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Haslam, Frederick  Search this
D. O. Sellers Monument Works of Paola  Search this
Sculpture: gray granite; Base: gray granite
Sculptures-Outdoor Sculpture
Administered by City of Paola 19 East Peoria Park Square Paola Kansas 66071
Installed 1916. Plaque: 1925
Save Outdoor Sculpture, Kansas survey, 1995.
A Civil War Union soldier, stands atop a tall obelisk, in an "at rest" position with his left leg forward. The soldier clasps the upper end of his rifle in both hands, the left above the right, with the butt of the rifle held against the outside of his right toe, with the trigger guard on the proper right side. The soldier has a mustache, but is otherwise clean-shaven. He wears a greatcoat buttoned at the neck, with the upper right side of the cape laid back on his shoulder, as if blown by wind. The soldier has a belt on the outside of his coat; the belt has a bayonet in scabbard hanging on his proper left, a haversack in the back on the proper right, and a cartridge pouch on the proper right in front. The base on which the figure stands is decorated with flag emblems on its upper section; and at the lower section on each of the four corners, eagles sculpted in high-relief. Banners held by the eagles in their beaks, encircle the base.
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IAS KS000490
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