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Hands of primates / Holger Preuschoft and David J. Chivers (eds.)

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ix, 421 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Hand use -- Hand usage in the ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta Linnaeus 1758) when solving manipulative tasks / S. Schöneich -- Locomotive and manipulative use of the hand in the Cayo Santiago macaques (Macaca mulatta) / R.G. Rawlins -- Different hand postures for pounding nuts with natural hammers by wild chimpanzees / C. Boesch & H. Boesch -- Lateralised handedness, bipedalism and cortical specialisation / P.H. Brenot -- Development of prehension in human and gorilla infants / M.E. Redshaw -- Grasping techniques and hand preferences in Hominoidea / M. Christel -- Energetic cost of nut-cracking behaviour in wild chimpanzees / M.M. Günther & C. Boesch -- Hand function -- Biometrical characteristics of primate hands / F.K. Jouffroy, M. Godinot & Y. Nakano -- New results concerning the vascularization of primate hands. Part I: the palmar arterial arches in Cercopithecidae, Pongidae, Hominidae and other primates / A. Ikeda & S. Matsumoto
(cont) New results concerning the vascularization of primate hands. Part II: the capillaries in the dermal ridges of fingers (and palms) in man and monkeys / A. Ikeda & N. Umeda -- Adaptations in the hands of cercopithecoids and callitrichids / W. Maier -- Joints and muscles of hands and paws / R. McN. Alexander -- Muscle fibre and tendon lengths in primate extremities / G.P. Rauwerdink -- Biomechanical determinants of reduction of the second ray in Lorisinae / U. Nieschalk & B. Demes -- Functional morphology of the human carpus / J. Koebke -- Biomechanical considerations to explain important morphological characters of primate hands / H. Preuschoft ... [et al.] -- Elasticity of hand and forefoot tendons / R.F. Ker -- Relationship between the function and the inner cortical structure of metacarpal and phalangeal bones / E. Doden -- Investigations on the biomechanical significance of dermatoglyphic ridges / C. Buck & H. Bär
(cont) Hand development -- Constructional preconditions of the basic organization of the tetrapod limb / M.F. Gutmann -- Evolution and the hand / J.M.F. Landsmeer -- Survey of fossil primate hands / M. Godinot & K.C. Beard -- Oldest primate hands: additional remarks and observations / J.L. Franzen -- New hand bones of the early Miocene hominoid Proconsul and their implications for the evolution of the hominoid wrist / K.C. Beard, M.F. Teaford & A. Walker -- On the development of the human hand / B. Christ ... [et al.]
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QL737.P9 H23 1993
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