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Studies of Ephydrinae (Diptera, Ephydridae), VI : review of the tribe Dagini / Wayne N. Mathis

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iii, 30 p. : ill. ; 27 cm
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Dagini, new tribe, comprising the genera Diedrops Mathis and Wirth, Physemops Cresson, Dagus Cresson, and Psilephydra Hendel, is reviewed. The systematics and classification of these genera have been confused, with their placement varying from the subfamily Parydrinae to Ephydrinae. Here they are placed in Ephydrinae and are recognized as a separate tribe. The basis for this arrangement and the monophyly of the tribe are discussed. A cladogram of the tribe is proposed that elaborates relationships between genera. The phylogeny, as now conceived, is an unresolved trichotomy, with the following lineages: Diedrops, Psilephydra, and the stem lineage that gave rise to Dagus and Physemops. The latter two taxa are suggested to be sister genera. Species of the included genera are systematically reviewed, and for the genus Physemops a hypothetical phylogeny is suggested that has the genus divided into two species groups: the nemorosus group and the panops group. Character evidence for these conclusions are given. Keys to genera, species groups, and species and appropriate illustrations are provided.
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QL1 .S664 no. 345
QL1.S664 no. 345
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