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Taʼrīkh al fattāsh = The Timbuktu chronicles, 1493-1599 : English translation of the original works in Arabic by Al Hajj Mahmud Kati / edited by Christopher Wise ; translated by Christopher Wise and Haba Abu Taleb

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Timbuktī, Maḥmūd Kutī ibn Mutawakkil Kutī approximately 1468-  Search this
Wise, Christopher 1961-  Search this
Abu Taleb, Hala 1979-  Search this
Mohammed I Askia of Songhai 1443?-1538  Search this
Physical description:
xxvii, 320 p. ; 24 cm
Sudan (Region)
Songhai Empire
Gao (Mali : Region)
Tombouctou (Mali)
Introduction to the Ta'rikh al-fattash: Timbuktu, Gao, and the Songhay Dynasty of the Askiyas / by Christopher Wise -- "Taʼrīkh al-fattāsh" or "Chronicle of the seeker" / by Mahmud Kati -- Introduction (1913-1914) / by Octave Houdas & Maurice Delafosse -- Invocation -- Doxology -- Preface -- Principle features of the life and reign of the Askiya al-hājj Muhammad -- Kankan-Mūsā and the Empire of Malli -- The Kingdom of Kaniāga or Kingdom of Diāra -- The Empire of the Kayamaga -- History of the kings of the Songhay from the dynasty of the Shī's, especially of Shī Ali -- Biography of the Askiya Muhammad -- The reign of the Askiya Mūsā -- The reign of the Askiya Muhammad-Bonkana -- The reign of the Askiya Ismā'īl -- The reign of the Askiya Ishāq -- The reign of the Askiya Dāwud -- The Askiya al-Hājj and the Qādi of Timbuktu al-'Aqib -- The Askiya Muhammad-Bāni -- The Askiya Ishāq II -- The Askiya Muhammad-Gao and the fall of the Kingdom of Gao -- The Moroccan Pashas of Timbuktu and Nūh, the Askiya of Dendi
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