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Test Pilots: Faster, Higher, Farther - STEM in 30 Season 9 - Episode 2
Test pilots push the limits and evaluate experimental aircraft and systems. They learn these skills at United States Naval Test Pilot School. Subscribe and turn on notifications 🔔 so you don't miss any videos: It takes a certain fearlessness to fly and evaluate experimental or newly-modified aircraft. The brave individuals who become test pilots do just that: they fly those aircraft and test new technologies. Test pilots have allowed us to break the speed of sound, pioneered blind flying, and pushed us to the edge of space. Each of these advancements has made air travel safer and more efficient. Join the STEM in 30 team as they take you inside the United States Naval Test Pilot School! STEM in 30 is a free educational series for kids produced by the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. We cover all the cool, fun, and weird ways that aviation and spaceflight touch our lives. Check out more episodes: Follow STEM in 30 on Facebook: Follow STEM in 30 on Twitter: This episode includes: The history of test pilots: What is United States Naval Test Pilot School: Flying with Test Pilot School: Classroom time at Test Pilot School: The students of Naval Test Pilot School: Meet the aircraft at Test Pilot School: Isolating Variables: Try This at Home: Isolating variables on Paper Airplanes: Comfortable being uncomfortable: This episode is made possible by the generous support of Boeing
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25 min 36 sec
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