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The effects of noise on aquatic life II / Arthur N. Popper, Anthony Hopkins, editors

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International Conference on the Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life (3rd : 2013 : Budapest, Hungary)  Search this
Popper, Arthur N..  Search this
Hawkins, A. D (Anthony Donald) 1942-  Search this
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1. Noise-induced hearing loss : permanent versus temporary threshold shifts and the effects of hair cell versus neuronal degeneration / M. Charles Liberman -- 2. Modeled and measured underwater sound isopleths and implications for marine mammal mitigation in Alaska / Lisanne A.M. Aerts and Bill Streever -- 3. Peer-reviewed studies on the effects of anthropogenic noise on marine invertebrates : from scallop larvae to giant squid / Natacha Aguilar de Soto -- 4. Sources of underwater sound and their characterization / Michael A. Ainslie and Christ A.F. de Jong -- 5. Assessment of marine mammal impact zones for use of military sonar in the Baltic Sea / Mathias H. Andersson and Torbjörn Johansson -- 6. Contribution to the understanding of particle motion perception in marine invertebrates / Michel André [and seven others] -- 7. Functional morphology and symmetry in the odontocete ear complex / William Ary [and three others] -- 8. A low-cost open-source acoustic recorder for bioacoustics research / John Atkins and Mark Johnson -- 9. Assessment of impulsive and continuous low-frequency noise in Irish waters / Suzanne Beck [and four others] -- 10. Is the Venice Lagoon noisy? First passive listening monitoring of the Venice Lagoon : possible effects on the typical fish community / Marta Bolgan [and five others] -- 11. Effect of pile-driving sounds on the survival of larval fish / Loes J. Bolle [and eight others] -- 12. Challenge of using passive acoustic monitoring in high-energy environments : UK tidal environments and other case studies / Cormac G. Booth -- 13. Hearing mechanisms and noise metrics related to auditory masking in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) / Brian K. Branstetter [and three others] -- 14. Effects of hatchery rearing on the structure and function of salmonid mechanosensory systems / Andrew D. Brown [and three others] -- 15. Effects of impulsive pile-driving exposure on fishes / Brandon M. Casper [and three others] -- 16. Review of the effects of offshore seismic surveys in cetaceans : are mass strandings a possibility? / Manuel Castellote and Carlos Llorens -- 17. Addressing challenges in studies of behavioral responses of whales to noise / Douglas H. Cato [and six others] -- 18. Measurements of operational wind turbine noise in UK waters / Samuel Cheesman -- 19. A bioenergetics approach to understanding the population consequences of disturbance : elephant seals as a model system / Daniel P. Costa [and seven others] -- 20. Singing fish in an ocean of noise : effects of boat noise on the plainfin midshipman (Porichthys notatus) in a natural ecosystem / Sarika Cullis-Suzuki -- 21. Detection of complex sounds in quiet conditions by seals and sea lions / Kane A. Cunningham, Brandon L. Southall, and Colleen Reichmuth -- 22. Offshore dredger sounds : source levels, sound maps, and risk assessment / Christ A.F. de Jong [and three others] -- 23. Effects of offshore wind farms on the early life stages of Dicentrarchus labrax / Elisabeth Debusschere [and six others] -- 24. The European marine strategy : noise monitoring in European marine waters from 2014 / René Dekeling [and 20 others] -- 25. Potential population consequences of active sonar disturbance in Atlantic herring : estimating the maximum risk / Lise Doksæter Sivle, Petter Helgevold Kvadsheim, and Michael Ainslie -- 26. Fulfilling EU laws to ensure marine mammal protection during marine renewable construction operations in Scotland / Sarah J. Dolman [and three others] -- 27. Expert elicitation methods in quantifying the consequences of acoustic disturbance from offshore renewable energy developments / Carl Donovan [and five others] -- 28. Masking experiments in humans and birds using anthropogenic noises / Robert J. Dooling and Sandra H. Blumenrath -- 29. Documenting and assessing dolphin calls and ambient and anthropogenic noise levels via PAM and a SPL meter / Kathleen M. Dudzinski, Kelly Melillo-Sweeting, and Justin D. Gregg -- 30. Soundscapes and larval settlement : larval bivalve responses to habitat-associated underwater sounds / David B. Eggleston, Ashlee Lillis, and DelWayne R. Bohnenstiehl -- 31. Characterizing marine soundscapes / Christine Erbe, Robert McCauley, and Alexander Gavrilov -- 32. Pile-driving noise impairs antipredator behavior of the European sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax / Kirsty A. Everley, Andrew N. Radford, and Stephen D. Simpson -- 33. Using reaction time and equal latency contours to derive auditory weighting functions in sea lions and dolphins / James J. Finneran, Jason Mulsow, and Carolyn E. Schlundt -- 34. Does primary productivity turn up the volume? : exploring the relationship between chlorophyll a and the soundscape of coral reefs in the Pacific / Pollyanna I. Fisher-Pool [and three others] -- 35. Expert elicitation of population-level effects of disturbance / Erica Fleishman [and four others] -- 36. Current status of development of methods to assess effects of cumulative or aggregated underwater sounds on marine mammals / Erica Fleishman [and eleven others] -- 37. Seismic survey footprints in Irish waters : a starting point for effective mitigation / Thomas Folegot [and three others] -- 38. Stochastic modeling of behavioral response to anthropogenic sounds / Adam S. Frankel [and four others] -- 39. Underwater sound levels at a wave energy device testing facility in Falmouth Bay, UK / Joanne K. Garrett, Matthew J. Witt, and Lars Johanning -- 40. Predicting anthropogenic noise contributions to US waters / Jason Gedamke [and seven others] -- 41. Auditory sensitivity and masking profiles for the sea otter (Enhydra lutris) / Asila Ghoul and Colleen Reichmuth -- 42. Are masking-based models of risk useful? / Robert C. Gisiner -- 43. "Large" tank acoustics : how big is big enough? / Michael D. Gray [and four others] -- 44. High-resolution analysis of seismic air gun impulses and their reverberant field as contributors to an acoustic environment / Melania Guerra [and six others] -- 45. Underwater sound propagation modeling methods for predicting marine animal exposure / Craig A. Hamm, Diana F. McCammon, and Martin L. Taillefer -- 46. Investigating the effect of tones and frequency sweeps on the collective behavior of penned herring (Clupea harengus) / Nils Olav Handegard [and five others] -- 47. The challenges of analyzing behavioral response study data : an overview of the MOCHA (Multi-study OCean Acoustics Human Effects Analysis) Project / Catriona M. Harris [and seven others] -- 48. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Cetacean and Sound Mapping Effort : continuing forward with an integrated ocean noise strategy / Jolie Harrison [and five others] -- 49. Understanding the population consequences of acoustic disturbance for marine mammals / John Harwood [and six others] -- 50. Multiple-pulse sounds and seals : results of a harbor seal (Phoca vitulina) telemetry study during wind farm construction / Gordon D. Hastie [and four others] -- 51. Developing sound exposure criteria for fishes / Anthony D. Hawkins and Arthur N. Popper -- 52. Calibration and characterization of autonomous recorders used in the measurement of underwater noise / Gary Hayman, Stephen Robinson, and Paul Lepper -- 53. Intrinsic directional information of ground roll waves / Richard A. Hazelwood and Patrick C. Macey -- 54. A permanent soundscape monitoring system for the care of animals in aquaria / Kathy Heise [and three others] -- 55. Playback experiments for noise exposure / Sophie Holles [and three others] -- 56. Natural variation in stress hormones, comparisons across matrices, and impacts resulting from induced stress in the bottlenose dolphin / Dorian S. Houser [and seven others] -- 57. Risk functions of dolphins and sea lions exposed to sonar signals / Dorian S. Houser, Steven W. Martin, and James J. Finneran -- 58. Residency of reef fish during pile driving within a shallow pierside environment / Joseph D. Iafrate [and four others] -- 59. Hidden Markov models capture behavioral responses to suction-cup tag deployment : a functional state approach to behavioral context / Saana Isojunno and Patrick J.O. Miller -- 60. A change in the use of regulatory criteria for assessing potential impacts of sound on fishes / Fred Jacobs, Justin Krebs, and Arthur N. Popper -- 61. In-air and underwater hearing in the great cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis) / Sasia Johansen [and eight others] --
62. Stress response and habituation to motorboat noise in two coastal fish species in the Bothnian Sea / Kajsa Johansson [and three others] -- 63. Cumulative effects of exposure to continuous and intermittent sounds on temporary hearing threshold shifts induced in a harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) / Ronald A. Kastelein, Robin Gransier, and Lean Hoek -- 64. Great ears : low-frequency sensitivity correlates in land and marine leviathans / D.R. Ketten [and three others] -- 65. What we can learn from artificial lateral line sensor arrays / A.T. Klein [and three others] -- 66. Protection of marine mammals / Michaela Knoll [and 18 others] -- 67. Avoidance of pile-driving noise by Hudson River sturgeon during construction of the new NY bridge at Tappan Zee / Justin Krebs, Fred Jacobs, and Arthur N. Popper -- 68. Methods for predicting potential impacts of pile-driving noise on endangered sturgeon during bridge construction / Justin Krebs [and eight others] -- 69. Automatic classification of marine mammals with speaker classification methods / Roman Kreimeyer and Stefan Ludwig -- 70. Directional hearing and head-related transfer function in odontocete cetaceans / Petr Krysl and Ted W. Cranford -- 71. Controlled sonar exposure experiments on cetaceans in Norwegian waters : overview of the 3S-Project / Frans-Peter A. Lam [and twelve others] -- 72. SOFAR : a new sound-acquisition software package for underwater noise monitoring / Robert R. Lee, Sofia Patricio, and Samantha Parker -- 73. Passive underwater noise attenuation using large encapsulated air bubbles / Kevin M. Lee, Mark S. Wochner, and Preston S. Wilson -- 74. Measurement of underwater operational noise emitted by wave and tidal stream energy devices / Paul A. Lepper and Stephen P. Robinson -- 75. Likely age-related hearing loss (presbycusis) in a stranded Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin (Sousa chinensis) / Songhai Li [and eight others] -- 76. Impacts of underwater noise on marine vertebrates : project introduction and first results / Alexander Liebschner [and 24 others] -- 77. Soundscapes and larval settlement : characterizing the stimulus from a larval perspective / Ashlee Lillis, David B. Eggleston, and DelWayne R. Bohnenstiehl -- 78. Does vessel noise affect oyster toadfish calling rates? / Joseph J. Luczkovich [and three others] -- 79. Comparison of PAM systems for acoustic monitoring and further risk mitigation application / Stefan Ludwig, Roman Kreimeyer, and Michaela Knoll -- 80. Cardiorespiratory responses to acoustic noise in belugas / Oleg I. Lyamin [and three others] -- 81. Acoustic communication in fishes and potential effects of noise / David A. Mann -- 82. Evaluation of three sensor types for particle motion measurement / Bruce Martin [and three others] -- 83. Regional variations and trends in ambient noise : examples from Australian waters / Robert D. McCauley, Douglas H. Cato, and Alec J. Duncan -- 84. Spatial patterns of inshore marine soundscapes / Jamie McWilliam -- 85. Soundscape and noise exposure monitoring in a marine protected area using shipping data and time-lapse footage / Nathan D. Merchant [and three others] -- 86. Global trends in ocean noise / Jennifer L. Miksis-Olds -- 87. Pile-driving pressure and particle velocity at the seabed : quantifying effects on crustaceans and groundfish / James H. Miller, Gopu R. Potty, and Hui-Kwan Kim -- 88. Measuring hearing in wild beluga whales / T. Aran Mooney [and five others] -- 89. Auditory discrimination of natural and high-pass filtered bark vocalizations in a California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) / Jason Mulsow and James J. Finneran -- 90. Hearing sensation changes when a warning predicts a loud sound in the false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens) / Paul E. Nachtigall and Alexander Y. Supin -- 91. Does masking matter? : shipping noise and fish vocalizations / Sarah T.V. Neenan [and five others] -- 92. Noise mitigation during pile driving efficiently reduces disturbance of marine mammals / Georg Nehls [and four others] -- 93. Noise impact on European sea bass behavior : temporal structure matters / Yik Yaw Neo [and five others] -- 94. Does noise from shipping and boat traffic affect predator vigilance in the European common hermit crab? / Anna E. Nousek-McGregor and Francesca Tee Liang Mei -- 95. The use of deep water berths and the effect of noise on bottlenose dolphins in the Shannon Estuary cSAC / Joanne M. O'Brien [and six others] -- 96. Sound transmission validation and sensitivity studies in numerical models / Steve P. Oberrecht, Petr Krysl, and Ted W. Cranford -- 97. Patterns of occurrence and marine mammal acoustic behavior in relation to Navy sonar activity off Jacksonville, Florida / Julie N. Oswald [and six others] -- 98. Hearing in whales and dolphins : relevance and limitations / Aude F. Pacini and Paul E. Nachtigall -- 99. Humans, fish, and whales : how right whales modify calling behavior in response to shifting background noise conditions / Susan E. Parks [and four others] -- 100. Renewables, shipping, and protected species : a vanishing opportunity for effective marine spatial planning? / Loren M. Petruny, Andrew J. Wright, and Courtney E. Smith -- 101. Are the 1/3-octave band 63- and 125-Hz noise levels predictive of vessel activity? : the case in the Cres-Lošinj Archipelago (northern Adriatic Sea, Croatia) / Marta Picciulin [and five others] -- 102. The good, the bad, and the distant : soundscape cues for larval fish / Julius J.B. Piercy [and four others] -- 103. Terrestrial soundscapes : status of ecological research in natural and human-dominated landscapes / Bryan Christopher Pijanowski -- 104. Effects of underwater turbine noise on crab larval metamorphosis / Matthew K. Pine, Andrew G. Jeffs, and Craig A. Radford -- 105. Temporary threshold shifts in naïve and experienced belugas : can dampening of the effects of fatiguing sounds be learned? / Vladimir Popov [and four others] -- 106. Pile driving at the new bridge at Tappan Zee : potential environmental impacts / Arthur N. Popper [and eight others] -- 107. Effects of seismic air guns on pallid sturgeon and paddlefish / Arthur N. Popper [and six others] -- 108. A summary comparison of active acoustic detections and visual observations of marine mammals in the Canadian Beaufort Sea / Cynthia D. Pyć, Maxime Geoffroy, and Frank R. Knudsen -- 109. Use of preoperation acoustic modeling combined with real-time sound level monitoring to mitigate behavioral effects of seismic surveys / Roberto Racca and Melanie Austin -- 110. Potential competitive dynamics of acoustic ecology / C.A. Radford and J.C. Montgomery -- 111. Beyond a simple effect : variable and changing responses to anthropogenic noise / Andrew N. Radford [and seven others] -- 112. Underwater sound propagation from marine pile driving / James A. Reyff -- 113. Effects of sound on the behavior of wild, unrestrained fish schools / Louise Roberts, Samuel Cheesman, and Anthony D. Hawkins -- 114. Sensitivity of crustaceans to substrate-borne vibration / Louise Roberts and Thomas Breithaupt -- 115. Parvulescu revisited : small tank acoustics for bioacousticians / Peter H. Rogers [and four others] -- 116. Assessing the underwater ship noise levels in the North Tyrrhenian Sea / Eduardo Rossi [and three others] -- 117. Radiated sound of a high-speed water-jet-propelled transportation vessel / Alexis B. Rudd [and three others] -- 118. Impact of anthropogenic noise on aquatic animals : from single species to community-level effects / Saeed Shafiei Sabet, Yik Yaw Neo, and Hans Slabbekoorn -- 119. Identifying variations in baseline behavior of killer whales (Orcinus orca) to contextualize their responses to anthropogenic noise / Filipa I.P. Samarra and Patrick J.O. Miller -- 120. A brief review of cephalopod behavioral responses to sound / Julia E. Samson [and three others -- 121. Effects of model formulation on estimates of health in individual right whales (Eubalaena glacialis) / Robert S. Schick [and eight others] -- 122 Auditory effects of multiple impulses from a seismic air gun on bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) / Carolyn E. Schlundt [and five others] -- 123. Communicating the issue of underwater noise pollution : the Deaf as a Fish Project / Linda Sebastianutto, Michael Stocker, and Marta Picciulin -- 124. Mapping underwater sound in the Dutch part of the North Sea / H. Özkan Sertlek [and six others] -- 125. Passive acoustic monitoring of the environmental impact of oil exploration on marine mammals in the Gulf of Mexico / Natalia A. Sidorovskaia [and five others] --
126. BIAS : A regional management of underwater sound in the Baltic Sea / Peter Sigray [and thirteen others] -- 127. Psychoacoustic studies of spotted (Phoca largha) and ringed (Pusa hispida) seals / Jillian M. Sills, Brandon L. Southall, and Colleen Reichmuth -- 128. A seaway acoustic observatory in action : the St. Lawrence Seaway / Yvan Simard [and three others] -- 129. Small-boat noise impacts natural settlement behavior of coral reef fish larvae / Stephen D. Simpson [and six others] -- 130. Auditory evoked potential audiograms compared with behavioral audiograms in aquatic animals / Joseph A. Sisneros [and three others] -- 131. Aiming for progress in understanding underwater noise impact on fish : complementary need for indoor and outdoor studies / Hans Slabbekoorn -- 132. Relationship between hair cell loss and hearing loss in fishes / Michael E. Smith -- 133. Characterization of the sounds produced by temperate and tropical sea urchins during feeding (Diadematidae and Echinometridae) / Natalie Soars, Maria Byrne, and Douglas H. Cato -- 134. Acoustic response to playback of pile-driving sounds by snapping shrimp / Ilaria Spiga -- 135. Development of a finite-difference time domain (FDTD) model for propagation of transient sounds in very shallow water / Mark W. Sprague and Joseph J. Luczkovich -- 136. Vessel noise promotes hull fouling / Jenni A. Stanley [and three others] -- 137. Potential uses of anthropogenic noise as a source of information in animal sensory and communication systems / Amanda Stansbury [and three others] -- 138. Active acoustic monitoring of aquatic life / Peter J. Stein and Patrick Edson -- 139. Is sound exposure level a convenient metric to characterize fatiguing sounds? : a study in beluga whales / Alexander Supin [and four others] -- 140. Frequency tuning of hearing in the beluga whale / Evgeniya V. Sysueva [and three others] -- 141. How might we assess and manage the effects of underwater noise on populations of marine animals? / Mark L. Tasker -- 142. Anthropogenic noise and physiological stress in wildlife / Jennifer B. Tennessen, Susan E. Parks, and Tracy L. Langkilde -- 143. Harp seals do not increase their call frequencies when it gets noisier / John M. Terhune and Thijs Bosker -- 144. Measuring in-air and underwater hearing in seabirds / Sara C. Crowell -- 145. WODA technical guidance on underwater sound from dredging / Frank Thomsen [and eleven others] -- 146. Noise exposure criteria for harbor porpoises / Jakob Tougaard, Andrew J. Wright, and Peter Teglberg Madsen -- 147. Review of offshore wind farm impact monitoring and mitigation with regard to marine mammals / Ursula K. Verfuss [and four others] -- 148. Discovery of sound in the sea : resources for educators, students, the public, and policymakers / Kathleen J. Vigness-Raposa [and four others] -- 149. Effects of previous acoustic experience on behavioral responses to experimental sound stimuli and implications for research / Irene K. Voellmy [and three others] -- 150. Assessing the effectiveness of ramp-up during sonar operations using exposure models / Alexander M. von Benda-Beckmann [and six others] -- 151. Mapping the acoustic soundscape off Vancouver Island using the NEPTUNE Canada Ocean Observatory/ Carrie C. Wall Bell, Rodney A. Rountree, and Francis Juanes -- 152. Behavioral response of reef fish and green sea turtles to midfrequency sonar / Stephanie L. Watwood [and three others] -- 153. Underwater equal-latency contours of a harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) for tonal signals between 0.5 and 125 kHz / Paul J. Wensveen [and three others] -- 154. Underwater hearing in turtles / Katie L. Willis -- 155. Quantitative measures of anthropogenic noise on harbor porpoises : testing the reliability of acoustic tag recordings / Danuta M. Wisniewska [and six others] -- 156. Development of a model to assess masking potential for marine mammals by the use of air guns in Antarctic waters / Dietrich Wittekind [and eight others] -- 157. Review of low-level bioacoustic behavior in wild cetaceans : conservation implications of possible sleeping behavior / Andrew J. Wright [and five others] -- 158. Noise-dependent fish distribution in kelp beds / Xuguang Zhang [and four others] -- 159. Summary report Panel 1: The need for protocols and standards in research on underwater noise impacts on marine life / Christine Erbe [and four others] -- 160. Summary report Panel 2: Regulatory issues / Craig Johnson and Sarah Dolman -- 161. Summary report Panel 3: Gap analysis from the perspective of animal biology : results of the panel discussion from the Third International Conference on the Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life / Jill Lewandowski [and three others] -- 162. Summary report Panel 4: Communication and interpretation : presenting information to the general public / Gail Scowcroft
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