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Henry, Joseph 1797-1878  Search this
Henry, Mary Anna 1834-1903  Search this
Clark, Frank Wigglesworth  Search this
Dalton, John Call 1825-1889  Search this
Bessels, Emil 1847-1888  Search this
Gould, Benjamin Apthorp  Search this
Billings, John Shaw 1838-1913  Search this
Rhees, William Jones 1830-1907  Search this
Dutton, Clarence E (Clarence Edward) 1841-1912  Search this
Guyot, A (Arnold) 1807-1884  Search this
Parker, Peter  Search this
Mayer, Alfred M  Search this
Silliman, Benjamin 1816-1885  Search this
Loomis, Elias  Search this
Schott, Charles A (Charles Anthony) 1826-1901  Search this
Newcomb, Simon 1835-1909  Search this
Morgan, Lewis Henry 1818-1881  Search this
Newberry, John Strong  Search this
Hilgard, J. E  Search this
Woodward, J.J  Search this
Ferrel, William  Search this
Coffin, J. H. C  Search this
Engelmann, George  Search this
Pierce, Benjamin  Search this
Michelson, A. A  Search this
Mitchell, S. Wier  Search this
Endlich, F. M  Search this
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Physical description:
Color: Black and White; Size: 10w x 8h; Type of Image: Group; Medium: Photographic print
Photographic print
April 1874
Historic Images of the Smithsonian
This negative number has numbers written on it to identify the people attending the meeting. See also Neg. #19072 (SIA RU95 B56 F1) for the same image without the numbers written on it.
See the "Bulletin of the Stated Session of the National Academy of Sciences" in Record Unit 7115 National Academy of Science Records, Box 1, Folder 15 for a list of speakers. Emil Bessels presence dates this photograph.
Meeting of the National Academy of Sciences in the Mineral Hall, West Wing, Smithsonian Institution Building, "Castle," April 1874. Joseph Henry, the first Secretary of the Smithsonian (1846-1878) is seated at the head of the room behind a small table. The rest of the participants are seated around the room. Several maps are arranged around Henry and there are mineralogy specimens visible in their exhibit cases against the walls of the room. There are a total of 48 people present at the meeting. Although Mary Henry is the only woman identified at the meeting, there are five other women present as well.
Those identified are as follows: 1. Joseph Henry, presiding, 2. Mary Henry, 3. William Jones Rhees, 4. Frank Wigglesworth Clarke, 5. J. S. Newberry, 6. J. C. Dalton, 7. J. E. Hilgard, 8. J. J. Woodward, 9. Peter Parker, 10. Alfred M. Mayer, 11. William Ferrel, 12. Benjamin Silliman, 13. C. E. Dutton, 14. Emil Bessels, 15. Arnold Guyot, 16. J. H. C. Coffin, 17. B. A. Gould, 18. Elias Loomis, 19. C. A. Schott, 20. George Engelmann, 21. Benjamin Pierce, 22. Simon Newcomb, 23. Lewis Henry Morgan, 24. A. A. Michelson, 25. J. S. Billings, 26. S. Wier Mitchell, 27. F. M. Endlich. Simon Newcomb (#22) has a full beard and is the gentleman sitting directly in front of Benjamin Silliman (#12).
There remains a question concerning the identification of two individuals. There are two number "24's" on the photograph and no number "21." Therefore, it is most likely that one of these men is Pierce and the other is Michelson.
Contained within:
Smithsonian Institution Archives, Record Unit 95, Box 28, Folder: 22
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Institutional History Division, Smithsonian Institution Archives, 600 Maryland Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20024-2520,
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