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Lloyd, C. G. (Curtis Gates) 1859-1926  Search this
Stevenson, John A (John Albert) 1890-1979  Search this
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7 v. illus., plates, ports. 23-30 cm
The parts composing these volumes were originally issued independently, and were later grouped in volumes, with general title-page (reading "Index of the mycological writings of C. G. Lloyd") table of contents and index for each volume.
cont'd--Vol. III, 1909-12. Mycological notes. no. 32-37, Feb. 1909-Apr. 1911.--Mycological notes. Old species series, no. 1. June, 1908.--Mycological notes. Polyporoid issue, no. 1-3. Feb. 1908-Aug. 1910.--Synopsis of the known phalloids. With an illustration of each species. Sept. 1909.--Synopsis of the genus Hexagona. June, 1910.--Synopsis of the sections Microporus, Tabacinus and Funales of the genus Polystictus. Aug. 1910.--Synopsis of the section Ovinus of Polyporus. Oct. 1911.--Synopsis of the stipitate polypoirds. Mar. 1912.--Letter no. 25-38. vol. IV, 1913-16. Mycological notes. no. 38-41. Nov. 1912-Mar. 1916.--Synopsis of the genus Cladoderris. July, 1913.--Synopsis of the stipitate stereums. Dec. 1913.--Synopsis of the genus Fomes. Jan. 1915.--Synopsis of the Crodyceps of Australasia. Mar. 1915.--Synopsis of the section Apus. of the genus Polyporus. June, 1915.--Letter no. 39-61 (including no. 39bis: Fungi of MAdagascar)
cont'd--vol. V, 1916-19. Mycological notes. no. 42-60, June, 1916-Aug. 1919.--The genus Radulum. May, 1917.--The Geoglossaceae (viz., the genus Geolossum and related genera) May, 1916.--Synopsis of some genera of the large Pyrenomycetes: Camillea, Thamnomyces, Engleromyces. Jan. 1917.--The large Pyrenomycetes. Second paper. July, 1919.--Xylaria notes. no. 1, Sept. 1918.--Xylaria notes. no. 2, Dec. 1918.--Myths of mycology. Dec. 1917.--Letter no. 62-69. vol. VI, 1920-21. Mycological notes. no. 61-65, Oct. 1919-Nov. 1920. (Mimeographed) Plates 124-185. vol. VII, 1922-25. Mycological notes. no. 66-75, Feb. 1922-July, 1925. Plates [186]-344.
vol. I, 1898-1905. Mycological notes, no. 1-18, Nov. 1898-July 1904.--A compilation of the Volvae of the United States. 1898.--The genera of Gastromycetes. Illustrated with 49 figures. Jan. 1902.--The Geastrae. Illustrated with 80 figures. June 1902.--The Lycoperdaceae of Australia, New Zealand and neighboring islands. Illsutrated with 15 plates and 49 figures. Apr. 1905.--Notes on the amanitas of the southern Appalachians. p. 1. Sub-genus Amanitopsis. Illustrated with three plates. By H.C. Beardslee, Sept. 1902.--Puff ball letter no. 1-3, Plates 1-39. vol. II. 1905-08. Mycological notes, no. 19-31, May, 1905-Aug. 1908.--The Tylostomeae. Illustrated with twelve plates and six figures. Feb. 1906.--The Nidulariaceae or "Bird's Nest Fungi". Illustrated with ten plates and twenty figures. Dec. 1906.--The phalloids of Australasia. July, 1907.--Puff ball letter (later, Letter) no. 4-24.--Plates 40-123
Fungi  Search this
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