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A symposium on steroid hormones, ed. by Edgar S. Gordon

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Symposium on Steroid Hormones (1949 : University of Wisconsin)  Search this
Gordon, Edgar S (Edgar Stillwell) 1906-  Search this
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xiii, 396 pages illustrations
Copy 1 (STRI) 1565
The steroids - a historical review / G.F. Marrian -- Review of research on the chemistry of the steroids / Louis F. Fieser -- Biosynthesis of steroids / Konrad Bloch -- The metabolism of steroid hormones in humans / Konrad Dobriner and Seymour Lieberman -- Round table: Growth and fattening of animals / S.A. Asdell, S. Bird, F.W. Lorenz -- Round table: Metabolism and excretion of steroids / Harold L. Mason, Charles D. Kochakian, Hans Hirschmann, Konrad Dobriner, Harold L. Mason, and J.J. Schneider -- Excretion of adrenal metabolites in man in health and disease / Eleanor H. Venning -- The mechanism of the protein anabolic action of testosterone propionate / Charles D. Kochakian -- Metabolic effects of adrenal steroids / Dwight J. Ingle -- Effects of adrenal steroids on blood cells and on certain aspects of protein metabolism / Abraham White -- Round table: The relation of structure to function of steroids / Alfred L. Wilds, Ulrich V. Solmssen, Thomas F. Gallagher, Louis F. Fieser, Albert Wettstein -- The effects of steroids on prostatic cancer / Charles B. Huggins -- The relationship of steroid hormones to cancer, clinical aspects / Gray H. Twombly -- Round table: Lactation and reproduction in animals / S.A. Asdell, H. Cole, Charles W. Turner -- Enzyme systems involved in the metabolism of androgens in the liver / Leo T. Samuels -- Factors influencing endometrial growth in monkeys (Macaca mulatta) / Frederick L. Hisaw -- Hormones and behavior with special reference to birds and the mechanisms of hormone action / Nicholas E. Collias -- Steroids and pituitary hormones / Roy O. Greep and I. Chester Jones -- Some inherited hormonal factors influencing mammary carcinogenesis in virgin mice / John J. Bittner and Robert A. Huseby -- The metabolism of convalescence / Edward C. Reifenstein Jr. -- Genetic control of sex determination and differentiation in vertebrates / R.R. Humphrey -- Steroid hormones and sex differentiation / L.V. Domm -- Reconsiderations of the influence of genetic factors and steroid hormones in sex differentiation / Carl R. Moore
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