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(Memorial Hall, South Entrance), (sculpture)

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Sculptures-Outdoor Sculpture
Sculptures-Architectural component
Administered by Indiana University Architect's Office 700 North Walnut Grove, Service Building Bloomington Indiana 47405
Located Indiana University Memorial Hall south portal Bloomington Indiana 47405
Save Outdoor Sculpture, Indiana survey, 1993.
The south portal of Indiana University's Memorial Hall is adorned with several reliefs. In the apex of the south portal arch is an ornate relief depicting the Indiana University seal framed by two large flaming torches. Above the seal is a female head. Flowers and pomegranates are part of the ornaments framing the seal. On the east side of the portal is a relief depicting a seated schoolmaster wearing a tricorn hat. He is ringing a school bell in his raised proper left arm. His proper right hand is raised to his mouth as if calling to his students. A bird on a branch is next to his proper right hand. On the west side of the portal is a relief depicting a seated student who has fallen asleep at his studies. His head rests on the spine of an open book that rests on his knee. Over the arch of the south portal is a band with spheres, above which is a sundial.
Under the arch of the south portal are east and west doorways, each adorned with double arches. The inner arches of each doorway feature a floral motif and an owl and the outer arches feature grapes, vines, and birds. The east doorway is flanked by a figure kneeling in prayer and a bust of a girl holding a basket and scroll inscribed with "serve" on the other end. The west doorway arch is flanked by a figure wearing glasses and holding a book and a bust of a figure holding a tennis racket and a scroll inscribed with "recreation" at the other end. The four doorway figures represent Service, Recreation, Scholarship, and Religious Worship.
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IAS IN000681
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