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Build a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) at Home!
Follow along with Smithsonian research technician, captain and MATE-ROV mentor Woody Lee as he demonstrates a step-by-step buildout of an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)! This video is an in-depth, start-to-finish instructional video that shows you how to fully build and wire up your own underwater ROV at home. WARNING: This ROV is designed and intended for use in FRESH WATER ONLY! Marine and brackish water will corrode the parts and interfere with the electrical systems of this design. ALWAYS ask a parent or guardian for assistance when using power tools and batteries. For a full parts and tool list, be sure to check out our distance learning page here: ----- 00:00 - Introduction 00:54 - PVC pipes and fittings 04:31- PVC frame build 11:52 - Tool post/hook 13:35 - Thruster installation 17:49 - Finished frame 19:03 - Wiring thrusters 24:13 - Wiring thrusters to tether 39:25 - Control box hole pattern 41:46 - Wiring the control box 48:56 - Wiring switches 58:26 - Mounting switches in control box 1:01:28 - Wiring switches to tether 1:09:29 - Hot glueing power and tether cables 1:10:54 -Battery clamps and fuse holder 1:14:18 - Trouble shooting switches 1:21:24 - Cable strain relief 1:23:16 - ROV in the water!
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1 hr 26 min 36 sec
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Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce
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