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Biologia Centrali-Americana. [15-32], Insecta. Coleoptera

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Godman, Frederick Du Cane 1834-1919  Search this
Salvin, Osbert 1835-1898  Search this
Baly, Joseph Sugar 1817-1890  Search this
Bates, Henry Walter 1825-1892  Search this
Blandford, William Fielding Holloway 1864-  Search this
Champion, G. C (George Charles) 1851-1927  Search this
Gorham, Henry Stephen  Search this
Horn, George H (George Henry) 1840-1897  Search this
Jacoby, Martin 1842-1907  Search this
Jordan, Karl 1861-1959  Search this
Lewis, George 1839-1926  Search this
Matthews, A (Andrew) 1815-1897  Search this
Sharp, David 1840-1922  Search this
Waterhouse, Charles Owen 1843-1917  Search this
Purkiss, W. lithographer  Search this
Schlereth, M. v. Freih.  Search this
Wilson, Edwin 1855?-1915  Search this
Sharp, M. A.  Search this
Horman-Fisher, Maud  Search this
Saunders, G. S.  Search this
Knight, H.  Search this
Bannwarth, Th.  Search this
Printer of plates:
Hanhart  Search this
Bale & Danielsson  Search this
Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company  Search this
Mintern Bros.  Search this
Former owner:
Casey, Thos. L (Thomas Lincoln) 1857-1925 DSI  Search this
Taylor & Francis  Search this
Bernard Quaritch (Firm) DSI  Search this
Physical description:
7 volumes in 18, 350 leaves of plates in various foliations : illustrations (part color) ; 32 cm
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Central America
Publication information from the National union catalog, pre-1956 imprints, volume 58, page 227
"Printed by Taylor and Francis, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street"--Colophon
Issued in parts
Cover-title: Biologia Centrali-Americana; or, Contributions to the knowledge of the fauna and flora of Mexico and Central America. Ed. by F. Du Cane Godman and Osbert Salvin
August 1808-1905, edited by F. Du Cane Godman
Plates signed: W. Purkiss del. et lith.; Hanhart imp.; M. Freih. v. Schlereth; Vienna, Bannwarth Th. imp.; E. Wilson del. et lith., Cambridge; M.A. Sharp del.; Mintern Bros. imp.; Maud Horman-Fisher del. et lith.; lith. & imp. Camb. Sci. Inst. Co.; G.S. Saunders del. et lith.; H. Knight del.; Bale & Danielsson Ltd. imp.
Collation of each v.: v. 1, pt. 1[=v. 15 of the BCA]: x, 316 p., 13 leaves of plates; v. 1, pt. 2[=v. 16 of the BCA]: xv, [1], 824 p., 19 leaves of plates; v. 2, pt. 1[=v. 17 of the BCA]: xii, 717, [1] p., 19 leaves of plates; v. 2, pt. 2[=v. 18 of the BCA]: xii, 432 p., 24 leaves of plates; v. 3, pt. 1[=v. 19 of the BCA]: xv, [1], 690 p., 27 leaves of plates; v. 3, pt. 2[=v. 20 of the BCA]: xii, 372 p., 13 leaves of plates; v. 4, pt. 1[=v. 21 of the BCA]: xxxiv, 572 p., 23 leaves of plates; v. 4, pt. 2[=v. 22 of the BCA]: x, 494 p., 21 leaves of plates; v. 4, pt. 3[=v. 23 of the BCA]: vi, 354 p., 15 leaves of plates; v. 4, pt. 4[=v. 24 of the BCA]: vii, [1], 750 p., 35 leaves of plates; v. 4, pt. 5[=v. 25 of the BCA]: vii, [1], 513, [1] p., 23 leaves of plates; v. 4, pt. 6[=v. 26 of the BCA]:[6], 396 p., 14 leaves of plates; v. 4, pt. 7[=v. 27 of the BCA]: vi, 221 p., 9 leaves of plates; v. 5[=v. 28 of the BCA]: xii, 525, [1] p., 26 leaves of plates; v. 6, pt. 1[=v. 29 of the BCA]: xix, [1], 625 p.; v. 6, pt. 1 Suppl.[=v. 30 of the BCA]: [3], 374 p., 43 leaves of plates; v. 6, pt. 2[=v. 31 of the BCA]: x, 249, [1] p., 13 leaves of plates; v. 7[=v. 32 of the BCA]: xii, 276 p., 13 leaves of plates
Most of the volumes include errata information in their preliminaries
Also available online
SCNHRB copy is bound in 17 volumes (volumes 26 and 27 are bound together)
SCNHRB copy of volume 17 (volume 2, part 1) has a later blue buckram binding with gilt-lettered spine, which may indicate it was one of the remaindered copies reissued by Quaritch
SCNHRB copy of volume 21 has plate 12 misbound after plate 13
SCNHRB copy has bookplate of Thomas Lincoln Casey in volumes 15-16, 18-28, and 30-31; the ink stamp "Smithsonian Libraries, Jan. 8, 1970" appears on most title pages
SCNHRB copy has handwritten annotations in ink and pencil in most of the volumes; volumes 29 and 32 have a few slips with handwritten notes tipped in
SCNHRB copy has most volumes bound in later brown buckram with gilt-lettered spines and gray endpapers; volume 17 is bound in later blue buckram with gilt-lettered spine; volume 24 is bound in later brown half-leather with marbled paper boards, raised bands, gilt-tooled spine, and red sprinkled edges; volumes 16, 18, 20, and 28 are housed in green cloth-covered boxes for preservation
I. pt. 1. [Adephaga] by H.W. Bates ... 1881-84. pt. 2. [Adephaga] by David Sharp ... 1882-87.--II. pt. 1. [Pselaphidæ, etc.] by David Sharp ... the Rev. Andrew Matthews and George Lewis ... 1887-1905. pt. 2. Pectinicornia and Lamellicornia, by H.W. Bates ... 1886-90.--III. pt. 1. Serricornia: Buprestidæ, by C.O. Waterhouse ... Throscidæ and Eucnemidæ, by Dr. G. Horn (with supplement by G.C. Champion) ... Elateridæ-Dascillidæ, by G.C. Champion ... 1882-97. pt. 2. Malacodermata, by the Rev. H.S. Gorham ... 1880-86.--IV. pt. 1-2. Heteromera, by G.C. Champion. 1884-93. pt. 3. Rhynchophora, by David Sharp and G.C. Champion ... 1889-1911. pt. 4-5. Rhynchophora: Curculionidæ, by G.C. Champion. 1902-09. pt. 6. Rhynchophora: [Brenthidæ, by D. Sharp. Scolytidæ, by W.F.H. Blandford. Anthribidæ, by K. Jordan] 1895-1907. pt. 7. Rhychophora: Curculionidæ, by G.C. Champion. 1909-10.--V. Longicornia, by H.W. Bates. Bruchides, by David Sharp. 1879-86.--VI. pt. 1 and supplement. Phytophaga, by Martin Jacoby ... 1880-92. pt. 2. Phytophaga: Hispidæ, by J.S. Baly, with an appendix by G.C. Champion ... Cassididæ, by G.C. Champion ... 1885-94.--VII. Erotylidæ, Endomychidæ and Coccinellidæ, by the Rev. H.S. Gorham. 1887-99
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QH11 .B615 v. 15-32
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Smithsonian Libraries