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Tzo'kam - "The Bone Game Song" [Live at Smithsonian Folklife Festival 1998]
Laura Wallace and her family, collectively known as Tzo'kam, perform "The Bone Game Song" at a special concert honoring the music of First Nations Women during the 1998 Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Bone games are popular among American Indians across the northwestern United States of America, including the Salish peoples to which Tzo'kam belong. During the game, two teams compete to guess where players are hiding carved animal bones. The game is accompanied by exuberant singing, drumming, or rattles. Bone game songs are very lively and fast-paced and are sung with full voices. The players hiding the bones often gesture expressively in time with the music. In earlier times, it was usually men who competed, but nowadays women and youth participate, too. Playing with percussive accompaniment and animated gestures, Tzo'kam continues this tradition — hear them on 'Heartbeat 2: More Voices of First Nations Women,' available on Smithsonian Folkways. Purchase the CD: The Highly acclaimed 1995 Smithsonian Folkways release, 'Heartbeat: Voices of First Nations Women,' introduced the public to a rare and dynamic but little-known Native American music. This new recording offers more material traditionally sung by tribal women and music that is ordinarily sung or played by men but recently performed by women as well. Heartbeat 2 includes social and ceremonial dance songs, war, honor, and story songs from Native North America, as well as music in contemporary styles, including flute songs, poetry set jazz, and pop-oriented folk songs. Produced in collaboration with the National Museum of American History. Smithsonian Folkways: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: The content and comments posted here are subject to the Smithsonian Institution copyright and privacy policy ( Smithsonian reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove any content at any time.
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1 min 46 sec
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