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Story Circle: Arts of Change, Resistance, and the Common Good
We live in extraordinary times. Vulnerability brought on by a global pandemic co-exists with anger borne from entrenched racial division and systemic inequity. Once again, we turn to artists to help us voice despair, inspire action, and unearth pathways for radical transformation. In their poems and songs, dances and paintings, we take solace and find connection. In moments when so much is demanded of them from where do they gather strength? What sources are artists drawing upon to create acts of change? In 1967, the first Smithsonian Folklife Festival was presented against the backdrop of widespread social strife. Artisans, cooks, musicians, and others were called up to share their stories in an Institutional effort to claim diversity as fundamental to the American promise. In many ways, this timely conversation with artist-activists Kojo Johnson, María Isa, Julia L. Gutiérrez-Rivera, and Mark Gonzales is a return to the Festival’s roots. More importantly, it is also a look to the future. Together, they explore the role of expressive culture to lift up the voices of communities, confront our pain-filled past, and work toward the common good.
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1 hr 10 min 51 sec
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