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Bones, clones, and biomes : the history and geography of recent neotropical mammals / edited by Bruce D. Patterson and Leonora P. Costa

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419 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Latin America
Introduction to the history and geography of neotropical mammals / Bruce D. Patterson and Leonora P. Costa -- Punctuated isolation : the making and mixing of South America's mammals / Darin A. Croft -- Origins, radiations, and distribution of South American mammals : from greenhouse to icehouse worlds / Francisco J. Goin, Javier N. Gelfo, Laura Chornogubsky, Michael O. Woodburne, and Thomas Martin -- Cenozoic Andean faunas : shedding new light on South American mammal evolution, biogeography, environments, and tectonics / John J. Flynn, Reynaldo Charrier, Darin A. Croft, and Andre R. Wyss -- On the evolution of large size in mammalian herbivores of cenozoic faunas of southern South America / Sergio F. Vizcaíno, Guillermo H. Cassini, Néstor Toledo, and M. Susana Bargo -- Evolution of the South American carnivores (mammalia, carnivora) : a paleontological perspective / Francisco J. Prevosti and Leopoldo H. Soibelzon -- A molecular view on the evolutionary history and biogeography of neotropical carnivores (mammalia, carnivora) / Eduardo Eizirik -- Regional patterns -- Hierarchical organization of neotropical mammal diversity and its historical basis / Sergio Solari, Paúl M. Velazco, and Bruce D. Patterson -- West Indian mammals : the old, the new, and the recently extinct / Liliana M. Dávalos and Samuel T. Turvey -- Biogeography of Central American mammals : patterns and processes / Ana Laura Almendra and Duke S. Rogers -- Biogeography of mammals from the Guianas of South America / Burton K. Lim -- Speciation in Amazonia : patterns and predictions of a network of hypotheses / Cibele R. Bonvicino and Marcelo Weksler -- Historical fragmentation shaping vertebrate diversification in the Atlantic forest biodiversity hotspot / Leonora P. Costa and Yuri L.R. Leite -- Mammals of the cerrado and caatinga : distribution patterns of the tropical open biomes of central South America / Ana Paula Carmignotto, Mario de Vivo, and Alfredo Langguth -- The role of the Andes in the diversification and biogeography of neotropical mammals / Bruce D. Patterson, Sergio Solari, and Paúl M. Velazco -- Mammalian biogeography of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego / Enrique P. Lessa, Guillermo D'Elía, and Ulyses F.J. Pardiñas
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