pach for the inscribed copy of his book; is proud to be associated with the book and to have Pach say kind things about him. 1 p

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., November 9 and 11, 1938: Read -- Queer Thing, Painting -- ; "I had better begin now by telling my few objections, in order to hand you later my full bouquet"; "you exaggerate the Villon connection"; "you exaggerate the ignorance of Italian art on the part of our forbears"; "you praise some collectors too highly," especially Morgan and John Quinn; "your memory of Yeats is suspect"; Pach has created a "permanent record and source-book" full of "wisdom." 14 pp

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., November 15, 1938: Grants permission to quote From his previous letter; Pach's book is "tremendously important." 2 pp

From Kenneth Hayes Miller, New York, N.Y., November 15, 1938: Congratulations on -- Queer Thing, Painting -- ; the book has "permanent value." 1 p

From Louis Lombard, [place unknown], France, November 23, 1938: Thanks Pach for his letters; describes the horrors of life as a soldier; he reads Whitman to maintain good spirits. 4 pp., in French

From Henry Watson Kent, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y., December 9, 1938: Advises Pach to distribute new cards to schools. 1 p. + 1 p. enclosure (suggested text for announcement of Pach's availability as a lecturer)

From W.S. Rusk, Wells College, Aurora-on-Cayuga, N.Y., December 21, 1938: "Thank you for the conference the other day in which we discussed the artist and the art critic." 1 p

From G. Masolle, Evian, France, December 31, 1938: Thanks Pach for the extract From his book, which she translated immediately; it showed perfect understanding of Jean's character; -- The Prisoners of the World -- is impossible to find; Jean Cocteau has not published Jean's first essays or poems. 2 pp., in French

From Ernestine Ludolf, Florence, Italy, February 20, 1939: Is "grateful" for the "lovely tribute" to her brother, Egisto Fabbri, that appeared in Queer Thing, Painting; she and her brother were students of J. Alden Weir; Pissarro advised them to study the Old Masters; details of the sale of 12 Cézanne paintings From Egisto's collection; sending a privately printed memoir of her brother; invites Pach to call on her and various relatives when he is in Florence. 4 pp

From Simonne Maubert, Paris, France, April 5, 1939: Thanks Pach for sending his book; she was happy to recognize herself in one of the chapters; her English is improving and one day she may be able to read the entire book. 4 pp., in French.

To Magdalene Pach From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., July 8, 1939: Is looking forward to the Pachs' visit. 2 pp

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., December 29, 1939: The book is a "glorious achievement... by far your best book"; it "brought back all my gratitude to you for all that you have taught me about art." 4 pp

From Daniel Gregory Mason, New York, N.Y., March 15, 1940: Thanks Pach for the "great pleasure and stimulus" of Ingres; "one grows to feel something of the affection, respect, and admiration for Ingres that you show the way to." 1 p

From Don F. Dickson, Director, Dickson Mound Museum, Lewistown, Ill., March 28, 1940: Sends photographs of pipes that Pach found interesting. 1 p. + enclosures (4 photographs of ceremonial pipes: "Front view of a human effigy tobacco pipe From the Great Temple Mound in Oklahoma, Ceremonial type"; "Front view. Ceremonial type"; "Side view. Ceremonial type"; and "Back view of human effigy tobacco pipe From the Great Temple Mound in Oklahoma, Ceremonial type")

From Bernard Berenson, Florence, Italy, March 30, 1940: Was interested in the Ohio mound builders in his youth; "my writing days are over I fear, for one thing I feel afraid I have nothing to say that would not sound commonplace"; "too much absorbed" in what is going on in this part of the world." 8 pp

From Ernestine Ludolf, Florence, Italy, April 18, 1940: Ingres is "splendid"; sympathizes with the "difficulties" Pach encountered when organizing the World's Fair art exhibition. 6 pp

From Van Wyck Brooks, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, September 2, 1940: Pach has found "the only paragraph in the whole book (which after a dozen rewritings) left me unsatisfied." Postal card

From G. Masolle, Evian, France, October 14, 1940: Is happy that Jean's memoirs are in Pach's hands; awaits English victory; the French are suffering, but she is confident the country will survive. 2 pp., in French

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., April 9, 1941: "We missed you at the John Sloan dinner"; he won't write any more about expatriates. 3 pp

From Alfred Vance Churchill, Northampton, Mass., April 21, 1941: Congratulations on Ingres; recalls Pach's help in acquiring important paintings for the Smith College Museum of Art. 3 pp

From Art Young, New York, N.Y., May 9, 1941: Congratulations on -- Masterpieces of Art -- . 1 p., illustrated with drawing of a stooped man walking with a cane

From Hugo Robus, New York, N.Y., June 13, 1941: Was pleased by Pach's letter praising his marble at the Museum of Modern Art; Alfred Barr was "delighted" by Pach's comments; there is also a Robus bronze at the Museum of Modern Art; "I never dated my work and so the actual year of production is a pretty hazy matter." 2 pp

From Ruth A. Wilmot, Oak Bluffs, Mass., [postmarked] August 2, 1941: She and Donald are enjoying their vacation. Picture postcard ("Yacht Club and Harbor, Edgartown, Mass.")

From Kenneth Hayes Miller, New York, N.Y., August 7, 1941: Comments on paintings From the Louvre shown at the M[etropolitan] M[useum of Art]; he doesn't enjoy the country as Pach seems to. 2 pp

From Bernard Berenson, Florence, Italy, August 30, 1941: "I believe the entire Mississippi basin to its utmost reaches was flooded with Aztec influences"; requests photograph of a piece Pach mentioned seeing in Columbus, Ohio; "French art will rise again"; recalls his first acquaintance with Poussin's work. 2 pp

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., September 4, 1941: "I am reacting against this whole conception of 'mankind' as 'rabble' "; his new book will expound on this. 2 pp

From Charles Cunningham, Assistant Curator of Paintings, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Mass., September 11, 1941: Requests additional information about Pach's Delacroix painting; shares information on works in the collection of George Reinhardt, Winterthur, and the Metropolitan. 2 pp

From Charles Cunningham, Assistant Curator of Paintings, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Mass., October 15, 1941: Sends summary of information compiled when cataloging the Museum's version of Delacroix's -- Christ on the Sea of Genesareth -- . 1 p. + 4 pp. enclosure (notes on 6 versions of the painting)

From William Mills Ivins, New York, N.Y., [postmarked] January 27, 1942: Thanks for his "warm approval of the Bulletin article." 1 p

From Van Wyck Brooks, Norwalk, Conn., [postmarked] February 3, 1942: Thanks for sending the brochure about Quidor. Picture postcard ("The Dance of Death. The Ploughman Woodcut by Hans Holbein the Younger. German, 1497-1543")

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., [postmarked] February 19, 1942: Thanks for the Quidor catalog; saw the show yesterday; "he's really a discovery." Picture postcard ("Saint George and the Dragon. Woodcut by Lucas Cranach the Elder. German, 1472-1553")

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., [postmarked] February 27, 1942: "What you say about the book makes me regret all the more that it has to be postponed." Picture postcard ("Rembrandt, Dutch, 1606-1669. Portrait of the Artist"), with annotation by Pach: "Book on American Art proposed to the American Philosophical Society."

From Fred M. Stein and Arthur Strasser, New York, N.Y., March 21, 1942: In "recognition of what you have meant to the [Schilling] Fund... [we] take great pleasure in sending you the enclosed." 2 pp

From M.M. Pochapin, Music Appreciation Record Corporation, New York, N.Y., May 6, 1942: Please sign and return a copy of the agreement. 1 p. + 1 p. enclosure (May 6, 1942, From M.M. Pochapin, New York, N.Y. Pach has been selected a Judge for the "Art Appreciation Movement. In this capacity you are to pass on the true value of paintings submitted.").

to Magdalene Pach From M.M. Pochapin, Managing Director, Art Appreciation Movement, New York, N.Y., May 13, 1942: Requests that she read the organization's pamphlet about the Art Appreciation Movement and complete the "lengthy Qualification Form"; "great artists will make their paintings available at these small Public Service prices." 2 pp

From M.I. Block, Art Appreciation Movement, New York, N.Y., May 27, 1942: Receipt for 5 oil paintings consigned. 1 p

From Reginald Poland, Director, Fine Arts Gallery, San Diego, Calif., 5 June 25, 1942: "We realize increasingly that, in the Caravaggio, we have a magnificent work of art"; "we have just acquired a glorious Titian Madonna, painted about 1514-- very strongly Giorgionesque." 1 p

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., [postmarked] July 8, 1942: "What happens to them [artists] when they are 'above' politics? Don't they in the end lead themselves to the politics that destroy them?" Postal card + clipping ("Guest Artists," Time)

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., July 15, 1942: "I won't agree with you about artists and politics"; "a certain breadth of interests and sympathy does not drain one's energy." 2 pp

From Raymond B. Humphrey, Brown, Crosby & Co., Inc., New York, N.Y., July 17, 1942: Discusses insurance and storage arrangements for Pach's property while he is in Mexico. 2 pp

From Jean Lipman, Editor, -- Art in America -- , Cannondale, Conn., July 17, 1942: Agrees to publish his article on Ingres. 1 p

From Raymond B. Humphrey, Brown, Crosby & Co., Inc., New York, N.Y., July 20, 1942: Sends "lost policy releases" and policy numbers. 1 p

From Jean Lipman, Editor, -- Art in America -- , Cannondale, Conn., August 4, 1942: Pach's article on Ingres will appear in the October issue. 1 p

From Gilbert R. Gabriel, Schneider-Gabriel Galleries, Inc., New York, N.Y., August 10, 1942: "Your article on the Ingres is a masterpiece"; discusses the price of a painting of Trinity Church. 2 pp. + enclosures (12 business cards and 4 handwriten notes containing names, addresses, and telephone numbers of Mexican acquaintances)

From Jean Lipman, Editor, -- Art in America -- , Cannondale, Conn., August 19, 1942: Pach's piece on Ingres will be the lead article; accepts his proposal for an article on the "Mexican primitive Bustos." 1 p

From Raymond B. Humphrey, Brown, Crosby & Co., Inc., New York, N.Y., September 3, 1942: Discusses overpayment of insurance premium. 1 p. + 4 enclosures (3 invoices and inventory of artwork in storage). [postmarked September 3, 1942] From John Strasser, New York, N.Y. 4218 703-705 September 4, 1942: Discusses "early Hispano-Mexican" Madonna; "Rosenberg has an attractive show." 3 pp

From John Sloan, Santa Fe, N.Mex., September 8, 1942: Is home From the hospital; his exhibition was in Chicago, Denver, and Santa Fe, and will go to Albuquerque next and then Fort Worth; received "enthusiastic notices"; sold 2 pieces. 2 pp

From Jacob M. Heimann, Beverly Hills, Calif., September 14, 1942: "I greatly appreciate the idea of making an exhibition in Mexico"; inquires about lighting and dimensions of the galleries; "the lack of interest and the ignorance as far as art is concerned here, is unbelievable." 1 p. + 1 p. enclosure (lists of numbers)

From Lasar Kipnis, New York, N.Y., September 18, 1942: "Considering risk expenses at present offer seven and half percent for next three years." 1 p

From Lasar Kipnis, New York, N.Y., September 21, 1942: Expenses will be high; recommends he establish a relationship with Mizracchi [ sic] before arriving in New York; show him some "really valuable" paintings as well as "less expensive works on the sale of which we may really count"; suggests a selection of "object d'art" From A la Vieille Russie; November is the best time for an exhibition in Mexico. 3 pp

From John Strasser, New York, N.Y., September 25, 1942: Pyramid of the Sun, as it appears in the photograph, is "dazzling"; discusses his search for a job. 2 pp

From Lasar Kipnis, New York, N.Y., September 29, 1942: Proposed exhibition may receive the cooperation of the president of Mexico and the king of Rumania; "we must and shall have a first class show"; mentions several works he intends to include. 1 p

From Jean Lipman, Editor, -- Art in America -- , Cannondale, Conn., October 5, 1942: The editor of Cuadernos must insert a notice stating the article was written for publication in Art in America and appears simultaneously in translation. 1 p

From M.M. Pochapin, President, Art Movement, Inc., New York, N.Y., October 8, 1942: Is deciding whether to continue the Art Movement; Marsh resigned; "my enthusiasm has never waned"; Sloan remains involved; plans to market paintings through department stores; work by Walter and Magda Pach is being shown in Philadelphia and Atlanta. 2 pp

From Diego Rivera, [place unknown], October 13, 1942: He and the editors extend thanks and enclose payment. 1 p., in Spanish

From Adrian Bourcart, [place unknown], Mexico, October 21, 1942: Had the pleasure of attending Pach's lectures on art; requests clarification of true art versus false art and live art versus dead art. 4 pp., in French

From Robert Lebel, New York, N.Y., October 22, 1942: Saw Misrachi; likes [filmed twice] Pach's idea for an exhibit in Mexico; Marcel Duchamp and André Breton organized a surrealist exhibition; Guggenheim was inaugurated with an ingenious exhibition; the Dutch show at Duveen's is successful; Rosenberg has a Léger show and is preparing a Cézanne exhibit; Rosenberg is interested in Marsden Hartley; Chagall, now an official member of the surrealist group, is exhibiting at Pierre Matisse; Goetz may exhibit Paul Klee. 1 p., in French

From Jean Lipman, Editor, -- Art in America -- , Cannondale, Conn., October 22, 1942: "I was delighted with your article on Bustos"; "unless the article appears in Art in America prior to publication elsewhere, we cannot print it." 2 pp

From John Strasser, New York, N.Y., November 13, 1942: Comments on Mexico painted by Velasco. 2 pp

From Marjorie D. Mathias, College Art Association of America, New York, N.Y., November 14, 1942: The State University at Bowling Green, Ohio, has inquired about engaging Pach for a lecture. 1 p

From Henry Allen Moe, Committee for Inter-American Artistic and Intellectual Relations, New York, N.Y., November 16, 1942: "We want our grantees to be able to do what they ought to do and live as they ought to live"; Pach should let them know his anticipated expenses and how much time he needs in Mexico. 1 p

From Carlos Merida, Denton, Tex., [postmarked] November 16, 1942: Air time was insufficient to broadcast Pach's full text: note inscribed on Section of Plastic Arts, Department of Fine Arts, Secretary of Public Education, "No. 202 Radio Bulletin for Saturday, November 21, 1942" (transcript of a feature story on José Hermenegildo Bustos abstracted From an article by Walter Pach). 4 pp., in Spanish

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., November 18, 1942: With the help of Eleanor and Kenyon, he has managed to read some of the Cuadernos Americanos Pach sent; "I like immensely its tone and elevated feeling"; "I envy your meetings with Diego Rivera, who has always seemed to me a very great painter"; is "shocked" that Lionello Venturi and William G. Constable don't share his opinion of Rivera; a "complicated family problem" keeps them From traveling; is working on -- The Age of Washington Irving -- . 4 pp

From Stephen Duggan, Director, Institute of International Education, New York, N.Y., November 30, 1942: Is glad that Pach's lectures were well received; hopes Pach can remain in Mexico. 1 p

From Alfonso Reyes, Colegio de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico, December 3, 1942: He is honored by Van Wyck Brooks's words and wants to correspond with him. 1 p., in Spanish

From Stephen Duggan, Director, Institute of International Education, New York, N.Y., December 7, 1942: Is "delighted to learn that Pach will receive a grant through Mr. Moe and 'his Committee.' " 1 p

From Lasar Kipnis, New York, N.Y., December 8, 1942: "Just returned From Johns Hopkins Hospital." Telegram

From José Clemente Orozco, [place unknown], December 10, 1942: Modern art in Mexico faces a powerful reaction that aims to end 20 years of academic work; looks forward to visiting Pach soon. 1 p., in Spanish

From Henry Allen Moe, New York, N.Y., December 11, 1942: "Your letter received but no word From the university." Telegram

From A.S. Baylinson, New York, N.Y., December 18, 1942: He and Constant were rejected by the jury of the "so called Victory exhibition"; reports the death of Michael Rosenthal. 2 pp

From George Constant, New York, N.Y., December 20, 1942: Is glad that Pach, a "fine painter," now has time to paint; the Artists for Victory exhibition at the Metropolitan is "lousy." 2 pp

From Henry Allen Moe, Committee for Inter-American Artistic and Intellectual Relations, New York, N.Y., December 21, 1942: Confirms that Pach is to receive a grant; a final report is due upon return. 1 p. + 2 enclosures (1 sheet of figures titled "Mex--New York" and copy of 1 p. letter to Rodulfo Brito Foucher, Rector, National University of Mexico, From Henry Allen Moe, New York, N.Y., announcing grant to the University for Pach's lectures)

From Pedro Henríquez Ureña, Buenos Aires, Argentina 4218 764-765 December 22, 1942: Sent photographs of the work of Attilio Rossi; Argentine critic, Julio Rinaldini, will send books. 1 p

From Lasar Kipnis, New York, N.Y., December 29, 1942: Asks Pach to write an article on new acquisitions by Mr. Poland's Museum; wants Pach lecture in San Diego; when a new catalog of the permanent collection is published, "we are sure the work will be entrusted to you." 2 pp

From Jean Lipman, Editor, -- Art in America -- , Cannondale, Conn., December 29, 1942: Robert Montenegro's book impressed him; hopes Montenegro will write on Estrada for Art in America; requests Pach's help in arranging it. 1 p

From Harry Miller Lydenberg, [place unknown], Mexico, December 29, 1942: Discusses origin of the phrase "biblia a-biblia." 1 p

From Marcel Duchamp, New York, N.Y., January 3, 1943: Fearing visa problems, he has decided not to go to Mexico; made several "suitcases"; the opening at Peggy's gallery was a big success; plans a surrealist show with Schiaparelli and Breton; Reynolds, just arrived in Madrid, requested that Pach extend greetings to Frida and Diego. 2 pp., in French

From Arthur Strasser, New York, N.Y., January 7, 1943: Congratulations on receiving a grant; "it is not to the Schilling Fund but to you personally, Walter, that our gift to the Metropolitan was the beginning of the belated recognition of Flannagan's genius"; Fred Stein would appreciate suggestions for the Schilling Fund award. 2 pp

From John Rewald, Weyhe Gallery, New York, N.Y., January 13, 1943: Is glad Pach liked his article on Bonnard; will send Pach a copy of his new book on Seurat. 2 pp., with postscript From Laura Canade: New York Public Library has purchased Pach's Self-Portrait

From John Strasser, New York, N.Y., January 16, 1943: "People who might have enjoyed the 'Victory' show 25 or 30 years back now unanimously dislike that accumulation of junk"; "read of your and Rivera's project for spreading Flannagan's reputation." 3 pp

From Van Wyck Brooks, New York, N.Y., January 17, 1943: Saw Jacques Villon's "grand portrait" of Pach at the "Modern Museum." Picture postcard ("Illuminated initial From a South Italian ms. Valerius Maximus written about 1450")

From M.L. Stafford, American Consul, American Embassy, Mexico, January 22, 1943: Pach's registration of American citizenship was approved. 1 p

From Harry Miller Lydenberg, Biblioteca Benjamin Franklin, [place unknown], Mexico, January 23, 1943: Is sending a check in appreciation of the time and interest Pach contributed to their exhibition; wants to publish Pach's tribute to Bustos. 1 p

From Stephen Duggan, Director, Institute of International Education, New York, N.Y., February 3, 1943: Pach's observation about Mexican education interested him; he is "well informed concerning the anti-American attitude" in Mexico. 1 p

From Jean Lipman, Editor, -- Art in America -- , Cannondale, Conn., February 15, 1943: Thanks Pach for arranging to have Fernando Gambo write an article on Estrada; Pach's writings have stimulated interest in Mexican art; his review will not be published due to "paper restrictions." 1 p

From Van Wyck Brooks, New York, N.Y., March 9, 1943: Has "rediscovered" New York by living in the city temporarily; "I am especially happy to have got to know some of the new young writers"; wants more news of Diego Rivera. 3 pp

From Robert Lebel, New York, N.Y., March 15, 1943: Agrees with Pach that the Metropolitan's La Victoire exhibit resembles a Paris Salon of 30 years ago with the addition of a few abstract pieces; an exhibition commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Armory Show is possible; saw one of Pach's paintings at the Art Students League; Pierre Matisse exhibited his father's work; Matta and Miro made Pierre Matisse's last show, "Art and the War," interesting; the Mexican Room at the Museum of Natural History is being reorganized; recommends Charles Sterling's Gazette des Beaux-Arts article on French primitives; asks if Pach has seen VVV, the review headed by André Breton; no longer wishes to be involved in art sales. 2 pp., in French

From Georges Wildenstein, Director, Gazette des Beaux-Arts, [filmed twice] New York, N.Y., March 26, 1943: Wants to publish Pach's article; hopes he will agree to some minor changes. 1 p., in French

From Lyman Bryson, Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion, New York, N.Y., March 26, 1943: Requests comments on a paper by Professor William Scott, Randolph-Macon Women's College. 1 p. + 2 pp. enclosure ("Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion, Reply to Questionnaire of December 7, 1942 by Walter Pach")

From Paul J. Sachs, Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., April 8, 1943: Grenville L. Winthrop collection has been bequeathed to the Fogg Museum; wartime conditions have caused universities to curtail their art departments; "it is extremely important that able and understanding North Americans, such as yourself... should be our cultural ambassadors in Latin America"; suggests summer programs in the United States where Pach might teach; tells Pach to add his name to the speakers list maintained by the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs. 2 pp

From William N. Eisendrath Jr., Chairman, Exhibition Committee, Arts Club of Chicago, Chicago, Ill., April 26, 1943: Requests assistance in selecting works for a Rivera retrospective planned for February 1944. 1 p. + 1 p. enclosure (list of works by Rivera, "suggested by Mrs. Goodspeed, April 26, 1943," with notes by Walter Pach)

From Annette B. Cottrell, Director, Speakers Service Section, Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, Washington, D.C., April 28, 1943: Thanks Pach for his "interest in inter-American affairs and desire to collaborate with the work of this office as a speaker." 1 p

From Robert Chester Smith, Director, Hispanic Foundation, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., April 30, 1943: Considers Pach "an historic figure, one of the first to call attention to the development of Mexican art"; this is not the right time for Pach's proposed publications and translations. 1 p

From Harry Miller Lydenberg, [place unknown], Mexico, May 8, 1943: Pach's "review of the Low study on the place of the Museum in our world today" is "admirable"; politically or economically motivated explanations of art will "fail"; he is less "pessimistic" than Pach on the role of public funding; public libraries are a good example. 2 pp

From Annette B. Cottrell, Director, Speakers Service Section, Coordinater of Inter-American Affairs, Washington, D.C., May 25, 1943: Pach will be included among the organization's available speakers. 1 p

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., May 28, 1943: El Hijo Prodigo and Cuadernos are "typographically delightful"; wishes he knew Spanish; would like to be able to contribute articles to Mexican periodicals; John Sloan is reported to be "very frail." 4 pp

From William N. Eisendrath Jr., Chairman, Exhibition Committee, Arts Club of Chicago, Chicago, Ill., June 4, 1943: Need to figure costs for Rivera exhibition before continuing negotiations for loans; Pach must supply further information. 1 p. + 2 pp. enclosure ("List of Rivera Paintings," June 3, 1943)

From Elias Lieberman, Associate Superintendent, Board of Education of the City of New York, Brooklyn, N.Y., June 7, 1943: Pach will be granted a "substitute license" to teach Spanish in the New York public schools. 1 p

From Raymond B. Humphrey, Director, Brown, Crosby & Co., Inc., New York, N.Y., June 18, 1943: Instructions for renewing war damage and fire insurance policies. 1 p

From James A. Porter, Washington, D.C., June 19, 1943: Thanks Pach for the "remarkable" introduction and subtitle suggestions for his book. 1 p.

to Maurice Block, Curator, Henry E. Huntington Art Gallery, San Marino, Calif., From Marjorie S. (Mrs. A.R.) Waybur, Kingsley Art Club, Sacramento, Calif.,June 20, 1943: Inquires about Pach's availability to lecture. 2 pp

From Ignacio Marquina, National Institute of Archaeology and History, Mexico City, Mexico., June 26, 1943: Gives Pach permission to export the 5 archaeological objects specified on the list attached. 1 p. + 1 p. enclosure (copy of form completed by Pach), in Spanish

From Frederick Lewis Allen, -- Harper's -- Magazine, New York, N.Y., August 27, 1943: Rejects 2 articles, "The Negro's Place" and "Your Ancestors of the Soil." 2 pp

From John Sloan, Santa Fe, N.Mex., August 31, 1943: Is recovering From surgery; feeling better, but still unable to travel. 1 p

From Charles A. Thompson, Department of State, Washington, D.C., September 7, 1943: Dr. Moe will contact Pach about writing a book, in Spanish, about "art resources of the United States." 1 p

From Ernst E. Clad, New York, N.Y., September 9, 1943: Outlines Pach's finances; advises specific investments. 3 pp. + 1 p. enclosure (copy of September 9, 1943 letter From Walter Pach to H.C. Wainwright & Co. authorizing sale of stocks)

From Laurence Duggan, Adviser on Political Relations, Department of State, Washington, D.C., September 17, 1943: Cannot assist with funding or promise to purchase his book; Dr. Moe is attempting to finance the project; "I think the preparation of the book would be a far more useful contribution to inter-American understanding than your acting as an unofficial Mexican cultural representative in the United States." 1 p

From René d'Harnoncourt, United States Department of the Interior, Indian Arts and Crafts Board, Washington, D.C., September 29, 1943: Read "Ancestors of the Soil" and was "impressed by the strength and depth of its argument"; "widest dissemination of this theme could be one of the strongest factors in building up Inter-American relations." 1 p

From Charles A. Thompson, Department of State, Washington, D.C. October 4, 1943: Is returning "Ancestors of the Soil"; "Mr. d'Harnoncourt expresses great interest." 1 p

From Eugenio de Anzorena, Secretary, Mexican Embassy, Washington, D.C., October 7, 1943: Brought Pach's letter to the attention of the minister; returns the enclosures. 1 p. + enclosures (letter, June 9, 1943, to Ezequiel Padella, Secretary of Exterior Relations, From Iñes Amor, Francesco Orozco Muñoz, Eduardo Villaseñor, Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, Alfonso Noriega Jr., and Octavio G. Barreda, Mexico: endorses Pach as a representative of Mexican culture, 5 pp., in Spanish; and letter, June 28, 1943, to Iñes Amor, Francesco Orozco Muñoz, Eduardo Villaseñor, Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, Alfonso Noriega Jr., and Octavio G. Barreda, From Ezequiel Padella, Mexico: recommendation of Pach, 1 p., in Spanish)

To Springmeier Shipping Co from J.O. Ellis, New York, N.Y., October 14, 1943: Notification of claim for items missing From shipment of Pach's possessions. 2 pp

From Houston Peterson, Head, Division of Social Philosophy, Cooper Union, New York, N.Y., October 15, 1943: Pach is "definitely on our list of favored speakers" for the second semester. 1 p. + enclosure (brochure for "Cooper Union Forum, first half 1943-1944")

From John Sloan, Santa Fe, N.Mex., December 30, 1943: Went out to his old house, "Sinagua," which reminds him of Dolly; still recuperating From surgery; needs to clean up his Chelsea studio; it is unlikely he can get to New York; read Pach's article on the "Eight"; the name was invented by an Evening Sun writer; "the 'chosen' of Robert Henri we were, not at all a mutual admiration group as I recall the time." 3 pp

From Art Young, New York, N.Y., [postmarked] December 30, 1943: New Year's greetings. Picture postcard ("28th Issue--Art Young's Annual Hello")

From Donald Carlisle Greason, Deerfield, Mass., April 8, 1944: The enclosed letter was sent in a "weak moment"; "is it not time you took up the mightier sword again; or have your ideas changed?" 1 p. + 1 p. enclosure (letter, April 6, 1944, to Hugo Gellert and Gentlemen of the [Exhibition and Competition] Committee, Artists for Victory, Inc., From Donald Carlisle Greason, Deerfield, Mass.: declines invitation to participate in the Artists for Victory exhibition; "I shyly deplore this undignified business of artists thumbing rides of the troop trains, of Patriotism for Publicity--and prizes!"; "did not Pach write the obituary of this [prizes] in his Ananias?")

From Henry Watson Kent, New York, N.Y., November 30, 1944: Hopes his notes on Pach's manuscript will be of use and interest. 1 p. + 7 pp. enclosure (notes, comments, and suggestions relating to Pach's manuscript)

From Ernst E. Clad, New York, N.Y., December 11, 1944: Information about Pach's 1944 taxes. 1 p. + enclosures (completed "Form for Computing Capital Gains and Losses," 1 p., and printed instructions, 5 pp.)

From George Ferdinand Of, [place unknown] Read both of Pach's articles and is returning one; "you must take me to see that charming Miss Roger's paintings."

From George Ferdinand Of, [place unknown], December 28, 1944: Read both of Pach's articles and is returning one; "you must take me to see that charming Miss Roger's paintings." Picture postcard ("'Chapeau de Faille' by Rubens")

From Donald Carlisle Greason, Deerfield, Mass., February 9, 1945: "I thought my annual letter of 'regrets' to the 'Artists for Defeat' might amuse you"; quotes remarks by Sinclair Lewis made when declining the Pulitzer Prize. 1 p

From Rufus E. Clement, Atlanta University, Atlanta, Ga., April 11, 1945: Sends photographs taken at the "art show"; mentions recent reviews of their exhibition. 1 p. + 2 photographs (Pach viewing the exhibition, and Pach speaking in the gallery)

From Viking Press, New York, N.Y., April 30, 1945: Royalty statement for Masters of Modern Art. 1 p

From Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York, N.Y., June 30, 1945: Royalty statement for Ingres and -- Queer Thing, Painting -- . 1 p

From Jacques Lipchitz, Paris, France, July 31, 1945: [Illegible due to show-through]. 2 pp., in French

From Bernard Berenson, Florence, Italy, November 29, 1945: May continue work begun several years earlier on "Aesthetics and History"; working on "Decline and Recovery in the Figure Arts"; when in "hiding" he kept a diary, which he may publish. 2 pp

From Fred M. Stein and Arthur Strasser, Trustees of the Schilling Fund, New York, N.Y., February 8, 1946: Thank Pach for his work on behalf of the Schilling Fund; offer him a salary to continue as an adviser. 1 p., with annotation by Pach (on reverse), February 10, 1946, draft letter of acceptance, 1 p

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., June 23, 1946: Eleanor's leg had to be amputated; they will move to an apartment in New York in October. 2 pp

From Van Wyck Brooks, Westport, Conn., August 26, 1946: "Eleanor's condition has taken a serious turn for the worse, and I fear it is only a question now of a very few weeks." 1 p

From Jacques Lipchitz, Paris, France, November 19, 1946: New York trip was postponed; describes a wonderful exhibit at Delacroix's studio; occasionally sees Jacques Villon, who has a painting in the Salon d'Automne. 2 pp., in French

From Bernard Berenson, Florence, Italy, January 10, 1947: Pach's son and daughter-in-law visited him; publishers are not interested in his diary; Aesthetics and History will have to go to a university press. 2 pp

From Irma L. Richter, New York, N.Y., March 27, 1947: Is returning Pach's copy of ABC on Painting by Severini; "I wonder whether you have tried to follow his advice regarding technique." 1 p

From James Daugherty, Westport, Conn. [postmarked, March April 22, 1947]: Saw Pach's exhibition at Laurel Gallery; "your work has grown simpler and broader and more unified." 1 p

From Octavio G. Barreda, [place unknown], Mexico, October 9, 1947: Thought of Pach when visiting galleries in Italy and Paris; Paris, Rome, and Florence seem to have recovered From the war, but it wasn't the same without the old faces; in both art and literature it is the end of an era; young artists and writers do not know their message; family news; will visit New York and Havana. 4 pp., in Spanish

From Kurt Wolff, Pantheon Books, New York, N.Y., November 5, 1947: Asks Pach to accept all changes made by the editor. 1 p

From Kurt Wolff, Pantheon Books, New York, N.Y., December 4, 1947: Needs to clarify certain points; Pach must bear the cost of retyping. 1 p

From Kurt Wolff, Pantheon Books, New York, N.Y., January 29, 1948: The final pages of his manuscript must be condensed. 1 p.

To Kurt Wolff From Walter Pach, New York, N.Y., January 30, 1948: They never discussed, nor did he authorize, changes to the final pages of his book. 1 p

From Henry Watson Kent, New York, N.Y., February 21, 1948: Remarks on Pach's complimentary statement about him. 1 p

From Margarita Nelkin, Paris, France, September 1, 1948: Has heard From Pach through letters to Mlle. Burchardt; thanks Pach for supporting Spanish Republicans; is going to Rome for the Congres Interparlementaire and then to Brussels and Amsterdam to give a conference on Mexican art; in November she will leave for Mexico. 1 p., in French

From George Ferdinand Of, New York, N.Y., September 5, 1948: Thanks Pach for bringing pictures of his collection and explaining it personally; Pach has "persuaded" him to paint again. 3 pp

From Francis Hackett, Bethel, Conn., November 8, 1948: Pach is one of the "Old Guard"; his book, -- American Rainbow -- , will include "a lot in it about John Quinn"; his wife recently published a volume on Swedenborg. 2 pp

From Van Wyck Brooks, Cornwell, Conn., December 2, 1948: Thanks for the inscribed copy of his "enchanting" new book; glad Pach met Francis Hackett. 3 pp

From Pantheon Books, Inc., New York, N.Y., February 1, 1949: Royalty statement. 1 p

From Pantheon Books, Inc., New York, N.Y., July 1, 1949: Royalty statement. 1 p

From Pantheon Books, Inc., New York, N.Y., August 1, 1949: Royalty statement for The Art Museum in America. 1 p

From Anne Chase (Mrs. Arthur White) Sullivan, Glen Head, N.Y., November 3, 1949: Pach's lecture was "just right as a preliminary to the exhibition"; her father would have approved. 2 pp

From Mary Socard, Paris, France, December 13, 1949: Pach's young friend is making good progress learning French; discusses the student's appreciation of art and philosophy. 4 pp., in French

From Jimmy Stern, New York, N.Y., December 23, 1949: Even with "favorable 'press'," his book has not sold well; is "discouraged"; appreciated Pach's note. 1 p

From Pantheon Books, Inc., New York, N.Y., February 1, 1950: Royalty statement. 1 p

From François Puaux, Acting Consul General of France, New York, N.Y., March 7, 1950: Congratulates Pach on being awarded the cross of Chevalier of the Legion of Honor "for the services you have always rendered to the French cause." 1 p

to John Collier From Walter Pach, New York, N.Y., March 11, 1950: Hopes Professor Collier will want the thoughts expressed in Pach's manuscript "given to a wider audience." 1 p., annotated with reply, May 30, 1950: "This has been good reading for me!"

From Meyer Schapiro, Columbia University, New York, N.Y., [postmarked] March 27, 1950: "Comments on the first draft of W. P., Renoir." 3 pp

to Meyer Schapiro From Walter Pach, New York, N.Y., March 27, 1950: Responses to "Comments on the first draft of W.P., Renoir." 4 pp. draft + 4 pp. final copy

From Charles E. Slatkin, Art Book Guild of America, Inc., New York, N.Y., March 28, 1950: Invites Pach to become a member of the Art Book Guild's Advisory Board. 1 p

From Charles E. Slatkin, Art Book Guild of America, Inc., New York, N.Y., April 17, 1950: Acknowledges Pach's acceptance of appointment to the Advisory Board. 1 p

From Atlantic Monthly Company, Boston, Mass., April 20, 1950: "Assignment of Copyright" to Atlantic Monthly Corporation of Pach's article, "Art Must Be Modern." 1 p

From W.G. Constable, Department of Paintings, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Mass., May 30, 1950: Thanks Pach for assistance in securing the Portrait of Madame Villchelis for the museum; agrees that attribution to Gros is most likely; reports the death of Ned Holmes. 2 pp

From Mary Socard, Paris, France, June 20, 1950: The young student has left; he would have benefited From a longer stay but at least had an introduction to European culture; sympathizes with Pach's disappointment over having his prologue replaced by an analysis of painting construction. 3 pp., in French

From Pantheon Books, Inc., New York, N.Y., August 1, 1950: Royalty statement for -- The Art Museum in America -- . 2 pp

From Nanny (Mrs. Sigmund) Pollitzer, New York, N.Y., November 8, 1950: Sorry to learn of Magda's illness. 2 pp

From Nanny (Mrs. Sigmund) Pollitzer, New York, N.Y., November 11, 1950: Extends her sympathy; will try to attend the service. 2 pp

From Eufrosia A.W. Tucker, New York, N.Y., November 11, 1950: Sympathy on the death of Mrs. Pach. 2 pp

From Sarah d'Harnoncourt, New York, N.Y., November 13, 1950: Sympathy on the death of Mrs. Pach. 1 p

From Edith R. Abbot, New York, N.Y., November 13, 1950: Sympathy on the death of Mrs. Pach. 2 pp

From Fanny and Ralph Ellison, New York, N.Y., November 14, 1950: Sympathy on the death of Mrs. Pach. 1 p

From Robert L. Duffus, Westport, Conn., November 15, 1950: Sympathy on the death of Mrs. Pach. 1 p

From Roland Balay, New York, N.Y., November 20, 1950: Offers condolences on the death of Mrs. Pach. 1 p., in French

From Bernard Berenson, Florence, Italy, September 23, 1951: Congratulates Pach on his recent marriage. 2 pp

From Mutual Benefit Health and Accident Association, New York, N.Y., [postmarked] November 23, 1951: "Official Receipt for Premium Due." Postal card

From [signature illegible], Athens, Greece, December 24, 1951: Carouzos will select photographs of the subjects that interest Pach; wants to see photographs of Pach's latest paintings. 4 pp

From Jacques Lipchitz, New York, N.Y., January 12, 1952: Pach is right that endings offer new beginnings; predicts that Pach will resume work soon. 1 p., in French

From Rufino Tamayo, [place unknown], Mexico, January 22, 1952: Appreciates Pach's stimulating critique; expects to spend the next year on a mural for the Palace of Fine Arts; congratulates Pach on his marriage. 2 pp., in Spanish

From Bernard Berenson, Ischia, Italy, May 29, 1952: "My indignation over distorted, abstract, non-representational art is that it can lead nowhere." 2 pp

From George Ferdinand Of, [place unknown], June 19, 1952: The Schilling Fund award is an "honor" he wishes to decline without offending anyone. Picture postcard ("Cézanne. 'Urtiel des Paris'")

From U.S. Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service, New York, N.Y., August 8, 1952: "Adjustment of tax liability" and audit for calendar year 1950. 1 p. + enclosures (1 p. "Statement of Income Tax Due," and 4 pp. report)

From Bernard Berenson, [place illegible], September 23, 1952: Agrees with most of Pach's letter to the New York Times; "feeling for art is of the few and understanding for even fewer." 2 pp

From André Masson, Aix-en-Provence, France, May 2, 1953: Was considering canceling his New York exhibit before receiving Pach's encouraging and kind letter; hopes they will meet. 1 p., in French

From Bernard Berenson, Florence, Italy, March 17, 1954: Comments on Pach's "poem to Greek art"; is working on a new edition of Italian Paintings; sends an article he wrote on Picasso. 2 pp

From George Ferdinand Of, Rome, Italy. Is in Rome; heading for Naples, [undated (prior to April 18, 1954)]: Picture postcard ("Roma-Foro Romano, veduto del Campidoglio")

From George Ferdinand Of, Padua, Italy, April 18, 1954: Saw Giottos; visited Ravenna, Naples, and Pompeii. Picture postcard ("Padova-Monumento al Generale Gattamelata")

From Bernard Berenson, Florence, Italy, April 25, 1954: He still does not accept the Metropolitan Museum's Madonna as an Antonello; "I remain an optimist" that culture will once again become "genial, creative and human." 2 pp

From Hendrik Willem van Loon, Riverside, Conn., [1955]: He is much better; they have a house near the water where friends are welcome. 1 p., in Dutch

From Bernard Berenson, Florence, Italy, April 21, 1955: "I agree with all you write about the present state of art appreciation"; read the book about Sloan by Van Wyck Brooks; not impressed by Sloan's work; wonders how much Pach influenced Brooks. 2 pp

From William Mills Ivins, Woodbury, Conn., July 17, 1955: Was disappointed to have missed a visit by Pach and Brooks; is living a solitary and quiet life. 2 pp

From Jacques Lipchitz, Beach Haven, N.J., August 7, 1955: After reading Pach's article, he wants to read the book; he no longer appreciates Maillol's sculpture; discusses Renoir's strong judgments of other artists; although Epstein has reached a dead end in Paris, he is a good artist. 3 pp., in French

From Jacques Lipchitz, Beach Haven, N.J., August 15, 1955: Thanks Pach for sending Epstein's book; considers Epstein a good portrait painter but not such a good sculptor; discusses his theory that Jews need to assert their identity. 1 p., in French

From Alfred Russell, Paris, France, September 27, 1955: Thanks Pach for the award; the modern Italian painters he once admired no longer interest him; he finds the sculptors a "revelation"; his exhibition drew "brutal and barbaric insults"; Paris is "the pivot of the universe." 2 pp

From Hendrik Willem van Loon, Riverside, Conn., October 17, [1955?]: "My sincere congratulations upon having finished these miles of paint." 1 p., with illustrated envelope (sailboats) + illustrated card (landscape with windmills)

From Carl Sandburg, Flat Rock, N.C., March 27, 1956: "Values" Pach's letter and plans to affix it to his copy of Faure's History of Art. 1 p

From Germain Seligman, New York, N.Y., April 15, 1957: Ingres's -- Study for the Iliad -- is in the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of Toronto. 1 p. + enclosures (2 pp. description of -- Study for the Iliad -- [Apotheosis of Homer], photograph of -- Study for the Iliad -- , and 2 pp. [photocopies] From Exposition Ingres catalog, 1921)

From Martin Baldwin, Director, Art Gallery of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April 16, 1957: The gallery is conducting further research on Study for the Iliad; will share information when it becomes available. 1 p

From Lewis Mumford, Paris, France, April 27, 1957: Has reviewed his correspondence since 1920; Pach's letters are "real treasures" to be saved for historians; being in Paris made him recall Pach's "friendliness and hospitality in 1932"; has rediscovered Ingres now that his taste is mature. 2 pp

From Van Wyck Brooks, Bridgewater, Conn., January 4, 1958: Will study Howells' letters at the Harvard library; recommends novels by Howells. 2 pp

From Hans Christian, Rome, Italy, April 7, 1958: Is visiting Raymond and Ruth in Rome. Picture postcard ("Roma--Arco di Constantino"), in German
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The Walter Pach papers are owned by the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Literary rights as possessed by the donor have been dedicated to public use for research, study, and scholarship. The collection is subject to all copyright laws.
Collection Citation:
Walter Pach papers, 1857-1980. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.
AAA.pachwalt2, Series 2
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Fox field notes and Fox Project records, 1932-1959, bulk 1932-1934 and 1948-1959

Tax, Sol 1907-  Search this
Becker, Herbert  Search this
Brunel, Ariane  Search this
Callender, Charles  Search this
Callendar, Marie Furey  Search this
Diesing, Paul  Search this
Fallers, Lloyd  Search this
Fugel, Eugene  Search this
Gearing, Frederick O 1922-  Search this
Gerick, Irving  Search this
Gredys, Grace  Search this
Jayne, Jerry  Search this
Kluckhorn, Richard  Search this
Leslie, Charles  Search this
Marlin, Joseph R  Search this
McCormack, William  Search this
Miller, Walter  Search this
Okita, Fred  Search this
Peattie, Lisa Redfield  Search this
Polgar, Steven  Search this
Rietz, Robert W  Search this
Robinson, Sarah  Search this
Sangre, Lucinda  Search this
Simon, Florence  Search this
Tardita, Claude  Search this
Wiesender, Caroline  Search this
Wolffson, Davida  Search this
Fischer, Alton  Search this
Imboden, Otis  Search this
Ruppe, Carol  Search this
Ruppe, Reynold J  Search this
Couch, Carl  Search this
Sangre, Walter H  Search this
Borman, Len  Search this
Dobyns, Henry Farmer  Search this
Dunning, William  Search this
Frantz, Charles  Search this
Hackenburg, Robert Allan  Search this
Hurt, Wesley R  Search this
Lesser, Alexander  Search this
Madigan, La Verne  Search this
Manzolillo, Lola  Search this
McNickle, D'Arcy  Search this
Nader, Ralph  Search this
Reifel, Ben  Search this
Sady, Emil J  Search this
Thomas, Robert K  Search this
Walker, Tillie  Search this
University of Chicago Fox Project  Search this
Physical description:
22 boxes
Fox Indians  Search this
Indians of North America Northeast  Search this
Collection descriptions
Psychological tests
bulk 1932-1934 and 1948-1959
Fox Indian Professional Education Program  Search this
Action anthropology  Search this
Language and languages--Documentation  Search this
Local number:
NAA MS 4802
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Dr Tax requests brief notification from researchers about their use of these materials
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National Anthropological Archives

River Basin Surveys Records 1928-1960 1947-1969

River Basin Surveys  Search this
Davis, Edward Mott  Search this
Griffin, James Bennett  Search this
Kehoe, Thomas Francis  Search this
Wyllie, John Cook  Search this
Caldwell, Joseph Ralston  Search this
Casanova, Richard L  Search this
Caldwell, Warren W  Search this
Case, Charles Calvin  Search this
Campbell, John M  Search this
Caton, Jewell Brown  Search this
Caywood, Louis R  Search this
Cape, T.W  Search this
Chace, Charles E  Search this
Carmichael, Leonard  Search this
Chapman, Carl H  Search this
Chase, David W  Search this
Cheney, George A  Search this
Coale, George L  Search this
Coe, Joffre L  Search this
Cole, David L  Search this
Colton, Harold Sellers  Search this
Conner, Stuart W  Search this
Connolly, James B  Search this
Coogan, Alan H  Search this
Cook, Harold J  Search this
Cooper, Paul Lemen 1909-1961  Search this
Corbett, John M  Search this
Cotter, John Lambert  Search this
Cowan, Richard S. 1921-1997  Search this
Crabtree, Robert  Search this
Cressman, Luther Sheeleigh  Search this
Cross, Dorothy  Search this
Cumming, Robert B  Search this
Cutler, Hugh C. 1912-1998  Search this
Danson, Edward B  Search this
Daugherty, Richard D  Search this
Davidson, Jesse  Search this
Davis, Leslie B  Search this
DeBusk, Charles R  Search this
Deetz, James J.F  Search this
Dellinger, S.F  Search this
DeJarnette, David Lloyd  Search this
Demaray, A.E  Search this
Denfuku, Hiroshi  Search this
Deuel, Thorne  Search this
Dick, Herbert William  Search this
Douglass, Robert C  Search this
Drake, Robert J  Search this
Drucker, Philip 1911  Search this
Essington, Joseph H  Search this
Evans, Glen L  Search this
Ewald, Paul A  Search this
Fairbanks, Charles Herron 1913-  Search this
Fenenga, Franklin  Search this
Folan, William J  Search this
Fontana, Bernard Lee  Search this
Frankfurter, W.D  Search this
Frey, Donald C  Search this
Fridley, russell W  Search this
Gant, Robert  Search this
Garth, Thomas R  Search this
Goggin, John Mann  Search this
Golden, Bernard  Search this
Goldfrank, Esther Schiff  Search this
Gradwohl, David M  Search this
Greengo, Robert Eugene  Search this
Gregory, Joseph T  Search this
Griffin, John W  Search this
Haag, William George  Search this
Hadleigh-West, Frederick  Search this
Hamilton, Henry W  Search this
Harrington, Jean C  Search this
Hartle, Donald D  Search this
Haury, Emil Walter  Search this
Hedden, Mark  Search this
Heizer, Robert Fleming 1915-1979  Search this
Helmen, Vernon R  Search this
Herskovits, Melville J (Melville Jean) 1895-1963  Search this
Hester, James J  Search this
Hewes, Gordon Winant  Search this
Hibbens, Frank Cummings  Search this
Hilger, Marie Inez Sister 1891-1977  Search this
Hill, A.T  Search this
Hill, Willard Williams  Search this
Hoffman, John J  Search this
Hodgden, Linwood  Search this
Holm, Martin N.B  Search this
Howard, James Henri  Search this
Hughes, Jack T  Search this
Hunt, Charles B  Search this
Hurst, C.T  Search this
Hurt, Wesley Robert  Search this
Huscher, Harold A  Search this
Husted, Wilfred  Search this
Hyde, George E  Search this
Ilford, Lloyd A.W  Search this
Irving, William Nathaniel  Search this
Irwin, Henry T  Search this
Jelks, Edward B  Search this
Jennings, Jesse David  Search this
Jensen, R.S  Search this
Johnson, Alfred Edward  Search this
Johnson, Frederick 1904-1994  Search this
Johnson, Leonard G  Search this
Johnson, Richard B  Search this
Jones, David T  Search this
Jones, Walter B  Search this
Judson, Sheldon  Search this
Kahler, Herbert E  Search this
Kellogg, A. Remington  Search this
Kelly, Arthur Randolph  Search this
King, William S  Search this
Kingman, Eugene 1909-1975  Search this
Kivett, Marving F  Search this
Drieger, Alex Dony  Search this
Lancaster, Sunnie F  Search this
Lange, Charles Henry  Search this
Le Claire, Peter  Search this
Lee, Ronald F  Search this
Lehmer, Donald Jayne 1918-1975  Search this
Lewis, Thomas M.N  Search this
Lister, Robert  Search this
Logan, Wilfred D  Search this
Mallory, Oscar L  Search this
Malouf, Carling  Search this
Mattes, Merrill J  Search this
Mayer-Oakes, William James  Search this
McCary, B.C  Search this
McCracken, Harold  Search this
McGimsey, Charles R  Search this
McGregor, John C  Search this
McMichael, Edward V  Search this
McNeish, R.S  Search this
McNutt, Charles H  Search this
Metcalf, George 1900-1975  Search this
Miller, Carl F  Search this
Milligan, Edward W  Search this
Mills, John E  Search this
Mohr, Albert  Search this
Morse, Dan F  Search this
Mosbaugh, Harold S  Search this
Muller, Jon D  Search this
Mulloy, William  Search this
Neitzel, Robert S  Search this
Neuman, Robert W  Search this
Nicerson, Norton H  Search this
Norona, Delf  Search this
Nusbaum, Jesse L (Jesse Logan)  Search this
Ogle, Robert L  Search this
Omwake, Henri Geiger 1907-1967  Search this
Osborn, Homer Douglas  Search this
Over, W. H  Search this
Pendleton, La Verne  Search this
Proctor, Charles  Search this
Reed, Erik Kellerman  Search this
Reiter, Paul David  Search this
Riddell, Francis A  Search this
Riddell, H.S  Search this
Rights, Douglas L  Search this
Ring, E. Raymond Jr  Search this
Ritchie, William A  Search this
Roberts, Frank H. H (Frank Harold Hanna) 1897-1966  Search this
Roberts, John M  Search this
Romano, Octavio  Search this
Rouse, Irving  Search this
Row, Paul R  Search this
Rowe, John Howland  Search this
Ruppe, Reynold J  Search this
Salisbury, Robert C  Search this
Schnell, Frank  Search this
Schnell, Frank Jr  Search this
Schroeder, Albert H  Search this
Schultz, C. Bertrand  Search this
Schumacher, Paul J. F  Search this
Sellards, Elias Howard  Search this
Setzler, Frank M (Frank Maryl) 1902-1975  Search this
Shalkop, R.L  Search this
Shiner, Joel L  Search this
Shippee, J.M  Search this
Simmons, J.W  Search this
Simpson, Ruth D  Search this
Smiley, Terah L  Search this
Smith, Allan H  Search this
Smith, Arthur G  Search this
Smith, Carlyle S  Search this
Smith, G. Hubert  Search this
Solecki, Ralph S  Search this
Spaulding, Albert Clanton 1914-1990  Search this
Squires, Donald Fleming  Search this
St. Hoyme, Lucile Eleanor  Search this
Steen, Charles R  Search this
Stephenson, Robert Lloyd  Search this
Stewart, Omer C  Search this
Strong, William Duncan 1899-1962  Search this
Swanson, Earl H  Search this
Tax, Sol 1907-  Search this
Taylor, Dee C  Search this
Taylor, Walter W. Jr  Search this
Thompson, Raymond H  Search this
Tobin, S.J  Search this
Tolstoy, Paul  Search this
Tomsyck, Lawrence  Search this
Tong, Marvin E Jr  Search this
Toulouse, Joseph H  Search this
Vaillant, George Clapp  Search this
Valentine, Willard L  Search this
Wallace, William J  Search this
Walter, Edwin F  Search this
Watson, Virginia  Search this
Webb, William S (William Snyder) 1882-1964  Search this
Wedel, Waldo R (Waldo Rudolph) 1908-1996  Search this
Weekly, Ward F  Search this
Welmuth, Roscoe  Search this
Wendorf, Fred  Search this
Wenner, David J  Search this
Wetmore, Alexander 1886-1978  Search this
Wettlaufer, Boyd  Search this
Wheat, Joe Ben  Search this
Wheeler, Richard Page  Search this
Wheeler-Voegelin, Erminie 1903-1988  Search this
White, Theodore E  Search this
Willey, Gordon Randolph  Search this
Williams, Stephen  Search this
Withers, Arnold M  Search this
Withers, Arnold M  Search this
Witthoft, John  Search this
Witty, Thomas A  Search this
Wood, Laurison  Search this
Wood, W. Raymond  Search this
Woodbury, Richard Benjamin  Search this
Woolworth, Alan R  Search this
Wormington, Hannah Marie  Search this
Wright, Herbert  Search this
Campbell, Thomas Nolan  Search this
Champe, John Leland  Search this
Fraser, Dorothy E  Search this
Johnson, O. Elden  Search this
Libby, W.F  Search this
Schwartz, Douglas Wright  Search this
Sears, William H  Search this
Physical description:
376 feet
Archival materials
Data Source:
National Anthropological Archives