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Whittemore, J. B.  Search this
Relief: sandstone; Pillar: stone
Sculptures-Outdoor Sculpture
Administered by United States Department of the Interior National Park Service Washington District of Columbia
Administered by Golden Gate National Recreation Area Headquarters Fort Mason, Building 201 San Francisco California 94123
Located Presidio of San Francisco Arguello Street entrance San Francisco California
Commissioned 1895. Installed 1896-1897
Save Outdoor Sculpture, California, San Francisco survey, 1993.
Four rough-hewn stone pillars mark a gateway. The upper third of each side of each pillar features a sandstone bas-relief. Two short pillars flank the street; across the street stand two tall pillars. The tall northwest pillar depicts draped flags with drum and bugle on its west face; an eagle and shield on its south face; flags with body armour on its north face; and a relief on its east face. The tall northeast pillar has draped flags with drums and bugles on its east face; flags with body armor on its north face; and eagle and shield on its south face; and a winged goddess holding a wreath on its west face. The short pillar on the southeast features crossed rifles on the west face; crossed cannon on the south face; a castle on the north face; and crossed sabers on the east face. The short southwest pillar features a castle on the south face; crossed rifles on the west face; crossed sabers on the east face; and crossed cannon with stacked cannonballs on the north face. The southwest pillar is attached to a wall on the west side. Two of the pillars have shields mounted on the front face. The shields are painted red, white and blue star and stripes.
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IAS CA001712
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Art Inventories Catalog, Smithsonian American Art Museums