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Slavery in the South first-hand accounts of the antebellum American Southland from northern & southern whites, Negroes, & foreign observers edited with an introduction by Harvey Wish

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Wish, Harvey 1909-1968  Search this
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xxi, [2], 290 pages facsimile 21 cm
United States
Slavery and the Southern plantation -- Select bibliography -- I. The Negro's view -- Nat Turner: Confessions -- Josiah Henson: My first great trial ; My boyhood and youth ; Maimed for life -- Solomon Northup: A Louisiana cotton plantation ; A Louisiana sugar plantation -- Frederick Douglass: A general survey of the slave plantation ; A slaveholder's character ; A child's reasoning ; Luxuries at the great house -- Charlotte Forten: Life on the Sea Islands -- Testimony of the Canadian fugitives: Edward Hicks ; Henry Blue ; Thomas Hedgebeth ; Harry Thomas ; William A. Hall -- II. The view of the Northerners and the British -- Isaac Weld -- Basil Hall: A slave auction ; Slave patrols and tobacco ; A rice plantation -- Frances Kemble: A residence in Georgia -- Frederick Law Olmstead: A tobacco plantation in Virginia ; A free-labor farm in Virginia ; Recreation and luxury among the slaves ; Ingenuity of the Negro ; Qualities as a laborer ; Improvement of the Negro in slavery ; Educational privileges ; A distinguished divine ; How they are fed ; Lodgings ; Clothing ; Fraternity ; Religious condition -- Charles Mackay -- III. The view of the Southern White -- Thomas Jefferson -- Thomas Roderick Dew -- James Henry Hammond -- George Fitzhugh: The counter current, or slavery principle -- Hinton Rowan Helper
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