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Growing Community Series: Give us Land- Gardening in Small Spaces
Gardens are more than seeds and soil. They have been sites of community empowerment, allowing us to connect with the land, feed family and community, and form emotional bonds. What happens when these spaces are no longer available? How can we retain the ability to steward our green spaces and our communities? During this six-part series, workshop attendees will explore how a connection to community, cultural traditions, and well-being can be achieved through gardening in small spaces. Participants will also explore how these smaller thriving green spaces serve as sites of community and habitation for residents of every shape and form. Founded in 1867, Historic Barry Farm-Hillsdale afforded its residents the opportunity to plan for and build their futures. The one acre lots available for sale symbolized stability, economic independence, and a sense of community. Just over a decade after its founding, the community faced its first loss of land. Join curator Alcione Amos as she traces the legacy of lost green space to outside forces. Garden facilitator Derek Thomas will show how gardening can be accessible in the smallest of spaces by exploring why raised beds are a viable alternative, the key elements in successful raised/portable gardens and required soil and watering practices.
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1 hr 32 min 43 sec
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