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Warshaw Collection of Business Americana Subject Categories: Tobacco Trade and Industry

Warshaw, Isadore, 1900-1969  Search this
11.35 Cubic feet (consisting of 20 boxes, 8 folder, 30 oversize folders, 17 map case folders, 3 flat boxes (partial), plus digital images of some collection material.)
Collection descriptions
Archival materials
Business ephemera
A New York bookseller, Warshaw assembled this collection over nearly fifty years. The Warshaw Collection of Business Americana: Tobacco Trade and Industry forms part of the Warshaw Collection of Business Americana, Subseries 1.1: Subject Categories. The Subject Categories subseries is divided into 470 subject categories based on those created by Mr. Warshaw. These subject categories include topical subjects, types or forms of material, people, organizations, historical events, and other categories. An overview to the entire Warshaw collection is available here: Warshaw Collection of Business Americana
Scope and Contents:
This subject category, "Tobacco Trade and Industry," consists of materials related to the tobacco trade and industry. This subject category provides an extensive record of the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth century tobacco industry with materials for consumers, traders, and distributors. It forms part of the Warshaw Collection of Business Americana: Collection Division I: Business Ephemera and Division II: Oversize Materials.

Series 1, Tobacco and Tobacco Related Product Ephemera, 1781-1965, undated, is the largest portion of the tobacco related materials. This series is arranged alphabetically by manufacturer and distributor name. The materials consist of advertising cards, scraps, trade catalogs, price lists, pamphlets, labels, correspondence on letterhead stationery, bills, receipts, illustrations from periodicals, printed advertisements, periodicals, newspaper clippings, broadsides, shipping documents, handbills, premiums, promotional items, announcements, and business cards. The majority of materials are from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth- century and were created primarily for consumers, traders and distributors. Most of the materials are from the East Coast and there is a large amount of undated material. Ethnic imagery and images of women and children are prominently featured in this series. The location of the company is given when known.

Series 2, Patents and Trademarks, 1875-1904, is arranged alphabetically by patent and trademark applicants. With illustrations and descriptions, many patent and trademark documents come from East Coast patent offices during the 1870s. While this series is limited in scope, it provides numerous examples of the patenting of tobacco brand names and other related products. Additionally, it contains many images of minorities, women, and a variety of ethnic imagery.

Series 3, Bills of Lading, 1833-1925, is arranged alphabetically by location with foreign locations comprising one folder. The materials date from the late nineteenth century, and the majority is from the port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This series not only tells a great deal about shipping and importing, but it also provides detailed information about the parties, countries, and people involved in the process of shipping tobacco around the world. Although the collection is somewhat varied, the majority of the bills of lading have date stamps, detailed port information, and information about the imported tobacco itself. Other locations include Maryland, New York, Cuba, and foreign locales.

Series 4, Lithographs, undated, is a series of labels for packages and products arranged alphabetically. It is a great resource for the study of early American advertising. Although most of the product labels are undated, they are probably of the late nineteenth to early twentieth- century. The majority of companies were based in New York, New York.

Series 5, Ephemera and Photographs, 1750-1957, undated, is arranged and organized by type of material. This series is comprised of general images, cigar store Indian images, auction lists, packing for tobacco products, and advertising cards, and contains a wealth of documentation of the American tobacco market. One of the best resources of this series is its collection of cigar bands. There are two photographs within this series, one depicting the exterior of a tobacco shop and another photograph of ladies working with shade grown tobacco, most likely in Connecticut. This series contains a copy of the Burr McIntosh photograph, "Leaves of Desire".

Series 6, Publications, 1742-1962, undated, consist of articles, books, pamphlets, magazines, and periodicals. One of the most useful portions of this series is the anti-tobacco related publications. The series contains tobacco-related articles. In addition to a few articles about tobacco companies, there are publications that contemplate the issues behind smoking. This series also contains tobacco related clippings from magazines and periodicals. Directories are also included in this series. The sheer variety of the material is vast, including essays from The Farm Quarterly and United States government documents. Tobacco is the only unifying factor. Researchers may be interested in La Santa Yerba, a late nineteenth-century book containing verses and other reflections on the tobacco plant itself.
Brand Name Index:
The following is a list of brand names for various tobacco products and related names that appear on this list is a compilation of those found on materials in the vertical document boxes. It is not a complete list of all the brand names for tobacco. The list is intended to assist researchers locate desired materials when only the brand name is known.

Brand Name -- Manufacturer/Dealer

Adonis -- Waldorf-Astoria Sugar Company

A. Hussey -- Leaf Tobacco Company

All Red Scrap -- Spaulding & Merrick

Alligator -- Pierre Lorillard

Almighty Dollar -- Roig & Langsdorf, LTD.

American Eagle -- Barker, K.C. & Company

Anglo-Egyptian -- Anderson, John & Company

Ante Fine (Cut) -- Pierre Lorillard

Apollo Egyptian -- Crescent Tobacco Company

Ateshian Bagdad -- Ateshian Company

Bagdad -- Pierre Lorillard

Bag Pipe -- Pierre Lorillard

Banner -- Banner Company

Banner -- American Tobacco Company

Bay State -- Brewer, Clarks & Sons

Bee -- Pierre Lorillard

Beech-Nut -- Pierre Lorillard

Belle of Turkey -- Pierre Lorillard

Between the Acts -- Pierre Lorillard

Between the Acts -- Thomas Hall Company

Bibber Cigarettes -- American Tobacco Company

Bijou -- S. Busnitz & Company

Birdseye -- British-American Company

Birdseye -- Akhbar Shah

B & L -- S. Busnitz & Company

Black Bird -- Baumann-Ashley Company

Black Joe Dark Plug -- American Tobacco Company

Black & Tan -- Pierre Lorillard

Black & Tan -- Annen Tobacco Company

Blended Stock -- American Tobacco Company

Blot -- Pierre Lorillard

Blue Peter -- Blue Peter Company

Bock y Ca -- Benson & Hedges

Boot Jack -- John Finzer

Boss Bite -- Pierre Lorillard

Brand M -- S. Monday & Son

Briar -- Spaulding & Merrick

Bright Sweet Emerald -- Pierre Lorillard

Briggs -- Pierre Lorillard

Brotherhood -- Pierre Lorillard

Buffalo Head -- Bland Tobacco Company

Bull Durham -- American Tobacco Company Smoking Tobacco

Bull's Eye -- Pierre Lorillard

Bull's Eye -- Peerless (Kimball)

Buzz Long -- Pierre Lorillard

Cabana -- Brewer, Clark & Sons

Cabanas -- Benson & Hedges

Cabarga -- Brewer, Clark & Sons

Cameo -- W. Duke & Son

Canada -- American Tobacco Company

Canoe -- Spence

Cap Sheaf -- Pierre Lorillard

Capadura -- R.C. Brown & Company

Capadura De La Reina -- R.C. Brown & Company

Capadura Olivette -- R.C. Brown & Company

Capadura Patience -- R.C. Brown & Company

Capital -- G.W. Gail

Captive -- Pierre Lorillard

Catlin's Twin Sisters -- American Tobacco Company

Cavendish -- Pierre Lorillard

Century -- Peter Lorillard

Challenge -- Pierre Lorillard

Chesterfield -- Ligget & Myers

Circassian Girls -- Pierre Lorillard

Clay, Henry -- Benson & Hedges

Climax -- Peter Lorillard

Clipper -- American Tobacco Company

Coca -- Drummond

Comet -- Pierre Lorillard

Common Sense -- American Tobacco Company

Conchas -- Brewer, Clark & Sons

Consols -- Consolidated Co.

Continental Cubes -- Continental Tobacco Company

Cools -- Brown & Williams Company

Cork (Number 1) -- Benson & Hedges

Cork Tip #2 -- Benson & Hedges

Cornucopia -- American Tobacco Company

Corona -- Brewer, Clark & Sons

Crown -- Benson & Hedges

Cute -- Merchants Cigar Factory

Dainties -- Allen & Ginter

Dainties -- American Tobacco Company

Defiance -- D. Hirsch

Derby -- Felener, F.W. Company

Diamond -- Allen & Ellis

Dixie -- Dixie Allen & Ginter

Dogtail -- Peter Lorillard

Drawing Room -- Pierre Lorillard

Dubec -- Allen & Ginter

Dubec -- American Tobacco Company

Duke of Durham -- American Tobacco Company

Duke's Best -- American Tobacco Company

Duke's Cameo -- American Tobacco Company

Duke's Mixture -- American Tobacco Company

Eagle Principe -- Brewer, Clark & Sons

Egyptian -- Pierre Lorillard

Egyptian Deities -- American Tobacco Company

Egyptian Dreams -- Rappaport

Egyptian Luxury -- American Tobacco Company

Egyptian Temple Lorillard, Peter -- Pierre Lorillard

Egyptian Straights -- American Tobacco Company

El Muezzin #1 -- Benson & Hedges

El Muezzin #2 -- Benson & Hedges

Embassy -- Pierre Lorillard

Emerald -- Pierre Lorillard

Etc., Etc. -- Brewer, Clark & Sons

Eureka -- Peter Lorillard

Excelsior -- American Tobacco Company

Extra Eagle -- B. Leidersdorf & Company

Excelsior #1 -- American Tobacco Company

Extra Mild #3 -- Benson & Hedges

Extra Mild Mild #4 -- Benson & Hedges

Fair Play -- American Tobacco Company

Favorite -- Cameron & Cameron

Felgner's Mohawk -- American Tobacco Company

Fine Brother -- Finzer, John

Flagman -- American Tobacco Company

Fontica -- Brewer, Clark & Sons

Forget-Me-Not -- Pierre Lorillard

Fortunato Bianco -- American Tobacco Company

Fragrant Vanity Fair -- American Tobacco Company

Friends -- Pierre Lorillard

Full Dress -- American Tobacco Company

Gaiety -- Bland Tobacco Co.

Gail & Ax's Navy -- American Tobacco Co.

Genuine Durham -- Blackwell, W.T. & Co.

Globe -- McGraw, Walker

Gold Extra Fine #1 -- Benson & Hedges

Gold #2 -- Benson & Hedges

Gold Rope -- Wilson & McNally

Golden Back -- Pioneer Tobacco Co.

Golden Bell -- Pierre Lorillard

Golden Bright -- Pierre Lorillard

Golden Culprit -- Peter Lorillard

Golden Light -- American Tobacco Co.

Golden Light -- Kimball & Co.

[Golden S?] -- [Unknown]

Golden Thread -- American Tobacco Co.

Good Luck -- Cotterill & Fenner Co.

Good Luck -- Drummond

Good Smoke -- Pierre Lorillard

Gondola -- Pierre Lorillard

Greek Slave -- Commonwealth Tobacco Co.

Green Turtle -- Pierre Lorillard

Greenback -- American Tobacco Co.

Greenback -- Marburg Brothers

Grizzly -- Pierre Lorillard

Gypsy Queen -- Goodwin

Happy Thought -- Pierre Lorillard

Happy Thought -- Wilson McNally

Hard A Port -- Thompson & C. Moors

Hard Plan -- H.M. Ferguson

Hard Tack -- American Tobacco Co.

Havana Consul Penete -- Pierre Lorillard

Havana Mixture -- Allen & Ginter

Havana Segar -- Waldorf-Astoria Segar Co.

Havannah -- Amber & Co.

Hazel Nut -- John J. Bagley

Helma -- Pierre Lorillard

Helmar Turkish -- American Tobacco Company

His Majesty's -- Benson & Hedges

Hoffman House Magnum -- Pierre Lorillard

Honest -- American Tobacco Co.

Honey Dew -- John Anderson & Co.

Horse Shoe -- Cotterill & Fenner

Horse Shoe -- Drummond

Hoyt's Medium -- American Tobacco Co

Hunki-Dori -- Chapin Stuart & Co.

Hunter -- H.M. Ferguson

Ideal -- Pierre Lorillard

Imperial Cavendish -- Allen & Ginter

Imperialette -- S. Monday

Imported -- Benson & Hedges

Improved Shorts -- Pierre Lorillard

India House -- Pierre Lorillard

Indian -- Amber & Company

Ivanhoe -- American Tobacco Co.

I. X.L. -- American Tobacco Co.

Jack & Jill -- American Tobacco Co.

Jack Rose -- Pierre Lorillard

John Dew -- Kaufmann, A.G

Jolly Tar -- Continental Tobacco Co.

Just Suits -- Pierre Lorillard

Kaiser (Gold Tip) -- A.B.C. Importation Co.

Karam -- Aslan Brothers

Kensington -- Brucker & Boghein

Kismen -- Strater Brothers

Kool -- Kool Brown & Williamson Co.

La Corona (Plain) -- A.B.C. Importation Co.

La Corona -- Benson & Hedges

La Flor de Cuba -- Benson & Hedges

La Marquise -- American Tobacco Co.

La Rosa -- Clark Brewer & Sons

Latest English -- American Tobacco & Sons

Leather Stocking -- C. Bickel

Level Head -- Pierre Lorillard

Libertad -- Clark Brewer & Sons

Lime Kiln Club -- Bagley & Company

Little Drummer -- Drummond

Little Joker -- American Tobacco Co.

Little Joker -- G.W. Gail

Little Rhody -- Pierre Lorillard

Little Sparks -- F.W. Felener

London Life -- American Tobacco Co.

Londres -- Clark Brewer & Sons

Long Cut -- W. & Son Duke

Lorillard's Stripped -- Pierre Lorillard

Louisiana Perique -- Allen & Ginter

Lucky Strike -- American Tobacco Co.

Lucky Strike -- R.A. Petterson

Luscious Luxury -- Pierre Lorillard

Luxury -- American Tobacco Co.

Lyceum -- Duke & Son

Mail Pouch -- Block Brothers

Manilla -- Amber & Company

Matinee -- Oliver & Robinson

Match -- Bland Tobacco Co.

Mecca -- American Tobacco Co.

Mechanic's Delight -- Pierre Lorillard

Melachrino -- L. Melachrino

Mellowleaf -- Commonwealth Tobacco Co.

Melrose -- British-American Co.

Melrose -- Marburg Brothers

Mercedes (Gold Tip) -- A.B.C. Importation Co.

Mexican -- Amber & Co.

Mild Number 2 -- Pierre Lorillard

Miner's Stript -- Pierre Lorillard

Mogul Egyptian -- American Tobacco Co.

Moon Spot -- Van Slyke & Horton

Mule Ear -- Wellman & Dwire Co.

Murad -- American Tobacco Co.

Myrtle Navy -- American Tobacco Co.

Napoleons -- Allen & Ginter

Navy -- G.W. Gail

Nebo -- Pierre Lorillard

Neptune -- Adams, J.L.

Neptune -- Buchanan & Lyalls

New Cross Bar -- Drummond

Nigger Head -- American Tobacco Co.

Night Watch -- Banner Co.

Night Watch -- American Tobacco Co.

Number 1 -- Benson & Hedges

Number 1 -- Pierre Lorillard

Old Egypt -- Pierre Lorillard

Old English -- American Tobacco Co.

Old Fashion -- American Tobacco Co.

Old Gold -- American Tobacco Co.

Old Gold -- British American Co.

Old Gold -- Kimball & Co.

Old Gold -- Pierre Lorillard

Old Guebeck -- Benson & Hedges

Old Guebeck Gold -- Benson & Hedges

Old Honesty -- American Tobacco Co.

Old Honesty -- John Finzer

Old Judge -- British-American Co.

Old Judge -- Kimball & Co.

Old Judge -- Goodwin Co.

Old Judge -- Allen & Ginter

Old Nut -- Pierre Lorillard

Old Rip -- British-American Co.

Old Rip -- Allen & Ginter

Old Sledge -- Edel

Old Tom -- Pierre Lorillard

Old Virginia Cheroots -- American Tobacco Co.

Old Virginia Cheroots -- Whitlock Co.

Olympia -- Gail, G.W.

Omar Turkish -- American Tobacco Co.

Omega Kentucky -- Pierre Lorillard

Opera -- Kerbs, Werthim & Schiffer

Opera Puff -- Allen & Ginter

Oronoko -- Pierre Lorillard

Our Country's Pride -- Collins Cigar Co.

Our game -- Alex Cameron

Our Little Beauties -- Allen & Ginter

Our Pet Nave -- Goddard Co.

Owl -- Straitron & Storm

Pall Mall -- American Tobacco Co.

Panetelas -- S. Monday & Son

Parliament -- Benson & Hedges

Parole -- Pierre Lorillard

Pastime -- John Finzer Co.

Pearl -- Pierre Lorillard

Peerless -- Kimball & Co.

Pedro -- American Tobacco Co.

Pedro Murias -- Benson & Hedges

Perfection -- Allen & Ginter

Perfection Mixture -- Pierre Lorillard

Perique Mixture -- Allen & Ginter

Pet -- Allen & Ginter

Peter Schuyler -- Van Slyke & Horton

Pink -- Pierre Lorillard

Pioneer Crown -- Allen & Ellis

Piper Heidsieck -- American Tobacco Co.

Pippin -- Banner Company

Pippins -- H. Traisser & Co.

Plain Light -- Pierre Lorillard

Planet -- Buchannan & Lyalls

Polar Bear -- Pierre Lorillard

Preferred Stock -- American Tobacco Co.

Prince Albert -- R.J. Reynolds

Princess Charlotte -- A.B.C. Importation Co.

Pure Virginia -- Pierre Lorillard

Purity -- Cameron & Cameron

Quality Puffs -- S. Monday & Sons

Queen of the Seas -- Alex Cameron & Co.

Raleigh -- Brown & Williamson Co.

Red Cross -- Pierre Lorillard

Regalia -- Clark Brewer & Sons

Richmond Cavendish -- Allen & Ginter

Richmond Gem Mild -- Allen & Ginter

Richmond Gem Mixture -- Allen & Ginter

Richmond Mixture #1 -- Allen & Ginter

Richmond Mixture #2 -- Allen & Ginter

Richmond Straight -- Allen & Ginter

Richmond Straight #1 -- Allen & Ginter

Right Bower -- Allen & Ginter

Ripple Navy -- Pierre Lorillard

Robert Burns -- Straiton & Storm

Rose Leaf -- Pierre Lorillard

Royal Bengals -- Pierre Lorillard

Royal Bengals -- Pierre Lorillard

Russian #1 -- Benson & Hedges

Russian Gold -- Benson & Hedges

Russian Gold #3 -- Benson & Hedges

Russian Mouthpiece #1 -- Benson & Hedges

Russian Mouthpiece #1 -- Benson & Hedges

Russian Mouthpiece #3 -- Benson & Hedges

Rustic -- George Bell

Sailor's Delight -- Pierre Lorillard

Sailor's Pride -- Bland Tobacco Co.

Satins -- American Tobacco Co.

Seal of North Carolina -- American Tobacco Co.

Seal Skin -- Commonwealth Tobacco

Sensation -- Peter Lorillard

Siesta -- Pierre Lorillard

Silk -- Strasser Co.

Si Peu Que Rein -- Benson & Hedges

Snow Flake -- American Tobacco Co.

Solace -- John Anderson & Co.

Something Good -- James Butler Co.

Sovereign -- Butler & Butler

Spanish Puffs -- American Tobacco Co.

Spear Head -- American Tobacco Co.

Special -- American Tobacco Co.

Special Favours -- American Tobacco Co.

Splendid -- Pierre Lorillard

Sport -- H.M. Lockrow

Sporting Extra -- American Tobacco Co.

Spot Cash -- H.P. Brewster

Stag -- Pierre Lorillard

St. Ledger -- Pierre Lorillard

Straw #1 -- Benson & Hedges

Straw Extra Mild #4 -- Benson & Hedges

Straw Tip #2 -- Pierre Lorillard

Stripped -- Pierre Lorillard

Sub-Rosa -- Pierre Lorillard

Sunny South -- Allen & Ginter

Sunnyside -- American Tobacco Co.

Suwanee River -- Van Slyke & Co.

Sweet Banner -- American Tobacco Co.

Sweet Caporal -- American Tobacco Co.

Sweet Caporal -- Kinny Co.

Sweet Conqueror -- Pierre Lorillard

Sweet Golden Seal -- Buchner & Co.

Sweet Lavender -- American Tobacco Co.

Sweet Maple -- Bland Tobacco Co.

Tareyton -- American Tobacco Co.

Ten Minute -- Marburg Brothers

Three Black Cows -- Pierre Lorillard

Three Kings -- William S. Kimball Co.

Tiger -- Pierre Lorillard

Tin Tag -- Pierre Lorillard

Toko -- Bland Tobacco Co.

Tolstoi -- American Tobacco Co.

Troy -- American Tobacco Co.

Tuberose -- Pierre Lorillard

Turkey Red -- Pierre Lorillard

Turkish Cross Cut -- American Tobacco Co.

Turkish Mixture -- Allen & Ginter

Tuxedo -- American Tobacco Co.

Uncle Sam -- Nall & Williams

Union Leader -- Pierre Lorillard

Upper Cut -- L. Miller & Son

Vafiadis -- Ligget & Myers

Van Bibber -- American Tobacco Co.

Vanity Fair -- Kimballs

Velvet -- Ligget & Myers

Venable's Cockade -- S.W. Venable Tobacco Co.

Veteran -- American Tobacco Co.

Victory -- Buchner & Co.

Victory -- American Tobacco Co.

Villar y Villar -- Benson & Hedges

Virginia Brights -- Allen & Ginter

Virginia Brights -- American Tobacco Co.

Virginia Cheroots -- Pierre Lorillard

Virginia's Choice -- [Unknown]

Virginia Leaf -- John Cornish Co.

Wandering Jew -- Clark Brewer & Sons

Welcome -- Goodwin

West Virginia Mail Pouch -- Block Brothers Co.

Wings -- Brown & Williamson Co.

Winner -- H.M. Ferguson

White Puff -- Pierre Lorillard

Wild Rose Chipped -- Pierre Lorillard

XX Navy Clipping -- Pierre Lorillard

Yacht Club -- Pierre Lorillard

Yasoa -- S. Monday & Son

Yellow Jacket -- Pierre Lorillard

Yellow Kid -- National Tobacco Co.

Zira -- Pierre Lorillard

Zoo Zoo -- Wilson & McNally Co.

Zubelda -- Pierre Lorillard
Materials in the Archives Center:
Archives Center Collection of Business Americana (AC0404)
Forms Part Of:
Forms part of the Warshaw Collection of Business Americana.

Series 1: Business Ephemera

Series 2: Other Collection Divisions

Series 3: Isadore Warshaw Personal Papers

Series 4: Photographic Reference Material
Tobacco Trade and Industry is a portion of the Business Ephemera Series of the Warshaw Collection of Business Americana, Accession AC0060 purchased from Isadore Warshaw in 1967. Warshaw continued to accumulate similar material until his death, which was donated in 1971 by his widow, Augusta. For a period after acquisition, related materials from other sources (of mixed provenance) were added to the collection so there may be content produced or published after Warshaw's death in 1969. This practice has since ceased.
Collection is open for research. Some items may be restricted due to fragile condition.
Collection items available for reproduction, but the Archives Center makes no guarantees concerning copyright restrictions. Other intellectual property rights may apply. Archives Center cost-recovery and use fees may apply when requesting reproductions.
Business ephemera
Warshaw Collection of Business Americana Subject Categories: Tobacco Trade and Industry, Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution
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Warshaw Collection of Business Americana Subject Categories: Tobacco Trade and Industry
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Archives Center, National Museum of American History
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Design for the Embroidery of a Man's Waistcost, No. 490 of the Fabrique de St. Ruf

Fabrique de Saint Ruf, Lyon, France  Search this
Graphite, brush and gouache on paper
Object Name:
Made in:
ca. 1785
Credit Line:
Gift of Eleanor and Sarah Hewitt
Accession Number:
Restrictions & Rights:
See more items in:
Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum Collection
Drawings, Prints, and Graphic Design Department
Data Source:
Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Online Media:

A Satyr Boy Playing Flute, A Girl with Cymbols, a Woman with a Book

Johann August Nahl The Younger, German, 1752 - 1825  Search this
Giulio Romano, Italian, 1499–1546  Search this
Black chalk, brush and brown gray watercolors on paper
Object Name:
Made in:
ca. 1781
Accession Number:
Restrictions & Rights:
See more items in:
Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum Collection
Drawings, Prints, and Graphic Design Department
Data Source:
Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

Vincent Lunardi Esqr., His Dog & His Cat

Print, Stipple Engraving on Paper, Uncolored
Mat: 30.5 × 25.4cm (12 × 10 in.)
Unmatted: 15.2 × 12.1cm (6 in. × 4 3/4 in.)
ART-Prints, Original
November 1, 1784
Credit Line:
Gift of the Norfolk Charitable Trust
Inventory Number:
Restrictions & Rights:
Usage conditions apply
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National Air and Space Museum Collection
Data Source:
National Air and Space Museum
Online Media:

The American renaissance in New England. Fourth series / edited by Wesley T. Mott

Mott, Wesley T  Search this
Physical description:
xxv, 467 p. : ill. ; 29 cm
New England
United States
19th century
American literature  Search this
American literature--Bio-bibliography  Search this
Authors, American  Search this
Authors, American--Homes and haunts  Search this
Intellectual life  Search this
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

Independence lost : lives on the edge of the American Revolution / Kathleen DuVal

DuVal, Kathleen  Search this
Physical description:
xxvi, 435 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm
Gulf Coast (U.S.)
United States
West Florida
18th century
Revolution, 1775-1783
Autonomy--Social aspects--History  Search this
History  Search this
Social aspects  Search this
History, Military  Search this
Social conditions  Search this
Data Source:
Smithsonian Libraries

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