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(Wanaque War Memorial), (sculpture)

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J. W. Fiske Iron Works  Search this
Soldier: pot metal, painted; Base: terrazzo
Sculptures-Outdoor Sculpture
Coadministered by American Legion Wanaque New Jersey
Coadministered by Veterans of Foreign Wars Wanaque New Jersey
Located Wanaque Borough Hall 579 Ringwood Avenue Wanaque New Jersey 07456
Dedicated May 30, 1926. Rededicated Nov. 11, 1992
Save Outdoor Sculpture, New Jersey survey, 1995.
Image on file.
J. W. Fiske Co, Park Place, NYC 1926 (Plaque on front of base) 1917 (eagle relief) 1918/DEDICATED IN MEMORY OF THE MEN/OF THE BOROUGH OF WANAQUE WHO SERVED/IN THE WORLD WAR/DIED IN SERVICE/(list of names in four columns follows) (On Korean War stele, bottom of relief plaque:) KOREAN WAR/(Below, on another plaque:) IN HONOR OF THOSE/WHO SERVED/1950 - 1953 (On Vietnam War stele, bottom of relief plaque:) VIETNAM WAR/(Below, on another plaque:) IN HONOR OF THOSE/WHO SERVED/1964 - 1975 unsigned Founder's mark appears.
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A war memorial consisting of a World War I soldier mounted upon a rectangular base, which is flanked by four steles commemorating other wars. The World War I soldier is painted bronze and stands with a rifle, butt end down, in his proper left hand. At his side, he holds a grenade in his proper right clenched fist. He wears an shirt, open in the front, with ammunition belt and leggings. A helmet sits upside down by his proper left foot. The sculpture is mounted on a square base with commemorative text plaque on front. The base sits on a larger stepped platform, and is flanked on either side by two steles with relief plaques depicting scenes from World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Persian Gulf War.
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IAS NJ000307
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