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Aksum (Kingdom)
19th century
20th century
Illustrations, table.
Ethiopia : the mystical land of antiquity -- Ethiopia : the cradle of humankind -- Oldest hominid habitat--Afar, Ethiopia -- Ethiopia as the cradle of human civilization -- Ethiopian history : Semitist versus Africanist paradigm -- Ethiopia and the Egyptian pharaohs -- The Cushite Kingdom of Damot -- The rise of Axum -- Axum at the twilight -- The restoration of the Solomonian Dynasty -- The era of the princes
The reign of Emperor Tewodros, 1855-1868 -- The reign of Emperor Yohannes IV -- Emperor Menelik and Ethiopia;s historic victory at the battle of Adwa -- Lij Iyasu and the vacant throne -- The Haile Selassie period I : Ras Safari's regency and emperorship -- Fascist invasion and the Ethiopian resistance -- The Haile Selassie period II : 1941-1974 -- The status of the emperor in the constitution -- Japanization and Ethiopia;s new political structure -- The nature of the political system after 1941 -- The revised constitution against a backdrop of a modernizing feudalism -- The abortive coup d'état of 1960
The Ethiopian Revolution of 1974 -- The Derg Regime -- Mengistu's ascent -- Radical civilian parties : white and red terror -- Guerrilla challenge -- Land to the tiller and mass organization -- Ethiopian workers' Party and Marxist political structure -- Clout of political cadres -- The rise of the EPLF and TPLF -- The end of the Derg and the beginning of a new era
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DT381 .M63 2001
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