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Paraguayan Harpist Marcelo Rojas and Álvaro Marazzi [Live at Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2009]
Marcelo Rojas, one of Paraguay's master arpistas (harpists), performs alongside Álvaro Marazzi at the 2009 Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Rojas appears on 'Maiteí América: Harps of Paraguay,' available on CD and digital. Stream/download/purchase: Smithsonian Folkways: Spotify: Paraguayan harp music is unique, and stands out as a favorite for harpists the world over-not least for its driving rhythms, compelling melodies and rich ornamentation. "Greetings, America," Maiteí América in the Guaraní Indian language, boasts three generations of Paraguay's best harpists spinning out classic compositions steeped in over four centuries of history. The preeminent, tradition-hewn polca paraguaya musical form is infused with intensely fresh, mind-opening improvisations by master musicians Nicolás Caballero, Martín Portillo, Marcelo Rojas, Miguel Ángel Valdez, and Kike Pedersen. 68 minutes, 20 tracks, 44-page booklet with extensive bilingual notes and photographs. Smithsonian Folkways: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: The content and comments posted here are subject to the Smithsonian Institution copyright and privacy policy ( Smithsonian reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove any content at any time.
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4 min 11 sec
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