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"Family Of The Sun" - The Planets of Our Solar System in Song
This video was displayed in the "Exploring The Planets" exhibition at the National Air and Space Museum until 2006. It consists of children's art with accompanying "Family of the Sun" lyrics sung to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell". Families and school groups enjoy singing along to the "Family of the Sun" as a way to learn the planets of our Solar System. This video was produced before Pluto was re-designated a dwarf planet in 2006. The video was removed from the Museum exhibition, but new lyrics were prepared to reflect Pluto's changed status. If you would like to sing "Family of the Sun," we suggest using the following updated lyrics: The Family of the Sun, Its planets number eight, Plus other rocky, icy worlds That we appreciate. Mercury is hot and Mercury is small. Mercury has no atmosphere. It's just a rocky ball. Chorus: The Family of the Sun, Its planets number eight, Plus other rocky, icy worlds That we appreciate. Venus has thick clouds That hide what is below. The air is foul, the ground is hot. It rotates very "slow." Chorus We love the Earth, our home, Its oceans and its trees. We eat its food. We breathe its air, So no pollution, please. Chorus Mars is very red. It's also dry and cold. Some day you might visit Mars If you are really bold. Great Jupiter is big. We've studied it a lot. We found that is has many moons and a big red spot. Chorus Saturn has great rings. We wondered what they were. Now we know they're rocks and ice that we saw as a blur. With atmospheres that swirl, & wispy white clouds too, Uranus and Neptune are so cold that you'd turn blue. Chorus Pluto's small and cold. It has an icy face. We call it a dwarf planet now, But its still quite a place. Chorus
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3 min 57 sec
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