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Adama Sambou and Ejam Kasa - “Colobane Yolooli (Our Colobane)” (Live Performance Video)
Watch virtuosic ekonting player Adama Sambou and members of Ejam Kasa perform “Colobane Yolooli (Our Colobane)” in Ziguinchor, Senegal. This song honors Sambou’s neighborhood of lower Colobane and its champion wrestler Djibuul, meaning “to lift up,” a key wrestling move. Adama Sambou, ekonting Bouki Diatta, contraption Issa Ba, bidong jug Louise Sagna, vocals Elario Biougue, sekere Octavie, Gilbert, and Pascal Diatta, dancers Video by Scott Linford 'Ears of the People' is out now on CD and digital. Purchase/stream: Smithsonian Folkways: Bandcamp: All other platforms: 'Ears of the People' is a collection of sublime contemporary recordings of the ekonting, a three-stringed gourd lute played by Jola people in Gambia and the Casamance region of Senegal. The nine tradition-bearers featured on the album share stories of love, heartache, conflict, spirituality, and all that is unique and beautiful in Jola culture over the rolling lilt of the instrument. An important forebear of the American banjo, the ekonting drives lively dancing and brings these stories to life. These songs, rarely heard outside Senegambia, are a living tapestry of the Jola people and a unique interweaving of human voices and stringed instruments. Smithsonian Folkways: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Support our work! Become a Friend of Folkways: The content and comments posted here are subject to the Smithsonian Institution copyright and privacy policy ( Smithsonian reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove any content at any time.
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2 min 41 sec
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