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When Dream Bear sings Native literatures of the Southern Plains edited by Gus Palmer Jr. ; foreword by Alan R. Velie

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Palmer, Gus 1943-  Search this
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Velie, Alan R. 1937-  Search this
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xli, 358 pages map, music 27 cm
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Great Plains
Grandes Plaines
NMAI copy 39088020271003 gift of NMAI Publications
Foreword / Alan R. Velie -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- 1. Algonquian Language Family. Cheyenne. Cheyenne Stories and Storytelling Oral Traditions / Gordon Yellowman -- The Bear and the Coyote / translated by Joyce Twins -- Cheyenne Story : Dogs Used to Carry Burdens in Days before Horses / Birdie Burns, Cheyenne, recorded and transcribed by Julia A. Jordan -- Cheyenne Story : Man Who Prophesied Coming of Horses and White Men Long Ago / Birdie Burns, Cheyenne, recorded and transcribed by Julia A. Jordan -- How Stories Were Told at Night by an Old Lady / Birdie Burns, Cheyenne, recorded and transcribed by Julia A. Jordan -- Birdie's Grandmother's Story of How Corn and Buffalo Were Given to the Cheyennes / Birdie Burns, Cheyenne, recorded and transcribed by Julia A. Jordan -- Absentee Shawnee. Shawnee Poems / narrated by Pauline Wahpepah, introduced by Gus Palmer Jr. -- Kickapoo. The Motorcyclists / Mosiah Bluecloud --
Lenape. The Lenape Story of the Origin of the Woman Dance / Lillie Hoag Whitehorn, transcribed by Bruce Pearson and Jim Rementer, translated by Nora Thompson Dean, introduced by Jim Rementer -- Miami. Myaamia "Story of Fox and Wolf" / narrated by Kiišikohkwa (Elizabeth Valley) to Albert Gatschet, introduced by David J. Costa -- Potawatomi. Pondese : Old Man Winter and Why We Have Spring Today / translated and introduced by Justin Neely -- 2. Athabaskan Language Family. Plains Apache. Coyote and Rock Monster : A Plains Apache Tale / narrated by Alonzo Chalepah Sr., transcribed by Harry Hoijer, reanalyzed and introduced by Sean O'Neill -- 3. Caddoan Language Family. Caddo. The Wolf and the Wren / narrated by Sadie Bedoka Weller, transcribed by Wallace Chafe -- Pawnee. The Old Woman and Her Grandson Blessed by a Voice / narrated by Dollie Moore, Pitahawirata Pawnee, translated and introduced by Douglas R. Parks, interlinear files by Joshua A. Richards -- He Goes Over and the Burning Log : A Wolf Story / narrated by Harry Mad Bear, Skiri Pawnee, introduced and translated by Douglas R. Parks, interlinear files by Joshua A. Richards -- A Pawnee Story / narrated, translated, and introduced by Adrian Spottedhorsechief -- Arikara. The Race between the Horse and the Buffalo : A Arikara Narrative / Alfred Morsette (Paatú Kananuuninó, 'Not Afraid of the Enemy'), transcribed and introduced by Douglas R. Parks -- Kitsai. Coyote Frees Buffalo / narrated by Kai Kai, Kitsai, recorded by Alexander Lesser, translated and introduced by Joshua A. Richards -- Wichita. Awa:hárikic : Hassí:ri:ha:stírih / narrated and translated by Bertha Provost, translated and introduced by Joshua A. Richards -- 4. Iroquoian Language Family. Cherokee. Diary / translated and introduced by Durbin Feeling --
I Shot It, You Shot It / transcribed and translated by Durbin Feeling -- Seneca-Cayuga. Minnie Thompson Stories / narrated by Minnie Thompson, recorded and transcribed by J.W. Tyner -- Wyandotte. History of the Wyandotte Indians / Donna Elliott Vowel interviewed by J.W. Tyner -- 5. Kiowa-Tanoan Language Family. Kiowa. Já:mátàunhè:jègà (Star Girls Story) / narrated, transcribed, and translated by Parker P. McKenzie, retranslated and introduced by Gus pànmtha̲i:dê Palmer -- 6. Siouan Language Family. Ponca. A Ponca Ghost Story / narrated by Francis La Flesche, originally transcribed and translated by James Owen Dorsey, reanalyzed and introduced by Sean O'Neill -- Otoe-Missouria. Introduction to Otoe-Missouria / Sky Campbell -- The Rabbit and the Grasshoppers : An Otoe Story / collected by Rev. James Owen Dorsey -- The Rabbit and the Mountain : An Otoe Myth / narrated by Joseph La Flesche, collected by Rev. James Owen Dorsey -- Ponca Omaha. Ponca Omaha Letters Dictated and Taken by James Owen Dorsey / introduced by Vida Woodhull Stabler -- Kaw. Two Accounts of a Battle between the Kaws and Cheyennes / narrated by Zhóhin Mányin and Pahánle Gáxli, collected by Rev. James Owen Dorsey, retranscribed, retranslated, and introduced by Justin T. McBride -- Ioway. The Sister and Brother / translated and introduced by Lance Roster, THPO Iowa tribe of Kansas and Nebraska -- Quapaw. Introduction to Quapaw / Billy Proctor -- The Rabbit and the Black Bears : A Dhegiha Myth / narrated by Alphonsus Valliere, recorded by James Owen Dorsey, transcribed by Billy C. Proctor --
7. Uto-Aztecan Language Family. Comanche. ; Blind Fox and Two Girls / narrated by Wow-wat, translated by Juanita Pahdopony, introduced by Brian Daffron -- The Boy Who Turned Into a Snake / narrated by Dorothy Martinez, translated by Juanita Pahdopony, introduced by Brian Daffron -- 8. Language Isolate. Introduction to Language Isolates / Gus Palmer Jr. -- Tonkawa. The Young Man Who Became a Shaman : A Tonkawa Myth Story / transcribed, translated, and introduced by Don Patterson, text prepared by Miranda Allen Myers
"Collection of songs, orations, myths, stories, legends, and other oral literatures from seven of the major language groups of the Great Plains: Muskogean, Uto-Aztecan, Caddoan, Siouan, Algonquian, Kiowa-Tanoan, and Athabascan"--Provided by publisher
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