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Relics of the past : the collecting and study of pre-Columbian antiquities in Peru and Chile, 1837-1911 / Stefanie Gänger

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xiii, 311 pages : illustrations, maps ; 23 cm
NMAI copy Purchased from the NMAI Library Endowment.
Introduction: Antiquities in Peru and Chile. Collecting and studying antiquities ; The spaces of collecting ; Writing histories of archaeology ; Through the lives of objects -- 1. The mascapayacha : collections of Incan antiquities in Cuzco. Incan material culture under Spanish rule ; Collections, salons, and learned societies ; Commodities on sale -- 2. The khipu : antiquarianism and archaeology in Lima. Khipus and communication in the Andes ; Antiquarianism, antiquities collecting, and archaeology ; A khipu on the market -- 3. Pascual Coña : collecting and colonization in Araucanía. The free territories of Araucanía ; Collecting Araucanian antiquities ; The last of their kind -- 4. The Valdivia jug : archaeology over the War of the Pacific. An Incan civilization for South Americans ; Antiquities collecting, archaeology, and national ancestry -- Conclusion : Relics of the past
"Relics of the Past tells the story of antiquities collecting, antiquarianism, and archaeology in Cuzco and Lima, over the Araucanian territories and the War of the Pacific in the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. While the role of foreign travellers and scholars dedicated to the study of South America's pre-Columbian past is well documented, historians have largely overlooked the knowledge gathered and the collections formed among collectors of antiquities, antiquaries, and archaeologists born or living in South America during this period ... This volume unveils a hitherto largely unknown world of antiquarian and archaeological collecting and learning in Peru and Chile"--Publishers' description.
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