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Being a Storyteller and a Photographer
Krista Schyler: One of the experiences that I've had that I think was really helpful – I went and did a slide-show presentation for the D.C. Department of Environment. And during that slide show and after, I could sort of see the experience that people were having of, you know, the depiction of the watershed and the depiction of the clean-up efforts and history. And I don't think that most of the people there had seen the watershed depicted in quite that way before. And part of the slide show is to talk about the efforts, the kind of ongoing efforts that are happening. And I just got a lot of people coming up to me afterwards that said how much it meant to them to see the work that they were doing shown in these pictures and to feel, I think, just a sense of pride and, you know, to see that somebody is out there kind of watching what they're doing and being inspired by the progress that's been made. And also just a connection to the story of the river itself. You know, a lot of people work in their own, you know, pockets, and, a lot of times, they don't see the bigger story of what's happening. They know they're a part of it, but they don't see it all kind of laid out, and there's something really powerful, I think, about seeing the trajectory, like, the story line of a place and knowing that even if you're getting frustrated at this moment, there was a before that was a lot worse, and that means there's a future that could be a lot better and that you're playing your part in that. And, so, I think, you know, being a storyteller and a photographer can really help get you connected to people that need to hear that. Like, they need to feel encouraged about what they're doing.
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