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Noua plantarum, animalium et mineralium Mexicanorum historia / a Francisco Hernandez ... primum compilata ; dein a Nardo Antonio Reccho in volumen digesta, a Io. Terentio, Io. Fabro, et Fabio Columna Lynceis notis, & additionibus longe doctissimis illustrata. Cui demum accessere aliquot ex principis Federici Caesij frontispicijs Theatri naturalis phytosophicae tabulae vna cum quamplurimis iconibus, ad octingentas, quibus singula contemplanda graphice exhibentur

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Hernández, Francisco 1517-1587  Search this
Hernández, Francisco 1517-1587 Quatro libros, de la naturaleza y virtudes de las plantas y animales que estan recividos en el uso de medicina en la Nueva Espana  Search this
Hernández, Francisco 1517-1587 Historiae animalium et mineralium Novae Hispaniae  Search this
Diversin, Biagio active 1650-1666  Search this
Masotti, Zenobio active 1663-1671  Search this
Bibliographical antecedent:
Mascardi, Giacomo active 1605-1634  Search this
Mascardi, Vitale  Search this
Recchi, Nardo Antonio  Search this
Cesi, Federico 1585-1630  Search this
Writer of added commentary:
Terentius, Joannes 1576-1630  Search this
Faber, Johann 1570-1640  Search this
Colonna, Fabio 1567-1650  Search this
Stelluti, Francesco 1577-1653  Search this
Greuter, Johann Friedrich 1590-1662  Search this
Former owner:
Buchauer, Placid 1644-1669 DSI  Search this
Benediktinerstift Kremsmünster DSI  Search this
Accademia nazionale dei Lincei  Search this
Physical description:
[16], 950, [22], 90, [6] pages : illustrations (woodcuts) ; 34 cm (fol.)
Pre-Linnean works
Early works to 1800
Early works
Earlier editions leading up to this work include Hernández's Quatro libros, de la naturaleza y virtudes de las plantas y animales que estan recividos en el uso de medicina en la Nueva Espana (Mexico : Viuda de Diego Lopez Davalos, 1615) and his Rerum medicarum Novae Hispaniae thesaurus (Rome : Giacomo Mascardi, 1628). The present edition may be from Deversini & Masotti's reissue of 450 copies of the 1628 edition, with date on Greuter's title altered to 1651; it retains an imprimatur leaf dated 1628 (page [902]) in addition to that dated 1651 (page [7], 1st group).
This publication has numerous variations in collation: for example some copies have double pagination for pages 459-464, dedication pages to Barberini and/or F. Cesi (founder of the Accademia dei Lincei), an unnumbered leaf headed "Amice lector" on the recto with "index Tabularum Phytosophicarum" on the verso; and/or duplicate sets of pages 903-904 bearing a dedication to Barberini and /or Don Roderico de Mendoza. For more details on the collation, see the Hunt botanical catalogue, pages 263-267.
Added engraved title page signed by F. Greuter; with imprint: Romae : Ex typographeio Vitalis Mascardi, MDCXXXXXI.
"The alternate and substitute dedications are puzzling but curiously interesting as they reflect the precariousness of political life in Italy in the XVIIth century ... it was just through the oversight of the binder that copies with both series of dedications got into circulation" --Hunt botanical catalogue.
Native American artists Pedro Vásquez, Antoń Elías, and Baltazar Elías who accompanied Hernández on his expedition are credited with contributing to the many woodcut illustrations of plants and animals in the text, which bear captions written in both their Latin and Nahuatl (Aztec) names. "In making the illustrations [Hernández] ... was assisted by Indians who were also entirely familiar with the use of symbols to express the relationship between the plant and its environment. However, when the cuts were made for the first European illustrated edition ..., the original drawings were redrawn following the European style of illustration." --The Badianus Manuscript (Codex Barberini, Latin 241), Vatican Library (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1940), page 37.
In some copies of this edition, page 110 is misnumbered as 011, but the page number is correctly numbered as 110 in the Cullman Library copy. DSI
There are two leaves inserted between pages 918 and 919, numbered "append. ad pag. 917" and "append. ad pag. 918."
Pages 905-906 and 949-950 are folded tables.
"Index medicamentorum nouae Hispaniae [à Francisco Stelluto ... redactus]": pages [9]-[18] (1st group).
"Aliarum nouae hispaniae plantarum Nardi Antonij Recchi imagines, et nomina Ioannis Terrentij Lyncei notatione" (pages [345]-464).
"Aliorum nouae hispaniae animalium Nardi Antonij Recchi imagines, et nomina Ioannis Fabri Lyncei ... ab herbarijs studijs expositione" (pages 465-840).
"Fabij Columnae Lyncei in Nardi Antonij Recchi ... rerum medicarum nouae Hispaniae volumen annotationes et additiones" (pages [841]-899).
"Phytosophicarum tabularum ex frontispicijs naturalis theatri principis Federici Caesii Lyncei ... desumpta prima pars, in stirpium scientiae, ac studiorum institutionem, totiusque herbariae syntaxis prospectum, post Mexicanas Recchi, quae caeteris cum omnibus plantis in ea copulam inire debeant. Nunc primum a Lynceis edita" (pages [901]-950, followed by twenty-two unnumbered pages containing "Amico lectori", various indices, "Vocum quarundam Americanarum explicatio," and the errata list).
"Historiae animalium et mineralium Novae Hispaniae," also by Hernandez (misspelled as Fernandez) has caption title with separate paging and index (1-90, [6] pages (4th and 5th groups)).
Title page printed in red and black.
Head- and tail-pieces; initials; side-notes.
Errors in paging.
Signature: [Maltese cross]⁴ a-b² A-2P⁶ 2Q⁶ (±2Q1, 2) 2P-4K⁶ 4L² ²b⁴ ²C⁴ ²D² ²A-M⁴.
Includes indexes.
Catalogue of botanical books in the collection of Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt 247
Nissen, C. Botanische Buchillustration, 861
Bibliotheca Americana: catalogue of the John Carter Brown Library in Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, volume 2, part 2, pages 409-410
Medina, J.T. Biblioteca hispano-americana (1493-1810), 1157 (iii. 7-9)
Sabin, J. Dictionary of books relating to America from its discovery to the present time, 31516
Also available online.
SCNHRB copy 39088019638220 contains both the dedication to Barberini (leaf 4b3) as well as the dedication to Federico Cesi (leaf ²4b3) and the dedication to Barberini (leaf 4G2) and the dedication to de Mendoza (leaf ²4G2); this copy also contains the illustration of "Dracunculus monoceros" dedicated to Barberini on page 816 (leaf 3Y6 verso) which is sometimes cut out or damaged in other copies.
SCNHRB copy has an old ink inscription on the title page: Ex bibliotheca Cremsmunster.
SCNHRB copy has bookplate: Smithsonian Libraries. Purchased from the Cullman Endowment.
SCNHRB copy has a contemporary blind-tooled alum-tawed pigskin binding over wooden boards, with armorial metal onlays on the front cover (for PB/AC, that is, abbot Placid Buchauer of Abbatia Cremsmunster), and the date 1663 on the back cover; raised bands; red edges; with two brass fore-edge clasps. The title page has had its lower edge removed and repaired with a strip of paper, perhaps to remove a provenance marking.
A compilation of scientific information, with an emphasis on materia medica, derived primarily from manuscripts produced from Francisco Hernández's expedition to the New World (1570-1577). The effort to publish Hernandez's findings was initially undertaken by Nardo Antonio Recchi, although he died in 1595 before the project was completed. "The manuscript was then purchased by Prince Federico Cesi, founder of the Accademia dei Lincei. With the assistance of Joanne Terrentio, Joanne Fabro, the botanist Fabio Colomna and others the great work was finally published in complete form by the Lyncei in 1651 under the title Rerum medicarum Novae Hispaniae thesaurus ..." --The Badianus manuscript (Codex Barberini, Latin 241), Vatican Library (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1940), page xiv.
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