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On playing the flute / Johann Joachim Quantz ; a complete translation with an introduction and notes by Edward R. Reilly

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Quantz, Johann Joachim 1697-1773  Search this
Reilly, Edward R.  Search this
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xxxix, 365 pages : illustrations, facsimiles, music ; 26 cm
To 1800
Originally published as Versuch einer Anweisung die Flo╠łte traversiere zu spielen.
Introduction -- Preface to the Translation -- Essay of the Method for PLaying the Transverse Flute -- Dedication -- Preface -- Introduction. Of the Qualities Required of Those Who Would Dedicate Themselves to Music -- 1. Short History and Description of the Transverse Flute -- 2. Of Holding the Flute, and Placing the Fingers -- 3. Of the Fingering or Application, and the Gamut or Scale of the Flute -- 4. Of the Embouchure -- 5. Of the Notes, their Values, Metre, Rests, and Other Musical Signs -- 6. Of the Use of the Tongue in Blowing upon the Flute, SECTION 1: Of the Use of the Tongue with the Syllable ti or di, SECTION 2: Of the Use of the Tongue with the Word tiri, SECTION 3: Of the Use of the Tongue with the Word did'll, or the so-called Double Tongue, SUPPLEMENT: Several Remarks for the Use of the Oboe and Basson -- 7. Of Taking Breath, in the Practice of the Flute -- 8. Of the Appoggiaturas, and the Little Essential Graces Related to Them -- 9. Of Shakes -- 10. What a Beginner Must Observe in His Independent Practice -- 11. Of Good Execution in General Singing and Playing -- 12. OF the Manner of Playing the Allegro -- 13. Of Extempore Variations on Simple Intervals -- 14. Of the Manner of Playing the Adiago -- 15. Of Cadenzas -- 16. What a Flautist Must Observe if he Plays in Public Concerts -- 17. Of the Duties of Those Who Accompany or Execute the Accompanying or Ripieno Parts Associated with a Concertante Part, SECTION 1: Of the Qualities of a Leader of an Orchestra, SECTION 2: OF the Ripieno Violinists in Particular, SECTION 3: Of the Violist in Particular, SECTION 4: Of the Violoncellist in Particular, SECTION 5: Of the Double Bass Player in Particular, SECTION 6: Of the Keyboard Player in Particular, SECTION 7: Of the Duties That All Accompanying Instrumentalists in General Must Observe -- 18. How a Musician and Musical Composition Are to Be Judged -- Index of the Most Important Matters -- Bibliography
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