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Competition over content : negotiating standards for the civil service examinations in imperial China (1127-1279) / Hilde De Weerdt

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De Weerdt, Hilde Godelieve Dominique  Search this
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xvi, 495 p. ; 23 cm
Song dynasty, 960-1279
Intellectual traditions and teachers -- The learning of the way -- From Yongjia to "Yongjia" -- Scholarship and movement -- Examination expositions and policy response essays in literati culture -- Exegesis and examination writing -- Government and examination writing -- The "Yongjia" teachers' standards for examination success (ca. 1150-ca. 1200) -- Standards for policy response essays -- Standards for expositions -- Preparing for the examinations (ca.1150-ca. 1200): the "Yongjia" curriculum -- History and administrative -- Reasoning -- Reading and writing -- Court politics and examination standards (1127-1274) -- The policy of "great impartiality" -- Prohibitive interventions in the twelfth century -- The ban on "false learning" and the politics of anthologizing -- Changing standards in the thirteenth century -- Preparing for the examinations (ca. 1150-1274): developing the learning of the way curriculum -- Zhu Xi's critique of examination preparation and the "Yongjia" curriculum -- Moral philosophy: Chen Chun's examination guide for learning of the way believers -- History and government: ideological reconciliation in commercial encyclopedias -- Reading and writing: the syncretization of canons -- The learning of the way transformation of examination standards (ca. 1200-1274) -- Standards for expositions -- Standards for policy response essays -- The learning of the way as official ideology -- Conclusion -- From northern song to southern song, revisited -- Intellectual history and the examination field
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JQ1512.Z13 E872767 2007
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