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Freer, Charles Lang 1854-1919  Search this
Bacher, Otto H (Otto Henry) 1856-1909  Search this
Berenson, Bernard 1865-1959  Search this
Bing, Siegfried 1838-1905  Search this
Binyon, Laurence 1869-1943  Search this
Bixby, William K (William Keeney) 1857-1931  Search this
Bosch Reitz, Sigisbert Chrétien 1860-1938  Search this
Caffin, Charles Henry, 1854-1918  Search this
Campbell, Colin Lord 1853-1895  Search this
Campbell, Colin Lady 1857-1911  Search this
Chase, William Merritt 1849-1916  Search this
Church, Frederick S (Frederick Stuart) 1842-1924  Search this
Churchill, Alfred Vance 1864-1949  Search this
Canfield, Richard A (Richard Albert) 1855-1914  Search this
Coburn, Alvin Langdon 1882-1966  Search this
Dewing, Thomas Wilmer 1851-1938  Search this
Dow, Arthur W (Arthur Wesley) 1857-1922  Search this
Fenollosa, Ernest Francisco 1853-1908  Search this
Gallatin, A. E (Albert Eugene) 1881-1952  Search this
Gellatly, John 1853-1931  Search this
Gookin, Frederick William  Search this
Hartmann, Sadakichi 1867-1944  Search this
Hecker, Frank J (Frank Joseph) 1846-1927  Search this
Kelekian, Dikran 1868-1951  Search this
Laufer, Berthold 1874-1934  Search this
McCormick, Frederick 1870-1951  Search this
Matsuki, Bunkio 1867-1940  Search this
Melchers, Gari 1860-1932  Search this
Meyer, Agnes E. 1887-1970  Search this
Meyer, Eugene 1875-1959  Search this
Moore, Charles 1855-1942  Search this
Nomura, Yozo  Search this
Philip, Rosalind Birnie 1873-1958  Search this
Reid, Alexander  Search this
Rhoades, Katharine 1885-1965  Search this
Platt, Charles A (Charles Adams) 1861-1933  Search this
Roosevelt, Theodore 1858-1919  Search this
Saint-Gaudens, Augustus 1848-1907  Search this
Steichen, Edward 1879-1973  Search this
Stieglitz, Alfred 1864-1946  Search this
Thayer, Abbott Handerson 1849-1921  Search this
Tryon, Dwight William 1849-1925  Search this
Walcott, Charles D (Charles Doolittle) 1850-1927  Search this
Warring, Joseph Stephens 1863?-1944  Search this
Way, Thomas R (Thomas Robert) 1861-1913  Search this
Whistler, Beatrix Philip Godwin -1896  Search this
Wong, K. T  Search this
Yue, Seaouke  Search this
M. Knoedler & Co  Search this
Yamanaka & Company  Search this
Whistler, James McNeill 1834-1903  Search this
Whistler, James McNeill 1834-1903 (OCoLC)fst00032885  Search this
Freer Gallery of Art  Search this
Smithsonian Institution  Search this
Freer Gallery of Art (OCoLC)fst00546508  Search this
Smithsonian Institution (OCoLC)fst00532691  Search this
Physical description:
34 microfilm reels
Papers concerning Freer's art collecting activities, including correspondence, diaries, art inventories, scrapbooks of clippings on James McNeil Whistler and other press clippings, and photographs. In addition to Freer's own correspondence, the papers include correspondence collected by Freer of James McNeill Whistler and of Whistler collector Richard A. Canfield, correspondence of Freer's assistant Katharine Nash Rhoades, and correspondence regarding Freer's bequest to the Smithsonian Institution.
Correspondence, ca. 1860-1921, includes Freer's correspondence, 1876-1920, with artists, dealers, collectors, museums, and public figures; 30 v. of letterpress books containing copies of letters sent, 1892-1910; correspondence collected by Freer of James McNeill Whistler, and his wife Beatrix, 186?-1909, with Lady Colin Campbell, Thomas R. Way, Alexander Reid, Whistler' mother, Mrs. George W. Whistler, and others; correspondence of Whistler collector Richard A. Canfield, 1904-1913, regarding works in Canfield's collection; and correspondence of Freer's assistant, Katharine Nash Rhoades, 1920-1921, soliciting Freer letters and regarding the settlement of his estate.
Also included are twenty-nine pocket diaries, 1889-1890, 1892-1898, 1900-1919, recording daily activities, people and places visited, observations, and comments; a diary kept by Freer's caretaker, Joseph Stephens Warring, recording daily activities at Freer's Detroit home, 1907-1910.
Inventories, n.d. and 1901-1921, of American, European, and Asian art in Freer's collection, often including provenance information; vouchers, 1884-1919, documenting his purchases; five volumes of scrapbooks of clippings on James McNeill Whistler, 1888-1931, labeled "Various," "Peacock Room," "Death, etc.," "Paris, etc.," and "Boston ... London" ; three volumes of newsclippings, 1900-1930, concerning Freer and the opening of the Freer Gallery of Art.
Correspondence regarding Freer's gift and bequest to the Smithsonian Institution, 1902-1916; and photographs, ca. 1880-1930, of Freer, including portraits by Alvin Langdon Coburn and Edward Steichen, Freer with others, Freer in Cairo, China and Japan, Freer's death mask, and his memorial service, Kyoto, 1930; photographs of artists and others, including Thomas Dewing, Ernest Fenellosa, Katharine Rhoades taken by Alfred Stieglitz, Rosalind B. Philip, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Abbott H. Thayer, Dwight Tryon, and Whistler; and photographs relating to Whistler, including art works depicting him, grave and memorial monuments, works of art, the Peacock Room, and Whistler's memorial exhibition at the Copley Society.
Among Freer's correspondents are: Otto Bacher, Bernard Berenson, Siegfried Bing, Laurence Binyon, W.K. Bixby, Sigisbert Chretien Bosch-Reitz, Charles H. Caffin, Colin Campbell, Richard Canfield, William Merritt Chase, Frederick Stuart Church, Alfred Vance Churchill, Thomas Wilmer Dewing, Arthur Wesley Dow, Ernest Fenollosa, Albert Gallatin, John Gellatly, Frederick W. Gookin, Sadakichi Hartmann, Frank J. Hecker, Dikran Kelekian, M. Knoedler & Co., Berthold Laufer, Lien Hui Ching Collection, W.A. Livingstone, Frederick McCormick, Bunkio Matsuki, Gari Melchers, Agnes Meyer, Eugene Meyer, Charles Moore, Yozo Nomura, Rosalind Birnie Philip, Charles A. Platt, Theodore Roosevelt, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the Smithsonian Institution, Joseph Stephens Warring, Thomas Way, Abbott Handerson Thayer, Dwight W. Tryon, Charles Walcott of the Smithsonian Institution, Beatrix Whistler, James McNeill Whistler, K.T. Wong, Yamanaka & Co., and Seaouke Yue.
Art, Asian--Collectors and collecting  Search this
Art, American--Collectors and collecting  Search this
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