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Histories of maize : multidisciplinary approaches to the prehistory, linguistics, biogeography, domestication, and evolution of maize / edited by, John E. Staller, Robert H. Tykot, Bruce F. Benz

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Physical description:
xxv, 678 pages, 16 unnumbered leaves of plates : illustrations, maps ; 29 cm
Originally published in 2006 by Academic Press.
STRI copy purchased with funds from the S. Dillon Ripley Endowment.
I. Histories of maize: genetic, morphological, and microbotanical evidence. Differing approaches and perceptions in the study of new and old world crops / Terence A. Brown ; Maize in the Ameircas / Bruce F. Benz ; Origin of polystichy in maize / Hugh H. Iltis ; Dating the initial spread of zea mays / Michael Blake ; El Riego and early maize agricultural revolution / Bruce F. Benz [and others] ; Ancient DNA and the integration of archaeological and genetic approaches to the study of maize domestication / Viviane R. Jaenicke-Despres and Bruce D. Smith ; Ancient maize in the American southwest: what does it look like and what can it tell us? / Lisa W. Huckell ; Environmental mosaics, agricultural diversity, and the evolutionary adoption of maize in the American southwest / William E. Doolittle and Jonathan B. Mabry ; Toward a biologically based method of phytolith classification / Greg Laden
II. Stable isotope analysis and human diet. Isotope analyses and the histories of maize / Robert H. Tykot ; Social directions in the isotopic anthropology of maize in the Maya region / Christine D. White [and others] ; Diet in prehistorical Soconusco / Brian Chisholm and Michael Blake ; Early to terminal classic Maya diet in the northern lowlands of the Yucatan (Mexico) / Eugenia Brown Mansell [and others] ; The importance of maize in the initial period and early horizon Peru / Robert H. Tykot [et al.] ; Maize on the frontier: isotopic and macrobotanical data from central-western Argentina / Adolfo F. Gil [et al.] ; Dietary variation and prehistoric maize farming in the middle Ohio valley / Diana M. Greenlee ; A hard row to hoe: changing maize use in the American bottom and surrounding areas / Eleanora A. Reber ; Evidence for early use of maize in peninsular Florida / Jennifer A. Kelly [et al.] ; Prehistoric maize in southern Ontario: contributions from stable isotope studies / M. Ann Katzenberg
The stable and radio-isotope chemistry of eastern basketmaker and Pueblo groups in the Four Corners region of the American southwest: implications for Anasazi diets, origins, and abandonments in southwestern Colorado / Joan Brenner Coltrain [and others] ; The agricultural productivity of Chaco canyon and the source(s) of pre-hispanic maize found in Pueblo Bonito / Larry Benson [and others] ; Stable carbon isotope analysis and human diet: a synthesis / Henry P. Schwarcz -- III. Histories of maize: the spread of maize in Central and South America. Caribbean maize: first farmers to Columbus / Lee A. Newsom -- Maize on the move / J. Scott Raymond and Warren R. Deboer -- The gift of the variation and dispersion of maize: social and technological context in Amerindian societies / Renee M. Bonzani and Augusto Oyuela-Caycedo ; The maize revolution: a view from El Salvador / Robert A. Dull ; Pre-Columbian maize agriculture in Costa Rica: pollen and other evidence from lake and swamp sediments / Sally P. Horn
Caral-supe and the north-central area of Peru: the history of maize in the land where civilization came into being / Ruth Shady ; Prehistoric maize from northern Chile: an evaluation of the evidence / Mario A. Rivera ; Early maize on the Copacabana peninsula: implications for the archaeology of the Lake Titicaca basin / Sergio J. Chavez and Robert G. Thompson ; The movements of maize into Middle Horizon Tiwanaku, Bolivia / Christine A. Hastorf [and others] ; The social, symbolic, and economic significance of zea mays L. in the late horizon period / John E. Staller -- IV. Histories of maize: North America and northern Mexico. Early agriculture in Chihuahua, Mexico / Robert J. Hard [and others] ; Protohistoric and contact period salinas pueblo maize: trend or departure? / Katharine D. Rainey and Katherine A. Spellman ; Early maize agriculture in northern Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico / Bradley J. Vierra and Richard I. Ford ; Hominy technology and the emergence of Mississippian societies / Thomas P. Myers ; The migrations of maize into the southeastern United States / Robert Lusteck
The science behind the Three Sisters mound system: an agronomic assessment of an indigenous agricultural system in the northeast / Jane Mt. Pleasant ; The origin and spread of maize (zea mays) in New England / Elizabeth S. Chilton ; Pre-contact maize from Ontario, Canada: context, chronology, variation, and plant association / Gary W. Crawford [and others] -- V. Histories of maize: the language of maize. Siouan triban contacts and dispersions evidenced in the terminology for maize and other cultigens / Robert L. Rankin ; Maize in word and image in southeasterm Mesoamerica / Brian Stross ; Thipaak and the origins of maize in northern Mesoamerica / Janis B. Alcorn [and others] ; The place of maize in indigenous mesoamerican folk taxonomies / Nicholas A. Hopkins ; Native aymara nd quechua bontanical terminologies of zea mays in the Lake Titicaca and Cuzco regions / Sergio J. Chavez ; The historical linguistics of maize cultivation in Mesoamerica and North America / Jane H. HIll ; Glottochronology and the chronology of maize in the Americas / Cecil H. Brown ; The antiquity, biogeograpy, and culture history of maize in the Americas / Bruce F. Benz and John E. Staller
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